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Web Designer Business Owner vs Nerd

Posted by shakaama on May 8, 2013

Web Designer Business Owner vs Nerd

black_man_top_hatIn the United States, there are two different types of people, when you ask someone their opinion. There are those that actually own a business and then there are those that do not. This is the only major difference in the United States that matters. A business owner has a completely different perspective to things, that the casual person does not. The business owner has to answer to his clients. The business owner has to make sure that his product is nearly perfect. The business owner has to make sure that if his product leaves his hands, it will continue to perform as expected afterwards. A business owner cannot afford to create a product , that he guarantees, that falls apart.

This specifically applies to web design. I am a web designer. I have clients. I create web sites. I have to answer to clients. I cannot create a web site or web page, and have it completely break, a year later. This is opposed to a web design nerd. A web design nerd knows web design, but he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. He doesn’t create product. He doesn’t answer to clients. He doesn’t even care if in a years time, something he made breaks.

And, this is the big divide behind the new standard coming out in the HTML language.

For those of you not into web design, there is a new standard of HTML [ the programing language, web designers like me use to create web pages ] that is going to be the new standard, but in 2014.

Everyone is rushing to use the new HTML5 right NOW. But, when I go to a site that discusses the standardization process, they always talk about the “FEEDBACK” part. This part says that, after putting out a working set, designers, LIKE ME, can give them feedback and they will change it.

So the dilemma is, if I make a website today with current HTML5 settings, In a year, will the website be broken? Or do I just continue with HTML4 and make sure it is perfect. Why do I ask? Because HTML4 will still work in 2020. They are not going to build browsers that will ignore it.

Am I saying, I will never learn HTML5? No, not for a year at least. Other than stupid clients that have heard about HTML5 and requested it, who turned out to not be a client. Until all browsers support it and it is approved, I will not mess with HTML5.

The nerds can cheer about HTML5 all they want. They don’t have deadlines to meet, people to schmooze and products that have to be fail proof.

I find this is the great divide in our political system too. Those of us who make payroll  and know taxes, vs those of us who simply show up to work.

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Does the Black Church, Keep Black Women Single

Posted by shakaama on April 21, 2013

Does the Black Church, Keep Black Women Single

black church ladySeveral, many, YouTube videos and hundreds of articles are saying “the Black church is making, and keeping Black women single.” With a 70% female attendance, it is a very, on point, hypothesis.

My aunt tried to introduce me to a young lady. The entire family, her family, my aunt, that is, all went on and on about how good looking she was, and smart.

I was like, “can’t wait to meet her.”

So, one day, I’m at the house working and the girl calls. My aunt runs the phone out to me. So, I talked for all of 2 seconds, and the girl talked for about 15 minutes straight. AND, the entire time, it was about god.

Now, this was my first time ever talking to her, at all. I was a HUGE, MEGAHUGE turn off. And, she didn’t just talk about god. She told me about how she has turned her life to god, and is going on a missionary trip, for god, and on and on and on.

I’m like… OK, go date god, good luck with that.

I didn’t show up to the after church dinner they invited me to. And, never gave her a second thought.

I detest women, or even men, that “talk” about god. If you want to be a Christian, be a Christian. But, it’s not about talking. It’s about doing, being the best human you can be. Being an exemplary human, for the rest to see.

It was so annoying, talking to some girl, preaching. She didn’t have to talk about me, but god damn, talk about your likes and hobbies.

So does the Black church keep Black women single? Hell yes. OH, and if you think that is the only example I have, I have at least 100, personal experiences like that.

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Black Middle Class: The Problem with Black Business Districts

Posted by shakaama on April 20, 2013

Black Middle Class: The Problem with Black Business Districts

No Help From the Outside

black business conferenceThe very biggest problem, and one that is consistent, since Black man met white man, is that the white man insinuates himself into our affairs.

We as Black people have to understand and internalize that we are grown adults. We do not need anyone’s help. We don’t need white money. We don’t need white planning. We don’t need white expertise. We don’t need white advice. We don’t need white caring. We don’t need white outreach. We don’t need white set asides. We don’t need white intervention. We don’t need white coalition. We don’t need white professionals. We don’t need white financiers. We don’t need white economists. We don’t need anyone white.

Now, that goes DOUBLE for all other ethnic groups. Every god damned time Black people even hint at forming something, here come white people saying: no make it “minority” and include mexicans and asians. Yet, there is no Mexican “minority” district, nor asian “minority” district. We’re always told to include everyone else under our umbrella.

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British Law Makers to Force Churches to Perform Gay Marriage

Posted by shakaama on April 18, 2013

British Law Makers to Force Churches to Perform Gay Marriage

new world orderEuropean Court of Strasbourg declares that gay marriage is not a human right.

European law makers were taken aback, and did not know what to say. However, upon the insistence by the gay lobbyists, they declared they would proceed with making same-sex marriage a reality.

The court went on to say that even if they tried to pass a law to make a same-sex marriage, that no church would be required to perform a same-sex marriage. And, they said, there would be a double standard of straight marriage vs same-sex marriage.


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Black Middle Class: Promoting the Black Man in Our Community

Posted by shakaama on April 17, 2013

Black Middle Class: Promoting the Black Man in Our Community

loving black coupleWith the rise of feminism, a lot of Black women have gotten swept away in the trash. Some Black women recognize that the talking points for the latest feminist movement, do not even apply to Black women. Those have a hard time convincing or making it clear to those that do. What they fail to realize at their base core, is that we are Black first, then divided by economics and then divided by sex. So before even approaching feminism, a Black woman has to wade through racism, and then wade through classicism, to get to the feminist agenda. Those Black women that get it, get it. It doesn’t take much to realize that it is all smoke and mirrors for Black folk. A Black woman in the feminist movement is just another number. There is nothing in the feminist movement for the Black woman, nor is it even beneficial to the Black woman. Except, it does one thing, pits the Black woman against the Black man. And, this is where most Black women wake up suddenly.

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Black Middle Class:The Problem with Black Business Movements

Posted by shakaama on April 17, 2013

Black Middle Class:The Problem with Black Business Movements

Black panel discussionThe Black Empowerment Project raised a very valid question, one that has yet to be responded to, nor answered by any of the Black economic movements. That question is how do we achieve Black economic independence? Now, the question suggests the answer. The answer is, by build Black economic intradependence and independence. But, all the Black economic movements completely fail to even formulate a plan to encourage Black economic independence.

Now, Dr. Claud Anderson, in his powernomics movement, had a very sensible idea, but it shared the same limitation as the Marcus Garvey movement, it had a singular focus in one product, albeit a very good one. Dr. Anderson wanted a vertical monopoly: fisheries, transportation, restaurants. Garvey wanted ships for transport and cargo.

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Black Middle-Class: You Talk White?

Posted by shakaama on April 14, 2013

Black Middle-Class: You Talk White?

Black All Boys SchoolWash ashore any African country and the citizens of that country will speak at least 5 different languages. Yet, in the U.S. Black lower-class think it is the height of cool to murder English, and insult any Black person that speaks real English. In fact, they will attempt to insult the Black person by saying, “you talk white.”

Let us explain something to the lower-class Blacks. You are not the epitome of what is Black. In fact, you are on the fringe of the fringe of what it is to be Black. nearly 85% of Blacks speak perfect English. Yet, Hollywood and the liberal media portrays only the lowest of the low-class Blacks as being the example of what it is to be Black. In fact, they raise the dregs of the Black community to stardom and wealth and then present them as examples of Blackdom, people like Jay-Z or other ill-conceived beings.

Someone like a Jay-Z is an embarrassment to the Black community. They are the people that are good for nothing more than to be laughed at. But, in this day and age of rampant consumerism, they couple uneducated and ignorant Black stars with entertainment. Consume one and you must consumer the other. Buy his music and you have to also buy that Black people can barely speak English.

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The Lie of Affirmative Action Being for Blacks

Posted by shakaama on April 13, 2013

The Lie of Affirmative Action Being for Blacks

help wanted white onlyTurn on the TV, read a magazine or hear the radio talking about affirmative action and you will 100% of the time, hear something about race, and in particular, Blacks being involved in affirmative action. It is a complete fabrication, lie, falsehood, mock up, wool being pulled over your eyes. Nothing could be further than the truth, than Blacks being the recipients of affirmative action. The vast majority of individuals that are given and take advantage of affirmative action, are white women.

Blacks, again, suffer the brunt of hatred and stereotyping in the political category, like every other category that lies about Black people, namely, crime, economics, education etc. Blacks are a favorite for scapegoating in affirmative action, like everything else. Again, do the math, look at the numbers. If every Black person applied for college or a job and got in on affirmative action, there would still be 85% of the jobs and college spots left. It doesn’t even make mathematical sense to target Black people, as being recipients of affirmative action. There isn’t enough Black people to go around.

It is understood that Americans are lazy, stupid and gullible, but this is a non-argument. You cannot even make a point about affirmative action being for Black people. It is utter nonsense.

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Why Gambia is Right About Being Anti-Homosexual in Their Country

Posted by shakaama on April 12, 2013

Why Gambia is Right About Anti-Homosexual in Their Country

Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh

Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh

We in America can’t wrap our heads around a country being extremely anti-homosexual. We try to apply all of our freedoms and thoughts to these countries. But, we never stop and think why these countries are anti-homosexual. So, I did some investigating. It turns out, homosexuality would be the death of the country. Literally! The country would cease to exist if even 3% of the population turned homosexual.

Those are pretty strong words right? They are until you look at the country and its population. Gambia has about one million people, living in the entire country. They need children, and they need them now, better yet, yesterday. If only 3% of their population were homosexual, it would mean the death of the tiny country within 10 years. In 50 years, the country would cease to exist.

They cannot afford anyone to not produce children. If they are going to be a rich country some day, they need at least a population of, at least,  50 million.

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“It’s Not OK With Me” Says Black CEO About Gay Magazine Cover

Posted by shakaama on April 9, 2013

“It’s Not OK With Me” Says Black CEO About Gay Magazine Cover

derpIn this day and age, people often forget that people can still have their own views and opinions about what is right and wrong. Imagine the horror a Black magazine faced when they received a phone call from a lawyer, who issued the message that the magazine was being sued by his client.

The lawsuit stemmed from a cover the magazine had on its September issue. On the cover was a great picture of a Black CEO, with the title on the left saying he gives his success secrets. However, on the right in big bold letters is the title of a story inside the issue, Black & Gay.

Imagine the CEOs complete anger when he was handed the magazine, hot off the presses. His butler said he could literally feel the heat coming off of his boss when he handed him the magazine.

The magazine called the CEO that same day to congratulate him on a great story and cover. The CEO was having none of it. He requested the magazine be pulled immediately. The magazine couldn’t understand why the CEO was angry and informed him the magazine could not be pulled, because they were already in retail stores, on shelves.

The editor said to the CEO, “it’s OK, it was just a simple mistake of  using the wrong font, and no one will think anything of it.” The CEO replied, “it’s not OK with me.”

And, with that, the next phone call they received was from his lawyer.

It is often that people forget that it is not OK with most of America, with the issue of homosexuality. In nearly every religion homosexuality is both a sin and spells the end of human existence. America being a very Christian nation is no stranger to being completely against homosexuality. While hollywood and the news might be trying to push the gay agenda to make homosexuality OK, for the rest of America it still is not “OK”. And, any attempt to try and force people to be OK with it, of course is going against their religion, which is not going to go over well.

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Totally Off Topic: Why the Walking Dead is Horrible

Posted by shakaama on April 8, 2013

Totally Off Topic: Why the Walking Dead is Horrible

t-dogThe show is so poorly written.

There is not a single character that has continuity from one scene to the next. At times, I think the writers are suffering from a lack of extra actors to say certain lines. For the most part it comes off as a bunch of feminist crap, because they have a female character say something evil to a male character.

The writing is just really poor. Instead of developing a scene they are just throwing paint on the wall and seeing what sticks. add on top of that, bad directing and bad acting. it is the director’s job to time lines and time scenes. this show has awkward scene after awkward scene with a character pausing between lines. there’s not an actor I even like the show.

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The Catch 22 of Women Working Outside the Home

Posted by shakaama on April 5, 2013

The Catch 22 of Women Working Outside the Home

sad working Black ladySo my landlord shared with me a bit about herself. She’s divorced. This is the big manager of several properties. She said she just grew apart. Her work became more important than her marriage. She said she is really happy with her work.

The entire time she was talking about her marriage and work, I got a feeling of tremendous sadness. So, regardless of what she was saying, the reality of what was coming off of her, like a giant tidal wave of emotion, was that she was not happy.

I think women today are in a catch 22. They don’t trust that the person they marry will be there, because the news and movies tell them that men will divorce you, although all proof points to women, being the overwhelming  majority of filers for divorce. So they throw themselves into their work, to FALL BACK ON. Then, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You’re afraid of being left alone without money. So you work, so you don’t end up broke. And, the work causes your marriage to fall apart.

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Let’s Not Talk About the Unemployment Rate Let’s Talk Participation Rate

Posted by shakaama on April 5, 2013

Participation Rate Scam

participation rate

Provided by

The main stream media is fond of quoting the white house and other federal agencies when talking about the unemployment rate. It is the biggest lie since women said they were equal to men. Sure, if you only count the people that are on unemployment, it will look like unemployment is going down. However, it has been said over and over again that in order to get to pre 2006 employment rates, we would have to add 250,000 jobs every month for 3 years. Wait, let me rephrase that. We would have to add an additional 250,000 jobs every month for 3 years, by the private sector, over and ABOVE filling the jobs that we lose from people being retired or otherwise leaving the labor force altogether, like death.

Many say, the jobs that we had pre 2006 will not come back. With the subsidies that congress and Obama gives corporations to ship jobs overseas, I tend to believe the “experts”. Manufacturing is a joke. Food is a joke. Industrial mining is a joke. In fact it is almost as if we were once again a colony of some European power. We don’t produce any sizable finished products ourselves. We ship in our food on a massive scale. We buy raw materials from overseas, have them shipped to plants overseas, and import the finished products that we have to then pay for. India at least go paid for picking and exporting cotton. Gandhi would have revolted if he were American and alive today.

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Financial News: Cyprus In Layman’s Terms

Posted by shakaama on March 28, 2013

Cyprus In Layman’s Terms

cyprus bank runIn case you’ve heard it and didn’t understand or have been living under a rock, in terms of financial news, not that everyone pays attention to financial news, the tiny nation of Cyprus is doing something unprecedented. They are stealing depositors money.

The news is reporting it and the most casual way possible. If they told you exactly what was going on, and what other options were available, a widespread panic would ensue.

So here’s the basics of this report. The tiny nation of Cyprus, basically serves as the offshore banking for much of Europe. They are the Cayman Islands of Europe. People deposit their huge sums there, and pay very little taxes. Because the island’s banks gets huge sums of money, they thought to make even more money by investing it themselves. Who did they invest in? Greece. Wait, are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s right, Greece is insolvent and can’t pay its creditors, including Cyprus.

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Slashing Welfare: Racist Rhetoric or Sound Dollar Policies

Posted by shakaama on March 24, 2013

Slashing Welfare: Racist Rhetoric or Sound Dollar Policies

white welfare queenWhen Reagan talked about a Black “welfare queen” that made $150,000, drove a Cadillac and lived on welfare [it was later discovered it was all a lie] and he spoke of slashing welfare, was it just to get votes or was he trying to reform federal spending to return to sound dollar policies.

In keeping with their “republicans are racist”, Democrats often say that Republicans say that they are going to cut social programs, because they are against Black people.

The statement itself is racist on every level.  Real data [not wikipedia] shows that more white single mothers are on social programs than the entire population of Blacks that even live in the country, but Democrats somehow try to slip in the idea that welfare is a “Black” thing, AND that they are battling the racism of Republicans by trying to increase social program spending.

The ultimate recipient winner of Democrat spending increases are white women.

Other than Reagan, I have not heard a Republican say in the same breath that welfare is a Black thing and that we need to cut it. It is more of Democrats trying to smear Republicans to show their “difference”, which also isn’t true, since if they increase social spending, the government grows, which benefits Democrats and Republicans.

Now, are Republicans serious about slashing welfare to return to sound dollar policies or is it just rhetoric to gain votes from white secret-racist voters.

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Leave the Black Community Out of the Feminist vs Men’s Rights War

Posted by shakaama on March 23, 2013

Leave the Black Community Out of it

stokely carmichaelThere is a growing warfare in the white communities of America, Canada and Europe. The sides are the Feminists vs the PUA, MGTOW AND MRA.

The feminists get billions of dollars worldwide annually. They get laws passed like any domestic violence call, a policeman is required to arrest the man, regardless of evidence, regardless if he is the very one that called the police on the wife. They get laws passed like, if a woman merely claims any abuse in the home, in a paternity rights proceeding, the police, child protective services and court is to immediately deny all paternity rights to the man. They get laws passed like, if a woman merely claims abuse, violence or even mere aggression [i.e. strong words] the man can be removed from his own home and forbidden from returning, by law, upon threat of incarceration.

In reaction to this the MRA formed, to remove such laws and give men their constitutional rights. In response to this the MGTOW AND PUA split from that movement, seeing it as useless. The MGTOW and PUA are of the attitude that the system is broken, beyond repair and that the MRA is simply spinning its wheels.

This is purely a white community argument. This is purely a privileged group thumbing their nose at another privileged group. And, in the process they’re throwing people in jail, they’re breaking up homes and they’re rendering kids fatherless, without any fathers in their lives.

The argument that this is about some vengeance against supposed wrong doing by some imaginary patriarchy falls and should fall on deaf ears in the Black community. While white women might think they have some beef with their white husbands, Black women have no such beef with their Black husbands. Black men and women got the right to vote at the very same instant that white women got to vote. Nearly everything that the first and second suffrage movement accomplished for white women, by proxy included the entire Black community.

However, the feminists keep trying to suck in Black women, and by proxy oppose Black men. We don’t need any more enemies. We don’t need our Black wives to start coming out against us. This is not our fight. We don’t have a dog in this fight. Our women weren’t oppressed by us. When the Black man was beaten and hung in trees, we had to rely on the Black women, that white feminists are now trying to embrace so tightly, to keep our kids alive, fed and clothed. When our young Black gentlemen are illegally searched, fabricated with charges, denied due process, denied real legal representation and sentenced to over the maximum allowed by law, we have to rely on our Black ladies to rear our children.

Leave the Black community out of your fight. Stop poisoning our young Black gentlemen against our young Black ladies. Stop poisoning our young Black ladies against our young Black gentlemen. The Black man never kept the Black woman from voting. The Black man didn’t make the Black woman go to the back of the bus. The Black man never raped the Black woman in the slave quarters. The Black woman never beat the Black man to death out of boredom, and got away scott free without so much as a jury trial.

Stop trying to include the Black community in your shenanigans. We don’t want it. You want us to be equal, then we reserve the right to freely decline your advances to get involved in your mess.

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The Conspiracy: Drugs in the Black Communities

Posted by shakaama on March 23, 2013

The Conspiracy: Drugs in the Black Communities

war on drugsJamal stood before the, what he thought was a Mexican, and shook his hand, “pleased to meet you too”. “You’ve sold before,” the Mexican said in his thick accent. “Sure I’ve sold,” Jamal replied. “I’d like to introduce to you something new,” said the Mexican. The man to his left opened a briefcase, and there was very obvious bags of cocaine in it. “That ain’t new,” Jamal said, quite annoyed. “No, my friend, this is not new, but this is,” he held in his hand 5 off-white crystals. “I will teach you to turn that, into these,” as he handed him the crystals. Jamal held the crystals up and turned them about. They were definitely nothing he’d ever seen before. “You’re going to show me how to turn cocaine into this?” The Mexican nodded. “Yes, it’s called crack.”

Sydney took a sip from the bottle, not knowing what to think. Yes, he had sold grass, but to go to a meeting about grass. What was it about? Who goes to meetings about grass. The white boys come peddling their grass at the door, and you turn around and sell it. No meeting. No driving miles from the strip. He wasn’t nervous, but he didn’t know what to make of it. The car stopped. This was clearly near the docks. Everyone got out of the car and there were three other cars. There were white people everywhere, and not that normal grass growers he was used to. These guys were much older. And, he could tell they were armed. “No guns, Jamal had always told him.” Seemed like bad advice at times, but his reasoning was logical. If the police catch you with drugs, having a gun makes everything 10 times worse. They never hold for more than a day. These white cats looked like the hippies he saw on tv. One of them had a duffel-bag”Can you move the grass man,” asked one of them. Of course he could move the grass. They all looked at each other. They motioned Sydney and his partners to follow them. Behind the cars they saw rows of white, unmarked MAC trucks. “Here’s the grass man,” he pointed at the trucks. The other guy threw the duffel-bag to Sydney. “Don’t worry if you mess up, there’s way more, where that came from.”

Alphonze got into the limo. Two white girls were all over him in an instant. Across from him, sitting in a seat directly facing him, was an older white cat. “You the kid,” said the white man. Alphonze nodded, since no one else was in the limo with him. “I’m gonna send you my boy and he’ll show you the ropes,” he said as he tossed him a bag of something. Alphonze took his arms away from the adoring girls and held up the bag. It had, what looked like, a bunch of prescription drugs. There were all sorts of pills, and tiny strips of paper. “Hey, you got a car,” asked the white man. “Sure I got a car,” Alphonze said. He thought this was getting stranger by the minute, but money is money. “Good, I want you to come to some of my parties on the weekend,” he said as the car pulled to a stop. He motioned for Alphonze to get out. Next to the limo was a guy sitting on the hood of a Cadillac. It was a young white cat. “I’m your new best friend. Get in.”

Prior to the 70s there were little to no drugs in the Black communities. Black people were hard working and lived in segregated communities. They had their own businesses and services, since they were segregated. After the civil rights movement, that all changed. Black people were able to shop in town and even be in town after dark. Black people flocked to the white stores. You see, white stores were owned by white people. And, the white stores had white clients, that had white money, which was a heck of a lot more than Black people had. While Black stores were just as clean, reinvestment Black dollars were hard to come by in the poor Black communities. So the white stores were very often shinier and newer than what the poor Black people were used to. Black stores closed down across the land, plunging poor Black communities into even deeper poverty.

Then came the drugs. As if by magic, it showed up. Quantities of drugs flooded the community. It was cheap at first. So cheap because there was so much of it. The police seemed to not notice. Hell, most police, in those days, didn’t go into Black communities, since Blacks had their own police at first. But even those were fired, since cities refused to pay for separate Black police and fire stations and other services. The drugs were everywhere and new drugs, never seen before.

Something was wrong, very wrong. Families started to break apart. And white sentiments of “free love”, something that Black people, who were very traditional at the time, did not agree with, started creeping into the communities. Pockets of Black families started meeting and discussed what was going on. Then it came to a head when a white journalist happened into a Black community, researching the drugs. The families and the journalist pieced together a conspiracy that went so deep that the very foundations of the countries would be shaken.

They’d had enough. They called a meeting with the mayor and city council. Everyone was shocked and surprised when the head of the CIA showed up, unannounced. For 2 hours they yelled back and forth. Why was he there. And, he admitted nothing. The journalist questioned him, time and time again about his findings. The families questioned him about the connections. The mayor was out of his league and sat stunned.

Shortly after that, the largest drug dealers in the country started going to jail. It was an answer, but not a real answer to what was really going on. Because the drugs never went away, and they never stopped coming, not even a little bit.


  • – there is strong evidence to support that the US federal government has been involved in, and is actively involved in introducing drugs into the Black community following the civil rights movement
  • – there is strong evidence that the US federal government funded several CIA covert operations with the sale of drugs in the Black community
  • – there is strong evidence that the US federal government trained local drug dealers in making and introducing crack cocaine, meth amphetamine and other harsh drugs into the Black community
  • – there is strong evidence that the US federal government were in direct contact and helped introduce some of the most notorious drug crime families directly to key Black drug dealers in the Black community
  • – there is strong evidence that DEA, and the US federal government import drugs and funnel them into the Black community
  • – there is strong evidence that the sale of drugs in the Black community helped fund the entire Florida economy, to the tune of 70% [no other research into other states was made, so it cannot be said whether or not it holds true of such high volume drug centers like California or other states ]
  • – there is strong evidence to support that colonel Oliver north and president Ronald Reagan initiated, organized or knew of drugs being sold in the Black community to fund their Iran / Contra operation, to give weapons and arms to the Contras in Central America

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Soda Size Ban Dead and Gone in New York

Posted by shakaama on March 20, 2013

Soda Size Ban Dead and Gone in New York

nany state soda banOne group of people that Bloomberg did not consider in his ban on large size sodas were construction and maintenance workers. And boy are they pissed.

Construction and maintenance workers have a daily routine of going and filling up a huge cup of soda, which they will drink all day, along with their lunches and snacks. The were highly offended when Bloomberg did not even think to ask them how this would affect them. In such jobs, which are exposed to outdoor weather, one doesn’t have time to run to the store for another 6 oz soda.

They came out against this ban in droves and have been voicing their opinion for the past few weeks.

It seems ridiculous, in my opinion, that grown men, working hard are told what to drink. A lot of these men are the ones that keeps the very buildings the mayor walks around in in tip top condition.

At the heart of the ban is actually more taxes. It is the largest tax grab in the history of the city, and New Yorkers are clueless about it.

By this legislation, since people are used to 32oz and 64oz barrels of soda, the ban calls for sizes 16oz or smaller.  People will have a tendency to purchase multiples of the same soda. While the price of the soda might go down, the overall taxes will triple or even quadruple. And, since some people purchased multiple 64oz jugs of soda each day, these purchases will continue unabated, and the tax revenue will skyrocket.

However, petitioners went to the New York State Court, beverage makers and minority businessmen and the judge rescinded the legislation. First of all, one cannot really call it legislation. Bloomberg never went to the city council to have the bill even voted on. He went directly to the health board. This is the same health board that he appointed the members to. Unsurprisingly the health board voted the bill in. They stated that of 38,000 comments submitted to them, 32,000 were all positive. Yet, when casual surveys were taken by city news papers, very few favorable comments were found.

The judge said the Mayor did not have such authority to unilaterally pass such legislation, and nor does an appointed health board.

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Posted by shakaama on March 13, 2013


  • housewifebeing married means you’re a slave to a man
  • being married means you can’t have a career
  • you can do it without a man [and somehow be happy]
  • working in a stereotypical female job makes you a lesser woman
  • men should take care of the kids equally
  • you should control your man
  • women are smarter than men
  • women are better than men
  • lesbianism is the ultimate in “girl power”
  • any woman that is conservative is stupid
  • atheism is the ultimate in “girl power”
  • any woman that believes in a male god is stupid and not a woman

Over the past several years, while doing research for various articles, I have come across the exact words by various feminist leaders.

The more I hear and add to this list, the more I suspect that feminism has nothing to do with empowering women who feel disenfranchised or in abusive relationship, and more about some sick personal vendetta against men.

They are more concerned with destruction and not about hoping to see humanity progress. Meaning, they would rather take an abused woman and put her on top of the relationship, instead of helping her find a helpmate.

When one of the chief female analysts revealed that:
– women cheat more than men
– women are the majority of child abusers

she was cast out of the inner circle of feminism. She too, came to the conclusion that the movement wasn’t about healing what is aching in the sexes, but creating an even larger schism and destroying men.

Entertainment and media is now rife with MYSANDRY and there doesn’t even seem any slowing. New programing show women in charge, in virtually all male dominated areas. This wouldn’t be a problem if it were one show, one movie or even one woman. But, they’ll show several women being in key positions, in positions of authority in fields, virtually, no women are even in. It’s as if every woman in that field all pooled together to be in this one building. It’s not done because women are pretty, but that they are trying to cast women in a dominant position. Invariably the women are portrayed as being ultra smart and handly are surrounded by stupid, and idiotic men. Mind you, they are in quantum physics labs to begin with, but this is the state of entertainment today.

Entertainment and media is now a captured medium for feminism. Instead of authors being allowed to tell stories, they are threatened with being black balled if they do not cater to the feminist agenda. And, that agenda shows the above list over and over and over.

Married women are portrayed as being subjugated or being the man in the relationship. Women in general are portrayed as barely tolerating incompetent men. Single women vs married women are portrayed as being liberated, smart, gorgeous and full of ideas and innovations.

This isn’t entertainment, it is the feminist agenda running rampant in media.

They never tell the other side of the coin. American men going overseas to find real women. American men searching for a helpmate. American men not wanting to marry a woman that wants to look, act and be a man in a relationship.

Anytime you do show American men searching for more ladylike women, they blame the men and call the men misogynists. Somehow a man is supposed to date and marry a man. He can’t actively seek out a real woman and lady.

It’s like the fat woman that blames the men for not finding her attractive. Once you buy into this last movement of feminism, and you find yourself alone and unhappy, you turn around and blame the men, not the very women that led you down this path.

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Mike Maloney on Why the Ben Bernank is Inflating the Money Supply

Posted by shakaama on March 12, 2013

Why the Ben Bernank is Inflating the Money Supply

ban bernankeMike Maloney of gold & silver inc goes over charts and shows how the fed stopped all deflation since 2007. Deflation would have meant that prices and wages would have gone down. The democrats fear this because they never want to hear wages going down, and the republicans don’t want to hear that prices are falling, due to lower margins.

for you the public deflation would be a godsend, because that would mean, while you might make less, milk, cheese, eggs and lettuce would cost less and less each month.

the ben bern hates deflation and loves inflation. inflation means everything goes up and up. however, if you’re poor, it virtually kills you.

The bottom line is, that the US is the world market. Other than the closed and lower class economies of China and India, the US is the largest consumer market. These manipulations of the currency and monetary supply fights against the very market forces he’s trying to curtail. It is a losing battle at best, if you believe he is actually to do anything other than to make he and his european and zionist investors money.

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