Why Gambia is Right About Being Anti-Homosexual in Their Country

Why Gambia is Right About Anti-Homosexual in Their Country

Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh
Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh

We in America can’t wrap our heads around a country being extremely anti-homosexual. We try to apply all of our freedoms and thoughts to these countries. But, we never stop and think why these countries are anti-homosexual. So, I did some investigating. It turns out, homosexuality would be the death of the country. Literally! The country would cease to exist if even 3% of the population turned homosexual.

Those are pretty strong words right? They are until you look at the country and its population. Gambia has about one million people, living in the entire country. They need children, and they need them now, better yet, yesterday. If only 3% of their population were homosexual, it would mean the death of the tiny country within 10 years. In 50 years, the country would cease to exist.

They cannot afford anyone to not produce children. If they are going to be a rich country some day, they need at least a population of, at least,  50 million.

A lot of the people, internationally, complaining about this, are sitting in countries with 100 million, 300 million people, rich, and living in luxury. It makes logical sense to ban homosexuality in that country. They cannot afford such a waste. And, homosexuality is a waste in human capital. It is derived from living in luxury and leisure.  It is the new leisure class of western society.

This country, Gambia, needs to be built up, populated and productive. That means, every man and woman needs to be married and producing as many kids as they can afford. Every man and woman needs to work and be productive. They cannot afford homosexuality, abortion nor any other waste in human resources and life.

Obama and friends threatened sanctions on Gambia for their religious stance. Gambia is 90% Muslim. Not only did the president, of Gambia, put the anti-homosexual laws in placed, but they were all couched in religious backing, which everyone in the country agreed with. In fact, most Gambians are proud of their president on this point. And, Obama threatening him and the country, made the Gambians even more proud when the Gambian president stood up to Obama and said “no I will not change this law”. The Gambian president stood on religious principle. It would seem completely evil for Obama and friends to try and force him to rescind this, based on some notion that is found in Western countries.

On the issue of morality, the West and Obama lost. The homosexuals of the west have nothing but to force their agenda, where it doesn’t even apply. Gambians, are Gambian first, not man, not woman and not homosexual. They have a duty to their country. If the country vanished from the face of the earth, where would the homosexual agenda be then? They should leave those people alone. I guarantee they have no idea of the situation in Gambia.


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