The Single Most Important Issue Facing America

The Single Most Important Issue Facing America

I’ve read over all of the comments on facebook, twitter, etc. It saddens me that most widely miss the mark.

Government corruption, and its complete capture, by those that they are supposed to regulate, is the single most prevalent issue. It goes deeper and is far more complex than a stupid sound bite or a one sentence explanation.

Signers of the U.S. Constitution

After the repeal of the Glass Steagall act, financial institutions were allowed to merge cross platform industries. Retail banks could merge with commercial and investment banks. They argued that when the economy was good, the population invested in the market. When the economy was bad, they saved. In order to allow a one stop shop, they wanted to merge the two. Some senators and congressmen immediately saw that this would create monolithic entities that would crash the system, but no one listened.

Let’s go back even further to understand today. The banks put out propaganda saying “the banks don’t want your house, they want your payments.” During the 1800s the banking community was a bit more overt. They passed around a “memo” saying, “if you mess with the banks we will crash the economy and buy all the property up, pennies on the dollar.” Fast forward 100 years, and guess what happened? In fact, they have done this over and over and over.

Also remember, they finance the wars, they finance the crashes, they finance the middle-class slipping into the lower-class, they finance the democrats, they finance the republicans. Only a fool looks at our system and thinks there is someone somewhere who is honest and pure and just isn’t being listened to. No politician is paying attention to you. They are being financed.

The american citizen is under direct assault. They are financing your freedom right out the door.

Anyone saying anything other than the economy is the single-most important issue, is a fool. This is america, the dollar is king. Yes it can buy happiness. It can buy power. And, with enough of it, it can buy freedom.

I’m amazed no citizen groups have pooled their money to finance and float their own candidates. You call yourselves adults? Don’t you realize what’s going on?

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Fundamental Analysis:Watch List Healthcare August 2012

Watch List Healthcare August 2012

This is an exercise that I created to learn and embrace fundamental analysis. I am no expert in technical analysis, but I have made gains via technical analysis. In the end, making money is a clear demonstration of one’s ability and a show of expertise given certain input, i.e. money is proof of my ability with technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis

Instead of the stodgy skill-set that requires endless ratio analysis, my fundamental analysis is very streamlined. What does that mean?

Some, … firms that wish to hire analysts require:

  • 13 different ratios to be measured before making a trade
  • a projection of earnings 10 years out, broken down by year, to project short term gains before trading
The list goes on. It just seems ridiculous. I am not being lazy, I am simply far more involved with real world, accounting, input-output calculations.
Here are my methods:

Fundamental Analysis

ROE: return on equity

net income / owners equity

NI / Net Assets
net income / net assets

dupont ratio
roe = ni / sales * sales / assets * assets / equity
ROE = +10% – +40% than industry

Criteria of Companies to Watch
– must have income
– eliminates highs and lows
– eliminates volatility

The criteria would, at first glance, seem to be a no-brainer. I have one word to say to that:

dot com.

So you have my method and criteria. Here is my watch list for healthcare.

3. NVO
5. ELN
8. PMD
10. CBP

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Revisiting Herman Cain’s Campaign

Revisiting Herman Cain’s Campaign

Now that all the dust has settled, and it’s old news, let me give you the clarity of 20/20 vision in hindsight, about Herman Cain.

Herman Cain was as nameless as Obama when he entered the race on the GOP party ticket. He remained so for months. Finally after making some appearances, and people got a chance to hear him actually speak about completely revamping the tax system his campaign shot through the roof. He became a household word and his polls were tied to Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, even beating out Ron Paul.

Herman Cain

THEN, AND ONLY THEN, did these women accusers come forward. BUT WAIT, you’re forgetting.

Cain actually ran in 2000 against George Bush. He said, his was the better campaign and idea, but the party “chose” Bush [ I think he means, the party, not the republican voters ] He ran in 2004 for a senate seat.

You’re also forgetting Cain’s 2010 campaign weathered numerous attacks against nearly everything the campaign put out: such as his 9-9-9 flat tax [ finally someone actually campaigned for it, which is what the country needs ] and other attacks.

Then the “anonymous” accusers came forward. Nearly every female voter turned on Cain, immediately siding with the accusers.

Let’s look at this. Cain is almost ahead in the polls, then the first woman appeared. Cain and friends completely wiped her aside. Then another came forward. Again Cain was cleared. Then another and another and another came forward. Then one came forward saying she had had a 13 year relationship with him. Mind you all the previous women who had claimed sexual harassment had occurred all with the same few years, when he was president of the NRA, and no accusations had occurred before or since that time, and all of their claims were found to be baseless and denied. They were all summarily fired and given severance pay.

One of the accuser’s claim of sexual harassment was based on her saying that Cain told her a dirty joke.

Another accuser who had called Cain a “monster” in a press conference had been seen running up to Mr. Cain backstage at one of his rallies and giving him a big hug. Cain’s reaction was that he did not know the woman, or didn’t recall the woman. He later told reporters such as well.

Most all of the accusers were found to be destitute, [ that’s poor for you who don’t know big words ] One lady was not just poor, but living large. It was found she had a habit of swindling money out of people, described as a smooth operator.

Now, let me let you in on a little secret. Politics is a game played for keeps.

Remember, NONE of these women came forward when Cain was a nobody. In fact, they didn’t come forward when Cain was picked as the GOP candidate in some straw polls. They only miraculously showed up when Cain’s campaign had tremendous momentum and tied Perry and Romney in polls. And, all of the accusations had happened 19 years earlier.

Do you really think this was all a coincidence?

Now, let’s look at these women.

Karen Kraushaar

Karen Kraushaar

A woman who settled a sexual harassment complaint against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in 1999 complained three years later at her next job about unfair treatment, saying she should be allowed to work from home after a serious car accident and accusing a manager of circulating a sexually charged email, The Associated Press has learned.

The report goes on to allege, on the basis of an unnamed former supervisor of Kraushaar’s, that she demanded “thousands of dollars in payment, a reinstatement of leave she used after the accident earlier in 2002, promotion on the federal pay scale and a one-year fellowship to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.”

The offensive email described in the story

Computers are Like Men…And Women…
From e-mail forward…
Computers are Like Men…
In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.
They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they are the problem.
They have a lot of data but are still clueless.
As soon as you commit to one, you realize that, if you had waited a little longer you could have had a better model.
They hear what you say, but not what you mean.
Computers are Like Women…
No one but the Creator understands their internal logic.
The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else.
Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.
As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.
You do the same thing for years, and suddenly it’s wrong.

Ginger White [ a homosexual woman ]

Ginger White

The female bodybuilder who once ran a bicycle business with latest Herman Cain accuser Ginger White says the Atlanta woman never mentioned the Republican presidential candidate, who she says was her lover for 13 years.

“His name has never come up,” said Kimberly Vay, who told ABC News that she and White were former business partners.

But Vay, who filed and won a libel lawsuit against White, refused to comment directly when asked whether she considers White’s accusations about Cain credible. “When you see the details of my lawsuit,” said Vay, “they will speak for themselves.” She then referred ABC News to her attorney.

According to Vay’s suit, which was filed in June 2011, White and Vay were partners in a fitness coaching business called No Limit Cycling, and held spinning classes inside the Martin Luther King Recreation Center, which is owned by the City of Atlanta. In November 2010, claimed Vay, White asked to end their partnership, with White continuing to operate No Limit Cycling, and Vay agreed.

On December 9, according to the complaint, White sent a “defamatory” note to a master email list of the company’s clients and to city officials. The email said that White’s business had “come tumbling down [on] the day I invited Kim Vay into my life and my business” and that Vay had turned her “dream” into a “nightmare.” According to the complaint, the email alleged that Vay, a competitive bodybuilder, injected veterinary drugs into her system prior to contests,” and also said that Vay preferred to date black men but had made derogatory comments about black women’s hair.

Kimberly Vay

Vay’s complaint termed the allegation about drug use “false, malicious, defamatory” and “reckless,” and therefore libelous.

Both women retained attorneys, according to Vay’s account, and reached an out-of-court settlement in April 2011. In June, Vay filed suit, claiming that White had failed to live up to the settlement and that she was entitled to sue for libel. Vay’s attorney Kurt Martin told ABC News that White had failed to honor the financial agreement that had settled the case.

Vay also told ABC News that she had filed a petition for a restraining order against White, but that the petition was never finalized and no restraining order was issued.

Ginger White says she had an affair with Cain for 13 years… It might be a good idea to tell **Kimberly Vay** —– which is Ginger Whites ex-lover and ex- business partner … and, as stated in court records, they were lovers for the last 13 years (they’re gay) …. Plus, **Kimberly Vay** just recently had a restraining order on Ginger White for months because of threats and stolen funds — most important, **Kimberly Vay** says she never heard of the name “Herman Cain” until recently.Let’s not forget those 9 lawsuits in the last 8 years – and Ginger White was served 2 weeks ago for nonpayment of rent — again.So, let’s make sure I got this right …. Ginger White, says she had a 13 year relationship with Herman Cain….. but, **Kimberly Vay** has all of the Atlanta court records and the time element and has proven she was in a 13 year relationship as her lover and her business partner and they shared the same diggs for 12 of those13 years (which ended 10 months ago..)So, between Herman Cain running Pillsbury, Coca-Cola, Godfather’s Pizza, running programs at the Department of the Navy and doing the Neal Boortz show …. he had the time to secretly have another affair with a gay lady who hid it from her gay lover for 13 years.

I’m guessing no one mentioned she was gay, because it might have brought into question her credibility. I’m sure Herman Cain knew and didn’t bring it up because he didn’t want to out her. Notice he never attacked the personalities of any of these women.

Sharon Bialek 

Sharon Bialek 

Twice filed for bankruptcy and the suggestion that she was financial stable because she lived with a wealthy fiancé proved false: He’s unemployed and on the verge of bankruptcy himself and — oh, by the way — he’s not actually her fiancé anymore. Also, Bill Kurtis said Bialek had a “history,” whatever that means.

On his radio program Tuesday, Mark Levin aired a clip of veteran journalist and CBS anchor Bill Kurtis on WLS saying that Herman Cain’s accuser, Sharon Bialek, is a former CBS employee with a “track record.” Given her checkered past, a chuckling Kurtis posited that Bialek‘s and Cain’s roles in the alleged car-incident could even have been reversed.

Some of Kurtis’ observations on Bialek were as follows:

“She has a history.”
“There is a lot more to this story.”
“I can assure you that there will be far more to this story.”
“Let’s put Herman or Sharon in the car and say their roles may even have been reversed, given her track record here.”
Bialek worked for CBS radio station WCKG from 2006-2007.

A friend of Ms Bialek, from Chicago, told the New York Post: ‘She has a very infectious personality.
It’s easy to see how she won [Cain] over. But the reality of her situation is — she’s a complete gold digger. It’s all about the money.’

Adding that she was from a middle-income family but lives in a posh house while running from bill
collectors, the source said: ‘Most of her jobs ended in termination. It’s always the employer’s fault, not hers.

‘This is a lady who lives off the system. She is hellbent on finding a way of never having to work and living the lifestyle she wants to live, a very affluent lifestyle.’

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Black Billionaires That Talk About the Black Community but Do Nothing

Black Billionaire Do Nothings

Russell Simmons happens to be on my twitter. [I’m actually amazed myself]

So he tweets: there is too much violence in the community … and if we are silent, we are guilty.

typical non-sense from ignorant people

So I tweet back: It’s not the violence in the community it’s the lack of jobs / Black-owned businesses. They found as money goes up crime goes down

Russell Simmons Takes a Pic of Himself Nude in Public

And they found this across the board, regardless of race. People need to stop blaming race on a problem we can fix. These idiot Black billionaires need to stop coddling “the man” and go about doing something real about the Black community.

Russell Simmons needs to put his money where his mouth is. He could fund a thousand Black-owned businesses and make a tidy profit to boot. He could transform the community.

This goes for Bill Cosby, Oprah, Snoop Dog [Lion whatever], Russell Simmon, Reverend Run, KRS, Jay-z, Mary J Blige, Beyonce.

If they’re going to talk, they first need to get some BUSINESS knowledge and put their money where their mouth is.

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Why Black Americans Vote Unquestioningly for Obama

Why Black Americans Vote Unquestioningly for Obama

To be Black in america, there is a notion that white people do not understand. Although we do not live in Black communities, like Asians, Italians, Jews, Mormons etc. do, we pressure each other to act, behave and think alike. The worst of this pressure is political pressure. This pressure is exerted upon us by preachers, leaders and the media that is bought and paid for by the Democrat party.

With the advent of the internet and an endless amount of information, I see no reason why Black people should vote for not only Democrats, but precisely Obama.

Obama has single-handedly impoverished more Black people than any other president since Lincoln.

  • – promised illegal aliens no persecution, so that they can continue to compete for low end jobs Black americans desperately need right now, A.K.A. the current depression
  • – extended NAFTA which depresses the mexican economy, creating more of the same problem we already have with mexicans looking for a better life in america
  • – handed down new policies of “don’t ask don’t tell” for mexicans not needing to show proof of residency to obtain welfare and other benefits they have never contributed taxes to
  • – received the largest campaign contribution from wallstreets own, monolithic financial firm Goldman Sachs
  • – railroaded the country and congress into signing the obamacare bill, after failing the first time, after americans called in droves telling their representatives to not sign for it
  • – not only extended but expanded the patriot act
  • – not only extended but expanded the campaign in afghanistan, even after the false flag of “killing Bin Ladin” the last boogie-man
  • – promised to lower payroll taxes for americans, but raised all other income taxes for a net tax INCREASE on everyone’s paychecks
  • – oversaw the largest wealth depletion amongst Blacks than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT EVER, IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY

That’s Obama

There is no defense for him. It galls me to no end that my own Black people defend him. They listen to what he says, but do not pay attention to WHAT HE DOES.

I’m not a republican, but facts are facts: Blacks have ALWAYS done better under republican adminstrations. However, the Black leaders keep telling their sheep that democrat is the way to go, although democrats have torn down what little games Blacks have made under republican administrations.

It is maddening that the Black middle class votes democrat, while the evidence is plain as day: they have done better under republicans than democrats.

It is also plain as day that more Black families have slipped from middle to lower-class under Obama than under any other president. And, he has said time and time again that he is “not a Black president and will do NOTHING specifically to help Black people”… BUT THANKS FOR ALL THE VOTES MORONS.


If Black people want a fighting chance, they should vote Libertarian. Most of the social programs that the poor Blacks subsist on, do so at an egregious price, the Black family.

You cannot be on public assistance and have an intact family. A woman on assistance has to get rid of her husband, fiance, boyfriend, in order to receive assistance.

However, that being said, a minority of Blacks are even on assistance. The media hypes and portrays Blacks as being nearly overwhelmingly impoverished. It is not the case.

Most Blacks are:

  • educated
  • middle-class
  • employed

Losing the social programs would not hurt millions of Black people. With the money that we would save in taxes, we could go back to helping the poor directly, like we did for 150 years in this country.

When discussing destroying or removing welfare, most arguments center on the notion that ONLY government can help the poor. The truth is that, even with welfare, most poor people are still helped by charities, not the government.
Charities are now hurting because Obama and his administration reduced the amount you could claim off of your taxes that you donate to charity.
Also, the Black middle-class do not start up businesses because of the tremendous road blocks in the way, and being cut off from capital via institutional racism.
Libertarians would remove most of the local and federal obstacles to starting business. Oponents love to talk about Libertarians not believing in governmental assistance, but they never bring up that government is a huge obstacle the hinders progress. This is the progress that Blacks desperately need, more than welfare.
Would you rather have welfare or a business? 
Well so do Black people….

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What is Rolling Poverty? (video)

What is Rolling Poverty?

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I love to promote the good numbers about Black demographics, uh … Black folks. While I love to destroy the myths and lies made up socially about Black people, one thing I can agree on is that economically, Black people are in a hole.

Nationwide Black people are at a 35% unemployment rate. That means that some areas have 50% unemployment rate, and other areas have only 12% unemployment rate.

There have always been two sets of books when it comes to revealing numbers about Black / white wealth gap. Everyone talks about it in very general, unrevealing terms, but no one wants to discuss the real numbers like the fact that Black people run at a triple or quadruple unemployment rate to whites.

To make matters worse, Blacks make up only 15% of the population. That means there is no cushion for Blacks to fall back on if they go into the poverty hole. Whites, invariably will have someone somewhere that can support them for a time. In an area where Black poverty is at 50%, that means whole families will go in the hole, and more often than not die.

Yes, Black people in America die from starvation and medical want. The democrats love to pretend they care about Black people, but the truth is, they care only about white people, and always have.

You cannot

  • have a political party that says they care and have a 52% Black incarceration rate
  • have a political party that says they care and have a 35% Black unemployment rate
And, if you think I am taking giant leaps in logic equating politics with economics, you are the mental midget. Politics and state sanctioned programs have everything to do with economics.
Let’s talk about rolling poverty. Rolling poverty is a generational poverty that is passed down from parent to children.

Historical Data

75% of all Black folk were enslaved in the U.S. at one point. After slavery was declared over, the Black people were freed. However, here is where all discussion stops. Although Blacks had singlehandedly enriched the entire nation, who’s goods and services were traded on wallstreet for all to participate, after the emancipation of slaves, nothing was given to Black people. 
Black people were not given anything to even start them off. In fact, once they were freed, all of their land, tools, and basic belonging were taken from them. They had no livestock, seeds, farming equipment, tools, with which to even subsist on their own.
This is what is kept out of the discussion. 
Besides still being raped, mutilated, hung, terrorized, beaten and publicly humiliated on a daily basis, what little wealth they had, was stripped from them.
So, there they were, freed slaves, stripped of all belongings, and laws passed to make sure they were not educated nor helped in any manner.
These families are still expected, today, to somehow succeed economically and be on equal footing with white people. The same white people that enslaved them, freed them, and did not repay them nor give them basic needs to start life anew.
No one talks about what happened after slavery. This is the rolling poverty.
The generational poverty started then. We have families of those freed slaves trying to survive now. They had to pick themselves up by their bootstraps, oh sorry those were taken away as well.
This poverty persists till this day.
What few social programs to help “poor” people that exist today, seeks to destroy any semblance of normality a human can expect. Women are systematically expected to remove their husband, fiance, boyfriend from their lives, in order to receive assistance.
But, I told you that Black male unemployment is at 50%, right? Even if the two were together, they could not survive. So the woman is forced to leave her husband, to keep the family going.
This is what is passed down, generation to generation. And, now we have the utter destruction of the Black family. These assistance programs were not around 50 years ago. These were passed by ultra racist Democrats to destroy Black families. In exchange for receiving assistance, the Black female is expected to vote Democrat. Impoverished Black people switched from Republican to Democrats in record numbers 50 years ago, through a series of political maneuvers.
Black people played right into the Democrat’s hands. This was the party that gave us the KKK. Talk about short term memory. What Black people did not realize was the U.S. was indicted in world court for human rights violations, concerning the mass lynching and mutilation of Black people. This is what shifted the attitude about Black people, not a pang of guilty conscious.

Minimum Wage Laws

With an unemployment rate so high, is it just a mistake or mass racism that makes Black people unhirable? Or, as I have pointed out so far, could it be a systemic, subtle law that is staring you in the face, but you just don’t know it.

Let’s go back to the welfare examples given. The Democrats had the KKK terrorizing Black people into voting Democrat. World court indicts them, and they turn around and start the “Great Society”. The Great Society is their brainchild to give hand outs to impoverished Black people, to ensure Blacks vote Democrat. As I have shown in a previous article, the KKK did NOT leave the Democrat party. They were key in formulating the Great Society. The ultimate goal is to destroy the Black family.

Prior to the Great Society, Blacks enjoyed a 70% marriage rate, and an almost unheard of divorce rate. We are now down to a 52% marriage rate. So, right under the nose of everyone, is the Great Society destroying the Black family.

In everyone’s mind, welfare and other social programs are a good thing. I can safely say that it is not a good thing. It is only promoted as a good thing. It is an insidious effort by the government to undermine the very fabric of Black life as we know it.

The 2nd leg of this attack is unemployment. How can you achieve high unemployment without causing an uproar. What if you devised a system that allowed employers to be as racist as they wanted, and point to a law that prevented them from hiring Black folks?

Thus was invented the minimum wage.

For those that say minimum wage laws were not targeting Blacks, the same is said about the war on drugs.

Here’s how it works. White people protect white people. [same with asians, hispanics, etc] They pass a law that says, an employer must pay at a minimum a certain wage. As soon as the law was passed, Blacks were thrown out of employment and whites were kept in. Labor became a tool of racism.

Watch the 2 videos presented here.

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Black, Single, Men, with No Kids: The Truth

Black Single Men

Turn on any movie, TV show or open any magazine and you’ll find all sorts of subtle stereotypes being presented about Black Men. Although 75% of current African Americans have a slave as an ancestor, Black men are called lazy. Although Black people were systematically raped, families torn apart, robbed, mutilated and killed, Black men are stigmatized as being unable to hold a family together. Although countless studies and court cases show that police violate the constitutional rights of Blacks, Black men are trotted out as being the majority of prisoners, as if the number alone suggests that he is more wrong than any other racial group. Finally we get to the last stereotype, that Black men cannot be fathers.

I have already shown you that Black men are fathers, take care of their children, and support and spend time with their children more than any other race. Now, I show you proof that the numbers cannot be true that Black men are dead beats they are said to be, coming from the other side, single Black men.

You cannot have a stereotype of the Black man being a dead beat if I’ve shown you a majority of them are fathers, heads of households. To make sure you understand it, I come from the other side: what percent of Black men have no children.

The answer staggered even me.

In a previous article I told you a majority of Black men are heads of households, supporting their children. At 52%, it destroys all these people trying to stereotype Black men as being deadbeat dads, that leave their children alone and not support them.

Now I present you with the other side, Black men without children.

I mailed the government census office to ask the question, directly. Here is the response:


Although we do not have this estimate in published tables, our subject-matter expert ran a quick tab in Data Ferrett.  It is for Black alone men age 15 and over, in answer to the question about how many biological children they have ever fathered. Of the 12.95 million Black alone men in 2009, 5.5 million, or 42 percent, have not fathered a child. Of course, this includes many young men who will eventually father a child. The data set does not show Black alone or in combination as a racial category.

Robert Bernstein
Public Information Office
U.S. Census Bureau
(301) 763-2603

That’s right folks. 42% of Black men have not fathered children.

Let’s do some math here.

52% of Black men father children and take care of them in marriage or as single fathers
42% of Black men have no children
that means 92% of Black men are either good fathers or have no children
that leaves only 8% of Black men as fitting this stereotype as deadbeat fathers

Anyone understands that 8% does not make a stereotype. It would be atypical of a Black man then to be estranged to his own children. So where is this stereotype coming from?

The answer is obvious. The Black man is being attacked. By attacking the Black man, the Black family will be destroyed.

All of those government sponsored social programs that the Democrats love to trot out: welfare; WIC; food stamps; medicaid. They all have one thing in common, “you must take the man out of the picture.” You cannot get their assistance if you have a man in the picture. The woman is literally forced to break all relations with her husband, fiance, boyfriend if she is on those programs.

It is just another attack on the Black family.

A young Black woman that might have a child before marriage, by this system, destroys herself, the child’s future and any hope of a family.

Now the Black man is under attack, at the same time.

I heard a sheriff say one time, “if I could, I would round up every negro and get them off the street.”

We are under attack and no one wants to admit it.

Who is putting out stereotypes that Black men make horrible fathers, are deadbeats and unfit to be married? Black women did not originate this.

In fact, if you ever hear that, please ask the person where they got that from.

My numbers do not lie.

  • Black men make excellent husbands
  • Black men take care of their families
  • Black men care for their children
  • Single Black men do not go around having children
  • Single Black men concentrate on their careers, education and building wealth
You do know that there are more Black men in college, than there are in prison. You don’t hear that often enough.

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Wal-Mart Too Big to Fail?

Wal-Mart Too Big to Fail?

Wal-Mart had its eighth straight quarterly decline. Dreiling says that much of Dollar General’s growth is generated by what he calls “fill-in trips” ­— increasingly made by wealthier people. Why linger in the canyons of Wal-Mart or Target when you can pop into a dollar store? Dreiling says that 22 percent of his customers make more than $70,000 a year and added, “That 22 percent is our fastest-growing segment.

Meanwhile typical suburbanites are headed to the dollar store in droves.  Perhaps you have driven by and occasionally stopped in a dollar store and assumed that there were two kinds of customers, those there for the kitschy pleasure of it all and those for whom the dollar store affords a low-rent version of the American Consumer Experience, a place where the poor can splurge. The current developments in this, the low end of retail, suggest that a larger shift in the American consumer market is under way.

We are awakening to a dollar-store economy. For years the dollar store has not only made a market out of the detritus of a hyperproductive global manufacturing system, but it has also made it appealing — by making it amazingly cheap.  Whether it was one of the three big corporate chains (Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree) or any of the smaller chains (like “99 Cents Only Stores”) or the world of independents — before the market meltdown of 2008, the conventional wisdom about dollar stores, was that they appeal to only poor people.

And while it’s true that low-wage earners still make up the core of dollar-store customers (42 percent earn $30,000 or less), what has turned this sector into a nearly recession-proof corner of the economy is a new customer base.

“What’s driving the growth,” says James Russo, a vice president with the Nielsen Company, a consumer survey firm, “is affluent households.”

The affluent are not just quirky D.I.Y. types. These new customers are people who, though they have money, feel as if they don’t, or soon won’t. This anxiety — sure to be restoked by the recent stock-market gyrations and generally abysmal predictions for the economy — creates a kind of fear-induced pleasure in selective bargain-hunting.

Rick Dreiling, the chief executive of Dollar General, the largest chain, with more than 9,500 stores, calls this idea the New Consumerism.

“Savings is fashionable again,” Dreiling told me. “A gallon of Clorox bleach, say, is $1.44 at a drugstore or $1.24 at a grocery store, and you pay a buck for it at the Dollar General. When the neighbors come over, they can’t tell where you bought it, and you save anywhere from 20 to 40 cents, right?”

Financial anxiety has been a boon to dollar stores. Same-store sales, a key measure of a retailer’s health, spiked at the three large, publicly traded chains in this year’s first quarter — all were up by at least 5 percent — while Wal-Mart had its eighth straight quarterly decline.

Dreiling says that much of Dollar General’s growth is generated by what he calls “fill-in trips” ­— increasingly made by wealthier people. Why linger in the canyons of Wal-Mart or Target when you can pop into a dollar store? Dreiling says that 22 percent of his customers make more than $70,000 a year and added, “That 22 percent is our fastest-growing segment.”

This growth has led to a building campaign. Dreiling’s company announced a few months ago that it would be creating 6,000 new jobs by building 625 new stores this year, at a time when few businesses seem to be investing in new equipment or ventures or jobs.

Kiley Rawlins, vice president for investor relations at Family Dollar, said her company would add 300 new stores this year, giving it more than 7,000 in 44 states.

And yet, how do dollar stores expand and make impressive returns, all the while dealing in an inventory that still largely retails for a few dollars? How does a store sell four AA batteries for $1? In part this market takes advantage of the economy degrading all around it. When I asked Dreiling about the difference in the cost of RadioShack batteries, he said that “RadioShack is probably in a better spot in the same shopping center,” while Dollar General might be in a “C+, B site.” RadioShack pays the high rent, while the dollar stores inhabit a “no-frills box.”

The dollar-store combination has more to it than low store rents and really cheap products. The labor force needed to run a dollar store is a tiny, low-wage staff. Do the math of Dreiling’s announcement: 6,000 jobs divided by 625 stores equals about 10 jobs per store.

Perhaps this is all merely our grandparents’ Woolworth’s five-and-dime updated by inflation to a dollar and adapted, like any good weed, to distressed areas of the landscape. But a new and eroding reality in American life underwrites this growing market. Yet even deep discounters have limits.

In early June, Dollar General predicted that its sales growth would slow slightly for the rest of the year. Dreiling told analysts in a conference call that his company would be very careful about raising prices, even though its costs for fuel and such were rising.

“This sounds almost silly,” he said, “but a $1 item going to $1.15 in our channel is a major change for our customer.” 

Such delicate price sensitivity suggests what is changing. Howard Levine, the chief executive of Family Dollar, said to me, although “not necessarily a good thing for our country, more and more people are living paycheck to paycheck.”

Profit margins have always been thin in the dollar stores. But now that they are competing for the shrinking disposable income of the middle class, there is a new kind of consultant out there — the dollar-store fixer.

Bob Hamilton advises the troubled independent-dollar-store manager on the tactics needed to survive and thrive in the dollar-store economy. In Hamilton’s view, the secret of a good dollar store is an obsessive manager who can monitor 8,000 to 10,000 items, constantly varying product display tactics, and sense the changing interests of a local customer base. This frenzied drama requires a sharp eye for tiny details. “The market is moving all the time,” Hamilton said.

“Shopping is our hunting and gathering,” says Sharon Zukin, a professor of sociology at Brooklyn College who specializes in consumer culture and suggests that the dollar-store experience is a mere updating of our evolutionary instincts. “This bare-bones aesthetic puts across the idea that there is nothing between you the consumer and the goods that you desire. You are a bargain hunter, and it’s not like a bazaar or open-market situation in other regions of the world. It doesn’t require personal haggling between the shopkeeper and the shoppers. Right? The price is set, and it’s there for the taking. In many cases the cartons there have not been unpacked! You are getting the product direct from the anonymous large-scale producer. You have bagged the deer: you have your carton of 36 rolls of toilet paper.”

As strange as sociological metaphors sound in this context, this is very close to how the corporate chain executives describe the next stage of dollar-store evolution, as they try to please their new, more affluent customer. Both Dollar General and Family Dollar are moving toward uniformity in their design and layout, throwing off the serendipity that came of buying random lots and salvage goods and was so admired by, say, crafts bloggers. The new design has opened up the front of the stores “for those whose trip is all about, ‘I’m getting what I need and getting out,’ ” said Rawlins of Family Dollar. As a result, the design of the store is no longer catch-as-catch-can but built around groupings of products that all make sense for the mission-oriented hunter. Store designers call these groupings “adjacencies” and draw them up in fine detail in an architectural schematic called a planogram. Toys, wrapping paper and gift cards, for instance, are laid out in a logical sequence that has been revealed by elaborate customer research and designed with precision.

“A hundred percent of our stores are planogrammed,” Dreiling of Dollar General says. “We used to have what was called ‘flex space,’ and 25 percent of the store was where the store manager could put in whatever they wanted.” No more. “Everything is planogrammed now.”’

“Today we have very little in terms of closeouts,” said Family Dollar’s Rawlins. “Forty-five percent of our merchandise are national brands that we carry every day.” Even though the goods are still deeply discounted, the stores will begin to have a similar look and layout — like the higher-end stores already do. Same inventory, same layout, same experience — from coast to coast.

As all these stores expand into really cheap food, they are creating their own store brands. Just as A.&P. long ago, or Target more recently, pronounced its market significance by creating store brands like Ann Page or Archer Farms foods, Family Dollar now sells Family Gourmet packaged meals, and Dollar General promotes its line of discounted packaged foods with the bucolic handle Clover Valley.

What does all this mean for the independent dollar stores? Is there a place for them in the evolving dollar-store economy? There is, but only if they are willing to hustle for pennies.

I called JC Sales, one of the big warehouse suppliers of independent dollar stores located south of Los Angeles, and talked to Wally Lee, director of marketing and technology. He agreed there was little room for error now. If I wanted to open a dollar store, I asked him, where would he suggest I locate it? “Right next to a Wal-Mart or a Target,” he said. And how large should my new store be? “If you want to be profitable, start with an 8,000-square-foot store,” he said. “That is the most optimally profitable among all our customers.” Stores can be as small as 1,000 square feet and go up to 20,000, but Lee implied that there is practically an algorithm of size, labor and expenses — 8,000 to 10,000 square feet is profitability’s sweet spot. But it’s not all science, Lee said. The very absence of a plan­ogram is the other advantage independents can have.

“You need to have a good store manager who loves to talk to people,” Lee said. “If it is a Spanish market, then it has to be a Spanish manager to speak to them to see what their needs are. If you don’t do that, you’ll never beat anybody else.”

In other words, even as the corporate chains standardize their inventory and planogram their stores down to the last Wow shammy, the independents flourish by retaining a Bob Hamilton-like sensibility — the sense that the market is in motion — with managers buzzing about the store, constantly tweaking the inventory, moving stuff around, ordering things that people request, changing the lineup again, trying out a different placement, listening, yakking and hand-trucking more product onto the floor.

In the basement of American capitalism, you can see the invisible hand at work, except it’s not invisible. It’s actually your hand.

The streamlining of the big dollar stores opens up, for other outlets, their original source of cheap merchandise: distressed goods, closeouts, overstock, salvage merchandize, department-store returns, liquidated goods, discontinued lines, clearance items, ex-catalog stock, freight-damaged goods, irregulars, salvage cosmetics, test-market items and bankruptcy inventories.

This secondary market supplies another stratum of retail chains below the dollar-store channel, one of the best known being Big Lots. Hamilton explained that if these guys don’t sell the merchandise, it bumps on down the line to another level known as liquidators.

Hamilton drove me out to Steve’s Liquidators outside Portland, Ore. It was marked by only a sign on the road. The store itself was an unadorned massive warehouse, with not even a sign over the door, a Euclidean concrete cube painted a bright lime green with lemon yellow trim.

As we entered, a scruffy man exited, pushing a busted cart — each palsied wheel pulling in a different direction — into a busy parking lot brimming with older-model automobiles. Inside, the store could not have been more spare, a decrepit imitation of a standard suburban grocery store. Exposed warehouse ceilings above, and below, an unfinished shop floor occupied by metal industrial shelving with aisles wide and deep enough to forklift in the goods. Here is where food products minutes away from expiration hover, on the cusp of becoming compost.

A pallet of giant restaurant-grade cans formed a giant ingot of eggplant in tomato sauce. Hamilton examined the cans, each dented and dinged, labels torn — all still sitting on a wooden pallet, partly in its shrink-wrap. “Must have fallen off a truck,” he mused. There were sparse fruits and vegetables and rows of salvaged canned goods. Scattered throughout and along the sides were whatever else had been left behind at the dollar stores and then the closeout stores and maybe even the thrift shops — dozens of princess night lights, a single mattress leaning against a wall, a pallet of car oil, an array of carpets, a thousand boxes of the same generic cornflakes, a leaf blower. Back in the car, I asked Hamilton where the merchandise would go if it didn’t sell here.

“The Dumpster,” he said.

Las Vegas A Rental Property Investor’s Dream

Las Vegas A Rental Property Investor’s Dream

An even 50.0 percent of all existing homes sold in Southern Nevada during June 2011 were purchased with CASH, while only 21.6 percent of all existing homes sold in Southern Nevada were short sales, according to GLVAR.

Las Vegas is the number one best city to buy rental property according to CCN Money; 10 Best Cities to Buy a Rental Property July 12, 2011. Las Vegas has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation — and many of those former homeowners now rent, CCN Money; 10 Best Cities to Buy a Rental Property July 12, 2011. 

Nowhere are potential profits better than in Las Vegas, according to a new survey by Local Market Monitor, a North Carolina-based firm that specializes in forecasting real estate prices.

Las Vegas Average home price (2011): $130,100 Projected home price (2014): $120,000 Gross rent (2011): $922 Projected gross rent (2014): $966 Las Vegas has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation — and many of those former homeowners now rent.

“Much of the large workforce in the casino industry consists of renters; the home ownership rate is a low 55%,” said Winzer. While the rental market in Sin City remains robust, rents have been squeezed, falling about 10% since 2007. Part of the problem is unemployment, which reached 12.4% in May, one of the highest rates of any U.S. metro area. Winzer expects the rate to fall gradually and that should mean rents will start climbing again.

All told, he forecasts Las Vegas residential investment properties will yield returns that are 4.7% above the national average. Las Vegas has long been a Mecca for gamblers, but now it’s the go-to place for real estate investors who want to clean up on rental properties.

Nationwide, the opportunities for this kind of investing haven’t been this good in years. Not only are home prices way down but interest rates are near all-time lows and rents are climbing.

In May, 2011, according to the National Association of Realtors, 19% of home purchases were for investment, up from 17% in 2010. Nowhere are potential profits better than in Las Vegas, according to a new survey by Local Market Monitor, a North Carolina-based firm that specializes in forecasting real estate prices. Local Market Monitor put together the survey for HomeVestors, a franchise real estate investing company. The survey ranked 316 markets by estimated returns on investment in single-family home rental properties.

“Overall, the highest ratings are in markets where home prices have fallen substantially,” said Ingo Winzer, founder of Local Market Monitor. “Home prices in these markets are also below average, so empty homes are easily turned into competitive rental properties.”

The cities were ranked by estimated future returns compared with the projected national average return. According to Local Market Monitor’s data, for example, investors in Las Vegas who rent out the properties they buy now will have a 4.7% higher return than the 5.3% national average. The potential for profits has to be high for investors to enter into this risky market: Winzer expects home values to fall another 7% over the next three years. Here are the top 10 markets ranked highest in investment return.

Pay Yourself First: Bill Yourself

Bill Yourself

If you’ve budgeted to zero, you should now have a good idea of how much money you can comfortably save each month. But taking the leap from knowing how much you can save and actually saving that amount is a challenging one.

The first suggestion I have is that you bill yourself. Using myself as an example, I am determined to save (and am capable of saving) $600 per month. (I hope to save more like $800 to $1000, but sometimes I just can’t with unexpected bills and other larger purchases I decide to make. I’m not too worried about it.) So each month when I gather my bills and pay them, I also pay myself $600 into savings – as if it were a bill.

This distinction might not seem important to some of you, but think of it this way: if you intend on savings $600/month, you may or may not do it. If you decide to pay yourself $600 a month toward savings, you must pay it regularly, and with intent – like a bill.

My suggestion would be to treat it like a bill and really put it in your face so you don’t forget. If you pay your bills on paper, or have a collection of paper bills that you work with, put a sticky note on the top of the pile to also pay yourself savings. If you’re like me and do everything electronically, set up a calendar to remind you to pay yourself savings each month. I use iCal, Google Calendar, and Remember the Milk, all for different things. iCal is my bills calendar, and so every month I get an email from my computer’s calendar reminding myself to pay to my savings.

I find this works really well.

Chavez Emptying Bank of England Vault as Venezuela Brings Back Gold Hoard

Chavez Emptying Bank of England Vault as Venezuela Brings Back Gold Hoard

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ordered the central bank to repatriate $11 billion of gold reserves held in developed nations’ institutions such as the Bank of England as prices for the metal rise to a record.

Venezuela, which holds 211 tons of its 365 tons of gold reserves in U.S., European, Canadian and Swiss banks, will progressively return the bars to its central bank’s vault, Chavez said yesterday. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Barclays Plc (BARC), and Standard Chartered Plc (STAN) also hold Venezuelan gold, he said.

“We’ve held 99 tons of gold at the Bank of England since 1980. I agree with bringing that home,” Chavez said yesterday on state television. “It’s a healthy decision.”

Chavez, whose government depends on oil for 95 percent of its export revenue, is looking to diversify Venezuela’s cash reserves from U.S. and European banks to include investments in emerging markets including Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa, central bank President Nelson Merentes said yesterday. The world’s 15th-largest holder of gold is bringing back its gold after a 28 percent rally in the price this year.

Venezuela’s reserves stood at $28.6 billion on Aug. 16. Finance Minister Jorge Giordani said that the weakening U.S. dollar, a near-default by the U.S. government and the European sovereign debt crisis threaten Venezuela’s savings and they will be more secure at home and in “allied” countries.
‘Green Light’

Chavez, speaking by phone on state television last night, said he signed the document yesterday authorizing the transfer of the gold reserves. “I said, ‘I give my absolute approval to this idea’,” Chavez said. “I gave it the green light.”

The central bank already has about $7 billion of gold in its vaults. Of the country’s liquid reserves, which amount to about $6.3 billion, 59 percent are held in Switzerland, 18 percent in the U.K and about 11 percent in the U.S., according to a government report.

Venezuela received a capital gain of $9.3 billion on its gold holdings since 2009 on rising prices, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report today.

The country’s share of gold reserves is almost eight times the region’s 8.3 percent average and leaves Venezuela vulnerable to sharp declines in prices while holding illiquid assets, the report said.

The government may move to repatriate reserves before arbitration case rulings to avoid a so-called attachment risk that could freeze international assets, Boris Segura, a New York-based strategist at Nomura Securities, said in a research note.

The repatriation and diversification of reserves may also cloud transparency of government holdings, which would be a negative for the country’s credit, he said.
Lack of Transparency

“We sense that Venezuelan debt prices already incorporate a sizeable ‘lack of transparency’ premium,” Segura said. “However, looking at the possible geopolitical signals that these proposed policies communicate, we fear that Venezuelan bond prices may suffer.”

In all, Venezuela has 365.8 metric tons of gold reserves, according to the World Gold Council.

Chavez’s decision could have “worrisome” implications because of less data transparency and the threat that the gold stock could be used for politically motivated spending before next year’s presidential elections, RBS Securities Inc. said.

“It is clear that the motivation appears mostly to fit a political agenda to align with strategic political partners and retaliate against the recent U.S. sanctions on fears that assets might at some point be frozen,” RBS Latin American analysts Felipe Hernandez and Siobhan Morden said in a note.
Borrowing Costs

Venezuela has the highest borrowing costs among major emerging-market countries. The extra yield investors demand to own Venezuelan government bonds instead of U.S. Treasuries rose 50 basis points, 0.50 percentage point, to 1,239 basis points today at 4:35 p.m. in New York, according to JPMorgan & Chase Co.’s EMBI+.

Yields on the government’s benchmark 9.25 percent bonds maturing in 2027 rose 60 basis points to 14.14 percent at 4:35 p.m. in New York, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The price fell 2.88 cents on the dollar to 69.25 cents.

Chavez also said yesterday that he’s preparing a decree to nationalize the gold industry to halt illegal mining and dedicate local production to building up reserves.
Mining Arbitration

Of 17 arbitration cases pending against Venezuela in the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, at least three of them are over mining ventures, including Crystallex International Corp. (KRY), a Canadian gold producer whose Las Cristinas mine was taken over by the government in February.

Gold Reserve Inc. (GRZ), a Spokane, Washington-based mining company, is seeking $2.1 billion in damages after its Las Brisas gold and copper project was seized in May 2008.

“Today’s announcement is not surprising,” Doug Belander, Gold Reserve president, said yesterday in an interview. “We believe that their objective all along was to take over the entire industry.”

The South American country, in an effort to boost stalled production and take advantage of rising prices, last year relaxed restrictions on gold exports to allow some companies and joint ventures with the government to send as much as 50 percent of their output abroad.
Rusoro’s Operations

Rusoro Mining Ltd. (RML), a Vancouver-based mining company, is the last publicly traded gold mining company operating in Venezuela. The company’s stock rose 12 percent to 14 Canadian cents as of 4:35 p.m. in Toronto, after yesterday plunging 17 percent to its lowest in almost a decade.

Rusoro Chief Executive Officer Andre Agapov said today that it hadn’t received any indications from the Venezuelan government that its projects in the country would be affected.

“We believe the government’s announcement is targeted toward the many illegal mining operations in Bolivar state,” Agapov said in a statement.

Venezuela produces 11 metric tons of gold a year, and illegal miners extract an additional 10 to 11 tons a year, Chavez said in May.

Venezuela’s National Guard first seized control of the Las Cristinas mine, which has reserves of about 27 million ounces, in November 2001 from Canada’s Vanessa Ventures.

Gold futures for December delivery rose $32.90, or 1.8 percent, to a record settlement of $1,824.10 an ounce on the Comex in New York today.

“If there isn’t enough room to store the gold in the central bank vaults I can lend you the basement of the Miraflores presidential palace,” Chavez said.

To contact the reporters on this story: Daniel Cancel in Caracas at; Nathan Crooks in Caracas at

States Look at Bringing Back Gold, Silver Coins

States Look at Bringing Back Gold, Silver Coins

South Carolina is the latest state to propose a bill that would allow gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender.

On Wednesday, American Principles in Action, a conservative non-profit group, announced that the bill has the official support of the South Carolina Republican Party.

“The South Carolina legal tender bill follows the passage of a new law in Utah, which on May 9th became the first state in more than a century to recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender,” the group said.

“Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution specifies that the states shall not ‘make anything but gold and silver coin a payment in tender of debts,'” they continued. “With the federal government clearly abdicating its responsibility to regulate the value of money, states across the country are moving to exercise this constitutional power.”

More than a dozen other states are considering similar moves.

The state of Utah started the trend earlier this month when it recognized gold and silver coins minted by the U.S. government as money.

Rising inflation and the nation’s weak economy is leading to the new focus on gold. Tea Party leaders and conservative economists say using gold would help restrain government spending and keep the Central Bank’s power in check.

Going back to gold standard…possible?

Going back to gold standard…possible?

A superb critique from Barry Eichengreen on the topic.

One keeps hearing cries for going back to gold standard but I did not know it is really popular with some US state Governors and officials. So much so, some states have actually introduced gold standard (and its variants) in their states!

GOLD IS back, what with libertarians the country over looking to force the government out of the business of monetary-policy making. How? Well, by bringing back the gold standard of course.

There’s no better place to see just how real this oddball proposal is than in Iowa, with its caucuses just a few months away. In June, prospective voters were entertained not just by the candidates but also by the spectacle of an eighteen-day, multicity bus tour cosponsored by the Iowa Tea Party and American Principles in Action, or APIA. (The bus was actually a giant RV with a banner on the side featuring images of the U.S. Constitution, the American flag and the web address [3].) APIA is the nonprofit 501(c)(4) arm of the American Principles Project, the parent group of Gold Standard 2012. Gold Standard 2012 “works to reach out to lawmakers to advance legislation that will put the U.S. back on the gold standard” (quoting its blog). The goal of the bus tour, according to Jeff Bell, policy director of APIA and former Reagan aide, was to interest potential caucus voters in the idea that the United States should return to the gold standard, in the expectation that vote-hungry candidates for the Republican nomination would respond to a public groundswell.

The candidates, for their part, were cautious. Businessman Herman Cain, having backed the gold standard in earlier speeches, acknowledged a change of heart on the grounds that “one of my economic advisers said that it’s going to be more difficult than practical.” Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann averred only that she would “take a close look at the gold standard issue.” Such caution did not, however, prevent Cain and Bachmann, along with former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich from joining up with APIA’s magical mystery tour.

Some states like Montana, Utah etc introduced GS:

A Montana measure voted down by a narrow margin of fifty-two to forty-eight in March would have required wholesalers to pay state tobacco taxes in gold. A proposal introduced in the Georgia legislature would have called for the state to accept only gold and silver for all payments, including taxes, and to use the metals when making payments on the state’s debt.

In May, Utah became the first state to actually adopt such a policy. Gold and silver coins minted by the U.S. government were made legal tender under a measure signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert. Given the difficulty of paying for a tank of gas with a $50 American eagle coin worth some $1,500 at current market prices, entrepreneurs then floated the idea of establishing private depositories that would hold the coin and issue debit cards loaded up with its current dollar value. It is unlikely this will appeal to the average motorist contemplating a trip to the gas station since the dollar value of the balance would fluctuate along with the current market price of gold. It would be the equivalent of holding one’s savings in the form of volatile gold-mining stocks.

Well, well, well…

He then moves on to the Federal Govt and points how Ron Paul (Congressman from Texas) prefers Gold Standard and wants to end the Fed:

FOR THIS libertarian infatuation with the gold standard, one is tempted to credit, or blame, the godfather of the Tea Party movement, Texas’s Ron Paul. (The Tea Party has its own spontaneous origins, to be sure, and Paul is reluctant to claim credit for its existence. But his success in using new media to raise $6 million for his 2007 presidential bid on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party by appealing to hot-button issues like debt, taxes and government infringement on personal liberties provided the template for the movement’s subsequent growth.) Paul has been campaigning for returning to the gold standard longer than any of his rivals for the Republican nomination—in fact, since he first entered politics in the 1970s.

Paul is also a more eloquent advocate of the gold standard. His arguments are structured around the theories of Friedrich Hayek, the 1974 Nobel Laureate in economics identified with the Austrian School, and around those of Hayek’s teacher, Ludwig von Mises. In his 2009 book, End the Fed, Paul describes how he discovered the work of Hayek back in the 1960s by reading The Road to Serfdom. First published in 1944, the book enjoyed a recrudescence last year after it was touted by Glenn Beck, briefly skyrocketing to number one on’s and Barnes and Noble’s best-seller lists. But as Beck, that notorious stickler for facts, would presumably admit, Paul found it first.

The Road to Serfdom warned, in the words of the libertarian economist Richard Ebeling, of “the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from government control of economic decision-making through central planning.” Hayek argued that governments were progressively abandoning the economic freedom without which personal and political liberty could not exist. As he saw it, state intervention in the economy more generally, by restricting individual freedom of action, is necessarily coercive. Hayek therefore called for limiting government to its essential functions and relying wherever possible on market competition, not just because this was more efficient, but because doing so maximized individual choice and human agency.

Hayek’s comments on government were more general and not specific to monetary policy as latter was not popular. In a subsequent book, Hayek points how govt could misuse this printing money business. So Paul has picked his ideas based in Hayek’s views and wants to end the Fed since last four decades. This cry to end the Fed has become popular only now because of the crisis which shows how central banks can keep creating bubbles via the presses.

He then says  Hayesk/Austrian School ideas to solve  crisis situations are partly right:

……Austrians then go on—and this is where they and other economists part company—to argue that the best and, ultimately, only feasible response to this destabilizing cycle is inaction. Inaction is counseled first because of the existence of moral hazard. If the culprits don’t feel pain and learn a lesson, they will engage in the same reckless behavior over and over again.

Second, the overhang of unsound investment projects must be liquidated in order to prevent them from becoming a drag on the economy, and discouraging that process only delays the subsequent recovery. Eighty years ago Lionel Robbins, then Hayek’s colleague at the London School of Economics, famously made these arguments about how governments and central banks should respond, or more precisely not respond, to the Great Depression of the 1930s. An American member of the Austrian School, Murray Rothbard, later applied the same argument to the Great Depression in the United States.

The first part of their logic is impeccable: inaction in the face of an unfolding financial crisis is a sure way of inflicting pain. Unfortunately, the pain is meted out to the innocent as well as the guilty. It is felt by the workers thrown out of jobs in the resulting recession as well as by financiers who see their portfolios shrink.

He says people say current fiscal and monetary stimulus show these things don;t work. He says they didn’t work because they were too small to begin with:

In fact, the reason that monetary and fiscal stimuli did not bring unemployment down more quickly and unleash a more robust recovery is not that they were incapable of doing so but that they were undersized. Given what we know now about the severity of the shock, by the time the Obama administration intervened with a $787 billion fiscal stimulus, that stimulus should have been at least twice as large. This is the retrospective assessment of Christina Romer, Obama’s now-former Council of Economic Advisers chair, but her conclusion is widely shared. Similarly, to prevent nominal GDP from falling, which is the litmus test of an adequate monetary stimulus, the Fed should have engaged in some $2 trillion worth of Treasury-bond purchases—not the $600 billion stipulated under QE2. This point has been made most clearly by Joseph Gagnon, a former Fed official, but he is far from alone.

So basically, the Hayekian/Austrian School ideas cannot really be implemented. Based on this gold standard has limitations as well. If we bring it back it either would be inflationary or deflationary. Given dislike for inflation, we will choose deflation which is equally a bad outcome:

BUT TO invoke the wisdom of Herman Cain, returning to the gold standard would be more difficult than practical. Envisioning a statute requiring the Federal Reserve to redeem its notes for fixed amounts of specie is easy, but deciding what that fixed amount should be is hard. Set the price too high and there will be large amounts of gold-backed currency chasing limited supplies of goods and services. The new gold standard will then become an engine of precisely the inflation that its proponents abhor. But set the price too low, and the result will be deflation, which is not exactly a healthy state for an economy.

Given the inflation-phobic nature of gold­-standard proponents, deflation would seem to be the more likely scenario. In response, we are counseled not to worry. In End the Fed Paul describes how the United States returned to the gold standard in 1879 after a two-decades-long hiatus caused by the Civil War. Resumption, as this decision was known, pegged the price of gold at levels lower than during wartime, leading to an extended period of deflation. If we could do it then, the implication follows, we can do it now.

Then again, there are some things you don’t want to try at home. The distributional effects of deflation are no happier than those of inflation.

Then under GS, Fed will lose its Lender of Last resort status. Austrians say this is not needed as then banks would learn the lessons and not get into boom-bust credit cycle. Eichengreen points banks followed boom-bust even during gold standard. He then says people have suggested to try narrow banks. This would only cause problems as then firms would go to other entities to raise capital and those other entities become shadow banks. Important to recall, this is what happened in US earlier as well. Shadow banks came up proper banks were too fragmented.

He also points that one of the other reasons for supporting GS is that it will induce fiscal discipline. As governments will not have an option of selling their bonds or using central banks to finance its debt, there will be discipline. He says both Argentina and Greece show fiscal imbalances can run anyways:

Note that this is the same argument made by the champions of Argentina’s currency board in the decade leading up to that country’s sovereign default in 2001. It is the same argument made by the champions of Greece’s entry into the euro area prior to 2010. That the Central Bank of Argentina could create additional credit only when it acquired additional dollars (Argentina’s currency board being a dollar standard, with the peso pegged to the dollar at one to one, rather than a gold standard per se) did not in practice prevent the government from issuing more debt than it could ultimately service. Similarly, that Greece no longer had an independent monetary policy once it adopted the euro did not prevent its government from issuing more debt than it ultimately could pay off. The simple fact that Greece no longer possessed an independent central bank with full freedom to finance the government’s budget deficits was not enough to concentrate the minds of shortsighted politicians. And in both cases, the bond-market vigilantes supposedly responsible for disciplining those politicians remained complacent for an extended period before awaking with a start, at which point all hell broke loose.

The same was true of the gold standard. Sovereign defaults were far from infrequent under both the pre–World War I and interwar gold standards, as the Peterson Institute’s Carmen Reinhart and Harvard’s Ken Rogoff show in their best-selling book This Time Is Different. Evidently, hard money is less of a guarantor of fiscal rectitude than popularly supposed.

He says Hayek himself did not say to end central banks. But to have private competing currencies:

For a solution to this instability, Hayek himself ultimately looked not to the gold standard but to the rise of private monies that might compete with the government’s own. Private issuers, he argued, would have an interest in keeping the purchasing power of their monies stable, for otherwise there would be no market for them. The central bank would then have no option but to do likewise, since private parties now had alternatives guaranteed to hold their value.

Abstract and idealistic, one might say. On the other hand, maybe the Tea Party should look for monetary salvation not to the gold standard but to private monies like Bitcoin.

Well, we did have private currencies earlier as in banks issued their own currencies. This led to problems of multiple currencies, conversions etc followed by a single currency issued by central banks.  With computers etc., conversions are easier but still too many currencies only confuse.

This crisis also ends the debate of having single currency for the world. A heterogeneous world needs different currencies so that adjustments can be made during crisis.

Superb paper from Eichengree. Links so many thoughts together from US politics to Hayek to Mundell and so on..

Will You Donate to Greece?

Greece to sell 3.125 bln euro 3-month T-bills Aug. 14

Aug 10 (Reuters) – Greece will auction 3.125 billion euros ($3.83 billion) of three-month T-bills on August 14 to fund the rollover of a previous issue and repay a 3.2 billion euro bond maturing on Aug. 20, the country’s debt agency PDMA said on Friday.

The settlement date will be August 17. Only primary dealers will be allowed to participate and no commission will be paid.

Monthly T-bill sales are Greece’s sole source of market funding.

While Greece has been shut out of the long-term debt markets since 2010, it has regularly issued short-term debt, although the Tuesday auction dwarfs previous placements. Greece raised 812.5 million euros on Tuesday in an auction of six-month treasury bills, paying a slightly lower rate of 4.68 percent. In its last three-month treasury bill sale, on July 17, Greece raised 1.625 billion euros at a slightly lower rate of 4.28 percent.

Why Black Wealth Was Destroyed Under Obama: A Response

Why Black Wealth Was Destroyed Under Obama

[This post is in response to Mike Green]

From the research and the conclusions, that said researchers have drawn, these are the factors and causation of plummeting Black wealth.

Historic Factors:

  • Blacks of all economic classes lumped in with high risk loans, i.e. the Black middle-class given grade B loans, as if they were derelicts or of menial credit rating [Well’s fargo testimony in open court sheds light on this, when whistle-blowers testified that Wells Fargo management said, “target Black neighborhoods with high interest loans because Black people are financially unsophisticated”.]

  • Blacks pay highest insurance premiums than whites

  • Blacks pay higher costs for nearly every good and service, from food to housing, than do whites

Causation and Decimation of Black Wealth

  • when the bubble crashed and ARM loans adjusted, it imploded 65% of all Black wealth

  • Blacks have nearly no assets. And, what little wealth they do have is nearly 100% tied to their primary residence [which is NOT an asset, but only a sophisticated investor or someone financially educated would even understand that]

Why Obama vs Bush

  • in spite of his own advisers telling him to specifically target legislation at Blacks, Obama took a mass appeal role, which ultimately would nearly 90% only affect white people, not Black people

  • all legislation that took place to placate or help homeowners stay in their homes, occured in the latter half of the default scale, which affected white people more than Black people

  • institutional racism reared its ugly head, even after Obama and friends commanded private banks to cease and desist foreclosure procedures and directed them to work with their lendees. Blacks were denied every opportunity to renegotiate their loans.

  • this occurred on Obama’s watch, regardless of similar circumstances happening during the bush administration.

Please note that everyone that was predicting the crash said that the crash actually started 2001 – 2002, not 2008.

Nouriel Roubini or Nassim Taleb, as well as Peter Schiff & George Soros, correctly predicted the housing bubble collapse, which then exposed a much deeper bubble (a super-bubble in Soros’ terms) that was the entire solvency/credit trap that has taken over and the failure of 30 years of economic policy. Black swans in Taleb’s language can not be predicted.  Both he and Roubini correctly predicted that said market was built on sand and would eventually collapse, but neither one of them got right precisely when it would happen (they both thought in 2003).

That squarely puts the entire Bush administration as having been handed this crash and dealing with it for two terms, not the revisionist history notion that everything was peachy during the Bush administration and he handed Obama a sack of pissed off badgers.

This latter part is what people constantly get tripped on. They all believe that Bush dealth with nothing financial for 8 years, until the very end.

Need I remind you that it was Clinton’s policies, demanding everyone be a homeowner, that led to the bubble during the Bush administration?

And, speaking of Clinton, everyone believes the propaganda that Clinton handed Bush a surplus. Just as fake as today’s jobless / unemployment numbers [which I hope you’re aware of] Clinton’s surplus was a complete fabrication, made-up by upping the intra-governmental holdings while paying down the public debt.

He handed Bush, every bit of a deficit as Bush did Obama and Bush sr did to Clinton before him.

Bush also dealt with a housing crash as the beginning of his administration. People forget these things. He dealt with the dot com bust, also.

Obama has been abysmal for Black wealth and makes absolutely no apologies for it.

As to the dearth of Black Americans in high-groth entrepreneurship, [or from my perspective any entrepreneurship] having any connection  to job growth is only indicative of a lost potential of wealth that COULD be generated. That is a completely different discussion, than the one at hand.

Yes, Black enterprise is completely lacking and a direct correlation can be drawn between its lack and negative impact it has on Black wealth and Black “jobs”. At 1 in 36, versus 1 in 236 entrepreneurship of whites vs Blacks, no one can deny that Blacks are completely missing the economic boat [hell, we’re out to lunch completely].

However, this post is dealing with what wealth we have or had, presently.

Blacks lost 65% of their wealth during the Obama administration. The single largest drop in the history of the entire United States, including during the slave era. The 10%-20% of Blacks that were free during the slave era had more money, than all of the free Blacks right at this second.

That is insane.

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Traitorous, Double-Crossing, Quisling Black People

Traitorous, Double-Crossing, Quisling Black People

Is it alright if you innocently do not study history and yet convince your fellow African-American that Democrat is the way to go? Is it alright if you do absolutely no research and trust the news to tell you that Democrat is the party for Black Americans? Is it alright that you listen to urban myth that Democrats want to help Black people and somehow usher in a new golden age for Black people.

A lot of Black people have no interest in researching, thinking or studying politics and what the best approach is. They go to their church and rely on their preacher to tell them how to vote. Nonsense. Meanwhile the preacher is being paid thousands of dollars to tell them to vote for such and so, selling the entire congregation down the river.

Truth be told, most Black people concentrate more on sports, music and who’s doing who, than concentrating on whether or not a supposed Black man is selling them down the river in the white house. Truth be told, most Black people could tell you the draft picks, starting line up and last season results of their favorite sport, but could not tell you any legislation that was passed in the last 8 years.

I made a vow to myself when i was 7. I vowed that the world did not need another Black ahtlete, singer, dancer. It needed intelligent superior Black people. I was to be one of those people. I do not open my mouth, nor put words down on paper nor machine, without first checking, cross referencing and getting historical backdrop.

If I say the Democratic party is not good for Black people, I need people to trust that upon my reputation that it is the correct thing to say. I need people to be a little bit more intellectual than they are used to. I need them to draw upon 200 years of experience and historical facts to keep up with what I am saying. For fifty years the Black population shifted from the Republican party to the Democrat party. For those fifty years, Black buying power has gone from $1.1 trillion in 1950 adjusted for inflation, to $1.1 trillion in 2012? That’s right folks, Blacks have made no gains.

How is it that Blacks command a staggering $1.1 trillion yearly in buying power and yet are 10 times poorer than whites?

The 2001 Consumer Expenditure Survey showed that, despite their lower income, African Americans spent more on telephone services, utilities, shoes and children’s apparel than whites. As a proportion of their total household income, blacks spend more on groceries, housing, utilities, female clothing and personal care.

The average married black household’s income is around $48,000 – less for a single parent household.  Moreover, in terms of income, the gap between whites and blacks has nearly quadrupled in the last 30 years, mainly because blacks typically earn 68 cents for every dollar whites earn.  Add to this the above average unemployment rate among African- Americans and the fact that the housing bust wiped out whatever equity black folks had been able to accumulate.

According to one study, blacks in lower-income neighborhoods are more reliant on smaller grocery stores which carry more expensive goods. The same could be said for housing, transportation and car insurance.  This should let us know that there are plenty of other barriers in place, including racism and classism, which seem to prohibit blacks from capitalizing economically on so-called disposable income.  Likewise, the growth of black businesses has yet to be allowed equal access to markets where black folks tend to shop for phone service, electricity; natural gas and groceries.  So it is inevitable that the “black dollar” will always find a route out of the community.

The majority of Black people are married, educated, middle to upper middle-class and are employed.

We are not welfare, food stamp people. Yet the Democrats try and portray that they are being kind and generous and offering “us” welfare and food stamps. It’s a brain washing game. The U.S. is headed towards a communist agenda. Do you honestly think white people would embrace having Black people on an equal economic footing, in a communist system? No, they would not.

And, Obama is not in control of anything. Hoping that because someone has a Black face, makes them pro-Black is juvenile, at best. It’s idiotic when the man shows you time and time again that he is not pro-anything other than wallstreet.

Blacks have lost 65% of their wealth under Obama. Anyone trying to defend him, is not someone I would call a friend. Because, defending that is traitorous to the Black American community.

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Most Black Men are Married

Most Black Men are Married

Turn on the TV and Black men seem to be in jail, arrested, doing drugs or a womanizing rapper with all of the above going on. The problem is that people do not understand what they are watching. TV executives only put on TV what they think will get attention.

Stupid white people, with missing teeth, will get your attention. Asian kids that dance like Black cheerleaders will get your attention. Middle-aged Jewish businessmen that rap better than Eminem will get your attention. But, this is the problem no one thinks all Jewish people are rappers. No one thinks all asians are dancers. No one thinks all white people are stupid with teeth missing. But, people think ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE VIOLENT CRIMINALS. People think all Black men are dogs. People think all Black men leave their newborn children in the wind.

It has gotten so bad, that, Black people think Black people are violent criminals, dead beat dads and womanizers.

It has grown hard to separate fact from fiction.

The internet makes matters worse. Because everyone can sit at their computer, download a program and start typing, the myth about how bad Black men are, can now grow exponentially. Sisters are now getting in on the game.

If a Black woman starts a blog talking about how great her marriage is, her blog will fail, and no one will read it. If a Black woman starts a blog talking about how her man dogged her, left her pregnant, won’t return her calls and won’t marry her, she will be the belle of the ball. None of these sisters mention that they slept around, did drugs while pregnant and ran her Black man away, and uses the court system to keep the child away from him, just to get back at him.

You will see stories about Black men being afraid of commitment, i.e. not wanting to get married, or worse, the dreaded interracial marriage.

You can open up any search engine and find pages and pages of entries talking about how Black men are marrying white women. The truth is only 8% of Black men marry white women. That’s a far cry from what sisters try to portray. That means less than 1 in 10 Black men marry white women.

Now let’s look at some real numbers.

An overwhelming majority of Black men are married: 52%. This means most of the blogs talking about Black men being afraid of commitment is just that one sister’s experience. Maybe, just maybe, she needs to stop going to lower class businesses.

Most men do not speak out, about anything. But, now that videos and blogs have become so popular, brothers have taken to the internet. Nearly all videos and blogs I read, presented by men say one thing: sisters need to stop acting like hood rats, get rid of the fake hair weaves and stop being hypersexual.

Now that is shocking. You would think Black men would want easy pickings right? But, nope. In my readings I come across it time and time again. Black men do not want and easy woman. It reflects badly on the sister and badly on him.

The myth that Black men do not take care of their children is also out there. The truth is that there are quite a few Black men who are single fathers. You never hear about it. There are, as said above, and overwhelming majority of Black men that are married. You never hear about that either. A recent study showed that Black men spend more time with their estranged children and give them money, more than any other race. You never hear this at all.

The reality is that the Black man is painted to be this boogie man. It’s white slavery tactics all over again. Degrade the Black man so far, to the point that no one trusts him to even be human. Get the Black woman so confused that she attacks the Black man.

There are plenty of stories of Black women sabotaging their own relationships.


If you are a Black woman and you are having bad luck with your Black brothers, take a long hard look in the mirror. Ask yourself, “am I sabotaging my relationships?” Ask yourself, “am I the victim of brainwashing?”

As a Black woman, you are the prime target to convince to mistrust your Black man. This is a game and it is for keeps.

You might also be wondering about the Black men that aren’t married. It’s simple. 3% of Black men are enthralled with the homosexual fetish. About 25% are single, never been married, never had kids. About 5% are in jail, or on probation. That leaves about 10% that are free, single with children they are not in the home with. As to their real story, there has never been any research done on them. Oh, there are generalities, but no one has, nor probably ever will do any research on them. Why? Because they are afraid they might find that those Black men may start off estranged from their kids but end up marrying the woman or support the kids under the table or something else that would shatter their boogie man image of the Black man.


Most Black men are

  • married
  • educated
  • middle-class
  • support their families
  • religious
  • keep it in their pants [ only 1.2 population growth of all Black people. that means that Black people are barely maintaining their population. ]
Sorry to tell you this. But, Black men are just as normal and boring as white men. We have our problems, but nowhere near what the main stream media puts out.
Black men are NOT rappers, walking around with their pants down by their ankles, showing off their butt, with not money, broke, jobless and womanizers.
I know a lot of you got mind wiped, and brainwashed. Stop it.

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45% of Black Women Have Never Been Married: I’m Available If You’re Rich

45% of Black Women Have Never Been Married

We know that “45% of Black women have never been married,” the top position for females for all races. [U.S. Census 2010, other races come in at 30%] But, could this shocking stat not mean what you think it means?

Percentages can really mislead you. NUMBERS are the real masters. Let me show you an example of what I mean. Here’s something funny that white controlled media likes to throw out:

“Black women make up a much higher percentage per capita of receiving welfare”

That sounds like a really horrible thing doesn’t it? No the problem is, the way in which they are limiting the statistic. They are saying that of the Black population, Black women take up a larger percentage of the people that receive welfare than other racial groups. But, this doesn’t mean anything.

Let’s break it down. Let’s represent this in small numbers for ease.

Whites: population of 17000
Blacks: population 1300
Latino: population 900

Now that quote above is saying that 200 black women on welfare means they are 15% of the Black population on welfare. White women on welfare only make up 11% of their population. BUT WAIT!!! In our example 11% of the white population means that 2,000 white women are on welfare. This means, there are more white women on welfare than there are Blacks in the U.S.

And, that’s how stats can be twisted to completely mislead you.

So there are 45% of Black women that have never been married. That means that 55% have.

I don’t think those numbers are correct though. My research shows it’s actually 42% unwed to 58% wed. I know it is only a few percentage points but it makes a difference in my eyes.

Let’s look at the Black men stats: 30% of Black men have never been married; 70% of Black men have been married.

The biggest difference it seems from the data I have looked over is that Black women do not marry outside of their race, as much as Black men do.

HOWEVER…. the numbers are so small that it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Married To White Spouse Black Spouse Asian Spouse Other Spouse
Black Man 390,000 4,072,000 39,000 66,000
Black Woman 168,000 4,072,000 9,000 18,000
It is also believed that a large percentage of Black men marry White women. This is cited as the cause of low marriage rates among Black women. This however is only partially true. While Black men marry white women at twice the rate of Black women only 8.5% of married Black men had White spouses in 2010 up from 6.6% in 2005. 10.8 percent of African American men married outside their race in 2010 also up from 8.4% in 2005. It is Asian women who have the highest rates of intermarriage which is twice that of Black men. Black women were the least likely to marry outside their race at only 4.6% in 2010 up from 3.6%, and only 3.9/% married to White men up from 2.8 in 2005.


Without numbers to back you up, you have no way of knowing how bad or good the Black community is really doing.

We are a long way off from 70% marriage rate in the 50s, but it is not impossible. The beauty of this internet is that I can give you cold hard facts. So when people say Black men are dating outside of their race or that Black women are horribly unwed, you can point to this article and say “that’s not true and here’s why”.

Unmarried Black women only represents about 8 million Black women. Spread out across the U.S. that’s a drop in the bucket.

I have already given you my philosophy in another article:

There cannot be god without goddess. There cannot be king without queen. There cannot be man without woman.

This is the traditional African belief. We need to return to it. Set your  mind that you not only should get married, but that you will get married. Once you convince yourself, the rest is easy.

Yes I have said that you should not have sex before marriage, rather harshly.  I apologize for the harshness, but I stand behind the statement. Going around and having sex is not ok, it’s not cool, it’s not the “adult thing to do”, it’s not the “modern relationship.”

Surprisingly enough there are Black men web sites. Not a few said they are professional, with money and do not WANT sex before marriage. The news does not want you to know that we exist. The media doesn’t want you to know that there is an alternative to being openly sexual.

If you, as a woman, would approach men and openly say that you are not looking for a sexual partner, but for a husband, and that doesn’t include having sex before marriage, eventually you will find Black men like me.

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Black Genocide: Shattering the Fatherless Black Child Myth

Shattering the Fatherless Black Child Myth

I keep hearing this stat thrown around 72% of black kids have no father. I thought it was awfully high, so I did some research. SURPRISE! It’s a flat out lie. *sigh* To reach the stat, they have to count ALL divorced parents as not there, all widowed mothers and count Black men as women.

Ok you ready for this? 56% of Black men are heads of their household and fathers. This means they are married or divorced with custody of their children. The 72% stat counts the divorced Black men as if they were divorced Black women and say those children do not have a father.

Obviously, divorced parents have some sort of custody and visitation, and at one point they were even married. So saying these children are fatherless is a complete lie.

Obviously, widowed mothers had husbands and the children had a father. So, including these as fatherless is a lie.

Why do I say it’s a lie? Because when people say 72% of Black children are FATHERLESS, they mean the children do not have a father at all and NEVER HAD ONE. They are trying to paint a picture to say that Black men do not and have not taken care of their kids. Yes, it’s meant to degrade Black men.

Obviously a divorced father was and probably is in the child’s life, so that doesn’t fit the “never had one” stat.

Obviously a father that died was in the child’s life, so that doesn’t fit the “never had one” stat.

To blow your mind even further, 58% of Black women are or have been married [including widowed and divorced]. So you cannot have both a 72% fatherless and yet have a 58% married status.

To muddle the waters even more… TO REALLY SHOW YOU THE LIE… here are some stats that should be self explanatory. I apologize though, they are not broken down by gender. But, obviously you cannot have both fatherless Black children and these stats.


Among households with a single-race black householder, the percentage that contained a family. There were 8.6 million black family households.
Source: 2009 American Community Survey


Among families with single-race black householders, the percentage that were married couples.
Source: 2009 American Community Survey

41.8 million

As of July 1, 2009, the estimated population of black residents in the United States, including those of more than one race. They made up 13.6 percent of the total U.S. population. This figure represents an increase of more than a half-million residents from one year earlier.
Source: Population estimates


There is an all out attack on the Black family. There is no way that we came from a 70% marriage rate in 1960 to 22% 50 years later. I know a lot has happened, but not that much.

Everyone tries to point to the prison population. And, I hate to sound mean but, I looked into that as well. Only 800,000 Black men are in prison. Out of 41.8 million Black people, 800k is not that much. It does not amount to a 50% reduction in marriage rates.

The next time you hear someone say 72% of Black children are born fatherless. Go out of your way to correct them, and point them to this article.

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Black Genocide in America: Attacking the Black Father

Black Genocide in America: Attacking the Black Father

Open any newspaper, log onto your favorite Black woman rant blog, or watch any movie that talks about Black men and you’ll always hear: Black men leave their children in the dust and don’t take care of them. I am here to tell you it’s all a BIG FAT LIE. It is a systemic attack on the Black man.

So many people see statements like this, and think they are true and start to repeat the lie over and over. Before you start repeating all of these lies, stop and think for a second: who is saying this; what is their qualification for saying this; how do they know this? Most of TV is material they need to put on there to take up time, so they can make money from the commercials in between. That material is called content. This “content” doesn’t mean they have to back up their claims. They can simply say anything they want, so long as the commercials keep rolling.

You have done no research at all. In fact, you’re just propagating the attacks on the Black family and the all out genocide of Black men.

Let me give you some real facts: 58% of Black women are or have been married [this includes divorced and widowed]; 65% of Black men are or have been married [this includes divorced and widowed]. Now only 4.8% of Black men are in jail, period [US Bureau of Justice statistics] So they are not impacting the total Black mail population. So only 35% of Black men have never been married.

A very glaring database is left out: Black men without children. Let me venture a guess on this.

Different researchers have said that between 3%-9% of the population is homosexual. In my estimation a large percentage of that is female. [sadly] Of that percent I would guess  3% represent men. [with no children]

1,909,000 Black men hold a 4 year college degree or better: 1,341,000 4 year degree; 409,000 masters degree; 88,000 professional degree [doctor / lawyer etc] I am willing to bet that a high percentage of these men have no children, especially the 500,000 that have higher than 4 yr degrees. The Black population is now at 41.8 million [2010 census] half of which are men, so about 21 million [data suggests that slightly more men than women are born] so a cool 10% probably have no children.

That brings the grand total to 13% of Black men with no children. So of the Black men left that leaves 35% – 13% = 22% of Black men who have children and are unmarried.

Finally, the last nail in the coffin for these silly rants people have been making against Black men, is that Pew Research showed that Black men spend more quality time with their children than any other racial group. These are the unmarried fathers.

These attacks on Black men are coming from both the outside and within the Black race. They are unwarranted, often misguided and always not backed up with any data. People see someone say something negative on tv about Black men or Black children and assume it’s true.

No, we are not at 1950 levels of 70% marriage rate among Blacks, but we are nowhere near the 72% of Black children born without fathers lies that are constantly being spread.

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