Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Want a Nice Guy

Girls Don’t Want a Nice Guy

Through extensive interviews and research, (no, not just my cousins this time) I have compiled a list of the top 10 reason why girls don’t like nice guys. Oh they say they want a nice guy, but at the end of the day, they don’t date nice guys. I know it’s a double standard, that girls need to appear to be respectable, i.e. not a sleezy slut, so they try and be seen with a decent guy, but they crave bad boys. All those guys in jail prove it. They all have or had girl friends. So the message is clear, broken English; high-school drop out; police record; getting into fights, is a sure way to get in bed with 99.999999% of the girls on the planet.

Bad Boy and Bad Girl

What’s worse is, the very thing that women crave, they look for in a man with the opposite qualities. And, what are these qualities that women want? Oh that’s easy:

  • strength
  • protection
  • freedom

They are under the assumption that they cannot get these qualities in a nice guy, so they go looking for it in a bad boy.

Top 10 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

  1. Nice guys have no adventure or are not wild and crazy: women are constantly thinking that good guys are boring and have absolutely no fun.  Apparently good guys stay home and read books (or write blogs, wait a minute, that’s me *gasp*).  Girls don’t think good guys have any “fun”, like getting arrested?
  2. Nice guys have no sense of humor: turn on any t.v. show and you’ll find some idiot guy punching, kicking, tripping or falling, and laughing about it.  Even videos online have guys getting into fights and laughing about it.  If you’re a guy in a public computer place, your best bet to get a chick is to watch one of those videos and laugh at it and ask a cute girl to come watch it with you.  9 out of 10 of those girls will give you their number on the spot.
  3. Nice guys cry.  Girls think that being sensitive in a man is a sign of complete weakness.  It’s an extremely unfair double standard.  They want a guy to ask them what’s wrong with them when they’re sad, but God forbid he ever has a bad day.  You can’t have a guy that is sensitive enough to see when you’re sad, yet not feel sad himself.  He either is sensitive or he’s not.  He either knows when you’re crying, because he cries too, or he doesn’t give a rat’s patoot at all.
  4. Nice guys run away from fights.  However dumb that even sounds, girls think that bad boys will stick up for them [the girl] and for themselves.  What women have no understanding is that intimidation is how most fights are actually won.  Guys don’t lift weights to be better fighters, we lift weights so we can be physically menacing.  How many men in the U.S. are actually on a professional football team?  That would be about 0.00000001% of the male population.  Yet the fitness industry has exploded.  There are more physically fit and bodybuilder level men now that ever in the history of mankind.  And, it’s not because men need to be that big.
  5. Nice guys don’t drink / smoke.  This may vary around the country.  Around here there is a huge section of the population that is from a cult, and they don’t drink or smoke.  No girl wants to date them, except the other cult girls, but … anywho.  Girls feel they cannot go “out” with nice guys and have a little night on the town.  Trust me, going to the library, as a date, is no fun.  I’ve done it.  LOL  She asked me to meet her there so, don’t blame me.
  6. Nice guys are not confident.  This is one of the biggest complaints girls have about nice guys.  While noone wants to be physically abused, a lot of women want to be manhandled.  They want to physically feel the strength of the guy on their body.  This is why so many women are attracted to big body builder guys.  Even fat guys are more successful than skinny guys.  Being physically imposing, goes a long way with women.  Although the good guy would say he’s being polite, most women have absolutely no concept of manners.  At least, in this day and age they do not.  Girls have no idea that saying “excuse me” is actually polite.  Therefore they are attracted to a guy that simply brushes by them, more than a guy that waits until you get out of the way, or says excuse me as he walks by.
  7. Nice guys don’t make “moves”.  While this is a huge oxymoron, it made the list.  This is just to show you how stupid [no offense] these girls are.  You see, they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.  On the one hand they say that good guys don’t make moves on them, but at the end of the day, neither do bad boys.  In both cases the girl makes the first move and makes all the moves thereafter.  You see the bad boy ignores the girl, which turns her on.  So either they want to be ignored or they don’t want to be ignored.  They complain that the good guy is too shy and doesn’t make a move, but then the bad boy doesn’t make a move either.
  8. Nice guys don’t have money.  This right here … sigh.  So the story is that bad boys, who probably just got through mugging someone, give the girls money occasionally and nice guys don’t.  Oh the nice guy pays for a meal, but he doesn’t hand over wads of cash.  Even if they girl knows where the bad boy got the money, they don’t care.  As long as they hand them the money, they don’t care.  They also think that bad boys have more potential to be rich some day, probably from watching how evil bastards do get rich in business.
  9. Nice  guys are creepy or stalk you.  Although, this is by definition, not a good guy, this made the list.  Girls think that being nice is so strange that it is creepy.  A guy that smiles at you, laughs at your jokes, buys you a drink, is somehow interpreted as creepy.  I chalk this up to girls just be schizo and not knowing what they want.
  10. Nice guys don’t know how to have sex.  I didn’t go into details, but, apparently being a good guy automatically means that you do missionary and immediately fall asleep.  Many, many girls said they want a bad boy in bed.  They tended to shy away from good guys on this very fact.  Even if they truly wanted a nice guy, they turned him down because at the back of their mind, nice guys cannot handle the bedroom.  [buncha whores if you ask me, JUST KIDDING]

Solution for Nice Guys

Don’t Stop Being a Nice Guy

Well after that list, what can a nice guy do?  It is my learned opinion, after viewing this entire list and going through all of the copious information I gathered for this scholarly article, that only one conclusion can be drawn from it:


And, there you have it.  It is a peculiar type of woman that craves for a bad boy.  I observed that only bad girls, in some form, want bad boys.  They spoke of how they wanted some guy to be “open minded”.  This means to me that they themselves are lacking and therefore, they need someone who can deal with their lack.  People say that women are emotional.  Well, after asking this question and looking hundreds of girls right in the eye, I can safely say that, girls a schizoid freaks.  I don’t think emotional quite captures it. [totally being sarcastic]

This was fun to do.

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You’re Not Playing Hard to Get You’re playing Hard to Notice

Playing Hard to Get … Noticed

So many girls are simply not taught by their mothers correctly of what the situation is in the dating scene.  Even worse, the father doesn’t even mention dating to his little girl.  Sure some fathers go the opposite side of the road and try and scare the bejeezus out of the girl, telling her all sorts of horrific tales of how evil men are, but those aren’t as common as those fathers who simply shut up and never mention anything.  In their efforts to keep their little girl from being hurt, battered, bruised or left alone, they end up leaving them to fend for themselves.  I mean, we’re here to populate the planet.  We cannot do that by burying our heads in the sand and pretending the opposite sex doesn’t exist.  So, we end up with a daughter that sits in a bar scared to death of some inevitable horror that will play out in her love life.  The end result is that she is miserable and whoever she “dates” is equally miserable.  Don’t even get me started on those who got absolutely no heads up by their parents on dating, and thus went to MTV for their advice on how dating should be done.  Hello, Tila Tequila. [I followed her on twitter for about a month.  I just couldn’t take how vile she is, and unfollowed her like a bad habit. But, you didn’t hear that from me, cuz I ain’t one to gossip.]

She’s Playing Hard to Get

Speaking of pathetic, and the entire reason for this article, I see this tragedy play out all the time.  Girl sits at the bar, blending in with the upholstery, sighing.  Noone talks to her all night, and proceeds to go home and tell her pillow how there are “no good men left in the world.”  She has a sense that she shouldn’t be a total skank, so she tries to play “hard to get”.  The problem is, she’s not playing hard to get, she’s playing hard to notice.

Let’s be honest for a second.  For all the women out there that only attract loser boyfriends, look in the mirror honey, you’re a loser.  Like attracts like.  With that said, being afraid of attracting some horrible guy is not something that just happens by chance.  Sitting at a bar, hoping not to attract the “wrong” guy should not be your focus.  You should doll yourself up, lose the weight and be confident that the “right” guy will be attracted to you.

You have no idea how many friend girls I hear complain about how they never meet anyone.  I don’t have the heart to tell them, it’s them and not the guys.  I have no idea who would be attracted to hair that has never seen conditioner, a roller nor a highlight.  I have had grown women tell me there is no need for them to look attractive.  Really?  [Sigh]

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to push the beauty industry down your throat but christ almighty, ashy legs and broken straps are not something people need to see.  No, don’t go buy the entire stock of the make-up counter at Neiman Marcus, but don’t look like a homeless bum either.

Some girls and women need to stop being delusional that they are playing hard to get and realize they are playing hard to notice.

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Time is Not Money, Money is Time

Money is Time

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin said “Time is Money”.  While I am sure mister Franklin meant well, and for most even conceiving of money and time in an exchange relationship, was a revelation they probably had never thought of, it is time to put the quote to rights.  Time is not money.  Or, let me clarify.  If the object of your life is to live a content life and make enough money to do so, time is money is not for you.  If you wish to live a subservient life and have a lifestyle dependent upon the whims of someone else, then time is money is your bread and butter, life philosophy.  It is patently obvious that those who have no concept of the real relationship of time and money are doomed and destined to live a life of servitude.  But, once you wrap your head around the idea that money and time are somehow related, you will immediately come to the realization that money is time and not the reverse.  You can buy time, and conversely, you can buy money.

What does it mean that time is money?  Well for the lower class, they trade their time for money.  They measure their wealthy by the number of hours they can work for someone else to pay them.  Understand the pure and simple, complete, all-encompassing definition of that phrase.  Anyone that trades their time for money is in that category: a fast-food worker; a mechanic; a lawyer; a doctor.  Because once they are done with their task and are paid, they have to put in more time to generate more money.  They cannot go back and get more money for those same house that they worked.  They cannot double, triple nor even gain 10% more money from that lost time.  They have to change their wealth building model to generate more wealth in the same frame of time.  They have to come to the realization that money is time.

What is money is time?  What is this wealth building concept?  It is quite easy to understand on an extremely large scale.  The concept is also simple, as was time is money.  And, it is this:

you generate wealth by making a set of decisions that set things in motion that continually increase or generate money for you.

For instance, if you purchase a business and someone else runs it for you, you have made a decision that sets in motion something that generates money for you.  If you were to purchase a rental property and rented it out to someone, you have made a decision that set in motion something that generates money for you.  If you were to hire someone to work for you that generates money, you have made a decision that set in motion something that generates money for you.

You are no longer trading time for money, you are now trading money for time, i.e. time for you to do either other things to make more money, or time for you to blow off.  You are spending money to generate …  [drum roll please ] AN ASSET.

Most Americans have no concept of what an asset is.  By definition an asset generates money by you doing absolutely nothing more than owning it.  You can put forth effort for that same asset to generate even more money, however it does not change the status of the asset’s ability to generate money by itself.

Many charlatans confuse Americans into thinking that their personal home is an asset because, due to the devaluation of the dollar, their property can be sold for more money at a later date, than what they paid for it.  If those same Americans were to sit down at their kitchen table with stats showing the dollar devaluation, inflation charts, amortization charts and factor in all expenses, including taxes, they would immediately see that they are not making any money on their homes, and it is not an asset.  Sadly, for someone else, their home is an asset, but not for the home-owner.

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Palms Owner Gets Court Date For His DUI

Palms Casino Owner George Maloof Jr. Gets Trial Date For DUI

George Maloof Jr.

by Jagajeet Chiba, – Las Vegas casino magnate and Sacramento Kings co-owner George Maloof Jr. has a trial date for his DUI case.  Maloof Jr. is the owner of the Palms Casino.  On October 9 [2010] he was pulled over on suspicion of driving while under the influence just southwest of the Las Vegas Strip.

Maloof later told The Associated Press that he had four beers at a wedding and that his blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.086%.

That’s just over the legal limit in Nevada of 0.08%, but Maloof said he thought he was “nowhere near intoxicated.”

Maloof’s attorney Wade Rabenhorst stood before the judge this past week in his client’s absence.

A May 31 trial date has been set.

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Palm Casino Owner Arrested for DUI

Palms Owner George Maloof Arrested for DUI

George Maloof Jr.

by The Associated Press [LAS VEGAS]  — Palms Casino Resort owner George Maloof Jr. was arrested for drunken driving after being pulled over by police late Saturday night [October 9th, 2010].

George Maloof Jr. was arrested about 11:30 p.m. Saturday near Spanish Trail Country Club, where he lives, police said Monday. Maloof, 46, told The Associated Press he was driving home with his assistant from a friend’s wedding at The Mirage hotel-casino about six miles away.

Maloof said the assistant asked him to drive. “I just didn’t think I needed her to drive — I should have had her drive — because I didn’t drink that much,” said Maloof. He said he thought he was “nowhere near intoxicated” and would likely fight the arrest in court.

Maloof said he had four beers and his blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.086 percent. That’s just over the legal limit in Nevada of 0.08 percent. He said he asked if he could go home but was told he would be arrested.

Police searched his car and his assistant’s purse but found nothing else out of the ordinary, Maloof said. Police spokeswoman Barbara Morgan said Maloof was speeding 21 to 30 mph over the limit, made an illegal left turn and was driving without a valid license or proof of insurance.

Maloof said he didn’t post bail and didn’t want to call anyone, and was released from jail Sunday morning.

Maloof owns the resort with his brothers and sister. His family also owns the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

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Nevada Supreme Court Doesn’t Know Jack nor Pot

Nevada High Court Rejects Pot User’s Driving Bid

Nevada “High” Court By Martha Bellisle – A California woman who legally smoked marijuana in her home state and then drove across the Nevada state line with an “inactive” marijuana metabolite in her system still is guilty under the state’s impaired driving law, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled.

Shira Garfinkel was convicted in Incline Justice Court of being over the legal limit of marijuana metabolite, which is the “inactive” substance the body produces to get ride of marijuana’s active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

Her lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Priscilla Nielson appealed, arguing that since the metabolite is an “inactive” substance, it “does not affect the person’s ability to drive,” and the law is unconstitutional.

Justices Nancy Saitta, Michael Cherry and Mark Gibbons disagreed.

In an unpublished decision, which means the ruling only applies to this case and does not set legal precedence, the justices said they already ruled in another case that the law appropriately applies to both marijuana’s active ingredient and the metabolite, and they don’t need to “revisit that decision.”

They also dismissed Garfinkel’s claims that the law “interferes with her right to travel” because she is a legal user of marijuana in California and Nevada’s DUI law would keep her from crossing the state line.

The law does not prohibit her from traveling, the justices said, “it criminalizes her driving a motor vehicle through the state with prohibited substances in her blood and urine.”

Nielson said she was “somewhat discouraged” with the ruling and that she has not yet decided if she’ll ask the full court to review the case.

“I’m disappointed that they did not apply a legal analysis, they just looked at the bottom line of the Williams case,” Nielson said.

Case details

Jessica Williams was convicted in 2002 of running over and killing six teenagers after smoking marijuana.

She appealed, and the high court affirmed her conviction, saying the law served two legitimate state interests: promoting highway safety and deterring the illicit use of drugs, Nielson said.

Nielson said that neither of those points apply in this case. The metabolite does not impact driving ability because it’s inactive, and the drug use in this case was legal, she said.

According to William Anderson, chief toxicologist at the Washoe County crime lab, regular users of marijuana would have an almost continual level of metabolite in their systems.

Garfinkel was stopped for speeding on Tahoe Boulevard early in 2010 and charged with driving with a prohibited amount of a prohibited substance. She has a doctor-approved cannabis card that allows her to use the drug, under California law.

The courts

At her trial in Incline Village Justice Court, Judge Alan Tiras said she was not guilty of having THC in her system. Her test showed she had two nanograms of the THC, the legal limit.

But since the test is plus-or-minus 1 nanogram, he did not convict her. But he found her guilty of having the metabolite in her system. The test measured 20 nanograms of metabolite, and the legal limit is 5 nanograms.

She appealed to Washoe District Court, and Judge Robert Perry affirmed Tiras’ ruling.

The next appeal took her argument to the Supreme Court, but the justices affirmed the conviction.

“Garfinkel’s attempts to distinguish her case from Williams by arguing that in Williams this court grappled only with the prohibition on active marijuana and did not meaningfully analyze the constitutional implications of the prohibition of driving while carrying marijuana metabolite in the blood are unavailing,” the ruling said.

In the Williams decision, the justices said, they “rejected the arguments of those who claimed that the law ‘lacked a direct correlation between the prohibited drugs in a driver’s system and impairment.'”


In this case clearly the justices did not even look at the law, nor he facts of the case.  The intent of the law is to stop someone who is impaired from driving a very heavy, speeding vehicle that will do serious harm to someone else.  In this case, there was no evidence of any potential harm coming to anyone since the substance in question was not the marijuana, but the bodies production of a substance which cleans out marijuana.  It is like saying having bleach or bathroom cleaner is evidence there was illegal substances in your bathroom and therefore you’re criminally liable.

Now, I don’t mean to cast aspersions on a fine Nevada DUI Attorney, but how do you lose a case on these facts?  Yes, the DUI attorney was looking for the court to declare the law unconstitutional, but it seems nearly a slam dunk.  That last sentence makes assumption of the reader.  I apologize and will correct that assumption now.  The DUI attorney was looking for the Nevada Supreme Court to declare the law unconstitutional.  It is my personal opinion that all courts and police are completely corrupt and run amuck of the constitution ad nauseum.  There is almost no way that any court in the land would declare any law unconstitutional these days, UNLESS, it was so blatantly obvious that even the ignorant, unwashed masses could plainly see it was unconstitutional.  It is the same reasoning we have a 2 billion dollar HIV industry.  They haven’t located actual HIV, but they can see antibodies to HIV.  This is the same reasoning.  There was no THC, the substance in marijuana that makes you high, but they found metabolite in her system, nor was she potentially dangerous while driving.

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10 Things That Proves She’s Not Into You

She’s Just Not That Into You

While researching this topic, I perused many cute and anecdotal quips about modern relationships with women.  None of them had anything to do with the modern woman and how, through bad parenting, a complete lack of social skills, no finishing schools to speak of, women have degraded to the point where you have to weed out the scrubs.  If you’re chasing some woman and find it hard to get a date with her, you might want to step back and review who exactly you’re trying to chase.  I have come up with 10 things to prove she’s not into you.  But, my list also prove she might actually be on the down low to begin with and is just trying to play a role to the public so noone gets suspicious.  Let’s face it, being a lesbian is not accepted by everyone, regardless of what you see on MTV or t.v. in general.  The reality is, homosexuality is not a universally accepted way of life, in the real world.  Yes, I know it must hurt some people’s feelings for someone to say that out loud, but we’re all adults here, or should be.  I write some pretty boring crap.  I hope no child would read this material.  In other words, you could be barking up the wrong tree altogether and don’t even know it.  Then, when you fail to get the girl, you beat yourself up, thinking you did something wrong.

This is the general consensus of the “… is just not into you,” lists that are floating around.  They all say, somehow it is your fault the other person isn’t into you.  Trust me when I say, anyone, can get anyone, given the right time and opportunity.  You could be smelly, old, young, fat, ugly and speak bad English, and still land a super model.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve arranged it.  Nuff said!

She’s Just Not That Into You List

She’s Just Not That Into You

10. When introduced, she failed to mention her name – this should be a huge warning sign.  Also this should prove to you that, this person has a lot to hide.  It is not enough that fake women give fake names and fake numbers, but if a woman doesn’t mention her name at all, that’s a whole other ball of wax.  Unless she’s working for the CIA and is deep deep deep undercover, she should give you her name when you are politely shaking her hand and telling her yours.

9.  She leaves without saying goodbye or nice to meet you – this is classic douchebag mentality.  Having no home training isn’t cute, but it could be a warning sign that she is ducking out, and not simply forgetting to be polite.  It would be one thing to be in a long term relationship and be overbearing and need to know where she is all the time.  But, if you just met her and she’s ducking out, that’s a sign to forget all about her.  At best she has no manners.  At worst, she intentionally did it.  For every douchebag female you meet, there are two sweet and polite ones just wishing to meet you.

8. She refuses any and all drink offers from you – this shows that she is most likely paranoid, and you don’t need that sort of baggage.  If any girl refuses a drink from you, in general, you should just move on at that point, regardless of how long you’ve been talking to her.  At the very least she’s telling you that she is not interested in a relationship with you and at the worst, she’s a paranoid schizophrenic and might be an axe murderer.  Run!  If you are sitting with friends and buying them drinks and she refuses, you might want to ask her to leave, or get your friends to move to another spot with you.

7. She accepts drinks from you, but says nothing to you – really?  Are you that dumb?  GTFO.  If you buy even one drink for her, or even give her a piece of gum and she doesn’t at least pretend to laugh at your corny jokes, it’s time for you to get away from her.

6. You just met her and she asks you for something – really?  In this day and age of women’s “lib”, no woman should ask a man for anything she cannot get by her self.  If you just meet her and she’s asking for something, she’s a moocher.  If she asks, even for a drink, at a bar, run don’t walk, away from her.  She’s a user.  Or worse, she thinks she can use you.

5. She always shows up with a friend – it doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or a girl, a permanent friend, means she needs a chaperon when she’s around you.  This does not send off warning signs, per se, but it could mean something a bit deeper.  If she shows up with the same friend all the time, it could mean that “friend” is hers and not just a friend.  You have to read the warning signs carefully.  Stop listening to what people say, “oh she’s just a girl friend.”  See what is going on in front of you.  She is a “girlfriend”.

4. Noone ever knows where she is – it might not just be you she doesn’t call or hang out with, her own friends might not have a clue what is going on with her.  This happens a lot.  The friends could be a warning sign that she’s unwelcome.  She might not ever be around because her own “friends” do not want her to be.  They might simply be pretending that they don’t know where she is, when the truth is that, they never call her.  Or, they could know she hangs out with her “friend” and know not to call her, nor speak about it.  Again, this is one of those, pay attention to what is going on around you.

3.  She looks like a 13 year old boy – this might be just too obvious, but I think some guys do not know.  You cannot know what you don’t know.  If the girl has a high and tight, wears plaid, and boots are all steel toes, this should be a huge warning sign to you.  She seriously, not into to you… Hell, she’s not into you nor your “kind”, and, never will be.  My only regret is that my lesbian friends cannot refurbish an engine.  I really got the short end of the stick.  No benefit anywhere 😦  [yup i got jokes]

2. She tells you, that she’s a lesbian – again this might seem obvious to most people, but there are guys out there that think this is an actual pickup line.  Let’s explore where this confusion comes from.  My lesbian representative informed me that girl on girl “movies” are not actual “women’s” “movies”, but the sick and twisted fantasies of some poor schlep who had the good fortune to be able to produce his own fantasy on-screen.  So let’s fast forward to #2.  The girl tells the guy she’s a lesbian and he reverts back to this “movie” that he saw with girl on girl action.  He then interprets it to mean his new found lesbian is in fact a fantasy girl and girl representative, in the flesh, come to show him a wild night out.  Now #2 doesn’t seem so far fetched anymore, when I explain it.  Some people are just that confused.

1. She threatens you with bodily harm – this should be the number 1 sign that a girl is just not that into you.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold.  Yes some girls play hard to get.  Some girls play games with guys, just to test them.  To that, I say leave them in the dust.  If a girl feels she has to test you, then you should ditch her as soon as possible.  Why?  Because she’s drama.  You do not need drama.  There is someone better looking, richer, can cook and drama free and is just waiting for you to come along.  Drop the elementary school chick and get with a real lady.

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