Time is Not Money, Money is Time

Money is Time

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin said “Time is Money”.  While I am sure mister Franklin meant well, and for most even conceiving of money and time in an exchange relationship, was a revelation they probably had never thought of, it is time to put the quote to rights.  Time is not money.  Or, let me clarify.  If the object of your life is to live a content life and make enough money to do so, time is money is not for you.  If you wish to live a subservient life and have a lifestyle dependent upon the whims of someone else, then time is money is your bread and butter, life philosophy.  It is patently obvious that those who have no concept of the real relationship of time and money are doomed and destined to live a life of servitude.  But, once you wrap your head around the idea that money and time are somehow related, you will immediately come to the realization that money is time and not the reverse.  You can buy time, and conversely, you can buy money.

What does it mean that time is money?  Well for the lower class, they trade their time for money.  They measure their wealthy by the number of hours they can work for someone else to pay them.  Understand the pure and simple, complete, all-encompassing definition of that phrase.  Anyone that trades their time for money is in that category: a fast-food worker; a mechanic; a lawyer; a doctor.  Because once they are done with their task and are paid, they have to put in more time to generate more money.  They cannot go back and get more money for those same house that they worked.  They cannot double, triple nor even gain 10% more money from that lost time.  They have to change their wealth building model to generate more wealth in the same frame of time.  They have to come to the realization that money is time.

What is money is time?  What is this wealth building concept?  It is quite easy to understand on an extremely large scale.  The concept is also simple, as was time is money.  And, it is this:

you generate wealth by making a set of decisions that set things in motion that continually increase or generate money for you.

For instance, if you purchase a business and someone else runs it for you, you have made a decision that sets in motion something that generates money for you.  If you were to purchase a rental property and rented it out to someone, you have made a decision that set in motion something that generates money for you.  If you were to hire someone to work for you that generates money, you have made a decision that set in motion something that generates money for you.

You are no longer trading time for money, you are now trading money for time, i.e. time for you to do either other things to make more money, or time for you to blow off.  You are spending money to generate …  [drum roll please ] AN ASSET.

Most Americans have no concept of what an asset is.  By definition an asset generates money by you doing absolutely nothing more than owning it.  You can put forth effort for that same asset to generate even more money, however it does not change the status of the asset’s ability to generate money by itself.

Many charlatans confuse Americans into thinking that their personal home is an asset because, due to the devaluation of the dollar, their property can be sold for more money at a later date, than what they paid for it.  If those same Americans were to sit down at their kitchen table with stats showing the dollar devaluation, inflation charts, amortization charts and factor in all expenses, including taxes, they would immediately see that they are not making any money on their homes, and it is not an asset.  Sadly, for someone else, their home is an asset, but not for the home-owner.

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