Isn’t She Lovely: How to Get a Lovely Woman

Love and Women

Guys let’s talk.  It seems there’s a whole lot of “lovin” going on and not nearly any “love”.  I don’t blame you, well not directly.  It might not be your fault.  It might be that noone told you what love is.  It might be your parents were abusive.  It might be that they didn’t have love in their life to begin with.  It might be that you’re from a broken home, and your mom or dad had nothing but hate oozing out of every pore of their skin.


I am here to clear it all up.  If you can read, you can reason.  If you can reason, then you can understand exactly what the hell I’m saying.

You need to go back to love.

What is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me

It seems that a lot of guys were never taught love.  In fact, it seems that men these days are put on the back burner altogether.  T.V. is engineered to cater to women.  Why?  Because, advertisers run t.v. and advertisers cater to women 99% of the time.  All the programs, news, shows, movies, are all catering to women to get them to shop.  That’s how t.v. makes money.

Destroy the Idiot Box

So what’s the message on t.v.?  Woman empowerment, woman strength, anything to get women in the frame of mind that she needs to get her own money and go shopping.  Sorry girls, you’ve been had, hoodwinked, bamboozled. It is not geared to say anything to men.  Even beer commercials are geared towards women.  Think for one second.  What man wants to see a really hot guy drinking beer with his shirt off, abs of steel, and women flocking to him? None.  That’s not marketing to a man, it’s for a woman.  A beer commercial for a man is, THIS HERE BEER TASTES GOOD.  That’s it.  We’re pretty damn simple to market to.

Ok if nothing on t.v. or movies is geared towards men, what’s my point?  A lot of the messages on t.v. and entertainment is to empower women to go shop.  Along with that, is a very very loose message that women should be loose, i.e. sluttified, whorish, hookerated.  The message is, if the girl is calling the shots in bed, then she can also go shop.  This message bleeds over to men.  Men then expect hookerish women.

Suddenly everyone is 35 and can’t stay up all night partying, and rent is due.  We all grow up and realize hookering is not the way.  Maybe we should settle down.  The problem is noone ever told you how to settle down.  So you, sir, keep dating these lost women.

Fact: married people have more sex than single people.  Way more!

I don’t care what kind of stud you think you are, married people are sexing you under the table, comparatively speaking.  So if sex is your object, you picked the wrong way to go if you’re single.

Men get into a rut easily, as far as sex and relationships go.  Just as we are simple to market to, we live simple lives as well.  If we get into this sex mode, it is damn hard to come to the realization that sex is not the only thing in life, when relating to a woman.  So we reach the age of 35 and some of us don’t even think about settling down.

How to Love a Woman

While the message on t.v. might seem great, that women should be independent, it destroys the traditional views.  The message on t.v. is that women should be independent NOW, and that they WEREN’T before.  Back up a second.  They are rewriting history and what traditional and conservative thinking and social outlook was before.

A man was never put over a woman to dominate her.  Noone ever said that, except those crazies that want their way.  A man was put over a woman for one thing, to protect her from … OTHER MEN, not to dominate her, not to tell her what to do, not to lord over her.

And, it has always been ying yang situation.  A man was to be “over” a woman, to protect her, and she was to take care of the man.  It’s almost like saying the same thing.  But, t.v. will get you all twisted.

Get your Ying Yang On

The Real Ying Yang Symbol

For those who don’t know what ying yang means, it’s simply that black and white co-exist.  You’ll see erroneous pictures of ying yang being just black and white on their own sides, but sort of hugging each other.  The true symbol has not only black and white on each side, but a black and white dot inside of the opposite color too.

It is a duality that exists all over the place.  And, it can be applied to nearly everything in life.  You cannot have life without death.  You cannot have growth without decay.  You cannot have man without woman.  Regardless of what t.v. spews out, you cannot have man without woman, nor woman without man.

Now it’s time out with going and getting some girl pregnant.  Really, that’s just an immature way of visually showing that you have sex.  I know.  It’s messed up, but people really do think like that.

I’m going to prove to the fellas that I have sex, so i’m going to make several baby’s mamas all over the place.  Then I won’t be seen as no punk.

You don’t want to be seen as a punk? Buy a house. Get married. Have children. And, pass the house on to your children when you die. That’s the definition of a man, in anyone’s book.

Women Need Love

If you want to have lots of good sex, find a woman that you connect with mentally.  Did I stutter?  There is nothing in this world better, than having sex with a woman knows you, and I mean know, a woman that understands you, a woman that shrugs when you get mad, sad, happy, or act stupid.  Having children when you’re married is an experience noone can even talk to you about.

You need to see women in a light, that is totally and completely new.  This might sound stupid, but you should be looking for a soulmate.  We humans NEED each other.  We are social animals.  That means, we will die if we don’t see each other.  As social animals, we need mates of our own.

I’m sure you’ve heard that a man is naturally disposed to have many women.  It’s so not true.  A man can no more pay attention to more than one woman, than he can pay attention to more than one penis.  Can you imagine?  Throw out that stupid thinking.  Get your own woman.  Keep her.  And, by keeping her I mean, make her happy.  Not, do what she says, do what she needs.  If she needs your body for the night, give it to her.  If she needs your shoulder to lean on, pull her close.  If she’s afraid hold her.

There is no greater joy than to love a woman and bring her into your life.  It’s a serious thing I know, but the reward is unspeakable.

Final Warning

Abused Man

I’m not saying get taken by some woman that has no intentions of marrying you.  I’m not saying pay for some woman’s rent and car note.  Oh yes, I’ve seen that happen too often.  I’m not saying have sex with your girlfriend and get her pregnant and ooops we broke up, things happen.  No they don’t.  You don’t get fat by accident.  You don’t get pregnant, just cuz.  Things don’t just happen.  That’s what people say, who don’t want to take responsibility.

I’m NOT saying you need to be a sensitive, cry baby man.  That message, “women want a sensitive man” is a message for women, again to go shopping.  A woman doesn’t want a sensitive man.  Yes be conscious that your woman is in heat, but don’t go meeting some girl and cry on her shoulder on the first date.   That’s just retarded.  Be conscious of your woman yes.  Be a woman yourself, no.

My ultimate message would be, get married before you have sex with her.  Player player, if you ballin, you can handle that can’t you?  I didn’t say you had to date her for 10 years either.  Think about some of your best friends.  Did it take you years to become best friends?  Or, did you spend like a summer together and were best friends from then on?  Think about this one too, used to be people were told to whom they had to marry.  Guess what, a whole heck of a lot of those marriages lasted.  So this notion you gotta date someone, and register for marriage at gift registry for a year, is hogwash and poppycock.  You only need time to get to know each other.  And, by know I mean know.  You don’t have to shack up together, that means move in with each other.  But, if you two are open and honest, you can get to know each other in no time.

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Movie Review: "The Tooth Fairy" Starring "The Rock"

The Tooth Fairy

If you’re a fan of “The Rock” then this movie is for you, no matter your age.  I happen to be a casual fan of his.  I’m not passionate about any human, so this is high praise coming from me.  I recommend you buy the DVD.  This is one of the movies that should be in your “kid’s” *cough* collection.  Now, I have perused all the other reviews about the movie.  And, while I agree with everything they said, I still recommend the movie, over all.

This is one movie where I could dispense with picking apart the ghastly storyline and just enjoy the movie as is.


  • Derek Thompson Tooth Fairy – Dwane “The Rock” Johnson
  • Carly – Ashley Judd
  • Tracy – Stephen Merchant
  • Mick Donnelly – Ryan Sheckler
  • Ziggy – Seth MacFarlane
  • Lily – Julie Andrews
  • Randy – Chase Ellison
  • Tell – Destiny Grace Whitlock
  • Duek – Brandon T. Jackson
  • Jerry – Billy Crystal

With a very nice cast, the movie had all the possibilities going for it.  So what if the actual script was predictable and trite?  The movie did have a bit of magic to it.  No pun intended.  But, there were some touching moments and there was the predictable victory scene, but why not have a feel good movie?

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Are You to Blame for Our Runaway Government?

The Government Relies on Your Participation


Tea Party Protest Government Spending

Scenario #1 – You just turned 24 and graduated from college.  You secured a job with a 50 year old firm as an entry level manager.  You move to the city.  You pay your first and last month’s rent, plus deposit.  You have a moving company move your meager college level  furniture into your new apartment.  After meeting several girls and inviting them over, you decide to trash all of your furniture and just furnish out the entire place in rent-a-couch furniture.  You eat out every single day and night.  You finally meet a girl you like.  She doesn’t like the city and you get a promotion to super peon manager step 2.  You end the furniture renting contract.  And, you go put a down whopping 2% down-payment on a house and put an entire house’s worth of furniture on your credit card.  You take out a car loan, since you need a car to commute to work now.  Two kids later, you’re enrolling your first-born into soccer and have to get a second job to pay for all the extra expenses.

Conclusion: the economy crashes and you lose your job, both jobs.  You lose your house you’ve been paying on for 2 years, because you now have negative equity in it.  Your car gets repossessed although you were a few months shy of paying it off.  You look up to the heavens and wonder where you went wrong.

Scenario #2 – You graduate from high-school with a C average.  You go get a job down at the steel mill working opposite shifts as your dad.  Your parents are alright to live with, but you dream of moving out one day.  One day your dad turns to you and asks you have you thought about where you want to live for the rest of your life.  That night at the kitchen table all of you, mom, dad, brothers and sisters, all discuss what would be the best place to live.  Your dad says there is absolutely nothing wrong with the little town you’re in right now, but if you want to go see more that’s fine too.  Your mom would like for you to go see other places a bit before settling down.  Your kid brother, the genius, brings a print-out of all the places and cities around the country of where the best jobs are and how long it has been that way.  He also brings a print-out of home prices and commute times to the city.  Your sister makes remarks about schools and kids.  Finally your dad says you should get a house with land on it, so you can always grow much of your own food on it, like you have right now.  So even if things go bad, you will always have food.  After much thought you do exactly that, after saving up for buying a house and buying a car full price.  You move to the city, the entire family helps you move and even helps you plant your garden / mini-farm.  You buy a small house, and furnish it with heirloom items and some other items you buy second-hand.  You get a job working construction just outside the city about 2 miles from your house.  You meet a lady and get married.  Two kids later, instead of soccer, they are tending the farm, and learn about plants and animals.  You never eat out, and your wife doesn’t have a job.  She tends to the farm when you’re not home and sells any extra produce on the front lawn when it’s in season.

Conclusion: the economy crashes. But, you’re an independent worker to begin with so you don’t lose your job.  You don’t lose your house since you bought it outright. Your don’t lose your car since you bought it outright. You look up to the heavens and wonder when is it going to rain next, so the tomatoes can bloom.

In each scenario the jobs are of course different, but also the person’s approach is different. While people are very hesitant to living, what they feel is, a backwards lifestyle, when the system crashes, they go down with it.  Way down!  While the person who is still tied to the earth might not live the jet-set lifestyle of a penthouse playboy, they also have a much more worry free life.

The government now is in bed with business.  The two are so intertwined that the business of government is now the government of business.  50% of all policy and government laws is geared to assist business, not govern people nor do the job that they were created to do, protect people.  But, the government only gets away with any of this, if you participate in the scam.

Scam #1CREDIT: credit is the biggest and largest systemic scam out there.  You are barraged daily, not just with the message of borrowing and spending, but that having good credit, to begin with, should be your goal for a happy lifestyle.  The message goes beyond just having credit, to the point that you should be so ingrained in the credit system as to assist yourself in it, by upping your “credit worthiness”.  Financial planners now advise you how to get better credit.


It’s all a lie.  You don’t want credit at all.  Your participation in the scheme is what they want.  Noone presents you with an alternative.  Now the average adult would say, oh everyone should know that, but in practical speech, 70% of adults are never confronted with even the possibility that you don’t have to participate in the credit charade.

Credit cards launched a massive marketing campaign to not only get people involved in credit, but banks even started issuing  credit cards down to a local level, so that the entire system, top to bottom was saturated with the credit doctrine.  Stores launched their own credit cards.

But, it is all a lie.  You do not need credit.  Hell, even a debit card is not something a savvy person should use.  The person, adult, that knows anything about money, knows that you will never personally leverage yourself enough to have a winning side in the equation of banking and credit.  That means, that the message of use credit so you can have a better lifestyle now based on a fraction of the cost, is a losing position to have.

Use of borrowed money to increase production volume, and thus sales and earnings. It is measured as the ratio of total debt to total assets; greater the amount of debt, greater the financial leverage. Since interest is a fixed cost (which can be written off against the firm’s revenue) a loan allows a firm to generate more earnings without a corresponding increase in the equity capital requiring increased dividend payments (which cannot be written off against the earnings). However, while high leverage may be beneficial in boom periods, it may cause serious cash flow problems in recessionary periods because there might not be enough sales revenue to cover the interest payments.

Here’s the part that gets you, as a person, tripped up. Your leveraging, credit, does not generate you any income.  Even borrowing for a house or car, never generates money for you.

Scam #2 LOANS – taking out loans is a new thing.  There is still a very large percentage of the population that saves up money and buys a car in cash, or a house in cash, or all of their home furnishings and appliances in cash.  Noone is telling you this, because they are on the take and in on the scam of loaning you, your own money.

Here’s the promise.  You take out a loan and you can buy far more house than you ever could, if you saved up.  It is completely and utterly untrue.  If you ever set aside the amount of money, in total, that you pay for the amount of time that you spend in a house, you would always come out ahead in savings, to loans.

Let me help you with the calculation: [ warning this might be forgetting some things ]

  • loan
  • down payment
  • impound and taxes
  • home insurance
  • 3% to seller agent and 3% to buyer agent
  • title insurance
  • mortgage insurance [FHA]
  • lender points for doing loan
  • loan origination fees
  • escrow fees

Now add in the devaluation of the dollar over that time period too.

If you saved that same amount of money for that time period, let’s say 15 years, you could buy a house twice as expensive as the one you took out a mortgage for.  THAT is what everyone is trying to make sure you don’t realize.

Americans used to save up and buy a house.  Or, better yet, live in the same house and the father and mother pass it on to the kids, while they are alive or when they die.  Americans also did not kick their kids out at 18.  This is more of the inner city phenomenon.  I have no idea when it started, but it has no logical thought behind it, nor no financial logical thought behind it.

The best possible thing to do as a parent would be to have a savings account for each and every child you have and put funds into it very single month.  Your child would even be better served by you taking that money and buying them a house with some land, at 18, than paying for their college.  If you did it right, you could have enough money for both school and a home.

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Smackdown Part Deux: Peter Schiff vs LInda McMahon Connecticut Senate

Peter Schiff Gains Ballot for Senate Seat in Connecticut

I have been following the Libertarian minded Republican candidate for the Connecticut senate seat Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, author, businessman, financial commentator, video blogger, and a 2010 candidate for the United States Senate, clinched the Republican senate spot opposite Linda McMahon, WWE promoter and wife of Vince McMahon, when he got the requisite signatures to be placed on the ballot today.

For some reason he did not secure the ballot during the Republican primaries.  That might be due to the fact the Linda McMahon put $50 million of her OWN money into her campaign.  This is the same Linda McMahon that Anne Coulter, Rich Lowry say have no chance of beating out Democrat nominee Richard “Dick” Blumenthal.

“Connecticut Republicans now have a alternative: a wrestling promoter or a businessman and economist,” said Schiff, in announcing the success of his petition drive. “Given the state of our economy, I think the choice is clear.”

Obviously with the economy in the state that it is in, a show business woman like Lina McMahon would be nearly worse than the career politicians that got us into this mess to begin with.  Schiff on the other hand presents sound market knowledge, an economist, a savvy investor and someone not beholden to cronyism.

MILFORD, CT – U.S. Senate candidate and economy expert Peter Schiff today announced he earned a spot on the August 10th Republican primary ballot. Schiff exceeded the 8,268 signatures required by state law and received confirmation from Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz.

“We are thrilled to hear the news that our efforts have proved successful,” said Peter Schiff. “Connecticut Republicans now have a alternative: a wrestling promoter or a businessman and economist. Given the state of our economy, I think the choice is clear.”

“I look forward to waging a competitive campaign and defeating Linda McMahon August 10th,” Schiff added. “I am confident as voters learn more about me, they will like what they see and hear. From fighting to remove the government roadblocks preventing employers from creating jobs to keeping taxes low, I am the only one in the race with the skill-set necessary to help get our economy back on track.

A staunch believer that America can no longer borrow to live beyond its means, Schiff pledges to use expertise garnered from building a successful investment company to stop growing the government and start growing our economy.

Peter Schiff Ballot Announcement Vlog

Here is Peter Schiff announcing his ballot acceptance.

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White Cop Ian P. Walsh Punches Black Teenage Girl Full On In the Face (3 videos below)

White Cop Punches Teen Black Girl

Seattle White Cop Punches 17 Year Old Black Teen

UPDATE: Officer Ian P. Walsh is now listed as an offender that does violence against women and has been taken off of duty and reassigned for training.

It is not a call you ever want to receive.  As a father or mother, you never want to receive a call that someone has done something to your child.  Let’s add to the horror now that you receive the call and you find out a cop has punched your teenage daughter in the face.  Not only that, but that the entire incident was over jaywalking, but not jaywalking down Madison avenue, but a side street in a residential area.

This is exactly what happened when Seattle cop  Ian P. Walsh punched a teenage bystander full in the face.  This is the second time in only a matter of weeks. Video footage shows a Seattle officer Ian P. Walsh  punching a teenage girl in the face after stopping her for jaywalking.  But the sheer craziness is that the officer had stopped a young man for jaywalking and then wanted to stop everyone on the street for jaywalking and issue them all tickets, but instead he attempted to arrest one young lady.  Yes, he wanted to arrest a young lady for jaywalking.

What is completely insane is that the video starts with the police manhandling the young lady for jaywalking.  I don’t know about Seattle, but in my city you receive a ticket for jaywalking.  And, there is no cause ever to arrest someone who is jaywalking, and definitely no cause to manhandle, beat and throw a jaywalker on a steel car.  This policeman should be put in jail for assaulting a citizen.  The parents of both teens need to bring civil suits against both the city and the officer,  Ian P. Walsh, in question for violence against their teen daughters.  Noone should tolerate this from police.  Police are not here to beat on citizens.  Police do not have carte blanche to stomp, kick, racially antagonize citizens.  Any police who do, should be put in jail for their crimes, and definitely ousted from the police force.

It later came out that the police department refuses to even enter the video… actually multiple videos from different sources, into evidence against the officer.  The entire police union came to the rescue of this  Ian P. Walsh and are saying he was justified for

  • punching
  • teenage  
  • girl  

in the face. This stinks of cover-up.  It is clear that the police chief in question has no control over his officers.  And why do I say that?  — See all the Videos Below —

Video 1 Police Brutality

  •  The incident comes a month after an officer was caught on tape threatening to “beat the fucking Mexican piss” out of a robbery suspect he then stomped on the face. King 5 says Seattle police have decided not to review tape of this latest arrest, but we’ll see what happens later once this thing circulates.

Video 2 Police Brutality

  • A scandal also erupted last year with an officer convicted of a vicious attack on a 15-year-old girl inside a jail cell.

Video 3 Police Brutality

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Bank Atlantic Bankcorp in the News

Terms of Rights Offering

BankAtlantic Bancorp

BankAtlantic Bancorp, Inc. / quotes/comstock/13 *! BBX / quotes / nls / BBX (BBX 1.56, 0.07, 4.70%) (the “Company”) announced today that it has set a subscription price of $ 1.50 per share for their rights and announced offering of up to $ 25 million of its Class A Common Stock Early in the rights offering, the company will distribute the subscription rights is not transferable to purchase shares of its class a common stock to each holder of shares of Class A and Class B Common Stock at the close of business on June 14, 2010 The record date for rights offering. The number of subscription rights for distribution for each outstanding share of the class of the Company Common Stock and Class B ordinary shares is determined by the total number of shares outstanding at the close of business on the date of registration. The Company will not be a matter of fractional subscription rights, but the number of subscription rights for each shareholder is entitled will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Each whole subscription right will entitle the holder to subscribe for a class action the company’s Common Stock at the subscription price of $ 1.50 per share. This is known as the basic subscription right. Rights holders who choose to exercise their basic subscription rights in full will also have a subscription option under which they may request to purchase on the same $ 1.50 per share subscription price, additional shares class of the company’s common shares remain discharged until after the expiration of the rights offering. Any over-subscription request will be subject to acceptance by the Company, the availability of the shares of the Class of the Company Common Shares after giving effect to any exercises in the basic subscription rights and allocation of the remaining shares from all holders of rights whose excess demand Applications  are accepted by the Company. The Company may reject the over-subscription requests if it determines that the issuance of shares of Class A  common stock at a right holder would jeopardize or limit the company’s ability to utilize its net operating losses available to offset future taxable income.

Education Award Announced

BankAtlantic, Florida’s Most Convenient Bank announced that Patricia Lefebvre, its EVP and Chief Retail Banking Executive, was honored by The Education Fund of Miami-Dade County.

“Patricia has been a dedicated volunteer and board member for many years. Her hard work, dedication, and energy have played a large role in helping The Education Fund reach thousands of students in the public education system,” said Linda Lecht, President of The Education Fund.

“BankAtlantic is a strong believer in the role educations plays in a child’s life. We applaud Patty for this well-deserved recognition and will continue to support her efforts as well as the success of The Education Fund and their 25 years in the community,” stated Jarett Levan, CEO of BankAtlantic.

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Ben Bernanke: Federal Budget on Unsustainable Path – DUH!

Federal Reserve Bank Says U.S. Budget on an Unsustainable Path

Benny Bernanke What a Swell Guy

This coming from the guy that heads the largest debt holder of U.S. debt.  The biggest holder of US government debt is actually inside  the United States. The Federal Reserve system of banks account for a stunning $5.127 trillion in US Treasury debt. This is the most recent number available (Sept 2009), and is at an all-time high, rising in every reporting period since 2007. About a decade ago, the total government holdings were “only” $2.5 trillion.

Testifying before the House Budget Committee on the state of the economy on Wednesday, Ben Bernanke told Congress that it needs to develop a plan to manage the nation’s burgeoning debt, because the federal budget “appears to be on an unsustainable path.”

You might be thinking, or maybe it’s just me, “what’s his angle? Is Ben Bernanke a banker that cares about the citizens of the U.S. instead of his private shareholders who has congress over a barrel?”

Bernanke’s Hand Revealed

Bernanke was concerned that lawmakers could render the dollar a moot point and not worth investing in, i.e. collapsing, and to take decisive action to show investors that the country can get back on the right financial path.

“The deficit has created a structural budget gap that is both large relative to the size of the economy and increasing over time,” Bernanke said.  “We need to convince markets in the medium and longer term that we have a sustainable fiscal path for balancing our budget or at least bringing our deficits down,” adding “medium-term” means three to five years down the road.

“If confidence is lost in our long-term fiscal stability, we will see our interest rates go up quite a bit and that would affect the consumer’s ability to buy houses,” he said. “It would slow our economy, and it would put pressure on the balance sheets of financial institutions.”

Bernanke said the Fed has a long-term plan for managing monetary policy, and Congress should have a similar plan for managing the fiscal side.

“Right now, there’s not anything on the table,” he said.

While warned lawmakers they need a sound budgetary plan to stem the huge deficits, Bernanke also defended the decisions that contributed to those deficits in the first place, like the Troubled Asset Relief Program [ TARP ] and stimulus funding, saying the government had to spend money to prevent America’s economy from completely collapsing last year.

The Fed chairman also responded to lawmakers’ concerns about the European debt crisis [ read Greece ], saying leaders are “aggressively” handling their financial crisis, which he believes will only have a “modest” impact on economic growth in the United States.

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