Police Gunned Down Woman in Her Own Home After Census Worker Complaint

67 Year Old Woman Gunned Down in Her Own Home

Yuba City

Everyone who reads the story, always fall on the side of the police.  There would never be a case where the police report, written by the very cops in question, would ever indicate their own culpability.  I am going to give you the side of the police as it appears in the general media.  Then, I will give you my own personal speculation as to what really happened.

The story actually changes from reporter to reporter, but these are the facts as I have gathered them.:

A 67 yr old Yuba City resident, who lived a reclusive life had a visit from a census worker late in the evening, around 8pm.  It was already late and it was right on the cusp of when they are legally not permitted to bother citizens.  A man, 51 yr old Lionel Patterson, later identified as the Beau of Miss Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin, came to the door.

Here is where the stories split.  Some sources say Mr. Patterson answered questions normally until they became more personal.  Other sources say he was hostile from the start.  Either way, after awhile, Mr. Patterson refused to answer any more questions.

Home of Miss Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin

Again, here is another diversion of the facts.  Some sources say he brandished a gun after becoming hostile.  Other sources say, he simply threatened the census worker, who refused to leave.  Either way, the census worker did not leave while Mr. Patterson was hostile.  [keep this fact in mind]

Miss Roger-Vasselin heard the commotion and came through the house bearing a shotgun and told the leave to leave the property.

Again, different sources report different things, because when the census worker arrives at the offices of the census bureau she says Mr. Patterson either:

  • threatened her
  • was hostile
  • brandished a gun
  • no mention of the shotgun
Miss Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin

Only Mr. Patterson was named as the hostile entity.  The shotgun bearing grandmother was later found in the police report.  [keep this in mind]

The police were then called by Census Bureau spokesman Sonny Le.  The time was now 9pm.  They were told of the incident.  The police do not show up to the house until 10pm at night.  They do not call the resident, they simply show up on the doorstep.

The report says that Mr. Patterson answers the door with handgun in hand.  The report alleges that the officers “talk him into dropping the handgun”.  However, several officers are then reported to be struggling with Mr. Patterson on the ground inside the doorway of the house.

Lionel Patterson

Then it is reported that Miss Roger-Vasselin comes to the door with shotgun drawn.  Two police stand in between her and her Beau who is on the ground being pummeled by several officers.  The two officers allegedly order Miss Roger-Vasselin to put down the shotgun.  When she refused, they opened fire.  A nearby resident says he heard at least 6 shots.  Miss Roger-Vasselin is killed at the scene.

The officers in question were put on administrative leave.  Mr Patterson was arrested without bail for threatening officers with a deadly weapon.

It was found later that the shotgun she was carrying was not in fact loaded.  Also it was reported that it was in fact dark even at the time the census worker arrived earlier.

Per their own admission, census workers are not to arrive at someone’s house after sunset.  They are to come to houses in the afternoons before sunset and on weekends when residents are at home.  Many residents in the area, when questioned, said the census workers did in fact appear on their doorsteps late at night after dark.

What Really Happened with A 67 Year Old Woman Being Gunned Down in Her Own Home

Here is where I give you my pure conjecture of what actually occurred on the night of this sad incident.  The woman was a grandmother of 7, I believe, a loving mother and dedicated church goer.

Now the police come and paint her in their report as some gun toting, conspiracy nut, who is a potential cop killer.

Clearly both things cannot be true.

I think the police lied and the census spokesperson lied.

In  nutshell this is what I think actually happened:

  1. the census worker knocks on a 67 year old woman’s door at night, who is not used to ever getting visits, even less so after dark.  It was clearly dark outside. CORRECTION: the census worker showed up at 10pm at night, not 8pm like the report says. [clearly something is very off by this entire story]
  2. her beau answers the door to shoo whomever is knocking, away.
  3. disregarding his yelling at her to leave them in peace, the census worker refuses to leave and keeps asking very personal and private questions
  4. the 67 year old grandmother is startled by all this yelling and comes to the door to also yell at the intruder [no guns]
  5. the census worker reports to her boss that the couple refuses to answer the questions and threatened her if she did not leave [no gun]
  6. the boss questions the census worker for 2 hours [yes two hours]
  7. the police are called after the story is hatched
  8. the boss says that the couple brandished weapons and threatened a federal worker [which the FBI should have been called, not the local police, this is why the story is completely bogus. a federal agency does not call local law enforcement, they call internally to another federal agency, i.e. the FBI]
  9. the police arrive at the resident an entire hour later. Please note 3 hours [this was from another source that reported 3 hours passed from the time the worker showed up till the time the police showed up] have passed, not 2.  The couple would have already been asleep by this time. And, it would have been 1 am that night.
  10. The doorstep was completely dark, as was the house, as was outside.
  11. I believe the police broke into the house.  [forget this knocking on the door politely and asking “if you could answer a few questions”] as sure as I am Black as tar, those police broke into that woman’s house.  It woke the neighbors up. [think about it, the police were told guns were pointed at the federal workers. they are not going to knock on the front door, and they brought many many MANY cops to the scene.  they came loaded to bear.]  Also note that the neighbors said that they were awoken.  So the couple also would have been asleep.  This was clearly in the middle of the night.
  12. her beau came screaming downstairs to see who had broke into the house, and he may or may not had a gun in his hand.  However, the house was dark at this point and there were intruders in the house and they surely had guns, and were in fighting position, and stances.
  13. they tackle him and wrestle him to the ground
  14. Miss Roger-Vasselin grabs the shotgun and goes to see who has broken into her house. [remember it is dark]
  15. the intruders may or may not have told her to put down the gun, meanwhile there is a lot of yelling [neighbors reported screaming and yelling and clearly a woman screaming]
  16. they gun down Miss Roger-Vasselin and keep shooting until she is dead [two officers unload on her, in the report, but other reports claim several officers gun her down]  the officers are clearly inside the home, which blows away any claim that they purely knocked on the door.
  17. the entire incident is said to have taken seconds before she was dead

The time frame of the entire situation happening in seconds, clearly shows in my mind that the officers broke into the home and gunned her down all within the space of 15 seconds.  I do not believe they asked her to put down the shotgun.  I do not believe they did any sort of police work for the situation.  I believe they came to kill the church going grandmother.

I think it was only after they discovered that she was not a drug dealing, prostitute, meth-head and that the entire family came out to show how normal she was, that they realized they had a problem on their hands.

Neighbors say it was all over in the space of seconds, in fact one neighbor saw Mr. Patterson being drug to the cop car, and she had assumed he had done the shooting because the incident was over so fast.

Regardless of who’s story you believe, the cops gunned down this woman.  Either we have trained cops on the street or we don’t.  We do not want cops gunning down citizens in their homes.  If we have trained cops, they don’t gun down people, they disable the threat.  Shooting someone in the chest is not disabling, that is straight up killing them.

All of these police need to be fired from the force.  Why on earth would they show up to someone’s house, who told ANYONE, federal or not to get away from their house at 10 pm at NIGHT.  The census worker did say that they slammed the door in her face.  So regardless of the threat or not, the end result was that you got a door in your face, not a fist, not a gun.  She was told to leave and the door was slammed in her face.  Why were the police brought in at this juncture?  Apparently the people taking the report did not do any research whatsoever to even realize that the end result was a door being slammed in the worker’s face and her hurt feelings.

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2 thoughts on “Police Gunned Down Woman in Her Own Home After Census Worker Complaint”

  1. While I can agree with you on some levels, I don't see how a woman being as church going grandmother makes her a good person or innocent. It sounds like something someone would mention (as you have a few times through this) to appeal to the masses and help to convince them of her innocence. However, I will agree, as I would if she was a church going grandmother or a single atheist with no wife or kids, breaking into someones house and killing them is wrong. (Unless of course they are a killer or something, that wouldn't be such a bad thing.) Hmm. Hypocritical of me. Oh well.

  2. the fact she was a church goer, and a grandma, and a loving woman, a property owner … in a court of law… shows her state of mind. She was not a wack job, as they tried to paint her out to be in the reports.

    Once they interviewed the family and neighbors they found that this woman was the most sensible on the planet. Which then points you back to the police report. How could a sensible woman, with absolutely no crazy habits all of a sudden become this gun toting grandma threatening the police. ANSWER: she wasn't.

    The simple fact is, that the facts suggest she was in fear of her and her boyfriend's life, NOT a menace to police.

    How could that be? The report said the police were CLEARLY identified.

    WRONG: it was pitch black inside and outside the house and the boyfriend was on the ground within seconds of the incident. She was dead a few seconds later.

    Obviously the entire report was wrong. In fact the entire reason for going to the house was even wrong. One report said there was NO guns drawn on the census worker and that they simply slammed the door in her face. Now how crazy is that?

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