Proof That the Black Civil Rights Movement was Derailed

Proof That the Black Civil Rights Movement was Derailed

I have said, time and time again, that the Black civil rights movement was completely and utterly a failure. The entire movement was a complete disservice to Black folk and failed us miserably. There are those that will hold up the attitude of the country of NOW accepting Black people as evidence that it was successful.  The only thing that proves is that Black people are completely ignorant of the history of the country.

James Baldwin

Most of the United States of America was not racist white people. The Democratic party has tirelessly striven to make us believe that it was, but the truth is, being racist was always unpopular. Just as many white people helped to free Black slaves as did Blacks themselves. Many laws were passed in other states to forbid the recapture of Black slaves as were passed to ensure the capture of Black slaves.

The civil rights movement succeeded in doing exactly what white racist Democrats of the south wanted it to do, ensure the economic destruction of Blacks and destroy Black families.

During slavery it was easy to destroy a Black family. As soon as a Black child was born he / she was moved to a completely different plantation and raised by someone else. Or, as soon as they were of age, they were sold off. Or, as soon as they exhibited any affection towards another Black slave, they were sold off or worse, just beaten, sometimes to death.

After slavery was over the Democrats devised a system where they would give only Black women and children help and money, but only if the father would remove himself from the female. This continues today. In fact more money is given to a poor female who has more kids, ensuring that the father(s) can never be around.

The Democrats then took over the educational system and started rewriting history and events that were squarely reported in the news. It is so egregious that textbooks now have events as being the opposite of what they were.

The Democrats also painted the republicans as being against Black people. For the rank and file american citizen who is a republican they have no power to argue against it, or to say that the republicans were the main ones in the Black corner. But, at a national level it doesn’t even matter, because federal level Republicans are no longer Republicans at all, but are globalist federalists.

The last straw was that Black people worship Kennedy and his brother Robert, when the two men almost singlehandedly derailed the entire Black civil rights movement.

After they were through, the Black community and wealth dropped 90%.  It has taken nearly 60 years for the Black community to claw itself out of that hole to be even with the wealth of the 60s, only to be derailed again by the Democrats and now federal Republicans in the crash of 2008.

Here is the proof, from James Baldwin himself.

He clearly states that the civil rights movement started out as an economic movement to make Blacks equal and the Kennedys singlehandedly derailed the movement and turned it into a voter registration and voting rights issue, all the while making political moves to change Blacks from voting Republican [which nearly all Black people did, who had a choice, yes they were forced to vote Democrat in most of the south by the KKK] to voting Democrat.

The Kennedys were not our friends and the civil rights movement did not serve us well at all, it hurt us more than anything else in the history of this country. The magnitude of it caught all Blacks. Where slavery only affected Blacks in the south, post-civil-rights affected all Blacks in the country and was the largest trasnfer of wealth from Blacks to white, in the history of the country.  Where slavery was a transfer of wealth from Blacks to white in the south, post-civil-rights affected all Blacks in the nation and effectively transferred wealth from Blacks to white regardless of location.

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Samuel Jackson says the Tea Party Racist?

Samuel Jackson says the Tea Party Racist?

The word is thrown around by people who want to get attention all the time.  They claim this and that person is racist or this and that organization is racist.  Normally it is thrown about the media by some uneducated buffoon who doesn’t even know what the term racism even means or where it started.  Case in point, Samuel Jackson.  In this case he called the entire Tea Party movement racist.  What he and probably most of you doesn’t know, the Tea Party is now composed of both Libertarians, and Democrats and Republicans.  That’s right, the Tea Party movement, is just that, a movement of the people.

Libertarian Originated the Tea Party

Well hell, I’m Black and Libertarian.  We, Libertarians, actually started the movement.  Fox and other corporate shills co-opted the movement to shut out the Libertarian party once again, and we let them, somehow.  Now instead of it being a freedom, grassroots movement, it is considered a Republican movement, with some of the worst crooks from the Bush administration, who ought to be tried for treason, being leaders of various splinter groups.

Jackson is just terribly misinformed.  Oh, I’m sure there are racist in the tea party.  It doesn’t hand out social edumacation classes to the members.  But, equally, I’m sure there are entire tea party groups filled with effete classists.

Just like Uncle Remus of Boondocks doesn’t represent Black Americans, nor does a few racists going to a tea party rally.  I think we’re all adults capable of complicated thought, and can see that not everything is “black and white”.

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Shakaama Running for Office

Should I Run for Office?

There I was sitting in a bar.  As is my custom, I’m friends with the bartender and another customer walks in.  Being the king of France, as I am wont to act, I demanded the bartender introduce me.  The person was no more than a pinball maintenance guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  He asked me what I do and I replied, I write articles online and report on local events, sports, financial and fitness, with a concentration of elevating Black people with real issues, such as financial education.  He pressed me further on the last point.  I said that there are no Black leaders to have ever existed in America, excluding those that took office in the senate and house right after the abolition of slavery aside.  And, that the alleged leaders who call themselves Black leaders, all have one note “civil rights”.  I further went on to say that the elevation of Black people is not through any legislation but through promoting promoting and promoting Black owned businesses.  This model would create wealth in the Black population and elevate Black people without any necessity for any legislation.

Is the Country Ready for a Pure-Breed Black Man?

To my surprise the guy turns to me and asks, “ARE YOU RUNNING FOR OFFICE, I’D VOTE FOR YOU?!”

I was really caught off guard.  The guy in question, and everyone in the bar, was white.  The question threw me.  I was asked the same thing when I attended Libertarian party meetings.  Which was, again, white only, except for me, and this was before Obama was even a twinkle in the American public’s eye.

I don’t know if it’s just my vocabulary or looks or what, but people gravitate toward me in liver political arenas.  So the question is simple.

  • Would you vote someone with my very ultra Black-conservative views?
  • Is the country ready for a Black-conservative?
  • Is the country ready for an educated pure-breed Black man, in the public sector?

Pure-Breed Black Woman
I ask those questions because, in all reality, half-breed Black people really are not considered Black, by both white and Black people.  Only pure-breed Black people are considered Black.  A pure-breed Black face is what keeps racists up at night.  A pure-breed Black face is what makes white women clutch their purse tighter as they cross the street to walk on the other side.  A pure-breed Black face is what half-breed Black people dispise, self-hating I know, but it’s true.  
Electing a pure-breed Black man such as myself, would mean a final nail in the coffin of colorism in America as we know it, and finally Black people being accepted into the general population.

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Clubbing While Black

Clubbing While Black

I have never felt more alone than when I’m in a crowded room of 200 white people.   I mean I have nothing against white people, they just have something against me.  Now, when I say that, they act all offended that I speak the truth and tell me how open minded they are and how color blind they are.  Let’s explore all the open minded, color blind white people that live in America.  There is nothing worse, in my mind, than me going somewhere spending my money, in a place where people don’t want me.  In fact, I consider it a high sin, to reach into my pocket and support a place with a bunch of bigots walking around me eying me like I’m an escaped convict.

I happen to have money to live in an area where I am virtually surrounded by white people.  I didn’t ask their permission to move in, so it’s not their fault.  I happen to have money to be able to go and get into clubs that white people frequent.  I did not double check with them to see if that was ok, so it’s not their fault.  I happen to have enough money to be able to pay cover charge, and check my coat in, into some pretty popular clubs around the city.  I did not send in a requisition with the white folks, it’s not their fault.

No matter how crowded the club is, I always receive VIP status.  I mean, I must be a VIP.  I have no less than 5 feet of space, no matter where I stand, in the club.  I have no less than an entire radius of empty tables around me at all times, in the club.

However, I must have magical powers or I must be a daywalking vampire.  Why do i say that?  Because when I go up to the bar to get a drink, I am invisible.  I have literally pasted a one hundred dollar bill to my forehead and wore all white and still did not get served.  In fact, I have stood at the bar, sometimes, for 10 minutes waiting to be served, a white person walks up and the bartender rushes to take their order.  So I am a VIP, daywalking, Black vampire.

Speaking of Black, as much as people want to tell me about their best Black friends, they are not talking about my kind of Black.  I am dark chocolate and a pure blood.  They do not know my pain.  They are talking about a half breed Black person.  These half breed Black people get a pass all day long.  Most whites now consider the half breeds to be nothing more than latino or Indians, from India.

Oh, I’m exaggerating?  I went to a club with one of these famous half breed Black guys.  He was two shades darker than a white man with a tan and had funky weird not Black hair.  You know the kind, I’m talking about.  He was also about 21 going on 16. The guy looked like a kid.  Now mind you I’m a solid 31 year old and I look exactly 31 years old, all day, every day.  They did card him.  Barely looked at his ID and waved him on.  Me, the security eyed my card and called the manager over and said my ID was fake.  What’s the difference?  I’m 6’2, 220lbs of pure muscle and am unmistakeably pure blooded African prince.  They asked me to leave.  They did not have to ask twice.  The irony of the situation was that I was going to treat the kid to some drinks and he had no money.  I had about, you guessed it, one hundred dollars in my pocket.  And, I will never go there again.

You see white people and the half breed Blacks have no idea what it is to be a dark chocolate brother in America.  I’ll repeat that, since most don’t understand it.  A dark chocolate African American is stigmatized by EVERYONE, including by half breed Blacks as well.  With the invasion of Mexicans and other non-white mixes coming into America, the half breed Blacks are written off as simply being non-white.  They have names now for them: Blatino; Mexicoon; Blasian; Puerto Rican; Blussian; Polynegran.  In other words, they’re not Black.  And, they proudly admit they’re Blatino or whatever and will argue with you that they are not Black.  I say more power to them.

But, let’s get back to the club.  I’m sitting in a club the other day and 4 young ladies walk in, all white of course.  They have with them their mother.  And, they are eying me.  No no no no, not eying me to check me out, they are eying me to clutch their purses closer to them and moving as far away from me as they can.  A barfly comes up to me and asks why am I sitting alone and not talking to other people.  I reply, they are not talking to me.  He goes back to his friend / date.  He must have gotten bored with his date or something.

Let’s rewind a bit.  I used to wear designer clothes.  You know the kind, $400 for a shirt, etc.  I go to a club, wearing probably about $2,000 worth of clothes.  I am in the VIP line, because I was in fact on the list.  The doorman stopped me and said I couldn’t come in because my shirt did not have a collar.  Wait, before you get all logical and say, that’s a reasonable request.  I tell him to look at the line of the non-VIP people and how they are letting white guys with shorts and sandals in the club.  He said he didn’t care and I wasn’t getting in.  It just so happened that the person that put me on the list, “the talent” just walked out the door and saw me.  He brushed by the doorman, ignoring him, and grabbed my arm and led me inside personally.  I wasn’t just on the VIP list, I was personally invited.  I was taken to the VIP section, which was quite boring.  I was then asked by all the other VIP people, “why are you up here?”  Yes, they were white people.  I found the lower lesser beings far more interesting than the VIP crowd.  Even when they started having sex on the VIP couches, it was all boring to me.  I left after a long evening and “the talent” came up to see us after his performance.  I never went back.

Normally the “XXX while Black” stories normally end with the police arresting some unsuspecting Black person for no other reason than being Black.  Unfortunately, I have no such stories.  However, after a long time of clubbing, I was told that there used to be several Black clubs in town.  They were very successful, but that each one was shut down by the police for one reason or another.  Hell, any reason will do.  I had gone to one, at one time.  It was very expensive and their dress code was through the roof.  It was no problem for me, because I was used to dressing up to go out.  They not only closed down the club, but they demolished the building.  There is no way that that club did not make untold riches.  Everyone there was Black, from the doorman to the owner.  It had valet parking, the whole nine yards.  Its one mistake?  It was located in a white neighborhood.  I wasn’t there when police came, but I cannot imagine anyone needing to call the police on the place.  It was very high class.  There are a lot of clubs out there that pretend to be high class, simply to scam you out of your money, but this club legitimately had a wine collection and liquor that cost $250 per bottle.  I’m sure you know clubs that will try to charge you $250 for a bottle of liquor or wine, but this club had them.  I just happen to know this because I studied wines and liquors in school.

Everyone talks about Patron as being high end tequila.  Let me clue you in.  Patron is sewage water.  It is literally considered what poor people drink.  However, cross the border into America and slap on a nice ad campaign and any liquor is passed off as high end liquor, tequila or whatever you want sell.  Americans don’t know what’s good quality in liquor or wine.  They want one thing now, go to the club and drink so much liquor they can’t see straight.  Come next weekend, they’ll do it all over again.

Why shouldn’t they go overboard with their drinking?  Everyone tells them that alcohol is terrible and shouldn’t be touched.  So, they are deprived of alcohol and once they have the opportunity, they get wasted out of their mind on liquor and booze.  Let’s through in the puritanical way their raised to feel about how sex is bad and horrible and you have a one two punch of sex and alcohol.

In the mean time, I’ll be in my VIP section observing, sipping on my drink for about an hour, in my land of being completely avoided by everyone in the club, for fear I might … turn into some even Blacker hulk and start raping white women or something crazy, whatever is in their white mind, while they scurry away from me.  It is all so hilarious.

I am running out of clubs to go to, that won’t act like I have leprosy when I’m paying green cash.

Like I said, it is a high sin to pay hard earned money in a place that is more bigoted than George W Bush and David Duke.

[ This entire aritcle is intended as a comedy sketch on race.  Take it with a grain of salt.  I am certainly not even concerned about race in America. The “xxx while Black series is simply a funny look at the ridiculousness of the country.  Normally it ends with the police shooting someone Black or arresting them for no apparent reason other than they are Black doing “xxxx” at the time, be it shopping, driving, golfing or walking.]

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Shopping While Black (video)

The Aweful Truth of Who Steals in Stores

Shopping While Black

1. “May I help you?” she said as I looked through the top-of-the-line, non-stick pots and pans. I had been there 20 minutes looking and deciding If I should get the whole set, which would replace some pieces I bought only recently from other name-brands. Of course it would be a waste, but buying the set seemed more economical than buying the missing pieces from my kitchen set. I turned to her and observed she wasn’t looking to be useful, but said it as a warning to get out. “No I’m just looking,” I said nonchalantly. She stood there blocking my view now. She said nothing else and simply stood there like a Catholic nun shooing me off with her look.

    Racial profiling in stores is so prevalent that researchers have even given it a name — Shopping While Black. When it happens, black shoppers are made to feel both unwelcome and under suspicion

2. I walked into the electronics store. I had just received a bonus at work out of the blue and felt I should treat myself to some new gadget. I wasn’t prepared for the astonishing amount of new gadgets on display. The labels with the price tags did not help either since they were written in store codes only the clerks could understand. I stood looking puzzled for 10 minutes. The clerks were gathered around the desk talking to each other about what they did last night. I noticed they would occasionally look over and sigh in my direction. A Black customer was walking out and said over his shoulder, “maybe someone should help this man, he has several expensive suits in his hand, obviously he wants to spend money.” Finally a clerk comes over and says, “yes!” But, just then a white customer walks in and she greets them and asks can she help. All the other clerks also greet the customer. Then another white customer walks in and they all greet him too. I am paralyzed with disgust. I simply leave and go to a shop that doesn’t treat me like a pariah.

    “Most retail inventory loss statistics have show that [sic] the majority of shoplifters to be of the Caucasian race. To concentrate surveillance on minority customers is not only improper, but is an ineffective method of controlling shoplifting losses at most locations.”

3. I’m looking at the underwear section digging through the sizes and not having a good time. For every time I find my size, it’s not the color I want. And, there are so many that my digging is tedious and time consuming. Suddenly, I feel eyes on my back. In my peripheral vision, I see a husky man to one side and a husky unattractive woman to another side. They are painfully pretending to shop. As I move to the shirts section, they mirror me. I’m not one given to being stalked though and so I leave, putting back everything I had picked up to buy. This would seem like a rare incident, but it happens immediately when I enter stores and very very often. As soon as I open the door it seems the stalkers are there. I haven’t done anything suspicious except walk in the store and I’m immediately being shadowed and followed.

    “Statistically, the most likely person to steal from a store is a store employee. The next most likely to steal is a college educated white male. Hmm — could it be that the real reason that store employees and white managers make such a point of targeting black shoppers is that it creates a perfect smokescreen for their own dishonesty and greed — not only can they rob the stores blind, they can then point the finger of blame at a visually conspicuous victim.”

One more note: if the media weren’t so racist, racism would die out — the media is the single most culpable institution when it comes to racial stereotyping. Turn on the news, open a newspaper and SHOW me the stories where blacks (or latinos for that matter) are portrayed in an accurate, positive light. There’s a lot of money at stake in maintaining this racist atmosphere — prisons, for instance, are huge sources of revenue; and ensuring a perpetual underclass of minorities means less competition in the job market for white people.

The country is clearly ready for change — witness the election of President Obama — but until and unless the media starts serving the population as a whole, rather than an entitled and greedy subsection of it — we won’t see any real change in this country. The frightening thing about this is that not content with corrupting this country with racism, we also sell our racist television shows to other countries in order to spread the poison further. Anytime you do come across a rare show that features inter-racial couples whose primary focus is the actual relationship and not their race, you can pretty much count on that show being canceled. Think “Wonderfalls” or “Firefly” or any one of a dozen more amazing shows. What planet are the people in charge of programming living on? They are so far out of touch with reality, they might as well be living on Saturn. Look around you. The color of this country is not just changing. It has already changed. Ratings are falling for a reason. 

Race still sells in the news.  And, telling republicans that Blacks are crooks and thieves, still gets viewership.   Telling democrats that the Blacks they have hated for nearly a century now, since the beginning of the KKK, which was started by southern DEMOCRATS, still sows fear into nice white democrat homes.

Meanwhile Black entrepreneurs are suffering mega-setbacks by not being able to open Black owned stores.  Couple that with a staggering 25% unemployment amongst the Americanized Africans in this country and you continually see the widening of the economic gap between whites and Black, and yet you do NOT see a spike in theft among Blacks in this country.

The larger firms that know security and research loss prevention all point to whites as the largest purveyor of store shrinkage.  Yet, the news and media continues to fuel the fires of thinking Blacks have somehow cornered the market on theft.  Peruse and court papers for any length of time and you’ll see it is not even remotely true.

For Blacks: I’m White! I’m Better Than You!

The Myth of Being White

Down in the Bayou

So many people confuse statistics with a real application to “individuals”.  And, it confuses both white people and Black people alike.  For instance, you might hear a study that says the average white person has 85% more wealth than the average Black person, in America.  While the statistic may be true, it has zero application to everyone.  It is no more applicable to the average white person than the negative statistic is a hindrance to the average Black person.

Have you had a white person say to your face, that they are better than you, simply because they are white?  I have.  Many times.  It doesn’t even phase me.  Because, I know a few things, just by them saying this.  First of all, they say this to my face, because they are overwhelmingly threatened by my superiority over them.  I am more handsome, smarter, craftier, wiser, more frugal, patient and generally not a bone head.  I am more educated, more traveled, and live, more often than not,  a far better lifestyle than they do.  Secondly, a truly superior being, such as myself, would never need to evoke verbally that he is better than someone else.  Being better than someone, isn’t something that you voice, it just is.

Why White People Are Not Superior to Black People

The vast majority of notions about white people being superior to Black people in America has absolutely nothing to do with any physical, emotional nor social notion of superiority.  White “superiority” is derived from institutional frameworks that seek to steal resources from Black people and deposit it into white hands.

Institutional Racism Includes Poor Whites?

Father, Son, Brothers (yes all 3)

It means simply, that white people from the beginning of the country and even during colonial times, passed laws to ensure than Black labor, intelligence, and social power were sucked out of Blacks and given to whites FOR PROFIT.  It had nothing to do with penis size, education, knowledge or capacity to learn.

Many bigoted whites have taken institutional racism to mean that they are superior humans.  This was never the case.  In fact the truly powerful white people, that got these laws passed, laugh at these country bumpkins who took it upon themselves to express hatred for Blacks, when they themselves were never included in the economic transference of wealth.

Even more shocking was the blow when slavery, Jim Crow and other institutional forms of racism were simply dropped.  And why were they dropped?  Because they were inefficient and unnecessary tools to steal Black wealth and power and deliver it into wealthy white hands.  When technology caught up, slavery was not an issue.  When technology caught up, Black civil rights were not an issue.  Once technology caught up, institutional racism reformed and readjusted to a sleeker form of racism.

Institutional racism became more and more refined to the point that elite whites included poor whites in their scheme to steal riches.  So the very person screaming about how superior he is because he’s white, is ignorant of the fact that, he technically speaking isn’t even white, in the real scenario of the world.  If he is on a level where he rubs elbows with you, in the same circle, he might as well put on overalls and call himself a negro, because the real “white” people have thrown him under the bus right along with us Black folks.

[take this post as a joke.  it was written in jest.  but, sadly, according to my research it is true.  those that are in the halls of power never intended Blacks to be hated.  They were simply seen as a convenient cheap labor force.  After a century of practicing this, the powers that be have refined their negotiating for a cheap labor force and have made it nearly and art form.  Think about it for a second. And, no there’s no need to think I’m talking about some clandestine conspiracy.  It is quite out in the open.]

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For Blacks: Do Not Stop Our Own Internal Dialogue

Robbing Us of Our Conversation

The Discussion Table

We have been missing from the discussion table for far too long.  I did a video on the reparations bill for Africans in America that is presented yearly, since the time of Lincoln.  One of the comments told me that we should stop protesting and marching and boycotting, because it does nothing and is foolish.  This was one of those white people that say “oh be calm, it’s alright, everything will be o.k.”.

A very wise Black man once said, “the reality of those who come in peace is that they are ordering you to sit down and shut up and like what the white man gives you.”  What is most dangerous about this type, is that they pretend to come in peace.  They are simply passive aggressive.  You have to be wise beyond measure, and vigilant to catch them.  We’re talking extremely passive aggressive here.  They pretend to be on your side, or even pretend that they are fighting FOR you, when in reality, they are simply telling you to sit down and shut up and be happy with what you’re given.

The more Africans in America open up channels and have internal dialogue the better.

The Switch

You ever see this on T.V.: nameless Black leader says something completely truthful about someone else, and the white media twists his words to sound as if he called someone names, and the nameless Black leader is hung out to dry for daring to speak the truth.

The Switch

It’s called the switch.  Without a doubt, the white man in America has not only practiced racism on a massive scale, unseen ever before on the face of the planet, South Africa included, but he institutionalized [ i.e. made laws ] racism so that it was impossible for racism not to flourish in the land.  The ultimate goal was always to subjugate the African in America, so that all resources ended up in the hands of the white man.  None of that information is new, nor is it inflammatory.  It is just a case of historical fact.

The switch is that now the white man, to continue subjugating the Black man, in perpetuity, he has initiated a passive aggressive campaign to socially stigmatize the African in America.  They can then more easily incarcerate Black men; get rid of Black leaders; get rid of conscious Black preachers; get rid of socially conscious speakers.  Any Black person that speaks out against the widespread racism that exists in America today is called a racist himself.  They then challenge the Black community to get rid of the trouble maker for them, if they don’t do it outright themselves.

They are obviously not above assassination.  Historical fact!  We now know that several Black leaders, whom we thought were taken out by their own men, were in fact infiltrated by the government, sabotaged, and stage the assassination for all eyes to believe what was apparent to the naked eye to see.  Chief among these agencies were the CIA and NSA.

Land of the Free

There are poor white people, as much as there are poor Black people.  This statement is false on so many levels it isn’t even funny. If you honestly believe that a white man is equal to a Black man, then you are sleeping with your eyes open.  No sane individual with a 5th grade understanding of social history in America, believes that white men are equal to Black men.

More Equal Than You

Yes, I intend to insult, so that you wake up from your stupor.  Listen up.  A white man has 85% more power, wealth and knowledge than a Black man in America.  That includes a poor white man.  I could make any white man rich in about 2 years.  I cannot guarantee that to any Black man.

How many studies do you need to tell you that there’s a wealth gap between Africans in America and whites?  How many studies do you need to tell you that Black unemployment is off the charts?  How many studies do you need to tell you that Black owned businesses are not supported by any racial group and fail miserably whereas all other racial groups support and succeed in business?  There are countless studies and they have done these surveys since slavery first started. [ shocking ]

The Discussion Table

Get away from stupid Black leaders that talk about civil rights and voting rights and equality.  They are a shill for the powers that be.  Yes, that’s right.  They are nothing more than put in place to placate Black people into thinking they are getting something.  The reality is that they accomplish absolutely nothing.  Martin Luther King Jr accomplished absolutely nothing.  WHAT?!?!?!  Yes, we are in the same boat we were in since 1860.  Now that’s a historical fact.

The Discussion Table

As soon as Blacks got the ability to get away from Blacks and spend their money in white shops and buy white houses, the Black community fell horribly.  No other community has asked that their own community be destroyed.  Only the black community has willingly asked that theirs be destroyed.  Not one person, not even Malcom X even opened the question about the financial well being of the Black community AMONGST ourselves.

The civil rights leaders are obsessed with the white man.  I say, leave them to the white man.  They can have all the white man they want.  You and me, let’s sit down and figure out how we can open up 400,000 businesses within the black community this year.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.  Not how some idiot talk show host hurt your feelings on national t.v.  Seriously, you need to grow up and be an adult if that is the center of your universe for even one second.

Instead of watching the stupid t.v. and getting insulted when someone says the N word, why don’t you sell the t.v., save the money and open up you a business.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.

Instead of falling for a half Black president that tells you straight up that he is not going to discuss nor even think about Black issues and you vote for him anyway, we need to research that the democratic party instituted the KKK and Jim Crow and stop being a damn fool and voting for these democrats to begin with.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.

Our Black leaders have failed, fail and will keep failing if we keep honoring and listening to their nonsense.  If we keep listening to white people that pull “the switch” on us, we’ll keep failing.  If we don’t sit at the discussion table and discuss our financial future in a voice of authority, rationality and be educated on finance, all the stupid civil rights discussions be damned, we’ll never be equal.

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For Blacks: Racism Definition


[ This series is entitled For Blacks, because it is intended for a Black audience only.  Any controversial comments will be completely ignored and banned. ]

Just as the devil’s greatest trick is to make people think  he doesn’t exist, which I’ve heard from so called Christians and atheists alike, so has the completely wrong definition of racism pervaded in our language.

Black Wallstreet

If you go look up the term racism in the dictionary it will instead give you the definition of bigotry.  I’m sure many of you just went blank trying to think how racism and bigotry are different.  The idiocy of the matter is that those that are in fact racist have overwhelmingly redefined the term so that those who are the underclass cannot ever hope to understand what racism is and how to thereby defeat the oppressors.

If you are smart, you can already see what the true definition of racism is.  It is not bigotry.  It is not prejudice.  It is not even hatred.


1. a competitive relationship between groups of people that are competing for the control of wealth, resources and power.

2. a group phenomenon whereby one group seeks to exploit another group so that all wealth, resources and power is given to the first group at the complete expense of the second group.

Racism did not exist until the 17th century.  Many white people today don’t even recognize what racism is.  The primary source of racism was slavery.  Later as technology advanced slavery was unnecessary to keep Blacks in America an underclass.  Blacks could be exploited at will since, after slavery absolutely nothing was given to Blacks in observance of so called “emancipation”.  To this day 99% of the wealth that was taken from Blacks is still enjoyed by whites and the interest from it is still making trillions of dollars yearly for the white race in America.

Whites Robbed and Burned Down the Richest Black City in 1921

For those thinking that all minorities have it bad and we should group together, you’re not paying attention.  Each race is racist except for Black people.  Black people are the only group that does not understand the concept of racism and that we are in competition with each other for the same resources.  Every group that has come to America has made it their agenda to further their group and their group alone to the exclusion of everyone else, EXCEPT Blacks.

Blacks were never brought here as immigrants.  We were brought here, overwhelmingly, as chattle.  As such we had nothing, started with nothing and ended with nothing.

If you think somehow “minorities” are all in the same boat you are sadly mistaken.  Some of the most powerful groups for other “minorities” are in fact practicing racism to the fullest extent.  Namely, Latino groups which seek to exclude everyone else but themselves, keep the influx of Latinos coming into the country, excluding Blacks from any of their talks, reforming immigration policy and reforming public funds to be distributed to them and them alone.

The same is true of all other “minority” groups.  Black people are the only ones who form a political group and willingly invite other minority groups into it.  Meanwhile, those very same groups form their own groups to further their own agenda for their sole gain.

If Black people do not get a firm understanding of what racism is, they will very soon be a permanent underclass.  They will even be a permanent underclass to current other “minorities”.

Blacks Were Rounded Up and Jailed and Blamed for Tulsa Burning

By the way, most people think the word minority is strictly a numbers word.  They think minority is something that refers only to a group that has a number lesser than another group.  While that might be a mathematical definition, with humans nothing is that cut and dry.  Minority means that you are a lesser human.  In America specifically you are lesser than a white person.  Therefore calling yourself a minority is admitting to yourself that you are lesser than a white person.

No Black person should ever call themselves a minority.  We are not in the same category as the other non-whites to begin with.  There is absolutely no shared history between Blacks in America and anyone else on the face of the planet.  No mexican shares the same history.  No asian shares the same history.  No JEW shares the same history.  Do not hug someone because they are not white.  At the end of the day they are going to go to their local mexican / asian / jewish store and spend money there to make sure the money stays in their hands and not in yours.  Say hi, wave, what have you, save your hugs for your own brother.

I repeat, racism is a competition.  It is alive and well.  Learn to compete or die.  It is as simple as that.

Now if you have been paying attention, you should have noted two things:

  1. currently only whites are racist, because they are in the winning position
  2. Blacks have never been racist and cannot be racist because it is a group phenomenon

Anyone who calls a Black person a racist is completely ignorant of the English language.  Again, racist is not bigotry, nor prejudice, it is racism.  You cannot use the two interchangeably.

Let me make it patently clear.

  • not only will a racist exploit a group of people, but they will willingly have them very close to them, i.e. house slaves
  • a bigot does not tolerate another PERSON that belongs to a group and will shun them, to the point of not even wishing to see nor work along side them
  • racism is continuous and ongoing to this very day and probably will continue till the very last human is alive
  • many who were bigots have now changed hearts and now not only work with Black people, but have dinner with them and even consider them friends
  • bigotry is not an ongoing thing

Survivor of Black Wall Street

If you are still not understanding, let me present a final comparison.  Even among white people, there is a select group of whites that feel they should be served by other whites who are not as well off as they are.  This is called classicism.  Where one class feels compelled to exploit another class of people.  The media tries to pretend that that is the only competition going on today.  This is of course patently false.  Not only is there classicism, but there is also racism.

In America today, to be poor, Black and a man is a 3 strike rule.  The wealthy elites would like nothing more than to exploit poor, Black, men like no other group alive.  Wake up and compete.

[ I will go over how to compete in a later post ]

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My Perspective: Playing Video Games as a Black Boy

I Can Only Be White

That sends out a strong message to children.  Only white people can be heroes.  In fact, not only can only white people be heroes, but only white people can be arch-nemesis too.  Black people in video games are relegated to a status of not 2nd class citizens, but 3rd, 4th or insignificant class citizens.  And, while some gaming companies make a minimal effort to include darker hues in their heroic characters, the characters remain white for all intents and purposes.  They are white people with a tan, nothing more.


Black Wizard

Too often white people think of only their perspective on things.  If Black people speak up and say anything, white people overreact and claim that the Black person is being illogical and uncompromising.  It is quite the double standard.  Most white people that react this way are not being intellectually honest.  Obviously, the white perspective on things is not the only perspective on things.  Even those white people that propose to try and help the Black man, can only still see things from the white perspective.

I am presenting, the real perspective of gaming from a Black man’s perspective, mine.  I am nothing, if not intellectually honest about the entire situation.  Now while there are those who control gaming companies to put in storylines that seek to hammer home messages of “continued poverty is good” for everyone, this is not my focus for this particular article.  Yes, I know it goes on and we all suffer for that.  And, if you need me to do an article on that, I will.  After all, I am Libertarian, I see the system that seeks to pit all of us against each other while it grows to mammoth size in plain view.  Yes yes, you have my ear on that.  But, this article is for you to understand how Black children are continually made to feel inferior while “being entertained”.

Kneejerk Reactions to Black Perspectives

Black Paladin

Most often, white people will have a kneejerk reaction to Black people that speak up about their situation or their perspective on any given topic.  It happens all the time in politics.  Now that the president is half Black, these reactions occur more and more often.

Let’s set the playing field for this gaming discussion.  Noone will have a kneejerk reaction until the entire article is read.  So often people read the first paragraphs of my articles and write a comment.  I have to then point out that what they were reacting to was completely refuted in the last half of the article.

I watched a video of a Black man that also is a “gamer” discussing Blacks in video games.  The reaction that the white commentators had were just out the box.

  • Censorship – some said that it was unnecessary to even make such a video.  While this might seem like a very warm and caring comment to make, at the end of the day it’s censorship.  So if he followed those guidelines, he would never speak, i.e. censorship.
  • Hate – some reacted with poor hatred, as in “don’t play the game then”.  Apparently Black people can either pay their money and suffer through the annoying treatment of Black people in video games or not play any video games.

As you can see both sides – the caring side and the hating side – had the same end result: shut up Black man.

Black People in Video Games

Black Buddha

One of the most popular and … over the top violent game series to date is Grand Theft Auto.  If anyone takes two seconds to look into it in real life, they would see that white people have cornered the market in this underground industry.  There have been movies made about it, books, news reports.  While the game is not strictly focused on GTA, it is a component in the game.  The focus of this game series, for those who do not know, or for those who are too dense to realize what is going on, even while they play it, is that your hero, and that term is used lightly, is attempting to climb the ranks of some organized crime organization / family.  There was an entire expansion dedicated to a Black version of the hero.  He did sound “black”.  He did have a bunch of Black friends.  In all the other GTA games, the hero climbs the ranks of an organized crime syndicate.  For the Black installment of the game, he’s just a gang-banger.  And, as far as sounding “Black”, it’s a caracature of how Black people are portrayed on T.V. today, no-class, no-school, rapper, jail-loving, shuckin and jiving negros.  Apparently, Black people, once again, cannot be organized.  What is strange is that all other installments of the game, went througout the world to find a particular ethnic organized crime syndicate to portray in the game.  With the Black installment, they ignored the thousands of Black organized crime syndicates and just put South Central in the game.

Black Heroes in Games

As mentioned at the beginning, Black gamers are relegated to the outside when it comes to playing heroic characters.  Young Black boys, who play video games will quickly get the message, subtle or otherwise, that to be heroic, you must be white.  I probably have over 500 video games sitting next to me in my library.  Other than GTA, as mentioned above, all the heroic characters are white, or worse, a white woman.  And, before you get up in arms about the word worse, understand that the target for 90% of video games are boys / men.  Making the hero of a story, a violent story at that, a woman, messes up all sorts of gender issues: violence again women for starters; emasculation of men.  Playing a white, female, hero is not something you should want your little Black son to be doing.  It’s bad enough the games are violent.  You definitely do not want him identifying a female as the focus of his persona.

For the most part Black characters fall into 3 categories:

  • The Monkey – the screaming, permanently angry boss type non-player-character that is “over there” and that you only see when you have done something wrong, so he’s angry and throws poop at you.  It is very subtle in its delivery, but this is how the portrayal is.  You can find this in movies too.
  • The flunky – the fodder that you wade through to get to characters with lines or boss fight.
  • Invisible – you can have a game with a city system with 1 million people in it, and there won’t even be a Black face in the crowd.  I don’t know if the developers are just wishing there would be a city like this or what, but it’s amazing to see.  FYI, Black people are in every city in the world.  No, not African-Americans, Black people, you know the ones form Africa.

The message is clear:

  1. Black people [who look and act like real black people, not two dimensional stereotypes] cannot be heroic, smart, smooth, eloquent, daring, brave, charming, dashing and wise
  2. Black people cannot be villains who are: conniving, sinister, daring, geniuses, educated, powerful, resourceful.
  3. Black people cannot even be victims: damsels in distress; worthy of saving; innocent; by-standers; beautiful; alluring; hopeless.

Think for a second, if you were making a fantastic story, those 3 things would be all you need to make it epic.  And, this is not how Black people are portrayed in 99.99999999% of the games.

So many years, I have played games where you couldn’t even pick a Black person.  I could choose between a white man and 20 different sub-human races, including animals, but not a Black man. LOL  Isn’t that crazy?  I could be a werewolf, but not a Black man.  I could be a two legged goat that talks, but not a Black man.  I could be an Elven female with breasts that could float the Titanic, but not a Black man.

Black Wizards, Witches and Paladins?

It has been argued that there can’t be Black wizards and paladins in video games because that was only in Europe.  Well, sparky, unless you’re a complete lunatic, there were no white wizards, mages, sorcerers, conjurers and magicians in Europe either.  The entire premise is fantasy.  And, if I read history correctly, the most fantastic tales of magic come from the African continent.  White explorers were actually afraid to venture there because of the tales of high magic.  Even those that did travel there, for a long time stayed on their ships, because they were afraid of going into the deep interior due to these tales.  And, no it wasn’t about lions and tigers they feared, remember they hunted those, it was the fear of magic.

Morpheus = God of Dreams

It amazes me that people can believe in a white wizard, but a Black wizard is just too unbelievable.  I understand that little to no knowledge of the largest continent on the planet is taught in schools, but surely someone has picked up a book somewhere and read about the snake king, or the virgin birth magic, or the kingdom of gold.  Am I blowing your mind yet?  I bet you don’t know anything about those tales.  One of them is completely true.  The others… I assume were just wive’s tales.

A comedian was doing a skit and he said people are stupid and here’s why: “in the harry potter book the author revealed that Dumbledor is gay.  People were up in arms and said they could not believe he was gay.  But, they could believe he was a wizard, but not that he was gay.”

That’s the same way I think about the Black wizard argument.  I just shake my head when people say stuff like that.


For me, it’s too late.  I’m not impressionable any more.  But for your young Black boys, please choose their games carefully.  Do not reinforce the message that only white people can be heroes.  Do not buy them games like that.  Yes, that means you have to sit down and look at the game.  Yes, that means you have to be a Black parent to your children.

If you’re one of these new age parents that have to hold a conference with your child if you say no, go ahead and get them to first understand what is going on, and get their agreement, that it is better not to play the game. [in my day if Mama said no, it was no.  There was no U.N. meeting about it.]  But, make sure you get agreement from them that it is better form them not to get the game.  This way, they won’t sneak and get the game behind your back.  Go and research games that portray Black people are real live heroes.  Go and research games that show that Black people can be evil, nuclear physicist geniuses and not pimps and prostitutes.

It is going to take someone like me starting up a gaming company myself, I believe, before Black people are fairly and adequately and EPICLY portrayed in video games.  Let’s face it.  You don’t play a video game to watch someone plant tomatoes.  Oh wait, that stupid Sims game does exist.  Ok, normal humans don’t want that.  They want larger than life heroes and larger than life villains.  Ergo, visa vis, concordantly, the Black people in video games should be: larger than life.  Black people in video games should be Heroes, in every sense of the word.  Black people in video games should be villains, in every sense of the word.  Black people in video games should be victims, in every sense of the word.


A Black actor put his resume online and asked to be written into a series as a Black gamer.  Everyone white person that commented on his profile all came with hate and told him to shut up and not bring up race.  On the show there are no Black people.  Not even in the background. LOL  It’s a double standard.  Don’t bring up race, but we don’t want Black people on the show.  Makes me laugh.

Can’t Prove Racism: The Case of McDonald’s

Is This Racism?

Real Live Advertisement for McDonald’s

It’s very hard to prove racism these days, in hiring.  But at 50% unemployment in some communities of Blacks, especially men, the numbers should speak for themselves.  I would like to present to you, now and again, evidence of racism, without having to prove that someone came out and said “we don’t hire “n” here”.

Is McDonald’s Racist

So the facts are these:

  • A young Black man walks into a McDonald’s that posted a “job fair” for that day.  They had announced previously and had signs posted.  
  • When he arrived he was promptly informed that there was only one position available and his chances were very slim.
  • when his pen gave out while filling out the application he asked to borrow the store recruiter’s pen, of which she had two sitting in her pocket.  He was informed that she needed her pens.  When he asked which one, she informed him both.
  • a homeless white woman was filling out an application as well, and he asked to use the pen after she finished.  The homeless woman resisted saying it belonged to the recruiter.  He lied and said he was told to use it.
  • when he presented the application to the corporate recruiter, she asked what experience he had. Luckily he informed her that he had held jobs at Coldstone’s, Cookie Cafe.
  • she asked for a resume.  When he replied that he did not have one, she went off into a speech about always having a resume, no matter where he is applying.  The position he was applying for was for entry level associate [ i.e. burger flipper ]
  • when he then returned the pen to the store recruiter he asked for a business card with the store’s number on it, to get updates on his resume.  A third recruiter came from behind the counter to inform him that he did not need the store’s phone number and that he would be called if he qualified for the job.

Now I ask you.  Is this racism?  I reminds me of when Black folks were given the legal right to vote and the south erected all manner of Jim Crow laws to prohibit voting. Some places required: reading comprehension; reciting the constitution by heart; penmanship tests, etc…  So this young Black man goes into the beginnings of beginnings of the job market and is handedly rejected at every turn.  He was berated and insulted for even daring to step into McDonald’s.  He was constantly challenged to keep him from even submitting the application.  And, even when it was obvious that he qualified for the job, they ask for a resume.

Let’s call a spade a spade.  This particular scenario was nothing more than sheer racism.  Resume for entry level McDonald’s position?  They hire 16 year olds for the position.  Forget all that liberal: you should be prepared for anything.  IT’S MCDONALD’S!!! 

If someone came before me with these facts and I was a judge, I would be quite content to rule against McDonald’s.  It is unconscionable.

Let’s stop for a second and consider.  What if he had a resume?  What if everyone at the job fair had a resume?  My question is, why are they at McDonald’s applying for a starter job, with a resume?  You don’t show up to a pool party in a tailed tuxedo.

I know some people are going to be hard-headed and say McDonald’s was in the right.  To them, I just say you’re probably racist yourself.  If you cannot see that entire scenario as racist, then you’re either 9 years old and incapable of understanding such concepts, or you have no mental capacity or are just not a human.

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Eating While Black

Scenarios of eating while black

I’m sitting enjoying ice cream with my wife at the local mall. We had just finished our Christmas shopping. I was going over in my head the list of toys I had bought and that secret something for the misses, she didn’t know about. Well I hoped she didn’t know, but I’m sure she probably knew about it before I even thought about it. The food court has a nice open ceiling to it. The snow gently fall through it, but we’re warmed by electric braziers set around the food court. Suddenly I’m surrounded by 25 men in military fatigues, all pointing machine guns at me. I’m ordered to stand up and to get on the wet ground. People gasp and hide their children’s faces. The armed men grab me and tell me to take my hands out of my pockets. At this point, I’ve had about enough of this. They say they are cops. Then suddenly my vision goes dark and pain shoots throughout my body. My heart! I’ve been tazered by these white thugs in front of everyone, and I look and see that my wife is too.

– This is the case of Major T Lemon on December 24th, 2007 in Wisconsin. There was an anonymous 911 call saying there was a “man” standing in the food court and that someone saw a gun. Apparently Wisconsin is one of the states that outlaws the constitutional right to bear arms. It seems the millions of idiots that live there have never sued the state on the basis of its unconstitutional laws. Be that as it may, this man was eating Gelato [Italian for ice cream] and ended up in the hospital, and was even charged for resisting arrest, although clearly no gun was found. He was simply eating while black. He was even trespassed off the property.

In this instance, the police did absolutely no police work. They had an anonymous tip with unsubstantiated corroborative evidence. In fact the victim in this case, Mr. Lemon, had all of his constitutional rights violated. Checking into the story a bit deeper Mr. Lemon was being targeted and the police were the goon squad that were the trap sprung in full view of the public. This was not a case of mistaken identity, it was a case of completely false information.

Mr. Lemon was an outspoken critic of the police, and the police were all too happy to carry out injustice and public humiliation. Least of the commentary about this situation is the fact that Wisconsin is a bastion of unconstitutionality. I can even imagine that when the police arrived at the mall, they saw Lemon first and then went to the security booth and pointed him out to see if he were the guy with the gun. Of course Lemon had no gun. But, at that point the whole scenario of the gun was beyond the police and they had their “scumbag” with his wife twitching on the ground. Thankfully, Lemon’s bad heart did not burst from the tazer or the full blown nightmare of their police debacle would have been evident.

The media was all too happy to paint Mr. Lemon as a “scumbag”. Not a single report came on the side of Mr. Lemon. Instead of reporting “Innocent Man and Wife Tazered While Eating Gelato at Local Mall” they all ran with “Suspected Gun Man Tazered in Local Mall”. Who cares that no gun was found? Who cares that no OTHER gun man was found? Gone is any notion of independent reporting. Either the police have the paper editors by the balls or the newspaper felt it their obligation to paint a Black man as some scary gun toating menace to society. Except,… he was sitting eating gelato with his wife, a very unlikely scenario. This fact is lost on both the media and the police.

I’m sitting enjoying a nice fresh lobster, fresh squeezed lemon with my bib on, enjoying the meal with my friends. Suddenly [yes i did nothing but eat] a cop appears before me and tells me to “stand up and keep your hands where I can see them”. Clearly this guy is something out of deliverance. He shoves me and then he and his buddy cop throw me to the ground and handcuff me.

– This is the real life story of Baltimore Raven rookie Tony Fein. Fein attended Ole Miss and was signed as a free agent in June following a minicamp tryout. He is an Iraq veteran who served in the Army for more than three years before playing college ball. In two seasons at Ole Miss, he had 136 tackles (77 solo) in 24 games, according to the Ravens Web site. The real story is that one of the restaurant employees saw a group of white men passing what he thought was a gun from one to another at the table, but it turned out to be a cell phone. The officers arrived on the scene and went over to Fein instead. A clear case of eating while black. Regardless of what reports say, Fein has never been in trouble with the law and has never owned any weapon. The cop tried to say Fein shoved him and caused him to fall and injure his elbow. Fein was charged with assaulting a police officer, yet immediately released.

This isn’t even a case of mistaken identity. The call was made about the white group of men. The policeman took it upon himself to turn away from the white group and harass Mr. Fein. It isn’t even a case of bad police work, because the dirty cop knew who the suspects were. I would hope that Mr. Fein would not only seek a very lucrative law suit, but seek to have both dirty cops removed off the streets of Baltimore.

In any instance were police are the bullies and antagonist, it is our duty to have them removed from the force. There is simply no leeway given to someone that has a gun, and can kill citizens without remorse to be in such a position. Everyone wants to jump on the side of the police, when it is the citizens that are at the end of these dirty cops. Police have to be better, faster, stronger and smarter, not dirty, degenerate, low-life, scum and villany. Police have to know the constitution like the back of their hands. They cannot plead ignorance, nor seek leeway in their line of duty.

Regarding and observing our constitutional rights is the minimum benchmark for police work to begin. We cannot say “but he’s doing his police work, cut him some slack”. If the police have to step on the constitution to perform their line of work, then they don’t need to be police. Why? Because thousands upon thousands of good cops are out there all day long that don’t tread on the constitution as an excuse for doing their duty or carrying out police work. It is an insult to these good cops to say that the scumbag cops are our lowered expectations of how police work is handled. Do we lower the bar for the retards on the police force to function? Or, do we keep the bar to the expectations we have for the good cops to perform.


While white people often feel that Black people inordinately portray themselves as being the targets of race, they only do so when they think the person saying so is beneath them. There have been thousands of reports of doctors, lawyers, police chiefs, judges, etc… that have all come out and said they have been the target of racism also. If all the ducks quack, don’t you think perhaps, just perhaps you might want to go check the shed for the fox?

I’m the victim of racism by the police all the time. Almost exclusively so. In fact, since I have been out of school, the only racism I have received has been from police and no one else. At 6’3 240lbs and good looking, most normal citizens wouldn’t dream of antagonizing me, but not the police. When I managed stores and called for help, they didn’t show up. And, I don’t live in a bad neighborhood. I nearly have a doctorates degree and carry myself like I own the world. I said that to say, I have no reason to nonchalantly play the race card.

The police are out of control. There is zero police work done these days. They think that cutting corners is the way to go.

What you should do if you’re stopped by the police while eating while Black –

  • remain absolutely silent to any questions
  • if asked for anything tell them you do NOT give them permission
  • if asked to stand, sit, move, come, go inform them that you do not give them permission to order you around and it is against your constitutional rights
  • ask for their superior to come to the sight
  • request to see their badge and I.D. [there are not too few cases of people impersonating cops who take people from public view and murder them]

If you are afraid of going to jail, you’re going to jail anyway. Get it in your mind that you are going to jail. Based on this viewpoint then, not giving police permission to completely rape you and trash all of your CONSTITUTIONAL rights is your DUTY. YOU have to protect your constitutional rights. Dirty scumbag cop? Yes, even against a scumbag cop. Cops rely on you to violate your own constitutional rights. Cops rely on your to give up your rights by giving them permission.

  1. if you do not give your permission to be searched, they cannot search you
  2. if you do not give your permission to be seized, they cannot seize you
  3. if you do not give your permission to be ordered around, they cannot order you around

Anyone who would say that you not giving permission is not “cooperating with the cops” are neither a patriot, nor even intelligent. It is your duty to protect yourself, even against cops. We live in a day and age where our survival is threatened by both criminals and cops. If you don’t wake up and realize this, you’ll end up not only with your constitutional rights trampled on, you can end up dead easily. Police carry guns and aren’t afraid to use them.

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Brother to Brother: How to Handle Racism on a National Level

Don’t Get Mad Get a Lawyer

michael richards kramer[ This message is intended for a Black audience only. ] Today I was so moved to discuss how to handle racism on a national level. I think for too long Black people have been looking and listening to hippies with their touchy feely policies of how to handle racism in America. At no point has anyone with some balls ever stood up and said the policies haven’t worked in over 100 years and will not work.

Let me ask you. Why are Asians not made fun of? Why are Asians for the most part left alone? Why is there a China town in every major city? Because, they could care less what other people say, they don’t want no part of white people and they love their Asian brothers and sisters. They have the attitude of “if I don’t help my brother, he’s not going to get help”. For the most part, Asians keep to themselves and live separately.

We have been constantly told, by white people that it’s not good for Black people to separate themselves. This lie is so widespread that even the Black leaders during the civil rights movement started to repeat it. Let me ask you something. Do you remember the potato famine in Ireland and the millions of poor Irish people that came over here? They were treated, in those days, like the Black people of the white race. Everyone hated them, no one hired them, and if they did it was scrubbing toilets out by hand. Those poor Irish trash, setup shop in their own separate neighborhoods and kept to themselves. Italians, same thing. Jews, same thing. Mormons, same thing. Ok so if white people are segregating themselves and 10 years later coming out rich, why are we separating from out Black brothers and sisters and being just as broke as a church mouse.

So I present to you, how to play the game. Racism is about divide and conquer. That’s all it is. That’s all the lynching of thousands of Black people was about, that’s all the civil rights movement, which is a flop, is about: divide and conquer.

So Michael Richards, the actor that played Kramer in the hit t.v. show Seinfeld, was in the news a couple of years ago. He was doing a comedy show and he got upset and started saying nigger nigger nigger to a group of Black audience members. He received flack for it. He was told to apologize. So on the David Letterman show, he sent in a tape of him apologizing to a chimpanzee [ a monkey ]. At this point, you know he doesn’t care. He received flack for that and then he made a video of him acting a fool and apologizing.

How to Win Against Racists

lynching of Black manSo often, when public figures are caught being racist, people rush to beg them to apologize. Apologize? Why? These people are grown. And, I’m pretty sure their mind is already made up about how they view life. Don’t come groveling to anyone to beg them to apologize. This isn’t the playground at recess. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are quick to come on the scene and demand an apology. Do you understand how pathetic and pitiful that is? Do you understand how ignorant Black people are made to appear for asking for an apology?

Let me put it into what is really going on. The person tells you they don’t like you. The person tells you they don’t think you’re human. The person tells you they think you are substandard. The person tells you that you are unfit to live. Then some idiot Black leader comes and say apologize? Are you friggin kidding me? That is way down on a juvenile level that it is comedy.

OK, how do adults handle that? Let me hip you to how the game is played. So Kramer calls you a nigger 50 times, on stage, on national t.v. The adult doesn’t turn around and call him a cracker or a honkey. This is what an adult does. This is how the game is played.

  1. If he is on a t.v. show, you write down every single commercial that comes on during the show. You then write the advertisers and inform them that you will not only, not watch the show, but you will not buy any products of advertisers who are supporting the show. You get everyone in your family to do the same. You get everyone of your friends to do the same, and their friends and their friend’s friends.
  2. If he is on a t.v. show, you write the stations showing it, you write the broadcasters who broadcast it and say the same thing. And, get your family and friends and friend’s friends to do that same.
  3. If it’s a movie you write the producers or call them and say the same thing. And, get your family and friends to do the same.
  4. Don’t stop now. If it’s a t.v. show call the F.C.C. and do the same thing.

If someone is racist and they are in a position of authority or famous or a politicians, that’s how you play the game. You don’t get mad, you destroy them. Don’t get angry and get a gun, get a lawyer. People don’t see Black people as equal. And, they will continue to think that, if we continue to behave like children. I pull no punches. Don’t threaten to shoot someone, threaten to sue someone. That’s how a man handles it. That’s how an adult handles it. It is time out for that back of the bleachers after school high school stuff. This is the real world. You better get with or you’ll get stomped and left behind.

segregation in americaStop listening to pussies talk about: “awww Black people shouldn’t be separate”. The hell we shouldn’t. Divide and conquer is for chumps that don’ t know any better. Name calling is for kids. A law suit isn’t a right, it’s how you play the game. And I’m in it to win it. That’s how we will get ahead. If someone thinks we are 2nd class citizens, if someone thinks we are monkeys, if someone thinks we are dirty, lazy and dangerous animals, we need to destroy them. Don’t beat them up, destroy them. Again, don’t move out of the hood. You simply stay there and encourage each other to open up your own shops in the hood. That’s one of the biggest problems facing Black businesses and lack of Black support of Black businesses, they aren’t located in Black neighborhoods. We can’t live in fear of our own people. Get rid of the bad element and keep building the hood. Just build it, build it, build it! And, if we all lived together, the dollars would flow amongst ourselves and stay within our community. THAT is how the Jews, the Irish, the Italians all became wealthy. They stuck together, they kept their dollars inside the community and kept building up the community.

Finally, we have to learn the game. Don’t go begging another man for your freedom. Even Benjamin Franklin said the same thing. If we destroy racist after racist after racist [ and i’m just talking about this particular issue ] we are demanding our respect, not begging for it on our hands and knees. Remember the superman show and super heroes in general? They don’t ask for respect, they exibit their power and THAT’S what people are drawn to. I present that example, not to be childish, but to show you an extreme example of what a grown adult should do. Think about any person you honestly just plain admire. I guarantee they never ever asked for respect. We shouldn’t ask for ours either. Flex our might, flex our strength, show our solidarity and build our community.

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Why Black Men are Fired

Black Men have Twice the Unemployment of Whites

Black men have twice the unemployment of whites, in fact Black men and women have twice the unemployment of whites. Black women fair better due to being in different industries, but I believe I can explain all of it in one word. Racism.

WARNING: [ if you are going to be offended by the post, please stop reading now. understand that I always read data from university study after university study for every post I make. None of it is my opinion. I just say what others are not in a position to say, or are afraid of retaliation. ]

Study after study has shown that racism practices are dominate in the hiring of Black men and it is widespread. I’m sure everyone is hoping that in this day and age that, that wouldn’t be so, but the data is clear.

Some sectors are harder hit by this economic downtrend than others, but even before this financial crisis Black men double the unemployment rates of whites.

“Black men’s ability to access high-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector played a significant role in building the black middle class after World War II. Yet those jobs have steadily declined in the past several decades. A study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research estimated that the share of African Americans in manufacturing jobs fell from 23.9 percent in 1979 to 9.8 percent in 2007. Blacks were actually 15 percent less likely than other groups in 2007 to have a job in manufacturing. These jobs have also been among the first cut in this recession, accelerating the decline of available positions with decent pay for black men.”

Clearly this was before the financial crisis and the data showed that Black men were hit already targeted for being fired. And, these were positions that had been held for years, and not new hirees.

“Black men have also been disproportionately affected by the instability in the automotive industry. A study by the Economic Policy Institute found that African Americans have above average employment and earn much higher wages in auto industry jobs than in other industries. If one or more domestic automakers were to file for bankruptcy, more than 3 million jobs could be lost within the next year, a result that would be especially devastating for African Americans.”

Everyone talks about the equality of educational opportunity. I have toured the south and found many rural places where education is not a reality. It is seemingly as distant as the moon. In fact I found the best products from high schools in the south were subpar to national standards, and again these were their best products. When I see a sector that is well paying and requires only a high school degree, clearly these Black men chose the best opportunity available to them. Meanwhile the country cast aspersions on these very men. It’s as if the white people are not satisfied until we are removed from society entirely.

“Persistent racial discrimination has enhanced the effects of various factors that have limited the employment opportunities available to black men over time. A cross-sectional analysis of employers by Harry J. Holzer of Georgetown University found that employers are generally more averse to hiring black males than those from any other racial and gender group, especially in jobs that require social or verbal skills and in service occupations.”

I was once, many years ago, fired from a job where I was the sole employee, of a small studio. I was hired by the manager, trained by her and after 2 days left alone to manage the studio. Six months later the corporate manager showed up as a secret shopper. She was amazed at my expertise, quality salesmanship and “approachability” [the store manager later told me she was testing this, clearly this was because I was Black, I had never heard of such a thing before]. I was fired a few days later. In fact I showed up to open the store and the manager, surprisingly, was there. She had said she left a message and was shocked I showed up. She gave me some excuse I had sassed a security guard in the mall. [who had constantly harassed me] I can’t help thinking that the corporate manager was shocked to find that my manager had hired a Black man all this time, and gave the immediate order to fire me. Understand that my manager and I had never had so much as a critique about my job. In fact she often praised my sales and we were on very friendly terms.

[I give that personal example, to exemplify how the workplace is. Both of these were white women. My immediate supervisor only saw a hard worker that produced profits and had an impeccable work ethic. The corporate manager saw a Black man. And, although she was clearly impressed [which she immediately told my manager] she ordered me to be fired anyway. I understood that this was a complete burden on the my manager, she was a young mom and she depended on me to allow her time to take care of home life. After firing me she would have to work all day (which is what i did for 14 hours). ] By the way, the studio closed within a month.

“Another study from Princeton University of nearly 1,500 employers in New York City found that black applicants without criminal records are no more likely to get a job than white applicants just out of prison.”

In New York city, unemployment amongst Black men is 50%. That is a staggering number. The Princeton study concluded that racism was the only explanation for their findings. In every instance that they viewed the Black male applicants, they were perfectly qualified for the jobs. They were completely astounded by their own findings. In fact, they found no instances where affirmative was even applied to hire the Black men. They found that racism was the single most dominant reason for Black men not being hired, and being fired. The jobs ranged in skill level also, so it was not a case of low paying, low level jobs. During Obama’s 100 days speech a reporter stood up and asked what Obama would do about that statistic. Obama replied that he had already extended unemployment benefits and offered healthcare benefits to unemployed workers. In other words nothing. That’s the problem, stop looking to the government for answers. They don’t have an answer. And, Obama didn’t have an answer either.

The Solution to Black Male Unemployment

What could be the solution? There can be only one solution to this problem. Racism is not going to go away. There are children being born right now that are already being indoctrinated into racism. There are so many cases of young, very young kids committing racial crimes and acting out racial tensions on Black children. Put it out of your mind, that in our lifetime racism will recede.

The solution is therefore not to target racism, but to target ourselves. Do not look to white people for jobs. That is the only answer. We have our own doctors, lawyers, mechanics, engineers, drafters, contractors, carpenters, brick layers, wall hangers, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, firemen, policemen, executives, human resource managers.

  • We Black people need to start our own businesses. It is past time that we look to the white man for anything, including a job.
  • The first business that needs to be opened are banks or credit unions. We must be in control of our own money supply and lending. Lending is the largest hamper and hindrance to Black business in America today, and has been for some decades. You can start a credit union 10 times faster than you can a bank. We have plenty of bankers, financiers and experts amongst ourselves. It would take nothing to start up credit unions or banks in Black communities all across America. Once we can lend amongst ourselves, the businesses can flourish. A word of warning: do not centralize the bank / credit union in each community if you can. Why? What if they were shut down or bought out? There goes the entire community. And sometimes, it seems like a very profitable deal to sell a bank or credit union for a very large offer, only to find out it’s being closed. They will buy you out simply to close you down. In fact that is the rub of most Black businesses. They are bought out and closed down immediately. The temporary financial gain from the sale is completely dwarfed by the loss of income for the years and years following due to these practices.
  • Create Black law firms. This is the 2nd most important thing that needs to be done. Our community needs legal scholars and legal representation. Only then can we stand for our constitutional rights. Invite Black lawyers into the community to start Black law firms. If the money is taken care of in the other points, then legal representation needs to be taken care of. No more would be hear excuses, if we get our financial act together, in courts across the U.S. with proper legal representation. Black law firms would bolster the community just that much.
  • We need to stop renting. Renting is the worst thing a Black man can do in America. I don’t care what financial expert tells you. Black people have zero assets. Let me repeat this. Renting affords you a lifestyle whereby you never have assets. You need land. We need land. We need a roof over our head that they can’t come knock on our door in the middle of the night and kick us out. So once you start that community bank, have people line up and buy the land they live on, or find some to buy and lend to them.
  • No current Black “organization” is doing what I’m saying. Do not look to them for guidance and leadership. They provide none. Do not look to the NAACP or anything else. They all suffer the slave mentality that we should take the white man to court so we can get a hand out from him. At no point have they demanded equality based on our own merits. Revisit cases like the Jena 6 if the points I’ve made here were followed out. The corruption of those white police and courts would have been revealed for what it was. These organization are hindering us more than helping us. We don’t need fanfare and legislation. We need our own two feet, and to hold the hand of the brother net to us. We need to reach back and down to the person under us. We don’t need laws for people to treat us right. Leave if you don’t like what someone is doing to you. Go get your own. You don’t have to spend your dollars somewhere, where they aren’t giving you the God given right a man deserves, go open up your own store. This very notion has been the slave mentality of this past century, look to the white man to fix the white man. That doesn’t make a lick of sense. Don’t look to the white man to fix the white man, look to yourself and move away from the white man. If the white man won’t rent to you, go back to the Black community and build a house. Why act like a dog begging for scraps from the masters table? You’re not a dog. You can have your own table. You can have your own food. You can have your own dinning room. You can have your own house.
  • We need send our children to private schools or home school them. They are being educated into a way of thinking against their own self interest. America is being dumbed down. We need to break away from the educational system. I believe private schools are a perfect alternative if you can’t home school them. If you have to scrimp and save to do it, do it.
  • We need to support Black owned businesses to our own detriment. That means even if you have to walk a mile to get to one, do so. No one else is going to support our own businesses, so we best get to doing it.
  • Hire Black people. Clearly white people hire their own, even if they’ve been in jail and are unqualified. If a Black applicant has an attitude you don’t like, but he’s qualified, hire him and train him, don’t let him twist in the wind. He’s our son, don’t let him end up just another statistic.
  • Train each other. Offer your expertise whenever you can to each other. Show them you have credentials and that it would be in their best interest to listen to what you have to say. Never miss an opportunity to teach. There is an effort already going on where small communities are going door to door offering training in Black communities. They are showing great success.
  • Make your church aware of what is going on. It is time out to think we can separate church and politics, because white people don’t. Address your congregation each and every Sunday on these issues and come together as a community to organize this.
  • Understand the rules of the game. The rules are, money makes right: not white; not black; not educated. Money speaks louder than words. Understand that the rules for this life in America is money makes right. Look at the Asians, they were silent for over 200 years and they are now above the white man economically how: they own their own businesses; they have higher incomes.
  • Spend most of your money on your child, not yourself. This includes dedicating your time to your child. Asians spend more on their children, and have always done so, than any other group. They are now in positions of power, unheard of before. Blacks spend the least on their children and have yet to get ahead. Dedicate your life to your child and you will be repaid 10 fold. In every instance where this has been the case, the results have been astounding. For example: the homeless lady who dedicated herself to her daughter; was completely involved with her schoolwork; her daughter ended up in Harvard.
  • Your child does not finish being your child at 18. Time and again Black parents abandon their children at 18. Asians contribute to their children for life. You must be involved with your child for life as well. If your child requires that he must study long hours before he understands and gets and A, then you must just accept that he can’t work and go to college, regardless of your own financial needs. Understand, you must sacrifice yourself for your children. Your story is over. You are building everything for your children. The faster you understand this, the further ahead we all will be.
  • Be involved with your community. You can’t just go to work, and then come plop on the couch and think the government will take care of tomorrow. You have to go get organized, get your community involved. You know the saying it take a village to raise a child, that’s from the African concept. No such thing existed in Europe. If you organize your community, you will take your streets back, and help raise those bad apples and turn them around. And if you organize your community you can see who would be the best for opening particular stores. Discuss it amongst yourselves. Where I live, if an Asian opens a store, it will be an overnight success. The day they open the doors, hundreds of customers will flood in. Every single Asian business I’ve seen open has done this. We need to organize and discuss and market our businesses amongst ourselves.
  • Have the attitude that the Black customer is your best customer. Once we understand marketing and business, we will be successful in our own community. Once we cater to our community, we will be able to take care of ourselves. Before the civil rights movement, the Black population commanded the 6th largest GDP in the world. After it was finished, our GDP was decimated. Why? Because, each dollar was churned in the community nearly 10 times before it left. We need to return to that wealth of business and community.
  • Maintain community first. If that concept is hone in on, we will be successful. As it stands we don’t have a community. White people look to us as a community and we constantly resist having one, so as not to seem homogeneous. This is weakness. We are categorized daily and looked upon as a community, yet we sit in disarray and unorganized. We need to come together as a community with pride and justification.

If we adopted these tenets as a community then 200% unemployment of Black men to whites would be a thing of the past. If we look to ourselves and not outside ourselves we can make this entire scenario moot.

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Black People Need Lawyers

Open Season to Kill Black Men

It’s in the news all the time. You see cell phone camera videos of cops shooting Black men, hand cuffed, on the ground, face down, in the back of the head. You see cops tasering Black men to death, using a taser till they stop breathing. I’m sure several videos just popped in to mind if you’ve been paying attention at all.

Police Code of Conduct

“A police officer acts as an official representative of government who is required and trusted to work within the law. The officer’s powers and duties are conferred by statute. The fundamental duties of a police officer include serving the community, safeguarding lives and property, protecting the innocent, keeping the peace and ensuring the rights of all to liberty, equality and justice.”

Does this shock you that this is the actual code of conduct? How many times have you seen police approach someone and immediately taser, punch, kick or pull a gun on them. And, this is with the citizen’s hands being up.

“white cop shoots and kills unarmed black man in bathing suit, shoots 28 times.”

These actions by police are not just done by a few, but they are the normal operating procedure of every policeman I know or have witnessed. This code of conduct is completely ignored.

I had one ex-cop, who quit due to his conscious, said that his department, and all departments in his city expected you to be violent with suspects. He quit when he lost his temper with a suspect and threw him crashing head first into a car, while the suspect was in hand cuffs. The reason he quit? Everyone in the police department clapped.

“white cop shoots honor roll student black kid in the back 14 times”

Why are so many Black men being killed by police? Why are they being murdered by those who are supposed to uphold and enforce the law? Because, they can get away with it.


Lawyers. Every Black person, when involved with the police, needs to immediately retain the services of an attorney. Let me repeat that in a very real and serious way:

To participate in the American lifestyle, to take advantage of the freedoms afforded U.S. citizens, to safeguard your rights and freedoms, to protect yourself from a lawless, racist, group of blood thirsty thugs, every Black person needs to immediately retain a lawyer.

Forget these jokes about how lawyers are villains or scum or evil, lawyers get the job done. Haven’t you seen the movies where the cops were angry because the “nigger got himself a lawyer“. Lawyers are the great equalizer.

Black people don’t need hand outs. Black people don’t need social programs. Black people don’t need the NAACP. Black people don’t need Islam. Black people don’t need affirmative action. Black people need lawyers, attorneys, criminal defense specialists, DUI specialists.

Don’t call Al Sharpton. Don’t call Jessie Jackson. Don’t call Louis Farrakhan. Don’t call Benjamin Todd Jealous. Open the yellow pages, go to attorneys, and let your fingers do the walking. And, don’t settle for the first one either, get 3 opinions first and different prices. You’ll immediately see a difference in attorneys. The cheap one will tell you plea bargain. The middle one will tell you he can get you off the charges. The highest one will tell you he can get you off scott free, sue them, get you and he money, and make the newspapers. However, even the cheapest one is better than nothing. Even the worst lawyer, is better than a state’s public defender. Why? Because the public defender gets paid by the same people that the guy prosecuting gets paid from. A public defender could care less about your than if you were a cockroch under his shoe. Get your own lawyer.

“white cop tasers black suspect 7 times till he couldn’t move then tasered him 2 more times, pressing the taser to his bare flesh, till his heart stop beating”

You Can Afford a Lawyer or You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Lawyer

You will find a lawyer is not a corporation. A lawyer doesn’t have a menu that you can order off of. You will find that a lawyer’s fees are not set in stone, nor is his payment time period. You can negotiate with a lawyer. You can setup payment schedules with a lawyer. You can trade stuff en lieu of payment, with a lawyer. You can’t negotiate with jail. You can’t setup a payment schedule with jail. You can’t trade stuff en lieu of time served with jail.

Anyone telling you different than what I just told you, doesn’t want you to live. Anyone telling you different than what I just told you is racist. Anyone telling you different than what I just told you is ignorant of life in America.

Forget this “God will provide” junk your mom or dad, or pastor tells you. God “provided” you with a brain. God “provided” you with a fingers for you to call a lawyer. God “provided” you with reading skills for you to read this. Yes “God will provide” alright. He provided me to tell you what’s the real deal. He provided me with the knowledge to give to you, to uplift yourselves. God is not going to come down on a white chariot and save African Americans from the white man. God is not going to send his host of angels with wings, to fly us away from the misery we are living in today. God is not going to cast down lightning bolts and smite the white man for the centuries of tortue, mutilation, hangins, lynchings, murders, house burnings, bank theft, beatings, tasering, night stick pummelings, jim crow laws, voter tax laws, discrimination, encarceration and every conceivable form of injustices the white man has visited upon us. God is not going to do that. I’m not saying don’t go to church. I’m saying, go to church, listen to your pastor, your mom, your dad, but when it comes time, hire you a lawyer.

Why Are Black Men Encarcerated More Than Any Other Race

They didn’t hire a lawyer. Case closed. They did not hire an attorney to defend their rights. The rights of Black men have not been upheld for nearly a century now. How many times have you heard the story of the Black man, going to jail for 20 years for murder, and come to find out, he was completely innocent. Now, I ask you, if they can throw a Black man in jail for 20 years for a murder he didn’t commit, how many drug charges, gun charges, robbery charges, breaking and entering charges, assault charges, spousal abuse charges, stalker charges do you think Black men are sitting in jail serving right now that they didn’t commit? How many of them do you think didn’t have an attorney? I bet you 99.999999% of them did not have an attorney.

What about the guilty ones? How many of them do you think didn’t have an attorney? I bet you 99.999999% of them did not have a lawyer. What good can a lawyer do in a situation like that? It is well documented that while a white person and black person may commit the same crime, the white person will get the most leniant sentence and the black person will get the maximum sentence. Why? More white people retain lawyers than black people. Let me repeat that:

To participate in the American lifestyle, to take advantage of the freedoms afforded U.S. citizens, to safeguard your rights and freedoms, to protect yourself from a lawless, racist, group of blood thirsty thugs, every Black person needs to immediately retain a lawyer.

Are you finally understanding? You better wake up befor your brother / uncle / cousin / father / you lay dieing in a pool of blood from police thugs. 9 times out of 10 the police departments do nothing to the police officers who murder black suspects. 9 times out of 10 a police investigation is not done. 9 times out of 10 these cases do not go to the FBI. 9 times out of 10 other citizens applaud the police.

“The fundamental duties of a police officer include serving the community, safeguarding lives and property…”

The police are not safeguarding Black men’s lives. They are wholesale slaughtering us in the streets. We need to get lawyers who can calm these slobbering dogs down. If we start getting lawyers, then these thugs will either go to jail, or be fired, or be sued out of existance. Either way, lawyers are the answer. Remember, anyone that tells you different, doesn’t want you protecting your rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

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Black Househould Income: Is It Lower Because We Don’t Support Ourselves

Black Household Income

Blacks have the lowest household income than any other race. They are even lower than Hispanics, which, the census takes into account even the illegal Hispanics. I’m going to show you factors that contribute to Black household income being so low. These factors cannot, in my opinion, be controlled by government, but by Black people themselves. In this article I’m going to show you how:
Black on Black, male / female relationships or lack thereof contribute to the entire Black American race having a far lower household income; Black child rearing and lack of child spending contributes to the uplifting of the entire Black American race; why Asians dominate the household income charts and what Blacks can learn from them; Black Americans do not educate themselves on financial matters, even the Black middle-class; Black Americans don’t accumulate assets; Black Americans live above their means; Black Americans purchase / rent housing that takes up to 50% of their income. I will show how all of these factors contribute to Black Americans having the lowest household incomes, key among them being relationships and child rearing.

Median income..............1975...........1985..........1995..........2006
Black .....................$23,691 .......$25,642.......$28,485.......$31,969

Marriage...................2205...........2006..........2007..........All Races
Now married................33.8% .........30.8%.........30.5%.........53.4%
Divorced...................11.6% .........11.4%.........11.5%.........10.2%
Never Married..............43.3%..........46.7% ........47.2%.........28.1%

Immediately from the chart you see two things:
1. Asians dominate the household income
2. black averages across the board trump all marital indicators

Why Asians Dominate Household Income

One of the leading indicators of household incomes is the amount a household brings in. While Blacks are more likely than not to be single, almost double the national average, Asians are more likely to be married and both husband and wife work and bring in approximately $29,900 annually, which just so happens to be the black household income.

“It just so happens that nearly 78 percent of all Asian Americans live in dual income households. If that is the case, then the majority of Asian American households are comprised of two earners earning about $29,500 each. Still not too bad, considering the median household income of Black households.”

It’s not a stretch in logic to say if Asians are more than likely to count a dual partnership in income, and Blacks count as singles, then it is clear that the Asian income is perfectly double that of Blacks and it’s directly related to them being more married than Blacks.

Black females are the single most unmarried person in America. Looking then at the statistics, you can clearly see that that has an impact on household income as well.

Let me pause right here and give you an example where Blacks are like the Asians above.

From The New York Times 1994:

In Middle-Class Queens, Blacks Pass Whites in Household Income – Compared to whites, black couples were more likely to consist of two wage earners. Their income was more likely to be supplemented by their children’s earnings. Nine in 10 blacks said their income came from wages, compared to 3 in 4 whites, who were more likely to have retirement, Social Security and investment income.

Black wives typically worked longer hours and, consequently, earned more than their white counterparts. About the same proportions of black women and white women held professional specialty, executive, administrative and management jobs. Relatively few black men held these sorts of jobs.


Let’s Look at Some Other Income Factors.

Sixty-eight percent of African-American middle-class households have no net financial assets whatsoever and live from paycheck to paycheck.

Only 2 percent of African-American middle-class families have enough net financial assets to meet three-quarters of their essential living expenses for nine months if their source of income disappeared. well below the already alarmingly low national average of 13 percent.

Even more alarming, 95 percent of African-American middle-class families do not have enough net assets to meet three-quarters of their essential living expenses for even three months if their source of income were to disappear. This figure is well above the national average among all middle-class families of 78 percent.

Only 26 percent of African-American middle-class families spend less than 20 percent of their after-tax income on housing—below the national average of 40 percent.

Thirty-one percent of African-American middle-class families match the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition for housing burdened, spending 30 percent or more of their after-tax income on housing expenses. This falls well above the national average of 28 percent of all middle-class families.

According to a report done by USA today on November 19, 2007 about the sons and daughters of the black middle class: 45% of black children from those families end up “near poor,” Pew reported. The comparable number for white families is 16%.

Support Your Own Community

Time and again, minority races have come to this country. They would segregate into their own communities. However, all other races, except Blacks would stay in their community and build it up. Blacks are the only race that moves out of the community and gives all of their money to another community.

Let’s look at an alarming chart:

.....................................(percentage of all nationally held firms)
Black-owned firms, percent....................... 2002.................5.2%
Asian-owned firms, percent....................... 2002.................4.8%

What’s alarming is Black national average population is 12.8%. The Asian national average population is 4.4%. There should be no way that privately held businesses should be statistically equal. The difference is that Asian held businesses are supported by the community.

Support Your Family

“Blacks spend less per child in the household.” – Allocation of Income Within the Household: ed zlazear and Rob Michael

What this means is of all the races, Blacks spend less on their children than Asians, Hispanics and Whites. Now one might say, “Blacks have less income to spend so they spend less per child”. However, if you note, Hispanics make only a few thousand more a year than Blacks yet spend more on their children. Asians didn’t start out dominating the household income until 1991. Asians also have a habit of spending more on their children than any other race in America. It would stand to reason then that given this habit and recent history, that spending more on your child as a race would tend to uplift the race.

In the research I did on child spending, Blacks exhibited the most selfish characteristics of all the races. Blacks would leave the community they were raised in nearly 100%. Blacks would not spend any money on anything extra for their children: sports; leisure; education; clothing; food. Blacks would not spend nearly any money on their children’s college education. It seemed to be a notion that once the Black child was 18 they were all but kicked out of the home and left to fend for themselves. Opposite to them, Asians spent more on their children during college and during their college years than any other race. This single factor might be the leading indicator of why Asians fair better economically than all races in America, even better than whites.

I’m sure some of you might be muttering under your breath that, this is all due to single mothers or dead beat dads. The instance of single parenthood among Blacks is statistically inconsequential. There is no vast amount of single Black mothers and Black dead beat fathers. In fact should anyone say such a thing to you, more than likely they are only saying that to be a racial slur. Among the Black Race there are more Single, never married, non-parent individuals than any other factor. The other major factors are Married or married with children. Rounding out with Divorced at a very small 11%. What’s left is nearly 1% of single parents. So these statements aren’t talking about the single parents, they are talking about married parents. And the data that we are discussing today is about children that were raised when marriage was at an all time high amongst Blacks, nearly 45%.

Solution to Raising Black Household Income

Isn’t it obvious? Stop being selfish with your money. Wake up and recognize that your story is over, you must invest in your children to have any impact on your race. [ that’s true for all races, not just Blacks ] Stop living beyond your means. Asians spend $46 on their children out of every $100 they spend on adults. Blacks only spend $30 out of $100 spent on adults. With that huge disparity, Black children are not going to be competitive in this money driven society.

Give back to your community. Buy a house in your own community and renovate it and the property. This makes economic sense as well. The cost of low cost housing is a much better cost savings over the span of your life than spending a lot of money for a house in a high cost area. By renovating you also raise the value of the house, and it goes from being an expense, to a possible investment.

Get over this, “I can’t live with a Black man.” As I showed earlier with numbers, the Black female is the most single person in the United States. Whatever hang ups you have, get over them. You are going to wind up an old-maid.

Support Black owned businesses. Blacks support Black owned business the least out of any race. This trend needs to be reversed.

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Black Harvard Professor / White Cop

Obama Asks The Two Over for Beer

The White House’s brewski diplomacy between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the cop who arrested him in his home should take place early this week, officials said.

President Obama, who invited the two men over for a beer to defuse the controversy, hopes to see them “in the next several days,” said press secretary Robert Gibbs.

“He understood that the debate was veering off in the wrong direction, and, as he said, that his words may have contributed to that. So he felt a responsibility to step forward and kind of cool the situation down,” Obama advisor David Axelrod said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “I think the president sees this as an opportunity to get dialogue going on an issue that’s been historically troubling,” Axelrod said. “I think the steam has gone out of this. And now, instead of heat being generated, maybe a little light will be generated off of this situation.”

Racial Comments on Professor Gates’ Website

It was probably inevitable that in the furor over the arrest of the Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., some people would resort publicly to the ugly racial slurs that have largely disappeared from polite conversation.

But it is hard to imagine a more incongruous place for such comments than The Root, an online magazine of politics and culture largely by and for black people, where Mr. Gates is editor in chief.

Yet there they were last week, in comments on an interview with Dr. Gates, who was arrested at his home in Cambridge, Mass., on a disorderly conduct charge that was quickly dropped.

A few commenters used grotesque racial epithets, others crudely parodied black speech, and some proudly called themselves racist. One used the screen name of James Earl Ray, the man who killed Martin Luther King Jr.

My Own Personal Story

I’m Black. [very black] I came home one night, when I lived with my cousin, ex-patriots player. It was freezing in the dead of winter. No one was home, which was shocking, because they had two little boys and never left the home empty, either my cousin or his wife were always there. I had just finished a 12 hour shift and this was just … *sigh* great. Now i knew that next door to him was his old football coach. [white man and family] I knocked on the door, introduced myself and asked if i could use the phone or stay until my cousin returned. [ door slammed in my face ] I later learned, from my cousin, whom I now know is a total snake, was berated by the neighbor as [ some strange black man came to our door, how dare he ] And, instead of my own flesh and blood defending me [ law school educated, world traveled, foreign service, diplomatic ties ] to this middle-class neighbor, he returned the favor and berated me and asked me to leave his home.

I share this story because it reveals something in America. This neighbor accepted my football playing, Black, cousin, but TO HIM, I was still just some poor dumb negro. Which he found unacceptable. [ of course my cousin was too stupid to understand this ] What’s funny is growing up, my cousin, who is older than me, disliked me because I was stuck up. I think instead of thinking straight, he chose this time to instead stick it to me. Me, who had made him feel inadequate every time I came back to the states, telling wonderful stories of my travels over seas.

The white neighbor was forgotten the next day. But, my cousin, every time I see him, infrequently, I never acknowledge him.


Gates did not violate any law. Under Massachusetts law, which the police officer was supposedly enforcing, yelling at a police officer is not illegal.

There are clear decisions of the Massachusetts courts holding that a person who berates an officer, even during an arrest, is not guilty of disorderly conduct. And yet that is exactly what Gates was arrested for.

The Massachusetts statute defining “disorderly conduct” used to have a provision that made it illegal to make “unreasonable noise or offensively coarse utterance, gesture or display,” or to address “abusive language to any person present.” Yet the courts have interpreted that provision to violate the Massachusetts Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech. So police cannot lawfully arrest a person for hurling abusive language at an officer.

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