Proof That the Black Civil Rights Movement was Derailed

Proof That the Black Civil Rights Movement was Derailed

I have said, time and time again, that the Black civil rights movement was completely and utterly a failure. The entire movement was a complete disservice to Black folk and failed us miserably. There are those that will hold up the attitude of the country of NOW accepting Black people as evidence that it was successful.  The only thing that proves is that Black people are completely ignorant of the history of the country.

James Baldwin

Most of the United States of America was not racist white people. The Democratic party has tirelessly striven to make us believe that it was, but the truth is, being racist was always unpopular. Just as many white people helped to free Black slaves as did Blacks themselves. Many laws were passed in other states to forbid the recapture of Black slaves as were passed to ensure the capture of Black slaves.

The civil rights movement succeeded in doing exactly what white racist Democrats of the south wanted it to do, ensure the economic destruction of Blacks and destroy Black families.

During slavery it was easy to destroy a Black family. As soon as a Black child was born he / she was moved to a completely different plantation and raised by someone else. Or, as soon as they were of age, they were sold off. Or, as soon as they exhibited any affection towards another Black slave, they were sold off or worse, just beaten, sometimes to death.

After slavery was over the Democrats devised a system where they would give only Black women and children help and money, but only if the father would remove himself from the female. This continues today. In fact more money is given to a poor female who has more kids, ensuring that the father(s) can never be around.

The Democrats then took over the educational system and started rewriting history and events that were squarely reported in the news. It is so egregious that textbooks now have events as being the opposite of what they were.

The Democrats also painted the republicans as being against Black people. For the rank and file american citizen who is a republican they have no power to argue against it, or to say that the republicans were the main ones in the Black corner. But, at a national level it doesn’t even matter, because federal level Republicans are no longer Republicans at all, but are globalist federalists.

The last straw was that Black people worship Kennedy and his brother Robert, when the two men almost singlehandedly derailed the entire Black civil rights movement.

After they were through, the Black community and wealth dropped 90%.  It has taken nearly 60 years for the Black community to claw itself out of that hole to be even with the wealth of the 60s, only to be derailed again by the Democrats and now federal Republicans in the crash of 2008.

Here is the proof, from James Baldwin himself.

He clearly states that the civil rights movement started out as an economic movement to make Blacks equal and the Kennedys singlehandedly derailed the movement and turned it into a voter registration and voting rights issue, all the while making political moves to change Blacks from voting Republican [which nearly all Black people did, who had a choice, yes they were forced to vote Democrat in most of the south by the KKK] to voting Democrat.

The Kennedys were not our friends and the civil rights movement did not serve us well at all, it hurt us more than anything else in the history of this country. The magnitude of it caught all Blacks. Where slavery only affected Blacks in the south, post-civil-rights affected all Blacks in the country and was the largest trasnfer of wealth from Blacks to white, in the history of the country.  Where slavery was a transfer of wealth from Blacks to white in the south, post-civil-rights affected all Blacks in the nation and effectively transferred wealth from Blacks to white regardless of location.

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Samuel Jackson says the Tea Party Racist?

Samuel Jackson says the Tea Party Racist?

The word is thrown around by people who want to get attention all the time.  They claim this and that person is racist or this and that organization is racist.  Normally it is thrown about the media by some uneducated buffoon who doesn’t even know what the term racism even means or where it started.  Case in point, Samuel Jackson.  In this case he called the entire Tea Party movement racist.  What he and probably most of you doesn’t know, the Tea Party is now composed of both Libertarians, and Democrats and Republicans.  That’s right, the Tea Party movement, is just that, a movement of the people.

Libertarian Originated the Tea Party

Well hell, I’m Black and Libertarian.  We, Libertarians, actually started the movement.  Fox and other corporate shills co-opted the movement to shut out the Libertarian party once again, and we let them, somehow.  Now instead of it being a freedom, grassroots movement, it is considered a Republican movement, with some of the worst crooks from the Bush administration, who ought to be tried for treason, being leaders of various splinter groups.

Jackson is just terribly misinformed.  Oh, I’m sure there are racist in the tea party.  It doesn’t hand out social edumacation classes to the members.  But, equally, I’m sure there are entire tea party groups filled with effete classists.

Just like Uncle Remus of Boondocks doesn’t represent Black Americans, nor does a few racists going to a tea party rally.  I think we’re all adults capable of complicated thought, and can see that not everything is “black and white”.

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Shakaama Running for Office

Should I Run for Office?

There I was sitting in a bar.  As is my custom, I’m friends with the bartender and another customer walks in.  Being the king of France, as I am wont to act, I demanded the bartender introduce me.  The person was no more than a pinball maintenance guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  He asked me what I do and I replied, I write articles online and report on local events, sports, financial and fitness, with a concentration of elevating Black people with real issues, such as financial education.  He pressed me further on the last point.  I said that there are no Black leaders to have ever existed in America, excluding those that took office in the senate and house right after the abolition of slavery aside.  And, that the alleged leaders who call themselves Black leaders, all have one note “civil rights”.  I further went on to say that the elevation of Black people is not through any legislation but through promoting promoting and promoting Black owned businesses.  This model would create wealth in the Black population and elevate Black people without any necessity for any legislation.

Is the Country Ready for a Pure-Breed Black Man?

To my surprise the guy turns to me and asks, “ARE YOU RUNNING FOR OFFICE, I’D VOTE FOR YOU?!”

I was really caught off guard.  The guy in question, and everyone in the bar, was white.  The question threw me.  I was asked the same thing when I attended Libertarian party meetings.  Which was, again, white only, except for me, and this was before Obama was even a twinkle in the American public’s eye.

I don’t know if it’s just my vocabulary or looks or what, but people gravitate toward me in liver political arenas.  So the question is simple.

  • Would you vote someone with my very ultra Black-conservative views?
  • Is the country ready for a Black-conservative?
  • Is the country ready for an educated pure-breed Black man, in the public sector?

Pure-Breed Black Woman
I ask those questions because, in all reality, half-breed Black people really are not considered Black, by both white and Black people.  Only pure-breed Black people are considered Black.  A pure-breed Black face is what keeps racists up at night.  A pure-breed Black face is what makes white women clutch their purse tighter as they cross the street to walk on the other side.  A pure-breed Black face is what half-breed Black people dispise, self-hating I know, but it’s true.  
Electing a pure-breed Black man such as myself, would mean a final nail in the coffin of colorism in America as we know it, and finally Black people being accepted into the general population.

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Clubbing While Black

Clubbing While Black

I have never felt more alone than when I’m in a crowded room of 200 white people.   I mean I have nothing against white people, they just have something against me.  Now, when I say that, they act all offended that I speak the truth and tell me how open minded they are and how color blind they are.  Let’s explore all the open minded, color blind white people that live in America.  There is nothing worse, in my mind, than me going somewhere spending my money, in a place where people don’t want me.  In fact, I consider it a high sin, to reach into my pocket and support a place with a bunch of bigots walking around me eying me like I’m an escaped convict.

I happen to have money to live in an area where I am virtually surrounded by white people.  I didn’t ask their permission to move in, so it’s not their fault.  I happen to have money to be able to go and get into clubs that white people frequent.  I did not double check with them to see if that was ok, so it’s not their fault.  I happen to have enough money to be able to pay cover charge, and check my coat in, into some pretty popular clubs around the city.  I did not send in a requisition with the white folks, it’s not their fault.

No matter how crowded the club is, I always receive VIP status.  I mean, I must be a VIP.  I have no less than 5 feet of space, no matter where I stand, in the club.  I have no less than an entire radius of empty tables around me at all times, in the club.

However, I must have magical powers or I must be a daywalking vampire.  Why do i say that?  Because when I go up to the bar to get a drink, I am invisible.  I have literally pasted a one hundred dollar bill to my forehead and wore all white and still did not get served.  In fact, I have stood at the bar, sometimes, for 10 minutes waiting to be served, a white person walks up and the bartender rushes to take their order.  So I am a VIP, daywalking, Black vampire.

Speaking of Black, as much as people want to tell me about their best Black friends, they are not talking about my kind of Black.  I am dark chocolate and a pure blood.  They do not know my pain.  They are talking about a half breed Black person.  These half breed Black people get a pass all day long.  Most whites now consider the half breeds to be nothing more than latino or Indians, from India.

Oh, I’m exaggerating?  I went to a club with one of these famous half breed Black guys.  He was two shades darker than a white man with a tan and had funky weird not Black hair.  You know the kind, I’m talking about.  He was also about 21 going on 16. The guy looked like a kid.  Now mind you I’m a solid 31 year old and I look exactly 31 years old, all day, every day.  They did card him.  Barely looked at his ID and waved him on.  Me, the security eyed my card and called the manager over and said my ID was fake.  What’s the difference?  I’m 6’2, 220lbs of pure muscle and am unmistakeably pure blooded African prince.  They asked me to leave.  They did not have to ask twice.  The irony of the situation was that I was going to treat the kid to some drinks and he had no money.  I had about, you guessed it, one hundred dollars in my pocket.  And, I will never go there again.

You see white people and the half breed Blacks have no idea what it is to be a dark chocolate brother in America.  I’ll repeat that, since most don’t understand it.  A dark chocolate African American is stigmatized by EVERYONE, including by half breed Blacks as well.  With the invasion of Mexicans and other non-white mixes coming into America, the half breed Blacks are written off as simply being non-white.  They have names now for them: Blatino; Mexicoon; Blasian; Puerto Rican; Blussian; Polynegran.  In other words, they’re not Black.  And, they proudly admit they’re Blatino or whatever and will argue with you that they are not Black.  I say more power to them.

But, let’s get back to the club.  I’m sitting in a club the other day and 4 young ladies walk in, all white of course.  They have with them their mother.  And, they are eying me.  No no no no, not eying me to check me out, they are eying me to clutch their purses closer to them and moving as far away from me as they can.  A barfly comes up to me and asks why am I sitting alone and not talking to other people.  I reply, they are not talking to me.  He goes back to his friend / date.  He must have gotten bored with his date or something.

Let’s rewind a bit.  I used to wear designer clothes.  You know the kind, $400 for a shirt, etc.  I go to a club, wearing probably about $2,000 worth of clothes.  I am in the VIP line, because I was in fact on the list.  The doorman stopped me and said I couldn’t come in because my shirt did not have a collar.  Wait, before you get all logical and say, that’s a reasonable request.  I tell him to look at the line of the non-VIP people and how they are letting white guys with shorts and sandals in the club.  He said he didn’t care and I wasn’t getting in.  It just so happened that the person that put me on the list, “the talent” just walked out the door and saw me.  He brushed by the doorman, ignoring him, and grabbed my arm and led me inside personally.  I wasn’t just on the VIP list, I was personally invited.  I was taken to the VIP section, which was quite boring.  I was then asked by all the other VIP people, “why are you up here?”  Yes, they were white people.  I found the lower lesser beings far more interesting than the VIP crowd.  Even when they started having sex on the VIP couches, it was all boring to me.  I left after a long evening and “the talent” came up to see us after his performance.  I never went back.

Normally the “XXX while Black” stories normally end with the police arresting some unsuspecting Black person for no other reason than being Black.  Unfortunately, I have no such stories.  However, after a long time of clubbing, I was told that there used to be several Black clubs in town.  They were very successful, but that each one was shut down by the police for one reason or another.  Hell, any reason will do.  I had gone to one, at one time.  It was very expensive and their dress code was through the roof.  It was no problem for me, because I was used to dressing up to go out.  They not only closed down the club, but they demolished the building.  There is no way that that club did not make untold riches.  Everyone there was Black, from the doorman to the owner.  It had valet parking, the whole nine yards.  Its one mistake?  It was located in a white neighborhood.  I wasn’t there when police came, but I cannot imagine anyone needing to call the police on the place.  It was very high class.  There are a lot of clubs out there that pretend to be high class, simply to scam you out of your money, but this club legitimately had a wine collection and liquor that cost $250 per bottle.  I’m sure you know clubs that will try to charge you $250 for a bottle of liquor or wine, but this club had them.  I just happen to know this because I studied wines and liquors in school.

Everyone talks about Patron as being high end tequila.  Let me clue you in.  Patron is sewage water.  It is literally considered what poor people drink.  However, cross the border into America and slap on a nice ad campaign and any liquor is passed off as high end liquor, tequila or whatever you want sell.  Americans don’t know what’s good quality in liquor or wine.  They want one thing now, go to the club and drink so much liquor they can’t see straight.  Come next weekend, they’ll do it all over again.

Why shouldn’t they go overboard with their drinking?  Everyone tells them that alcohol is terrible and shouldn’t be touched.  So, they are deprived of alcohol and once they have the opportunity, they get wasted out of their mind on liquor and booze.  Let’s through in the puritanical way their raised to feel about how sex is bad and horrible and you have a one two punch of sex and alcohol.

In the mean time, I’ll be in my VIP section observing, sipping on my drink for about an hour, in my land of being completely avoided by everyone in the club, for fear I might … turn into some even Blacker hulk and start raping white women or something crazy, whatever is in their white mind, while they scurry away from me.  It is all so hilarious.

I am running out of clubs to go to, that won’t act like I have leprosy when I’m paying green cash.

Like I said, it is a high sin to pay hard earned money in a place that is more bigoted than George W Bush and David Duke.

[ This entire aritcle is intended as a comedy sketch on race.  Take it with a grain of salt.  I am certainly not even concerned about race in America. The “xxx while Black series is simply a funny look at the ridiculousness of the country.  Normally it ends with the police shooting someone Black or arresting them for no apparent reason other than they are Black doing “xxxx” at the time, be it shopping, driving, golfing or walking.]

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Shopping While Black (video)

The Aweful Truth of Who Steals in Stores

Shopping While Black

1. “May I help you?” she said as I looked through the top-of-the-line, non-stick pots and pans. I had been there 20 minutes looking and deciding If I should get the whole set, which would replace some pieces I bought only recently from other name-brands. Of course it would be a waste, but buying the set seemed more economical than buying the missing pieces from my kitchen set. I turned to her and observed she wasn’t looking to be useful, but said it as a warning to get out. “No I’m just looking,” I said nonchalantly. She stood there blocking my view now. She said nothing else and simply stood there like a Catholic nun shooing me off with her look.

    Racial profiling in stores is so prevalent that researchers have even given it a name — Shopping While Black. When it happens, black shoppers are made to feel both unwelcome and under suspicion

2. I walked into the electronics store. I had just received a bonus at work out of the blue and felt I should treat myself to some new gadget. I wasn’t prepared for the astonishing amount of new gadgets on display. The labels with the price tags did not help either since they were written in store codes only the clerks could understand. I stood looking puzzled for 10 minutes. The clerks were gathered around the desk talking to each other about what they did last night. I noticed they would occasionally look over and sigh in my direction. A Black customer was walking out and said over his shoulder, “maybe someone should help this man, he has several expensive suits in his hand, obviously he wants to spend money.” Finally a clerk comes over and says, “yes!” But, just then a white customer walks in and she greets them and asks can she help. All the other clerks also greet the customer. Then another white customer walks in and they all greet him too. I am paralyzed with disgust. I simply leave and go to a shop that doesn’t treat me like a pariah.

    “Most retail inventory loss statistics have show that [sic] the majority of shoplifters to be of the Caucasian race. To concentrate surveillance on minority customers is not only improper, but is an ineffective method of controlling shoplifting losses at most locations.”

3. I’m looking at the underwear section digging through the sizes and not having a good time. For every time I find my size, it’s not the color I want. And, there are so many that my digging is tedious and time consuming. Suddenly, I feel eyes on my back. In my peripheral vision, I see a husky man to one side and a husky unattractive woman to another side. They are painfully pretending to shop. As I move to the shirts section, they mirror me. I’m not one given to being stalked though and so I leave, putting back everything I had picked up to buy. This would seem like a rare incident, but it happens immediately when I enter stores and very very often. As soon as I open the door it seems the stalkers are there. I haven’t done anything suspicious except walk in the store and I’m immediately being shadowed and followed.

    “Statistically, the most likely person to steal from a store is a store employee. The next most likely to steal is a college educated white male. Hmm — could it be that the real reason that store employees and white managers make such a point of targeting black shoppers is that it creates a perfect smokescreen for their own dishonesty and greed — not only can they rob the stores blind, they can then point the finger of blame at a visually conspicuous victim.”

One more note: if the media weren’t so racist, racism would die out — the media is the single most culpable institution when it comes to racial stereotyping. Turn on the news, open a newspaper and SHOW me the stories where blacks (or latinos for that matter) are portrayed in an accurate, positive light. There’s a lot of money at stake in maintaining this racist atmosphere — prisons, for instance, are huge sources of revenue; and ensuring a perpetual underclass of minorities means less competition in the job market for white people.

The country is clearly ready for change — witness the election of President Obama — but until and unless the media starts serving the population as a whole, rather than an entitled and greedy subsection of it — we won’t see any real change in this country. The frightening thing about this is that not content with corrupting this country with racism, we also sell our racist television shows to other countries in order to spread the poison further. Anytime you do come across a rare show that features inter-racial couples whose primary focus is the actual relationship and not their race, you can pretty much count on that show being canceled. Think “Wonderfalls” or “Firefly” or any one of a dozen more amazing shows. What planet are the people in charge of programming living on? They are so far out of touch with reality, they might as well be living on Saturn. Look around you. The color of this country is not just changing. It has already changed. Ratings are falling for a reason. 

Race still sells in the news.  And, telling republicans that Blacks are crooks and thieves, still gets viewership.   Telling democrats that the Blacks they have hated for nearly a century now, since the beginning of the KKK, which was started by southern DEMOCRATS, still sows fear into nice white democrat homes.

Meanwhile Black entrepreneurs are suffering mega-setbacks by not being able to open Black owned stores.  Couple that with a staggering 25% unemployment amongst the Americanized Africans in this country and you continually see the widening of the economic gap between whites and Black, and yet you do NOT see a spike in theft among Blacks in this country.

The larger firms that know security and research loss prevention all point to whites as the largest purveyor of store shrinkage.  Yet, the news and media continues to fuel the fires of thinking Blacks have somehow cornered the market on theft.  Peruse and court papers for any length of time and you’ll see it is not even remotely true.

For Blacks: I’m White! I’m Better Than You!

The Myth of Being White

Down in the Bayou

So many people confuse statistics with a real application to “individuals”.  And, it confuses both white people and Black people alike.  For instance, you might hear a study that says the average white person has 85% more wealth than the average Black person, in America.  While the statistic may be true, it has zero application to everyone.  It is no more applicable to the average white person than the negative statistic is a hindrance to the average Black person.

Have you had a white person say to your face, that they are better than you, simply because they are white?  I have.  Many times.  It doesn’t even phase me.  Because, I know a few things, just by them saying this.  First of all, they say this to my face, because they are overwhelmingly threatened by my superiority over them.  I am more handsome, smarter, craftier, wiser, more frugal, patient and generally not a bone head.  I am more educated, more traveled, and live, more often than not,  a far better lifestyle than they do.  Secondly, a truly superior being, such as myself, would never need to evoke verbally that he is better than someone else.  Being better than someone, isn’t something that you voice, it just is.

Why White People Are Not Superior to Black People

The vast majority of notions about white people being superior to Black people in America has absolutely nothing to do with any physical, emotional nor social notion of superiority.  White “superiority” is derived from institutional frameworks that seek to steal resources from Black people and deposit it into white hands.

Institutional Racism Includes Poor Whites?

Father, Son, Brothers (yes all 3)

It means simply, that white people from the beginning of the country and even during colonial times, passed laws to ensure than Black labor, intelligence, and social power were sucked out of Blacks and given to whites FOR PROFIT.  It had nothing to do with penis size, education, knowledge or capacity to learn.

Many bigoted whites have taken institutional racism to mean that they are superior humans.  This was never the case.  In fact the truly powerful white people, that got these laws passed, laugh at these country bumpkins who took it upon themselves to express hatred for Blacks, when they themselves were never included in the economic transference of wealth.

Even more shocking was the blow when slavery, Jim Crow and other institutional forms of racism were simply dropped.  And why were they dropped?  Because they were inefficient and unnecessary tools to steal Black wealth and power and deliver it into wealthy white hands.  When technology caught up, slavery was not an issue.  When technology caught up, Black civil rights were not an issue.  Once technology caught up, institutional racism reformed and readjusted to a sleeker form of racism.

Institutional racism became more and more refined to the point that elite whites included poor whites in their scheme to steal riches.  So the very person screaming about how superior he is because he’s white, is ignorant of the fact that, he technically speaking isn’t even white, in the real scenario of the world.  If he is on a level where he rubs elbows with you, in the same circle, he might as well put on overalls and call himself a negro, because the real “white” people have thrown him under the bus right along with us Black folks.

[take this post as a joke.  it was written in jest.  but, sadly, according to my research it is true.  those that are in the halls of power never intended Blacks to be hated.  They were simply seen as a convenient cheap labor force.  After a century of practicing this, the powers that be have refined their negotiating for a cheap labor force and have made it nearly and art form.  Think about it for a second. And, no there’s no need to think I’m talking about some clandestine conspiracy.  It is quite out in the open.]

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For Blacks: Do Not Stop Our Own Internal Dialogue

Robbing Us of Our Conversation

The Discussion Table

We have been missing from the discussion table for far too long.  I did a video on the reparations bill for Africans in America that is presented yearly, since the time of Lincoln.  One of the comments told me that we should stop protesting and marching and boycotting, because it does nothing and is foolish.  This was one of those white people that say “oh be calm, it’s alright, everything will be o.k.”.

A very wise Black man once said, “the reality of those who come in peace is that they are ordering you to sit down and shut up and like what the white man gives you.”  What is most dangerous about this type, is that they pretend to come in peace.  They are simply passive aggressive.  You have to be wise beyond measure, and vigilant to catch them.  We’re talking extremely passive aggressive here.  They pretend to be on your side, or even pretend that they are fighting FOR you, when in reality, they are simply telling you to sit down and shut up and be happy with what you’re given.

The more Africans in America open up channels and have internal dialogue the better.

The Switch

You ever see this on T.V.: nameless Black leader says something completely truthful about someone else, and the white media twists his words to sound as if he called someone names, and the nameless Black leader is hung out to dry for daring to speak the truth.

The Switch

It’s called the switch.  Without a doubt, the white man in America has not only practiced racism on a massive scale, unseen ever before on the face of the planet, South Africa included, but he institutionalized [ i.e. made laws ] racism so that it was impossible for racism not to flourish in the land.  The ultimate goal was always to subjugate the African in America, so that all resources ended up in the hands of the white man.  None of that information is new, nor is it inflammatory.  It is just a case of historical fact.

The switch is that now the white man, to continue subjugating the Black man, in perpetuity, he has initiated a passive aggressive campaign to socially stigmatize the African in America.  They can then more easily incarcerate Black men; get rid of Black leaders; get rid of conscious Black preachers; get rid of socially conscious speakers.  Any Black person that speaks out against the widespread racism that exists in America today is called a racist himself.  They then challenge the Black community to get rid of the trouble maker for them, if they don’t do it outright themselves.

They are obviously not above assassination.  Historical fact!  We now know that several Black leaders, whom we thought were taken out by their own men, were in fact infiltrated by the government, sabotaged, and stage the assassination for all eyes to believe what was apparent to the naked eye to see.  Chief among these agencies were the CIA and NSA.

Land of the Free

There are poor white people, as much as there are poor Black people.  This statement is false on so many levels it isn’t even funny. If you honestly believe that a white man is equal to a Black man, then you are sleeping with your eyes open.  No sane individual with a 5th grade understanding of social history in America, believes that white men are equal to Black men.

More Equal Than You

Yes, I intend to insult, so that you wake up from your stupor.  Listen up.  A white man has 85% more power, wealth and knowledge than a Black man in America.  That includes a poor white man.  I could make any white man rich in about 2 years.  I cannot guarantee that to any Black man.

How many studies do you need to tell you that there’s a wealth gap between Africans in America and whites?  How many studies do you need to tell you that Black unemployment is off the charts?  How many studies do you need to tell you that Black owned businesses are not supported by any racial group and fail miserably whereas all other racial groups support and succeed in business?  There are countless studies and they have done these surveys since slavery first started. [ shocking ]

The Discussion Table

Get away from stupid Black leaders that talk about civil rights and voting rights and equality.  They are a shill for the powers that be.  Yes, that’s right.  They are nothing more than put in place to placate Black people into thinking they are getting something.  The reality is that they accomplish absolutely nothing.  Martin Luther King Jr accomplished absolutely nothing.  WHAT?!?!?!  Yes, we are in the same boat we were in since 1860.  Now that’s a historical fact.

The Discussion Table

As soon as Blacks got the ability to get away from Blacks and spend their money in white shops and buy white houses, the Black community fell horribly.  No other community has asked that their own community be destroyed.  Only the black community has willingly asked that theirs be destroyed.  Not one person, not even Malcom X even opened the question about the financial well being of the Black community AMONGST ourselves.

The civil rights leaders are obsessed with the white man.  I say, leave them to the white man.  They can have all the white man they want.  You and me, let’s sit down and figure out how we can open up 400,000 businesses within the black community this year.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.  Not how some idiot talk show host hurt your feelings on national t.v.  Seriously, you need to grow up and be an adult if that is the center of your universe for even one second.

Instead of watching the stupid t.v. and getting insulted when someone says the N word, why don’t you sell the t.v., save the money and open up you a business.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.

Instead of falling for a half Black president that tells you straight up that he is not going to discuss nor even think about Black issues and you vote for him anyway, we need to research that the democratic party instituted the KKK and Jim Crow and stop being a damn fool and voting for these democrats to begin with.  THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING.

Our Black leaders have failed, fail and will keep failing if we keep honoring and listening to their nonsense.  If we keep listening to white people that pull “the switch” on us, we’ll keep failing.  If we don’t sit at the discussion table and discuss our financial future in a voice of authority, rationality and be educated on finance, all the stupid civil rights discussions be damned, we’ll never be equal.

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