How to Handle a Roach Problem

How to Handle a Cockroach Problem

Today I’d like to discuss a topic no one wants to discuss, and no it’s not gay marriage. Roaches! It’s an embarrassing subject because people feel it’s their fault. While some might say it is your fault, I’m here to tell you, the average man’s habits in his home, shouldn’t be attracting roaches.

One fact or myth I need to dispel right off the top. Roaches are not super insects. They’re not going to survive Armageddon any more than you are. The stuff that kills roaches, kills them.

To get rid of roaches, even if you’re in an apartment situation is to not present such a warm and welcoming environment to roaches. Even if you have the filthiest neighbors on the planet, if you follow my instructions, you can live a peaceful, roach-free lifestyle. The list I present is in the order of importance. If you take care of the first things, by the time you get to the last part of the list, they should be gone already anyway. I also present a “drastic meausre”. This is for someone that is truly sick and tired of infestations and wants to really declare war. I have lived in situations where the drastic measures were present, so I am not telling you something that is impossible.

Six Things to Get Rid of Roaches

OK here’s my list:

1. Roaches need water – did you know roaches drink? I didn’t know that. It never dawned on me that they drink water. So, keep your place bone dry. If you spill water, wipe it up. No more soaking dishes in the sink. After washing dishes in the sink, clean the sink and counter and dry it all with a paper towel. Leave no standing water, whatsoever in your home. Fix any leaks in your home, immediately. Roaches can go without food for a long time, but not so much without water. So thirst them out of your home.

Drastic measure: turn off the water to your home, including the toilet. You can pour enough water in your commode to fill the bowl and it will flush by itself, it’s a very simple mechanism. [I used to live overseas where we had to do this as a normal day to day thing, there was no running water, we simply got a bucket, went to the toilet, used it, and poured the bucket of water in it.] Stock up on wetnaps to sanitize your hands and face in the morning. Shower at the gym daily. [ and yes I’ve done this too. ]

2. Roaches need food – everyone knows this one. No more leaving pizza boxes on the floor. As soon as you’re done eating, throw the box away and empty the trash so that it’s outside of the home: in a dumpster; trash can at least 10 yards away from the house. Wash every dish and fork immediately after eating out of it. And, of course, dry them. No sense in even having a dish wrack to dry them, dry them immediately [see step #1].

Drastic measure: remove all food from your house for 6 months. Eat out all day, everyday for 6 months. [since I am a horrible, know-nothing cook, this is easy for me]

3. Roaches need warmth – this might be hard for some, who can’t adjust their thermostat, but for those who can, freeze them out. You can lower the temperature on your thermostat for 6 months, to get rid of a potential health hazard. I say, pay the extra expense on a light bill, instead of hiring an exterminator.

Drastic measure: open all cabinets, stove, drawers and turn the thermostat to the lowest possible and leave the house empty a lot. [I used to go out every night, including going from the club to work, so this would have been easy for me too]

4. Roaches can see what you can’t see – make sure you keep your counters clean and your carpet / floor clean. That means: sanitize your counters, including bathroom; vacuum your carpet daily; sanitize your flooring, if you don’t have carpet. By sanitize I mean, wipe it down with either a cleaner or dish washing liquid, then go over it with bleach. For carpet, vacuum every day and make sure there are no crumbs whatsoever, move furniture if necessary.

Drastic measure: shampoo your carpet once or twice a month. You can get those shampooers from the grocery store. They’re quite cheap.

5. Roaches like the dark – sometimes you might be clean and you still have a roach problem. If you’ve done 1-4 and still see roaches, it might be simply they are hiding out in your place, from what, I don’t know. While for the most part this is impossible to fix, it might be that you have a lot of clutter in your home. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to part with our clutter. Get rid of the clutter in your home and present a nice clean, open area where light can shine on nearly everything.

Another solution is that you have a very dark kitchen that invites roaches. By dark I mean, you have solid wood [or for you cheap people “woodlike”] cabinet doors. This might be the time for you to redecorate your kitchen and get the glass cabinet doors, or even open cabinets. If you’ve already removed the clutter from your kitchen you might want to go all out and buy new dishes and stemware [glasses for those that don’t know what stemware is] and simply remove the cabinet doors and make it look nice and presentable. You might also think about buying a spice rack as well to remove the 1 billion jars of spices you have of all shapes and sizes.

Drastic measure: remove all items from your home and take a month vacation. Or. Only keep one set of dishes and utensils; get rid of all excess items; get rid of excess furniture; get rid of excess junk drawers. [ once i lived with 3 roommates and they refused to clean the kitchen up after themselves, and we had a roach infestation. I threatened to throw away all the dishes, pots and pans. They shaped up quick, and we got rid of the roaches, nearly overnight ] It might be that you’re keeping odd mugs, jars, plastic containers, throw them all out.

6. How to kill off Roaches – OK, so far 1-5 has been how to make your home complete roach anathema. That means, should a roach be there, or come there, they would so dislike your home, they would pack their bags and seek somewhere else to live. Be that as it may, there may be some roaches that are just stubborn. First off, understand that roaches don’t live that long. If you buy spray, you are simply killing off the roaches you see. You could have thousands in your home that you never see. The best thing to do is to kill off the entire life cycle. This means, instead of buying roach spray, which does nothing [ it’s as same as using a shoe to kill them ] you need to purchase roach feeders. Boric acid [boracic acid or orthoboric acid or acidum boricum] is cheap and available at the dollar store. You can use it in a couple of ways. In fact, follow all of these options for optimal roach attack. The boric acid will kill the roach internally. It is not a shoe or a spray, so give it some time to work. When you lay out the boric acid they will ingest it. Also, it will get on their shell and, believe it or not, when they clean themselves, because they are actually clean creatures, they will ingest it. Also they will take the boric acid back to the colony and kill it off. So be patient.

First, use boric acid along known roach trails. You know your home and know where they congregate. Puff the boric acid in that area.

Next, use the boric acid as a dust. Dust gets into cracks and crevices. So dust along base boards, under cabinets, in between kitchen appliances, not on eating or food preparation surfaces.

Lastly, make a boric acid cocktail: boric acid, sugar and water. Place this cocktail in a saucer or container the roach can get to. [ignore this if you have small children (or husbands) that crawl into your cabinets]

The only thing you need an exterminator for would be bed bugs. Bed bugs necessitate the use of DDT. But, since DDT is now outlawed, because environmentalist whined it was killing animals, we can no longer buy it. With DDT, this entire list would be moot. You could spray DDT and be done with the roach problem, bed bugs, and anything else bothering you. With the ban of DDT, the bed bug is now making a resurgence.

Follow those instructions, to the letter, for 6 months before calling an exterminator. I guarantee you will end your roach problem. Keep in mind, if you live in an apartment complex and someone next to you moves out, the apartment manager will have that place sprayed. If that happens, always have them spray your apartment as well. What will happen is, any roaches that apartment had will migrate to yours. Imagine a big empty, sprayed apartment, it’s what’s roaches hate [ see #1 – #5 ]. They will come over to your nice, warm, cluttered, food, moist apartment. If your apartment is already #1 – #5 then simply have them spray yours as well to insure they don’t show up to your apartment.

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Schwarzenegger Cuts Welfare

Schwarzenegger Proposes the Unthinkable

Back in May, California’s Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed to eliminate cash assistance for the state’s poorest families altogether. Legislators, poverty researchers and poor parents alike greeted with astonishment his unprecedented call to drop the state’s welfare-to-work program, known as CalWORKs.

CalWORKs, an acronym for California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids, is the state”s welfare-to-work program. It replaced another program, Aid to Families With Dependent Children, in 1997 as part of federal welfare reform. While the old program, enacted during the Great Depression, gave poor parents direct cash grants, CalWORKs and other programs nationwide require recipients to work or look for work; provide job training and child care; and set a 60-month limit on benefits (which is why the federal program is called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). TANF gives states broad discretion in how to spend their federal block grants. Since the program was enacted, the number of people on welfare in California and nationwide has dropped dramatically.

The governor’s proposal would make California the only state in the nation to reject Temporary Assistance to Needy Families block grants, the federal program that allows states to draw funds as long as they impose strict time limits and work requirements on recipients.

Rejecting the $3.7 billion federal grant would save the state its matching portion of $1.8 billion. But it also would result in the loss of $600 million in federal stimulus funds — money economists and poverty watchers say is desperately needed to invigorate a moribund economy.

Schwarzenegger Cuts Welfare

Today Governor Schwarzenegger of California has cut $656m from welfare and healthcare programs as he strives to curb a $26bn budget deficit. Arnold Schwarzenegger invoked his veto authority on Tuesday to cut the cash from state programs as he signed an $85bn budget plan for 2010.

Those are ugly cuts and I’m the only one that is really responsible for those cuts because the legislature left – they didn’t want to make those cuts,” he said. The additional cuts include $80m from child welfare programs, $61m from county administration over government sponsored healthcare for the poor and $52m from Aids prevention and treatment projects.

Healthy Families, a low-cost health insurance programme for poor children, will lose $50m, while $6.2m will be cut from state parks.

Schwarzenegger said that he used his veto powers to fill a reserve fund that he says is needed for times for unexpected emergencies such as earthquakes and wildfires.

He said additional cuts were needed to build a $500 million reserve fund after the state Assembly rejected about $1.1 billion in revenues from local transportation funding and by allowing new offshore oil drilling. With much of state spending tied up by federal and constitutional requirements, the Schwarzenegger administration wants to ensure the state has a cash cushion in case of emergencies such as earthquakes and wildfires. California’s economy has been hit by the housing market slump and high unemployment, and the latest efforts to close a $26 billion shortfall came just five months after lawmakers and the governor ended months of negotiations to close a previous $42 billion deficit. The governor and lawmakers hope the revised spending plan will end California’s cash crisis and let the state stop issuing IOUs. Schwarzenegger’s finance director, Michael Genest, said it would take days for finance officials to finish analyzing the revised budget’s impact on cash flow.

It’s not going to happen overnight, but they’re going to work on it,” Schwarzenegger said of Genest and the state treasurer and controller. Genest warned that even with the revised budget deal, California will need to borrow $8 billion to $10 billion to cover its cash needs this year, and the state is likely to face another $7 billion to $8 billion deficit in the 2010-11 fiscal year.

Legislature Sabre Rattling

But Darrell Steinberg, the state senate president and a Democrat, criticized the decision. “We will fight to restore every dollar of additional cuts to health and human services … This is not the last word,” Steinberg said in a statement.

California’s budget deficit stems from the national economic crisis. State tax revenues have fallen after hundreds of people in California lost their jobs and their homes. The compromise 2010 budget plan was formulated in the hope that the state will no longer have to issue IOU-style promissory notes to vendors. But Michael Genest, Schwarzenegger’s finance director, said on Tuesday that California will probably need to borrow between $8bn and $10bn to cover its immediate cash needs for the rest of 2009.The state could face a budget defcit of between $7bn and $8bn in the 2010-11 fiscal year, he said.

Why Are People Poor?

This question is often overlooked when deciding a budget for a state or a nation. All of the leading industrial powers now provide for the poor. But none of them ask this simple question, why are people poor.

The answer is simple, and may not be solved by the state at all:

The lack of the family unit

As we become more and more industrialized, basic human needs, such as a family unit are lost. People are too busy. People are rushing to make a paycheck. People are struggling to get ahead, which is a losing battle because the rich are looting, pillaging and raping the government to take the middle-class’s money. People are moving away from family to take jobs elsewhere. The people they leave behind are relegated to the fate they built for themselves. People don’t know how to be good parents to begin with.

With a loss of the family unit, such things as young mothers being horrible examples of motherhood are far more prevalent. With the loss of the family unit, those that would financially provide for someone normally is lost.

We all talk about this silly debate about “gay marriage”. Again, government has wrestled the debate from the public and made it governmental issue. It was never a governmental issue to begin with. Government didn’t invent marriage. The church invented marriage. Government simply was forced to recognize it. Private companies were forced to recognize it. If then the people or the church finally takes a stand [and they are the wimpiest people on the planet right now] and says it’s a sacred institution, not a secular one, then government would have to bow out. Therefore if you say marriage is a sacred institution, then maybe the church can heal the society. Surely, the government cannot legislate the family unit. With that recognition then, people can finally realize taht government can’t provide answers in cases of questions of poverty.

Why are you poor? Because you have no family. Look at all the “poor” people that came to our shores and made it, the Jews, the Italians, the Irish. They made it because they stuck together. For those who are too obtuse to recognize this, and get on their high horse talking about segregation is wrong, they really need to just go die somewhere in the corner. Actually, the only people they scream this at, are Blacks. The Jews, Italian, Irish and Asian all kept to themselves, grew and thrived and no one said anything. As soon as two Black people get together, we have cops, abolitionist, de-segregationist, law suits all coming to seperate Black people.

This has to be said. Mind you, there are more poor White people in America, than the entier population of Black people in America, but normally you don’t hear that. People are made to think that poverty is a Black thing. Some of the wealthiest people in America are Black people. Some of the leading corporations in America have Black CEO’s, members of the board, upper tier executives, but you don’t hear about that.

Clarence Otis Jr.
Company: Darden Restaurants, Inc.
Position: Chief Executive Officer and President

Kenneth Chenault
Company: American Express
Position: Chairman and CEO

Rodney O’Neal
Company: Delphi Corporation
Position: Chief Executive Officer and President

Ronald Williams
Company: Aetna Inc.
Position: Chairman and CEO

Ursula Burns
Company: Xerox Corporation
Position: CEO, Director

Aylwin Lewis
Company: Potbelly Sandwich Works
Position: Chief Executive Officer and President

Franklin Delano Raines
Company: Revolution LLC
Position: Director

Richard Dean Parson
Company: Citigroup Inc.
Position: Chairman

Stan O’Neal
Company: Merrill Lynch & Co.
Position: Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President

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Top 10 Reasons Black Men Won’t Date / Marry a Black Woman

Black Women the Most Alone

I Look Just Like This Guy

So many Black women are alone. The Black American woman is the single most, unpartnered person on the planet. [this is not unwed mothers, this is single women] Is there a rift between black women and black men? At first blush you would think that there would be no reason why a black man would not want to date a black woman. But, as in business, since we are in modern times and for the most part black people are not considered 2nd class citizens any more, the dating pool for black men is wide open. Black women now have to compete with all races to date black men. It might seem strange to the average reader that I would couch those words in that way, i.e. women competing for a man. However, that is exactly how the sexes work. It is not the man that primps and preens himself, it is the woman. The woman primps and preens herself to attract the best possible man, not the other way around. If I were concerned about people’s feelings, I’d try to beat around the bush, but seriously, there’s a multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Do you really want me to kid around with you?

[UPDATE: I am taking applications for dating, Dark Black educated women to the front of the line, the rest, I’ll get to you, if I don’t find my love at first site first. ] [yes I got jokes]

No human on the planet has been more sexually objectified than the black man. He has been regarded as the essence of sex by most races. When tiny Europeans encountered the large Africans, they were at a loss when they saw their private parts. Many diaries and documentation either praised or demonized the black man’s privates. However, be they god or demon, they instantly became an object of desire. Fast forward some 1,000 years to the present and we now have the freedom for all the races to partake of the black man, at their leisure. It is this open season for Black men, that Black women have to compete with.

Instead of realizing what is going on, the black woman erroneously thinks she has cornered the market on black men and can thus act any way she wants.

photo by

In fairness modern society has not helped out the relationship situation at all. With modern financial times as they are, the black woman, as well as other races, has had to put on her pants suit, and throw away the dress, just to make ends meet.

Also there is a complete lack of understanding on the black woman’s part, as to the struggle of the black man. Now you would think, of all the people on the planet that should understand a black man, it would be a black woman. Not so! In fact there is a complete anti-compasionnate mindset that black women develop, when it comes to black men. In essence they shoot themselves in the foot, for no apparent reason.

More often than not, other females, from other races understand the plight of the black man, and are compassionate towards him, more so than the Black women. Understand that other races are accustomed to nurturing, mentoring and guiding their own men as well.  With that sort of mindset, Black women have absolutely no grounds to even claim a Black man. In essence, in this situation, black women have nothing to offer black men. And, black men won’t tolerate it. There has been a complete paradigm shift with the relation attitude of black women, towards black men, and visa versa. But, it has been to the detriment of the black woman.

Top 10 Reasons Black Men Won’t Date or Marry a Black Woman

  1. 1. black women make black men feel under-appreciated, unwarranted, irresponsible, and regressive. Black women tend to emasculate Black men. – Black women answer this by saying they have to be strong and can’t help emasculating her Black man.
  2. Black women are too aggressive and no longer patient in the waiting on the pursuit of Black men.
  3. Black women are strong headed, too independent, present great challenges in relationships.
  4. Black women are masculine, in that they are controlling, and like to run the relationship,
  5. Black women expect too much, they are gold diggers who will not look twice at a blue collar worker,
  6. Black women are hot headed and have bad attitudes,
  7. Black women stop caring about their appearance after a certain age, [around 40]
  8. Black women are not sexually open as other races, especially in regards to oral sex
  9. Black women’s tolerance is far too low, they are no longer empathetic to the black man’s struggle in white America
  10. Black women do not cater to their man

To understand this list, you have understand something first. That is, the historical relationship white men have had with Black women. I’m sure noone wants me to talk about that. To hide this relationship and lust for Black women, white men have come up with some very crude caricatures of Black women, so as to appease or cloud the judgment of white women.

If you now compare the list with the stereotypes, you can clearly see, that black women have themselves fallen victim to the caricatures hoisted on them and have thus shunned, driven off or scared off black men.

Historical Stereotypes of the Black Woman

The mammy

A) Mammy – this is the middle aged, fat, skinning and grinning, loves to take care of the white kids, asexual, nannyish, disregarded black woman. This image was developed and cultivated to cloud the judgment of white women into thinking that black women were wholey unattractive. Remember this image was cultivated during slavery. For the most part Black slaves didn’t live that long. Secondly, they worked all day and every one of them had shapely muscular bodies, men and women. I’m sure many of you remember the scene in roots where the slave owner goes down to the slave quarters and has his way with the vivacious slave girl. This mammy image was cultivated so that when a white woman thought of a female slave, the image came to mind, making her feel safe, since no one would want to be with a mammy.

A lot of mature black women see themselves in this light and dress accordingly. They lose all sense of self, and think that since they are over 30, they no longer need to primp and preen to attract a man. And, it works, no man is attracted to them, and it feeds into their self-deprecation.

No one wants to date a mammy. She is of no sexual attractiveness whatsoever. And this stereotype doesn’t have be measured in terms of age. Picture this, a Black “girl”, 20 something year old, with long fake hair, long fake nails and dresses sloppy and doesn’t take care of her figure. This is the mammy figure, only in a modern, younger version of it. However, you can’t tell the black girl she is unattractive to Black men, because she won’t accept, nor believe it.

The Jezebel

B)Jezebel – this is the hypersexual Black woman image that lusts after white men. They are portrayed as a man stealer. They are also portrayed as slutty, unwomanly, unlady-like and complete tramps, nothing a real man would want to date, nor marry. Perhaps this image was developed for white women to fear black women, not as a direct threat, someone beneath the white woman, someone she can scorn with abandon. The Jezebel stereotype depicted black women as seductive temptresses with an animal-like appetite for sex. The Jezebel trope depicts black women as seductive temptresses with an
insatiable and animalistic appetite for sex. Beguiling, voluptuous, lewd and lustful; the
Jezebel’s greatest wish is to be ****ed to death. During slavery the Jezebel image served
several functions for oppressors. However, it was primarily used to justify the sexual
exploitation of Black women. Because the Jezebel maintains a ravenous desire for sex;
forced sex between master and slave was not viewed with disdain (by the oppressive
class). The notion that Jezebels were immoral and desired sex, in general, and with white
men specifically, served to justify the rape and subjugation of Black women.

No one wants to marry a Jezebel. I’m sure there are men who wouldn’t mind spending a night with a Jezebel, or two, but no man wants to marry, bring him to mom, have children by [that he cares about] a Jezebel. If you are dressing like a whore, you are going to attract a whore or someone not decent. No decent Black man would want to be seen with a Jezebel, because that would reflect on him, as having poor taste. And, a Jezebel would never be seen as having a brain nor a decent conversation. After the sex, the other 23 hours in the day has to be spent talking to your mate. If you aren’t seen as being good enough to talk to, noone is going to hang around for those 23 hours.  The jezebel image has taken off in recent years.  Many Black oriented magazines have completely revamped and repackaged the jezebel look.  Many Jezebels grace the covers of Black men’s magazines.  It is disgraceful.  The more these images are seen the less and less Black men will even want to date or even less, talk to a Black woman who dresses like that.  Don’t mistake “let’s have sex” with talking to you.

The Sapphire

C) Sapphire – this image is the angry Black woman. It was developed by the white man, to portray the black woman as some irrational animal, monster, sub-human. The Sapphire (or angry sister) is another very popular stereotype promulgated by today’s mass media. Sapphire originated “as a live television image in the person of the Amos and Andy character Sapphire Stevens” The Sapphire has no specific physical features. Typically, her complexion is brown or dark brown. She is a mature adult whose build is moderate to stout. The Sapphire is loud, overbearing, shrewd and aggressive. She is ambitious, educated and seems to relish conflict; especially with (in her opinion) the “good for nothing” Black man.

“The most notable characteristic of Sapphire is her sassiness which is exceeded only by her verbosity. She is also noted for telling people off and spouting her opinion in an animated loud manner. Because of her intense expressiveness and hands-on-hip, finger-pointing style, Sapphire is viewed as comedic and is never taken seriously” 

Ultimately, she represents the domineering emasculator. The Sapphire image of Black womanhood, unlike other images that symbolize Black women, necessitates the presence of a (black) man. When the Sapphire is depicted it is the man who represents the point of contention. Her sheer existence is predicated on the trickery and lack of integrity of her male counterparts. This allows her to project her superior moral compass onto the amoral (black) man.

Noone wants to date a sapphire. No Black man needs to go to work, be eyed all day as a robber, thug, murderer, rapist, thief, mongoloid, animal and then come home to a Black woman that emasculates him. It’s just not going to happen. You drive away a black man by the millions. And while you might be angry, you have just ruined it with 1,000 other sisters who think life is great and having a Black man would be great.

The tragedy here is, every sapphire has their own unique thought about what a “man” is. And, while they might think they are all saying the same thing “my man is no good”, they mean totally different things. Their definition of a man does not agree, not in any objective type of way. While one might be angry that her and her man never goes anywhere, another might be angry that he does not bring her flowers or candy. And, when they compare notes, each could care less about what the other sapphire is angry about, because to them that’s not important. However, in the mean time, their loud boisterous nature has driven both men off into the arms of a white / asian / latin girl that could care less about all of those things.

The Tragic Mulatto

D) tragic mulatto – this is the image of the biracial Black woman that doesn’t fit in either race. She is not welcomed by the white race. She is not welcomed by the Black race. She then commits suicide in despair. The tragic mulatto emphasized her personal pathologies: self-hatred, depression, alcoholism, sexual perversion, and suicide attempts being the most common. If light enough to “pass” as White, she did, but passing led to deeper self-loathing. She pitied or despised Blacks and the “blackness” in herself; she hated or feared Whites yet desperately sought their approval. In a race-based society, the tragic mulatto found peace only in death. She evoked pity or scorn, not sympathy.

Black men can’t date a tragic mulatto. Simply because she won’t have him. I’ve personally met a couple of black women who said they would never, ever date a Black man. [ secretly between you and me, they weren’t all that pretty, nor all that bright, so it’s no loss to the gene pool anyway ] But, the tragic mulatto today is so convinced of her superiority over Black men, She could never see herself with a Black man. She joins the white side in castigating the Black man. While she may not be loud and boisterous like the sapphire, she may be caught saying the same things under her breath. The tragedy of course is she runs to the arms of some white man, who then wakes up and realizes he’s with a filthy Black woman, and dumps her. Although stereotypical, it’s all too true.

Do not get me wrong, Black men make these mistakes too, but nowhere near the numbers that Black women do.  Remember my earlier quote that the Black American female is the most single and  unmarried person on the planet]

Although these stereotypes were hand-crafted and cultivated by white men to objectify and dehumanize Black women, so many Black women actully fall into these stereotypes by themselves.

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Activision to Pull Their Titles from PS3

Kotick Threatens

Bobby Kotick and a partner bought the once-struggling Activision for $440,000 in 1991, at a time when it was losing $30 million on $10 million in revenues. Now the world’s biggest independent computer games company, it has a market value of $16 billion (£10 billion) and operating profits of $179 million in the first quarter on sales of $981 million.

Activision overtook Electronic Arts last July when it was in effect taken over by Vivendi of France in a deal where Vivendi injected World of Warcraft into the company for a 56 per cent stake.

In an interview with the London Times, Activision / Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has some strong advice for Sony and threatened to pull its support for the console. “I’m getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don’t make it easy for me to support the platform. It’s expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation,” he says. “They have to cut the price, because if they don’t, the attach rates (the number of games each console owner buys) are likely to slow,” Kotick said. “If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony.” As for the timing on that, he adds: “When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console–and the PSP (portable) too.”

For its part, Sony, which is mired in third place behind Nintendo and Microsoft in the next-gen game-console wars, keeps saying it won’t be pressured into trimming the price of the PS3.

Sony Dismisses Activision

Sony Corp. CEO Sir Howard Stringer responded directly–and dismissively–to Kotick’s comments. “He likes to make a lot of noise,” the Welsh-born executive told Reuters at a tech conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, which Kotick is also attending. “He’s putting pressure on me, and I’m putting pressure on him. That’s the nature of business. … [But] I lose money on every PlayStation I make–how’s that for logic?”

Speaking of the PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton deflected questions that a widely rumored reduction in the console’s cost could come as early as next month. “We feel that we’re sacrificing the short term to pay dividends in the long term,” he told Silicon Valley magazine Fast Company. “People are having short-term thinking–the platform is not even three years old…. It costs a lot to invest in rolling out new technology, and if the consumer walks away before the life cycle is over–you can talk about the install base of hardware, but how many of those machines are still active, how many people are still playing them?”

“In 2008, we had a 38 percent increase in sales and we hit our 10-million-units-worldwide goal for PS3 sales,” he explained. “We had $6.4 billion in revenue in US alone on the PlayStation brand, and a 116 percent increase in software sales. At the worst possible time, if you’re hitting numbers and delivering success… my hope is that as our production efficiencies improve and more great games come to market, the horizon has got to be better for 2009 and 2010.”

Bioware Wants Attention

Now, Bioware co-founder Greg Zeschuk, has talked about the statement war, “I don’t think it’s really fair to poke fun at Sony,” Zeschuk says. “Certainly the Wii’s been a massive success and Sony’s probably not going as fast as they thought it would be but I think that they’re starting to make the right moves and the software’s coming along. I think it’s silly to be saying you’re not going to support Sony. The brand itself is still huge and there are millions of users out there.” Keep in mind bioware scared Sony witless when they threatened to not bring their title Mass Effect to the PS3. Also bioware is not in the number #1 spot for 3rd party developers as the giant Activision is.

My Take on the Situation

First of all Activision is right. Sony has priced probably 50% of the gaming market right out. The Nintendo Wii can be found for $126. The XBOX 360 can be found for $183. There is no way that at a price point of $400.00 can a PS3 even compete. For all those nay sayers, saying Activision is goofy or some other stupidity, follow the money.

Secondly developing for the platform is expensive. Again, follow the money, if the platform is far more expensive to develop for and it’s in 3rd place behind two consoles that are A) selling more and B) cheaper to develop for… It’s a no brainer.

Lastly the “too big to fail”, doesn’t apply in real business, unlike banks. People are saying that Activision would be giving up a huge platform if they didn’t support PS3 any longer. “More bang for your buck”! Ever heard of that? If they drop PS3 and target exclusively XBOX and Wii, and they get a much higher return for every development dollar? Who cares how large PS3 is, they are going to go where the money is.

I think Sony introd the market at a whopping $799.99 price point simply because their name is Playstation and they thought people would buy it regardless of the price. It is ridiculous. You could buy a car for that much, and get yourself a job delivering pizza. And, it would make you money, unlike the PS3.

I vote Activision follow through with the threat. Who’s to stop them? For all this sabre rattling, no one is taking them seriously.

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War On Black America: Are Black Men Being Targeted

Are Black Men Being Targeted

After the Professor Gates fiasco by the police, White America has begun rattling their sabers, over this non-issue. Perusing around the nets I ran across many idiots, but one idiot proposed to present hard evidence and statistics to show and prove that Black men being 60% of the prison population, although Black people, as a whole, only comprise 10% of the population in America, was somehow justified. I read over the 50 comments and quickly realized, that I had ventured into klan territory. Yes, the KKK is on the net. Who taught them to read, … your guess is as good as mine.

Not being one to back down for a fight, and also being insulted that he head idiot in charge would use numbers, I have used in previous articles and thesis, was compelled to pose a comment. And here it is, in its entirety.

“It’s always refreshing to happen to wander in a den of vipers. It’s ironic that the leader would use the very numbers and statistics that I use and other scholars use to prove the state of emergency on the war on Black America would be attempted to show that Black America 10% of the population, needs to be incarcerated by some 60% of the prison population.

It is a statistical impossibility for 10% of the population… oh sorry, let me correct that. It is a statistical impossibility for 0.001% of the population to commit so many crimes as to warrant representing 60% of prison population. For those not following the numbers here’s a brief lesson:

– There are only 10% of Americans that are Black.
– of those 10% only 1 per 100,000 commit crimes [ this is called crime per capita ]

– this makes up 0.001% of the general American Population

– they not only arrest this group, but tend to incarcerate each and every on
– whites commit the same crimes, [ in far greater numbers since they make up 50% of the population ]
– whites do no receive incarceration, perhaps only 1% of the time.

So if a white person is caught dealing drugs, 1 in 100 goes to jail. If a Black person is caught dealing drugs, all 100 go to jail. Those are facts, not opinions. Some judges have been removed off the bench because they do this. But getting a judge removed for this is terribly hard to do.

First Hand Knowledge

As a law school student, I was required to go down to the city court house and listen to cases. It was such and infuriating process and here’s why.

I sat in court and two cases came up, back to back.

Case #1:
Black man accused of loitering outside a convenience store. Suspect was arrested by police. Apparently this was his 3rd time being arrested.

Accused said he suffers from some heart condition or something and often takes medicine which leaves him in a daze. Does not have a history of drinking, nor does he beg for money.

Conviction and Sentence:
30 days in jail

Case #2:
White man arrested for over 1 kilo of cocaine in his possession.

The accused had so many priors the judge sat for 4 minutes reading them off.

The accused told the judge he had a problem, but instead of going to jail, he could go to his brother’s farm in Arkansas [ trial is in Louisiana ] and thereby sober up.

Conviction and Sentence:
Judge sentenced accused to go to his brother’s farm in Arkansas.

The Marginalization of Blacks in Public

Turn on any Fox News type station and what do you hear about Blacks in America: “There are more Blacks behind bars than in school.” Blacks have been constantly marginalized since the emancipation proclamation. However, here are the real numbers. There is a total of 1,216,000 young African Americans in college, ages 18-24, as opposed to 189,000 in custody. That is nearly 10 times the difference.

Turn on any Fox News type station and you will see Michael Vick demonized for giving money to his friends in a dog fighting scandal. You will not see a financial interview of countless CEO who oversee the elite companies that run this country, and that are Black.

You will continue to hear stories that the president of the United States had to show his birth certificate to the press, to prove he was American and not a Black Muslim, to the racist quotient of the population. Why is this so ridiculous? To even run his credentials are checked.

You will continue to have record companies, pay people to write the most derogatory, degrading, vile lyrics and hoist them on rap singers to rap in their songs. Oh, maybe you all didn’t know that’s what’s going on. Over 50% of rappers didn’t grow up “hard”, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to fit into corporate America so easily and be readily marketable. The company then hires lyricist to write about raping women, murdering other Black men, glorifying crime and infidelity. The rapper plays little part in the process from what I’m told. But, he’s in a catch 22. That’s how he makes his money.

My conclusion

This is not an isolated incident. All across America, in court rooms in every town and municipality, white people are not being incarcerated and Black people are. Where a white person might get the most lenient possible sentence, a Black person gets the maximum.

We need to clean up the system, but we must focus on one city and state at one time. We need an appellate court to get their heads out of their hind parts and do their job, and have some integrity about the situation.

We need some lawyers who can dedicate their life’s work to freeing Black men. We need some lawyers who can dedicate their life’s work to giving Black men representation. I’m sure in 90% of the cases, had the Black man had representation, we would not be in this sad state of affairs.

Black Harvard Professor / White Cop

Obama Asks The Two Over for Beer

The White House’s brewski diplomacy between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the cop who arrested him in his home should take place early this week, officials said.

President Obama, who invited the two men over for a beer to defuse the controversy, hopes to see them “in the next several days,” said press secretary Robert Gibbs.

“He understood that the debate was veering off in the wrong direction, and, as he said, that his words may have contributed to that. So he felt a responsibility to step forward and kind of cool the situation down,” Obama advisor David Axelrod said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “I think the president sees this as an opportunity to get dialogue going on an issue that’s been historically troubling,” Axelrod said. “I think the steam has gone out of this. And now, instead of heat being generated, maybe a little light will be generated off of this situation.”

Racial Comments on Professor Gates’ Website

It was probably inevitable that in the furor over the arrest of the Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., some people would resort publicly to the ugly racial slurs that have largely disappeared from polite conversation.

But it is hard to imagine a more incongruous place for such comments than The Root, an online magazine of politics and culture largely by and for black people, where Mr. Gates is editor in chief.

Yet there they were last week, in comments on an interview with Dr. Gates, who was arrested at his home in Cambridge, Mass., on a disorderly conduct charge that was quickly dropped.

A few commenters used grotesque racial epithets, others crudely parodied black speech, and some proudly called themselves racist. One used the screen name of James Earl Ray, the man who killed Martin Luther King Jr.

My Own Personal Story

I’m Black. [very black] I came home one night, when I lived with my cousin, ex-patriots player. It was freezing in the dead of winter. No one was home, which was shocking, because they had two little boys and never left the home empty, either my cousin or his wife were always there. I had just finished a 12 hour shift and this was just … *sigh* great. Now i knew that next door to him was his old football coach. [white man and family] I knocked on the door, introduced myself and asked if i could use the phone or stay until my cousin returned. [ door slammed in my face ] I later learned, from my cousin, whom I now know is a total snake, was berated by the neighbor as [ some strange black man came to our door, how dare he ] And, instead of my own flesh and blood defending me [ law school educated, world traveled, foreign service, diplomatic ties ] to this middle-class neighbor, he returned the favor and berated me and asked me to leave his home.

I share this story because it reveals something in America. This neighbor accepted my football playing, Black, cousin, but TO HIM, I was still just some poor dumb negro. Which he found unacceptable. [ of course my cousin was too stupid to understand this ] What’s funny is growing up, my cousin, who is older than me, disliked me because I was stuck up. I think instead of thinking straight, he chose this time to instead stick it to me. Me, who had made him feel inadequate every time I came back to the states, telling wonderful stories of my travels over seas.

The white neighbor was forgotten the next day. But, my cousin, every time I see him, infrequently, I never acknowledge him.


Gates did not violate any law. Under Massachusetts law, which the police officer was supposedly enforcing, yelling at a police officer is not illegal.

There are clear decisions of the Massachusetts courts holding that a person who berates an officer, even during an arrest, is not guilty of disorderly conduct. And yet that is exactly what Gates was arrested for.

The Massachusetts statute defining “disorderly conduct” used to have a provision that made it illegal to make “unreasonable noise or offensively coarse utterance, gesture or display,” or to address “abusive language to any person present.” Yet the courts have interpreted that provision to violate the Massachusetts Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech. So police cannot lawfully arrest a person for hurling abusive language at an officer.

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Youtube Wedding Dance: Those Silly Americans

Youtube Wedding Dance

If you read the bible, often times in the old testament it will completely contradict how the church ceremony is done these days. These days, church is boring. You come in and sit, no one talks, the minister / priest / pastor speaks and you all go home.

In the Old Testament, it says they made a joyful noise, and they came into his house with song and praise.

I present to you a couple that thought for their wedding ceremony the would come into his house with song and praise and …


Actually watching this brought tears to my eyes. And the song, although contemporary, was actually pretty meaningful in expressing their love forever. I’m actually tearing up typing this.

Their Story

Ok here’s the story.

When Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson decided to get married, she thought it might be fun to jazz things up a bit by turning their walk down the aisle into a dance routine.

Peterson admits that she has been dancing all of her life so she came up with the idea of choreographing a big entrance by her wedding party. The big day took place at Christ Lutheran Church in St. Paul and the guests were very impressed with the unique entrance of the seven bridesmaids, five groomsmen and four ushers.

The groom was urged to share their special moment with the rest of the world so he downloaded the video to YouTube on Sunday. The bride and groom are both shocked and amazed that their little video has had over 1,420,000 hits so far.

The Minnesota couple appeared on The Today Show on Friday. They will be bringing the entire wedding party back for a LIVE recreation of the dance tomorrow.