There are More White People on Welfare Than The Total Black Population

The Truth about Welfare

Watch any talk show, conservative news show or read a liberal newspaper, and they all give the same message, “Black people are on welfare and have been for generations.” In fact one presidential campaign made it their double-talk slogan, “no more generations of welfare recipients”, “stop people living off the public dole.” Republicans and Democrats alike all jumped on the bandwagon. News casters picked up on the slogan and asked the question, “who are we talking about?” They received no direct answer but were given the old, nod and wink “you know who we’re talking about.”

This lie that Blacks live off of welfare has been spread so far and wide and repeated over and over and over so much that common ignorant people have come to accept it as fact. In fact, even Black people themselves have accepted as fact. You have Black comedians accepting it as fact and then assuming it to be fact, make up jokes with that as the basis of their punchline.

The fact is, white people are a majority of the welfare recipients. In fact, white people make up more than Blacks and Latinos put together on welfare. In fact, there are more white people on welfare than there exist Black people in America. Let me repeat, there are more white people on welfare than there are Black folks.

Of all the welfare recipients, only 22% of them are Black. Yes, that’s 1/5th of the welfare recipients are Black. That, my friend, is a small number. White people make up nearly 50% of all welfare recipients.

So how did this racist stereotype come about that Blacks are on welfare? Or, I should ask, how did people agree with it when there is such a huge white population on welfare?

One word: Ignorance.

If you are ignorant of the facts, people can tell you anything and get away with it. If you are ignorant of the facts, people can take your money and you not even know it is being taken. If you are ignorant of the rules, people can throw you in jail and you agree to it.

Oh those are some outrageous statements aren’t they? Guess what? People have been doing that in this country for over 2 centuries. It has gone full speed in the past 40 years. Now the media is in on the game, so all bets are off. If people have an agenda to push, it goes all out like gangbusters because the media can loop the message day and night, every hour, on the hour. You cannot compete with the truth, when the media tells you a lie. If the media wanted to reverse the color of grass and the sky, don’t you know people would go along with it? If the media looped, “new grass color discovered, blue not green; new sky color discovered, green not blue.” The media has done it in the past.

For instance, marijuana is a plant. It has thousands of uses, such as: making paper; making clothes; making rope; making polymers. In fact, the plant is so great that every material it makes is better than any other material on the planet currently. Hemp is the name of the plant. Hemp ropes are far stronger than silk ropes. Hemp paper is 3 times better than wood paper; lasts longer without fading; and doesn’t take toxic chemicals to make it into paper. Hemp clothing doesn’t destroy the earth to create; they are far easier to wash; don’t get dirty as easily; they repel stains. In fact hemp makes hundreds of medical remedies that pharmaceutical companies cannot duplicate. A man wanted to push forward his investment in wood paper. He made the hemp plant seem diabolical, so he enlisted the media. Within a year, hemp was made illegal and people were afraid to go near it and thought it was satanic.

Do you see the power of the media? If they can change people’s opinion about a plant, of course they can change and manipulate social perceptions about facts that aren’t real. Who cares if someone is racist? The problem is the media going along with the agenda and pushing it forward. And, it’s not just one source of media. They all do the same thing.

Think back for one second. The latest news story was plastered on every channel, local and national centers. And, they always have the same facts. No matter how independent your local station claims to be, they jump on the same bandwagon everyone else does.

Let’s look for a second at a huge national story: the Laci Peterson case. Here’s a case where a Latina went missing, was 7 months pregnant and who’s body was found decapitated and various parts of her arms and legs were missing;and her body washed ashore nearly a year later. In the media, they pointed to Scott Peterson. They found out he had extramarital affairs. Surely if he was cheating on his wife he must have murdered her. But wait! I turn your attention to another national story: the Evelyn Hernandez case. Here’s a case where a Latina went missing, was 7 months pregnant and who’s body was found decapitated and various parts of her arms and legs were missing;and her body washed ashore 3 months later. Woah!

Did you just have deja vu? Everyone knows Scott Peterson murdered his wife right? Uh, did he also murder Evelyn Hernandez? What’s strange is, we actually know where Scott Peterson was the whole time. And yet, they still convicted him. In fact, they just assumed he did it.

The reality of the two cases were so out of this world, that no one wanted to actually speak it allowed. So, the media just convicted poor “horny devil” Scott Peterson, and we all just nodded and looked the other way. What’s the reality you ask? Well since you asked. In the south west there are known and documented cases of witchcraft and occult secret societies. These cults perform heinous sacrifices. The police have documented cases of it. But, you don’t hear it in the news for some reason. The media keeps it hush hush. So the cults are the truth, but a regular man is on death row. While he did cheat on his wife, it doesn’t mean he killed her, nor does it justify him being put to death. Regardless of the feminist organizations that wish it so, it is not right.

This is a case of the media gone wild. And, we sit back and take it. I could pin point case after case, news story after news story that are false, bigoted, and passing on misinformation. Misinformation is the biggest and largest crime that is going on.

If you’ve been reading my blog, I’ve already pointed out that:

  • Black unwed fathers spend more time and money with their children than any other unwed fathers.
  • Blacks pay their debts on time and more often than other races.
  • Blacks have a much lower divorce rate than other races.
  • Blacks have less out of wedlock children than other races.
  • And now, Blacks are the least people to be on welfare than other races.

All of these stereotypes the news and shows put forth, media. But, we all accept it as fact. We think because we saw it on T.V. it must be true. When in fact, the opposite is true. Could it be that people are basing life decisions off of lies? Could it be politicians are making laws based on lies? Could it be the Federal Government is making policies based on lies?

You’re damn skippy they are.

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Jeremiah Wright: We Killed Innocent People in Iraq

Iraq Veterans Against the War

It has really come full circle. The chickens have come home to roost. I’m not talking about the CIA term “blowback”, where actions our secret service does to other countries comes back to haunt us. I am talking about our very open and direct actions which are crimes against humanity. Have you noticed that since 9/11 that there aren’t so many reports about the “war” in Iraq? Why? Because, the latest news is rather ugly. The reports of what really is going on in Iraq have come home and they aren’t pretty. Take for instance the reports about Fallujah. It was in Fallujah that the U.S. armed forced committed a massacre of over a million civilians. One my protest that the armed forces had no idea they were innocent civilians, but it was shown they did know. In fact it was shown that during the massacre it became customary to trick civilians to come out of their homes and then slaughter them in the street. It became customary to storm a house, drag the citizens out, and humiliate the father in front of the family. A practice known to scar the entire family for life, since they treat each other with the highest respect over there.

Blowback is the espionage term for the violent, unintended consequences of a covert operation that are suffered by the civil population of the aggressor government. To the civilians suffering it, the blowback typically manifests itself as “random” acts of political violence without a discernible, direct cause; because the public—in whose name the intelligence agency acted—are ignorant of the effected secret attacks that provoked revenge (counter-attack) against them.

Not only did reports come in, but documentaries of the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians have been made. Some are quite popular as well, selling millions of copies. These documentaries showed armed forces using incendiary bombs on civilians homes; beating, maiming and slaughtering children; raping female children; and burning and collapsing huge apartment buildings known to have thousands of people inside. These documentaries show armed forces using new Napalm, which burns the flesh off of live people. They show chemical warfare use. And, it all comes back to “against innocent civilians.”

I heard some incredible number, in the millions, being quoted about the number of Iraqis who have died at the hands of the U.S. in this “war.” Notice I keep saying “war.” But, the fact is, Iraq has not been “declared” to be a war by Congress, as prescribed in our Constitution.

In the United States, Congress which makes the rules for the military has the power under the Constitution to “declare War,” however there is no prescribed legal format for what a War declaration will look like in the US Constitution or by law. Declarations have the force of law and are intended to be executed by a Commander in Chief when called into actual service. The last time United States passed a bill with the title “Declaration of War” was in 1942, against Romania. Since then, the United States has used the term “Authorization to use Military Force” as in the case against Iraq in 2003. Many times, such as the US Invasion of Haiti in 1993, decisions for military engagements were made by US presidents, without formal approval by Congress, based on UN Security Council resolutions that did not declare UN or its members at war. This has been seen also as a subterfuge to allow the United States to dispense with the international laws of war, for example by declaring hostages as criminals rather than as prisoners of war.

So we see that Iraq is not a war at all. So what really is going on in Iraq? Well, it seems to be a lot of unnecessary slaughter going on over there. Unnecessary, for one simple fact: Iraq has never posed a threat to the U.S.. Iraq was, in fact, our ally all the way up to the day we invaded. Even after the Kuwait ordeal we were still on friendly terms with Iraq. In fact, we put Saddam Hussein in power. We did that.

It is My Duty to Speak Out

You may try and construct a chain of command and make an organization where one does not and cannot think for one’s self. However, as humans, invariably there will be a few humans who will be slightly less a moron than the other people you have recruited and figure out that what they are being told to do is: against their own beliefs; against God; against humanity.

It is one thing to be ordered to go shoot at people that are shooting at you. It is another thing to be ordered to shoot soccer moms; drop huge, gargantuan bombs on city centers filled with milkmen, candlestick makers, maids, candy salesmen, shoe repairmen. It is one thing to give the order and then to have the wife of the candlestick maker crying inconsolably over her husband asking why this is happening. It is one thing to give the order and then see children crawling on the ground with a leg and arm blown off screaming for their mother. It is one thing to give the order and then hear a baby crying only to be silenced by a gunshot to the head followed by a sick wet sound of its blood running down the crib.

This is not what America wants. This is not what the world wants. If George Bush were to do this to us inside the United States, U.N. forces would have arrested him and congress and the top military brass and tried them for war crimes and genocide. Right now though the U.N. is mired in red tape over this “war” that isn’t a “war”.

Jeremiah Wright Thrown Under the Bus

It was a fact that Jeremiah Wright, minister of President Obama’s former church was thrown under the bus for political expediency. All the stations looped Reverend Wright saying something ghastly over and over and over.

Fox News and others kept showing a sound bite of Jeremiah Wright saying “America’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost”. That is the only sound bite they showed of the sermon. But in actuality Reverend Wright was quoting U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck, a retired, “white”, career U.S. diplomat who served 32-years in the U.S. Foreign Service and was chief of the U.S. mission to Iraq under Jimmy Carter — hardly the black-rage image with which Wright has been stigmatized.

Obama instead of explaining that Jeremiah Wright was quoting a U.S. ambassador and that what both learned men were saying was correct, instead took the low road to save his political campaign. Reverend Wright was then left with the reputation of being some Black objectionary, militant, racist, when in fact he was and is the opposite.

Now we come to the real story. We come to the story that cannot be denied any longer. We cannot deny it, because the story is now coming from our very troops. The U.S. is slaughtering people in Iraq for no good reason. More and more veterans of the war are speaking out and sounding the same bell that the learned Reverend Jeremiah Wright [also a former Marine] sounded in his now infamous sermon.

Iraq Veterans Against the War is a group of veterans who have organized to speak out against this horrible war. They have organized together so that no one could quiet them individually and so that Americans can really know what our military ambassadors are doing in our good name. It is a shame they had to organize in such a way, but this is the reality of the situation. If they speak out individually, they won’t be heard; they get life threats; they get black balled out of various things; they get denied things owed to them.

No longer can we just sit at the dinner table and laugh at Reverend Jeremiah Wright, AND by proxy Ambassador Edward Peck, but now we have to pay attention because our sons and daughters are coming home saying how much truth both men were telling.

The obvious question is: Does Obama know? Actually most of these atrocities did not happen on his watch. However, they are still going on, so yes he must know. He needs to bring the troops home immediately.

I know why they are over there. While, politically it’s quite a grey area, the execution of it, has and is horrible. I say grey area, because had I been in Bush’s shoes I may have wanted to remove Sadam myself. But, that’s the bully way of doing things, isn’t it? I have a brain and would have found some other way to get Saddam to agree with me. So the entire war was and is unnecessary.

You might ask what is it I know about the war? It is quite simple once you hear it.

My dates might be off by some months, but the facts are very similar. The current world currency is the U.S. dollar (USD), right? Everyone knows that. One of the chief and most important things that is traded in the USD is oil. Well in mid 2,000 Saddam Hussein, bless his heart, declared that Iraq would now move his oil exports to the Euro. He completely removed the USD from his countries oil exports entirely. It was a brilliant move and would shore up Iraqs wealth immensely since the dollar was and is a completely fiat currency that is nearly worthless. Bush and friends were sitting on their thumbs wondering what to do to get Saddam back into trading oil with dollars. If they didn’t do something soon, the entire middle east would follow the lead of Saddam.

This is what is known as “Petrodollar Warfare.”

Well what does that mean? It means we would have to pay the real price of oil finally. And more than likely either our economy would collapse over night or we would go back to producing stuff that the entire world wants to buy. Instead of going that route, Bush declared Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which Hanz Blick squarely said he didn’t, MONTHS before, even wrote a book about it, and invaded Iraq. Within days of the invasion, they removed the government of Iraq, set another one in its place, and repealed the declaration to trade oil in Euros instead of dollars.

That’s what this war is about. Not oil, not greed, not any other weird or sinister thing. The rest of the middle east is kind of on the fence about this whole Iraq thing. On the one hand they realy did not like Saddam, remember we put him in power. On the other hand, what he was doing was interesting by leaving the dollar trade in oil.

So Why are We Still in Iraq?

That my frend is the billion dollar question. And, I’m going to give you the answer, and it is not going to make any damn sense to you.

The reason we are still in Iraq is because American companies are making too much damn money to leave.

That’s right. This is now, not about security, nor terrorism, nor pride, nor democracy. This is about huge, super huge companies, that are in control of the government that is bleeding us and Iraq dry. They have got their teeth firmly latched onto our necks and are not going to let go. They literally make a million dollars each month washing the clothes of the military over there. In fact, they made it a punishable rule that servicemen cannot wash their own clothes. They are drinking every last drop of blood we have and our politicians are letting them.


I wonder when they were briefing Obama, after he won, about these companies and the war, what his reaction was. I wonder if the was shocked, amazed or disgusted. Can you imagine win the seat to the most powerful position in the world and then being told that basically you have no power and that those days of the president issuing decrees and fighting congress are long gone. But, the show lingers on.

Let me leave you with this quote:

“the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today — my own government,” and that “America was founded on genocide, and a nation that is founded on genocide is destructive.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

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Anime Rant: Why I Hate the Writers of Naruto Punking Orochimaru

Creating the Fall Guy

In America, because Americans are all children and have the brains of infants, Hollywood tests and tests and tests and come up with the same result, “the bad guy can never win.” Regardless that congress rapes us daily. Regardless that Wall Street pillages the land of tax payer dollars and we take it, day in and day out, we can never be presented with even the hint of reality in a movie. Test groups can’t even tolerate the bad guy even getting the upper hand during the movie. They are so childlike that it is enough that you say “this is the bad guy” and then proceed with the movie.

In Asia it is no problem to present a movie where the bad guy walks away scott free. However their reality is quite different. Over there bad guys don’t get away with it. So to see a bad guy win, IS the fantasy. Over here, we are surrounded by incompetent police incompetent leaders, incompetent military. They lock up regular citizens and give the excuse that they broke the law. The actuality is that 75% of the time the law was an infraction that is so inconsequential that locking a citizen up for it, IS the crime. But, they do that to hide their own incompetence, their own inability to stop real crime.

For 50 years they have claimed they needed to lock up 20 times the Americans they used to lock up, all in the name of our safety. When in fact 90% of those they locked up were no evil to begin with and the real criminals are free to do whatever they please. The police know they can’t get to them. The criminals know the police are incompetent, and no one can change that.

Knowing this then, why can’t Americans tolerate seeing a bad guy win? Because they are children and can’t handle the truth. The people they pay to keep them safe have failed and they do not want to be reminded of it. And, the powers that be will not show it to them and avoid it, al all costs.

So what’s my anime rant about? In Naruto they presented the ultimate bad guy as Orochimaruo. Orochimaru was the most powerful ninja. He knew every jutsu there ever was. He even invented his own. He even knew the forbidden jutsu. He used to belong to the all powerful band of outlaw nijas known as the Akatsuki. In fact he was so beyond them that he left them and truely went on his own. He was so powerful that he attacked a country, with his army, all by himself, something normally a whole country would have to do, to even be assured of success. He also was and is one of the 3 legendary ninja in all of the world of Naruto.

With all of that said why oh why would they all of a sudden make him look like a chump? I mean, the guy can bring people back to life. The guy discovered the immortality jutsu. His own retainer even said he could literally take over the entire Naruto world.

Now my problem isn’t that the author wants to all of a sudden go with a different bad guy. My problem is, don’t build up Orochimaru to not just be a powerful bad guy, but build him up to be a god and then make the new bad guy just have an illusion power.

The problem is they already explained in the series that one illusion user cannot ensnare another illusion user. One would have to be superiorly more powerful to best another illusion user. Now, under normal circumstances that wouldn’t be impossible, but we’re talking about Orochimaru vs and Uchiha.

Yes, it’s great that the Uchiha have an illusion power, but Orochimaru is now on his 3rd body. The other 2 legendary ninja are also facing the ravages of time. The female legendary ninja, now the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, has been shown to use potions to keep herself looking young well beyond her years. So all 3 of them have lived probably 2 generations of a normal human, if not 3. Also, Orochimaru put an entire country under his illusions. He defeated ninja leaders of multiple countries, all at the same time, single handedly. So excuse me if I think it’s ridiculous that some 20 year old and his younger brother, 14 years old, put the legendary ninja Orochimaru under an illusion. It’s like Hitler or George W Bush fighting Jesus. I mean, they’re both bad guys and super powerful, but … come on, it’s Jesus we’re talking about.

I thought the Japanese wouldn’t fall for the “the bad guy loses” shtick. First of all we’re talking a world filled with nothing but ninjas. None of them are “good guys” in any objective sense. There are countless ways to write out and all powerful character anyway. They could simply say he got bored of the world and went somewhere else. Isn’t that what gurus do anyway?

Just stop it with the “Bram Stoker’s all powerful Dracula is killed by a toothpick from some 3rd rate cop that can barely read”. The world doesn’t work like that and don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

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Woman Body Checks the Pope and his Cardinal

The “Unbalanced Woman in Red”

Today Christmas Eve as the pope, Benedict XVI, proceeded up the isle to deliver his Christmas Mass, an “unbalanced woman” jumped the guard rail and lunged at the pope. She knocked him down as well as Cardinal Roger Etchegaray. Pope Benedict, 82 got back to his feet immediately doing a ninja flip. However, poor Cardinal Etchegaray was rushed to the emergency room. They immediately took the lady into custody. They found no evil intent.

Pope Benendict went on to deliver mass as usual. Oh, scratch that. Mass was delivered 2 hours earlier than usual, i.e. 12a.m., at 10 p.m.. This was to allow the pope to rest a bit before his hectic schedule of flying around the world in the pope mobile delivering presents to boys and girls, said a Vatican spokesperson.

[all the facts of this story are true, although there were some slight embellishments.]

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The Rights of the Father: David Goldman Wants His Son

Goldman May Have an Early Christmas Present

The supreme court of Brazil has handed custody of Sean Goldman, now 9 years old, over to his father David Goldman. The two were seen boarding a plane at 9 am this morning, Christmas eve.

If you are unfamiliar with the case, here are the facts. David Goldman and his wife,Bruna, had a child Sean Goldman. The two got divorced. Here is where everything gets ugly. The wife went back to her homeland, Brazil, and remarried there, to a powerful attorney, João Paulo Lins e Silva. She took Sean Goldman with her, abducting him, thinking never to return. The lawyer-husband did adopt Sean. The wife died in childbirth to a new child of the lawyer-husband.[karma?] David Goldman sued for custody of Sean Goldman. Actually, David Goldman had been fighting to get Sean Back since 2004 since the divorce and child abduction. The family of the now widowed husband, the Silvas, refused to give custody of the child.

The supreme court of Brazil stepped in, since it is an international case. The United States and Brazil are signatures to the Hague Convention. This was a clear case of international abduction. They had first decided to keep the boy in Brazil while they made a determination and whether or not the boy would be allowed to testify before a court of law.

I believe that had this case been in America, the courts would have immediately granted custody to the blood father, since he can never waive his rights. The father, David Goldman made plea after plea to return his son back to him. For the Brazilian family to refuse custody, I feel, is shameful. Regardless of the fondness they developed for him, Sean Goldman, it doesn’t take away the fact that his biological father was stripped of 5 years of his son’s life and had been fighting to get him back the entire time. They should have gladly given the son back. Shame on the daughter for kidnapping the child away from the father.

Well, this story has a happy ending. God bless David Goldman and his son Sean Goldman.

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Conspiracy: Is There a Commodities Bubble?

The Gold Bubble That Never Was

Ask any nutcase investor or investment group [not mentioning any names], if there is a gold bubble or commodities bubble and they will talk your ear off telling you point by point why there is one. Some how I believe they don’t know what the word bubble means. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they are really clear on the artificial inflation i.e. conspiracy part of it, but they fail to realize the part where it has to be widespread and popular.

So everyone is on the same page, let’s define this bubble word:

Bubble: An economic bubble (sometimes referred to as a speculative bubble, a market bubble, a price bubble, a financial bubble, or a speculative mania) is “trade in high volumes at prices that are considerably at variance with intrinsic values”. Economic bubbles are generally considered to have a negative impact on the economy because they tend to cause misallocation of resources into non-optimal uses. In addition, the crash which usually follows an economic bubble can destroy a large amount of wealth and cause continuing economic malaise.

Now let me add to that, there has to be a popular and widespread sentiment to invest in the item to even qualify it as a bubble. Ergo, you can’t have a “bubble” if only 100 people are investing in it. A bubble has to be damn near nationwide – a housing “bubble” / a dollar “bubble”.

Ok with that definition let’s return back to our question: Is there a gold bubble, is there a commodities bubble. Clearly, the answer is no. In fact Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff and many, many far more intelligent investors than I have said gold should be trading at $2,000 / oz. A foreign investor said gold should be trading at $5,000 / oz USD. I have it on good authority that gold has been surpressed for nearly 30 years. So if you take that into account, the $5,000 / oz USD does not seem outrageous at all.

One thing Jim Rogers did say however, is that do not lay all your eggs in the gold basket. He said to spread it out through many commodities. And, as I said in a prior post that high end manufactured goods depend on commodities, if that market collapses, so will the high end markets.

Note that China has told their citizens to buy gold. Note that India did also, and are forking over major cash to buy gold. Could there be something on the horizon that they are privvy too that we are not?

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Jim Cramer: Selling Snake Oil Stocks

Open Season on Jim Cramer Bashing

Everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon of trashing Jim Cramer of Mad Money. We have the Huffington post trashing him. We have Zero Sum… I mean Zero Hedge trashing him. And then we have the marriage of the two, Huffington post trashing him and quoting Zero Hedge trashing him. But, why would I write a post about it, unless somehow they are wrong. You knew it was coming right?

The latest trash of Jim Cramer was about a call that he actually did not make. According to Huffington Post, Jim Cramer said to buy Citigroup. Citigroup fell and so Huffington Post pointed the finger saying, “see he’s wrong na na ni na na.” But, if you go to the video that they tried to prove that he was wrong, he did not say buy Citigroup, as a day trade. He said to buy the offering and hold it for 2 to 3 years.

The fact is, if you beleive in Jim Cramer and bought Citigroup, when it fell, you’d buy more, not think of it as a loss. Because you’d be under the mind to buy it at the best price. If the realization of the profit is going to come in 2 or 3 years, a fluctuation in a day or two won’t matter.

Also I guarantee that if Jim Cramer says buy it on CNBC on national T.V. the powers that be would want to crush the common investor and dump the stock to take profits off of such a popular recommendation. I know that sounds a bit conspiracy theorist, but then we are talking about Zero Hedge, you’re used to it, if you read their posts.

As I’ve said from the beginning when I first laid eyes on Jim Cramer, anyone that would seriously take investment advice off of a T.V. show is indeed Mad themselves. Only a fool would watch a T.V. show, that is clearly geared for entertainment, and invest according to its edicts. I love Jim Cramer, but I would not take investment advice from him. Regardless of his history and past work. In fact CNBC and MSNBC has done more of a diservice to investing than a billion Bernie Madoffs.

[no offense intended by any of this, just stating facts]