Climate Change, CO2, Carbon Tax and You

What Should Your Position on Carbon and Climate Change Be?

Before you start digging in your trenches and taking a high road or a low road about carbon footprints, carbon taxes and world climate changes, let’s get one thing out the way. The science! Everyone seems to forget that this entire mess is supposed to be based on science. However, everyone that talks about climate change and starts flying off the handle about carbon taxes or pointing the finger derisively at the SUV driving soccer moms have not taken a look at the science. In fact, Al Gore did not, has not, will not, could care less, would never, forbids and won’t debate with the science.


Because, the science is clear.

There is no science behind carbon climate change.

Before you base your investing dollars on companies that will or will not comply with this climate change scare, you’d better understand the science behind it, before you are swindled out of your money.

The Science Behind Climate Change

World temperature is one of the few areas of science where you have complete clarity. It is not like quantum physics and string theory nor evolution nor the big bang theory. In climatology, in so far as the question of “do humans contribute to global temperature change,” is clear and definite. And, the answer is unanimously “NO!”

There are people out there that would have you believe that driving an SUV is contributing to the global warming. There are people that would have you believe that huge conglomerate pig farms, that produce billions of tons of methane, contribute to global warming. There are people that would have you believe that factories belching out big black soot into the air somehow contribute to global warming. The science is very clear on this: nothing that humans do, contribute one iota to global temperature.

In 2000, when Al Gore lost his bid to become president of the United States, he had less than US$2-million in assets. Neither was Gore known for his financial acumen — annual White House disclosures of his and Tipper Gore’s joint tax filings showed little income beyond the $175,000 he earned as vice-president.

How do we know humans don’t contribute to global warming? There are a lot of humans on the planet. The question is as simple as 4th grade science. Global temperature is predicated by the distance the earth is from the sun. Global temperature is predicated by the solar radiation that hits the planet surface. Global temperature is predicated by atmospheric cloud formations and radiations that shield the earth from solar radiation. That’s it. Nothing else. Nothing more. Nothing less.

We could literally nuke the entire planet and the global temperature would not change one degree. You have to remember, that although it is hot at the equator, it is freezing at the polar caps.

But I saw a Movie About Global Warming

People were taken in by Al Gore’s movie about global warming. The producers of the movie have since come out and admitted there was absolutely no scientific data used in the movie. In fact the movie was produced by a PR firm.

Nobody doubts Gore’s financial acumen now. Within eight years of leaving politics, Gore had reportedly become worth well in excess of US$100-million. Many expect him to become a billionaire through his stakes in a global warming hedge fund, a carbon-offset business, a renewable energy investment business and other global warming related ventures. He is now money manager to institutional investors and the super rich through Generation Investment Management, a firm that he co-founded in 2004.

There is no global warming involved. In fact all scientist will tell you that we are in a cooling off period. Papers all over the planet are reporting the coldest winter in decades. Some scientists have even jumped to the conclusion that we are headed for a new ice age. That’s the big scientific debate right now.

Among Al Gore’s most ambitions involvements is in the Venture Capitalist game where along with John Doerr – who made a killing in the 90’s investing in Netscape, Google and Amazon – and David Blood – who for 18 years ran asset management at Goldman Sacs. Together these three men are managing the Green investment portfolio for Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – the preeminent venture firm of Silicon Valley.

To put your own mind at rest, simply find a chart that shows you the global temperature during the middle ages. The climate change during the middle ages were 10 times higher than the current climate change. The middle ages was the hottest the planet has been in thousands of years. For those not accustomed to remembering history, the middle ages were when people could not read and sailing was being invented. There was no technology to speak of.

The middle ages The middle ages The middle ages The middle ages The middle age. Find a chart that shows you the temperatures during the middle ages all the way up to the present and you will be astonished.

Carbon tax and investing

Of the investors out there, I think very few fell prey to the global warming scare. For the most part, investors are well educated. For the most part, investors remember that plants need carbon to breath and flourish. For the most part, investors put 2 and 2 together and figured out that co2 is not in fact a noxious gas nor emission. That being said, how should investors tread the murky waters of public ignorance? I don’t believe the senate will ratify cap and trade. With developing nations getting a pass on all of this global warming nonsense, the senate, unlike the house, will come to see that millions of jobs will be lost if cap and trade is passed. At this time, losing millions of jobs is out of the question.

Investors should find companies that stand behind the real science of this global warming mess. Those companies are not going to hamstring themselves in the upcoming debate. Those companies are not going to go under, which is what this is really coming down to. Investing in a company that is suddenly putting out huge expenditures in preparation of cap and trade is a fool’s errand. Those companies will be ripe for take overs and drastically undercapitalized. Being undercapitalized might work for banks, but it doesn’t work for anyone else. Stay away from those companies. You would not want to fall prey to the fiasco that is about to happen.

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