What Men Want

What Men Want

If men were honest they would say the following.  I am sure women think they know what men want, and I am sure they think men are so transparent and simple that they have them all figured out.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Men are not simple, and are just as complex and multifaceted as women.  It is illogical to think that because you have a vagina, that somehow you are transcended to a much loftier mind and being than a human with a penis.  If you actually believe that somehow your breasts make you more than a non-breast-having human, then you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book, marketing of “women”.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll notice, time and again, I shed light into the world that is psychobabble, marketing to the sexes and the social stratification builds set up simply to get you to buy into various notions, all for you to put your money down.  Think tanks all over America have come up some doozy complicated propaganda to get women to think one way, “I am equal to a man, if not better.”  The truth is, the people behind the marketing, have absolutely no care for women nor even consider them worthy of the things they pretend to give them, equality.  That is to say, these think tanks that came up with “women can work”, “women are equal to men”, and “women are better than men” nearly all despise women, and consider them inferior.  So why put out propaganda to get them to work and vote and other things?  The truth is simple.  If a woman buys into the notion that a woman’s place is not to raise children, take care of the home while hubby goes and wins the bread, then she drops kids and hubby and comes and works as well, and has her own money, to buy crap, without needing approval from her hubby.  Also, with women working the corporate fat cats have another cheap labor pool to exploit for profit.

So, now that you have an understanding what’s at work when you think you know what a man wants, you are broken down and suddenly realize that the whole notion that women are somehow: more intuitive, more nurturing, more sensible than a man is all hogwash.

Men are Driven by Sex

This is more propaganda put out by your local police, city government and nation government.  How can they make men appear to be driven by sex?  Easy, they deprive the population of sex, then turn around and put out scandalous information in the media / news that promotes sex.

No man, that is a man, is governed by the thought of sex.  If you find a male, driven by sex, he is an infant in the brain and no man at all.

At the end of the day, having sex may seem like an “adult” thing, but in reality, having lots of sex and constantly thinking about sex is a teenage thing.  Once a man has become and actual adult, he puts aside sexual thoughts and starts to think about much, much bigger things in life.

What could it benefit the country to have men in a juvenile state?  Easy, it’s called the police / nanny state.  That means that if the men have no matured to the point where they are beyond the adolescent phase, then the government is their father in all things and can tell them what to do.  If you don’t have real, thinking, adult men in the population, then you can control everyone.

Do not mistake this point to mean that men don’t want to have sex, which stupid people reading this blog sometimes do.  The point is that they are not GOVERNED by the wish for sex.  Sure, most everyone “wants” sex, but adults don’t think about it 24 / 7.

Moral: if you find a male that always talks about sex or wants to have sex with you, that male has not matured into adulthood yet, or never will.

Men Will Do Anything for Women

Sadly, I am sure you women have already concluded this is not true at all.  First off, some men, a very minor few, are homosexuals so, of course they will not do anything for you.  Secondly, unless the man is another immature brat, you cannot control him with your vagina.  Yeah, so point one is starting to take shape?  I know a lot of women that are with complete scrubs and control their guys with the threat of no vagina.

First of all, the very idea that you would think to control someone with them getting into your vagina is whorish, to begin with.  Now stop for a second.  Think back to commercials, jokes, movies where you saw this in play.  Even a silly comment like “none for you tonight honey”.  It indoctrinates you to buy into this whorish notion: I can control a man with my vagina.  STOP!  Now if you read point one carefully, you know what I am about to say.  If you can control a man with your vagina, he is not a man at all.

So manipulation aside, why do real men do things for women?  It is pretty obvious.  A human will do something nice for another human for only two reasons: they are a nice person [ which never happens in modern society ]; or they want to gain favor with that person [ even kids understand this concept of reverse manipulation ].  So, if you, the woman, think you are lording over someone because they do things for you, take a step back and realize what you do for them in return.  Don’t you feel obligated if someone does something for you?  Everyone does.  Isn’t that how the dating scene is?  It’s like rule #1, do something for the other person and they will date / fall in love / marry you … eventually.  Trust me, it’s a backwards notion, and a very immature way of approaching love.  There we go again with the immaturity.

Moral: the very thought that you would control someone with your vagina is a whorish notion. That aside, if you can control a male with your vagina, he is not a man to begin with.

Men Only Want One Thing From a Woman

Sadly, it breaks my heart to even hear women or worse, men say this.  Again, only an immature male would say this.  Men do not want sex from women, as the be all end all.  If push came to shove there are plenty of sheep and goat in the world that men could stick their penis in.  Remember that.  In the 1700s there was a small town that was plagued with witch hunts.  They killed so many women, as witches, that they had nearly none left of any decent age.  The men took to having sex with sheep after awhile.  Sad but true.

Men want a myriad of things from women.  First and foremost is companionship.  As much as the commercials and TV and movies say men are afraid of commitment, it is not true.  Notice how much this is said all over the place: “men are afraid of commitment”.  Unless a man is genuinely uninterested in you, they will date / marry you.  There is tremendous marketing to get you AND men to buy into the notion that men are afraid of commitment.  Why?  Because then you won’t seek a boyfriend or you’ll sabotage all your relationships and go get a job yourself, and spend your money by yourself.  See the scam?  It’s one big circle.

Men want someone that likes them, just for being them.  What does that mean?  That means, when he’s 40, you don’t get bored of him because he lost his muscles, or going bald or doesn’t play basketball every Saturday.  It means you love the person inside, not outside.  Love is an inward thing, not an outward thing.

America is so caught up in looks, as opposed to overseas.  Look at movies from other countries and you’ll immediately notice that their actors are not as polished, porcelain, plastic as ours.  So the entire fake look thing trickles down all through our society.  When was the last time you went shopping for clothes and why did you buy the clothes you bought?  That’s the real question.  Why do you buy the things you buy?  Looks.  So if a man gets signs from you that you’re into him only for his looks, after awhile he’ll treat you the same way. And, we pick up on that real quick.  The couple down the road got a divorce at 40, because he said she got fat.  Is he a bastard for that?  Or, the truth is, she treated him like a trophy husband from day one so when she lost her looks, he moved on.

Moral: be sure the man you’re with is not just into you for the sex.  Why?  Because he can get sex from anyone, anything AND it doesn’t have to be a woman.  Real talk.  It doesn’t have to be human.  Real talk.

The Lowest Common Denominator

When girls get together they say and act one way.  When they are alone or one on one, they say and act differently.  Men are no exceptions to this.  The expectations are totally different of course.  The sad part is, as the group gets larger, everyone gets dumber.  The same is true for women as it is for men.  The lowest common denominator is the rule.  Noone in the history of man, has ever been brave enough to appear smarter than anyone in a group they wish to be part of.  Let me put that another way.  To be a part of a group, everyone feels they have to belong to the group.  So, they make sure they don’t say anything to make them stand out.  The easiest way NOT to stand out, is to appear to be smarter than anyone in the group.

If that is true then, when these men get together the dumbest person in the group is the guide.  Going back to my other points, the most immature man in the group is how the group will act.  Once the man is part of the group he learns from the group.  So if 2 men in a group of 5 are immature adolescent sex fiends, then the group will be also.  The lowest common denominator wins.

So when you see a man in a group that you like and he acts like a douche bag to you, understand what is going on.  He is expected to act like a douche bag.

Also, when men get together and the dumbest person only thinks about sex, all the men in the group will seek approval from the group by relating sex stories.

Another way and another aspect of this lowest common denominator is the “misery loves company” group.  This is a group of men that will go out of their way to say and do the most depressing things imaginable to impress the group.  Ever wonder why a guy who scratches himself or breaks something gets up and says “boy wait till the guys hear this”.  Well now you know why.

What to Take From This

At the end of the day, a man wants one thing.  No, that’s a lie.  That what everyone wants you to believe.  The reality is, a man wants a myriad of things:

  • companionship till he’s old and gray
  • someone to share moments with
  • someone who shares the same interests as him
  • someone to take care of his household
  • someone to take care of and have his children [ i know that sounds old fashioned but it is still STILL true ]
  • someone that respects him AND respects herself [ being with a whore is fun when you’re 17, but not when you’re 27 ]
  • someone to take care of [ I know, sounds weird, but a man still wants to be a man – me Tarzan you Jane ]
A lot of women miss the boat.  On TV it seems that only cool people are on.  The whole Waltons type of family is dead and gone off of TV, but the reality is that is how men want to live.  
I hate to say it but, if you do not submit yourself to a man and allow him to be the man of the house, then more than likely, either you don’t have a man or your relationship is doomed to fail.  A man doesn’t grow up and leave the house to submit to another father figure.  At some point he has to become the father figure.  If you’re so caught up in this women’s lib thing that you cannot see this, then there’s no hope for you.  A boy cannot be a father.  I know many try, but … yeah the proof is in the pudding.
At some point you have to be a woman to your man, and not a man to your man.  Now that’s just creepy when it’s broken down like that.  But, so many “modern” women are trying to be a man to their man.  Honey, if that’s the case then you don’t want a man or shall I say, he don’t want a woman.  If you get my drift.  LOL

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Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Want a Nice Guy

Girls Don’t Want a Nice Guy

Through extensive interviews and research, (no, not just my cousins this time) I have compiled a list of the top 10 reason why girls don’t like nice guys. Oh they say they want a nice guy, but at the end of the day, they don’t date nice guys. I know it’s a double standard, that girls need to appear to be respectable, i.e. not a sleezy slut, so they try and be seen with a decent guy, but they crave bad boys. All those guys in jail prove it. They all have or had girl friends. So the message is clear, broken English; high-school drop out; police record; getting into fights, is a sure way to get in bed with 99.999999% of the girls on the planet.

Bad Boy and Bad Girl

What’s worse is, the very thing that women crave, they look for in a man with the opposite qualities. And, what are these qualities that women want? Oh that’s easy:

  • strength
  • protection
  • freedom

They are under the assumption that they cannot get these qualities in a nice guy, so they go looking for it in a bad boy.

Top 10 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

  1. Nice guys have no adventure or are not wild and crazy: women are constantly thinking that good guys are boring and have absolutely no fun.  Apparently good guys stay home and read books (or write blogs, wait a minute, that’s me *gasp*).  Girls don’t think good guys have any “fun”, like getting arrested?
  2. Nice guys have no sense of humor: turn on any t.v. show and you’ll find some idiot guy punching, kicking, tripping or falling, and laughing about it.  Even videos online have guys getting into fights and laughing about it.  If you’re a guy in a public computer place, your best bet to get a chick is to watch one of those videos and laugh at it and ask a cute girl to come watch it with you.  9 out of 10 of those girls will give you their number on the spot.
  3. Nice guys cry.  Girls think that being sensitive in a man is a sign of complete weakness.  It’s an extremely unfair double standard.  They want a guy to ask them what’s wrong with them when they’re sad, but God forbid he ever has a bad day.  You can’t have a guy that is sensitive enough to see when you’re sad, yet not feel sad himself.  He either is sensitive or he’s not.  He either knows when you’re crying, because he cries too, or he doesn’t give a rat’s patoot at all.
  4. Nice guys run away from fights.  However dumb that even sounds, girls think that bad boys will stick up for them [the girl] and for themselves.  What women have no understanding is that intimidation is how most fights are actually won.  Guys don’t lift weights to be better fighters, we lift weights so we can be physically menacing.  How many men in the U.S. are actually on a professional football team?  That would be about 0.00000001% of the male population.  Yet the fitness industry has exploded.  There are more physically fit and bodybuilder level men now that ever in the history of mankind.  And, it’s not because men need to be that big.
  5. Nice guys don’t drink / smoke.  This may vary around the country.  Around here there is a huge section of the population that is from a cult, and they don’t drink or smoke.  No girl wants to date them, except the other cult girls, but … anywho.  Girls feel they cannot go “out” with nice guys and have a little night on the town.  Trust me, going to the library, as a date, is no fun.  I’ve done it.  LOL  She asked me to meet her there so, don’t blame me.
  6. Nice guys are not confident.  This is one of the biggest complaints girls have about nice guys.  While noone wants to be physically abused, a lot of women want to be manhandled.  They want to physically feel the strength of the guy on their body.  This is why so many women are attracted to big body builder guys.  Even fat guys are more successful than skinny guys.  Being physically imposing, goes a long way with women.  Although the good guy would say he’s being polite, most women have absolutely no concept of manners.  At least, in this day and age they do not.  Girls have no idea that saying “excuse me” is actually polite.  Therefore they are attracted to a guy that simply brushes by them, more than a guy that waits until you get out of the way, or says excuse me as he walks by.
  7. Nice guys don’t make “moves”.  While this is a huge oxymoron, it made the list.  This is just to show you how stupid [no offense] these girls are.  You see, they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.  On the one hand they say that good guys don’t make moves on them, but at the end of the day, neither do bad boys.  In both cases the girl makes the first move and makes all the moves thereafter.  You see the bad boy ignores the girl, which turns her on.  So either they want to be ignored or they don’t want to be ignored.  They complain that the good guy is too shy and doesn’t make a move, but then the bad boy doesn’t make a move either.
  8. Nice guys don’t have money.  This right here … sigh.  So the story is that bad boys, who probably just got through mugging someone, give the girls money occasionally and nice guys don’t.  Oh the nice guy pays for a meal, but he doesn’t hand over wads of cash.  Even if they girl knows where the bad boy got the money, they don’t care.  As long as they hand them the money, they don’t care.  They also think that bad boys have more potential to be rich some day, probably from watching how evil bastards do get rich in business.
  9. Nice  guys are creepy or stalk you.  Although, this is by definition, not a good guy, this made the list.  Girls think that being nice is so strange that it is creepy.  A guy that smiles at you, laughs at your jokes, buys you a drink, is somehow interpreted as creepy.  I chalk this up to girls just be schizo and not knowing what they want.
  10. Nice guys don’t know how to have sex.  I didn’t go into details, but, apparently being a good guy automatically means that you do missionary and immediately fall asleep.  Many, many girls said they want a bad boy in bed.  They tended to shy away from good guys on this very fact.  Even if they truly wanted a nice guy, they turned him down because at the back of their mind, nice guys cannot handle the bedroom.  [buncha whores if you ask me, JUST KIDDING]

Solution for Nice Guys

Don’t Stop Being a Nice Guy

Well after that list, what can a nice guy do?  It is my learned opinion, after viewing this entire list and going through all of the copious information I gathered for this scholarly article, that only one conclusion can be drawn from it:


And, there you have it.  It is a peculiar type of woman that craves for a bad boy.  I observed that only bad girls, in some form, want bad boys.  They spoke of how they wanted some guy to be “open minded”.  This means to me that they themselves are lacking and therefore, they need someone who can deal with their lack.  People say that women are emotional.  Well, after asking this question and looking hundreds of girls right in the eye, I can safely say that, girls a schizoid freaks.  I don’t think emotional quite captures it. [totally being sarcastic]

This was fun to do.

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You’re Not Playing Hard to Get You’re playing Hard to Notice

Playing Hard to Get … Noticed

So many girls are simply not taught by their mothers correctly of what the situation is in the dating scene.  Even worse, the father doesn’t even mention dating to his little girl.  Sure some fathers go the opposite side of the road and try and scare the bejeezus out of the girl, telling her all sorts of horrific tales of how evil men are, but those aren’t as common as those fathers who simply shut up and never mention anything.  In their efforts to keep their little girl from being hurt, battered, bruised or left alone, they end up leaving them to fend for themselves.  I mean, we’re here to populate the planet.  We cannot do that by burying our heads in the sand and pretending the opposite sex doesn’t exist.  So, we end up with a daughter that sits in a bar scared to death of some inevitable horror that will play out in her love life.  The end result is that she is miserable and whoever she “dates” is equally miserable.  Don’t even get me started on those who got absolutely no heads up by their parents on dating, and thus went to MTV for their advice on how dating should be done.  Hello, Tila Tequila. [I followed her on twitter for about a month.  I just couldn’t take how vile she is, and unfollowed her like a bad habit. But, you didn’t hear that from me, cuz I ain’t one to gossip.]

She’s Playing Hard to Get

Speaking of pathetic, and the entire reason for this article, I see this tragedy play out all the time.  Girl sits at the bar, blending in with the upholstery, sighing.  Noone talks to her all night, and proceeds to go home and tell her pillow how there are “no good men left in the world.”  She has a sense that she shouldn’t be a total skank, so she tries to play “hard to get”.  The problem is, she’s not playing hard to get, she’s playing hard to notice.

Let’s be honest for a second.  For all the women out there that only attract loser boyfriends, look in the mirror honey, you’re a loser.  Like attracts like.  With that said, being afraid of attracting some horrible guy is not something that just happens by chance.  Sitting at a bar, hoping not to attract the “wrong” guy should not be your focus.  You should doll yourself up, lose the weight and be confident that the “right” guy will be attracted to you.

You have no idea how many friend girls I hear complain about how they never meet anyone.  I don’t have the heart to tell them, it’s them and not the guys.  I have no idea who would be attracted to hair that has never seen conditioner, a roller nor a highlight.  I have had grown women tell me there is no need for them to look attractive.  Really?  [Sigh]

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to push the beauty industry down your throat but christ almighty, ashy legs and broken straps are not something people need to see.  No, don’t go buy the entire stock of the make-up counter at Neiman Marcus, but don’t look like a homeless bum either.

Some girls and women need to stop being delusional that they are playing hard to get and realize they are playing hard to notice.

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There is No More Love in America

The Scam of Love

There is almost no romance on t.v. or in movies any more.  “Falling in Love”, apparently now, is a 4 letter word.  The entire notion of the fantasy love story of a man and woman having a love so strong that it lasts, even beyond death is non-existent.  It has all been replaced with problems and problems, or slutty images and graphic sex.  They portray love stories now as being problematic to get the point across that loving someone is ALWAYS problematic.  They seek to destroy whatever notion of happiness you find in another human.  Why?  So you can look to them for your happiness.

The national entertainment outlets always create love “stories” in the same lame format:

  • boy meets girl
  • boy and girl aren’t perfect
  • they obviously need changing
  • problems
  • problems
  • problems
  • story over

I want you to go sit through any 5 chick flicks in the past 5 years.  I want you to keep track of the outline I just set and see if I am wrong.  If you have been reading my blog for any time, you’ve seen my movie reviews.  I do not want to sound jaded or too cynical, but entertainment is now depressing and not fun.  Even kids’ movies are not fun.

The entertainment now seeks to depress you to such a degree as to make you discontent with your own life.  You’ve been programmed that you must return to the movies to get your entertainment.  Having a dinner party and inviting friends and playing board games is ancient history.  [although I did just that last year, was great fun]  People are now programmed to think that going to dinner, club and the movies are the ONLY ways to have “fun”.  The movies and t.v. for their part depress you to such a degree that it bleeds over into your real life.  Since they try to define what a “relationship” is for you, when you leave the movie depressed you will then seek out the problems in your own relationship.

“AHA, you did squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle, this relationship is over.”

As stupid as that sounds, it is oh so sadly true.  The movies present generalities about problems in relationships and people watching these movies take it to heart thinking it is a universal truth, and break up with their loved one.

“Why did she break up with you man?”
“I don’t know, I guess we grew apart.”

No man, she, like an idiot, watched MTV or some stupid movie and thought that you checking your cell phone every 5 minutes was factual evidence that you were cheating on her.   She didn’t stop to realize that your grandma was in the hospital with cancer, on her death bed.  So now you’ve lost your grandma and your girl friend all in one day.

I can guarantee you this scenario happens daily across the land.

Oh don’t let me leave out the chick magazines.  When they aren’t depressing women with evidence that they are somehow not beautiful for NOT having a heroin induced, malnurished body, they are telling them that:

  1. something is wrong with their man
  2. you can change your man
  3. if your man doesn’t listen to you, he’s obvious broken
  4. if the mail-room boy asks you out on a date that somehow he’s a pervert and needs to be sued

The magazines defining women’s lives is completely over the top and out of hand.  A dress-size zero woman is not good looking to a man.  End of story.  If the bones in her arms and legs are the largest section of that particular appendage, men will stay away from them.  Also malnourished women look like children, and only a man with a tendency towards pedophilia would like that look.  How many men have to come out and say they like big breasts, big hips, big legs, before females GET IT.  How many real life celebs with larger measurements become the idol of millions of men, before females GET IT.  Stop reading these stupid magazines that tell you that the anorexic look is OK.

Then the magazines set you up for disaster in your relationship, by telling you, you can change your man.  Yes, simply go out and grab the nearest man you can find, and change him.  Obviously, putting effort into finding a decent man FOR YOU, is far too much trouble.  Isn’t that the message they are actually trying to say?  And, what human thinks that they can change an adult male?  “An old dogs does not learn new tricks.”  It’s not just a funny saying.  It is true.  If your ulterior motive in a relationship is to get some good looking guy and MOLD him into what you want him to be, then you are setting you and him up for a disastrous relationship.  Get off your lazy anorexic butt and go find a GOOD MAN.  And, if the one you find is not perfect, then you might need to change your notions of what perfect is.  Ask yourself, who taught you what a perfect man is?  I’m not saying go marry an axe murderer, but I am saying if he drinks beer and likes video games, that does not mean he is imperfect.  If you require 24/7 attention, the problem is with you, not him.  You be you, and let him be him.  If you’re doing it right, you will “grow together.”  If you go into a relationship with that open mindedness, then you will never break up / get divorced.

The magazines try to tell you what you want to hear.  Apparently, if your man does not listen to you 100% of the time, then something must be wrong with him.  Get rid of him.  That’s the message right?  Let’s see!   Movies and comics and magazines always say that females are “always right.”  You and me both, know that is a lie.  If you do not know all the facts and details about something, there is no possible way you could always be right.  You need to wake up and smell the coffee.  They are trying to sell you something by flattering your ego.  Females are not always right.  Men are not always right.  Noone is always right.  If these magazines are saying females are always right and their men should always listen to them, they are setting you up for a complete break down in communication.  How?  Because as soon as you get it in your head that “I am always right,” then that means you shut down when your man tries to say something.  You see how horrible that is?  And, you wonder why your relationships are rocky at best.

Finally, these womens’ magazines try to get across that if some random guy invites you to dinner, that obviously there is something wrong with him and he needs to be sued, and the company he works for needs to be sued.  The sexual harassment craze has gotten so far out of hand that it is destroying large segments of the populations.  Groups of  women are living completely single and wonder why, yet should any man approach them, they look for the sexual harassment umbrella.  The UPS guy asks them out to dinner – law suit.  The pizza delivery guy asks them out on a movie – law suit.  The mail-room clerk asks them for their number – law suit.  They look up 20 years later, surrounded by cats and wonder why.  Sexual harassment was intended to protect men / women from some ongoing pervert inside the workplace that holds their career in the palm of their hand.  While your boss asking you out to dinner, one time, might be unethical, it is not sexual harassment.  Sometimes people meet people they are attracted to and want to see if it is going to go somewhere.  You never know who might be the man of your dreams if you open yourself up to possibilities.  Sometimes the most unlikely sources are the best choices.  While everyone laughs at the mail-room clerk for hitting on the vice president, how chagrined are they when he gets a three million dollar inheritance from his dead uncle?  Or, the UPS truck driver that actually owns 20 routes and works one himself, making half a million a year?

These are just examples of how we take national media and let them define our reality, specifically relationship reality.  You should always hear stories from magazines, movies and t.v. as only applying to those particular people.  You should repeat to yourself, “that does not apply to me.”  Even if your mother is trying to give you sage womanly advice and she went through problems, “that does not apply to me.”  One person’s heartaches and mishaps does not mean that everyone is going to have heartache and mishaps in their relationships.

I know of so many women that are man-haters.  When I hear their story, it dawns on me that they are man-haters because they were and are immature and did not understand that the trivial problem they had with one man, does not apply to all men.  Even that one man, normally, did not do something to them, to deserve full on hate.  More than likely, they were listening to another man-hater or saw a stupid movie or read a stupid magazine telling them that if a man does ‘XYZ’ that he deserves hatred.

I met a lovely Black girl, long ago, that I wanted to date.  She stopped me one day and told me that she does not like Black men.  When I asked why, she said because her uncle had molested her.  I was speechless.  I still am.  I can only guess that it was just an excuse to hate all Black men.  Noone gets something done to them by someone and then equates everyone with some aspect of that one person as evidence that they are all completely like that person.  It would be like saying, all men with mustaches are Hitler.  As I think about it, I bet my computer that that Black girl had some ridiculous mother or aunt tell her that all Black men are just like her perverted uncle and all deserve to be hated.  But, as sure as I sit here typing this, I know thousands upon thousands of women have similar messed up stories like that and are so messed up that they write off whole segments of the population due to something someone told them, i.e. movies, magazines and t.v.

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For Blacks: Do Not Burn Your Bridges

What is Burning Bridges?

The Secret of Relationships (click here)

Burning a bridge was originally something that an army would do so that the enemy could not possibly get to you.  Don’t confuse this with the army action of destroying a bridge, which simply means you come to a bridge destroy it, so that supplies can’t get to your enemy.  Specifically burning a bridge meant that you cut off all avenues of someone else getting to you.  They turned this military action into a figurative, relationship action later on by ascribing someone’s bad behavior with burning bridges.  In essence, if you make it so that you will be so unwelcome around another person or group of people, you are figuratively burning the bridge of the relationship.

I notice that Black people, and I only care about Black people … other races my do it, I could care less, burn their bridges all over the place.  It seems to be an act of desperation and a complete lack of wisdom and maturity.

Imagine for a second that you hate a low paying job, that takes up all of your time, to such a degree that you cannot even go and find a higher paying job.  Instead of you quietly putting in a nice MONTH’S notice, and quitting, you get SO frustrated that you get mad one day and in a complete rage, blow up at a customer or boss and storm out saying how you quit, or get fired on the spot.

The problem with the scenario is that you are not in control.  The whole rage, drama, cursing someone out is you losing all control and letting someone else control you and your emotions.  When you rage-quit you are putting your life and finances into someone else’s hands.  You are literally saying, some random person, whom you don’t even know, is so important that you are giving control over to them.

How Not to Burn Your Bridges

In a Personal Relationship:  Instead of you blowing up at your boyfriend/girlfriend, take control of the relationship and ask for a time-out from the relationship.  This isn’t a carte blanche to go and sleep with the neighbors, this is a brief respite to take a breather and search yourself, to see if the person you’re with is a positive or negative in your life.  If they cannot give you a time-out period, then clearly that person isn’t the one for you, to begin with.

Tantric Sex (click here)

Someone that truly loved you, would not cling so tightly to you that they cannot loosen their grip to let you breathe. The mature suitor [yes i still believe people date to seek out a potential wife/husband, not just screw around] would let you have some space to determine if you are ready for him/her.  It might also give them a chance to notice that you’re too fat / bald / skinny / bad breath / broke / cheap / annoying for them too.

So if you ask to take a break from someone, you take control of your life and your relationship.  You cannot just live for other people, who may or may not be a very bad influence on you.  Also with an avenue out it will save you from an abusive relationship. 

Furthermore if you ask for a break and the person then proceeds to act like a mad banshee, stalking you can acting super jealous, then you know that is not the one for you.  You do not want to be around someone that loses control and is unsure of their own relationship status that they have to resort to checking up on you.  Nor, do you want to be acting jealous because you asked for a time-out and cannot cope with being away from the person.  The time-out is for you.  To pull yourself together and take stock of what is going on in your life and your relationship.

Finally, if you ask for a time-out and the other person starts sleeping around, then you know for sure that, he  / she is not the one for you.  The time-out is simply a break for being around each other all the time.  It is not an end of the relationship.  Make sure both parties understand clearly that the relationship is not over.  If you or your suitor cannot understand what a time-out is, then perhaps you or they need to do a little bit of growing to figure out what adults do in relationships.  I would prefer you not sleep with your suitor, but that’s just me.  And, if your suitor insists that you need to sleep with them to have a relationship [cuz all the cool kids do it] then you know that’s not the one for you.  There is a right way and wrong way to do a relationship.

In a Job Relationship: Instead of you going off on a customer or boss, take control of your life and finances and hand in a resignation with a month’s notice.  2 weeks is not enough to find a replacement for you, and a kindly worded letter that is purely professional, i.e. not a letter talking about how you feel bad about Suzy stealing your lunch every day or how Brenda’s breath smells or how you have a hard time finding a baby sitter for the random night shifts you have to pull.

Do not include personal drama in your letter.  Make sure you say only great things about the company and be extremely vague about why you need to leave.  Get it?

  • praise the company
  • be vague about why you’re leaving
  • work quietly before you hand in your resignation, during the resignation period and up to the day you leave

By doing this, you take control of the situation.  That very same job you so hate, might have to be there if your circumstances change.

Now notice I did not say, “don’t quit your job without finding another job.”  Why didn’t I say that?  Seems logical and the best possible policy for your financial safety.  I didn’t say that for one reason?  Experience!  I have had no end of low end, entry level jobs that take up all of your god damned time and don’t allow you to even get dressed and go look for a better job that pays twice as much, has benefits and room for tremendous growth.  You cannot have only Sunday’s off and be expected to find a job, carry out interviews and land the job.

I will say this.  When you realize that you hate your job, don’t immediately put in your month’s notice. No no no!  You reduce all your expenses, and yes you got expenses you don’t need, cuz that’s how all Americans are right now, buying crap they cannot afford and thinking they’ll worry about paying it later.  Cut that crap out.  Reduce all your expenses except necessary bills:

  • food [cook your own damn food, don’t eat at McDonalds, it’s not only unhealthy, but it’s damned expensive now. if you’re too lazy to cook your own damned food, then you probably aren’t even reading all the way down here in the article to begin with.]
  • power [gotta have a/c and heat]
  • internet [yes it is now necessary] NOT CABLE T.V. [don’t be a pussy and say you gotta have cable t.v.]
  • cell phone [yeah they got us on cell phones finally, but I say get the cheapest plan possible and use it only for job contacts, you don’t give it out to friends who wanna talk about “girl you will not guess who I saw Suzy kissin on at the mall today, and Ronny at home with the baby”]  You need a mobile phone to get employers to call you.
  • transportation [your best bet is to actually buy the oldest, cheapest, 2nd hand car you can find. the bus is a terrible idea as a method of transportation.  if you ever need to be somewhere in 30 minutes, relying on city transport of any kind is just not a viable means of transportation.  HOWEVER, be careful when driving, cops are out to get money out of you, any chance they get.  You can use the bus to do stuff like go to the movies or go see a friend across town.  I would seriously limit your time in your own car. It is far more economic to use the bus for personal trips, than it is to use your car for everything.  Limit car use to job and shopping, when you need the space to carry groceries.]

So instead of you just getting mad at your job and throwing in the towel, even if it’s a nicely worded resignation, first save enough money to take care of ALL your expenses for 3 months, while you look for a job. This way if you don’t find a job right away, you don’t have to panic about it.  Or, if you’re the type that cannot control yourself if you have $5,000 in the bank, go ahead and prepay your bills for 3 months.  Trust me the power company and cell phone company will NOT give you back your money telling you, you over-payed. LOL!

This way, you are in control of your finances and your life.  Burning bridges is a bad thing.  We have to be twice as good as the next guy and wiser than our boss.  I won’t go into my whole speech about Black people only getting jobs and not owning their own business right now.

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Date Like a Devil: Dominating Females

How to Get Women to do Whatever You Want

Date Like a Devil

[ this series is a joke series, taken from a first person perspective of a devil giving love advice from would be male suitors to women.  No offense is intended and the jokes are all in good fun.  Have fun reading. ]  Hello boys.  Yes, I call you boys because I have been watching you and your clumsy attempts to win over females are both shameful and infantile.  I am the devil, small D, little V.  You don’t know the origins of the name devil and I won’t go into detail, or your tiny heads might explode.  I’m going to tell you how to date like a devil.  If you can imagine, a devil can get, literally, anyone [ yes male or female, since we don’t actually have sex organs of our own] we want.  [ for purposes of these lessons we are going to assume I am a “male” devil and leave it at that]  Unlike most of you, devils always present their best face.  That means were are good looking creatures.  Hello!  Devilishly good looking, devilish looks, devilishly handsome, you get the picture?  Right, you however are dealing with the cards God gave you and the thing you pass off as a face isn’t so fortunate.  That aside, my techniques will land you any woman you want, regardless of your unfortunate face.

Our first lesson here deal with a power we devils like to call domination.  For us it is a power, but quite frankly you don’t need supernatural powers to actually practice it.  It helps, in extreme cases, but why go through that hassle?  Domination is the ability to get a female to do exactly what you want.  Outside of the actual “magical” power of domination itself, you should get it into your thick brain that no female will ever do anything against her nature, i.e. jump off a cliff.  And, if you’re the sort that wishes  females would jump off cliffs, this series can’t help you at all.  So are we clear on that point?  Domination is not intended to nefarious gains.  It’s funny a devil has to warn you against your nefarious ways, but… there you have it.

A brief word of caution!  Domination has a stacking effect upon the brain.  The more you dominate a single target, i.e. a lady, the more susceptible she is to more domination.  What’s wrong with that you ask?  At the end of the day, you would much rather have a female that willingly gives herself to you, than you dominating your way into her … life.  I’m sure you thought I was going to say something else there.  Shame on you!  No, trust me, having a relationship built upon free will and trust, is tons more easy than having to constantly lord over some female.  Besides, after you’re 12 levels deep within her brain, it isn’t a pretty site ordering her around in public.  The locals tend to get antsy and might riot against you.  No my friend, keep it a safe 2 or 3, the “honey I’m thirsty” level.  Oh wait, that’s the power of suggestion, we’ll get into that later.

OK, so let’s briefly list how to define and recognize domination.

  • assume an order, don’t ask for permission

Actually, that’s that only rule.  It’s quite simple isn’t it?  Unlike suggestion or love, there’s not 20 different rules to it.  Domination is domination.  Ok so what does the rule mean?  To dominate a female, you simply go up to her and demand something from her.  At level 1, these demands better be pretty damn simple and insignificant or her defenses will come roaring to the front to stop you.

The Devilish Poke

One of the best ways, I like to start off dominating a female is an exercise, I like to call, “The Poke”.  It’s exactly what it says.  I poke the female.  How is that dominating the female?  Ah, here is the rub.  I don’t just walk up and poke her.  After talking to her and complimenting her for 15.4 seconds.  I announce that I am about the poke her.  That’s not the dominating part though.  I then tell her to choose the spot where I poke.  By her choosing the spot where I poke, I have defeated her defenses to not accepting the poke at all.

The poke can be done all night, if you want to be a bore.  Or, you can learn from this and apply it to a wide variety of simple and innocent commands.  Remember, your point is not to do the action, but to lower her defenses.  If you couple dominate with suggestion, and your suggestion powers are actually good, you can walk out of a bar with a wife on your arm, and not just a one-night-stand.  And, trust me, dominating one-night-stands is a very dangerous affair.  Your pile of thralls can cause nothing but headaches in the end.

If you just want a one-night-stand, then I whole-heartedly do not recommend dominating a female.  Throw out some compliments and have a pleasant conversation and move into … “what if we had sex” part of the conversation.  There’s your remedial crash course in how to “hook up”, as you mortals like to say.  Although why you use that term is beyond me.  We devil use the term hook, to mean a very different meaning.  See, to a devil, hooking someone… is talking about their soul.  Hooking someone’s soul is quite permanent, I assure you.  We’ll go into more detail on hooking up later on.  FYI, one-night-stands actually hooks your souls together.  You lose a bit of your soul each time.  I’m just saying.

Level 2 Domination

You Don’t Have to Be a Handsome Devil

So you’ve got your poke level domination out the way, the conversation is livening up and you want to take it to the next level.  For the next level, you are going to need the supplemental power of suggestion.  We will not go over suggestion here, but just bear this in mind.  In fact, from here on out, domination cannot go it alone.  If you are stupid enough to assume your force of personality is great enough, alone, to simply sit around and dominate a female all night, you better be Michael Jackson, Mother Theresa or Ghandi.  Otherwise, learn the other powers and don’t be dense.

Ok so you’ve poked her, and you’ve made several suggestions, she’s ripe for level 2 domination.  After level 2 domination you can literally propose and she’d say yes.  Keep in mind, you can go for domination immediately upon the first meeting, or wait for days, weeks, months.  Luckily for you, you have no deadlines for souls, like we devils do.  Lucky bastards indeed!  I tell you, there’s nothing like crunch time to get the old noodle running.  I have to skip the first 3 levels of dominate and go straight to level 4.  It’s crude, I tell you, but it gets the job done.  In case your’e wondering, mephisto only uses a level 3 dominate.  You know mephisto don’t you?  Yes, that’s Mephisto of Dante’s Inferno.  Ever heard of it?  No?  This generation of non-readers.  Anyway, just to let you know… not that I’m this crude, but a pimp uses a level 3 dominate to get women to have sex and bring him all the money.  That being said, a level 2 dominate is pretty hefty.

Right, so what is a level 2 dominate.  It can be as simple as “come with me.”  While the command seems simple, you have to realize what is going on in the statement.  You are ordering the female to get up; move; carry her entire body; remove herself from the relative safety of where she already is; and to trust you that you will do no harm to her.  [see why level  3 is so much more powerful?  the female no longer trusts that you will do her no harm, but at that level she doesn’t care anymore ]  So how can you pull off a level 2 dominate?  Remember I said, you have to use suggestion a few times before popping level 2 dominate on her.

Do not mistake suggestion for dominate.  Let’s take a look at two totally different statements:

  1. we should retire to somewhere… more comfortable
  2. Come with me

The  first statement is not a command at all.  It is alluring, mysterious, and leaves everything to the imagination.  The second statement, however, is very direct and quite unappealing.  However, you can use dominate at level 2 to do many things.

  • separate a female from her distracting friends
  • seclude a female so you two can share a brief first kiss
  • single her out to buy her a drink
  • take her to a movie

Domination isn’t always about doing something unrewarding or unfulfilling for the female.  How susceptible would a female be to your dominations, if you said “come with me” and led her to a brand new car you’re giving her?  However, domination, unlike suggestion, does not accept reward for its actions.  So if you said “step outside”, and led her to her new car, you would follow up with five more dominations in a row:

  • throw her the keys and say “drive”
  • “turn here”
  • “get out the car”
  • “stand right here”
  • “close your eyes”

 followed by the final level 2 domination “open your eyes, you’re looking at your new house.  Marry me.”

That’s how you dominate a lady.  There’s no beating, no insults, no slapping her around.  Dominating is quite fun.  And, more often than not, it wins her heart instantly, where suggestion takes years.  Where suggestion is subtle, dominate is blunt and direct.

Careful though, because dominate can enthrall a lady.  Instead of a loving wife, you’ll end up with a mindless slave.  Trust the devil on this one, you do not want a mindless slave.  A slave is, has been and will always be, dead weight.

Also, it’s good to dominate a female.  Why?  Because you wear the pants.  99.99999999% of females will enjoy being dominated, and prefer it.  If, however, you run into one of those 0.00000001% females, then simply turn around and talk to the next one right beside her.  Make sure she pays attention to what she just lost.  Perhaps you can “fix” her.  Because she’s obviously broken.  This is coming from a devil.  What’s sad is, when one of those females do fall to domination by a man, he’s a demon, and nowhere near a devil.  But, it’s karma I guess.  Why fall for a demon when you could have had a devil, right?  Forget about them and move on, is the point.  But, most other ladies love a “take charge”, read dominating, kind of guy.

Eye Contact

Look Her in the Eye

When dominating a female, you always, always look them squarely in the eye.  You cannot dominate a lady by looking the other way.  The mere suggestion that you are unsure about your dominate is enough to break it.  Decide that you are going to dominate her, and look right into her eyes and do it.

Humans tend to weaken when you look them in the eyes.  I am sorry to reveal these secrets, but if I am going to Teach you, you need to know the whole story.  Looking a female in her eyes, weakens her.  By looking a lady in the eye, you immediately engage in a battle of wills.  Working on your willpower is another story altogether.  Hopefully you always win those battles.  Even at level 1 you are engaged in a willpower struggle.

Now, go dominate females and read the next lesson in how to date like a devil.

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Isn’t She Lovely: How to Get a Lovely Woman

Love and Women

Guys let’s talk.  It seems there’s a whole lot of “lovin” going on and not nearly any “love”.  I don’t blame you, well not directly.  It might not be your fault.  It might be that noone told you what love is.  It might be your parents were abusive.  It might be that they didn’t have love in their life to begin with.  It might be that you’re from a broken home, and your mom or dad had nothing but hate oozing out of every pore of their skin.


I am here to clear it all up.  If you can read, you can reason.  If you can reason, then you can understand exactly what the hell I’m saying.

You need to go back to love.

What is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me

It seems that a lot of guys were never taught love.  In fact, it seems that men these days are put on the back burner altogether.  T.V. is engineered to cater to women.  Why?  Because, advertisers run t.v. and advertisers cater to women 99% of the time.  All the programs, news, shows, movies, are all catering to women to get them to shop.  That’s how t.v. makes money.

Destroy the Idiot Box

So what’s the message on t.v.?  Woman empowerment, woman strength, anything to get women in the frame of mind that she needs to get her own money and go shopping.  Sorry girls, you’ve been had, hoodwinked, bamboozled. It is not geared to say anything to men.  Even beer commercials are geared towards women.  Think for one second.  What man wants to see a really hot guy drinking beer with his shirt off, abs of steel, and women flocking to him? None.  That’s not marketing to a man, it’s for a woman.  A beer commercial for a man is, THIS HERE BEER TASTES GOOD.  That’s it.  We’re pretty damn simple to market to.

Ok if nothing on t.v. or movies is geared towards men, what’s my point?  A lot of the messages on t.v. and entertainment is to empower women to go shop.  Along with that, is a very very loose message that women should be loose, i.e. sluttified, whorish, hookerated.  The message is, if the girl is calling the shots in bed, then she can also go shop.  This message bleeds over to men.  Men then expect hookerish women.

Suddenly everyone is 35 and can’t stay up all night partying, and rent is due.  We all grow up and realize hookering is not the way.  Maybe we should settle down.  The problem is noone ever told you how to settle down.  So you, sir, keep dating these lost women.

Fact: married people have more sex than single people.  Way more!

I don’t care what kind of stud you think you are, married people are sexing you under the table, comparatively speaking.  So if sex is your object, you picked the wrong way to go if you’re single.

Men get into a rut easily, as far as sex and relationships go.  Just as we are simple to market to, we live simple lives as well.  If we get into this sex mode, it is damn hard to come to the realization that sex is not the only thing in life, when relating to a woman.  So we reach the age of 35 and some of us don’t even think about settling down.

How to Love a Woman

While the message on t.v. might seem great, that women should be independent, it destroys the traditional views.  The message on t.v. is that women should be independent NOW, and that they WEREN’T before.  Back up a second.  They are rewriting history and what traditional and conservative thinking and social outlook was before.

A man was never put over a woman to dominate her.  Noone ever said that, except those crazies that want their way.  A man was put over a woman for one thing, to protect her from … OTHER MEN, not to dominate her, not to tell her what to do, not to lord over her.

And, it has always been ying yang situation.  A man was to be “over” a woman, to protect her, and she was to take care of the man.  It’s almost like saying the same thing.  But, t.v. will get you all twisted.

Get your Ying Yang On

The Real Ying Yang Symbol

For those who don’t know what ying yang means, it’s simply that black and white co-exist.  You’ll see erroneous pictures of ying yang being just black and white on their own sides, but sort of hugging each other.  The true symbol has not only black and white on each side, but a black and white dot inside of the opposite color too.

It is a duality that exists all over the place.  And, it can be applied to nearly everything in life.  You cannot have life without death.  You cannot have growth without decay.  You cannot have man without woman.  Regardless of what t.v. spews out, you cannot have man without woman, nor woman without man.

Now it’s time out with going and getting some girl pregnant.  Really, that’s just an immature way of visually showing that you have sex.  I know.  It’s messed up, but people really do think like that.

I’m going to prove to the fellas that I have sex, so i’m going to make several baby’s mamas all over the place.  Then I won’t be seen as no punk.

You don’t want to be seen as a punk? Buy a house. Get married. Have children. And, pass the house on to your children when you die. That’s the definition of a man, in anyone’s book.

Women Need Love

If you want to have lots of good sex, find a woman that you connect with mentally.  Did I stutter?  There is nothing in this world better, than having sex with a woman knows you, and I mean know, a woman that understands you, a woman that shrugs when you get mad, sad, happy, or act stupid.  Having children when you’re married is an experience noone can even talk to you about.

You need to see women in a light, that is totally and completely new.  This might sound stupid, but you should be looking for a soulmate.  We humans NEED each other.  We are social animals.  That means, we will die if we don’t see each other.  As social animals, we need mates of our own.

I’m sure you’ve heard that a man is naturally disposed to have many women.  It’s so not true.  A man can no more pay attention to more than one woman, than he can pay attention to more than one penis.  Can you imagine?  Throw out that stupid thinking.  Get your own woman.  Keep her.  And, by keeping her I mean, make her happy.  Not, do what she says, do what she needs.  If she needs your body for the night, give it to her.  If she needs your shoulder to lean on, pull her close.  If she’s afraid hold her.

There is no greater joy than to love a woman and bring her into your life.  It’s a serious thing I know, but the reward is unspeakable.

Final Warning

Abused Man

I’m not saying get taken by some woman that has no intentions of marrying you.  I’m not saying pay for some woman’s rent and car note.  Oh yes, I’ve seen that happen too often.  I’m not saying have sex with your girlfriend and get her pregnant and ooops we broke up, things happen.  No they don’t.  You don’t get fat by accident.  You don’t get pregnant, just cuz.  Things don’t just happen.  That’s what people say, who don’t want to take responsibility.

I’m NOT saying you need to be a sensitive, cry baby man.  That message, “women want a sensitive man” is a message for women, again to go shopping.  A woman doesn’t want a sensitive man.  Yes be conscious that your woman is in heat, but don’t go meeting some girl and cry on her shoulder on the first date.   That’s just retarded.  Be conscious of your woman yes.  Be a woman yourself, no.

My ultimate message would be, get married before you have sex with her.  Player player, if you ballin, you can handle that can’t you?  I didn’t say you had to date her for 10 years either.  Think about some of your best friends.  Did it take you years to become best friends?  Or, did you spend like a summer together and were best friends from then on?  Think about this one too, used to be people were told to whom they had to marry.  Guess what, a whole heck of a lot of those marriages lasted.  So this notion you gotta date someone, and register for marriage at gift registry for a year, is hogwash and poppycock.  You only need time to get to know each other.  And, by know I mean know.  You don’t have to shack up together, that means move in with each other.  But, if you two are open and honest, you can get to know each other in no time.

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