Black Middle Class: Promoting the Black Man in Our Community

Black Middle Class: Promoting the Black Man in Our Community

loving black coupleWith the rise of feminism, a lot of Black women have gotten swept away in the trash. Some Black women recognize that the talking points for the latest feminist movement, do not even apply to Black women. Those have a hard time convincing or making it clear to those that do. What they fail to realize at their base core, is that we are Black first, then divided by economics and then divided by sex. So before even approaching feminism, a Black woman has to wade through racism, and then wade through classicism, to get to the feminist agenda. Those Black women that get it, get it. It doesn’t take much to realize that it is all smoke and mirrors for Black folk. A Black woman in the feminist movement is just another number. There is nothing in the feminist movement for the Black woman, nor is it even beneficial to the Black woman. Except, it does one thing, pits the Black woman against the Black man. And, this is where most Black women wake up suddenly.

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Leave the Black Community Out of the Feminist vs Men’s Rights War

Leave the Black Community Out of it

stokely carmichaelThere is a growing warfare in the white communities of America, Canada and Europe. The sides are the Feminists vs the PUA, MGTOW AND MRA.

The feminists get billions of dollars worldwide annually. They get laws passed like any domestic violence call, a policeman is required to arrest the man, regardless of evidence, regardless if he is the very one that called the police on the wife. They get laws passed like, if a woman merely claims any abuse in the home, in a paternity rights proceeding, the police, child protective services and court is to immediately deny all paternity rights to the man. They get laws passed like, if a woman merely claims abuse, violence or even mere aggression [i.e. strong words] the man can be removed from his own home and forbidden from returning, by law, upon threat of incarceration.

In reaction to this the MRA formed, to remove such laws and give men their constitutional rights. In response to this the MGTOW AND PUA split from that movement, seeing it as useless. The MGTOW and PUA are of the attitude that the system is broken, beyond repair and that the MRA is simply spinning its wheels.

This is purely a white community argument. This is purely a privileged group thumbing their nose at another privileged group. And, in the process they’re throwing people in jail, they’re breaking up homes and they’re rendering kids fatherless, without any fathers in their lives.

The argument that this is about some vengeance against supposed wrong doing by some imaginary patriarchy falls and should fall on deaf ears in the Black community. While white women might think they have some beef with their white husbands, Black women have no such beef with their Black husbands. Black men and women got the right to vote at the very same instant that white women got to vote. Nearly everything that the first and second suffrage movement accomplished for white women, by proxy included the entire Black community.

However, the feminists keep trying to suck in Black women, and by proxy oppose Black men. We don’t need any more enemies. We don’t need our Black wives to start coming out against us. This is not our fight. We don’t have a dog in this fight. Our women weren’t oppressed by us. When the Black man was beaten and hung in trees, we had to rely on the Black women, that white feminists are now trying to embrace so tightly, to keep our kids alive, fed and clothed. When our young Black gentlemen are illegally searched, fabricated with charges, denied due process, denied real legal representation and sentenced to over the maximum allowed by law, we have to rely on our Black ladies to rear our children.

Leave the Black community out of your fight. Stop poisoning our young Black gentlemen against our young Black ladies. Stop poisoning our young Black ladies against our young Black gentlemen. The Black man never kept the Black woman from voting. The Black man didn’t make the Black woman go to the back of the bus. The Black man never raped the Black woman in the slave quarters. The Black woman never beat the Black man to death out of boredom, and got away scott free without so much as a jury trial.

Stop trying to include the Black community in your shenanigans. We don’t want it. You want us to be equal, then we reserve the right to freely decline your advances to get involved in your mess.

African American Manifesto: My Black Agenda for Mellenium 2000

African American Manifesto: My Black Agenda for Millennium 2000

African Slaves[I am touched that you wrote me. I have been planning to start a Black business bureau for some time now. I have not written out the plan, but this seems as good a time as any. This letter will not only go to you, but I am now, because you inspired me, will be sending this out to every Black church, Black politician, Black organization in the entire country. I can dedicate a few thousand to this letter and campaign. I am also an online marketing genius and will be doing a major press release of this letter as well. Thank you for inspiring me. Here’s my response to you.]

When African slaves were sold or stolen from Africa, they were first sent to an island just off the coast of west Africa. On this island, they were mind-wiped and the men were brainwashed against the women. For, 95% of Africans were sent to central and south America. In central and south America Africans could hope to live the ripe old age of 23. However, they actually were treated quite a bit better, since they learned skills. However, because their death rate was so high, they never grew in population.

Well, what about that 5% that was sent to America? Because the US had a constitution that said “all men are created equal”, Americans went overboard to make sure Africans were never seen as humans. They went through TWO different mind-wiping sessions. One off the coast of Louisiana, and a 3rd at the auction blocks. However,they were treated with kid gloves, compared to south America. However, they were kept as dumb as rocks. They learned absolutely nothing and it was forbidden to teach them anything, by law. Americans were deathly afraid they would revolt, which actually happened several time, but was kept to just that city. One town was completely slaughtered by Africans. There is even a famous painting about it, however this is not taught in public education.

When slavery was abolished in the US, Africans had been able to live to a much higher age than in south America and grew to be 30% of the population. However, these Africans had been mind-wiped 3 separate times, stripped of religion, origin, family, and culture. Upon their release they knew nothing, literally nothing.

Africans had to teach themselves how to read and write, make a family, farm for themselves, etc. Two things they could not teach themselves: their religion; their cultural origins. Even with these horrible odds, Africans became 80% literate in 50 years, something unheard of in human history.

While there were Africans that flourished in the new free era, most barely got by. A lot were slaughtered by racist white people who saw African freedmen as an economic threat to their livelihood. Many new laws were passed to keep tools out of the Africans hands; minimum wage laws were passed to keep people from hiring Africans; and anything produced by Africans was not allowed to come to market. Many African farmers went under from not being able to sell their produce.

The answer is not a question of just pouring money into the modern African American community. It requires a COMPLETE overhaul.

  • – branding: African Americans need to be branded as a viable and independent political group with our own identity, culture, religion and origin from Africa
  • – BRANDING: we need to produce new art, media, entertainment that if Pan-African, African centered and African inspired, with Africans as the only people in such media [THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL OTHER POINTS]
  • – we need to denounce any and all other groups that try to co-op our history, culture and art, who systematically claim it as their own and as their origination [like the Egyptian story; jewish story; our music; our culture]
  • – as a political group we need to acquire and send lobbyist to every state legislature and the federal congress, to lobby for African political and economic gains [NOT CIVIL RIGHTS]; we need things like the war on drugs stopped, which was intended and used as a racial profiling thing to send Africans into the prison system, to the tune of 75% of all Africans in prison today are there based on drug charges, to the tune of a $75 BILLION a year price tag; we need to remove all racist legislation; we need to understand, read and hold politicians responsible to the constitution, which is our best and only way to eradicate racist legislation; we need to remove Africans off of all social welfare legislation, this has destroyed the African family
  • black married couple and kids– as an independent political group we need to divorce ourselves from the Democrat party; if we are serious about our independence we need to have the capability to vote as a group; voting for the Democrat party has made the Democrats take our votes and voice for granted
  • – we need to control African finance and African money; we need to open and gather in every city African run, operated and owned credit unions; we need to aggressively educate and finance African business; we need to arrest and stop any 3rd parties that are financing and control African business
  • – we need to control all African disposable income and spending; we need to arrest and stop any 3rd parties that are selling commodities in our communites and to Africans in America
  • – we need to control all African necessary expenditures, this includes food, energy and real property; we need to arrest and stop any 3rd party that controls necessities Africans have to pay for
  • – we need to go into our communities, move back in, fix them up, and open up all forms of business that Africans need and use on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis; we need to target and pick locations that have high concentrations of Africans already in them and do our best to move out 3rd parties; we need to open up convenience stores, credit unions, grocers, transportation and everything else needed, in each community so that Africans do not need to go outside of the community to spend money.
  • – we need to start regional stock markets that trade in African produce, commodities, and equities in African firms; this will get African farmers to produce and transport their produce to African stores as one big giant economic circle
  • – we need to connect these regional stock markets with stock markets in the motherland, which are now booming and coming online; 2 new major stock markets have come online recently in Africa and they need more business
  • – we need to understand that marriage is the most stabilizing social factor in our modern time, and we need to encourage our community to get married at every opportunity; marriage also is very strategic and economically good for both people; we need to launch a national campaign to encourage Africans to marry each other; we need to put African marriage in front of our people, through pictures, art, music, entertainment and as a sound business strategy [since it is more economic to be married]
  • – we need to purchase and take private, all historically Black Colleges; we need to control all African education; we need to arrest and stop 3rd parties from mis-educating our African youth, young adults and young professionals; this is exactly what all other groups do; we need to open and start vocational and skill based education for high school and young African adults; we need to access and encourage our youth to understand what they are good at, what they desire and to realize that college is not the answer for nearly 60% of the population; we need to educate our youth that colleges are a business and that they are putting out propaganda that you “should” go to college, in order to rake in money, at the young African’s expense, which they’ll be paying for, for decades; we need to encourage our young African to develop skills, such as automotive, electrical, plumbing etc, for blue collar paychecks, instead of minimum wage

If we are to survive this next century, we need to take some serious stock of what we are doing. We need to realize that, unless we get organized and think of ourselves as a group, we will be treated as chattel, misused, miseducated, and state dependent victims to a socialist state, with our wealth stolen year after year.

As it stands now, Africans in America cannot do anything to protect, save or help our countries in the motherland. Our people are being raped, murdered and wealth stolen by nearly every western power on the planet, and now Asia is getting in on the taking. We need to clean our house and get it in order.

Black, Single, Men, with No Kids: The Truth

Black Single Men

Turn on any movie, TV show or open any magazine and you’ll find all sorts of subtle stereotypes being presented about Black Men. Although 75% of current African Americans have a slave as an ancestor, Black men are called lazy. Although Black people were systematically raped, families torn apart, robbed, mutilated and killed, Black men are stigmatized as being unable to hold a family together. Although countless studies and court cases show that police violate the constitutional rights of Blacks, Black men are trotted out as being the majority of prisoners, as if the number alone suggests that he is more wrong than any other racial group. Finally we get to the last stereotype, that Black men cannot be fathers.

I have already shown you that Black men are fathers, take care of their children, and support and spend time with their children more than any other race. Now, I show you proof that the numbers cannot be true that Black men are dead beats they are said to be, coming from the other side, single Black men.

You cannot have a stereotype of the Black man being a dead beat if I’ve shown you a majority of them are fathers, heads of households. To make sure you understand it, I come from the other side: what percent of Black men have no children.

The answer staggered even me.

In a previous article I told you a majority of Black men are heads of households, supporting their children. At 52%, it destroys all these people trying to stereotype Black men as being deadbeat dads, that leave their children alone and not support them.

Now I present you with the other side, Black men without children.

I mailed the government census office to ask the question, directly. Here is the response:


Although we do not have this estimate in published tables, our subject-matter expert ran a quick tab in Data Ferrett.  It is for Black alone men age 15 and over, in answer to the question about how many biological children they have ever fathered. Of the 12.95 million Black alone men in 2009, 5.5 million, or 42 percent, have not fathered a child. Of course, this includes many young men who will eventually father a child. The data set does not show Black alone or in combination as a racial category.

Robert Bernstein
Public Information Office
U.S. Census Bureau
(301) 763-2603

That’s right folks. 42% of Black men have not fathered children.

Let’s do some math here.

52% of Black men father children and take care of them in marriage or as single fathers
42% of Black men have no children
that means 92% of Black men are either good fathers or have no children
that leaves only 8% of Black men as fitting this stereotype as deadbeat fathers

Anyone understands that 8% does not make a stereotype. It would be atypical of a Black man then to be estranged to his own children. So where is this stereotype coming from?

The answer is obvious. The Black man is being attacked. By attacking the Black man, the Black family will be destroyed.

All of those government sponsored social programs that the Democrats love to trot out: welfare; WIC; food stamps; medicaid. They all have one thing in common, “you must take the man out of the picture.” You cannot get their assistance if you have a man in the picture. The woman is literally forced to break all relations with her husband, fiance, boyfriend if she is on those programs.

It is just another attack on the Black family.

A young Black woman that might have a child before marriage, by this system, destroys herself, the child’s future and any hope of a family.

Now the Black man is under attack, at the same time.

I heard a sheriff say one time, “if I could, I would round up every negro and get them off the street.”

We are under attack and no one wants to admit it.

Who is putting out stereotypes that Black men make horrible fathers, are deadbeats and unfit to be married? Black women did not originate this.

In fact, if you ever hear that, please ask the person where they got that from.

My numbers do not lie.

  • Black men make excellent husbands
  • Black men take care of their families
  • Black men care for their children
  • Single Black men do not go around having children
  • Single Black men concentrate on their careers, education and building wealth
You do know that there are more Black men in college, than there are in prison. You don’t hear that often enough.

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Most Black Men are Married

Most Black Men are Married

Turn on the TV and Black men seem to be in jail, arrested, doing drugs or a womanizing rapper with all of the above going on. The problem is that people do not understand what they are watching. TV executives only put on TV what they think will get attention.

Stupid white people, with missing teeth, will get your attention. Asian kids that dance like Black cheerleaders will get your attention. Middle-aged Jewish businessmen that rap better than Eminem will get your attention. But, this is the problem no one thinks all Jewish people are rappers. No one thinks all asians are dancers. No one thinks all white people are stupid with teeth missing. But, people think ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE VIOLENT CRIMINALS. People think all Black men are dogs. People think all Black men leave their newborn children in the wind.

It has gotten so bad, that, Black people think Black people are violent criminals, dead beat dads and womanizers.

It has grown hard to separate fact from fiction.

The internet makes matters worse. Because everyone can sit at their computer, download a program and start typing, the myth about how bad Black men are, can now grow exponentially. Sisters are now getting in on the game.

If a Black woman starts a blog talking about how great her marriage is, her blog will fail, and no one will read it. If a Black woman starts a blog talking about how her man dogged her, left her pregnant, won’t return her calls and won’t marry her, she will be the belle of the ball. None of these sisters mention that they slept around, did drugs while pregnant and ran her Black man away, and uses the court system to keep the child away from him, just to get back at him.

You will see stories about Black men being afraid of commitment, i.e. not wanting to get married, or worse, the dreaded interracial marriage.

You can open up any search engine and find pages and pages of entries talking about how Black men are marrying white women. The truth is only 8% of Black men marry white women. That’s a far cry from what sisters try to portray. That means less than 1 in 10 Black men marry white women.

Now let’s look at some real numbers.

An overwhelming majority of Black men are married: 52%. This means most of the blogs talking about Black men being afraid of commitment is just that one sister’s experience. Maybe, just maybe, she needs to stop going to lower class businesses.

Most men do not speak out, about anything. But, now that videos and blogs have become so popular, brothers have taken to the internet. Nearly all videos and blogs I read, presented by men say one thing: sisters need to stop acting like hood rats, get rid of the fake hair weaves and stop being hypersexual.

Now that is shocking. You would think Black men would want easy pickings right? But, nope. In my readings I come across it time and time again. Black men do not want and easy woman. It reflects badly on the sister and badly on him.

The myth that Black men do not take care of their children is also out there. The truth is that there are quite a few Black men who are single fathers. You never hear about it. There are, as said above, and overwhelming majority of Black men that are married. You never hear about that either. A recent study showed that Black men spend more time with their estranged children and give them money, more than any other race. You never hear this at all.

The reality is that the Black man is painted to be this boogie man. It’s white slavery tactics all over again. Degrade the Black man so far, to the point that no one trusts him to even be human. Get the Black woman so confused that she attacks the Black man.

There are plenty of stories of Black women sabotaging their own relationships.


If you are a Black woman and you are having bad luck with your Black brothers, take a long hard look in the mirror. Ask yourself, “am I sabotaging my relationships?” Ask yourself, “am I the victim of brainwashing?”

As a Black woman, you are the prime target to convince to mistrust your Black man. This is a game and it is for keeps.

You might also be wondering about the Black men that aren’t married. It’s simple. 3% of Black men are enthralled with the homosexual fetish. About 25% are single, never been married, never had kids. About 5% are in jail, or on probation. That leaves about 10% that are free, single with children they are not in the home with. As to their real story, there has never been any research done on them. Oh, there are generalities, but no one has, nor probably ever will do any research on them. Why? Because they are afraid they might find that those Black men may start off estranged from their kids but end up marrying the woman or support the kids under the table or something else that would shatter their boogie man image of the Black man.


Most Black men are

  • married
  • educated
  • middle-class
  • support their families
  • religious
  • keep it in their pants [ only 1.2 population growth of all Black people. that means that Black people are barely maintaining their population. ]
Sorry to tell you this. But, Black men are just as normal and boring as white men. We have our problems, but nowhere near what the main stream media puts out.
Black men are NOT rappers, walking around with their pants down by their ankles, showing off their butt, with not money, broke, jobless and womanizers.
I know a lot of you got mind wiped, and brainwashed. Stop it.

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Black Genocide in America: Attacking the Black Father

Black Genocide in America: Attacking the Black Father

Open any newspaper, log onto your favorite Black woman rant blog, or watch any movie that talks about Black men and you’ll always hear: Black men leave their children in the dust and don’t take care of them. I am here to tell you it’s all a BIG FAT LIE. It is a systemic attack on the Black man.

So many people see statements like this, and think they are true and start to repeat the lie over and over. Before you start repeating all of these lies, stop and think for a second: who is saying this; what is their qualification for saying this; how do they know this? Most of TV is material they need to put on there to take up time, so they can make money from the commercials in between. That material is called content. This “content” doesn’t mean they have to back up their claims. They can simply say anything they want, so long as the commercials keep rolling.

You have done no research at all. In fact, you’re just propagating the attacks on the Black family and the all out genocide of Black men.

Let me give you some real facts: 58% of Black women are or have been married [this includes divorced and widowed]; 65% of Black men are or have been married [this includes divorced and widowed]. Now only 4.8% of Black men are in jail, period [US Bureau of Justice statistics] So they are not impacting the total Black mail population. So only 35% of Black men have never been married.

A very glaring database is left out: Black men without children. Let me venture a guess on this.

Different researchers have said that between 3%-9% of the population is homosexual. In my estimation a large percentage of that is female. [sadly] Of that percent I would guess  3% represent men. [with no children]

1,909,000 Black men hold a 4 year college degree or better: 1,341,000 4 year degree; 409,000 masters degree; 88,000 professional degree [doctor / lawyer etc] I am willing to bet that a high percentage of these men have no children, especially the 500,000 that have higher than 4 yr degrees. The Black population is now at 41.8 million [2010 census] half of which are men, so about 21 million [data suggests that slightly more men than women are born] so a cool 10% probably have no children.

That brings the grand total to 13% of Black men with no children. So of the Black men left that leaves 35% – 13% = 22% of Black men who have children and are unmarried.

Finally, the last nail in the coffin for these silly rants people have been making against Black men, is that Pew Research showed that Black men spend more quality time with their children than any other racial group. These are the unmarried fathers.

These attacks on Black men are coming from both the outside and within the Black race. They are unwarranted, often misguided and always not backed up with any data. People see someone say something negative on tv about Black men or Black children and assume it’s true.

No, we are not at 1950 levels of 70% marriage rate among Blacks, but we are nowhere near the 72% of Black children born without fathers lies that are constantly being spread.

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What’s Going On? What’s Happening Brother (extended video)

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On?

The Black man in America today is the most victimized of everyone today.  Because we as a community do not stand up for each other nor pool our resources, we are just lambs fit for slaughter.  What does that mean?  That means we Black people don’t beat a path to a Black man’s door who opens up a store, and therefore Black owned businesses have a MUCH higher failure rate than all other races.  That means we have no political power and the police and government does with Black men as they please.  Let’s talk about likelihood – Black men are more likely to be thrown in jail for minor offenses and petty regulations made by a city or state; Black men are more likely to have to drop out of school due to lack of funding for education; Black men are more likely to not be hired for jobs they are qualified for; dark Black men suffer twice as much social injustice at the hands of not only whites, but other Blacks as well.  The father of social consciousness, Marvin Gaye, spoke about this 40 years ago.  While Martin Luther King preached about civil rights, he never touched on the whole picture.  We ascribe to Martin Luther King everything, when the reality is, he was as much of a pawn of the system as Obama is today.  Marvin Gaye on the other hand, was able to say exactly what he felt.  I present to you his song “What’s Going On” and “What’s Happening Brother”.

Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On”

What’s Going On is the eleventh studio album by soul musician Marvin Gaye, released May 21, 1971, on the Motown-subsidiary label Tamla Records.  Recording sessions for the album took place in June 1970 and March–May 1971 at Hitsville U.S.A., Golden World and United Sound Studios in Detroit, Michigan and at The Sound Factory in West Hollywood, California.

The first Marvin Gaye album credited as produced solely by the artist himself, What’s Going On is a unified concept album consisting of nine songs, most of which lead into the next. It has also been categorized as a song cycle, since the album ends on a reprise to the album’s opening theme. The album is told from the point of view of a Vietnam War veteran returning to the country he had been fighting for, and seeing nothing but injustice, suffering and hatred.

What’s Going On was the first album on which Motown Records’ main studio band, the group of session musicians known as the Funk Brothers, received an official credit. Featuring introspective lyrics about drug abuse, poverty and the Vietnam War, the album was also the first to reflect the beginning of a new socially conscious trend in soul music. What’s Going On was both an immediate commercial and critical success and has endured as a classic of early-1970s soul. A deluxe edition set of the album was released on February 27, 2001, and featured a rare live concert shot at Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center where the singer was given the key to the city.

In worldwide critics’, artists’ and public surveys, it has been voted one of the landmark recordings in pop music history and is considered to be one of the greatest albums ever made.  In 2003, the album was ranked number 6 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

In late March 1970, Marvin Gaye had fallen into a deep depression following the death of his singing partner and fellow Motown artist Tammi Terrell, who had died of a brain tumor earlier that month. Gaye refused to record or perform, going as far as to attempt an athletic career in football with the Detroit Lions of the NFL. After an unsuccessful tryout for the team, Gaye came in contact with musician Al Cleveland and the Four Tops’ Renaldo “Obie” Benson, who were working on a politically conscious song called “What’s Going On”. Gaye assisted Cleveland and Benson in completing the composition, and planned to produce the song as a recording for the Motown act The Originals. However, Cleveland and Benson persuaded Gaye to record the song himself.

In June 1970, Gaye recorded “What’s Going On” and his own composition, “God Is Love”, which further expanded his inclusion of his spirituality in his music. Recording such material was a different direction for Gaye, who had previously performed and recorded radio-formatted and contemporary songs that were more representative of the Gordy-produced Motown Sound rather than politically or socially conscious music. When Gaye delivered the songs as the sides for his next 45-rpm single, his brother-in-law, Motown Records CEO Berry Gordy, Jr., objected to the material and refused to release the recordings. Though he had already permitted other Motown artists to record and release material that hinted at social and political themes – Edwin Starr’s “War”, The Temptations’ “Ball of Confusion”, both released earlier in 1970, and Stevie Wonder’s “Heaven Help Us All”, released later in the year – Gordy considered “What’s Going On” far too political to be promoted on radio and too unusual compared with the popular music sound of that time to be commercially successful.  Gaye, however, stood his ground and continued to lobby his case to label executives and to Gordy, as he did not want to be bound by Gordy’s or Motown’s version of music.

In an interview for Rolling Stone magazine, Marvin Gaye discussed what had shaped his view on more socially conscious themes in music and the conception of his eleventh full-length, non-duets studio album:

    In 1969 or 1970, I began to re-evaluate my whole concept of what I wanted my music to say… I was very much affected by letters my brother was sending me from Vietnam, as well as the social situation here at home. I realized that I had to put my own fantasies behind me if I wanted to write songs that would reach the souls of people. I wanted them to take a look at what was happening in the world. — Marvin Gaye

Gordy eventually gave in, certain that the record would flop. Upon its release in January 1971, “What’s Going On” became Motown’s fastest selling single at that point, going to the number-one spot on the R&B charts for five weeks and number-two for three weeks on the Pop listings, with “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night retaining the top spot.

In 1985, writers on British music weekly the NME voted it best album of all time.  In 2004, the album’s title track was ranked number 4 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.  A 1999 critics poll conducted by British newspaper Guardian/Observer named it the “Greatest Album of the 20th Century“. In 1997, What’s Going On was named the 17th greatest album of all time in a Music of the Millennium poll conducted in the United Kingdom by HMV Group, Channel 4, The Guardian and Classic FM. In 1998 Q magazine readers placed it at number 97, while in 2001 the TV network VH1 placed it at number 4. In 2003, it was one of 50 recordings chosen that year by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registry. What’s Going On was ranked #6 on Rolling Stone magazine’s 2003 list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, one of three Gaye albums to be included, preceded by 1973’s Let’s Get It On (#165) and 1978’s Here My Dear (#462).  The album is Gaye’s highest-ranking entry on the list, as well as several other publications’ lists.


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For Blacks: Mo Money in 2011?

My Financial Suggestions for Negros in 2011

Hello brothers and sisters!  Happy new year.  I hope you sat down at your desk and mapped out your year and planned everything you would “like” to do this year.  But, what about what you would like to financially achieve this year?  Very often Black folks, or even Americans in general, do not sit down at the beginning of a year and plan ahead for their finances.  Trust me on this one when I say, when you write it down, just the act alone, seems to help you achieve it.  I am always harping on what Black folks won’t do.  So I like to put my money where my mouth is, and we’ll go through this together and suggest what ought to be done.  Ever hear of a Black leader that does that?  They’re so quick to tell you what shouldn’t be done.  Black preachers climb the pulpit every Sunday and tell you what you can’t do.  Black “leaders”, a.k.a. NAACP wannabes, delight in telling you how you’ve been wronged.  But, not a damn one of them empower us.  Not a damn one of them tell us what we can do.

I don’t think Black people have financial education.  I am no Warren Buffet but I will share with you some financial ideas that I think even the most financially uneducated brother or sister can not only understand, but financially do.

This Year’s Financial Planning for Black People

I am going to tell you some things that might seem counter to what all the financial gurus are talking about.  But, what you don’t know is most of those financial gurus are not talking to you.  They are talking to people who have $150,000 saved in the bank.  Do you know the average social security retiree has a whopping $50,000 saved in their social 401k plan?  There is no way they can retire off of that.  So all these speeches about what you should do with your money does not apply to you.  [and me]  We do not have the basic of the basic already sorted out, have at least $50,000 in savings alone.  So if I say something that doesn’t jive with what your financial hero is telling you, understand that your financial hero makes about $300,000 a year and think everyone has $50,000 saved in the bank ALREADY.

The Easy Way to Save

Before you can save you have to get your spending under control.  If you go to a store more than twice a month, you are out of control.  That is including groceries.  Basically the idea is that most Americans are living waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above their means.  They are shopping non-stop.  They are paying for things they do not need.

There are far more rich people that lived below their means and saved up, than there are that wandered into a pot of gold.  There are far more rich people that were stingy with their money than those that had riches fall in their lap.  Being wealthy takes planning and commitment.  Don’t be afraid of the word wealthy either.  I consider wealthy to also cover how great your family is, spiritually.  Oh and by the way, these days having one million dollars is not considered rich anymore.

Now, all the financial gurus tell you that saving your money works against you.  The Federal Reserve Bank prints a cool $50 million a day.  That’s right! A Day!  That means the $50 you put in your bank every paycheck by the time you walk out the door, is really only worth about $45.  Just that fast inflation is eating your money.  Now couple that with the fact of capital gains tax, which is %15 off of what you make in a savings account.  Right now across the land it’s a bleak 1% OR LESS.  So if inflation of 5% and an additional 15% don’t get you, your own spending will get you.

So why am I even discussing savings?  Because you have to have a foundation before you can anything with money.  You cannot talk about sound investing if you have no money to invest.  You do know that, at a minimum people are talking about having $20,000 or $30,000, when they are discussing investing.  And, they expect you to have that saved by age 26 or so.  So if you don’t have that, all of that discussion doesn’t even apply to you.

I asked my bank if my account was terrible, two different banks told me that 90% of their account holders did not have enough in their account to buy an expensive meal.

So what can we do to save money? There is a financial term called a DRIP program.  It stands for dividend reinvestment program.  It means that you buy into the direct shares of a company, below the minimum of what a normal investor would have to pay, about $1,000.  Your buy in is then kept by the company and as your little money stays, they pay you an exact portion of what you make off of your “stock”, when they pay out dividends.  However, instead of you getting the money, for your tiny portion, the company reinvests the money to buy you more stocks.  So, for instance, if you were to buy into the Proctor & Gamble DRIP program with $500, come time for them to pay out dividends, they take the $5 you earned and buy you more stock.  So you end up with $505 worth of stock in the company.  Over a long period of time, you might end up with 20,000 shares from just a tiny amount.

My suggestion is for you to apply the same principle to yourself and your savings account.  Most people put all of their money into their checking account so they can pay off bills and such, or buy groceries.  That is fine.  As long as you keep an up-to-date checkbook you will never go into the hole.  Setup your own DRIP program from your checking account, to your savings account.  Unless your bank is in the stone age, you can go online and do this.

Setup a daily or weekly transfer from your checking account to your savings account.  Now the amount is going to be the big question.  Put too little in and reaching $30,000 will take forever.  Put too much in, and unless you are really in control of your spending, you might run the risk of getting in trouble.  In trouble because the savings account is to be treated as if it is untouchable.  Under no circumstances can you take out money from your savings account.  That is the whole point of it being a “savings” account.

Think of it in terms of how much you are personally worth every day.  Let’s say you make $100 a day.  Of that $100 how much goes to direct, unquestionable, expenses, i.e. rent, power, water, gasoline / transportation?  Now remember this is daily.  Let’s say $50 a day covers all your expenses.  Then you might have $20 in questionable expenses, i.e. cell phone bills.  That leaves you with $30 a day to play around with.  Let’s say you put that into your savings account, which gives you 1% interest:

  • $210 a week or $30 a day
  • 1% interest rate
  • compounded monthly

That comes out to be $114,855.00 after 10 years.

Let’s say you only put in $10 a day, at 1% interest into a savings account

  • $70 a week or $10 a day
  • 1% interest rate
  • compounded monthly

That comes out to be $38, 285.00 after 10 years.

You can see right off that aggressively saving is going to get you there faster.  If your goal is to get to $30,000 it would take you 3 years if you only saved $30 a day or $210 a week at 1% interest.  To get to $30,000 in one year at 1% interest rate you would have to save $80 a day.

Now most black folk only think of themselves, by themselves.  Let’s think outside the box right quick.  Imagine that your entire family contributed to the savings account.  You could probably easily save $80 a day, or more.  If you consolidated your families expenses by moving together and sharing the expenses, you could probably cut everyone’s expenses in half.  Yes, I am talking about your grown children moving home, or you moving in with your grown children.  Outside of the U.S. people live with their extended family under the same roof, quite frequently.  And, before you start going down the path thinking I’m talking about some poor 3rd world country, I am talking about Europe, very wealthy countries.  Only Americans consider it their duty to move out and double their expenses, like idiots.  Or worse, get into a house that takes away more than 30% of their salary.  You do know that mortgage lenders do not want to lend you any money if all of your monthly debts exceed 36%.  That includes house note, car note, cell phone bill, power, water, garbage, property taxes, gas bill.  So if you made $100 a day, you better not have more than $36 a day in total bills.  That is $1080 a month in bills.  If you are paying more than that, in total bills, you are living WELLLLL above your means, i.e. you’re broke.

What Can I Do With Thirty-Thousand Dollars in One Year?

So we are going to save this $30,000 this year.  The next question is, what do i do with it?  No we are not going to spend it all.  We are going to go into business for our selves / family.  Of all the business ventures you could go into, real estate is still the safest to get into.  With $30,000 you can leverage yourself into most single family properties, that you are going to rent out to someone.

So the plan is to get into a nice single family home and rent it out for “cash flow”.  First you have to prepare yourself.  Buy every real estate book you can get your hand on.  Keep in mind, no one book is going to have all the answers.  Even text book real estate books, do not have all the answers.

Next, become an expert in accounting. Read everything you can on accounting.  If you do not know about money, you will never keep money.  Understand that accounting is only going to tell you how money is tabulated.  However, it is a basic principle that is unquestionably necessary to learn.  Every Black person in America should know accounting to the advanced level.

Next, comes understanding taxes.  Every Black person in America should learn taxes inside and out.  So many Black people are raped by the federal, state and local government through taxes, it isn’t even funny.  And, I used the word rape literally.  Black folks pay, per capita, the highest taxes of any other racial group and yet have the lowest median household income in the entire nation.*  There has got to be an end to it.  Know your taxes.  Take advantage of tax shelters and tax deductions.  Your children are your biggest way to save yourself from taxes.  While you keep pushing them away and telling them stupid crap like, “man up” and move out the house, you’re killing yourself with taxes.  Idiot!  Stupid is, as stupid does.  Black folks shoot themselves in the foot, face and head all day long and then turn around and wonder why they’re in the state that they’re in.

I suggest you print this article out and sit down at your desk and plan out your year:

  • learn everything about real estate
  • learn everything about accounting
  • learn everything about taxes
  • save $30,000 this year

Now that sounds like a financial new year’s resolution that you can achieve.

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For Blacks: He Wasn’t Man Enough for Me

Black Girl You’re Doing it Wrong

Pay a million dollars for a sick beat, get a catchy hook and then lay down the most F*ed up lyrics talking about how a Black man is a douchebag, and you have a national hit.  You will be sure it will go to the #1 spot in no time.  Is there something to these songs?  Where are these songs coming from?  Are there Black men out there, just breaking Black women’s heart after heart?  Where are these casanovas?  The answer is, there are none.  There is no mass Black man heart-breaking club.  Oh, I’m sure there are some male Black gigolos out there, don’t get me wrong, but there is no lonely-heart club out there for Black men.  So where do these songs come from?

They come from music producers hell-bent on trying to bring the Black man down.  And, you buy it.

But, this article isn’t about retarded folk who make retarded music and the retarded folk that buy it.  This article is about how YOU can assure yourself that you are not going to end up with a scrub.

Lesson One: How Not to Date a Scrub

Yes, this article is directed at women.  Apparently, since I am not a father of a daughter, I always feel the need to be an internet dad to young / or not so young ladies.  All my cousins are married, so I feel the need to protect some other young lady from evil men. HAHAHAHA!!!  Internet dad to the rescue****

So anyway.  Before we get into dating / marrying a good Black man, let’s talk about you first.  A man does not define you.  You should not let a man define you.  You are your own person.  You have your own tastes, likes and dislikes.  You should have your own source of income.  If you go to a club, you should be able to afford the entire night by yourself, i.e. buying your own drinks.  There is nothing more annoying than a woman that comes up to me asking me to buy her a drink.  I’m not a charity fund.  All this talk about being an independent woman goes out the window when you cannot afford your own room and board.

How not to date a scrub.  First of all, if you want to catch a Black man who doesn’t have to worry about can he afford the dollar menu, you need to step up your own game.  Stop going to clubs to pick up the man of your dreams.  Really?  Did ya think that would work?  And, if you just have to go to a club, and you’re hell bent on picking up the man of your dreams, go to a club with a steep cover charge.

Here’s the theory about the club with a cover charge.  The owner gambles that if he charges a cover, it will keep the “riff raff” out of the club.  It makes the club more exclusive.  So if you go to such a club, you hedge your bets that you will not run into “riff raff”. 

The same theory can be applied to landing a good Black man.  If you want to catch a non-riff-raff Black man, then you should go where riff raff do not and cannot go.

Attend Events: Every town / city caters to their upper echelon type of citizens.  You simply then read where these events are held.  Expect to pay money if you’re going to attend these.

Join Clubs: Due paying clubs are everywhere.  You can rest assured that if you go to an even sponsored by a club, that more than likely any Black man there is more than likely not worried around the dollar menu.

Politics: Getting involved in your political party [you’re a libertarian right?] is another great way to meet a non-“riff raff” Black man.  More than likely a Black man that is involved in a political campaign is probably not a street thug.  Now understand that going to a political rally, does not mean you are politically involved.  I am talking about fund raising events or even joining a campaign.  These are the people you want to meet, not the street rally.

Don’t Find a Black Man in Church: 50% of the people in church do not want to be in church.  It’s probably closer to 75%, but I’m wagering conservatively.  That being said, you have an over 50% chance that the guy you run into at church is not going to look out for your best interest or selflessly give of himself, to you.  People find themselves sitting in a church for many strange reasons.  Also, church doesn’t discriminate.  Anyone can walk into a church.  And, the bottom line is, you don’t want to date / marry just anyone.

For those who are saying to themselves that “just because a Black man has money, doesn’t mean he’s a great guy.”  You are delusional.  I am sure there are some great guy, poor, Black men out there.  But, being a great guy, super sexy, and muscular does not pay bills.  So much misery comes from just being poor in America.  And if you do not realize this, you are sticking your head in the sand and pretending otherwise.  At the end of the day, you want a Black man that can provide for himself and for you, if need be.  I personally would have you date / marry someone that can provide for you, not that you absolutely need it, but when you get married and have children, you want to stay home with the kids, for their sake.

A lot of Black folks do not plan their life out.  They don’t sit down and ask themselves what they want out of life and where do they see things going.  At the very least, I would have you plan who you are going to date.  I would have you put yourself in the position to find someone with some get-up-and-go.  I would have you open yourself up to options of a great selection of Black men and not the ones that these fake songs talk about: Scrubs.

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Shakaama Live Calling for All Black Bloggers to Start a New Campaign

Campaign for Black Male Marriage

Hi, this is your host Shakaama. I thought long and hard how to start my series on the Black man. I have done an impromptu series on the Black woman, with differing acceptance and result. However, I would like to start a very formal campaign for the Black man. To kick off the series, I would like to start my campaign for Black male marriage. I want to have an entire campaign dedicated to encouraging Black men to get married, and stay married. While mass media does everything in its power to downplay marriage and come against it, nothing can be said about encouraging marriage. But the facts are clear, marriage is the highest form of a relationship on the planet. For a people to be successful, they must first have a wide swath of them be married. The media doesn’t encourage this because it is not profitable. It is more profitable to tear someone down, trash them and insult everything about them, than it is to build someone up or point out their strengths.

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To start the campaign, I am calling all Black bloggers to contact me. I thought long and hard about this. We could set a date to launch the campaign and we would all blog about Black male marriage on the same day and keep it up for a few days. The net would have no choice but to recognize the buzz and ensure the success of the campaign. Simply contact me or comment below leaving your blog info. Any link on my blog is actually a do-follow link, so feel free to comment and leave your link. However, any nefarious comments and links will be completely ignored, you know who you are. In return I will contact each and every one of you and setup the date when we launch `privately.

People reading this might say, why only Black bloggers. The answer is simple. White people always complain that Black people look for handouts and do nothing for themselves. This is Black people doing something for ourselves. If you think it unfair that your blog would not be included in the campaign, I don’t think it’s fair that nearly all media is 99.99999% white. You think Telemundo was started simply as a whim? You think BET was started as a whim? So this is Black people taking the initiative to get out from under the power of someone else and doing our own thing.

Black Male Campaign

As I said the Black male marriage campaign is simply a kick off to the Black male campaign. You do not have to participate in the whole campaign, but if you would like to, I would be happy to correspond with you about each topic each day. It would mean a very successful campaign all around if everything was coordinated.

As it stands, overall, I wish to encourage the Black man to go beyond what he is now.

  • I want to encourage him to learn to speak proper English
  • I want to encourage him to learn everything there is to know about personal finance
  • I want to encourage him to marry so that he can grow his estate
  • I want to encourage him to take a very hands-on and active role in the education of his children
  • I want to encourage him to have the proper attitude about money and to teach that to his children, i.e. sew your own clothes or buy cheap ones, instead of buying name brand to show off (what does a 6 month old need with $100 shoes, he’s going to outgrow in a couple of months)
  • I want to encourage him to have tremendous respect for himself
  • I want to encourage him to understand he owes his community, because he is not alone and people have paid dearly for him to be where he is at
  • I want to encourage him to never lay hands on another brother, it should be unthinkable that a Black man should lay his hands on another Black man, just as it is unthinkable for a Black man to lay his hands on a sister

These are but a few of the topics that will be covered in the Black male campaign. Like I said comment below or contact me if you wish to participate, Black bloggers only please. Thank you.

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There are More White People on Welfare Than The Total Black Population

The Truth about Welfare

Watch any talk show, conservative news show or read a liberal newspaper, and they all give the same message, “Black people are on welfare and have been for generations.” In fact one presidential campaign made it their double-talk slogan, “no more generations of welfare recipients”, “stop people living off the public dole.” Republicans and Democrats alike all jumped on the bandwagon. News casters picked up on the slogan and asked the question, “who are we talking about?” They received no direct answer but were given the old, nod and wink “you know who we’re talking about.”

This lie that Blacks live off of welfare has been spread so far and wide and repeated over and over and over so much that common ignorant people have come to accept it as fact. In fact, even Black people themselves have accepted as fact. You have Black comedians accepting it as fact and then assuming it to be fact, make up jokes with that as the basis of their punchline.

The fact is, white people are a majority of the welfare recipients. In fact, white people make up more than Blacks and Latinos put together on welfare. In fact, there are more white people on welfare than there exist Black people in America. Let me repeat, there are more white people on welfare than there are Black folks.

Of all the welfare recipients, only 22% of them are Black. Yes, that’s 1/5th of the welfare recipients are Black. That, my friend, is a small number. White people make up nearly 50% of all welfare recipients.

So how did this racist stereotype come about that Blacks are on welfare? Or, I should ask, how did people agree with it when there is such a huge white population on welfare?

One word: Ignorance.

If you are ignorant of the facts, people can tell you anything and get away with it. If you are ignorant of the facts, people can take your money and you not even know it is being taken. If you are ignorant of the rules, people can throw you in jail and you agree to it.

Oh those are some outrageous statements aren’t they? Guess what? People have been doing that in this country for over 2 centuries. It has gone full speed in the past 40 years. Now the media is in on the game, so all bets are off. If people have an agenda to push, it goes all out like gangbusters because the media can loop the message day and night, every hour, on the hour. You cannot compete with the truth, when the media tells you a lie. If the media wanted to reverse the color of grass and the sky, don’t you know people would go along with it? If the media looped, “new grass color discovered, blue not green; new sky color discovered, green not blue.” The media has done it in the past.

For instance, marijuana is a plant. It has thousands of uses, such as: making paper; making clothes; making rope; making polymers. In fact, the plant is so great that every material it makes is better than any other material on the planet currently. Hemp is the name of the plant. Hemp ropes are far stronger than silk ropes. Hemp paper is 3 times better than wood paper; lasts longer without fading; and doesn’t take toxic chemicals to make it into paper. Hemp clothing doesn’t destroy the earth to create; they are far easier to wash; don’t get dirty as easily; they repel stains. In fact hemp makes hundreds of medical remedies that pharmaceutical companies cannot duplicate. A man wanted to push forward his investment in wood paper. He made the hemp plant seem diabolical, so he enlisted the media. Within a year, hemp was made illegal and people were afraid to go near it and thought it was satanic.

Do you see the power of the media? If they can change people’s opinion about a plant, of course they can change and manipulate social perceptions about facts that aren’t real. Who cares if someone is racist? The problem is the media going along with the agenda and pushing it forward. And, it’s not just one source of media. They all do the same thing.

Think back for one second. The latest news story was plastered on every channel, local and national centers. And, they always have the same facts. No matter how independent your local station claims to be, they jump on the same bandwagon everyone else does.

Let’s look for a second at a huge national story: the Laci Peterson case. Here’s a case where a Latina went missing, was 7 months pregnant and who’s body was found decapitated and various parts of her arms and legs were missing;and her body washed ashore nearly a year later. In the media, they pointed to Scott Peterson. They found out he had extramarital affairs. Surely if he was cheating on his wife he must have murdered her. But wait! I turn your attention to another national story: the Evelyn Hernandez case. Here’s a case where a Latina went missing, was 7 months pregnant and who’s body was found decapitated and various parts of her arms and legs were missing;and her body washed ashore 3 months later. Woah!

Did you just have deja vu? Everyone knows Scott Peterson murdered his wife right? Uh, did he also murder Evelyn Hernandez? What’s strange is, we actually know where Scott Peterson was the whole time. And yet, they still convicted him. In fact, they just assumed he did it.

The reality of the two cases were so out of this world, that no one wanted to actually speak it allowed. So, the media just convicted poor “horny devil” Scott Peterson, and we all just nodded and looked the other way. What’s the reality you ask? Well since you asked. In the south west there are known and documented cases of witchcraft and occult secret societies. These cults perform heinous sacrifices. The police have documented cases of it. But, you don’t hear it in the news for some reason. The media keeps it hush hush. So the cults are the truth, but a regular man is on death row. While he did cheat on his wife, it doesn’t mean he killed her, nor does it justify him being put to death. Regardless of the feminist organizations that wish it so, it is not right.

This is a case of the media gone wild. And, we sit back and take it. I could pin point case after case, news story after news story that are false, bigoted, and passing on misinformation. Misinformation is the biggest and largest crime that is going on.

If you’ve been reading my blog, I’ve already pointed out that:

  • Black unwed fathers spend more time and money with their children than any other unwed fathers.
  • Blacks pay their debts on time and more often than other races.
  • Blacks have a much lower divorce rate than other races.
  • Blacks have less out of wedlock children than other races.
  • And now, Blacks are the least people to be on welfare than other races.

All of these stereotypes the news and shows put forth, media. But, we all accept it as fact. We think because we saw it on T.V. it must be true. When in fact, the opposite is true. Could it be that people are basing life decisions off of lies? Could it be politicians are making laws based on lies? Could it be the Federal Government is making policies based on lies?

You’re damn skippy they are.

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Black Women are the Problem with Black Men

Black Women Single

Oprah Winfrey said it on her show, so obviously she and her staff have seen the same research I have: 70% of Black women are single. This has to be devastating news. And, before you ask about other races, I don’t know. And, not to be blunt, I don’t care, for the purpose of this article. I wrote an article, that seems to be quite popular: Top Ten Reasons Black Men Won’t Date / Marry a Black Woman. Invariable the feedback goes along the same lines as the reasons the Black men gave in the national study on the subject: Black women’s pride pushes everyone away, including Black men.

I have concluded, in my wise mind, that it is pride which is destroying the Black woman. At the end of the day, she is alone because she is too proud to be with anyone. Invariably I hear every Black woman, that I know of, speak of other races “I would never date a [ ]”. And, when speaking of Black women, they take it for granted that they would date and marry a Black man, however in the same breath they reject, put-down, emasculate and push away Black men. It is all pride. They are so wrapped up in this lesbian movement, women’s lib, that they forgot to stop and see that they are now alone. They got so caught up in this movement that they forgot that being strong is a man’s arena. Strong and woman does not go together.

“I am a strong Black woman”

“Come on ladies let’s all be strong”

“All women are independent”

“The modern woman is strong”

The very word “lady” rejects the word “strong” by definition. Apparently Black women don’t know the definition of the word “lady”. Just so everyone is crystal clear on the subject, here is the definition of Lady.


  • A well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior.
  • a : a woman of superior social position b : a woman of refinement and gentle manners c : woman, female —often used in a courteous reference or usually in the plural in address
  • A woman regarded as proper and virtuous.
  • A well-behaved young girl.
  • A woman who is the head of a household.
  • A woman, especially when spoken of or to in a polite way.
  • 6. Lady [Chiefly British] A general feminine title of nobility and other rank, specifically:
  • a. Used as the title for the wife or widow of a knight or baronet.
  • b. Used as a form of address for a marchioness, countess, viscountess, baroness, or baronetess.
  • c. Used as a form of address for the wife or widow of a baron.
  • d. Used as a courtesy title for the daughter of a duke, a marquis, or an earl.
  • e. Used as a courtesy title for the wife of a younger son of a duke or marquis.
  • 7. Lady The Virgin Mary. Usually used with Our.

As you can see, you cannot be both a lady and strong. A lady brings completely different cards to the table. There may be many of you who read this and reject it, thinking I’m saying that you cannot be a woman and strong. No no, I am not saying that. You can be a woman. You can be strong. But, no strong female is a lady. Normally strong females are considered lesbians in this society. While you may not enjoy all the fruits of being a lesbian brings, acting like a strong woman will send out mixed signals to the opposite sex. While you might not consider yourself a lesbian, people may perceive you as a lesbian. At the end of the day, perception is as good as reality. If you’re out wrestling bears and hauling wood, no one is going to take the time to ask if you are or are not a lesbian. They are going to make their assumption and go on to the next woman. Do you get my point?

I assume you want a Black man, if you are a Black lady. As such, you do not need to fight tigers and wrestle alligators. No man is attracted to that. Calling yourself a strong woman does not = being a single mother, having your own job, driving your own car, paying for your own house, nor living your life without a man. That has nothing to do with strength.

You have been given this cool-aid and you drank the whole cup. Being smart about finances and not being a fool about raising a child does not make you strong. You have never heard a man describe himself as strong for doing that. In fact, no man describes himself as independent if the does not live at home with his mother or mooch off of others. He just calls himself alive. There is no special label for a man who lives by himself. But, for some reason, someone came along and patted you on the back and told you, you were special because you are living by yourself. And, you fell for it. Living by yourself simply means you are an “adult”. Unless congress had a special session that I haven’t heard about, being an adult is nothing special.

So, I hope we are all on the same page now about being a Black lady. If you reject the idea of being a Black lady, then there is really nothing more I can say to you. Enjoy your loneliness. However, if you do not wish to be “strong” and “independent” [an old maid] then we can talk.

The Pride of Black Women

First, get rid of the pride. There is no pride in being a social outcast. Others might try and spare your feelings, but at 70% of Black women being alone and single, I call a social outcast. A few of you might, “I get me some, so I’m not in that pool.” Sorry to burst your bubble too, but being a whore does not mean you are not single. Single means you have no intentions, options, prospects of being married. If you are married, you’re in the 30%. If you are engaged, you are in the 30%. If you are in a monogamous relationship that you have on good authority, he is going to pop the question, you are in the 30%. Otherwise, you are in the 70%. Dating has never meant you are no longer single. In fact, by strict definition, those who are engaged or already married are the only ones considered not single. So having sex with lots of men does not make you, not single. Besides, being a whore is as empty as you can get in this lifetime. Having someone you can spend your life with, plan your future with, and have children with is where it is at, AS A HUMAN. If your parents did not instill that into and made you see, then let me be the one to tell you. Marriage is not only for everyone, but you are a lost soul without it. My Jewish friend told me that the Jews believe the first commandment from God was in Eden when God said “get married” and “have children”. A commandment! It doesn’t get much more important than that.

Speaking of commandments, let’s look at what some wise sayings have to say about pride. [ I put emphasis on the points I want to make, so if you want to skip the whole thing, just read the red and bold parts. I included the whole chapter so no one would accuse me of putting my own words in]

Proverbs 16

1 To man belong the plans of the heart,
but from the LORD comes the reply of the tongue.

2 All a man’s ways seem innocent to him,
but motives are weighed by the LORD.

3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed.

4 The LORD works out everything for his own ends—
even the wicked for a day of disaster.

5 The LORD detests all the proud of heart.
Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.

6 Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for;
through the fear of the LORD a man avoids evil.

7 When a man’s ways are pleasing to the LORD,
he makes even his enemies live at peace with him.

8 Better a little with righteousness
than much gain with injustice.

9 In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps.

10 The lips of a king speak as an oracle,
and his mouth should not betray justice.

11 Honest scales and balances are from the LORD;
all the weights in the bag are of his making.

12 Kings detest wrongdoing,
for a throne is established through righteousness.

13 Kings take pleasure in honest lips;
they value a man who speaks the truth.

14 A king’s wrath is a messenger of death,
but a wise man will appease it.

15 When a king’s face brightens, it means life;
his favor is like a rain cloud in spring.

16 How much better to get wisdom than gold,
to choose understanding rather than silver!

17 The highway of the upright avoids evil;
he who guards his way guards his life.

18 Pride goes before destruction,
a haughty spirit before a fall.

19 Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed
than to share plunder with the proud.

20 Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers,
and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD.

21 The wise in heart are called discerning,
and pleasant words promote instruction.

22 Understanding is a fountain of life to those who have it,
but folly brings punishment to fools.

23 A wise man’s heart guides his mouth,
and his lips promote instruction.

24 Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

25 There is a way that seems right to a man,
but in the end it leads to death.

26 The laborer’s appetite works for him;
his hunger drives him on.

27 A scoundrel plots evil,
and his speech is like a scorching fire.

28 A perverse man stirs up dissension,
and a gossip separates close friends.

29 A violent man entices his neighbor
and leads him down a path that is not good.

30 He who winks with his eye is plotting perversity;
he who purses his lips is bent on evil.

31 Gray hair is a crown of splendor;
it is attained by a righteous life.

32 Better a patient man than a warrior,
a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.

33 The lot is cast into the lap,
but its every decision is from the LORD.

This verse is talking about pride and how to approach people. I emphasized some parts where Black women are failing. I’m not going to repeat the verse, but the parts I emphasized clearly illustrate my point.

Black men are saying Black women push them away. It is as simple as that. At the end of the day, Black men are not saying it’s the color of their skin, or their bodies, or their shapes. The Black woman is the one that is destroying the Black relationships.

What You Should Do

I am not saying, go out find you a Black man and date / marry him regardless of his horrible personality. I AM saying get off your high horse, that you got from the dollar swap meet, and

  • build your Black man up instead of tearing him down
  • if he doesn’t have a job, help him look for one
  • if he doesn’t have a car, help him getting a higher paying job so he can afford one
  • if he doesn’t have his own house, help him educate himself and get a better paying job so he can get one

What is ridiculous is, Black women complain about things other races don’t even notice. How many T.V. divorces have you seen where the woman is mad as hell and wants the husband to pay for “her sacrificing her career to put him through school.”


I cannot even count how many times I have seen that on T.V., read it in a magazine or heard it on the radio. And, the debate is never why would she do that, the debate is how much should she get. What you don’t hear, is the millions of other race women that have done that, and stay married and are happier than a dead pig in sunshine.

So Black women think it is a low-lifed man that would need the help of a woman to get ahead in life. Black women think it is beneath them to date a man that doesn’t have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of. Black women think you are not a man if you don’t have your own car / house / Rolex. So, when she meets such a Black man, she puts him down and berates him.

Do you honestly think that men pop out with good jobs, cars, houses? No man pops out like that, unless he inherets it. And, if you find a man with that, who didn’t inheret it, think about, there was a time when he didn’t have that.

Most of the richest people on the planet started from nothing. One of the richest men in America, who is now dead, drove a beat up truck, woar plaid shirts and faded, old jeans. Had he been Black, I guarantee Black women would have put him down and rejected him.

This relationship thing is a journey mama, and you gotta decide if you’re going to ride or just stand on the side of the road. Apparently, so many sisters have decided to just sit on the side fo the road. The race is going to whither and die.

Remember, I’mma give it to you straight. I’d rather you burn a little now and be baked, than be raw and go through life lonely.

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Black Women Dogging Black Men and Singing About It

Hate Against Black Men

There is a lot of hate speech, being put forth by women these days, started mainly by white women. Black women and the media have picked up this mantra. The notion is that they were so downtrodden, by men that they had to start a movement. The original version was women’s suffrage. Don’t get me wrong, women’s suffrage is a great thing, however the movement was hijacked by nefarious individuals who had a much broader, yet hidden agenda that had nothing to do with the political and financial equality of women.

Understand me, I am for the political and financial equality of women. Period! However, there are those who have taken it so far and their purpose is clear, they want the subjugation of men. Imagine how pissed I am when I open a door for a total cunt and she stops and turns to me and screams, “I can open the door for myself.” What this cunt doesn’t realize is that gentlemen open doors for each other too, not just cunts with no home training. But, I digress.

It’s one thing to say you fight for the equality of women. It’s an entirely different thing to say that men are no good and need to be under your thumb and men must be attacked at every opportunity.

I present to you the latest inference of this. The degradation of the Black man in America. This mantra of hate versus Black men has been started since slavery. It originally was started, of course, by the male slave masters to keep their own wives in check. They not only enslaved Black men, but then turned around and said they were less than human, unfit for compassion, besmirched by God [mormons said this, no Black person should ever join that church, if you do, you’re an ignorant fool and doomed for hell anyway], and equated to animals. The white woman was then made to hate the Black man and then thought it was her own idea that Black men were animals. Meanwhile in Europe, Black and white people began to marry. These ignorant white women then, thinking they had come up with the idea that Black men [and women] were animals, unfit to live, carried this hatred on through the decades.

Black Women Back Stab Black Men

By the time women’s suffrage came along, the ones who took over the movement with their “men are to be hated”, this notion of Black men being animals resurfaced. From the time of women’s suffrage to present day they’ve had this mantra. Finally Black women, who were brought into this den of lies and deceit, were told this mantra of Black men are animals. What’s sad is, they bought it. Even when Black Americans were having a power struggle in the 60’s, Black women started speaking out against Black men. Talk about a back stab. At the very time that we as a people were trying to get our “come uppins”, Black women started with their hate speech against Black men. I’m sure it was whispered into their ears by those white women in the women’s liberation movement. There were Black women making speeches against Black men, poems, books. If you got a problem with your man, that doesn’t mean you go and air it in public. It would be one thing to have a problem with one Black man and then air it in public. No! These women said it was all Black men. The worst were the very public figures, like authors, poets and singers.

I’m giving these women the benefit of the doubt. Meaning, I’m assuming they actually had a real life problem with one Black man at some point. But, as sure as I’m Black, I bet these were just hatemongers that wanted to: start mess; sell books; sell records. The really obvious women who had it hard didn’t turn around and make it into a hate Black men campaign: Tina Turner for example. (and her records are still selling like hot cakes)

Songs That Dog Black Men

In modern times, it is the white media that started this mantra of “Black men are no good”. Stupid Black women fell for it and picked it up and now say it themselves. Even major Black singers say this nonsense:

  • Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
  • Sunshine Anderson – Heard it All Before
  • Rihanna – Take a Bow
  • Gwen Guthrie – Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent
  • Syleena Johnson – Guess What
  • Erykah Badu – Tyrone
  • Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows
  • Destiny’s Child – Jumping / Bills Bill Bills / Bugaboo
  • T.L.C. – No Scrubs
  • En Vogue – Never Gonna Get it
  • Blu Cantrell – hit em up
  • Beyonce Knowles – All the Single Ladies, Irreplaceable

Stop, let’s talk about that song Irreplaceable for a second. The song was written and sung by a white woman and Beyonce picked it up and sings it to Black men. This is the exact thing I’m talking about.

Half the time, no actually 90% of the time, the artist doesn’t even write the song. So, who could be writing the songs? Obviously the music industry is dominated by white people, so it stands to reason that white lyricist are writing these songs.

Music Industry Dogs Black Men

Now the music industry is a business like any other. They seek to maximize profits for their investment. If you give them the benefit of the doubt, you can say that the best selling songs are smut songs or smear songs, which is exactly true. Everyone loves to hear gossip or bad news. Good news is boring right? No it’s not that easy.

An excellent song has many elements: perfect orchestration of the notes, so that the chords progress in a pleasing fashion to the listener; perfect melody and harmony of the singers. That’s it! Any great song of all time had those elements right there. So it stands to reason a good song can sell as much as a smear song. Of course it can, most people can barely understand the lyrics anyway.

With that said, can you say smear songs against Black men are just a thing of business, or could there be something underhanded? There’s something obviously underhanded going on. Was it a coincidence from 2000 – 2007 the top of the pop, r&b, rap charts was dominated by smear songs against Black men.

If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I’ve already said that 70% of black men are employed, with a median income of $30,000 a year, no kids, and own their own home / apartment. If the numbers weren’t so stack up against these singers it would be a guessing game. But, clearly there’s someone that wants Black men to appear as if they have: no job, no prospects, no home. You can then imply from this that Black men must: be angry; beat their wife/girl friends; be unfaithful; end up in jail.

It’s pretty obvious that there’s a campaign against the Black man in America. What’s sad is that Black women are being used as: suckers, chumps, idiots, morons, tools, children falling for it. A Black woman can’t see what’s right in front of her eyes. They go into relationships expecting: cheating; abuse; back stabbing. With that type of attitude, no matter who you date, the relationship is going to end up just plain wrong. What’s worse is, even if the Black woman doesn’t have that attitude, the mother does and poisons the daughter. This cycle of hate never ends.

The Solution to Black Women Being Used as Tools

First of all have your own brain. If you know yourself, then no one can control you. That means recognize when a game is being played on you. I know it’s hard, and you might think its paranoid to think like that, but in this day and age you gotta be a little paranoid to survive. You can’t just run to daddy or momma when things go wrong. You can’t just go willy nilly and hope for the best and then end up in the middle of the soup and say oops.

That means for instance: you find a good man, but you have bought into the lie that Black men are dogs, idiots, users. From day one you nag this man and drive him further and further away. From day one, I’ve seen it. Then the relationship goes sour and now you got 1 bad relationship under your belt. The next relationship is doomed, because you got proof relationships don’t work. You end up 40, unmarried, with no kids. The truth is you bought into the propaganda and you didn’t even take time to “know thyself”. Your man came home each night exhausted from being abused and working hard and all you could do is call him lazy and shiftless. 12% of Black men are unemployed, that’s double what white men are. Do you think the ones that are employed might be having a hard time each day to just keep their job? You are damn skippy.

Don’t buy into the propaganda Black men are anything other than human. I am not saying we are kings, angels, but I am saying we are not the devils you hear about in the news.

Second, don’t support these smear campaigns. Don’t buy the records putting Black men down. Don’t buy books putting Black men down. “If it is to be it’s up to me.” If every Black woman refused to buy those books and records, how long would you see them on the shelf for sale? Probably they’d disappear. Don’t buy into this smut. I’m not saying you gotta carry your bible around and only read that [although that’d be an excellent idea], but I am saying “put nothing before you” that is just a bunch of trash. This goes back to my first point, know yourself. You don’t want to infect your brain with negativity. Hell you could buy men’s sports magazines and look at the pictures [it’s innocent reading and the guys are all fitness models anyway, good eye candy for you].

Third don’t support smear campaigns against yourself. Why would you buy a record that called Black women whores and sluts and such. That is the maximum height of stupid. You gotta have a whole tub, hell and oil tanker of low self esteem. Trust me, take it from me, I don’t want to date a slut; I don’t want a whore; I don’t want a skeezer; I don’t want you walking around looking like a prostitute. My woman? Oh hell no. I don’t want a slut, and nobody better let me catch them calling her a slut.

Understand someting, real Black men don’t want sluts, they want ladies. Black men respect their moms. They want to bring something home to them. What a fool you are if you think a Black man wants to bring home something in a tube top, hoochy pants and stilettos. Are you out of your god damn mind?

I’ll say this. I’ve traveled all over the world. For the majority of Black women versus white women I’ve met, the Black women were 10 times more conservative than white women. The white women were far more promiscuous and dressed like tramps far more often than Black women. I just had to say that, so you didn’t think I’m putting down Black women.

Lastly, behave like a lady and you’ll attract the sort of man you really want. I would hope it would be a Black man, but if it’s not, it can be someone else too. But please don’t fall for this, other races are better than Black men. That’s the same crap I just got through talking about. But, treat yourself like a lady and others will too.

And, I know this happens, if you run into women that aren’t ladies and hate on your for being a lady, move on. They are not worth your time and effort.

You know the best place to find a good Black man? College. Scoop them up. And, quickly. I give you permission to ask them on a date FIRST. Go to college and scoop up a good Black man. You’ll find a huge concentration of good Black men in colleges all across America. Don’t be a fool, stay in school. Keep your eye on the future. Scoop you up a college Black man, and your children will turn out just that much better too. [I’m serious as a heart attack about this]

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How to Fix Black Relationships

For Blacks by Blacks

The intended audience are only African Americans. If you are not the intended audience and you find what I say in here offensive, this is your opportunity, right now, to leave. No one is forcing you to read this, and I do not expect any disrespect due to you being insulted.

In this article I’m going to discuss the problems that present themselves within Black relationships. I will not mince words. I repeat, I will not hold back as to the facts, numbers and what my research so far has shown to be the problems affecting Black men and women today, in America. If you are hurt by anything said in here, I say take it to heart and look inside yourself to see if there’s actually something about you, that needs to change. Because, something definitely needs to change.

Let’s get some number out of the way right now.

1. 70% of black women are obese
2. the Black female is the most single person in America
3. 70% of black people are single, unmarried, without children

Ok I presented those brief numbers so everyone is on the same page.

In my previous article Top 10 Reasons Black Men Won’t Date / Marry a Black Woman I listed 10 reasons black men have vocalized they will not date nor marry black women. The argument against the relationship seems, to me, to be one sided.

Black women have adopted causes that were not intended for them at all.

Women’s Liberation

The single most divisive issue amongst Black men and women is the women’s liberation movement. Black women flocked to this movement thinking it was intended for them. Their white counterparts invited them to join the movement thinking that the Black woman suffered the same inequalities that the white woman suffered. However, the Black man never treated the Black woman anywhere near the horrible way the white man treated his woman. The Black man saw the Black woman as an equal partner in the Black struggle from the beginning, that the first African slave landed on this continent. It is the Black woman who left the Black man by joining the women’s lib movement. Mind you the movement has taken a very nasty turn, having been taken over by lesbianism. It is now something completely unwholesome to the furthering of a Black relationship. Heck it’s completely unwholesome to the furthering of any relationship.

Please do not mistake the equal pay issue with women’s liberation. The two are completely separate.

Black women did not need liberating from their black men. Black women from the beginning, due to the slave master dividing and conquering the slaves and breaking up families from the very beginning, had to raise the children, fathered by white slave owners, to the chagrin of their white wives. Imagine this going on, and Black men still took these Black women into their homes and made them their wives even after being raped by the white slave owners.

It’s pretty much a slap in the face to then turn around and point the finger at Black men and say they are at fault for some reason. Black men have always accepted Black women, up until now.

The Inherent Problems with Black Women

The single most largest problem Black men have with Black women is: they are masculine. I know that sounds just … wrong, but, that’s what they, Black men, are saying. And, I totally agree.

“Why can’t a man be a man?”

This is the tired mantra sisters put forth to try and switch the argument around. The reality is, the Black woman is masculine: acts like a dude. It is the worst characteristic a woman, who’s in the prospect of some day getting married can have.

Black women are masculine:

  • the want to run the relationship
  • they want to be independent of the Black man
  • they want to boss the Black man
  • they talk over the Black man

White women’s liberation never had these problems. White women’s liberation was about political and financial equality. You see how the cause was never intended for you? Like idiots you took the movement way too far. And, because of it, you act like a man. What’s worse, you then turn around and say why can’t the man be more manly. Damn, you stole his pants, what more do you want?. Did you want to be single? If you don’t want to be single, stop acting like a man. No man wants to date another man. Let me repeat, no real man wants to date another man or anything manly or anything masculine.

If You’re not a Part of Us Then You’re the Enemy

How did Black women fall so far off the wagon that they have turned on the Black man? What did the white woman say to convince you that the Black man wasn’t being put down by the white man enough, that you need to beat him up too?

It is amazing that the Black woman has been right next to the Black man at the very instant they landed here, both as free men and as slaves. She has witnessed and suffered through the same atrocities that the Black man has gone through. Yet, now she acts as if all of that was a fantasy and the Black man isn’t being put down, incarcerated, demonized, stereotyped on a daily basis. Today’s Black woman acts totally against the Black man.

It’s a sad situation indeed. Divide and conquer. Stop being weak minded. It’s like in the Star Wars movies, where you’ll see an in-your-face example of the weak minded, when the Jedi plays his mind tricks on people.

The solution

It’s so simple, I’m sure you know what I’m going to say. Act like a lady. Go look up the definition if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Stop dating worthless scrubs who are going nowhere. Very often Black women will date, whore with, or meet Black men who are on a “road to nowhere”. Not only that, but they line up and take turns whoring with, dating the chump. In the mean time, the Black man that’s in college is being hounded by latinas, white women and any other woman with some sense. And, the Black woman looks up and he’s a doctor with a White wife. What did you expect? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “drop that zero and get with this hero”. Stop dating trash. While you were busy dating trash for 10 years, the white woman has scooped up the best and the brightest.

“I love me a thug”

A zero you mean? Is that what I heard you say? Let me peep you to some knowledge. 99% of rap music is written by white men, with the intent to denegrate the Black race, objectify Black women, and elevate the worst in society. 85% of Black men have jobs and a home. The median Black household income is $30k a year. That means there’s a whole lot of single brothers pulling in $30k a year and have their own home, while you’re dating jobless zeros who live on people’s couches. These stupid songs Beyonce sings, are not the reality of the black race. These ridiculous songs Lil Wayne sings, are not the reality of the Black race. Those are zeros.

“But they got money”

And they end up in jail and the feds confiscate all of their money and houses. Zeros!

Wear a goddamn dress. Be a lady. Stop dating zeros. Stop being a whore. You don’t have to open your legs for everyone that says you’re cute. Say thank you and move on. If you get pregnant, you’re the pregnant one, not the man. Get your own job.

Asian women work just as much as Asian men. They have a 85% marriage rate. They have a median household income of $60k a year. Black women need to learn something from their Asian sisters. Oh and Asian women never joined the women’s lib movement. They were aware that they were a minority and were very happy with their Asian husbands.

My hope is the the Black woman will read this article, become introspective and realize she is pushing away the very person she wants to be with, the Black man. We need to mend the Black relationship, get married and produce children. We need to realize that we are Black first, in everyone’s eyes, then a Black man or a Black woman, and not the other way around. Black women need to love, honor, and obey their Black men. Black women need to nurture their Black men. If a Black man comes home, realize that the white man has beat him down all goddamn day long. You, of all people, should be the last person to try and emasculate him. The Black woman needs to mend and heal her Black man, stand next to him and be the lady he wants you to be.

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Black People Need Lawyers

Open Season to Kill Black Men

It’s in the news all the time. You see cell phone camera videos of cops shooting Black men, hand cuffed, on the ground, face down, in the back of the head. You see cops tasering Black men to death, using a taser till they stop breathing. I’m sure several videos just popped in to mind if you’ve been paying attention at all.

Police Code of Conduct

“A police officer acts as an official representative of government who is required and trusted to work within the law. The officer’s powers and duties are conferred by statute. The fundamental duties of a police officer include serving the community, safeguarding lives and property, protecting the innocent, keeping the peace and ensuring the rights of all to liberty, equality and justice.”

Does this shock you that this is the actual code of conduct? How many times have you seen police approach someone and immediately taser, punch, kick or pull a gun on them. And, this is with the citizen’s hands being up.

“white cop shoots and kills unarmed black man in bathing suit, shoots 28 times.”

These actions by police are not just done by a few, but they are the normal operating procedure of every policeman I know or have witnessed. This code of conduct is completely ignored.

I had one ex-cop, who quit due to his conscious, said that his department, and all departments in his city expected you to be violent with suspects. He quit when he lost his temper with a suspect and threw him crashing head first into a car, while the suspect was in hand cuffs. The reason he quit? Everyone in the police department clapped.

“white cop shoots honor roll student black kid in the back 14 times”

Why are so many Black men being killed by police? Why are they being murdered by those who are supposed to uphold and enforce the law? Because, they can get away with it.


Lawyers. Every Black person, when involved with the police, needs to immediately retain the services of an attorney. Let me repeat that in a very real and serious way:

To participate in the American lifestyle, to take advantage of the freedoms afforded U.S. citizens, to safeguard your rights and freedoms, to protect yourself from a lawless, racist, group of blood thirsty thugs, every Black person needs to immediately retain a lawyer.

Forget these jokes about how lawyers are villains or scum or evil, lawyers get the job done. Haven’t you seen the movies where the cops were angry because the “nigger got himself a lawyer“. Lawyers are the great equalizer.

Black people don’t need hand outs. Black people don’t need social programs. Black people don’t need the NAACP. Black people don’t need Islam. Black people don’t need affirmative action. Black people need lawyers, attorneys, criminal defense specialists, DUI specialists.

Don’t call Al Sharpton. Don’t call Jessie Jackson. Don’t call Louis Farrakhan. Don’t call Benjamin Todd Jealous. Open the yellow pages, go to attorneys, and let your fingers do the walking. And, don’t settle for the first one either, get 3 opinions first and different prices. You’ll immediately see a difference in attorneys. The cheap one will tell you plea bargain. The middle one will tell you he can get you off the charges. The highest one will tell you he can get you off scott free, sue them, get you and he money, and make the newspapers. However, even the cheapest one is better than nothing. Even the worst lawyer, is better than a state’s public defender. Why? Because the public defender gets paid by the same people that the guy prosecuting gets paid from. A public defender could care less about your than if you were a cockroch under his shoe. Get your own lawyer.

“white cop tasers black suspect 7 times till he couldn’t move then tasered him 2 more times, pressing the taser to his bare flesh, till his heart stop beating”

You Can Afford a Lawyer or You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Lawyer

You will find a lawyer is not a corporation. A lawyer doesn’t have a menu that you can order off of. You will find that a lawyer’s fees are not set in stone, nor is his payment time period. You can negotiate with a lawyer. You can setup payment schedules with a lawyer. You can trade stuff en lieu of payment, with a lawyer. You can’t negotiate with jail. You can’t setup a payment schedule with jail. You can’t trade stuff en lieu of time served with jail.

Anyone telling you different than what I just told you, doesn’t want you to live. Anyone telling you different than what I just told you is racist. Anyone telling you different than what I just told you is ignorant of life in America.

Forget this “God will provide” junk your mom or dad, or pastor tells you. God “provided” you with a brain. God “provided” you with a fingers for you to call a lawyer. God “provided” you with reading skills for you to read this. Yes “God will provide” alright. He provided me to tell you what’s the real deal. He provided me with the knowledge to give to you, to uplift yourselves. God is not going to come down on a white chariot and save African Americans from the white man. God is not going to send his host of angels with wings, to fly us away from the misery we are living in today. God is not going to cast down lightning bolts and smite the white man for the centuries of tortue, mutilation, hangins, lynchings, murders, house burnings, bank theft, beatings, tasering, night stick pummelings, jim crow laws, voter tax laws, discrimination, encarceration and every conceivable form of injustices the white man has visited upon us. God is not going to do that. I’m not saying don’t go to church. I’m saying, go to church, listen to your pastor, your mom, your dad, but when it comes time, hire you a lawyer.

Why Are Black Men Encarcerated More Than Any Other Race

They didn’t hire a lawyer. Case closed. They did not hire an attorney to defend their rights. The rights of Black men have not been upheld for nearly a century now. How many times have you heard the story of the Black man, going to jail for 20 years for murder, and come to find out, he was completely innocent. Now, I ask you, if they can throw a Black man in jail for 20 years for a murder he didn’t commit, how many drug charges, gun charges, robbery charges, breaking and entering charges, assault charges, spousal abuse charges, stalker charges do you think Black men are sitting in jail serving right now that they didn’t commit? How many of them do you think didn’t have an attorney? I bet you 99.999999% of them did not have an attorney.

What about the guilty ones? How many of them do you think didn’t have an attorney? I bet you 99.999999% of them did not have a lawyer. What good can a lawyer do in a situation like that? It is well documented that while a white person and black person may commit the same crime, the white person will get the most leniant sentence and the black person will get the maximum sentence. Why? More white people retain lawyers than black people. Let me repeat that:

To participate in the American lifestyle, to take advantage of the freedoms afforded U.S. citizens, to safeguard your rights and freedoms, to protect yourself from a lawless, racist, group of blood thirsty thugs, every Black person needs to immediately retain a lawyer.

Are you finally understanding? You better wake up befor your brother / uncle / cousin / father / you lay dieing in a pool of blood from police thugs. 9 times out of 10 the police departments do nothing to the police officers who murder black suspects. 9 times out of 10 a police investigation is not done. 9 times out of 10 these cases do not go to the FBI. 9 times out of 10 other citizens applaud the police.

“The fundamental duties of a police officer include serving the community, safeguarding lives and property…”

The police are not safeguarding Black men’s lives. They are wholesale slaughtering us in the streets. We need to get lawyers who can calm these slobbering dogs down. If we start getting lawyers, then these thugs will either go to jail, or be fired, or be sued out of existance. Either way, lawyers are the answer. Remember, anyone that tells you different, doesn’t want you protecting your rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

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Top 10 Reasons Black Men Won’t Date / Marry a Black Woman

Black Women the Most Alone

I Look Just Like This Guy

So many Black women are alone. The Black American woman is the single most, unpartnered person on the planet. [this is not unwed mothers, this is single women] Is there a rift between black women and black men? At first blush you would think that there would be no reason why a black man would not want to date a black woman. But, as in business, since we are in modern times and for the most part black people are not considered 2nd class citizens any more, the dating pool for black men is wide open. Black women now have to compete with all races to date black men. It might seem strange to the average reader that I would couch those words in that way, i.e. women competing for a man. However, that is exactly how the sexes work. It is not the man that primps and preens himself, it is the woman. The woman primps and preens herself to attract the best possible man, not the other way around. If I were concerned about people’s feelings, I’d try to beat around the bush, but seriously, there’s a multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Do you really want me to kid around with you?

[UPDATE: I am taking applications for dating, Dark Black educated women to the front of the line, the rest, I’ll get to you, if I don’t find my love at first site first. ] [yes I got jokes]

No human on the planet has been more sexually objectified than the black man. He has been regarded as the essence of sex by most races. When tiny Europeans encountered the large Africans, they were at a loss when they saw their private parts. Many diaries and documentation either praised or demonized the black man’s privates. However, be they god or demon, they instantly became an object of desire. Fast forward some 1,000 years to the present and we now have the freedom for all the races to partake of the black man, at their leisure. It is this open season for Black men, that Black women have to compete with.

Instead of realizing what is going on, the black woman erroneously thinks she has cornered the market on black men and can thus act any way she wants.

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In fairness modern society has not helped out the relationship situation at all. With modern financial times as they are, the black woman, as well as other races, has had to put on her pants suit, and throw away the dress, just to make ends meet.

Also there is a complete lack of understanding on the black woman’s part, as to the struggle of the black man. Now you would think, of all the people on the planet that should understand a black man, it would be a black woman. Not so! In fact there is a complete anti-compasionnate mindset that black women develop, when it comes to black men. In essence they shoot themselves in the foot, for no apparent reason.

More often than not, other females, from other races understand the plight of the black man, and are compassionate towards him, more so than the Black women. Understand that other races are accustomed to nurturing, mentoring and guiding their own men as well.  With that sort of mindset, Black women have absolutely no grounds to even claim a Black man. In essence, in this situation, black women have nothing to offer black men. And, black men won’t tolerate it. There has been a complete paradigm shift with the relation attitude of black women, towards black men, and visa versa. But, it has been to the detriment of the black woman.

Top 10 Reasons Black Men Won’t Date or Marry a Black Woman

  1. 1. black women make black men feel under-appreciated, unwarranted, irresponsible, and regressive. Black women tend to emasculate Black men. – Black women answer this by saying they have to be strong and can’t help emasculating her Black man.
  2. Black women are too aggressive and no longer patient in the waiting on the pursuit of Black men.
  3. Black women are strong headed, too independent, present great challenges in relationships.
  4. Black women are masculine, in that they are controlling, and like to run the relationship,
  5. Black women expect too much, they are gold diggers who will not look twice at a blue collar worker,
  6. Black women are hot headed and have bad attitudes,
  7. Black women stop caring about their appearance after a certain age, [around 40]
  8. Black women are not sexually open as other races, especially in regards to oral sex
  9. Black women’s tolerance is far too low, they are no longer empathetic to the black man’s struggle in white America
  10. Black women do not cater to their man

To understand this list, you have understand something first. That is, the historical relationship white men have had with Black women. I’m sure noone wants me to talk about that. To hide this relationship and lust for Black women, white men have come up with some very crude caricatures of Black women, so as to appease or cloud the judgment of white women.

If you now compare the list with the stereotypes, you can clearly see, that black women have themselves fallen victim to the caricatures hoisted on them and have thus shunned, driven off or scared off black men.

Historical Stereotypes of the Black Woman

The mammy

A) Mammy – this is the middle aged, fat, skinning and grinning, loves to take care of the white kids, asexual, nannyish, disregarded black woman. This image was developed and cultivated to cloud the judgment of white women into thinking that black women were wholey unattractive. Remember this image was cultivated during slavery. For the most part Black slaves didn’t live that long. Secondly, they worked all day and every one of them had shapely muscular bodies, men and women. I’m sure many of you remember the scene in roots where the slave owner goes down to the slave quarters and has his way with the vivacious slave girl. This mammy image was cultivated so that when a white woman thought of a female slave, the image came to mind, making her feel safe, since no one would want to be with a mammy.

A lot of mature black women see themselves in this light and dress accordingly. They lose all sense of self, and think that since they are over 30, they no longer need to primp and preen to attract a man. And, it works, no man is attracted to them, and it feeds into their self-deprecation.

No one wants to date a mammy. She is of no sexual attractiveness whatsoever. And this stereotype doesn’t have be measured in terms of age. Picture this, a Black “girl”, 20 something year old, with long fake hair, long fake nails and dresses sloppy and doesn’t take care of her figure. This is the mammy figure, only in a modern, younger version of it. However, you can’t tell the black girl she is unattractive to Black men, because she won’t accept, nor believe it.

The Jezebel

B)Jezebel – this is the hypersexual Black woman image that lusts after white men. They are portrayed as a man stealer. They are also portrayed as slutty, unwomanly, unlady-like and complete tramps, nothing a real man would want to date, nor marry. Perhaps this image was developed for white women to fear black women, not as a direct threat, someone beneath the white woman, someone she can scorn with abandon. The Jezebel stereotype depicted black women as seductive temptresses with an animal-like appetite for sex. The Jezebel trope depicts black women as seductive temptresses with an
insatiable and animalistic appetite for sex. Beguiling, voluptuous, lewd and lustful; the
Jezebel’s greatest wish is to be ****ed to death. During slavery the Jezebel image served
several functions for oppressors. However, it was primarily used to justify the sexual
exploitation of Black women. Because the Jezebel maintains a ravenous desire for sex;
forced sex between master and slave was not viewed with disdain (by the oppressive
class). The notion that Jezebels were immoral and desired sex, in general, and with white
men specifically, served to justify the rape and subjugation of Black women.

No one wants to marry a Jezebel. I’m sure there are men who wouldn’t mind spending a night with a Jezebel, or two, but no man wants to marry, bring him to mom, have children by [that he cares about] a Jezebel. If you are dressing like a whore, you are going to attract a whore or someone not decent. No decent Black man would want to be seen with a Jezebel, because that would reflect on him, as having poor taste. And, a Jezebel would never be seen as having a brain nor a decent conversation. After the sex, the other 23 hours in the day has to be spent talking to your mate. If you aren’t seen as being good enough to talk to, noone is going to hang around for those 23 hours.  The jezebel image has taken off in recent years.  Many Black oriented magazines have completely revamped and repackaged the jezebel look.  Many Jezebels grace the covers of Black men’s magazines.  It is disgraceful.  The more these images are seen the less and less Black men will even want to date or even less, talk to a Black woman who dresses like that.  Don’t mistake “let’s have sex” with talking to you.

The Sapphire

C) Sapphire – this image is the angry Black woman. It was developed by the white man, to portray the black woman as some irrational animal, monster, sub-human. The Sapphire (or angry sister) is another very popular stereotype promulgated by today’s mass media. Sapphire originated “as a live television image in the person of the Amos and Andy character Sapphire Stevens” The Sapphire has no specific physical features. Typically, her complexion is brown or dark brown. She is a mature adult whose build is moderate to stout. The Sapphire is loud, overbearing, shrewd and aggressive. She is ambitious, educated and seems to relish conflict; especially with (in her opinion) the “good for nothing” Black man.

“The most notable characteristic of Sapphire is her sassiness which is exceeded only by her verbosity. She is also noted for telling people off and spouting her opinion in an animated loud manner. Because of her intense expressiveness and hands-on-hip, finger-pointing style, Sapphire is viewed as comedic and is never taken seriously” 

Ultimately, she represents the domineering emasculator. The Sapphire image of Black womanhood, unlike other images that symbolize Black women, necessitates the presence of a (black) man. When the Sapphire is depicted it is the man who represents the point of contention. Her sheer existence is predicated on the trickery and lack of integrity of her male counterparts. This allows her to project her superior moral compass onto the amoral (black) man.

Noone wants to date a sapphire. No Black man needs to go to work, be eyed all day as a robber, thug, murderer, rapist, thief, mongoloid, animal and then come home to a Black woman that emasculates him. It’s just not going to happen. You drive away a black man by the millions. And while you might be angry, you have just ruined it with 1,000 other sisters who think life is great and having a Black man would be great.

The tragedy here is, every sapphire has their own unique thought about what a “man” is. And, while they might think they are all saying the same thing “my man is no good”, they mean totally different things. Their definition of a man does not agree, not in any objective type of way. While one might be angry that her and her man never goes anywhere, another might be angry that he does not bring her flowers or candy. And, when they compare notes, each could care less about what the other sapphire is angry about, because to them that’s not important. However, in the mean time, their loud boisterous nature has driven both men off into the arms of a white / asian / latin girl that could care less about all of those things.

The Tragic Mulatto

D) tragic mulatto – this is the image of the biracial Black woman that doesn’t fit in either race. She is not welcomed by the white race. She is not welcomed by the Black race. She then commits suicide in despair. The tragic mulatto emphasized her personal pathologies: self-hatred, depression, alcoholism, sexual perversion, and suicide attempts being the most common. If light enough to “pass” as White, she did, but passing led to deeper self-loathing. She pitied or despised Blacks and the “blackness” in herself; she hated or feared Whites yet desperately sought their approval. In a race-based society, the tragic mulatto found peace only in death. She evoked pity or scorn, not sympathy.

Black men can’t date a tragic mulatto. Simply because she won’t have him. I’ve personally met a couple of black women who said they would never, ever date a Black man. [ secretly between you and me, they weren’t all that pretty, nor all that bright, so it’s no loss to the gene pool anyway ] But, the tragic mulatto today is so convinced of her superiority over Black men, She could never see herself with a Black man. She joins the white side in castigating the Black man. While she may not be loud and boisterous like the sapphire, she may be caught saying the same things under her breath. The tragedy of course is she runs to the arms of some white man, who then wakes up and realizes he’s with a filthy Black woman, and dumps her. Although stereotypical, it’s all too true.

Do not get me wrong, Black men make these mistakes too, but nowhere near the numbers that Black women do.  Remember my earlier quote that the Black American female is the most single and  unmarried person on the planet]

Although these stereotypes were hand-crafted and cultivated by white men to objectify and dehumanize Black women, so many Black women actully fall into these stereotypes by themselves.

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