Political Pundit: Iowa Voter Fraud

Political Pundit: Iowa Voter Fraud

Since I have a degree in Poli Sci, I should share some of my wisdom on this primary season.  Note I am not a Republican. Note I am not a Democrat.

Did you notice that leading up to the Iowa primary all the MSM had Ron Paul as the actual leading candidate to win Iowa. I can post clips, if you somehow forgot. In the 3rd hour, Rick Perry shows up and sucks the life out of the Primary and the debate. In fact, Ron Paul was pushed all the way to the end during the debate and Rick Perry and Mitt Romney were in the middle. The entire debate centered on them. Now note that Rick Perry attempted to pretend he was really running for president. The results?

Rick Santorum	29,839	24.6%	

Mitt Romney 29,805 24.5%

Ron Paul 26,036 21.4%

Newt Gingrich 16,163 13.3%

Rick Perry 12,557 10.3%

Ron Paul fell from a sound 4% -5% lead in the polls to a dismal 3% fall behind Rick Santorum???? Who, no one was even covering.


Rick Perry sucked the life out of Iowa voters and moved Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum into position for the lead.  After voter fraud was found to be the case, they switched from Mitt Romney being the winner, to Rick Santorum being the winner. When the voter fraud annoucement came down the line, everyone expected Ron Paul to be the winner. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they announced Rick Santorum, whom no one had ever heard of.

For that matter, viewing the Herman Caine campaign in 20/20 hindsight, the exact same thing could be said of him, but not in the Iowa primary, since he was not even significant enough to get on the board there. Later of course, it can be said, assuming his campaign was not legitimate, and that he ran simply to boost his speaking engagement prices and make lots of money for running for president. You do know, that that’s what people do now days.

Ron Paul takes lead in latest Iowa poll

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Obama’s Birth Certificate Lie

Obama’s Birth Certificate Lie

What everyone who is ignorant of the constitution, all non-lawyers, fails to understand, the constitution of the united states is an actual law that governs all other laws and cannot be overturned. as such NATURAL BORN CITIZEN does not mean what common people think it means. it actually requires MORE than what is the common belief of the meaning:

  • both mother and father have to be citizens of the united states
  • the child must be born inside U.S. soil OR a U.S. embassy in foreign lands [ which is assumed U.S. soil anyway ]
Narutal Born Citizen

John Bingham stated in the House of Representatives in 1862:

The Constitution leaves no room for doubt upon this subject. The words ‘natural born citizen of the United states’ appear in it, and the other provision appears in it that, “Congress shall have power to pass a uniform system of naturalization.” To naturalize a person is to admit him to citizenship. Who are natural born citizens but those born within the Republic? Those born within the Republic, whether black or white, are citizens by birth–natural born citizens.

He reiterated his statement in 1866:

Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural-born citizen; but, sir, I may be allowed to say further that I deny that the Congress of the United States ever had the power, or color of power to say that any man born within the jurisdiction of the United States, not owing a foreign allegiance, is not and shall not be a citizen of the United States. Citizenship is his birthright and neither the Congress nor the States can justly or lawfully take it from him.

Obama by his own admission is not a NATURAL BORN citizen. You don’t even have to look at his birth certificate. He loses on the constitution alone.

Careful, when you understand things like this, you see that the entire debate is just a distraction. No, the man is not president, is unqualified, by the constitution, to be president. He should not be on any state’s ballot.  It’s not a Democrat nor Republican thing. It is a cut and dry constitutional issue.  If you are a Democrat and you think this hurts your side and somehow think that he should continue being president, you are a complete hypocrite and unfit really to be an American citizen yourself.  People died to ensure that the constitution would be the law of the land. Why, now knowing what you know, would you disregard it.

Finally, it is easy to find a replacement for Obama as president.  You could probably get Hillary Clinton to step in his shoes anyway.

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"The Republic is Against the Black Community and Always Has Been" – James Baldwin (video)

“The Republic is Against the Black Community and Always Has Been” – James Baldwin

James Baldwin was a guest of honor at The National Press Club in 1986. This clip includes an introduction, speech and question and answer session – which turned out to be the most dynamic part of the evening. Produced by C-SPAN.

James Baldwin

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Proof That the Black Civil Rights Movement was Derailed

Proof That the Black Civil Rights Movement was Derailed

I have said, time and time again, that the Black civil rights movement was completely and utterly a failure. The entire movement was a complete disservice to Black folk and failed us miserably. There are those that will hold up the attitude of the country of NOW accepting Black people as evidence that it was successful.  The only thing that proves is that Black people are completely ignorant of the history of the country.

James Baldwin

Most of the United States of America was not racist white people. The Democratic party has tirelessly striven to make us believe that it was, but the truth is, being racist was always unpopular. Just as many white people helped to free Black slaves as did Blacks themselves. Many laws were passed in other states to forbid the recapture of Black slaves as were passed to ensure the capture of Black slaves.

The civil rights movement succeeded in doing exactly what white racist Democrats of the south wanted it to do, ensure the economic destruction of Blacks and destroy Black families.

During slavery it was easy to destroy a Black family. As soon as a Black child was born he / she was moved to a completely different plantation and raised by someone else. Or, as soon as they were of age, they were sold off. Or, as soon as they exhibited any affection towards another Black slave, they were sold off or worse, just beaten, sometimes to death.

After slavery was over the Democrats devised a system where they would give only Black women and children help and money, but only if the father would remove himself from the female. This continues today. In fact more money is given to a poor female who has more kids, ensuring that the father(s) can never be around.

The Democrats then took over the educational system and started rewriting history and events that were squarely reported in the news. It is so egregious that textbooks now have events as being the opposite of what they were.

The Democrats also painted the republicans as being against Black people. For the rank and file american citizen who is a republican they have no power to argue against it, or to say that the republicans were the main ones in the Black corner. But, at a national level it doesn’t even matter, because federal level Republicans are no longer Republicans at all, but are globalist federalists.

The last straw was that Black people worship Kennedy and his brother Robert, when the two men almost singlehandedly derailed the entire Black civil rights movement.

After they were through, the Black community and wealth dropped 90%.  It has taken nearly 60 years for the Black community to claw itself out of that hole to be even with the wealth of the 60s, only to be derailed again by the Democrats and now federal Republicans in the crash of 2008.

Here is the proof, from James Baldwin himself.

He clearly states that the civil rights movement started out as an economic movement to make Blacks equal and the Kennedys singlehandedly derailed the movement and turned it into a voter registration and voting rights issue, all the while making political moves to change Blacks from voting Republican [which nearly all Black people did, who had a choice, yes they were forced to vote Democrat in most of the south by the KKK] to voting Democrat.

The Kennedys were not our friends and the civil rights movement did not serve us well at all, it hurt us more than anything else in the history of this country. The magnitude of it caught all Blacks. Where slavery only affected Blacks in the south, post-civil-rights affected all Blacks in the country and was the largest trasnfer of wealth from Blacks to white, in the history of the country.  Where slavery was a transfer of wealth from Blacks to white in the south, post-civil-rights affected all Blacks in the nation and effectively transferred wealth from Blacks to white regardless of location.

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Democrats to Replace Obama in the Election

Democrats to Replace Obama in the Election

ok you democrat loving people defend this: NDAA …. wait what?

ok defend this: unemployment has actually gone UP, instead of down, you do know that millions have fallen off the unemployment charts, so the 9.5% is somewhere near DOUBLE … WAIT WHAT?

ok defend this: the dollar has fallen 5,000 basis points … oh i get it, you don’t even know what a god damned basis point is to begin with … wait what?

ok defend this: Obama raised fica, SS, and federal taxes, then cut payroll taxes by 1% so that your end result is a 10% increase in taxes and then claimed he lowered taxes … wait what?

ok defend this: TARP has yet to be paid and the negative assets that the entire economic meltdown was the reason for, has never been removed off the books of the financial institutions, oh that’s right, common americans forget something if it’s not in the news for 2 days … wait what?

ok defend this: credit card reform did NOT happen, you actually now pay more than you ever did before the crash and the congressional hearings on credit card reform … wait what?

ok defend this: Obamacare is unconstitutional and does nothing for healthcare, it just makes it so everyone is charged, by force of jail time to purchase health insurance, just for being alive … the people that needed healthcare before and didn’t have health insurance WILL STILL BE UNINSURED UNDER OBAMACARE … wait what?

ok defend this: the shadow economy of what wall street owes each other and foreign banks is actually close to $60 trillion, with a T, the entire world economy is like $15 trillion … wait what?

ok defend this: credit default swaps, which was the major cause of Leahman Brothers and other too big to fail financial institutions to go under, deemed illegal and gambling by many attorney generals, namely the New York attorney general, has not been outlawed, nor prosecuted by the FDIC … wait what?

ok defend this: the consumer financial protection bureau, promoted by obama was an entirely newly created agency, which actually does nothing for everyday citizens has an anual budget of $340 million … wait what?

ok defend this: Obama went to libya and launched a full scale assault, without congressional approval, beyond the time that he was allowed, meaning it’s treason, meaning he should have been impeached … wait what?

In short, there is nothing you can defend against any of these points. This is what is NOT in the news. Whatever you thought of Bush, Obama is giving you that and destroying constitutional freedoms, going outside the power of the president, handing out money to foreign countries that we don’t have, devaluing the dollar, signing stuff into law by executive order [unconstitutional].  If you’re a democrat, you should call for him to be repealed and ask for an entirely new candidate, which IS A DEBATE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS ACTUALLY HAVING AT HIGHER LEVELS, WHICH YOU ALSO DO NOT SEE ON THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. They are literally hoping democrats will forget all of these points and more, and simply go along with him. They fear that as the internet is available and information like this is available that democrats will call for his ouster. Don’t worry, the republicans are actually playing along with the democrats, because realistically, it’s just one party, anyway.

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Marines Pee on Dead Afghans

Marines Pee on Dead Afghans

We do not want wars to end. We do not consider ourselves decent human beings. Anything to the contrary is a lie and naive at best. the powers that be make trillions … yes trillions of dollars from war.

It is unconscionable that these men’s entire future lives will be ruined because they had the NORMAL warrior reaction and the temerity to shed light on what happens in the field.

Marines Pee on Dead Afghans

Warriors from the beginning of time, peed, spit, puked, raped, quartered, tarred, burned, boiled, pooped on their enemy. you want intellectuals to be soldiers, you’ll get a totally different result. you want people who will die for nothing and fight in a war for a cause that is nothing and not question that cause, you’ll get pee and poop and hazing of the enemy.

Don’t be shocked when you ask someone to die for nothing and pretend to have some form of decency. We’re not decent to begin with, to send children off to die for nothing. And, pretending that we are decent is the ultimate lie.

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While You Were Watching Iowa

While You Were Watching Iowa

The sheeple are conned into viewing the political parties as another form of sports, keep the sheeple busy with rooting for sides, while the country falls apart.

I liked the analogy. And, it does put it into real perspective, because the numbers are really too huge for even intellectuals to comprehend.  The factor by which we are even considering the entire economy is just astounding.  Think back 40 years ago we didn’t even have this much money in circulation, let alone throwing around trillions to bail out wall street.

Mitt Romney Wins Iowa

People need to understand that there is no democrat, there is no republican.  There is no home team to root for.  It’s just to keep you complacent so you don’t see the truth – politics is about getting your friends money from the rest of us.

Follow any law, look up the history of that law, see who proposed it and who voted for it, and who benefited from it.  It will make you sick, once you realize what is really going on.

The absurdity of all of this is that, the federal government was NEVER intended to be this big, NOR was it ever intended to even impact regular citizens.  It has slowly but surely usurped power from the states.  Which, being just as corrupt, and having just as many friends to give our money to, agreed to give up the power and let the federal government take control.  You see the federal government was supposed to only deal with NATIONAL threats and national issues, i.e. other countries threatening us, not KATRINA, not 9/11, not national roads, not NATIONAL TAXES.  And, if you say “without the federal government being so big, we wouldn’t have …..”  You’re just being a collectivist and not understanding that there is no way a Californian cares anything about what a Texan or North Dakotan cares about.  A Nevadan doesn’t care about fishing regulations in New York. Yet the federal government has forced issues on states where there was no issue.


The two party system is nothing more than entertainment to keep you from understanding how collectivism and how ridiculously large the federal government has become.

Trust me, your state can handle nearly 99% of what you, as a citizen, would ever need in life.

You want to do away with these mind bogglingly huge numbers? reduce the federal government as a whole.  It is unnecessary.

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