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I finally take time to address you the reader personally and thank you.

Hey everyone.  I’d like to first say thank you all for reading my blog.  I check my stats constantly to see who’s reading.  While I do have lots of readers, I don’t seem to get a lot of genuine comments.  I say genuine, because I receive a lot of spam.  In fact 99.999% of all comments I receive are spam.  I even receive hand written spam comments.  Now, I don’t understand what’s the point of trying to post spam comments.  Do you see any spam comments on my blog?  No! Why?  Because I delete them all before they are even posted.  I welcome each and everyone to comment.  Even if you disagree with me.  I love a good conversation as well as a heated debate.  I think I even let someone comment that called me racist.  Which is sort of strange, seeing as nearly all of my idols, if he took the time to read my blog, are nearly all white: Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Ludwig Mises, Jim Rogers, etc…


I’d like to announce my new blog @ Shakaama Live .  I’ve made this step to allow me the opportunities, wordpress doesn’t allow, afford, think of.  On that blog you can find all sorts of great posts like: self improvement; financial opinion; stock market opinion; public policy opinion.

I also have a blog on my website Las Vegas DUI Lawyer and the blog is the latest and greatest DUI Blog.  That blog isn’t quite up and running but, always keep a look out.

But, back to shakaama live, I just wanted to personally invite you to come read my blogs there and also invite your comments on there.  The comments are, of course, based on approval, so nothing crazy will ever get through, nor will spam.

We have had one hell of two weeks here with all the famous deaths: Michael Jackson – a personal favorite of mine; Farah Fawcett – who didn’t age so well; Ed McMahon – ahhh when America could be real adults and watch Johnny Carson [who i also was sad when he passed].  I don’t know if I’m a storm crow, coming in after such sad news with my glad news.  Or, maybe I’m a morning glory, bringing cheerful tidings after the storm.  I have high hopes for all my blogs and websites.

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I’d be glad if you checked out all my projects really.  But, I never address you, my readers, directly, so I thought I’d do it for a change, give a personal touch and let you know i’m human.  I pray for each and every U.S. born, tax paying, citizen of America.  We have it hard and I think we’re being swindled.  I hope everyone can hear my voice so we all can be uplifted together.


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Billy Mays The Infomercial King is Dead at 50

Infomercial king Billy Mays died today, Sunday 28, 2009.

According to fox news, Mays was found unresponsive by his wife inside his Tampa, Fla., home at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, according to the Tampa Police Department.

“Whatever product I’m selling, it’s like putting on Superman’s cape,” he says. “I become Billy Mays, the ultimate pitchman. And that’s who I am. And I’m proud to be that.”

Billy tops the charts as America’s most popular “Average Joe” TV pitchman.

“It has to work,” he said. “I have to put it through my test. I’m like a miner, I sift through it to find that gold nugget. It has to be special.”

“Special” means mass appeal. Billy reportedly earns a commission on gross sales, plus an upfront fee to be the front man.

The best in the business are known to earn $20,000 or more per commercial.

“I get pitched products week by week. I mean, 10 to 15 sometimes in a week. Sometimes 20 different products. I turn most of them down,” he said.

Police said there were no signs of forced entry to May’s residence and foul play is not suspected. Authorities said an autopsy should be complete by Monday afternoon.

Mays, 50, was on board a US Airways flight that blew out its front tires as it landed at a Tampa airport on Saturday, reported.

US Airways spokesman Jim Olson said that none of the 138 passengers and five crew members were injured in the incident, but several passengers reported having bumps and bruises, according to the station.

Authorities have not said whether Mays’ death was related to the incident.

“Although Billy lived a public life, we don’t anticipate making any public statements over the next couple of days. Our family asks that you respect our privacy during these difficult times,” Mays wife, Deborah, said in a statement on Sunday.

Rest in peace Billy Mays.

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Michael Jackson Dead at 50: The World Mourns

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, collapsed at his Bel Aire home around noon today. His staff members tried to give him aid, but he was unresponsive. They called 911 as a “person was not breathing,”. Los Angeles Fire Capt. Steve Ruda, declined to ID the singer by name.

CPR was already in progress by someone at the home, by the time the ambulance arrived. The “person not breathing” was then transported to UCLA Medical Center. Michael Jackson’s family gathered at the hospital.

“He had a heart attack,” father Joe Jackson told reporters by phone from Las Vegas. “He is not OK.”

He was pronounced dead this afternoon. The fire department of LA responded to the call. He was pronounced dead at age 50. Heart disease is the number one killer among African American males. I’m sure to the medical profession, this is no surprise that Michael Jackson, a Black American, would die from the number one killer. Hopefully the star’s death will bring about awareness to this issue. Equally, hopefully, the importance of getting plenty of Omega-3’s in your diet to fight heart disease, at least 2 grams a day.

Michael Jackson remains famous for his best-selling albums, many of which remain the highest grossing of all time, including “Thriller” and “Bad.” He was also famous world-wide for his great humanitarian efforts. In fact, before his untimely death Luciano Pavarotti and Michael Jackson were planning on doing a music industry wide humanitarian project to feed the hungry children around the world. He was equally infamous for accusations, a trial on charges of child molestation in 2005. He was found completely innocent on all charges. In fact the jury was quite nonplused by the accuser, the mother of the alleged child victim. I don’t think Michael Jackson ever recovered from the tremendous shame, embarrassment and heart ache over being accused twice of child molestation. It would be the irony of ironies, that a man dedicated to healing, feeding and caring for children world wide, taming his shows down to be viewable by all audiences of all ages, would be accused of child molestation.

Jackson was due to perform in a string of sold out concerts in Europe. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and sold over 750 million albums, which earned him 14 Grammy awards.

He is survived by son Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson from Deborah Jeanne Rowe, his wife until they divorced in 1999. He formerly married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley.

[ credit E! News with interview of Father Joe Jackson ]

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Are the Police Here to Protect You?

It is a strange notion. But it has been building for some 40 years now. If you are Black in America, 90% of the time, the police will watch you with suspicion. [ I will admit I’m not white, so I can’t go into those numbers ] Categorically, the police are not here to protect African American, U.S. citizens. Categorically, the police are here to incarcerate, harass, fine, watch and apply any and all obscure laws they see fit to subdue African Americans.

As a whole, are police here to protect all of us? No! The police are here to chaperon and guard the citizens. The entire population is thrown into one pool, and that is “them”. They have an “us” versus “them” philosophy.

This entire notion stems from the collectivism view point. The very people that wanted police protection, went over board and are not being just as watched and harassed as the rest of us.

What is collectivism? Collectivism is worse than communism, fascism, nazism, socialism. The underlying factor to all of them is collectivism. The theory is that the group is more important than the individual. The individual if necessary must be sacrificed for the greater good of the group. Even the notion of a democracy is based on the concept of majority rule. We in America are taught that our country is a democracy. The fact is, the founding fathers, to a man, did not want our country to be based on a democracy. A bad example would be a lynch mob voting to lynch the minority. The founding fathers knew this and wanted us to be a republic, a constitutional republic. This constitution would be to limit the majority, i.e. government.

Analyze the individualist against the collectivist. The founding fathers believed in the rights of the individuals. You can readily see this in all of the “ratified” amendments to the constitution. The individualist doesn’t sacrifice the individual for the greater good. The collectivist does.

Let us step out of this definition and see how it’s implemented. On the surface the collectivist might believe they are right and nice and want for the safety of citizens, however, the individualist does as well. The collectivist thinks that it’s their obligation to force people to do things which protects themselves. How? By passing laws that has penalties if you do not do these things. The individualist is the exact opposite. The individualist wouldn’t pass a law which would penalize someone for not doing something to protect themselves, they may post signs.

The collectivist ideology is now indoctrinated in our schools. As a child you are taught to believe that citizens should want to have laws that force them to do things for their own good.

How does that apply to the police? Most of the laws, on the books today, are collectivist laws: buckle your seat belt; wear a helmet. It is a collectivist notion that driving is a privilege. I can imagine jaws dropping at that notion. Step back for a second and consider this. The founding fathers would never have thought the state, or government, could tell an individual he could not drive a vehicle he purchased with his own money. It is a collectivist notion that we need police to watch over us, which is exactly what the police have become.

Instead of police being master minds of figuring out, watching and apprehending evil individuals and removing them from society, we have police enforcing collectivist laws and applying them to all citizens. The government tells you to send your child to school, and taxes you for the privilege. In fact, they tax you for people that don’t pay taxes for school. Imagine 100 years ago, they didn’t have government run schools, no taxes, no administration, no bureaucrats, no school boards. They even tax you for the police to enforce children to go to school that don’t want to be in school.

When you think of the police, do you honestly think of them as baby sitters? Do you think that is supposed to be their job definition? Do you like being taxed for that?

The argument against me is:

but what if someone wrecks their car into mine? We need police to sort it out. We need laws to tell us who can and can not drive on the roads for our own safety.

That is a pure collectivist brain washing going on. Imagine if this were 1812. You are on your farm and you send your eldest boy, to town to buy corn feed for the cattle. Someone barrels down the dirt road and side swipes the wagon and maims the horse. Who would take care of that? You would of course. You would tell your neighbor to buy you new wheels for the carriage, and buy you a new horse, because you have to shoot the lame one. The wagon store supplies the wheels and the horse ranch supplies the new horse. Your neighbor isn’t thrown in jail, his farm doesn’t go to waste and life continues.

Why did i put that example so far back in time? Because, I think people can see how ridiculous collectivist laws are with such a glaring example. For those hard liners that say the neighbor still should go to jail, imagine that neighbor is the slaughter house. You’d have to travel a day, if you had a wagon, but you don’t because you put the neighbor in jail, not ask him for money, just to get to the nearest slaughterhouse. But, because of the distance and time, all your meat is ruined by the time you get back. So not only is your neighbor ruined, but so are you, and so is the town you provide meat for.

Do you think those are too dramatic? Imagine, fast forward to now, you throw a man in jail, who was going to work and wrecked into you. The family he was feeding starves and dies. Or, worse, they all become wards of the state, and you pay more taxes to take care of them. Multiply that by 10 million and you have a notion of what these collectivist laws are doing to this country.

Another argument is:

People shouldn’t do drugs and should go to jail for it. We need police to protect us from drugs and drug dealers.

No, we do not. If you can imagine, I went to school and children did drugs and talked about drugs, and i never once in my life did drugs. I don’t even drink alcohol nor smoke. So obviously the enforcement doesn’t work and we don’t need the enforcement to begin with. If people want to do drugs, that’s is their business, who are you to tell them they shouldn’t. Even a parent has no more say so over their children’s habits, especially these days. If you can’t force your child not to wear that old blue sweater he loves, what makes you think you have the right to tell someone else’s child not to do drugs and force them not to?

Government and the police are made for one thing and that’s what they should be sticking to. That one thing is protecting us, from those that would do us direct harm. Someone smoking cigarettes in the hall is not direct harm, we don’t need laws to tell them to stop smoking cigarettes. We don’t need the police to be paid to tell people to stop smoking cigarettes or stop using their cell phones while driving.

Do the police protect us? No! Crime rates have remained the same for over 100 years. Even, with the incarceration of millions of African American males, the crime rates have remained the same. Oh, did you think putting Black men in jail did something to crime? No, the numbers don’t lie. Crime rates have remained the same for over 100 years. The reason so many Black men are in jail? To make all the privately run jails money. To make the government run jails money, by taxing you more and more. Crime rates have remained the same for over 100 years.

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Obama Promises Big Things: I say No Way

Kudlow asks his guests, “will we recover from this recession this year”? I, like his guests say, not until 2010. To be honest, I don’t think with this recent stimulus package we will even see a recovery in 2010.

Let’s review that stimulus package briefly: reduce tax deductions on housing; reduce tax deduction on charitable grants; raise tax on capital gains, which is still a double tax on dividends. Who is he stimulating exactly? The middle class into the poor house? You can no longer claim the entire house deductions you could before. You can no longer claim money you give to charity entirely as you could before. What does this mean? What does this say? Don’t give to charity and don’t buy houses.

We have Madoff coming to light. But I warn you now, Madoff isn’t problematic, but symptomatic of what people not only have done, but can do in this market. People are now buying dummy corporations, running them into the ground and then claiming the insurance and bailout money. Also, the SEC has yet to have a proper response to the credit default swap fiasco.

And, we have the worst week in market history last week and this week isn’t showing much light at the end of the tunnel. Already the DOW is down 25%. While the government wants to demonize shorters, stocks are steadily falling. Even Cramer, is pessimistic about the outlook. Today he had another screaming match on CNBC, but can you blame him?

Meanwhile on the precious metals, I have it on good authority that gold and silver in particular are being devalued. That’s actually good news for potential investors right now. While everyone is laughing at Peter Schiff and calling him names for saying gold is going to go to $2,000 / oz, Jim Rogers is nodding his head as are some of the major players over seas. In fact, one such overseas investor went through the history of the DOW itself and pointed out how everyone was skeptical that the DOW would ever break one thousand. The rest is history of course, but he equates that to the price of gold. Everyone is skeptical that it would ever hit $2,000 but frankly with $7 trillion being introduced secretly into the economy via these awful bailouts, inflation is just a matter of time. In fact, hyperinflation isn\’t as far fetched as people like to also poke fun

at Peter Schiff for saying. We\’re seeing a rally on the dollar right now but honestly, we all know the dollar is manipulated more than a teen girl on prom night. There is no chance, nor hope that this rally is happening strictly due to market demand. And, we come full circle to gold. Now how far fetched is it, when I say gold is being manipulated. Gold should be $2,000 / oz if not $3,000 / oz. We don\’t even know the real value of the dollar. How can we scoff at $2,000/ oz gold?

Will there be an economic recovery this year? Review the facts for yourself. The market has no confidence in the administration right now. Obama promises big changes, but no one knows what they will be. The best thing he could do right now is step aside and let the market take care of itself. Stop these insane bailouts which leave the investor scratching his head as to how truly valuate stocks. Let these companies go into bankruptcy so someone smart can come in and properly valuate the company worth. Have the SEC throw the book at Moodies for not requiring full reserves while doing these credit default swaps, yet still evaluating their bonds at AAA rating. And, finally he should bring our troops home ASAP, which is why he and the Dems were put into office to begin with.

Unemployment came out today for a new high of 8.1% more than 650,000 lost last month alone: business -180,000; financials -44,000; retailers -39,500; hospitality -33,000. This is the highest it\’s been in a quarter century, since 1983. Right now they estimate 12.5 million Americans are out of work.

I guarantee if we pulled all the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the two other wars we are secretly fighting and paying for, we wouldn’t be inthis economic slump to begin with. The military budget is some 60% of GDP, that is unconscionable. Without that spending, we could really reduce taxes and strengthen the dollar. And, no … no terrorists were even involved in 9/11. You can debate me on that one in the next post.

I’ve said it, and Jim Rogers has said it too, take your money out of the bank, which isn’t earning that much money these days [1%-2%] which are then taxed anyway, go buy a home safe and put your money in there. This will actually help the country. Leave only enough to pay bills with, in your bank account. Purchase real money items like gold and silver. Or treat 90 day t-bills as a bank account with a small return. Always remember to have a 6 month emergency fund, this is what should be in your home safe.

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Be My Friend

When you were younger your mother told you, “don’t hang around those bad kids.” But, as you got older and moved out, it wasn’t a case of hanging out with the wrong crowd, it was a case of hanging out with any crowd at all. As children we have options, choices of different people to hang around. We are surrounded by hundreds of kids, all at our fingertips. As children we can pick and choose what social circles we wish to be a part of. Of course, this is dependent on the wisdom of how to control ourselves and others to accept us.

Let’s fast forward ten years to the present. You’re an adult. You may have contact with as little as no people to up to hundreds of other adults on a daily basis. However, that forced socialization no longer exists as it did as a child. Surprisingly, many adults lead very lonely existences, compared to their childhood days. They may have a 9 to 5, or a horrible night shift or even worse a thirteen hour shift. They come home and are exhausted and simply want to “veg” out and not answer phones nor see another human. Sound familiar? After years of this, they find themselves alienated. In an effort to change this stifling situation, they strike out on their own and subconsciously seek friendship.

Well, what could possibly go wrong with this? The emphasis is on the “subconsciously”. In their desperation, they may end up with that same “don’t hang around those bad kids“, that their mother warned them about. The lack of wisdom of how to control ourselves and others to accept us has stagnated just as it did as a child. As a child it was simply based on how “cool” you acted. As adults, we complicate it with social status as well, something most of us, seemingly, have no control over. [I’ll correct your error in thinking about your lack of control over social status in a later article] So now we feel we are relegated to hanging out with, at best, hoodlums and “down to earth” people. We tell ourselves they are “down to earth”, which is code for – they are just as immoral and clueless as I am. Oh, that might sound harsh but… at least be honest to yourself. Think for one second. When people are relaying stories of some icon they hold up as being “down to earth”, usually it’s accompanied by some example of them saying something filthy or totally off-color. “He was so down to earth, he smoked marijuana with me in the bath room.” Hardly a vote for his upstanding citizenry.

We as adults then fall into the trap of “Be my friend.” Our subconscious mind takes over when we approach someone that we have sized up to be equal to our social standing and appears nonthreatening. We then latch on to these lower status people and befriend them. The other person reciprocates because you might be of a higher status than they are and thus are immediately accepted by them. Months later, or even years, you discover this lower status person to be completely unhealthy to be around. But, what can you do? There is no possible way you could “unfriend” them. For men, that’s unheard of. For women, the more social butterfly, you feel you need as many friends as you can get.

The problem is that you are allowing your subconscious to dictate what you should be consciously doing. You are letting pangs of loneliness dictate your course of action. You could be setting yourself for emotional and financial disaster based on the whims of your subconscious.

I say to you, seek out a better pond to fish in. Seek better fish. The wisdom of how to control yourself and others is so simple. Being crass, unwashed, base and filthy minded is obviously not the way to win good, solid, upstanding friends. There is a lot to be said for the old finishing schools we used to send our little girls to. Remember back when debutante balls and cotillions were the norm? They were announced in the local paper. These are the types of events you should be attending. Donating to charity will net you some much more acceptable, quality friends than hanging out at the local pool hall or juke joint. Even a library should be a step above a night club, potential friendship wise.

Get out of the “Be my friend” mode and step into the “I need to improve my social circle” zone. Have a conscious objective about whom you meet and be picky about it. Think of building a reputation for yourself. These old fashioned concepts originated for a reason. “Don’t hang out with those bad kids“, still applies in your adult life.

If you start hanging out with a more educated crowd… If you start hanging out with a more stable crowd, i.e. married with children… If you start hanging out with people involved in activities [and I don’t mean smoking marijuana], I feel safe in saying that you’ll find your own self uplifted. And, I’m not saying that educated, married, working people are better. I am saying that educated, working, married people discuss more things than just where’s their next meal. We as humans always need to grow. And, conversation that goes beyond basic needs uplift us. Conversations about civic duty, politics, religion uplifts us and makes us feel like there’s more to life than just wondering if you want black eyed peas or sardines and crackers for dinner.

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Social Circle Reconstruction Approach: An Introduction

In one of my online articles I introduced my theoretical approach to self improvement called Social Circle Reconstruction. I’d like to fully introduce it and flesh out the theory. As it goes it is a work in progress approach to making conscious life decisions for a very real and residual, continual self improvement, a lazy man’s way to therapy, if you will.

I’ll say first off, that this approach is nothing more than what people did ages ago. And, that is, to surround yourself with positive people and eliminate or shun the negative people. Before we start, I don’t want you to think that you are going to be looking down on anyone if I say they are negative, this is all about you, and you not allowing yourself to become entrenched in a situation where your own self worth is bombarded daily. And, the matter of the fact is that you are allowing people around you to negatively impact you, and it’s as simple as throwing out the garbage.

I don’t want to really discuss this at any length, but I had to tell my own mother, years ago, that I didn’t need her in my life any more. For whatever reason, nothing I did was good enough. And, before you jump to the conclusion that I’m talking about something as mundane as school grades or washing the car, NO, I’m talking about things like my going to law school. Yes, it’s just that mind boggling. I only shared this, to give you an example of what is negative.

Let’s look at some possible negative types of people in your life:

– someone that constantly berates you, your performance, your choices, your lifestyle
– someone that doesn’t appreciate the things you do for them, or takes it for granted
– someone that has to share their abusive behavior with you, i.e. drugs, alcohol, sex [something other than just having you close makes me happy]
– someone that mooches off you, i.e. comes over and eats your food and never brings a dish for you
– someone that never considers you, i.e. goes to a party and never invites you
– someone that doesn’t return your love, friendship, admiration, i.e. you give give give and they take take take

While this is not an exhaustive list, I wanted to present seemingly innocent behavior that you wouldn’t think was negative or perceive as elevated to a dangerous mental health level.

Let’s go over some daily routines where you would encounter these negative people.

1. when you wake up, yes the person right next to you. If you’re married to one of people that fall in that list [ I am not even remotely suggesting divorce ] you need to have a serious and long and in depth conversation with them. I don’t mean right after yawning, but set aside a dinner with you and that person to be alone and prepare to talk for hours.

I’ll say this now. If the other person avoids conversation with you or blows up or acts in any way other than adult-like, say your piece in full and make a decision as to your next step on your own. [yes don’t ask anyone else what you should do]

2. when you go to work. You may have a co-worker that is competitive or worse your boss that seeks to trounce you at every opportunity. Let me say this, your income is not tied to accepting abuse from anyone. There is not enough money in the world to tolerate someone negative to you. In fact when you interview with a company, ask point blank “what is your stance about yelling at your employees or berating your employees”. There is absolutely no need to work somewhere where the company says you should take such abuse from customers. Again, there is not enough money in the world that someone can pay you, to stress you out or abuse you. There are billions of people on the planet. There are tons of nice people who can be your customer too. You need to have a talk with your boss, or co-worker about their attitude and ask them to adjust it and if not make your decision as to your next step. If it’s the customers, tell your boss or your boss’s boss or their boss or their boss till you get to someone with some authority who can listen to someone with some sanity tell them that taking abuse from customers is not that way to conduct good business. If you are in a service business, you are offering a service, you are not there to offer therapeutic backlash to the public. Just because MTV and such venues promote violence and praise bad behavior doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it.

3. when you go to lunch or dinner. You may go to a place, because it’s cheap or whatever reason, and tolerate the person working there acting anything other than overjoyed at seeing you spend your hard earned money at their establishment. Yes, i phrased that like that on purpose. See how ridiculous that is? This is simple. Pack your own lunch or dinner. Don’t call the store and tell them, tell your friends not to eat there.

4. when you come home. Your children may use you as a doormat or curse at you or act in any other way than being overjoyed to see you and appreciate the fact that you work long hours to put a roof over their head and food on the table and not charge them a dime. es, I phrased it like that also on purpose. There is absolutely no way shape, form or fashion that you should tolerate that. Your children should have a smile and a handshake/hug when they see you. They should be respectful when talking to you. They should ask permission for almost every thing they do and/or inform you of things they would like to do if granted approval by you. Yes this is the roll children should play with you, not friend, not buddy, not double dating partner. This moocher should be glad to be alive because of you and therefor show that appreciation every moment they are under your roof. If they do not, you need to have a long talk with them. And, the conversation should not end until it is abundantly clear and they understand. Remember, it is you with the permission slips. You are the one that calls the shots. If not, take all permission and belongings that are completely unnecessary for living from them, i.e. cell phones, computers, t.v.s, ipods, video games, books [non-school]. When they come home to a bed and 4 walls, it’s amazing how school work gets done faster. And, I don’t mean hide it. I mean ebay all of it, or better yet donate it. You might be reading this and say it’s too harsh or it’s overboard, but there is no reason to tolerate anything other than parental respect from your child or worse abuse from your own child. And, you should not be a “throw up your hands” and sigh type of person about the situation.

5. lastly your friends. you may have “friends” that are not all that positive around you or to you. If they fall into the behavior listed, you need to have a talk with them or evaluate the situation on your own.

I want you to take out the trash in your life. Do a little bit of spring cleaning. I would like for you to flex your mental muscles. And, I want you to grow. I think that a lot of adults accept things as ordinary, because they don’t want to rock the boat. Whether it’s family, or friends, or coworkers, if they are stifling you, if they are stopping you from growing, if you are being boxed in, you need to remove them or yourself.

This self improvement tip is my way of giving back for the very rich and enjoyable life I’ve led so far. I see so many people suffering and tolerating things, they have no business putting up with, children that disrespect them; bosses that take advantage; spouses that whole sale dishonor them; and friends that despise them. Why put up with this? We must continually grow and learn, until we are old and grey and sit in our rockers. Then hopefully you took my self improvement advice and can look back and smile without regrets.

Next, I would like to discuss growing daily. And, we’ll revisit the social circle reconstruction again.

Kevin Cardinale of Boundless Enterprise

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