Shakaama Live: The End of an Era

Shakaama Live: The End of an Era

It has been my pleasure to blog on blogger as Shakaama Live. It has been 3 years since I started the blog and I have had some ups and downs. However, due to circumstances, I will not continue posting on blogger. I own my own websites anyway, but this was just such an easy platform to post on.

Some brief stats:

  • my first 10 posts were from my old blog on and they dealt with psychology and sociology
  • while I continue in that general area presently, it is more directed towards improving, in my eyes, the Black community, no more generalities about friendship and feeling good about yourself, now I talk about why Black people go through economic hardships
  • my most popular post was about Sarah Palin, with 55,000+ views, this would have been a completely different blog if every post had that many views.
  • my most commented post was why Black men won’t date nor marry Black women
  • completely random and in 3rd place was my post about getting rid of roaches
This blog has already been backed up and will be deleted within days if not hours. I will purchase a website just for this blog, so I can enjoy the freedom to do, say and act how I damn well please. 
Watch for me on the web somewhere.

For Blacks: Blacks are the Only Ones That Must Include Others

Blacks are the Only Ones Must That Include Others

Let me ask you something. Are there all-white neighborhoods? Are there all jewish neighborhoods? Are there all Philipino neighborhoods? Are there all Mexican neighborhoods? Why, then, is it that when Black people go to do something, they HAVE to include others?

It’s the same mentality that an only-child has. An only-child must include a buddy, because he feels that he would be lonely if he didn’t.

Black CEOs

It’s the same mentality of the battered wife. The battered wife must seek permission to do anything, otherwise she will get battered.

It’s the same mentality as the abused child. The abused child grows up to partner with someone that will confirm that they are incompetent and need telling so, constantly.

It is only when Blacks become affluent, wealthy and millionaires, through business, not through entertainment, that they dispense with seeking to include others in their activities.

Affluent Black people actively seek to live next to one another.

Affluent Black people actively seek to send their children to all-Black schools, and raise them in all-Black neighborhoods.

Now, why is this, I ask you?

I’ll tell you why. Because, at the point where a Black person has the capability to become Affluent, the entire white brainwashing is completely removed. They suddenly realize that Black businesses are not better. They suddenly realize that white stores are not better. They suddenly realize that white bosses know nothing better than a Black boss, or themselves. They realize that they do not need a white person to add legitimacy to anything that they do, and do not seek to surround themselves with white people.

Notice that there is a distinction between Black affluent people, and Black people that could afford to move out of a Black neighborhood. The latter is completely brainwashed and, more often than not, ends up handing most of their hard earned money over to the very white people they so desparately sought to hang around, work for, live next to, shop next to.

Randal Pinket

The Black escapee, is convinced that the Black-owned taxicab, that is so drab, will always remain drab. They do not realize that the Black-owned taxicab will buy a brand new model of car, if the escapee had just kept patronizing him. The Black escapee, doesn’t realize that the white taxicab went through the same thing, as did the white butcher shop, the white bank, the white mechanic shop. Even the white young adult was nowhere near as rich as they are now at middle-age.

Unfortunately, you cannot convince the Black escapee of this. And, unfortunately, there are a heck-of-a lot more Black escapees than there are affluent Blacks with their head twisted on right.


White people, at no point in history said, please come live next to me, marry my daughter, eat at my restaurant. In fact, they very much so said, do not come near me.

It was found that most Black born well after the civil rights movement, do NOT seek to rush to live around white people. Since they did not grow up with any brainwashing, and, for the most part, were raised to believe in themselves and T.V. propaganda like “Good Times” weren’t on, while they were kids, they feel perfectly comfortable, at most, around other Black people.

This is to be expected, because every race feels most comfortable around his own race.

The older and poorer Blacks are still brainwashed. They are convinced that Black people are not legitimate, until they are flanked by white people.

Wake up Black people. Go live with your brothers and sisters. Go to their stores. Give them your money. Go work for them. At the end of the day, don’t you feel more comfortable around your brothers and sisters, than you do strangers?

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For Blacks: Four Years Later are you Better Off?

Four Years Later are you Better Off?

There is a lot of discussion about Black people voting for Obama. Where 2008 Black people as a whole said they were going to vote for Obama, simply because he’s half Black, 4 years later they are reconsidering, with the benefit of knowing his policies.

I’m here to ask the question, after 4 years, are you better off?

I have a reputation for the readers of my blogs, to not treat people like babies. In this case, I won’t be any different.

Black Unemployment 37% Nationally

The news is not going to ask you to consider grow-up issues like this.

Four years, into the Obama administration are you better off?

  • are you employed
  • are you making more money
  • did your wealth go up
  • did your open a business
  • did your payroll taxes go up
  • did your medicare taxes go up
  • did your social security taxes go up
  • are you paying new taxes that didn’t exist 4 years ago
  • did inflation go up
  • did more jobs get outsourced
  • were there attacks on your faith in god by the government
  • were there any favorable supreme court cases heard
  • can you do things today that you couldn’t 4 years ago

Across the board, Obama has been devastating to the Black community, IN PARTICULAR. That means, of all the past presidents, Obama has done more specific harm to Black people, than any other president in the past 100 years.

Black wealth fell 60%. Black net worth fell from $30,000 to $5,000. It is sad, but Blacks are the only group that have absolutely no assets. The only “potential” asset they have is their home, but they use it as a personal residence, not as an investment vehicle, which removes it from being an asset. When Black people lost their personal residence, it gutted what wealth they had.

Black people do not open businesses. Black people are the only group in America that has over 250 people to 1 business. This means there is no Black wealth to speak of. This number jumped from 210 to 1 to 250 to 1 in the past 4 years. This means that Black wealth was smashed to nearly nothing in 4 years. The next group up is 90 to 1. That is nearly triple the wealth of Black people.

Black Foreclosure Rate Went from 34% to 51% in 2011

Black people do not count their dollars and cents. They do not calculate taxes. They do not shop around for goods and services. Corporations prey on Black people more than any other group in the U.S. Black people, single-handedly keep pay day loans doors open. It has been shown they pay 360% interest on pay day loans. If Black people lent each other money, and stopped using pay day loans, it would have to close its doors. Black people also pay credit card debt and fees more than any other group. In the past 4 years, those fees have gone up, and new fees have been introduced.

Wells Fargo, has decimated Black wealth, and under Obama it has full on raped, any and all aspects of Black wealth. They handed out predatory loans, their Black customers paid more in fees than anyone else and they foreclosed on Blacks more than any group in the U.S. The same can be said of Bank of America.

“OBAMA INHERITED THE WORST ECONOMIC CRISIS EVER” This is repeated over and over. Sooner or later, people will start to believe it. If Black people owned more businesses, owned more real estate, paid attention to taxation, they would see that there is an economic downturn every 10 years, and a full-on economic crisis every 20 years. What Black people don’t know is that the DOT COM crisis did just as much damage as the housing bubble.

What’s the difference between the DOT COM bubble and the housing bubble? Black people were not caught up in the DOT COM mania. Since, it didn’t affect Black people, they don’t remember it.

Before that, 30 years ago, there was another real estate crash. Millions were lost. More millionaires went broke in that crisis than today.

Before that, 40 years ago, there was an oil crisis. Carter went down in flames over it, and the entire nation was almost halted from it. I’d say it was much worse than this housing bubble. It literally affected everyone.

So, this crisis is nowhere near worse than the crisis before. Obama did not inherit something no other president has faced. Obama has done a terrible job of handling it, and has gutted Black wealth in the past 4 years.

Go over the list I mentioned at the beginning and if you pass every list item, then you vote for Obama, not because he’s half Black, but because you have more money and are better off today than you were 4 years ago. If not, you have a duty as a grown-up to vote for someone else, because voting for Obama when you are worse-off then you were 4 years ago, is voting against yourself.

Obama has not been loyal to you. You should not be loyal to him.

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Hollywood Summer Movie Box Office Returns and Attendance Bad and Getting Worse Each Year

Returns and Attendance Bad and Getting Worse Each Year

According to Hollywood, this summer saw a 3rd consecutive drop in revenue and attendance. Summer movie revenue was down 3% and summer attendance was down 4%. Other than the avengers, box office returns were flat or bad. Hollywood blamed the Olympics and the Colorado shooting, however that doesn’t explain the previous 2 years.

One analyst says that Hollywood can no longer put out huge marketing for a bad movie because by 1am Saturday morning, tweets are going to be flying about how awful the movie truly is.

A Hollywood defender said that as the economy contracts, not gets better, executives will get more conservative and not take risks, which means they will put out cash cows, such as twilight and cater to the “tween” crowd. They will stick to franchises and not do new movies.

Critics of this position say that, this is exactly why the numbers are bad and getting worse. They said that putting out bad movies, year after year will drive audiences away. With twitter and rotten tomatoes people turn to independent films more and more for fresh entertainment.

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"Don’t Call Me African-American" says he

“Don’t Call Me African-American” says he

In response to my article and video “I’m not African-Amercan” says he, many people defended themselves saying that they hadn’t been to Africa and denied being from there.

All original people, Nubians (Blacks), came from Africa.

“But I never been to Africa.”

Now apparently they didn’t read the last paragraph. Italian-Americans call themselves Italian, even 3rd and 4th generation. Sweedish-American call themselves Sweedish, again even 4th generation. It is only in the Nubian community that we find a major sector of the group that does everything they can, to distance themselves from both their heritage and their continent of origin.

This country has a history of treating Nubians as second class citizens, and sub-humans. It would behoove us then, to be excellent, better than whites, in all things, and to eggregiously remind them that we are Nubians, and that the motherland and origin of man, is in Africa.

“Most Black folk don’t even know where they came from in Africa.”

Of course 80% of the African-American population that do not know their actual country of origin is in Africa.

  • We were destroyed for 60 years. 
  • Our families were destroyed. 
  • Our names were destroyed. 
  • Our heritage was destroyed. 
  • Our religion was destroyed. 
  • Our culture was destroyed.

It is no mystery 200 years later they cannot trace their root beyond 5 generations. Yes, even Nubians can trace their predecessors 5 generations up.

A lot of people think that Articles like this, speeches like this and debates like this are unnecessary. The problem is, the conversation has never taken place, even between Nubians. The general population reads things like this and bury their heads in the sand, hoping it will go away.

Nubians were rounded up, slaughtered, psychology destroyed, sold into chattel slavery, treated like chattel by society and by the law of the land, “set free”, and are still treated like chattel to this day.

The national opinion of Nubians is that we are still sub-human chattel, unfit for anything other than physical, low-paying labor. It doesn’t matter that one half-Nubian became president. It doesn’t matter than one Nubian is an astrophysicist. It doesn’t matter that one Nubian is a brain surgeon. The national opinion is that Nubians are unfit and not to be trusted.

Until Nubians realize this, comes to terms with this, comes to grip with this and realize that we cannot change opinion, and that we do not need to change opinion about us, then and only then can we proceed to the next logical step.

The jews put out holocaust pictures, movies, television shows, documentaries every month. No one says they are harping on the past. But, if a Nubian says that Nubians are being mistreated in this country presently, they are told, “stop living in the past, stop bring old things up.”

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Review: Being Human (UK) Season 1

Being Human (UK) Season 1

Creator: Toby Whithouse

Cast: Lenora Crichlow as Annie the ghost, Russell Tovey as George the werewolf, Aidan Turner as Mitchell the vampire, Jason Watkins as Herrick the vampire and Sinead Keenan as Nina the love interest of George, who later, herself, becomes a werewolf.

Costume design: For the most part the costume design is unremarkable. It doesn’t lend itself the genre and if the point is being human, means being boring, mission accomplished.

Being Human

Set design: the two sets are the interior of an apartment and the interior of a hospital. The apartment, like the costumes are utterly unremarkable. We are to believe that a vampire, 300 years old, works for minimum wage and that’s all the money he has in the world.

Background music: unremarkable and adds absolutely nothing to the series. There is little to no memorable moments. In the latter part of the series they added contemporary pieces, but it was completely destroyed by the complete lack of imagination on the writer’s part by turning the “background” music into a montage. Music montage means -10. One you see a music montage it means the writer gave up.

Plot: The state plot is that a vampire, werewolf, and a ghost live together. They agree to try and be as normal as possible, A.K.A. be human. We are invited to ride along on their escapades while normalcy never happens.

Critique: the stated plot has almost nothing to do with what the viewer is presented. One is not whisked away into a story about an actual vampire, an actual werewolf, an actual ghost. The viewer is painfully aware, the entire time that they are watching 3 actors go through gobs of mundane and quite ordinary dialogue.

The vampire: the vampire is supposed to be 200 or 300 years old. His subplot is that he is trying to avoid drinking blood. Oh for the love of pete, this has been done to death. When Anne Ryce created the modern vampire, this is exactly what she did. For her it worked, because we are whisked away into a story about an actual vampire. BH never, ever transforms you into a world of real vampires, because the series has no special effects whatsoever. They might as well have done this on stage and narrated the story to us, by a man sitting in a chair reading the story to us.

For instance, this vampire, along with every other vampire, eats, breaths, can be choked, goes to the bathroom, walks around in the sun, gets hurt when he stubs his toe, and categorically is not undead, whatsoever, but neither is any other vampire in the show.

This gets a big fat zero. Quit calling the character a vampire if I’m more vampiric than the character.

The ghost: the ultimate rule of a ghost is that, at some point they relive their death or are torn emotionally. Also, a unique characteristic of a ghost is that they appear “ghostlike”. It ruins the imagination and mystery if the ghost is as solid as the football player “The Fridge”.

This character is the most unghostlike ghost ever. She is completely solid, has absolutely no underworld qualities about her, has a full range of emotions, and has little to no subplot. Her boyfriend / fiance supposedly killed her. Mind you the fiance weighs about 125lbs and stands proudly at 5’4, while she’s a solid 160lbs all day long and is not withering violet at 5’10.

What’s more is, although the dialogue is written with the thought that the audience is supposed to feel sorry for her, she is nothing more than annoying, whiny, illogical and 2 dimensional.

Furthermore, like the vampire, there are absolutely no ghost “tricks”. Oh if you count teleport as a ghost trick. Yes, that’s a fantastic special effect, move the actor off screen, viola she teleported.

The werewolf: This character is pathetic. Everything we’ve come to know, love, care about as being werewolf, is completely gone from this character. In this series, a werewolf is a human that has pms one day out of the month. In all other instances, he’s just a regular human.

Frankly this series is a huge waste of time. I don’t know if it’s the budget or simply the writing. There is absolutely nothing supernatural about this series.

At least, the actors read the lines, adequately.

For anyone that actually like werewolves, vampires and ghosts, they should stay away from this series. It offers absolutely nothing.

The Story of the Christian Idiot

The Story of the Christian Idiot

Tommy was not the sharpest hammer in the toolbox. When he was a kid, he let a kid in the neighborhood talk him into jumping off a cliff. Luckily for Tommy the bottom of the cliff was a 6 foot sand bed. He broke his arm, but did not die. But, the thing was, he didn’t jump off the cliff thinking the sand would catch him, he jumped off because the kid convinced him it was the cool thing to do.  Tommy never learned.

When all his friends were getting ready to go to college, Tommy decided he’d go too. However, he hadn’t prepared himself during high school to be able to go to college. And, his parent hadn’t saved up any money to send him to college. In his senior year when everyone else were receiving acceptance letters, Tommy started sending them out. When everyone was finishing up a successful high school report card, Tommy started studying. He had to bring a D average up as far as he could.

Tommy made it to college with his friends. Half of his courses were remedial, but he was there.

One day a hippie like person camp up to Tommy and started asking him if he was going to go to the jewish heaven. The hippie was surrounded with his adoring sycophants and instantly hooked Tommy. Tommy started going to one of those Christian mythos churches. Pretty quickly he was convinced that everything happened because the jewish god wanted it to happen.

So Tommy was in college and he was in a sad state of affairs. He was always broke. He didn’t have money for over half of his books. He couldn’t afford to eat on campus. When he tried to get a part time job, his C- average started slipping into F. So he quit his part time job and went back to studying.

William knew Tommy from the time they were both 6 years old. William had prepared for college, his parents had saved up money so that he could barely squeek by and live decently while in college.

Anthony knew Tommy from when they were both 10 years old. Anthony had moved into the neighborhood during the booming 80s. His parents had done very well for themselves and had put a lot of money away from Anthony’s college fund. Anthony prepared his grades for college from middle-school on up. Anthony had many scholarships along with his college fund and had a free ride while in college. He was able to buy a car and live off campus in a house purchased by his parents in his name. He even rented out some of the room while school was in. So he got in-state tuition, rent, free ride, and a college fund.

Cynthia knew Tommy from when they were 12 years old. She had taken to Tommy immediately and knew he wasn’t all that bright. She constantly defended him when others talked about him behind his back. She had only about half the money saved for college, but she took out a student loan. Her grades were really good, so her parents never bothered her while in school.

One day there was an event on campus, a concert and pep rally. To go it cost $60. Tommy had no way of paying it. William took pity on Tommy and surprised him with a ticket. They all piled into Anthony’s car and headed to the concert. At the end of the evening when they were getting back into the car, Anthony turned to Tommy and said, “well did you appreciate that?” Tommy replied, “all praises to the jewish god that got me in the wonderful concert.” Everyone stopped and looked at him and then William. Finally, Anthony turned to William and said, “that was really nice of you William.”

Christmas break was coming and Tommy had no way home and couldn’t stay on campus, because it closed. Anthony told him he could stay in his apartment, rent free, for the 3 week break. William and Cynthia came back early, to get a head start studying for the coming semester. So for the last week of break they all hung out together at night and talked and drank themselves silly with soda. Of course, Tommy never bought any soda. The night before semester started William turned to Tommy and said, I bet you liked staying with Anthony rent free, and you didn’t even have to pay for food. Tommy replied, “all the glory goes to the jewish god that let me stay here without paying a red cent.” Cynthia jumped up and grabbed Anthony and said, “oh I’m sure he really appreciates you being kind.”

Finally, it was spring break. Anthony and William were going to Florida to take a break, because they studied harder than the dickens. Cynthia was going to go with them, but Tommy couldn’t go and again he had no place to stay during the break. Cynthia went into the city for a week and got a hotel suite. She invited Tommy to stay with her and just sight see during the break. The day after the break they were all sitting at lunch together. Anthony turned to William and smirked. William asked Tommy did how did he like his fantastic break. Tommy replied, “the jewish god has all power in his hand and provided for me again during this break. Finally Cynthia had had enough. She stood up yelling at the top of her lungs, “listen here Tommy, when William paid for you to go to that concert, last fall, and you didn’t even have the decency to thank him, I defended you. And, when Anthony let you stay in his house for free and paid for your food, electricity and water, and you didn’t even say thank you, I defended you. But, now I canceled my trip to Florida for you, paid for a hotel, bought all your food, paid for all of your sight-seeing trips and you don’t have the sense to thank me, it’s over.”

Tommy said, “what, all those things were provided for me by the jewish god.”

Cynthia said, “no, there is no such thing as a jewish god. It’s all made up. It’s a fantasy so people like you can give your time and money to the people running those damned churches. We didn’t say anything because we wanted you to be free to choose whatever you like to do with your time. But, frankly, you fell for the scam and turned into a worse person than you already were. You thank your damned jewish god for things we did for you.”

“So tell you what, Tommy. Go play with your jewish god and see how much he really does provide for you,” Cynthia finished.

Anthony and William started laughing and cheering.

When Tommy was about to say something, William stood up and said, “I think it’s best time for you to leave us alone. You are no longer our friend. Now go!”


By the end of the semester Tommy’s grades were so low that the school put him on probation. He was required to come to summer school to make up what grades he had failed. When he couldn’t afford anything and didn’t pass, even after studying his hardest, the school kicked him out and forbid him from returning.

On breaks Tommy would see his old neighborhood friends. They never spoke to him.

His mother died and left him the house, which still had 20% left to pay on the mortgage. He promptly lost the house to the bank.

However, he steadfastly kept going to church from the end of that spring break till a couple of years later when he died from being homeless.