The Lie of Black Feminism

Can we please put this lie to rest?

The feminist movement STARTED as a movement to get white women, yes just white women, Black women weren’t a consideration, the right to vote. Not that there was tremendous opposition. Heck, the truth of the matter was that most WOMEN, back then, detested politics and found it ugly, which it is. So first they had to convince women to actually want to vote. Then they had to get the law to pass to change the language to “anyone” can vote, but not Black men or women. You have to remember this started before the alleged Black civil rights movement.

King Zwelethini and Ndlovukazi Mantfombi  

The movement began in the western world in the late 18th century and has gone through three waves. First-wave feminism was oriented around the station of middle or upper-class white women, and involved suffrage and political equality.

Ok, so that passed. But, hold on, why stop a good thing? We have an organization and … no more cause. So THEN WWII happened and women went to the factories, because the men were gone. You following me? So they didn’t have to pay women as much as men, because they worked like half as much as men. [go look it up]  Fast forward, war’s over. BUT, corporations liked that they had cheap labor by females. So they “captured” the white feminist movement.  HOWEVER, by this time, the head of the movement were lesbian. [true story]  Didn’t matter, the men dictated what the group would do and get them back, out of the house, back to work.

They then set about destroying the American family. AND THAT WAS FOR JUST WHITE PEOPLE. [Blacks were still not a consideration]

The entire sob story about oppressing women was … just advertisement. Noone ever believed it.

“The key event that marked the reemergence of this movement in the postwar era was the surprise popularity of Betty Friedan’s 1963 book The Feminine Mystique. Writing as a housewife and mother (though she had had a long story of political activism, as well), Friedan described the problem with no name the dissatisfaction of educated, middle class wives and mothers like herself who, looking at their nice homes and families, wondered guiltily if that was all there was to life was not new; the vague sense of dissatifaction plaguing housewives was a staple topic for women’s magazines in the 1950s. But Friedan, instead of blaming individual women for failing to adapt to women’s proper role, blamed the role itself and the society that created it” [please note that nothing specific was cited as to a real problem nor a real solution to the fantasy problem, in fact the entire second and third wave never pointed to any specific discrimination of women]

Fast forward, past the Black movement, and not to leave well enough alone, the lesbians of the feminist movement set about recruiting Black women, the 2nd largest population demographic. Ironically, although Black men have never oppressed Black women, they somehow convinced the Black women, that by virtue of them being women, they all had solidarity.  But the fact remains, no other race in the U.S. is oppressed by anyone, except for white people. Blacks don’t oppress Blacks. Asians don’t oppress Asians. Africans don’t oppress Africans.

It has been the white agenda to destroy the Black family, through welfare and other horrible policies, as espoused by the Ku Klux Klan and other organizations. And, they have done a smashing job. Welfare has done more to bring Black marriage rates from 80% in the 1940s down to 33% 2000. The feminist movement alone probably contributed 10% to that destruction.

 U.S. Census Bureau. (1940: 77% married, 18% single women, 5% single men)

Black families were a very solid unit before the Black civil rights movement. After “integration” and the Democrats got done with us, the family unit was completely undone.


Not every Black man is going to be a saint. However, nowhere does it say EVERY Black man is going to be a hustler / dog / domineering idiot.

The Black American female is the most, MOST “SINGLE” person in the entire world. She has let herself be so brainwashed that she throws away her own counterpart, welfare, feminism, the media, public education system. No other culture, race, nationality suffers from the same SELF-INFLICTED hardship the Black American woman puts herself through.

I’m not going to pray for you. You just need to wake up. Stop the pitty party. Go get yourself a good man, GOOD MAN, to stand by for the rest of your and his life. At the end of the day, that’s what we were put here for. Otherwise we’d all be hermits. You do know humans are a group animal? yeah, that means we need companionship of other humans. The perfect bond between a man a woman trumps all others. And, when that union produces children, your entire life changes… that is … if you have an ounce of caring in your bones.


  1. GOOD Black man [nothing else is going to suffice] 
  2. one who cares about you 
  3. children 
  4. living for each other 
  5. you two against the world. 

That’s the formula of happiness, right there. Money be damned. That’s the formula.

Leave white people to their own devices. We’ll survive the Armageddon that’s about to happen. We survived slavery.