Market Biz News is Bullish on Housing?

BUY BUY BUY Rental Properties

We at Market Biz News advise everyone who can read to buy buy buy  housing.  If you haven’t heard, there’s this whole housing bust that is going on.  Local banks are tightening their belts and allegedly all of the fraudulent lending practices leading up to 2008 are history.  Back are the days when you need 20% down on a 30 year fixed mortgage and a full sweeping credit check.  Be that as it may, for those that do past the muster, this is the time to buy rental property.  While most NINJA loans shook out what little money the poor had on them, it did a world of good for those interested in real live sound investing, i.e. getting property for cheap after the fall out.

One man’s albatross is another man’s morning lark.

The housing bust has presented a rare and golden opportunity, for those that can afford it.  It essentially produced more homeless in America than ever before.  Most Americans however, instead of consolidating their resources and moving back home with parents, still operate under the false pretense that they are owed their own place.  You as an investor can take advantage of this stupidity and buy rental property like hotcakes.  As fast as you can sign your contracts, would be the speed at which you can rent out those properties.

The new marketing psychology of creating a want and need in the populous has not gone away.  For 30 years now the public has been bombarded with the message that they are owed a house and their own private space on credit.  You as an investor can call in that ticket and cash in.  Buy up those rental properties and hornswoggle every doe eyed middle class homeless person you can lay a finger to.

This is the time to buy buy buy.

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Central Banking America: A Review

Do We Need Central Banking

The constitution provides ample ways for the federal government to make money, it’s called tariffs, i.e. taxing imports and exports.  But, big business has such a stranglehold on congress that they gave China most favored nation status, so that stores like Wal-Mart and Target could sell plastic much cheaper than our very own American made products.

There was never a need for an income tax.  As it stands now, the only reason we have an income tax is to pay off the money we borrow form the federal reserve.

Without the federal reserve bank, who creates money out of thin air, the u.s. government could go back to doing what it should have been doing, printing it’s own money and putting the full faith and credit in U.S. backed currency, instead of federal reserve notes.  Income tax, as they stand now, simply pays off the interest of the federal reserve. At every session of congress, the house and senate then turn around and borrow more money from the federal reserve bank.

Without the federal reserve there would be no need for a national deficit.  The only reason we have one now, is that we are borrowing our own money from a private bank.  Everyone is under the delusion that the federal reserve is a centralized bank, i.e. a government bank.  It is neither a federal government owned entity, nor does it have the full faith and credit of the U.S. department of treasury behind it. It is very possible for it to go under.

Do We Need Central Banking?

Ask any fine upstanding citizen and they will say we NEED central banking.  Then if you dig deeper, you’ll see that they are fully indoctrinated by their own education.  The study of economics has been completely arrested and captured by Wall Street.  Want a job on Wall Street?  Make sure you’re educated exactly as everyone else is and believe that Keynesian Economics is your mantra.  Above all else, make sure that you, not only, not know anything about the Austrian School of economics, but that you mark it down as untenable and barbaric.

Keynesian economics assures mutually assured destruction of the U.S. and the rest of the world.  So the question is do we need a central bank?

The reasons put forth as to why we need a central bank:

  • 1)it issues coins and currency to commercial banks and other financial institutions.
  • 2)it provides short term loans for commercial banks.
  • 3)it controls the credit creation powers of commercial banks(for controlling inflation and deflation in the economy).
  • 4)it acts as a banker to the government(it keeps all of the government’s deposits and makes payments on it’s behalf).
  • 5)it acts as an adviser to the government(it advises the government as to what kind of economic policy it should adopt).
  • 6)it has major role to play in the money market of an economy(where short term loans are borrowed and lent).
  • 7)it re-discounts bills of exchange for commercial banks.

However, this is where the confusion comes in.  We have a department of treasury that can do all of that, that is completely limited by the constitution.  The federal reserve bank act of 1913 essentially circumvented the constitution.  What the real federal reserve now does is:

It’s primary function is to defraud the population for the benefit of the government, and the government’s pet favorites, such as the military industrial complex, the bankers themselves (in exchange for giving government a share of the money stolen), and whoever the government thinks it can bribe for votes. It’s literally that corrupt. The reason it can go on under our very noses is because most people don’t understand it.

What a central bank does is inflate the supply of money or money substitutes, in other words, it dilutes the existing stock of money by printing more pieces of paper and calling it money. This causes a number of serious negative side-effects.

The first one is that it causes a drop in the value of money. Your money is worth less. That’s why the dollar has lost 94 percent of its value since the Federal Reserve was started in 1913. Considering one of the main purposes of the federal reserve is to stabilize prices, we must conclude that it has been a complete failure, compared to the absence of a central bank.

The second negative effect is that inflation is government’s main means of funding wars which apart from being supremely immoral, are also extremely destructive of wealth. The USA has become a nation of perpetual war in case you haven’t noticed.

The third negative effect is that all the central bank is doing is re-distributing wealth. It’s not creating wealth – if it was, we would have found a way to create wealth by stamping pieces of paper. We haven’t. All it does is take property from people who own it, and give it entire industries who live at the expense of the productive classes. Basically the central bank enables governments to loot the savings of the entire population without having to bother rifling their pockets to do it.

The fourth negative effect is that the newly printed money creates a bubble in the sector where it enters the economy. That’s why there was a bubble in the housing sector – because that’s where government was injecting the money. The bubble draws capital away from actual productive activity, such as growing food, or making medicine, and channels it into wasteful activity like making condominiums with gold faucets and five bathrooms. This is because the bubble makes activity appear profitable that, absent the manipulation of the money supply, would be seen to be loss-making (think, for example, investing in real estate during the bubble. The profits made by the speculators and financiers come from skimming the wages of millions of people too poor to own their own house, all courtesy of the central bank).

The fifth negative effect is it distorts the capital structure, in other words, it causes massive dislocation between where people *are* and where people would be productively employed. The boom collapses into the bust with its bankruptcies, unemployment, homelessness, family breakdown, suicide, hardship, depression and ruined lives – all while the privileged continue slurping at the trough.

The sixth negative effect is moral. The policy of credit expansion corrupts the entire value system of society. It punishes work, savings, individual responsibility and building a future. It rewards debt, consumption, instant gratification, speculation and political favoritism.

The declared purpose of the Fed is full employment. In the time since the Fed has been on the job, we have had the two biggest depressions and highest unemployment in the history of the world.

The justifications given for the central bank – that it is necessary for government to “manage” the economy, presupposes that government has a competence to manage the economy in the first place. There is neither evidence nor reason to support this supposition.

The reason economists have the gall to try to justify this institutionalized fraud is because most of them rely, directly or indirectly, on the Federal Reserve or the federal government for their privileged existence. They are like the high priests of old preaching to the masses that Pharaoh can do no wrong even while he and his acolytes live at their expense.

Our central bank has not acted in good conscious toward the people of the U.S..  Time and again they have been asked if what they are doing are for the people and to do something about it, to which they unequivocally say “no”.

Interest rates on a savings account nationally is now at 0.01%  The highest yields are boasting a whopping 1.0% APR.

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10 Things a Man Has Never Said to a Woman

Feminism in America

If you have a very wide perspective and a long memory of things you’ll see that end the end feminism in America was started and still pushed through by … big business and politicians.  I bet that’s a surprising statement for a lot of you.  Once that thought settles in, you’ll see how You’ve been had! Been took! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led Astray! Run Amok! This Is What They Do!  The feminist movement was never about giving equality to women.  It was always used as a tool to generate a cheap labor pool, A.K.A. slavery, for big business.  As more and more women resist the siren call to “come work” the push and marketing blitz increases and the news stories come more and more radical.

Let’s look at some DATAS.  Real stats, not opinion, ladies.

   1. Of the 122 million women age 16 years and over in the U.S., 72 million, or 59.2 percent, were labor force participants—working or looking for work.

   2. Women comprised 46.8 percent of the total U.S. labor force and are projected to account for 46.9 percent of the labor force in 2018.

   3. Women are projected to account for 51.2 percent of the increase in total labor force growth between 2008 and 2018.

   4. 66 million women were employed in the U.S.—74 percent of employed women worked on full-time jobs, while 26 percent worked on a part-time basis.

   5. The largest percentage of employed women (40 percent) worked in management, professional, and related occupations; 32 percent worked in sales and office occupations; 21 percent in service occupations; 5 percent in production, transportation, and material moving occupations; and 1 percent in natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations.

   6. The largest percentage of employed Asian, white, and black women (47, 41, and 34 percent, respectively) worked in management, professional, and related occupations. For Hispanic women, it was sales and office occupations—32 percent.

   7. The 20 most prevalent occupations for employed women in 2009 were—

         1. Secretaries and administrative assistants, 3,074,000
         2. Registered nurses, 2,612,000
         3. Elementary and middle school teachers, 2,343,000
         4. Cashiers, 2,273,000
         5. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides, 1,770,000
         6. Retail salespersons, 1,650,000
         7. First-line supervisors/managers of retail sales workers, 1,459,000
         8. Waiters and waitresses, 1,434,000
         9. Maids and housekeeping cleaners, 1,282,000
        10. Customer service representatives, 1,263,000
        11. Child care workers, 1,228,000
        12. Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks, 1,205,000
        13. Receptionists and information clerks, 1,168,000
        14. First-line supervisors/managers of office and administrative support workers, 1,163,000
        15. Managers, all other, 1,106,000
        16. Accountants and auditors, 1,084,000
        17. Teacher assistants, 921,000
        18. Cooks, 831,000
        19. Office clerks, general 821,000
        20. Personal and home care aides, 789,000

   8. The unemployment rate for all women was 8.1 percent and 10.3 percent for men in 2009. For Asian women it was 6.6 percent; white women, 7.3 percent; Hispanic women, 11.5 percent; and black women, 12.4 percent.

   9. The median weekly earnings of women who were full-time wage and salary workers was $657, or 80 percent of men’s $819. When comparing the median weekly earnings of persons aged 16 to 24, young women earned 93 percent of what young men earned ($424 and $458, respectively).

  10. The 20 occupations with the highest median weekly earnings among women who were full-time wage and salary workers in 2009 were–

         1. Pharmacists, $1,475
         2. Lawyers, $1,449
         3. Computer and information systems managers, $1,411
         4. Computer software Chief executives, $1,553
         5. Engineers, $1,311
         6. Physicians and surgeons, $1,228
         7. Computer programmers, $1,182
         8. Management analysts, $1,177
         9. Computer scientists and systems analysts, $1,167
        10. Occupational therapists, $1,155
        11. Speech-language pathologists, $1,148
        12. General and operations managers, $1,110
        13. Education administrators, $1,093
        14. Psychologists, $1,091
        15. Personal financial advisors, $1,088
        16. Human resources managers, $1,072
        17. Marketing sales managers, $1,052
        18. Managers, all other, $1,037
        19. Registered nurses, $1,035
        20. Network systems and data communications analysts, $1,032

  11. Women accounted for 51 percent of all workers in the high-paying management, professional, and related occupations. Here is just a sample of these occupations where women were the larger percentage of those employed:

      Percent Female
      Registered nurses…………………………………………..             92.0 percent
      Meeting and convention planners………………             83.3
      Elementary and middle school teachers…………             81.9
      Tax examiners, collectors, and revenue agents             73.8
      Medical and health services managers………….             69.5
      Social and community service managers………..             69.4
      Psychologists……………………………………             68.8
      Other business operations specialists…………..             68.4
      Human resources managers…………………….             66.8
      Financial specialists, all other………………….             66.6
      Tax preparers………………………………..             65.9
      Insurance underwriters………………………..             62.8
      Education administrators………………………             62.6
      Accountants and auditors……………………             61.8
      Veterinarians…………………………………..             61.2
      Claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners,    
      and investigators…………………………….             60.6
      Budget analysts………………………………..             59.3
      Medical scientists………………………………             56.9
      Advertising and promotions managers………..             56.5
      Financial managers……………………………             54.7

  12. Of persons aged 25 years and older, 29 percent of women and 30 percent of men had attained a bachelor’s degree or higher; 31 percent of women and men had completed only high school, no college.

  13. The higher a person’s educational attainment, the more likely they will be a labor force participant (working or looking for work) and less likely to be unemployed.

  14. For women age 25 and over with less than a high school diploma, 34 percent were labor force participants; high school diploma, no college, 53 percent; some college, but no degree, 62 percent; associate degree, 72 percent; and bachelor’s degree or higher, 73 percent.

  15. For women age 25 and over with less than a high school diploma, their unemployment rate was 14.2 percent; high school diploma, no college, 8.0 percent; some college, but no degree, 8.0 percent; associate degree, 5.9 percent; and bachelor’s degree or higher, 4.5 percent.


That sounds horrible doesn’t it?  Wow, that is just awful. The truth is, women were never supposed to work.  Let me put it this way.  If, the shoe was on the other foot, and I was a househusband, and my wife worked, and I took care of the kids and the home and did all the shopping and cleaning, I WOULD NEVER GIVE THAT UP.  The women’s movement started in 1920, by radical feminist lesbians, who EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, had had horrible relationship experiences.  Those leaders went underground when they got no traction.  They then returned in 1960 with a new outlook that pleased business and government alike.  They then delivered women, on a silver platter, to the powers that be, for them to subjugate in the work place.  The psychology of the marketing scheme to get women to give up their families and homes, for a low paying job has been taken into overdrive.  Pharmaceuticals have introduced “the pill”, which aids women from getting pregnant and stay working.  News agencies put forth story after story marketing the feminist point of view.  Nowhere is there ever a happy housewife that loves her husband and raises well adjusted kids in the news.  [correct me if I’m wrong]  And, the government passes funding for money to keep women working and to oust men out of their lives, i.e. destroying the family, by handing out childcare money and giving incentives to single mothers over married women.

10 things that a man has never said to a woman. 

All of these things are things other WOMEN say to women, not men.

  1. if you get pregnant you can’t further your career
  2. you don’t have time to raise a family and keep a good paying job
  3. you need to work to be able to afford the things you want in life
  4. you’re being oppressed by staying home and being a housewife
  5. doesn’t breast feeding make you feel like a cow
  6. I can’t be seen with you in those shoes and that purse
  7. stop bragging about your promotion
  8. did you hear about Shanequa
  9. you can’t provide for your man, like I can
  10. stop sticking your butt and chest out

The competitive world of women is generally invisible to men.  A man can be standing right next to two women who are shooting lazers out of their eyes and growing werewolf sized claws, getting ready to throw down, and he not be aware at all.

Being the employee of a pregnant women, a lesbian woman and a competitive woman, I have been thrown under the bus so many times, I was rudely awakened to the competitive world of women.  When I couldn’t understand why hundreds of women, at a former corporate job I had, were content to stay at an opening position, it was my beast of a female manager that rudely awakened me to the “pecking” order of the work place.  And, although I was a male and an outsider, I was treated like the female pack, by her.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think I needed special treatment, but I was more qualified and more experienced than she was, as was probably 70% of the female employees under her.  Not that a man would simply step aside, but I don’t think  a man would block my transfers and collateral shifts I tried to do to get out of the department.  This is exactly what the pregnant and lesbian women did too.  Luckily, under the pregnant manager, a male manager saw what was going on and rescued me, over her head.  I had no such luck under the competitive woman’s thumb.  Working for the lesbian was abysmal and short.

Let me say this, I have never had a male manager soundly plant every possible dagger he could find, into my back.  Men tend to be quite up front with their competitiveness.  They announce what they are doing, gonna do, hope to do, to each other.   They tend to pull out their sword and wave it around so you can clearly see it.  Then you, as another man, are to pull out your sword, and hope it is bigger or that it can parry the manager’s sword.  If either is true, then you have “won” that battle.

A type A personality male manager will beat you down, but when he gets where he’s going he’ll call you up and offer you a position.  This is how politics work, big business works etc.  Womanly competition is for keeps.  A woman competitor never wants to see you again and hopes you rot in hell.  It is for keeps.

It is not unheard of for male employees to follow a male manager / leader from company to company.  In the end, that man and employees may end up with him being CEO and the rest being on the board, appointed by him.

[ Resources: U.S. DEPT OF LABOR, N.Y. Times, Wikipedia, Mommy off the record, Women’s studies ]

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    Game Reivew: Dragon Age 2

    Dragon Age 2

    Dragon Age II is the second game in BioWare’s Dragon Age series of role-playing video games and was released on March 8, 2011 in North America and March 11, 2011 in Europe. Unlike its predecessor, Dragon Age: Origins, the main character’s race, family and background cannot be changed; however, the character’s appearance, gender, class and first name are all fully customizable. Hawke, the main character, is a Lothering refugee who rises to power and becomes the Champion of the Free Marches. Dragon Age II is set in the same world as Dragon Age: Origins, but takes place in the Free Marches.  It was announced for Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

    Overall Grade:  5/10

    • Visual 4/10
    • Sound 8/10
    • Gameplay 5/10
    • Mechanics 8/10
    • Fun 5/10
    • Replay 0/10

    Visual 4/10

    It is really difficult to say how to judge the visual impact of the game at this stage.  Do I compare it to other games out there?  Or, do I compare it to itself, i.e. Dragon Age: Origins. I settled on a happy medium and decided both scales should be used.  Compared to itself, there is nothing new, so it receives a 5/10 but, compared to games out there, it receives a 10/10.  They are using the same exact engine as Dragon Age: Origins, so there was no visual change to the game.  However, the extensive use of alleged cardboard cut outs to describe cut scenes and splash screens drops it down 3 notches.  The game engine itself is pretty stunning.  I get they did not want to pay for animating more cut scenes but then you suffer the consequences of people like me not liking it.

    A very big criticism is that the same 3 maps were used over and over and over.  If you go into a “cave” they load up the cave map.  If you go into a “building” they load up the building map.  If you go into the “wilderness” they load up the wilderness map.  I swear.  It is 1980 all over again, only this time it’s 2011 and it’s the Dragon Age engine.

    Sound 8/10

    The Venerable Flemeth Returns

    The same exact music was used in this game as the first.  The same sound was used in this game.  At $50 bucks a pop, customers want new stuff.  There was some additional music used.  It was modern world music.  I don’t mean good modern world music, as is used in Grammy award winning Civilization V, this was bad, piss poor, modern world music.  If nothing else, stick with your classical French Horn dominated music and we’ll call it a day.

    The sound effects were the same, good.  Unlike some new games out there *cough*RIFT*cough* that used the worst possible sound effect for drawing a damn sword out of a scabbard for a walking sound [ honestly I have no clue what sound they were trying to make in that game ] Dragon Age 2 and probably Bioware in general, does sound effects right.  It’s a sad commentary when you have to applaud a game for actually using footsteps in sand to represent *gasp* footsteps in sand.  It’s just that there are so many bad games out there like *cough*RIFT*cough* that have no clue what they’re doing, so when something correct comes along you have to acknowledge it.

    Gameplay 5/10

    As mentioned in general description, you play a prechosen hero throughout the game.  This is actually classic Bioware.  Nearly 90% of their titles center around you playing a preselected hero, that stuff just happens to.  It’s not a bad concept when done right, however when it is the sequel to a game that gave you an overabundance of selection, story and looks, it is a total slap in the face that you’re paying for it.  You cannot even choose a different race.  You only select how your particular human looks.

    As to the story.  What story?  There is no story.  The cutscenes keep calling you a hero.  I kept saying a “hero” of what?  Rat killing?

    Another classic bioware feature was added / kept and that is party reaction to your decisions.  Only this time, it doesn’t quite matter which way they go with their opinion of you.  They get bonuses regardless of how they feel about you.  It’s not a love hate relationship, it’s a rival / friend relationship.  I know this complex human concept is foreign to most stupid Americans, but that’s actually how relationships are, you are either supportive of your friends, or you are in competition with your rivals.  The opposite of love is not hate, the opposite is indiference.  So someone that hates someone is their rival, not their non-friend.  It is only when backed up against a wall, do you kill your rival.  Otherwise you compete with your rival until they defeat themselves through their own actions.  It’s a sort of ying yang outlook on things, but it’s how humans ACTUALLY act, regardless of the idiotic passifistic hatred spewed by Christianity. *cough*crusades*cough* *cough*antisemetism*cough*

    Through 80% of the game you’re walking around a city.  But wait, there’s more.  That city is divided into day and night versions of the same … CITY.  Oh my stars!  This pratically ruins the game for me.  I mean, I like the intrigue of a city, but the entire idea of being an adventurer is … going on adventures?  Sally’s basement, however quaint, is not an adventure.  Call me crazy.

    Mechanics 8/10

    Generic Hero to the Rescue

    The pause system of real time fighting is still in effect during combat.  Otherwise, everything is exactly as it was in Dragon Age: Origins.  I onced watched a rather failure of a guy play Origins.  He never paused combat and tried to go from person to person to perform his idea of flawless combat.  He did not understand why he died so often.  Yes it’s real time, and if you want a flawless combat scene, fraps it, and then review it in fraps.  Otherwise the rest of us with brains will pause in between casts in combat, and issue whatever orders we want to issue.

    Walking, running, talking, object interaction are all the same as Dragon Age: Origins.  No mechanics have changed at all from the original.  None except, ………. LOADING SCREENS.  I found the Dragon Age:Origins loading screens to be game breaking.  If I have to reboot my entire system every 30 minutes to get a game to play, then I give up.  There is no way in hell I would ever play that.  After patch after patch Bioware refused to admit it was something in the game.  And, even with patch after patch it was never adequatly fixed.  However, where Origins loading screens were horrible, Dragon Age 2 loading screens are a dream.  Everything loads up super fast and you’re off to the races.  That being said, nearly every 2 inches there’s a loading screen.

    One addition was that mages, for the most part, now use their staves as magical weapons and melee weapons.  This is a slight departure from the original, because in the original mages cast way more spells qua spells.  Imagine my surprise when in the first cut scene my weakling mages bursts out ice shards spewing out of his staff like a mad banshee, killing everything in 3 hits.  If this is your cup of tea, then you’ve got it made.  It’s more of 3rd person shooter style, but if that’s your bag, have fun.  For those of us who actually have our brains ATTACHED to our spinal columns, this is the worst.

    Fun 5/10

    This is a mixed bag indeed.  Is the game fun compared to other games?  Is the game fun versus sitting at home alone?  Sure it will pass the time, but if you want something funner, how about replaying the original.  Which leads us to the last point.

    Replay 0/10

    Why a whopping zero for replay?  Because, if you didn’t catch the story the first time, then you just weren’t awake.  If you replay, then you will choose the same human, in the same family, doing the same exact things.  There is no replay.  Thanks for your $50 though.


    If game developers want to have continued customers buying their products, they cannot continue to just put out junk to make a fast buck.  I’m sure everyone will disagree and side with the developer and say, making the fast buck pays for the epic games.  Well the sales of Dragon Age: Origins should have been able to fund yet another Dragon Age: Origins.  I mean, isn’t that the point of a wildly successful game?  Keep striking the iron while its hot.  You don’t turn around and piss on the people that bought your game for $120, including all addons.

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    Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

    The Adjustment Bureau

    American thriller film loosely based on the Philip K. Dick short story, “Adjustment Team”.  The film was written and directed by George Nolfi.  It contains a score by Thomas Newman, with two songs by Richard Ashcroft (“Future’s Bright” for the opening sequence; “Are You Ready” for the closing credits.)

    It stars [a very fat] Matt Damon “David Norris”, Emily Blunt “Elise Sellas”, Anthony Mackie “Harry Mitchell”, John Slattery “Richardson”, Michael Kelly “Charlie Traynor”, Terence Stamp “Thompson”.

    David Norris (Matt Damon) is a young, charismatic politician running for the United States Senate. In 2006 he loses his early lead and is rehearsing his concession speech in the hotel bathroom, where he meets a woman hiding in one of the stalls. Having overheard his speech, she encourages him to be more original and honest. Attracted to each other, they kiss before being interrupted, and Norris leaves to make the speech. Inspired by the woman, Norris goes off script and makes an honest speech that is widely praised and makes him an early favorite for the 2010 Senate race.

    So we are immediately thrust into this “romance” between David Norris and Elise Sellas and off we go.  The bureau part comes in when Harry Mitchell is supposed to make Norris spill his coffee.  The audience is left in the dark for some time as to how Harry is supposed to do this.  It is not until 25 minutes into the film when Harry motions 2 blocks away from a speeding bus, that Norris is riding in, sitting next to Elise, that we see that the coffee spills itself.

    A few things are wrong with this film.  I don’t know if it is actually the fault of Hollywood.  I don’t know if it is the fault of the source material, Philip K. Dick’s short story, “Adjustment Team”.  Or just, the script writers dropped the ball.

    • the supposed romance between Matt Damon’s character and Emily Blunt’s character was never established as a real romance
    • the bureau is NEVER ironed out in the film
    • the conflict [ keeping Matt Damon’s character from loving Emily Blunt’s character ] is never adequately explained and the ball is dropped heavily on this one [ a very real point could have been made, but it wasn’t ]

    Let’s take these three criticisms.

    In the story, Norris kisses Elise in a bathroom before his concession speech is to be given.  The very idea that a woman is in a men’s bathroom and in 2 seconds she kisses the main character, speaks of how much of a slut she is, rather than her being virtuous and the object of a real romance.

    What they did not show, and what would have made the scene FAR more sense, is if we had seen, previously, of how his romantic life was abysmal and the women he met were drab.  But, we didn’t.  So, for this scene the only basis on this character is that he’s a politician.  It conjured images of Bill Clinton, more than it conjured images of Romeo and Juliet.

    Based on this one kiss in the men’s bathroom, the audience is supposed to deduce, and by deduce, I mean that there is no evidence on the screen, that there is a torrid romance brewing.

    But wait, it gets worse.  After that kiss, the next day, Norris happens to ride the same bus as Elise and they sit together, yet never see each other for 3 years after that day and somehow he is so in love with her that he would lay down his life for her, a slut he met in a men’s bathroom.  Seriously?  Why is she a slut?  She kissed a strange guy in a bathroom after 3 sentences and ONLY STOPPED because his campaign manager walks in on them at that instant.  Lord knows where it would have gone.  I’ve seen pornos with better romantic development than this.  At least in a porno, the pool boy is an obvious attraction for the lonely housewife.

    The bureau or adjustment bureau, is never quite hashed out in the film.  This is where I always blame Hollywood, but the source material could have been lacking.  Let’s go with blaming Hollywood.  They always put out pseudo-religious movies, but keep 10 paces behind actually saying anything religious on screen.  So the bureau seems to be a bunch of angels running around fixing man’s life, but the film NEVER admits that.  At best we get a “could be, could be not” and a shrug of the shoulders.  But, in the same sentence when the question is put to Harry, we get also examples of other weird explanations, including aliens.  We never have any idea who these people are.

    So then we are left with the conflict of the story, that Norris cannot love Elise.  Why not?  We are never given a direct reason, or shall I say, we are never given an honest answer.  Since the bureau, obviously, is not above lying, anything that they say is suspect in the film.  Various explanations are given about the conflict but they are all contradictory.

    Finally, the ending was a complete let down.  Instead of some fantastic dramatic over the top punch to some political, social or religious current event, we are left with piss water happy ending.  or was it?

    I give The Adjustment Bureau a D minus for wasting my time.

    The acting was good though. 🙂

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    Don’t Use His Name in Vain?

    Where the Word “God” Comes From

    We’ve been exploring the roots of Christianity and the top 3 religions Judeo / Christian / Muslim and how they are actually rooted and derived from the very pagan and heathen religions they allegedly denounce vehemently.  In the end the conclusion is always that Judaism / Christianity / Muslim are all simply variations on pagan religions and are simply popular pagan religions.  The fact they try to call themselves non-pagan is laughable when over and over, every major event these religions celebrate are directly stolen from pagan religions.  In the end, they are simply religions and not derived from any god they pretend to be from.

    African Slaves

    Speaking of god, how can you have a discussion on modern religions without knowing where the very word god came from?  You cannot.  So if we wish to discuss these religions let’s begin with the heart of all of these religions, the very being which they pretend to worship, god.  Just as before, the word god comes from… you guessed it… another pagan religion, the Hindu.  Unlike most other Americans, I have never considered Asian beliefs to ascend to the point of them being called religions.  They are more, Eastern Philosophies.  They are a way of thinking and living than they are, worshiping some obscure being that you have no control over and who in turns secretly controls your life.

    Although the top three religions vehemently denounce these pagan religions, the very essence of their religion, god, the word, comes directly from these religions.  In fact, the top three religions did not have a word for god, until they heard it from these pagan religions.  Not only that, but the word, god, is a very recent invention and was not around when the three religions were formed and their “holy scriptures” were supposedly written. 

    On a huge side note, the word god, when it is brought over into the top three religions, takes on a very masculine form and the being is seen as a man.  The original idea of the word god, was a gender neutral being.  Why do we think this matters?  Because it points out that man formulated the word god and the concept of god.  Because these societies are patriarchal, man centric, they then formulate the idea that god is a man.  They could not conceive of a being that is gender neutral.  The most important being in their entire society then, has to be a man, because it then means that men, the gender, are in command and always right.

    Oxford English Dictionary:

    “god (gρd). Also 3-4 godd. [Com. Teut.: OE. god (masc. in sing.; pl. godu, godo neut., godas masc.) corresponds to OFris., OS., Du. god masc., OHG. got, cot (MHG. got, mod.Ger. gott) masc., ON. goð, guð neut. and masc., pl. goð, guð neut. (later Icel. pl. guðir masc.; Sw., Da. gud), Goth. guÞ (masc. in sing.; pl. guÞa, guda neut.). The Goth. and ON. words always follow the neuter declension, though when used in the Christian sense they are syntactically masc. The OTeut. type is therefore *guđom neut., the adoption of the masculine concord being presumably due to the Christian use of the word. The neuter sb., in its original heathen use, would answer rather to L. numen than to L. deus. Another approximate equivalent of deus in OTeut. was *ansu-z (Goth. in latinized pl. form anses, ON. ρss, OE. Ós- in personal names, ésa genit. pl.); but this seems to have been applied only to the higher deities of the native pantheon, never to foreign gods; and it never came into Christian use.

     The ulterior etymology is disputed. Apart from the unlikely hypothesis of adoption from some foreign tongue, the OTeut. *gubom implies as its pre-Teut. type either *ghudho-m or *ghutó-m. The former does not appear to admit of explanation; but the latter would represent the neut. of the passive pple. of a root *gheu-.  There are two Aryan roots of the required form (both *glheu, with palatal aspirate): one meaning ‘to invoke’ (Skr. hū), the other ‘to pour, to offer sacrifice’ (Skr. hu, Gr. χέειν, OE. yéotan YETE v.). Hence *glhutó-m has been variously interpreted as ‘what is invoked’ (cf. Skr. puru-hūta ‘much-invoked’, an epithet of Indra) and as ‘what is worshipped by sacrifice’ (cf. Skr. hutá, which occurs in the sense ‘sacrificed to’ as well as in that of ‘offered in sacrifice’). Either of these conjectures is fairly plausible, as they both yield a sense practically coincident with the most obvious definition deducible from the actual use of the word, ‘an object of worship’.

    Some scholars, accepting the derivation from the root *glheu- to pour, have supposed the etymological sense to be ‘molten image’ (= Gr. χυγόν), but the assumed development of meaning seems very unlikely.

    Barnhart, Robert K (1995). The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology: the Origins of American English Words, page 323.

    The earliest written form of the Germanic word god comes from the 6th century Christian Codex Argenteus. The English word itself is derived from the Proto-Germanic * ǥuđan. Most linguists agree that the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European form * ǵhu-tó-m was based on the root * ǵhau(ə)-, which meant either “to call” or “to invoke”.[4] The Germanic words for god were originally neuter—applying to both genders—but during the process of the Christianization of the Germanic peoples from their indigenous Germanic paganism, the word became a masculine syntactic form.[5]

    The capitalized form God was first used in Ulfilas’s Gothic translation of the New Testament, to represent the Greek Theos. In the English language, the capitalization continues to represent a distinction between monotheistic “God” and “gods” in polytheism.[6][7] In spite of significant differences between religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, the Bahá’í Faith, and Judaism, the term “God” remains an English translation common to all. The name may signify any related or similar monotheistic deities, such as the early monotheism of Akhenaten and Zoroastrianism.

    When used in English within a community with a common monotheistic background, “God” always refers to the deity they share. Those with a background in different Abrahamic religions will usually agree on the deity they share, while still differing on details of belief and doctrine—they will disagree about attributes of [the] God, rather than thinking in terms of “my God” and “your (different) God”.

    So we can see quite a few things from just studying the origins of the word god.  First, that it is derived from pagan religions.  If your being of worship and the center of your religion is derived from a pagan concept, what does that make your religion?  If your being of worship is directly derived from idol worship, what does that make your religion?

    I know these are heavy concepts to accept and probably, for some of you, grasp, but noone else talks about it, and you know us, we talk about things people are afraid to talk about.

    Are we afraid god is going to strike us dead for talking “bad” about “him”?  Not in the least bit.  We think the modern religions got the teachings of their religion wrong.  It’s wrong in practice, and the concept was never embraced.  You cannot have a religion both teach about love, which all 3 do, and yet through the “religion” endorse slavery, murder, war, genocide.  That’s where the practice of the religion diverges or goes away from the teachings of the religion.

    There is a saying, “Man is fallible, but God’s Word is infallible.”   Obviously whoever said that, did not scream that loud enough.  The religions have twisted the very ideas that they are pretending to worship.  They have used a message of hope and love to torture people with and render brilliant people dumb and killing themselves.  Millions of Africans were taught, worlwide that they must bow to the white man and discard all of their former names, beliefs, heritage, because “god” told them so and that “god” wants them to be slaves to white men.  And, what’s worse, the Africans did discard their own beliefs, heritage, names, history and lineage to bow down to the very “god” they were taught, put them in slavery, and they never went back to their own ways.

    The top 3 religions are nothing more than religions.  They are nothing different than Voodoo, Hindu, Shinto, Osirian Worship etc.  They are simply religions.

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    Some Days I’d Like to Give up My Brain

    I Want to Be a Normal American

    Some days I sit and just look at all the horrible things that go on right in front of my face and I think, “how could noone see this?”  But, I think I am the only one that is awake.  I think I am the only one that can see the strings being pulled.  I think I am the only one that sees the man behind the curtain, pulling the levers and working the pipes and pushing the peddles.  I think I am the only man in America that doesn’t think putting business before government is not, business as usual.  I don’t think anyone that is awake or cognizant of what is going on, could tolerate this insanity.  Then, in the still quiet of the morning, when I am feeling my lowest, and world is quiet and the sun is thinking about peeking over the horizon for a new day, that’s when I think I should just be an American, a normal American.

    Some times, though, I’d like to just … give up this brain I have sitting inside my skull and just be mindless like the rest of these … Americans:

    • I’d give up this brain and not have a care in the world, just as dumb as a box of hammers, silly as a slaughtered cow, and just as stupid a mule butting my head up against a tree, because I think it’s in the way
    • I’d give up this brain and not have a concern about money, just as broke as I don’t know what, giving my paycheck over to the government or the retail store just as fast as I could cash it, paying a fee to even get it cashed
    • I’d give up this brain and go buy overly expensive clothes to impress my clique, my friends, who can’t afford the clothes they’re in too, because that’s what cool people wear, and we don’t know they can afford it
    • I’d give up this brain and sign up for 20 credit cards and never pay them back, never being able to buy a house or a car ever in my life, and if I ever got married, the day I signed the “I do” papers, would be the day her credit would plummet just for being married to me 
    • I’d give up this brain and go take every drug I could get my hands on, because that’s what cool people do and if you talk bad about drugs, then you’re automatically not cool, but if you do drugs and talk about doing drugs, you automatically are cool, because because because yeah, I’m too stupid to make up my own mind and look around seeing how drugs ruin people left and right and kill them left and right
    • I’d give up this brain and have mad sex partners of all kinds, shapes, sizes and genders, because being bisexual is cool and hip and groovy baby, because that’s what the cool kids say, who cares if it feels completely unnatural and hurts and you wind up bleeding, being cool and American is what it’s all about right?
    • I’d give up this brain and walk into McDonalds and eat their roach infested chemcial burgers and not care that I’m suddenly addicted to a salt I can’t even pronounce and a fake sugar I couldn’t understand even with a chemistry degree, and who cares that I go from a size 28″ waist to a 45″ waist in 6 damn months, cuz that’s what all the cool Americans do right?
    • I’d give up this brain and go get the stupid flu vaccine every damn August, because that’s what the damn t.v. that I love to watch, and believe everything that comes out of it says, because everyone that is someone has to take the flu shot every damn August and ignore those stories about autism, Guillain-Barré, and people being paralyzed for the rest of their life, besides, I gotta be at the water cooler and complain how much the shot hurt at the water cooler in the office, at the job I don’t have, cuz that’s what cool Americans do.

    That’s the life eh?

    And, you ask what would be the point of that?  You ask what would that accomplish?

    I’d be happy.  I wouldn’t write political blogs and have people curse me out.  I wouldn’t have my audience at one of my online t.v. shows, that is also political, call me at 3a.m. and curse me out.  I wouldn’t have my facebook friends curse me out in public about how she hates my political links, because people on the internet want to hear jokes, not the news.  I’d have lots of druggy friends.  I have all sorts of disease infested sex, instead of no sex.  I think I’d be really happy in my ignorance.  I think I would be really popular.  I think I’d be dead within 5 years.

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