Three Words: Invest in Mauritius

The Mauritius Miracle

At 5% annual GDP growth rate, you couldn’t be looking in a better place.  With 85% home ownership, free tertiary education and free national healthcare, the nation is truly a financial miracle.  The tiny African nation is stumping financial wizards in white and Europeans nations.  What is successful in Mauritius however, has proven to be disastrous in the white and European countries, i.e. home ownership and free healthcare.

The robust economy of the tiny African nation is exploding, continually being the miracle that it is.  The chief reason behind this, however is not lost on the leading nations: not playing the game.  Mauritius’ ruling body is not governed and bogged down by private interests like so many other nations, namely the U.S.  Also, Mauritius is not given over to the military industrial complex as the U.S. is.  To add insult to injury, the US occupies one of Mauritius’s offshore islands, Diego Garcia, as a naval base without compensation, officially leasing it from Britain, which not only retained the Chagos Islands in violation of the UN and international law, but expelled its citizens and refuses to allow them to return.

The US should now do right by this peaceful and democratic country: recognise Mauritius’s rightful ownership of Diego Garcia, renegotiate the lease, and redeem past sins by paying a fair amount for land that it has illegally occupied for decades.

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