Desafinado – "Out of Tune" George Michael & Astrud Gilberto (video + lyrics)

Desafinado – “Out of Tune”

Here’s one of the smoothest bossa nova pieces ever written.  Desafinado composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim with lyrics (in Portuguese) by Newton Mendonça. The English language lyrics were written by Jon Hendricks and Jessie Cavanaugh. Another English lyric, more closely based on the original Portuguese lyric (but not a translation) was written by Gene Lees, and appears on some recordings as well. The version by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd (from the album Jazz Samba) was a major hit in 1962, reaching 15 and 4 on Billboard’s pop and easy-listening charts, respectively; their definitive rendering also reached No. 11 in the UK, whilst Ella Fitzgerald’s version made No. 38.

Desafinado Lyrics (Portuguese)

Se vocк disser que eu desafino amor
Saiba que isto em mim provoca imensa dor
Sу previlegiados tкm ouvido igual ao seu
Eu possuo apenas o que Deus me deu

Astrud Gilberto

Se vocк insiste em classificar
Como o meu comportamento de anti-musical
No lhes vou mentir, atй vou comentar
Que isso й bossa-nova
Que isso й muito natural
Que vocк no sabe nem sequer pressente
й que os desafinados tambйm tкm um cora?

Fotografei vocк na minha role-flix
Revelou-se a sua enorme ingratid?

Sу no poderб falar assim do meu amor
Que й o maior que vocк pode encontrar
Vocк passou a musica e esqueceu o principal
Que no peito dos desafinados
No fundo do peito bate calado
No peito dos desafinados tambйm bate um cora?

Desafinado (English Translation)

If you say that I am off key, my love
You must know that this will cause me great pain
Only the privileged have heard your equal
I possess only what God has given me

If you insist on classifying
My performance as unmusical
Lying to myself, I argue
That this is bossa nova
This is very natural

What you do not know or even sense
Is that my tune also has a heart
The photograph of you in my Rolleiflex
Reveals your enormous ingratitude

Do not speak thus of my love
That’s all you have been able to see

You have forgotten that music, above all,
Is what is carried within the tune
Deep within its breast there beats
Within the breast of my tune
There beats a heart

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What Men Want

What Men Want

If men were honest they would say the following.  I am sure women think they know what men want, and I am sure they think men are so transparent and simple that they have them all figured out.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Men are not simple, and are just as complex and multifaceted as women.  It is illogical to think that because you have a vagina, that somehow you are transcended to a much loftier mind and being than a human with a penis.  If you actually believe that somehow your breasts make you more than a non-breast-having human, then you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book, marketing of “women”.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll notice, time and again, I shed light into the world that is psychobabble, marketing to the sexes and the social stratification builds set up simply to get you to buy into various notions, all for you to put your money down.  Think tanks all over America have come up some doozy complicated propaganda to get women to think one way, “I am equal to a man, if not better.”  The truth is, the people behind the marketing, have absolutely no care for women nor even consider them worthy of the things they pretend to give them, equality.  That is to say, these think tanks that came up with “women can work”, “women are equal to men”, and “women are better than men” nearly all despise women, and consider them inferior.  So why put out propaganda to get them to work and vote and other things?  The truth is simple.  If a woman buys into the notion that a woman’s place is not to raise children, take care of the home while hubby goes and wins the bread, then she drops kids and hubby and comes and works as well, and has her own money, to buy crap, without needing approval from her hubby.  Also, with women working the corporate fat cats have another cheap labor pool to exploit for profit.

So, now that you have an understanding what’s at work when you think you know what a man wants, you are broken down and suddenly realize that the whole notion that women are somehow: more intuitive, more nurturing, more sensible than a man is all hogwash.

Men are Driven by Sex

This is more propaganda put out by your local police, city government and nation government.  How can they make men appear to be driven by sex?  Easy, they deprive the population of sex, then turn around and put out scandalous information in the media / news that promotes sex.

No man, that is a man, is governed by the thought of sex.  If you find a male, driven by sex, he is an infant in the brain and no man at all.

At the end of the day, having sex may seem like an “adult” thing, but in reality, having lots of sex and constantly thinking about sex is a teenage thing.  Once a man has become and actual adult, he puts aside sexual thoughts and starts to think about much, much bigger things in life.

What could it benefit the country to have men in a juvenile state?  Easy, it’s called the police / nanny state.  That means that if the men have no matured to the point where they are beyond the adolescent phase, then the government is their father in all things and can tell them what to do.  If you don’t have real, thinking, adult men in the population, then you can control everyone.

Do not mistake this point to mean that men don’t want to have sex, which stupid people reading this blog sometimes do.  The point is that they are not GOVERNED by the wish for sex.  Sure, most everyone “wants” sex, but adults don’t think about it 24 / 7.

Moral: if you find a male that always talks about sex or wants to have sex with you, that male has not matured into adulthood yet, or never will.

Men Will Do Anything for Women

Sadly, I am sure you women have already concluded this is not true at all.  First off, some men, a very minor few, are homosexuals so, of course they will not do anything for you.  Secondly, unless the man is another immature brat, you cannot control him with your vagina.  Yeah, so point one is starting to take shape?  I know a lot of women that are with complete scrubs and control their guys with the threat of no vagina.

First of all, the very idea that you would think to control someone with them getting into your vagina is whorish, to begin with.  Now stop for a second.  Think back to commercials, jokes, movies where you saw this in play.  Even a silly comment like “none for you tonight honey”.  It indoctrinates you to buy into this whorish notion: I can control a man with my vagina.  STOP!  Now if you read point one carefully, you know what I am about to say.  If you can control a man with your vagina, he is not a man at all.

So manipulation aside, why do real men do things for women?  It is pretty obvious.  A human will do something nice for another human for only two reasons: they are a nice person [ which never happens in modern society ]; or they want to gain favor with that person [ even kids understand this concept of reverse manipulation ].  So, if you, the woman, think you are lording over someone because they do things for you, take a step back and realize what you do for them in return.  Don’t you feel obligated if someone does something for you?  Everyone does.  Isn’t that how the dating scene is?  It’s like rule #1, do something for the other person and they will date / fall in love / marry you … eventually.  Trust me, it’s a backwards notion, and a very immature way of approaching love.  There we go again with the immaturity.

Moral: the very thought that you would control someone with your vagina is a whorish notion. That aside, if you can control a male with your vagina, he is not a man to begin with.

Men Only Want One Thing From a Woman

Sadly, it breaks my heart to even hear women or worse, men say this.  Again, only an immature male would say this.  Men do not want sex from women, as the be all end all.  If push came to shove there are plenty of sheep and goat in the world that men could stick their penis in.  Remember that.  In the 1700s there was a small town that was plagued with witch hunts.  They killed so many women, as witches, that they had nearly none left of any decent age.  The men took to having sex with sheep after awhile.  Sad but true.

Men want a myriad of things from women.  First and foremost is companionship.  As much as the commercials and TV and movies say men are afraid of commitment, it is not true.  Notice how much this is said all over the place: “men are afraid of commitment”.  Unless a man is genuinely uninterested in you, they will date / marry you.  There is tremendous marketing to get you AND men to buy into the notion that men are afraid of commitment.  Why?  Because then you won’t seek a boyfriend or you’ll sabotage all your relationships and go get a job yourself, and spend your money by yourself.  See the scam?  It’s one big circle.

Men want someone that likes them, just for being them.  What does that mean?  That means, when he’s 40, you don’t get bored of him because he lost his muscles, or going bald or doesn’t play basketball every Saturday.  It means you love the person inside, not outside.  Love is an inward thing, not an outward thing.

America is so caught up in looks, as opposed to overseas.  Look at movies from other countries and you’ll immediately notice that their actors are not as polished, porcelain, plastic as ours.  So the entire fake look thing trickles down all through our society.  When was the last time you went shopping for clothes and why did you buy the clothes you bought?  That’s the real question.  Why do you buy the things you buy?  Looks.  So if a man gets signs from you that you’re into him only for his looks, after awhile he’ll treat you the same way. And, we pick up on that real quick.  The couple down the road got a divorce at 40, because he said she got fat.  Is he a bastard for that?  Or, the truth is, she treated him like a trophy husband from day one so when she lost her looks, he moved on.

Moral: be sure the man you’re with is not just into you for the sex.  Why?  Because he can get sex from anyone, anything AND it doesn’t have to be a woman.  Real talk.  It doesn’t have to be human.  Real talk.

The Lowest Common Denominator

When girls get together they say and act one way.  When they are alone or one on one, they say and act differently.  Men are no exceptions to this.  The expectations are totally different of course.  The sad part is, as the group gets larger, everyone gets dumber.  The same is true for women as it is for men.  The lowest common denominator is the rule.  Noone in the history of man, has ever been brave enough to appear smarter than anyone in a group they wish to be part of.  Let me put that another way.  To be a part of a group, everyone feels they have to belong to the group.  So, they make sure they don’t say anything to make them stand out.  The easiest way NOT to stand out, is to appear to be smarter than anyone in the group.

If that is true then, when these men get together the dumbest person in the group is the guide.  Going back to my other points, the most immature man in the group is how the group will act.  Once the man is part of the group he learns from the group.  So if 2 men in a group of 5 are immature adolescent sex fiends, then the group will be also.  The lowest common denominator wins.

So when you see a man in a group that you like and he acts like a douche bag to you, understand what is going on.  He is expected to act like a douche bag.

Also, when men get together and the dumbest person only thinks about sex, all the men in the group will seek approval from the group by relating sex stories.

Another way and another aspect of this lowest common denominator is the “misery loves company” group.  This is a group of men that will go out of their way to say and do the most depressing things imaginable to impress the group.  Ever wonder why a guy who scratches himself or breaks something gets up and says “boy wait till the guys hear this”.  Well now you know why.

What to Take From This

At the end of the day, a man wants one thing.  No, that’s a lie.  That what everyone wants you to believe.  The reality is, a man wants a myriad of things:

  • companionship till he’s old and gray
  • someone to share moments with
  • someone who shares the same interests as him
  • someone to take care of his household
  • someone to take care of and have his children [ i know that sounds old fashioned but it is still STILL true ]
  • someone that respects him AND respects herself [ being with a whore is fun when you’re 17, but not when you’re 27 ]
  • someone to take care of [ I know, sounds weird, but a man still wants to be a man – me Tarzan you Jane ]
A lot of women miss the boat.  On TV it seems that only cool people are on.  The whole Waltons type of family is dead and gone off of TV, but the reality is that is how men want to live.  
I hate to say it but, if you do not submit yourself to a man and allow him to be the man of the house, then more than likely, either you don’t have a man or your relationship is doomed to fail.  A man doesn’t grow up and leave the house to submit to another father figure.  At some point he has to become the father figure.  If you’re so caught up in this women’s lib thing that you cannot see this, then there’s no hope for you.  A boy cannot be a father.  I know many try, but … yeah the proof is in the pudding.
At some point you have to be a woman to your man, and not a man to your man.  Now that’s just creepy when it’s broken down like that.  But, so many “modern” women are trying to be a man to their man.  Honey, if that’s the case then you don’t want a man or shall I say, he don’t want a woman.  If you get my drift.  LOL

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How to Get Out of the Economic Depression in America Today

Getting the Government Out of the Picture

Everyone in the belt seems to only listen to people that tells them to keep spending.  Somehow they think that we can spend our way out of this bubble economy.  Of course, that is completely illogical.  You cannot spend your way out of a bubble.  It makes you sense politically, economically or otherwise.  The only way to really turn this economic depression around is to stop spending and make cut backs.

End the Useless Department of Education

There are whole departments in the government that are completely obsolete, irrelevant and unnecessary.  They have names like department of education, IRS and homeland security.  The names seem completely necessary and we’ve been told that not having them and other would mean government collapse.  But, what is not said, is that they were mostly formed in this last generation’s lifetime, not 200 years ago.  Everyone shies away from the phrase spending cuts, because they always fear that the first thing on the chopping block will be some monstrous cut to roads or something equally crippling.  That’s the fear that has been put into the country, but the federal budget can be cut in nearly 1/2 before touching anything even close to necessary to run the government.

For example, a huge portion of the military budget, for instance, is spent on people not in the military at all.  People who have nothing to do with the running of any military actions.  They are simply leeching onto the military spending and bleeding it for all its worth.  However, when it comes to the floor to cut those people out of military spending, they turn it around to look as if the government is trying to cut military spending and not the leeches from the department.  A massive political campaign is started to change the rhetoric to make it look like “military” cuts would mean less troops, instead of less leeches.  Spending in the military alone could be halved and no military action would even be affected, due to this bloated budget for those who serve no purpose but to suck on the teet of American tax payers.

Unemployed Job Fair

With spending back to honest form you have to turn to taxes.  The single most honest way to create jobs via the government is one that rests in the only government’s power to “create” jobs.  Honestly speaking, the government cannot “create” a job.  Not even a single one.  A “job” is something that generates profit for someone that is building capital.  The government does not build capital.  The government gains only tax payer dollars.  They do not generate anything.  So a government job, by definition, is not a true job.  So Obama and friends cannot create jobs by doubling census taker jobs, a temporary fix anyway.  It is all more rhetoric anyway.  Government can only perform one roll when it comes to the job market, hinder more or hinder less in job creation or destruction.  That is to say, the only role government plays in the job market is to get in the way of business to create jobs.

Since the government cannot create jobs of its own accord, and once we understand that their only role in the job market is one of hindering creation, then we have to understand how they hinder it and remove those hindrances, taxes.  The burden of taxation on employers and employees alike is monumental in the hindrance of job creation.  Of course regulation is the 2nd factor, but more prominent is taxation.  So to get out of the way of job creation, the only way to get out of this slump is through:

“a 100% payroll tax holiday for both employers and employees.  Instead of putting money into the economy, [through inflationary quantitative easing ] relieve the burden from employers and employees.  That will generate jobs like nothing else in the history of the US.”

Obama proposed and passed a “payroll tax holiday”, but in actuality it was a 2% reduction in SS collection, all the while income taxes rose, so there was no net gain for anyone except a few wealthier workers.  Most laborers saw a net increase in taxes and less take home pay.  It is this kind of double talk and double dealing, that is killing any honest effort to get the economy going.  This administration is literally bankrupting the country and the middle class, while putting on a show of being for the people.

Illegal Immigration

Many Illegal Aliens are Criminals Fleeing the Law

Finally, on job creation, we must have a massive exodus of illegal immigration.  Advocates for illegal immigration, do so for ulterior motives that are not in the best interest of the country.  Illegal immigration creates a substrata of labor that is even lower than entry level pay.  Illegal immigration undercuts even low paying wages.  You can wrest massive unemployment directly on the shoulders of illegal immigration, and this is very openly documented and researched.  It has become politicized by those same advocates for illegal immigration.  The reality is that state governments are finally seeing through the rhetoric and realizing that their massive segments of the population on unemployment are directly caused by illegal immigrants in their state.  They are taking it upon themselves to finally make a move and upholding the illegal immigration laws and removing the illegal immigrants themselves.

Make no mistake, over 90% of all illegal immigrants are Mexican nationals.  Advocates for illegal immigration always puts the onus on us to sympathize for those illegal immigrants by pointing out the terrible conditions Mexico has.  However, they never put the responsibility on the very illegal aliens themselves, but somehow make us, the US, the responsible party for having a more stable society than Mexico.  The reality is that Mexico probably needs to have a revolution to turn its country around.  But either way, that is not the responsibility of the US government, nor the states, nor its citizens.  That is the responsibility of the Mexican people and the Mexican government.  The Mexican government devalued its own currency on purpose, rendering their own upper middle class, poor, overnight, and rending those under that class into abject poverty.  That has nothing to do with the United States.  And, it should not be thrust upon the shoulders of our citizens and middle class to bear the brunt of a decision made by the Mexican government.

All of this illegal immigration has become so highly politicized that noone dares even mention the true reason for the state Mexico is in right now.  They only talk about how poor people are and what terrible straights the people are in.  They never mention why there is so much poverty.  If the upper middle-class were thrust into poverty overnight, of course the country is going to be thrown into social unrest.  But that is the responsibility of their government and their people have to hold them responsible, not come over here illegally and cast millions of Americans into poverty, while creating a new underclass of citizenry.

FAIR research suggests that “between 40 and 50 percent of wage-loss among low-skilled Americans is due to the immigration of low-skilled workers. Some native workers lose not just wages but their jobs through immigrant competition. An estimated 1,880,000 American workers are displaced from their jobs every year by immigration; the cost for providing welfare and assistance to these Americans is over $15 billion a year.” The National Research Council, part of the National Academy of Sciences, found in 1997 that the average immigrant without a high school education imposes a net fiscal burden on public coffers of $89,000 during the course of his or her lifetime. The average immigrant with only a high school education creates a lifetime fiscal burden of $31,000. [ cite – Center for Immigration Studies report Immigration From Mexico – Assessing the Impact on the United States, subsection Impact of Mexican Immigration on Public Coffers. ]

Many states are now adopting Arizona’s model of immigration policy.  The tax paying people who are now out of a job are clamoring too loudly for them not to listen.  The Obama administration may try to socialize and communize everything and smooth everything over with a veneer of “we’re all in this together”, but the reality is, the unemployed are not in this together.  They are out, and children and wives are starving.  That is a reality, no politics can brush aside.  Those same Mexican illegal aliens also never pay taxes and drain the economy by sending upwards of 70% of their payroll checks back to Mexico, making it the 2nd largest GDP for Mexico.  So not only are Americans losing jobs, they are also being drained of money.

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Shakaama Running for Office

Should I Run for Office?

There I was sitting in a bar.  As is my custom, I’m friends with the bartender and another customer walks in.  Being the king of France, as I am wont to act, I demanded the bartender introduce me.  The person was no more than a pinball maintenance guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  He asked me what I do and I replied, I write articles online and report on local events, sports, financial and fitness, with a concentration of elevating Black people with real issues, such as financial education.  He pressed me further on the last point.  I said that there are no Black leaders to have ever existed in America, excluding those that took office in the senate and house right after the abolition of slavery aside.  And, that the alleged leaders who call themselves Black leaders, all have one note “civil rights”.  I further went on to say that the elevation of Black people is not through any legislation but through promoting promoting and promoting Black owned businesses.  This model would create wealth in the Black population and elevate Black people without any necessity for any legislation.

Is the Country Ready for a Pure-Breed Black Man?

To my surprise the guy turns to me and asks, “ARE YOU RUNNING FOR OFFICE, I’D VOTE FOR YOU?!”

I was really caught off guard.  The guy in question, and everyone in the bar, was white.  The question threw me.  I was asked the same thing when I attended Libertarian party meetings.  Which was, again, white only, except for me, and this was before Obama was even a twinkle in the American public’s eye.

I don’t know if it’s just my vocabulary or looks or what, but people gravitate toward me in liver political arenas.  So the question is simple.

  • Would you vote someone with my very ultra Black-conservative views?
  • Is the country ready for a Black-conservative?
  • Is the country ready for an educated pure-breed Black man, in the public sector?

Pure-Breed Black Woman
I ask those questions because, in all reality, half-breed Black people really are not considered Black, by both white and Black people.  Only pure-breed Black people are considered Black.  A pure-breed Black face is what keeps racists up at night.  A pure-breed Black face is what makes white women clutch their purse tighter as they cross the street to walk on the other side.  A pure-breed Black face is what half-breed Black people dispise, self-hating I know, but it’s true.  
Electing a pure-breed Black man such as myself, would mean a final nail in the coffin of colorism in America as we know it, and finally Black people being accepted into the general population.

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Gay Pride?

What is Gay Pride?

[ WARNING: this entire article is at a scientific level, the likes of which Americans normally are incapable of reading or understanding.  The intended audience is for the intellectual and not the general public at large.  The recommended reader should have at least 12 credits in psychology, logic and sociology to be able to comprehend the material.  As such the language and vocabulary used is not for those with merely a high school education.  Those who are capable of understanding both the vocabulary and discussion are welcomed to leave a comment in the comment box below.  The title “What is Gay Pride” has virtually nothing to do with the article, but we felt it was better than writing: “The Gender Role Indoctrination That Contributes to Abnormal Sexual Behavior and Marketing Schemes to Identify, Catalog and Capture Such Behavior”.  You have been aptly warned. ]

If We’re All the Same, Noone Can Market to Us

I bet corporate America is laughing their butts off.  I bet corporate America is tickled pink [ no pun intended ].  The entire country is divided over an issue that is not an issue.  The issue?  “Gay” people.  It is now such a hot topic and noone has stopped to ask, why is this even a topic?  Noone has stopped to wonder, how this even became a topic.

The impetus has been placed on “straight” people to conform to the “gay” lifestyle.  In what way?  The straight people must now acknowledge something in the open, that refined people keep unspoken of ANYWAY.  The country is so far removed from being dignified that my previous sentence completely just went over 90% of the country’s heads.  Let me explain what it means.  A lady or a gentleman does NOT discuss their most intimate details with anyone.  The entire point of the word intimate is that it is private and only shared with one person.

However, because of the lifestyle of a certain group of people, corporate America has taken upon themselves to vehemently pursue this outing.

Target Market Segmentation

Target Market Segmentation

You don’t understand? Keep reading.  Here’s the conspiracy in a nut shell.  “Gay” people earn more money, save more money and have more leisure money than any other group identified by sexual orientation or relationship status.  “Gay” people have no children [ statistically speaking ] to waste money on, and therefore get to keep tons of their money.  Also, because “Gay” people have no children or spouses, they have the time and leisure to dedicate to their careers.  Because of this, they tend to do better at their careers and earn more money than a “Straight” person, burdened with wife and children.  This extra money is what corporate America is after.  So how to get that money:

  • first you must change the mentality of the country so that those indulging in homosexual activity identify themselves: coming out the close is invented
  • you must change the sentiment of the country so that these newly found gay people are not thoroughly castigated: attempts at passing hate crime legislation is started, based on sexual orientation; anti-discrimination laws are changed to include, based on sexual orientation
  • you must show the newly found gay people in a positive light: all forms of media portray gay people as being refined and having stereotypes that are good / classy / wholesome
  • finally you must market the hell out of gay specific products based on all of the propaganda put out “for” gay people
The reality is, there is nothing that separates a “gay” person from anyone else on the planet.  They are not a different color, race, gender.  Furthermore there is no biological impetus that has ever suggested that being “gay” is anything other than a learned behavior.  This is according to leading endocrinologists, doctors, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical studies, laboratory studies, top universities.  While many in the national media tries to appease the now highly visible “gay” population by saying it is biological or that they are “born that way”, the science is completely and utterly against them.  Being “gay” or “lesbian” means nothing more than a person that indulges in a specific sexual activity.

Rules of Market Segmentation

  1. To be considered attractive, a segment must be large enough in size to generate meaningful revenue and also align well with existing or developing company strengths and future growth objectives.
  2. To be actionable, a segment must be sufficiently differentiated from other segments, stable enough over time to justify business planning, and understood well enough in terms of profiling to be accessible through advertising, marketing, distribution, and other targeting efforts.
Market Segmentation
We want people to recognize when they are being used for profit and gain, and not buy into propaganda put out by people that do NOT have their best interest at heart.  We are all human.  As such, humans, insomuch as the animal kingdom goes, have nearly no institual impulses.  99% of all human activity, except eating and pooping, is learned from one generation to the next.  
We propose that if there were not such a huge gender divide around the world, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, noone would be identifiable as being “gay”.  That means that the roles of women and men were not so different, then we would not have people desiring to be women or men.  But, that would take an overhaul of the entire world, now wouldn’t it, and it’s just a theoretical scientific hypothesis in psychology.  [ citation: Sexual Orientation, Gender Role Expression, and Stereotyping:  The Intersection Between Sexism and Sexual Prejudice (Homophobia) ]

We’re sorry to be the ones to burst your bubble, but the entire “gay” issue is nothing more than labeling and marketing for money. The same thing has been done to Black people in music: identify a sub-segment and market to them. Remember public enemy, PM dawn, and the enlightened Black rap movement? It is all just marketing. The entire Black liberation movement … supposedly “grass roots” and “underground” was neither. It was started, implemented and organized by huge record labels to sell records. With “gay” people, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, everyone can get a piece of the pie: big pharma, clothing industry, music industry, the “arts”. If you were to remove all “gay” clientele from those industries, they would all, except big pharma,  probably fail immediately.  Some singers, actors, comedians and theater shows have made 90% of their money off of “gay” people, all the while not even being much of a fan of “gay” people, but their marketing departments sure were.

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Heidi Klum Topless

Heidi Klum Topless

In an effort to get people to watch the dying show “Project Runway”, executive producer Heidi Klum gets virtually nude for the new ad campaign for the show.    Heidi Klum hosts a reality series where aspiring fashion designers compete for a chance to break into the industry. Each week, a designer is eliminated from the competition after exhibiting their work in front of a judges’ panel.  After countless instances of truly fashion forward designers being booted off and mediocre fashion shows, it is no wonder she’s taking her clothes off in repressed America to generate hype over the show.

In new ads for Lifetime’s “Project Runway, Heidi Klum is shown from the hips up wearing nothing but a pink tie,” with an arm strategically draped over her chest.

“This is definitely sexier than past campaigns we’ve done for Project Runway,” says Klum. “I guest you could say ‘Hans and Franz’ are celebrating season nine!”

In addition to previously announced celebrity guest judge Kim Kardashian, Runway is adding Malin Ackerman, Christina Ricci and Zoe Saldana to this season’s roster of fashion icons as judges. Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia return as judges. Tim Gunn returned to mentor the competing designers.

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How to Buy the Same Watch President Obama Wears

How to Buy the Same Watch President Obama Wears

He’s no fashion trend setter, but he is the president.  President Barack Obama is the leading man of the free world.  As such, he commands the attention of a lot of people.  Not only does such attention extend to all of his words and speeches, but how he looks as well.  Not too few people notice he is not goofy looking, like Bush, or  homely like Carter.  He glides into a room and commands attention, all in one fell swoop.  While everyone cannot afford a $5,000 suit or a $2,000 tie / shoes, most anyone can ante up to buy the same exact watch he wears for a few hundred dollars.

Surprised?  Yeah, the price is pretty amazing.  The couple, Michelle and Barack, have some things in common, wearing sensibly priced clothes.  Remember she made it a point to mention, not too few of her dresses were from Old Navy, which tops out at about $30,00 for a dress.  While his clothes were never in question, they did mention he has a “body man”, someone that dresses him and makes sure he is looking neat and clean at all times, among other things.

President Obama Wearing Watch

President Obama has worn the Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph on many historic occasions since August 2007 and most recently as President of The United States, with sightings including Election Night, the Inaugural Ball and Inauguration Day.

The Commemorative Edition Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph offered here by Presidential Watches is the same make and model watch worn by President Barack Obama.

Probably the watch will be a collectors item one day. Not everyone even knows the company and watch exist. I can see people putting this one ebay in the near future.