The Election is Over: How is that Fair Share Scam Working for You Mr President

How is that Fair Share Scam Working for You Mr President

fair share scamThrough all of the 2008 and 2012 campaign Mr. Obama continuously chanted about how the rich need to pay their “fair share.” Back at the ranch the proof came in that not only did the rich pay their fair share, but that they paid your fair share as well, to the tune of 30% by the one percenters and 60% by the top 10% wealthiest in the nation. In fact the top 53% of US taxpayers pay 100% of the tax revenue. There is no 99%. it doesn’t exist.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only did an Obama report show how the rich pay all the taxes, but the report showed conclusively since Kennedy, that lowering tax rates increases federal revenue. That bears repeating. A Whitehouse report showed that lower taxes brings in more money to the government.

Before you jump to conclusions that Mr. Obama did not see the report, he did. He signed every page of the report, and read it, and went over it with Timmy Geithner.

The Coming Obama Created Economic Depression

No one likes to say it, but the 2008 economic situation was an actual depression. The federal reserve pumped so much money into the economy, that it created a top heavy situation that stopped the very large firms from crashing. That does not mean though, that the rest of the nation was not in a depression. We were and probably still are, if you can find honest numbers on unemployment and business closure.

But, fast forward to 2013. Obamacare and his raising of taxes, even for the 99%, is setting the stage for a knock out punch. A real depression is coming. Thousands of jobs, in a market that has already lost millions of jobs, are prepped to be lost. Some top firms have already pledged to lay off thousands this year.

Couple Obamacare with higher payroll taxes and small firms will be lost. The end result is that, while large firms will feel the pinch on their bottom line and get rid of thousands of jobs, they’ll gobble up smaller firms that flounder. They’ll find themselves in a position  to be able to get into markets that they were never in before, and at a very cheap price, since small firms will be worth pennies on the dollar.

Conspiracies aside, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, regardless of intent, Obamacare and his pro-higher-taxes stance will destroy this country.

Is the Income Tax Necessary?

Is the Income Tax Necessary?

Federal Tax Revenue
Federal Tax Revenue

There is an ongoing debate among people who know, that the personal income tax is not needed. It is hard to believe, for the average american to conceive of this. After all, there is the old saying that, there is only 2 sure things in life, death and taxes. But, at the foundation of this country taxes were completely abolished.

For the entire first half of this nation’s existance, there was no federal income tax. In fact, it was unconstitutional. Even after the constitution was amended to include an income tax, only the very very wealthy were taxed. It took 50 more years for that personal income tax to trickle down to be being collected of the middle class.

Now in 2013, under the Obama administration, that tax is now collected from the very very poor as well. We have come full circle, to where the American Revolution started. Everything that the early Americans fought and died for, are now being imposed by our very own government.

But let’s not add emotion into this debate. Let’s look at the facts.

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Congress 90% Tax on Bonuses: Wait Isn’t That Unconstitutional

Congress and the 90% Corporate Bonus Tax

The 2012 U.S. Congress
The 2012 U.S. Congress

A bill of attainder (also known as an act or writ of attainder) is an act of the legislature declaring a person or group of persons guilty of some crime and punishing them without benefit of a trial. Bills of attainder are forbidden by Article I, section 9, clause 3 of the United States Constitution.

What does that mean?  I means that congress is not to target any one group, nor can they punish any one group, without due process of law, i.e. taking them to court and having them go through a trial to reach a verdict for or against them.  Therefore the 90% tax on bonuses is completely unconstitutional. They would have to tax every business in the country, including non-corporations. Yet, in the frenzy of the “get wallstreet” atmosphere, they have gone on the talk circuit to get countrywide support for their bill to tax wallstreet bonuses 90%.

It is a punishment, in its fullest, for the compensation of an agent / employee of the business. They literally are asserting themselves in the middle of the relationship of the employee and the company. Notice that the payroll tax is general and is carried out by both employee and employer, both sides pay the payroll tax, which most people don’t know.  This would insert itself directly to wallstreet corporate agents to make them liable if they receive a bonus of some certain amount.

If they can do it here, that means the entire country is open to be taxed to death.

And, it seems they are headed that way. This year 2013, there is no 0% tax bracket for those making less than $10,000. That is dangerous territory. Who are the people making under $10,000 supporting? They can’t support themselves.

For all the activists for the “poor”, no one has spoken up about this. These activists normally support Obama. Now he has done something squarely against their agenda.

Will they react? Will they come out against him? Doubtful!

Certainly they are not going to go against taxing corporate wallstreet bonuses, which they should. And, they will not come out against taxing the poor.

Hate the Rich, Love the Poor

Hate the Rich, Love the Poor

All this “hate the rich” fanfair is completely stupid.

All this “the poor are angels” is equally stupid.

The so called rich create ALL the jobs.

The obama taxes hit people who create jobs and wind up causing them to have to fire half of their staff.

There is no VIRTUE to being poor.

A lot of people are poor BECAUSE of taxes, directly AND indirectly.

How? all the taxes add up to lower pay if they raise them on you AND – higher taxes means that employers get rid of people because of taxes. you lose your job, while living paycheck to paycheck … HELLO POVERTY.

The enemy is taxes and socialism, NOT the rich.

A rich person, by being rich, has NEVER made you poor or even taken money from you, nor affected you in any way, BUT TAXES HAVE.

Those very jobs you complained about going overseas, IS BECAUSE OF SUBSIDIES PAID BY OBAMA TO SHIP JOBS OVERSEAS. put the blame where it belongs. half of you people must be drinking the cool aid of main stream news. we are paying tax money TO THE COMPANY to ship the jobs overseas.

Finally, if you’ve gotten this far in reading my comment, then the final truth is that 90% of these taxes are UNNECESSARY, they keep a giant government, bloated beyond the scope of what it should be in the first place. who would you rather take care of the poor, you and your church, or some government agency that makes that same family of mom, dad, child get divorced, prove they are poor, move them out of their family home of 3 generations, prove they have no funds in their bank account, including funds for junior’s college education, and THEN give them $300 / month.

Instead of paying taxes, local groups, organizations and individuals would do a much better job of taking care of the poor, homeless, elderly, single moms, families falling on hard times, than any government agency.

Instead of paying taxes TO HAVE JOBS SHIPPED overseas, “in the interest of free trade” yes this is what they claim it is for, we could completely eliminate those taxes form ever being taken in the first place and stop giving it to companies.

Instead of collecting huge amounts, yes millions, from individual people, we could cut all the social programs AND programs that actual hurt the american family AND remove the loop holes.  I guarantee you the rich would love it.

50% of the population is either exempt on taxes, or gets a full refund at tax season.  that means they pay no taxes, because they are poor enough not to have to pay. that means if you actually are in the top 50% you can afford to pay taxes. any sane person would then go to their accountant and tax lawyer and make sure to pay the least amount of taxes.

There is nothing virtuous about paying for a government, that doesn’t represent you, does not care about you, tries their best to take as much money from you, JUST BECAUSE.

Instead of defending the government and fighting about who should pay MORE taxes, you should be fighting for everyone to pay less and less and less taxes, every year.

Mitt Romney on The Corporate People

Mitt Romney on The Corporate People

In an unscripted move that resembles that of Ronald Reagan’s dramatic “I paid for this microphone” moment in a 1980 New Hampshire debate, Romney declared he would refuse to raise taxes. This led to the following quick exchange:

    Liberal Protestor: “Tax corporations!”
    Romney: “Corporations are people, my friend.”

The governor then turned to the audience and asked if they wanted taxes raised, which was greeted with a loud chorus of boos.

Mitt Romney

Before the afternoon was out, NPR was jumping on Romney, running this story from reporter Frank James headlined:

    Romney’s ‘Corporations Are People’ A Gift To Political Foes

The story said that Romney, whom all the world knows made his success in the business world:

gave his Democratic opponents an early Christmas gift by uttering those words. He just made their goal of pushing the narrative that he is a tool of corporate America much easier by providing them with that handy piece of video…. Liz Halloran of NPR was in the crowd at the state fair for Romney’s “corporations are people” line. “Not his best moment,” she tells us.

The story also said:

These words could haunt him all the way to Election Day if he becomes the nominee. They could follow him the way President Obama’s line about rural folks clinging to their guns and religion tagged along behind the Democrat.

NPR’s Corporate Funding

On November 6, 2003, NPR accepted a grant of over $225 million from the estate of the late Joan Kroc. Kroc, of course, was famous as the wife of Ray Kroc — the founder of McDonald’s. Joan Kroc had no independent wealth of her own. History records that she met her future (and already married) husband when he walked into a bar where she was the piano player. They hit it off and the rest, as they might say, was history.

The point, of course, is that Joan Kroc’s ability to leave behind over $235 million for NPR is precisely because of the corporation formally known as McDonald’s Corporation. And sure enough, just as Mitt Romney said, McDonald’s turns out to be filled with people. Specifically:

  • McDonald’s employs 1.7 million people with private sector jobs
  • McDonald’s has 33,000 outlets in 118 countries where those 1.7 million people have those jobs
  • McDonald’s, as described here by the company, provides health care for its employees.
NPR Funding

What does this illustrate?  That quite aside from the issue of government funding, NPR itself exists as the result of corporate funding. Says NPR of how it gets its money:

NPR’s revenue comes primarily from fees paid by

  • our member stations, 
  • contributions from corporate sponsors
  • institutional foundation grants, 
  • gifts from major donors, 
  • and fees paid by users of The Public Radio Satellite System.

And sources like foundations — the Ford Foundation, for example — got their money from the success of corporations. Not Ford Motor Company — no money for Edsel Ford to set up the Ford Foundation.

With 25 million now unemployed precisely as Romney said, NPR, literally on the air by its own admission because it takes corporate money, is now insisting corporations and the jobs they create will be an issue in this campaign.  Giving Romney and any other conservative out there a priceless opportunity to make Obamanomics the central issue of 2012.

If NPR has such a dim view of corporations, will they stop taking corporate money?

Libertarian Response

As an outsider looking in, on the duopoly that is the democrat / republican trick, I have clarity that most do not have, i.e. the ability to see the plans within plans and the motives of the lesser men that make them.  Not to call the author out or anything, but apparently he is trying to bring Mitt Romney back into the spotlight, given Gov. Perry’s usurping of the supposed republican lead, contrary to what the Ron Paul campaign would suggest.

I think everyone is in agreement that a Ron Paul administration would be a bad thing, FOR BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS. And, it would definitely spell the end of federal funding of NPR to begin with.

However, given that the media and the duopoly butter each others’ bread, it is no wonder they ignore the people, i.e. tea party, Ron Paul supporters, libertarian supporters.  This “minority” is now a majority of the actual voters.

Mitt Romney of course would be a 3rd generation GW Bush administration, right behind GW and Obama himself.  I know the duopoly tries to make GW and Obama look like different people, what with him being half black and all, but all 3 are corporatist and not card carrying members of neither the democrat nor republican party.

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Prohibitive Regulations and Taxes

Prohibitive Regulations and Taxes

I’m an entrepreneur.  I would like to hire just 10 people.  But, I can’t.  I’m not rich, not even close to breaking even … well that’s not true, but I’m JUST breaking even. 

I don’t think lowering taxes goes far enough.  The four letter word “deregulation” is what I need.  The idiots on both sides, like to paint broad strokes and argue over that word.  The truth is, there is a difference from making sure I don’t sell lead chips to children and it’s a far cry from me having to have to provide for inspections, licenses and fees to be able to sell a tie twisty to a full grown man.  No one wants to talk about regulations that keep people like me out of so many industries it’s not even funny.  Regulations that were written by lawyers who’s socks cost more than my operating budget in 2008.

Yes lower taxes on entrepreneurs.  Yes lower taxes on the wealthy and middle class.  Yes to all of that, but for real change, get rid of prohibitive regulation.

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Announcing the Nevada Libertarian Facebook Group

Join the Nevada Libertarian Facebook Group

If you are liberty minded and wish to join Nevada Liberty Group, you do not have to be a paying member of the libertarian party.  Just join us, or ask me to invite you. I welcome any and all people that believe you can speak for your own money and where it should god.  The problem most people do not understand about politics is that we have a two party system that does not allow anyone else in on the party and does not speak for the country, but only for themselves.  They have allowed government to be run as a money making scheme and not a way of protecting the country and its citizens.

Nevada Libertarian Group

If you are already on facebook, join me and friends in the Nevada Libertarian Group, in the discussion and voice your opinions on political matters that are on your mind.  Noone there is a republican, nor a democrat.  No discussion about what the “other party” is doing, since we are not a part of that two party monopoly.  You are the ones that should be in control of government, and not government in control of you.  But, this has been the status quo for at least a hundred years.

Time and again people are told about how the government needs your tax dollars.  The reality is the government doesn’t even use your tax dollars.  Since they have a private bank that can lend them untold sums of money, they simply use the tax issue  to further their two party support.  Ask a republican about taxes and they’ll point at the democrats.  Ask a democrat about taxes and they’ll point at the republicans.  Neither one of them will answer the question of where government gets the trillions of dollars it spends annually.

It is time for a change, so join me for some truth and some discussion on how we can be liberated and our rights restored as Americans.

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