The Lie of Black Feminism

Can we please put this lie to rest?

The feminist movement STARTED as a movement to get white women, yes just white women, Black women weren’t a consideration, the right to vote. Not that there was tremendous opposition. Heck, the truth of the matter was that most WOMEN, back then, detested politics and found it ugly, which it is. So first they had to convince women to actually want to vote. Then they had to get the law to pass to change the language to “anyone” can vote, but not Black men or women. You have to remember this started before the alleged Black civil rights movement.

King Zwelethini and Ndlovukazi Mantfombi  

The movement began in the western world in the late 18th century and has gone through three waves. First-wave feminism was oriented around the station of middle or upper-class white women, and involved suffrage and political equality.

Ok, so that passed. But, hold on, why stop a good thing? We have an organization and … no more cause. So THEN WWII happened and women went to the factories, because the men were gone. You following me? So they didn’t have to pay women as much as men, because they worked like half as much as men. [go look it up]  Fast forward, war’s over. BUT, corporations liked that they had cheap labor by females. So they “captured” the white feminist movement.  HOWEVER, by this time, the head of the movement were lesbian. [true story]  Didn’t matter, the men dictated what the group would do and get them back, out of the house, back to work.

They then set about destroying the American family. AND THAT WAS FOR JUST WHITE PEOPLE. [Blacks were still not a consideration]

The entire sob story about oppressing women was … just advertisement. Noone ever believed it.

“The key event that marked the reemergence of this movement in the postwar era was the surprise popularity of Betty Friedan’s 1963 book The Feminine Mystique. Writing as a housewife and mother (though she had had a long story of political activism, as well), Friedan described the problem with no name the dissatisfaction of educated, middle class wives and mothers like herself who, looking at their nice homes and families, wondered guiltily if that was all there was to life was not new; the vague sense of dissatifaction plaguing housewives was a staple topic for women’s magazines in the 1950s. But Friedan, instead of blaming individual women for failing to adapt to women’s proper role, blamed the role itself and the society that created it” [please note that nothing specific was cited as to a real problem nor a real solution to the fantasy problem, in fact the entire second and third wave never pointed to any specific discrimination of women]

Fast forward, past the Black movement, and not to leave well enough alone, the lesbians of the feminist movement set about recruiting Black women, the 2nd largest population demographic. Ironically, although Black men have never oppressed Black women, they somehow convinced the Black women, that by virtue of them being women, they all had solidarity.  But the fact remains, no other race in the U.S. is oppressed by anyone, except for white people. Blacks don’t oppress Blacks. Asians don’t oppress Asians. Africans don’t oppress Africans.

It has been the white agenda to destroy the Black family, through welfare and other horrible policies, as espoused by the Ku Klux Klan and other organizations. And, they have done a smashing job. Welfare has done more to bring Black marriage rates from 80% in the 1940s down to 33% 2000. The feminist movement alone probably contributed 10% to that destruction.

 U.S. Census Bureau. (1940: 77% married, 18% single women, 5% single men)

Black families were a very solid unit before the Black civil rights movement. After “integration” and the Democrats got done with us, the family unit was completely undone.


Not every Black man is going to be a saint. However, nowhere does it say EVERY Black man is going to be a hustler / dog / domineering idiot.

The Black American female is the most, MOST “SINGLE” person in the entire world. She has let herself be so brainwashed that she throws away her own counterpart, welfare, feminism, the media, public education system. No other culture, race, nationality suffers from the same SELF-INFLICTED hardship the Black American woman puts herself through.

I’m not going to pray for you. You just need to wake up. Stop the pitty party. Go get yourself a good man, GOOD MAN, to stand by for the rest of your and his life. At the end of the day, that’s what we were put here for. Otherwise we’d all be hermits. You do know humans are a group animal? yeah, that means we need companionship of other humans. The perfect bond between a man a woman trumps all others. And, when that union produces children, your entire life changes… that is … if you have an ounce of caring in your bones.


  1. GOOD Black man [nothing else is going to suffice] 
  2. one who cares about you 
  3. children 
  4. living for each other 
  5. you two against the world. 

That’s the formula of happiness, right there. Money be damned. That’s the formula.

Leave white people to their own devices. We’ll survive the Armageddon that’s about to happen. We survived slavery.

Ann Coulter Speaks Out Against Libertarians and Ron Paul

Ann Coulter Speaks Out Against Libertarians and Ron Paul

Political pundit and conservative author, Ann Coulter spoke out against Ron Paul and continued to rant and rave against Libertarians. He was very taken aback about the entire issue of marriage. Not that the Libertarian view of lessez faire was good enough, but that it was “cowardly” in her opinion. He said she wants to punch Libertarians. He says Libertarians “dodge the tough questions”.

Political Pundit Ann Coulter

I personally just think he is just angry about something. He is always going on about how he wishes he could do something to someone who is against him. He has also been known to walk off of Fox News.

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What Men Want

What Men Want

If men were honest they would say the following.  I am sure women think they know what men want, and I am sure they think men are so transparent and simple that they have them all figured out.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Men are not simple, and are just as complex and multifaceted as women.  It is illogical to think that because you have a vagina, that somehow you are transcended to a much loftier mind and being than a human with a penis.  If you actually believe that somehow your breasts make you more than a non-breast-having human, then you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book, marketing of “women”.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll notice, time and again, I shed light into the world that is psychobabble, marketing to the sexes and the social stratification builds set up simply to get you to buy into various notions, all for you to put your money down.  Think tanks all over America have come up some doozy complicated propaganda to get women to think one way, “I am equal to a man, if not better.”  The truth is, the people behind the marketing, have absolutely no care for women nor even consider them worthy of the things they pretend to give them, equality.  That is to say, these think tanks that came up with “women can work”, “women are equal to men”, and “women are better than men” nearly all despise women, and consider them inferior.  So why put out propaganda to get them to work and vote and other things?  The truth is simple.  If a woman buys into the notion that a woman’s place is not to raise children, take care of the home while hubby goes and wins the bread, then she drops kids and hubby and comes and works as well, and has her own money, to buy crap, without needing approval from her hubby.  Also, with women working the corporate fat cats have another cheap labor pool to exploit for profit.

So, now that you have an understanding what’s at work when you think you know what a man wants, you are broken down and suddenly realize that the whole notion that women are somehow: more intuitive, more nurturing, more sensible than a man is all hogwash.

Men are Driven by Sex

This is more propaganda put out by your local police, city government and nation government.  How can they make men appear to be driven by sex?  Easy, they deprive the population of sex, then turn around and put out scandalous information in the media / news that promotes sex.

No man, that is a man, is governed by the thought of sex.  If you find a male, driven by sex, he is an infant in the brain and no man at all.

At the end of the day, having sex may seem like an “adult” thing, but in reality, having lots of sex and constantly thinking about sex is a teenage thing.  Once a man has become and actual adult, he puts aside sexual thoughts and starts to think about much, much bigger things in life.

What could it benefit the country to have men in a juvenile state?  Easy, it’s called the police / nanny state.  That means that if the men have no matured to the point where they are beyond the adolescent phase, then the government is their father in all things and can tell them what to do.  If you don’t have real, thinking, adult men in the population, then you can control everyone.

Do not mistake this point to mean that men don’t want to have sex, which stupid people reading this blog sometimes do.  The point is that they are not GOVERNED by the wish for sex.  Sure, most everyone “wants” sex, but adults don’t think about it 24 / 7.

Moral: if you find a male that always talks about sex or wants to have sex with you, that male has not matured into adulthood yet, or never will.

Men Will Do Anything for Women

Sadly, I am sure you women have already concluded this is not true at all.  First off, some men, a very minor few, are homosexuals so, of course they will not do anything for you.  Secondly, unless the man is another immature brat, you cannot control him with your vagina.  Yeah, so point one is starting to take shape?  I know a lot of women that are with complete scrubs and control their guys with the threat of no vagina.

First of all, the very idea that you would think to control someone with them getting into your vagina is whorish, to begin with.  Now stop for a second.  Think back to commercials, jokes, movies where you saw this in play.  Even a silly comment like “none for you tonight honey”.  It indoctrinates you to buy into this whorish notion: I can control a man with my vagina.  STOP!  Now if you read point one carefully, you know what I am about to say.  If you can control a man with your vagina, he is not a man at all.

So manipulation aside, why do real men do things for women?  It is pretty obvious.  A human will do something nice for another human for only two reasons: they are a nice person [ which never happens in modern society ]; or they want to gain favor with that person [ even kids understand this concept of reverse manipulation ].  So, if you, the woman, think you are lording over someone because they do things for you, take a step back and realize what you do for them in return.  Don’t you feel obligated if someone does something for you?  Everyone does.  Isn’t that how the dating scene is?  It’s like rule #1, do something for the other person and they will date / fall in love / marry you … eventually.  Trust me, it’s a backwards notion, and a very immature way of approaching love.  There we go again with the immaturity.

Moral: the very thought that you would control someone with your vagina is a whorish notion. That aside, if you can control a male with your vagina, he is not a man to begin with.

Men Only Want One Thing From a Woman

Sadly, it breaks my heart to even hear women or worse, men say this.  Again, only an immature male would say this.  Men do not want sex from women, as the be all end all.  If push came to shove there are plenty of sheep and goat in the world that men could stick their penis in.  Remember that.  In the 1700s there was a small town that was plagued with witch hunts.  They killed so many women, as witches, that they had nearly none left of any decent age.  The men took to having sex with sheep after awhile.  Sad but true.

Men want a myriad of things from women.  First and foremost is companionship.  As much as the commercials and TV and movies say men are afraid of commitment, it is not true.  Notice how much this is said all over the place: “men are afraid of commitment”.  Unless a man is genuinely uninterested in you, they will date / marry you.  There is tremendous marketing to get you AND men to buy into the notion that men are afraid of commitment.  Why?  Because then you won’t seek a boyfriend or you’ll sabotage all your relationships and go get a job yourself, and spend your money by yourself.  See the scam?  It’s one big circle.

Men want someone that likes them, just for being them.  What does that mean?  That means, when he’s 40, you don’t get bored of him because he lost his muscles, or going bald or doesn’t play basketball every Saturday.  It means you love the person inside, not outside.  Love is an inward thing, not an outward thing.

America is so caught up in looks, as opposed to overseas.  Look at movies from other countries and you’ll immediately notice that their actors are not as polished, porcelain, plastic as ours.  So the entire fake look thing trickles down all through our society.  When was the last time you went shopping for clothes and why did you buy the clothes you bought?  That’s the real question.  Why do you buy the things you buy?  Looks.  So if a man gets signs from you that you’re into him only for his looks, after awhile he’ll treat you the same way. And, we pick up on that real quick.  The couple down the road got a divorce at 40, because he said she got fat.  Is he a bastard for that?  Or, the truth is, she treated him like a trophy husband from day one so when she lost her looks, he moved on.

Moral: be sure the man you’re with is not just into you for the sex.  Why?  Because he can get sex from anyone, anything AND it doesn’t have to be a woman.  Real talk.  It doesn’t have to be human.  Real talk.

The Lowest Common Denominator

When girls get together they say and act one way.  When they are alone or one on one, they say and act differently.  Men are no exceptions to this.  The expectations are totally different of course.  The sad part is, as the group gets larger, everyone gets dumber.  The same is true for women as it is for men.  The lowest common denominator is the rule.  Noone in the history of man, has ever been brave enough to appear smarter than anyone in a group they wish to be part of.  Let me put that another way.  To be a part of a group, everyone feels they have to belong to the group.  So, they make sure they don’t say anything to make them stand out.  The easiest way NOT to stand out, is to appear to be smarter than anyone in the group.

If that is true then, when these men get together the dumbest person in the group is the guide.  Going back to my other points, the most immature man in the group is how the group will act.  Once the man is part of the group he learns from the group.  So if 2 men in a group of 5 are immature adolescent sex fiends, then the group will be also.  The lowest common denominator wins.

So when you see a man in a group that you like and he acts like a douche bag to you, understand what is going on.  He is expected to act like a douche bag.

Also, when men get together and the dumbest person only thinks about sex, all the men in the group will seek approval from the group by relating sex stories.

Another way and another aspect of this lowest common denominator is the “misery loves company” group.  This is a group of men that will go out of their way to say and do the most depressing things imaginable to impress the group.  Ever wonder why a guy who scratches himself or breaks something gets up and says “boy wait till the guys hear this”.  Well now you know why.

What to Take From This

At the end of the day, a man wants one thing.  No, that’s a lie.  That what everyone wants you to believe.  The reality is, a man wants a myriad of things:

  • companionship till he’s old and gray
  • someone to share moments with
  • someone who shares the same interests as him
  • someone to take care of his household
  • someone to take care of and have his children [ i know that sounds old fashioned but it is still STILL true ]
  • someone that respects him AND respects herself [ being with a whore is fun when you’re 17, but not when you’re 27 ]
  • someone to take care of [ I know, sounds weird, but a man still wants to be a man – me Tarzan you Jane ]
A lot of women miss the boat.  On TV it seems that only cool people are on.  The whole Waltons type of family is dead and gone off of TV, but the reality is that is how men want to live.  
I hate to say it but, if you do not submit yourself to a man and allow him to be the man of the house, then more than likely, either you don’t have a man or your relationship is doomed to fail.  A man doesn’t grow up and leave the house to submit to another father figure.  At some point he has to become the father figure.  If you’re so caught up in this women’s lib thing that you cannot see this, then there’s no hope for you.  A boy cannot be a father.  I know many try, but … yeah the proof is in the pudding.
At some point you have to be a woman to your man, and not a man to your man.  Now that’s just creepy when it’s broken down like that.  But, so many “modern” women are trying to be a man to their man.  Honey, if that’s the case then you don’t want a man or shall I say, he don’t want a woman.  If you get my drift.  LOL

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This Marriage Thing

What is Marriage?

For the most part, people have no idea what marriage is.  When you then start to talk about gay marriage, or bestiality or man boy love, then you don’t have a foundation to stand on, to even begin to argue your points.  Let’s do away with all this nonsense of not understand, define what marriage is and where it came from, so that when someone comes to you saying they “really love their dog”, you can refute them with a sound argument and them which way, how, and when they can go to hell, in the most polite way possible.  For the children!  Because, I always do things for the children [joke].  Before we can define what we “think” marriage is today, let’s look at where marriage came from.  Nothing on this planet, just happens right here and now.  You must know where it came from to even begin to be an adult and have some wisdom.  How can you begin to understand why the Koreans hate the Japanese if you have no clue about their wars that they fought?  You’d be operating out of a place of ignorance and not one of wisdom.  So let’s take a look at where marriage came from.

History of Marriage

First of all, let’s go back to ancient times.  Contrary to popular European belief, there was no rampant promiscuity going on in early man.  All empirical evidence points to early man actually taking in wives and living a monogamous life.

All authorities agree that during historical  times promiscuity has been either non-existent or confined to a few small groups. Did it prevail to any extent during the prehistoric period of the race? Writing between 1860 and 1890, a considerable number of anthropologists, such as Bachofen, Morgan, McLennan, Lubbock, and Giraud-Teulon, maintained that this was the original relationship  between the sexes among practically all peoples. So rapidly did the theory win favour that in 1891 it was, according to Westermarck, “treated by many writers as a demonstrated truth” (History of Human Marriage, p. 51). It appealed strongly to those believers in organic evolution who assumed that the social customs of primitive man, including sex relations, must have differed but slightly from the corresponding usages among the brutes. It has been eagerly adopted by the Marxian Socialists, on account of its agreement with their theories of primitive common property and of economic determinism. According to the latter hypothesis, all other social institutions are, and have ever been, determined by the underlying economic institutions; hence in the original condition of common property, wives and husbands must likewise have been held in common (see Engles, “The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State”, tr. from German, Chicago, 1902). Indeed, the vogue which the theory of promiscuity for a time enjoyed seems to have been due far more to a priori considerations of the kind just mentioned, and to the wish to believe in it, than to positive evidence.

Ancient marriage and even more recent historical marriage wasn’t the romanticized thing that we want to think it means today.   The fact is, marriage was for one thing and one thing only: to produce children.  This production of children in early man was a very desperate need.  We don’t think of this as a need these days with 6.7 billion people on the planet.  Now we see children as a nuisance and a drain on the money.  Before children were seen as a little more than slave labor force. 

After careful consideration, due to children being the product of marriage, quite a few smart fellows saw a great opportunity to get marriage to do for them what a sword couldn’t, i.e. make peace.

When we look at the marriage customs of our ancestors, we discover several striking facts. For example, for the most of Western history, marriage was not a mere personal matter concerning only husband and wife, but rather the business of their two families which brought them together. Most marriages, therefore, were arranged. Moreover, the wife usually had much fewer rights than her husband and was expected to be subservient to him. To a considerable extent, marriage was also an economic arrangement. There was little room for romantic love, and even simple affection was not considered essential. Procreation and cooperation were the main marital duties.

So marriage could quell wars, and build an economic bond between two people, with a free labor force, depending on the fertility of the woman.  Let’s focus on this for a second.  Imagine this, just you getting a roommate, who shares all of your expenses equally, cuts down on your own personal expenditure of expenses.  Now jump to the idea of being married.  You’ve not only cut down your expenses, but all of your needs are taken care of [yes ladies AND guys, I said all] and your wealth grows.  Now add in kids, who work for you for free, basically.  Your production goes up, assuming you have a business that needs laborers, and your wealth, again, grows.  As your children grow and marry, you create a tiny empire unto yourself.  Then, you go into an agreement with another man, such as yourself, and agree to pool your empire with his empire through the marriage of your child to his.

Rights in Marriage

Everyone talks about rights and rights in marriage.  The truth is heterosexual couples have been and still are fighting for rights and freedoms away from the federal govern.  What about ancient historical marital rights?  Let’s look at Rome and Greece:

In ancient Greece marriage was seen as a fundamental social institution. Indeed, the great lawgiver Solon once contemplated making marriage compulsory, and in Athens under Pericles bachelors were excluded from certain important public positions. Sparta, while encouraging sexual relationships between men, nevertheless insisted on their marrying and producing children. Single and childless men were treated with scorn.

 However, while marriage was deemed important, it was usually treated as a practical matter without much romantic significance. A father arranged the most advantageous marriage for his son and then had a contract signed before witnesses. Shortly thereafter a wedding celebration was held and the young couple (who might never have met before) was escorted to bed. All marriages were monogamous. As a rule, the bridegroom was in his thirties and the bride was a teenager. In addition to this disparity in ages there also existed an inequality in education and political rights. Women were considered inferior to men and remained confined to the home. Their main function as wives was to produce children and to manage the household while their husbands tended to public affairs. For their erotic needs, men often turned to prostitutes and concubines.

Marital rights started and ended on the question of legal inheritance.  Again, it’s about the kids, the offspring.  The marriage itself is never concerned with if the man loves the woman and how well they get along.  The marriage is concerned about did she produce children and does she sleep around… in case she produces illegitimate children.

The Heart of Marriage

All of this article is going to fall on its face with this next sentence.  Everything said thus far about marriage, only concerned men who had money.  If you did not have money, or rights [as in you weren’t a citizen] it didn’t matter what you did.  For the most part, in western civilization, marriage and marriage rights revolves around property owners.  If you don’t own property, who cares who you marry and who’s going to inherit your non-property.

This entire pop culture reference to marriage then, is a farce and a scam.  If you don’t “establish” yourself, i.e. get married, build a house and own land, then you’re pretending to have a life.  This comes full circle to the economic situation we are in now.  This stupid practice of credit and building credit is nothing more than a ploy to get you to give away all of your rights, property and money.  Bear with me here.  People were being expected to move and buy a new house every 2 years, to make a profit on the old house.  However, if you were to go back to the way a wealthy person lives, you’d establish a family base, buy land, build a house, get married, have children and pass all of that on to your children.  Your children then have nearly nothing in their life to worry about except building the family wealth even more and passing it on to their children.

With sound economic sense and the wisdom to realize how marriage is really intended to be used, even a poor man can achieve wealth and be safe and secure in his home.  At the heart of this all is marriage.

Isn’t She Lovely: How to Get a Lovely Woman

Love and Women

Guys let’s talk.  It seems there’s a whole lot of “lovin” going on and not nearly any “love”.  I don’t blame you, well not directly.  It might not be your fault.  It might be that noone told you what love is.  It might be your parents were abusive.  It might be that they didn’t have love in their life to begin with.  It might be that you’re from a broken home, and your mom or dad had nothing but hate oozing out of every pore of their skin.


I am here to clear it all up.  If you can read, you can reason.  If you can reason, then you can understand exactly what the hell I’m saying.

You need to go back to love.

What is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me

It seems that a lot of guys were never taught love.  In fact, it seems that men these days are put on the back burner altogether.  T.V. is engineered to cater to women.  Why?  Because, advertisers run t.v. and advertisers cater to women 99% of the time.  All the programs, news, shows, movies, are all catering to women to get them to shop.  That’s how t.v. makes money.

Destroy the Idiot Box

So what’s the message on t.v.?  Woman empowerment, woman strength, anything to get women in the frame of mind that she needs to get her own money and go shopping.  Sorry girls, you’ve been had, hoodwinked, bamboozled. It is not geared to say anything to men.  Even beer commercials are geared towards women.  Think for one second.  What man wants to see a really hot guy drinking beer with his shirt off, abs of steel, and women flocking to him? None.  That’s not marketing to a man, it’s for a woman.  A beer commercial for a man is, THIS HERE BEER TASTES GOOD.  That’s it.  We’re pretty damn simple to market to.

Ok if nothing on t.v. or movies is geared towards men, what’s my point?  A lot of the messages on t.v. and entertainment is to empower women to go shop.  Along with that, is a very very loose message that women should be loose, i.e. sluttified, whorish, hookerated.  The message is, if the girl is calling the shots in bed, then she can also go shop.  This message bleeds over to men.  Men then expect hookerish women.

Suddenly everyone is 35 and can’t stay up all night partying, and rent is due.  We all grow up and realize hookering is not the way.  Maybe we should settle down.  The problem is noone ever told you how to settle down.  So you, sir, keep dating these lost women.

Fact: married people have more sex than single people.  Way more!

I don’t care what kind of stud you think you are, married people are sexing you under the table, comparatively speaking.  So if sex is your object, you picked the wrong way to go if you’re single.

Men get into a rut easily, as far as sex and relationships go.  Just as we are simple to market to, we live simple lives as well.  If we get into this sex mode, it is damn hard to come to the realization that sex is not the only thing in life, when relating to a woman.  So we reach the age of 35 and some of us don’t even think about settling down.

How to Love a Woman

While the message on t.v. might seem great, that women should be independent, it destroys the traditional views.  The message on t.v. is that women should be independent NOW, and that they WEREN’T before.  Back up a second.  They are rewriting history and what traditional and conservative thinking and social outlook was before.

A man was never put over a woman to dominate her.  Noone ever said that, except those crazies that want their way.  A man was put over a woman for one thing, to protect her from … OTHER MEN, not to dominate her, not to tell her what to do, not to lord over her.

And, it has always been ying yang situation.  A man was to be “over” a woman, to protect her, and she was to take care of the man.  It’s almost like saying the same thing.  But, t.v. will get you all twisted.

Get your Ying Yang On

The Real Ying Yang Symbol

For those who don’t know what ying yang means, it’s simply that black and white co-exist.  You’ll see erroneous pictures of ying yang being just black and white on their own sides, but sort of hugging each other.  The true symbol has not only black and white on each side, but a black and white dot inside of the opposite color too.

It is a duality that exists all over the place.  And, it can be applied to nearly everything in life.  You cannot have life without death.  You cannot have growth without decay.  You cannot have man without woman.  Regardless of what t.v. spews out, you cannot have man without woman, nor woman without man.

Now it’s time out with going and getting some girl pregnant.  Really, that’s just an immature way of visually showing that you have sex.  I know.  It’s messed up, but people really do think like that.

I’m going to prove to the fellas that I have sex, so i’m going to make several baby’s mamas all over the place.  Then I won’t be seen as no punk.

You don’t want to be seen as a punk? Buy a house. Get married. Have children. And, pass the house on to your children when you die. That’s the definition of a man, in anyone’s book.

Women Need Love

If you want to have lots of good sex, find a woman that you connect with mentally.  Did I stutter?  There is nothing in this world better, than having sex with a woman knows you, and I mean know, a woman that understands you, a woman that shrugs when you get mad, sad, happy, or act stupid.  Having children when you’re married is an experience noone can even talk to you about.

You need to see women in a light, that is totally and completely new.  This might sound stupid, but you should be looking for a soulmate.  We humans NEED each other.  We are social animals.  That means, we will die if we don’t see each other.  As social animals, we need mates of our own.

I’m sure you’ve heard that a man is naturally disposed to have many women.  It’s so not true.  A man can no more pay attention to more than one woman, than he can pay attention to more than one penis.  Can you imagine?  Throw out that stupid thinking.  Get your own woman.  Keep her.  And, by keeping her I mean, make her happy.  Not, do what she says, do what she needs.  If she needs your body for the night, give it to her.  If she needs your shoulder to lean on, pull her close.  If she’s afraid hold her.

There is no greater joy than to love a woman and bring her into your life.  It’s a serious thing I know, but the reward is unspeakable.

Final Warning

Abused Man

I’m not saying get taken by some woman that has no intentions of marrying you.  I’m not saying pay for some woman’s rent and car note.  Oh yes, I’ve seen that happen too often.  I’m not saying have sex with your girlfriend and get her pregnant and ooops we broke up, things happen.  No they don’t.  You don’t get fat by accident.  You don’t get pregnant, just cuz.  Things don’t just happen.  That’s what people say, who don’t want to take responsibility.

I’m NOT saying you need to be a sensitive, cry baby man.  That message, “women want a sensitive man” is a message for women, again to go shopping.  A woman doesn’t want a sensitive man.  Yes be conscious that your woman is in heat, but don’t go meeting some girl and cry on her shoulder on the first date.   That’s just retarded.  Be conscious of your woman yes.  Be a woman yourself, no.

My ultimate message would be, get married before you have sex with her.  Player player, if you ballin, you can handle that can’t you?  I didn’t say you had to date her for 10 years either.  Think about some of your best friends.  Did it take you years to become best friends?  Or, did you spend like a summer together and were best friends from then on?  Think about this one too, used to be people were told to whom they had to marry.  Guess what, a whole heck of a lot of those marriages lasted.  So this notion you gotta date someone, and register for marriage at gift registry for a year, is hogwash and poppycock.  You only need time to get to know each other.  And, by know I mean know.  You don’t have to shack up together, that means move in with each other.  But, if you two are open and honest, you can get to know each other in no time.

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Kathy Griffith and the D List

Unfunny, Unattractive and Obvious, and Those are Kathy Griffin’s Good Qualities

So a new neighbor moved into the complex, white guy, single and of course homosexual. [ just sayin facts ] He’s loud, boisterous and broke. I lent him a power chord the fist day I met. Hey, I’m a nice guy. Wanna fight about it? So invariably, this loud, boisterous, chubby, gay guy likes to talk about rather serious subjects. And, he asks me my opinions. Now I’ve been knowing this guy for all of 5 days. Invariably he gets upset at my answers.

Oh, wait, I bet you think I’m saying I’m anti-gay or homophobic or something crazy like that. No, no and no! I give him my opinion on what adults should really be looking at, and how they should see things.

For instance, he has the Avatar DVD. He is into all this “metaphysical” stuff, which he likes to talk about constantly, and knows nothing about. [but I never said anything to him about that, so don’t think I’m rude] So he goes on about the world tree and how Avatar was a movie about metaphysical things. He then turns to me and asks me what I thought about Avatar the movie. You know me. I turned to him and said “I’ll tell you what it’s about in 2 sentences, but are you prepared to listen?” “SURE!” he says. So I say, “Avatar is a military propaganda movie that makes little wet teenage boys go sign up for the Army and get murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan, murdering mothers and children in the street, with or without orders from superior officers.” Somehow he didn’t like that answer. He goes off on “didn’t you see the world tree?” To which I reply, “dude you’re 30 years old, you don’t know that when you see a movie there’s the obvious things that are shown in front of your face, but equally obvious is the message tucked just under the cover. It’s why little girls go see my little pony over and over. It’s why wet behind the ears young men go see Hurt Locker. Neither group has to think very much to get what the movie is really about, making them feel safe, but putting pictures in front of their faces that teaches them that killing is ok and a girl’s place is stomp on men’s testicles. Hello UNDERWORLD the movie.”

So he changed the subject.

Next he goes into his Kathy Griffin, Giffith, Gifford.. whatever her no-talent name is, impersonation. He does the voice of everyone in the show. I don’t watch T.V. so I have to guess at who is who, doing what to whom. Then he says, “Kathy Griffin is for gay marriage.” And, I say, of course, “OH REALLY?” “Yes,” he says. “She is parked right in Washington until they approve gay marriage.” I sigh and say, “Kathy Griffin is not gay. She is not for gay marriage. She is just a wannabe that is doing something to get her name out there.” He goes into a tirade about how she is fighting for “our” [his] rights to get married. I say, “she is no more for gay rights than that Matt Damon character who is playing Mr. Smith on your movie right now. She’s an actress and could care less if you get married or not. She’s pandering to gay people, because they pay the duckets to come see her show, and watch her religiously on Bravo.”

At that, he asked me to leave his house.

I walked home thinking, is this why congress and the senators are just running roughshod all over us? We’re a country full of babies who can’t handle the truth, even when that truth is as plain as the nose on our face?

I don’t personally know Kathy Griffin, admittedly. But, I’d be willing to bet my jockey shorts that she is exactly as I described above. She is in it for the money. Let’s say her fan base is 55% gay. What else is she going to do, but come out for gay marriage?

Let’s look back at another starlette. Donna Summer, the disco queen, HATED gay people, or so I’ve heard. It wasn’t until a manager crunched the numbers and showed her how much they bought her records FOR YEARS, that she all of a sudden changed her mind and said she loved them. Awww, happy ending, awwww. I mean really. Grown men, gay or not, fell for that?

So back to my grown, 31 year old [today was his b-day] neighbor. So I told him what I consider the truth. Now, you know I told him to research it. He wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He doesn’t even want to know if she’s lying or telling the truth.

He goes on and on raving about how wonderful she is, and that she parades her alcoholic drunk mother on national t.v. I say, “is that how she wants to achieve fame? By shaming her mother on national T.V.? By making her family name dirt? How horrible is that?” I don’t get it. Who claps while their 92 year old drunk mom pukes on the floor while cameras are rolling?

And, this 32 year old thinks this is the height of comedy and coolness. Have I walked off into the land of stupid? Is this country really that depraved? REALLY?

It’s no wonder he got mad and kicked me out of his apartment. He thinks drunk 90 yr old women are cool.

Now watch, when I go over there and yank MY power chord out of his computer he’s gonna be a sad panda. And, I’ll think nothing of it. I’ll plop it right in the box where I had it and keep on typing.

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A Hollywood Marriage Gone Wrong: Sandra Bullock

Being Unequally Yolked to the Vanilla Gorilla

One glance at the couple that is Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, shows you immediately that either Sandra Bullock is poor white trash herself or that Jesse James is out of his league. There is no way in a line up that I would put those two together. But, let’s not mince words here. Sandra Bullock’s marriage is now in trouble, on the rocks and only days after winning best actress Oscar, and it’s over infidelity. Seriously though, why would she marry a guy that is embroiled in a huge drawn out custody battle with his ex-wife. Do these people not understand baggage in – baggage out? You would think, with their busy schedules, that any customer that comes with extra baggage would simply be a huge disqualification.

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I think Sandra Bullock is a glutton for punishment. So the story goes that Jesse James met his mistress online, on MySpace, she being Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Now here is where the story goes from wacky to absurd. Miss McGee claims that she “would not have whored herself out to him is I had known he was married.” [my quote not hers] What? Really? Ok you have a MySpace, but your Google is broken or something? So she had sex with the guy 11 months and 5 weeks and didn’t think to look him up? What woman, in this day and age isn’t just a bit curious about a guy’s cell phone, mail, where he lives? If she is really that stupid, who would want to date her for more than 1 night? She calls him the Vanilla Gorilla. What an appropriate name.

Miss Michell McGee, we’re not that stupid and we know you are not that stupid either, come off it.

Sandra Bullock, if you want a husband, come to me and I’ll set you up with a real man, that’s not white trash and not a whore himself. And, for those thinking I’m making jokes, I am not talking about myself. I don’t find her attractive in the least bit.

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