Roger Ebert Censored by Facebook

Roger Ebert Facebook Page Shut Down

Earlier today, the Facebook page of Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert was removed for violating the company’s “terms of conditions” following a controversial tweet about Jackass star Ryan Dunn who died Monday in a car crash after posting a photo of himself drinking with friends an hour before the accident.  I did not post anything about Ryan Dunn, because he is not the type of person I would want to promote to anyone. I am sure he was one of the inspirations behind the movie: Idiocracy.

Chicago Sun-Times Critic Roger Ebert

What was the controversy about?  Apparently  Mr. Ebert simply tweeted:  “He drank, he drove, 2 people died.”    So what was the big deal?  The big deal was that the friends and family were trying to defend the Jackass, as if he were a well respected member of society, when the reality is, the guy made his life denegrating the very society he lived in, i.e. America.  Here’s a guy that contributed to idiot kids killing themselves after watching his antics.  Here’s a guy that is one of the people on my list of “those that are contributing to the downfaull of America”.  And, the friends and family are trying to defend him, when in the last minutes of his life he posts a pic of him being blasted out of his mind on alcohol?

Facebook Warning After Page Removal

I don’t wish death on anyone.  However, because an idiot dies, does not instantly upgrade him to sainthood.  People say, “don’t speak ill of the dead,”  however, if you live your life in a certain way, you have to pay the consequences of such living.  So Mr. Ebert called out the facts as he saw them.  For his simple tweet, the entire facebook page erupted into so much vulgar cursing, which to any sane adult’s mind shows you exactly what type of scum you’re dealing with.

Facebook later restored Mr. Ebert’s page, citing that it was a complete error that it was taken down and not due to any controversy over the arguing going on on his page.

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Palms Owner Gets Court Date For His DUI

Palms Casino Owner George Maloof Jr. Gets Trial Date For DUI

George Maloof Jr.

by Jagajeet Chiba, – Las Vegas casino magnate and Sacramento Kings co-owner George Maloof Jr. has a trial date for his DUI case.  Maloof Jr. is the owner of the Palms Casino.  On October 9 [2010] he was pulled over on suspicion of driving while under the influence just southwest of the Las Vegas Strip.

Maloof later told The Associated Press that he had four beers at a wedding and that his blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.086%.

That’s just over the legal limit in Nevada of 0.08%, but Maloof said he thought he was “nowhere near intoxicated.”

Maloof’s attorney Wade Rabenhorst stood before the judge this past week in his client’s absence.

A May 31 trial date has been set.

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Palm Casino Owner Arrested for DUI

Palms Owner George Maloof Arrested for DUI

George Maloof Jr.

by The Associated Press [LAS VEGAS]  — Palms Casino Resort owner George Maloof Jr. was arrested for drunken driving after being pulled over by police late Saturday night [October 9th, 2010].

George Maloof Jr. was arrested about 11:30 p.m. Saturday near Spanish Trail Country Club, where he lives, police said Monday. Maloof, 46, told The Associated Press he was driving home with his assistant from a friend’s wedding at The Mirage hotel-casino about six miles away.

Maloof said the assistant asked him to drive. “I just didn’t think I needed her to drive — I should have had her drive — because I didn’t drink that much,” said Maloof. He said he thought he was “nowhere near intoxicated” and would likely fight the arrest in court.

Maloof said he had four beers and his blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.086 percent. That’s just over the legal limit in Nevada of 0.08 percent. He said he asked if he could go home but was told he would be arrested.

Police searched his car and his assistant’s purse but found nothing else out of the ordinary, Maloof said. Police spokeswoman Barbara Morgan said Maloof was speeding 21 to 30 mph over the limit, made an illegal left turn and was driving without a valid license or proof of insurance.

Maloof said he didn’t post bail and didn’t want to call anyone, and was released from jail Sunday morning.

Maloof owns the resort with his brothers and sister. His family also owns the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

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Las Vegas The Drinks Are On Us

About My DUI Website

In this day and age where life is quite tragic for so many in America, I’d like to think I bring hope in a hopeless situation. Quite a few of us fall through the cracks. We cannot let so many fall by the wayside. If left to fate our downtrodden would also bring us down. I’d like to think I reach out a helpful hand where none was sought.

I’d Like to say my site is sexy. I’d like to say my site is the cat’s meow. [how old is that phrase] I’d like to say my site brings all the boys to the yard. But if you mention DUI, I admit, it’s a party pooper. However, it is centered in Sunny Las Vegas, where the men are men and the chicks are topless, well at least in the shows. Some shows even have the men and women totally nude, but it’s behind a sort of see through bed sheet, so it’s considered “art.”

Well what does this exciting discussion of topless women and shows have to do with DUI. Simply this, I bring a fresh new take on a very touchy subject. I present the lighter side of DUI arrests, like articles about the “silver man”, where a man arrested on halloween was found to be completely covered in silver paint, including hair, wearing nothing but shorts, video clip included. Unfortunately, he actually was drunk. However, I humanize a topic most would shun and quite a few would demonize.

What might that mean you ask? Simply that not every boy dressed in blue is there to “serve and protect”. It is the reality that police departs have political issues to contend with, and arresting poor saps on horrible charges like DUI pads their coffers. I’m not saying every “sap” on the road is innocent, just that a cop sitting outside a club isn’t the Mother Theresa we’d like to think he is.

Daily I give, “non-legal”, advice on such sites as Yahoo Answers to would be victims. Some of the articles I come across are tragic: i.e. football starter looses all scholarships and eligibility from being CHARGED for DUI. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for pulling drunks off the road that would kill themselves or others, but ruining someone’s life due to shoddy police work and a zeal to get traffic ticket money I think is just as egregious if not more so. Public officials have a duty to uphold the law, just as much as they have a duty not to abuse it themselves.

I give MADD their due. I have even been the voice of reason when they point their rage at some kid that was stopped after 2 beers on the side of the road and is facing untold horrors from the ramifications at school, home and job. I feel their loss due to losing a loved one to drunk drivers, but not everyone on the road is a reckless sloppy drunk, a tragedy waiting to happen. We can no more throw away some kid’s future because of your pain than we can throw the key away on the 13 year old homeless kid begging for change on the street.

Let me end my pontification here. If you’re ever in Las Vegas and want information about DUI, visit my site for enlightenment:

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MADD Mad About Female DUI Arrests on the Rise

MADD Speechless Over Female DUI Arrests

Recently a trend was noticed, recorded, and reported on in the national media: Drunken driving arrests on the rise — for women.

Oh no Martha, say it ain’t so!!!

nevada dui attorneyDUI arrests have rising by 28% from 1998 to 2007. This is according to the Transportation Department reports. For men DUI arrests have actually fallen off by 7.5% during that time. The numbers, however, for male arrests for DUI are simply staggering. In 2007 there were over 620 thousand DUI arrests for men, for women the figure is a mere 162 thousand.

Here’s where it gets sticky. They sought a statement from MADD, mothers against drunk driving, an all female organization that lobbys to reinstate prohibition lawas against alcohol. MADD was very caught off guard by the reports, and very angry that the national news media outlets reported it. [ I assume the national media has to run everything by MADD these days? ]

When asked what did they make of the findings, they had this to say:

Laura Dean-Mooney, president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, told the Associated Press she could not explain the jump in arrests of women. “There’s no hard data on that,” Dean-Mooney told AP. “What you’re hearing more is that women are under more pressure, they’re now perhaps the breadwinner because of the unemployment rate.”

Riiiiiight! Last time I checked, 1998 wasn’t back in the stone ages. We’re talking about the last 10 years. There has been no tremendous change in female occupation stature in the last 10 years.

It is amazing that feminists will stoop to victimization tactics to explain away, criminal activity? Well, to you working bread winner moms out there, here’s to you. MADD, might get their way and stop your choice to have any alcohol one day, but for now, this bud’s for you.


Seriously, don’t drink and drive… well at least not over the limit.

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No Last Call

Drinking and Driving

Today I’d like to discuss drinking and driving. I feel it’s especially appropriate for this holiday season. Specifically I’d like to discuss the city of Las Vegas.

Like New York, the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas has no “last call”. Merry makers, party goers, boozers, bums and alcoholics alike can all indulge to their heart’s content, and at all hours of the day. I do not have the statistics but Las Vegas boasts some of the highest rates of DUI in the nation. It is an incessant problem. These people crawl behind the wheel of a car and take their own and others’ lives into their hands without a thought. They tell themselves they can handle it. They tell themselves they will never be caught. I have one acquaintance who says they drive “better” with a few drinks in his system.

Mayhaps they are not aware of the areas of the brain intoxicants can affect:

  • depth perception
  • reaction speed
  • near sightedness
  • far sightedness
  • vision in general
  • motor skills
  • inner ear
  • equilibrium

Just to name a few. The list is of course not comprehensive nor exhaustive. What’s most bazaar is that Las Vegas has gamblers anonymous group and the casinos voluntarily assign a concierge or liaison to identify players with a problem, which is probably in their best interest, better to keep the fool working and playing than have him go broke today and not be able to return. But there is no prevalent push or awareness of hiring someone specifically to identify alcoholics. In fact the Gaming Board rarely convicts or punishes casinos who allow a clearly intoxicated player to over-leverage themselves. I mean there are cases, but walk around any casino on any given day and you can identify 20% of the place inebriated. And, yet still they let these same people to walk out the door and get behind the wheel of an SUV.

The Long Term Affects of Alcohol on the Brain and Body


Alcohol can produce detectable impairments in memory after only a few drinks and, as the amount of alcohol increases, so does the degree of impairment. Large quantities of alcohol, especially when consumed quickly and on an empty stomach, can produce a blackout, or an interval of time for which the intoxicated person cannot recall key details of events, or even entire events.


Women are more vulnerable than men to many of the medical consequences of alcohol use.


People who have been drinking large amounts of alcohol for long periods of time run the risk of developing serious and persistent changes in the brain. Damage may be a result of the direct effects of alcohol on the brain or may result indirectly, from a poor general health status or from severe liver disease.

For example, thiamine deficiency is a common occurrence in people with alcoholism and results from poor overall nutrition.


Most people realize that heavy, long–term drinking can damage the liver, the organ chiefly responsible for breaking down alcohol into harmless byproducts and clearing it from the body. But people may not be aware that prolonged liver dysfunction, such as liver cirrhosis resulting from excessive alcohol consumption, can harm the brain, leading to a serious and potentially fatal brain disorder known as hepatic encephalopathy

This post was just made as a short awareness post to bring attention to the problem.

In my next post I will discuss the reasons why in: Drinking Philosophy

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Has This Happened to You? A Review

It Could Happen to Anyone

Someone somewhere has had it happen to them or have it happen to a friend. Invariably you wonder what to do, who to ask or where to go. You also don’t know if you can trust a lawyer or god forbid have to pay for one. What am I talking about?

Getting a ticket for drunk driving.

It has to be the single most horrible experience a regular average Joe can go through. It doesn’t matter if you were merely moving your car from the bar, literally around the corner from your house. There’s big fines to pay and you’re not going to sweet talk your way out of this one.

Luckily there’s a website over at Nevada DUI Attorney, where you can arm chair quarterback this from. It presents you all the information you need to know here in Nevada. It also tells you which lawyers specialize in DUI, that you can hire.

DUI is A Nightmare

I remember as a child getting into a wreck while in the car with my mother’s boss. As I remember it, he was driving perfectly fine, we were all talking. Of course the car in front of us slammed on his breaks and the nightmare began. The officer didn’t care that the guy in front slammed on his breaks, he smelled alcohol and he smelled payday. A little detail like the facts was not going to get in his way.

You see that’s the way this game works. They think they smell alcohol on your breath and it’s payday for them. And, if they can get a few DUIs in a night, that is like turkey dinner on thanksgiving, with stuffing, eating so much you sleep and eat several times throughout the day.

I personally think it’s a scam. But, then again, I think most policemen are hired scam artists and thugs. When was the last time you had a policemen over for Sunday dinner just because he protected the streets and made them safer.

[ How’s this for headlines: MADD awarded cop of the year to a cop that shot and killed a star football player “suspected” of DUI. The cop was later charged and found guilty of DUI himself ]

No, more than likely the police would run you in and fleece you of all your hard earned cash in the form of fees and tickets.

Nevada DUI Attorney

That’s where Nevada DUI Attorney comes in. It is the one stop shop of DUI in Nevada. It even has a section that shows you the very handbook that police read to make sure the DUI ticket will stick. They have no idea if you were drinking or not. They have no proof you were “impaired”. But, they are armed with a bunch of mumbo jumbo and tests that they’ll throw at the judge and see what sticks.

Oh and here’s a tip I learned from the website: In the state of Nevada, you can refuse all the roadside tests and not be penalized for it.

That’s pretty shocking news. It’s the one state where your 4th amendment rights are actually still observed. I’m sure the police will try and get you to give them up, but stick to your guns because it’s your constitutional right and it’s in Nevada law.