Movie Review: Kick #SS

Matthew Vaughn’s Kick #SS

kick ass movieSorry I don’t curse, and consider that word a curse word. Bite me! I think it is unconscionable that American society has degenerated so far down the totem pole that curse words are expected to be used as common parlance. There is a reason they were called curse words. They were considered evil and vile and those who spoke them were considered evil and vile. Ok, on to the movie review. This is a review of what was thought to be a superhero movie by Matthew Vaughn. The previews said it was a superhero movie. The media blitz said it was a superhero movie. Walks like a duck. Talks like a duck. So why isn’t it a superhero movie?

Don’t waste your money.

First of all, this was 3 movies in one. I mean seriously. Who writes this garbage. Come to find out the comic book was not even finished. So the actual story and idea was not even hashed out first. And, it shows. It is as if two or three different people were given the names of the main characters or separate names even, and went off to their separate corners to concoct their stories.

Movie #1

Ok, so we start off with plot number 1. We see a nerdy, geek in high school who is as nondescript as most C average students that make up the masses in America. Should we feel happy that a non-Grecian god is the star of the movie? Will he make the C students proud? No, he goes into a tirade of how he jacks off to his teacher, African women in national geographic and curses like a sailor.

kick ass movieThe first 18 minutes of the movie were so hard to sit through I had to pray to Mother Theresa for strength and patience to get me through it. But, that was just preparing you for the boredom of the rest of the entire long, boring movie. The premise of the story hits at about the 24th minute into the movie. So for the next 9 hours we are going to find out how this pans out. “Why hasn’t anyone in the history of the world, who have read comic books, ever thought about and donned superhero costumes and become a superhero.” His friends respond with, “because that S**** is stupid and he’d get his but kicked, and be dead in a day.” I wish he would have listened to his friend because in two days he’s dead. Ok well almost. Can you say obvious?

So wood be comic reader, orders a scuba suit with mask and goes out to get his butt kicked. That is the entire plot. Wait, I mean for movie #1 that’s the entire plot.

Movie #2

kick ass movie hit girlI am not joking there are at least 3 plots in this movie. Next we meet Nicholas Cage [who apparently needs movie badly, since why is he in this movie, and he of course lent no acting credence to it] and his 9 year old daughter. They are obviously odd since they are negotiating over how many times he can shoot her with her bullet proof vest on versus if she will get to go bowling and have ice cream.

In this plot, these two superheroes are polished, assassins who have money, technology and an actual plan. And, that plan is to massacre the entire organization, man by man, of New York crime boss. Oh, did I say massacre, I meant slaughter like hogs and showing more blood than Interview with a Vampire.

Now you’re asking yourself, how does the geeky kid get involved with the two sado-masochists from a Quentin Tarantino movie. Well, one of the geeky boy’s friends dropped a hint that if he would tell a guy to stop harassing her, she’d put out. That’s not what she said, exactly, but that’s what every man under the age of 90 would pick up on. Yes, the movie is just that messy. So geeky boy goes to talk to the harasser and lo and behold, he just happens to be one of the men on the list of the slaughter mania twins. Enter the blood, violence and sheer over the top fights in movie history. The little girl proceeds to butcher everyone in the house, including a big tittied slut right in the chest and vagina. Oh they didn’t show her getting skewered, exactly, in the chest and vagina, but there was a sword through the door at chest height and one down at vagina height, that any human could assume, given her height, would be placed in those places. A favorite sword placement of the tiny tot, was between the neck and clavicle, plunging it down through the chest and lungs, and pulling it out for maximum blood splatter.

big daddy kick assHere’s a conundrum, our 17 year old superhero, high-school nerd is catatonic after witnessing this gore first hand, but the 9 year old doesn’t bat an eye at it. Well, of course, she’s the one doing it, so it stands to reason.

Here’s another conundrum, while showing violence against women is a very taboo subject in movies, this one has not only a female getting shot out windows, taking brass knuckles to the face, and baseball bats to the teeth, but it’s a kid too.

Really? I mean really? Is that what Hollywood has debased itself to?

So plot #2 has an actual story to it, while plot #1 has no story to it.

It was long, boring, made no sense, was violent for no reason, had a 9 year old girl cursing for no reason and was pointless.

Oh, and there will be a sequel, for no damn reason.

Oh, I left out, one of the last fight scenes, was shot in the dark. How’s that for a kick in the balls. Hell I could turn on the radio and get better entertainment, if that’s what you’re gonna show me. A pitch black screen with shots being fired here and there? Bite me. Just go F yourself Matthew Vaughn.

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Sunday: Invitation to the Ultimate Wedding guest post Pastor T.W.

Are You Wise or Foolish

10 virginsSurprisingly enough, there is a great deal in the word of God about weddings, and marriages. Over the years we have noticed that a lot of people, both those professing to be Christians, and those who are not professing, take this business of marriage very lightly. Many people seem to think that they can enter into a marriage at will, and leave it at will. But the Lord sees marriage much differently than man sees it. Often, we take the decision to accept the Lord as Savior, or to reject Him, just as lightly. Many have created their own set of rules, policies and procedures. Things, like “I don’t need to go to church”; “I am a man, what do you expect,” “I am only hurting myself, so who cares”. These are ideas, which while they sound convincing, do not agree with the word of God.

While Jesus was here on earth, when He taught, He always used subject matter with which the people around Him, and future generations, could easily understand. The Jewish people, for example, understood protocol, how to follow rules (most of the time). What I am referring to is this: If one was invited to a wedding, one would have the option to go to that wedding, or not to go. But, if one did not receive an invitation to the wedding, he would be considered very ill mannered, if he showed up at that wedding. And may be asked to leave. That holds true even to this day, 2010.

In the Book of St. Matthew 25:1- 13, tells what I consider, a very profound story. Here the Lord talks about two groups of people, who had a lot in common. They both seemed to be heading for the same destination, a wedding. Both groups headed out at the same time, but the two groups ended up in two very different places.

St. Matthew 25: 1-13

1. ” Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.

Here we see the two groups of people . What they had in common was the fact that they were all “virgins”. They were somehow clean living people. Their behavior was acceptable in their communities. They dressed the part. They looked the part. Neither one of them would have been considered unholy by todays standards.

2. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

But though they both appeared to be clean living, the Word of God says, that five of them, that is 50% of them, were wise; and 50% of them were foolish.

3. They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them.

Now, this is the first group of people who are on their way to this wedding, which I call the “Ultimate Wedding”. In other words, once we get to this wedding, there will be no other need to attend a wedding. This wedding, in my estimation, speaks of the marriage of God, to His people, or the church. And this first group of people believe, for whatever reason, that they are invited to attend.

10 virginsThis first group of people, the five foolish virgins are somewhat prepared. Look at the fact that they took their lamps with them. The lamps represents the soul of man. This says that they knew that the journey would be long. But they underestimated how long. Because, though they took their lamps, and the lamp had some oil in them, their mistake was, they “failed” to take any extra oil with them. And they took the wrong oil. They evidently believed that they had enough oil in their vessel to last the entire trip. They did realize that there would be times when there would be light outside, and there would be times when there would be darkness.

I believe that the oil that is in their lamps, represented God the Holy Spirit. For He, the Holy Spirit, is the one that guides us in this life. He is that light. So this group of people had, at some point, some type of spirit in their lives, but not the Holy Spirit. They had some type of religion, but not the real thing. We will see later what happens to the oil and thus the light they were carrying.

Later, we will see that both groups were traveling in the company of each other. Each one of the groups “slept” while the bridegroom tarried. This sleep speaks of the sleep of death. In other words, there shall come a time when we shall all experience death, in one form or another. We shall leave this earth.

4. “But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

Now we observe the second group of virgins. They are called “wise”. This group of virgins prepared themselves for this journey very differently than the foolish virgins. The wise virgins took their lamps, but they took extra oil with them, along with the oil that was already in their lamps. This oil, as stated before represents the Holy Spirit. We must not only believe God, we must receive Him into our lives in the fullness, so that we may be able to make the journey to this ultimate wedding in peace. We also must cultivate the Holy Spirit that is within us.

5. While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.

Again these two groups of virgins have something else in common. The all slept, while they were waiting for the bridegroom to come. This sleep they speak of here, is the sleep of death. We will all, at some point have death in common. The Book of Hebrews, 9:26-27, talks about the fact that Jesus suffered death one time for us, therefore, we to must suffer death once. So that while we wait for the return of Jesus to this earth, most of us will pass through the transitional state called death.

6. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.

dark forestIn times past, men had the job of “the town crier.” This is what we see happening here in verse 6. The town crier, makes the announcement: “…..Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.” The town criers are pastors, prophets, evangelist and teaches, who are crying out to the world, “the bridegroom cometh”. The bridegroom, who is none other than Jesus Christ, Himself, at His great return to earth, to receive His people. In this scene, Jesus has made His re-entry into the great planet earth. And we his people are called to go out to meet Him. This time shall be the end of life as we know it.

7. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.

The fact that all the 10 virgins arose, both the wise and the foolish, teaches us that we all shall rise from the dead.

All shall sleep in the grave, and all shall arise from the dead, but some shall enter into everlasting punishment and others into eternal life. Read St. Matthew 25:46.

And they all trimmed their lamps. These all went to sleep in hope that they would receive eternal life. Even when they got up, they were still expecting to meet the bridegroom. They all got up, and trimmed their lamps. They were very close to this wedding. They were just seconds away from the door.

8. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

oil lampNow you city slickers, or young people, who have never been forced to use an oil lamp, may not be able to picture this thing. But those of us who are now considered Senior Citizens, have no doubt seen one of these lamps, and many of us have used them. The oil is at the bottom of the lamp, normally kerosene, and there is a wick made of cloth which sits in the oil, and extends from the bottom of the bottle of oils, up through the hardware of the lamp and pulls the oil from the bottom of the lamp upward, and wets the wick with oil. One then lights the wick. There is normally a glass globe over the light unit to protect the user, and reflects light. This glass must be cleaned periodically. Once the wick has burned for a while, the end of the wick becomes burned, and must be trimmed off to expose new wick, before the owner can light it again. If, in the meanwhile the oil has been used up, or dried out, the owner must get more oil before they can light the lamp again. This is what has happened in our story.

9. But the wise answered, saying Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

At this late time in this trip, no one can afford to care for his fellow. Every man must now be ready to meet his maker. There will be “no, please pray for me!” or “Please explain the Word of God to me!” There is no time for this. So then the last part of verse 9, the wise tells the foolish virgins, “…but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.”

At this point, it would not matter where the foolish virgins went to look for this oil they needed. They will never have time to go, get this thing straight, and come back, and attend this wedding.

I would offer, that they went and got more of the same oil, if at all.

10. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came: and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

11. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, open to us.

So in verse 10, we find that the foolish virgins actually went somewhere to look for oil, or the spirit. I would offer that they went to the same places as they had gotten the oil before. They would have then ended up with the same oil. These foolish virgins also came back. They made a great effort to attend this wedding, or to gain eternal life, but they didn’t make it. Listen to what the bridegroom say to the foolish virgins.

12. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

The foolish virgins were not known of the bridegroom, whom I presented to you as Jesus Christ. Though they were religious. They lived decent lives, but they did not have what they needed to enter eternal life. In case there are those who still do not believe that this wedding invitation has anything to do with eternal life, read verse 13 below.

13. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.”

This marriage is definitely about the return of the Lord to this earth. That is what we are preparing for.


This invitation, is extended to all who will, to come to the marriage supper of the Lord. It is the “invitation to the ultimate wedding”. It is the invitation to eternal life. May the Lord richly bless you.

Pastor T.W.

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Congress Discusses Should Blacks Get Reparations

Reparations Bill on the House Floor

slave auctionReparations It’s being discussed and thrown around the house. I believe Black leaders simply expected that since Obama was elected that surely the bill, which is postponed each year, would finally see the light of day. Understand a couple of things before we get into the merits of the bill. Reparations were on their way and a part of the Lincoln plan right after his proclamation. Through the Freedmen’s Bureau former slaves had been granted land and a reapportionment was on its way to give all freedmen [former slaves] land as a PART of their reparations. Also a promise was made of 40 acres and a mule to the Blacks. That never saw the light of day and was never honored. Some might laugh at the mule part. But know this, wealthy land-owners in the south kept a stranglehold on tools and livestock. Thus they could keep the freedmen at their beck and call, because they had to return to them to actually do anything on the land. Even after slavery, to the 80s white southerners made it a practice to murder Blacks. This was reported to over and over, from civil war all the way up until the 80s or even early 90s. It is a callous nation that never puts this chapter to rest. You would think that in order to prosper that the gravest injustice ever committed on a human being should be dealt with in the most powerful country on the planet, but reparations is always shunned.

So what’s being discussed in congress? On the one hand some states are simply proposing apologies to slavery in their state legislatures and the citizens are balking at that. WOW!!! People always present affirmative action as a bastion of equality in the land.

Affirmative action never works, hasn’t worked, is horrible for every candidate, and has been sued against by white people to nearly out of existence today. Immediately as Black hirees enter in a firm they have a stigma of “he’s here because of affirmative action”, regardless of him actually being hired on his own merits [like me all the time]. The program is trash. Instead of Congress doing the right thing, which have been to fund well established and verified college and professional school that are attended by Blacks, they went with the big business alternative which was the affirmative action bill, which actually leaves private companies out of the loop entirely. But, shhh you’re not supposed to know that. You’re supposed to think that private companies that recieve zero public funding are somehow, under penalty of law, required to hire minorities in their firms. Really? Are you that dense? In the mean time fools are harassing Black people at their jobs saying they were hired because of their skin color due to affirmative action. [that gets a big facepalm for being racist and stupid]

The 1988 civil liberties act opened the door for the Japanese to receive reparations. Those checks started going out in NINETEEN NINETY NINE. Yup just 10 years ago, Reagan signed it into being. [good old Reagan. sarcasm off]

WWII was a long time ago, however slavery didn’t happen a long time ago, as some may think. For the most part African descendants were still basically [not technically] enslaved until the 1960’s. Where afterwards they were promptly jailed en masse. The case for Black reparations has never been made to the white population in America. There is so much misinformation that the media AND SCHOOL teaches that more Americans are under a complete false assumption that Blacks not only shouldn’t get reparations but don’t deserve it. The media uses its influence to shape the minds of uninformed Americans, by presenting a stigma of Black people already “received” their reparations in the form of social programs. A lot of white people think Blacks are the main recipients today of social programs. WHITE PEOPLE are the main recipients of all those social programs. The Black man and woman are constantly presented in America as shiftless, lazy, unemployable and abusing the social system, i.e. welfare, food stamps, medicaid. I have already written blog posts on this very blog about white recipients of welfare outnumbering the entire population of African Americans.

  • 86% of African Americans are employed, (91% in 2001)
  • 75% of African Americans live ABOVE the poverty level.
  • 11% of African Americans who live below the poverty level are not eligible for public assistance or any social program.
  • 14% [or 5,292,000] of African Americans are below the poverty level are are eligible for public assistance, however 3,000,000 of those are jailed and don’t receive public assistance, leaving 2,292,000 eligible for public assistance.

There are over 50 million white people on public assistance. There aren’t even 50 million African Americans in the United States.

The median income gap between whites and blacks has drastically widened since 1971. For the most part, a lot of African descendants still suffer from the evils visited upon the slave, the sharecropper, and the civil rights marcher. A huge swath of African descendants living in America are illiterate, to this day, and live in abject poverty or are jailed (wonder if there’s a correlation between illiteracy and getting into the penal system. nah, that can’t be possible).

Do African descendants deserve reparations?

  • we gave reparations to the Japanese we jailed for a very short time, 2 years.
  • we gave reparations to the citizens of Guam ON BEHALF of the Japanese, who had attacked them. Yes we paid Guam for the Japanese attacking them. Your government! [don’t get me wrong I’d move to Japan in a heart beat, but I’m only conversant in Japanese, not fluent]
  • slavery lasted for over 350 years, and after slavery a complete indentured servitude; laws called Black Codes; sharecroppers being forced to raise cash crops for land-owners sprouted up in its place. really just a semantic with slavery. there are families TO THIS DAY still paying off “loans” that were imposed upon their father’s father’s father.
  • reparations were made to the slaves in the form of land after slavery, Andrew Johnson repealed that as soon as he took office and the land was never given back. YES WE WERE BEING PAID, BUT IT WAS TAKEN AWAY BY YOUR GOVERNMENT. I bet they don’t teach that in poli sci nor history classes.

Surely if we are handing out reparations for injustices visited upon people on behalf of the U.S., the most tragic story visited upon a people on the face of the planet [African Americans] deserve reparations.

I think the reason this is such a hot button, is that white people don’t want to admit their sins nor do they want to admit that they have directly or indirectly benefited from slavery to this very day, regardless of them being in the south or north. Slavery led to Jim Crow laws, lynchings, terrorism on Blacks. All the way up to the 1970’s. There is still intimidation of Blacks going on till this very day.

[data from the : 2006 U.S. census]

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From December 1835 to April 1836, nearly four hundred white  settlers of Florida were massacred by Native and African Americans. ---  Image by © CORBIS
From December 1835 to April 1836, nearly four hundred white settlers of Florida were massacred by Native and African Americans. — Image by © CORBIS

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The Race is Not Given to the Swift, But to He That Endures

Stay in the Race

waiting for godotOften times we like to complain and bemoan our lot in life. “Oh I’m fat now.” “Oh I’m broke now.” “Oh I can’t exercise because of my diabetes.” Interestingly enough, if you’re of a mind that never takes the present into consideration and fix your sights on a specific goal regardless of the happenstance, you’ll achieve it. I’m not talking about the Oprah Winfrey B.S. about the cosmic “Secret”, which is a Godless believe, that’ll have you praying to demons, I’m talking about setting your mind on “on”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oprah to death, but literally if you “don’t know” what you’re focusing your energy on, demons will very gladly take the opportunity to step right into place and act as your “guiding spirit”. I’m not saying you have to pray to God, but for damn sure, don’t pray openly. God only comes when he’s called, them other folks come anytime you open your mouth. If you pray to the “cosmos”, they’ll gladly put on a galactic dress and sit right down at your table and break bread with you.

I say, if you’re not going to pray to God, don’t pray at all. Because, you don’t know the forces you’re dealing with anyway. Leave them alone. Just say, “my mind is made up.” And, leave it at that. There’s no need to chant, moan, wallow around in ashes. Just say you’re made up your mind and you’ll not let anyone else dissuade you.

I bet my readers are wondering where this is coming from all of a sudden. I did a thing for someone. They didn’t appreciate what I did for them, and in the process sort of looked down on what I was doing. I had to set them straight. I had to make sure the air was completely cleared between us. I told them that I had handed them gold and they put it under their wobbly stool to make it uncrooked. That’s how unappreciative they were of what I did for them. I then further went on to say, that I have the same thing and I know what I have is gold. If they choose to treat their gold like something you wrap dead fish in, so be it. I’ll have nothing more to do with it.

Well what does this have to do with setting your mind to “on”?

That’s it exactly. I set my mind on “on”, a long time ago, and I know what I have it gold. So no matter what anyone says, or how they look at what I have, I have made up my mind already.

I’m not saying to tell anyone off that gets in your way. But, if you have to set the record straight, do not hesitate to do so. Because, in so doing, it will reaffirm, in your own mind, what you decided.

So for instance you wanted to make the best strawberry cake anyone had ever tasted.

  • you go out and look for and find the best, organic strain of strawberries on the face of the planet
  • you learn how to grow the strawberries with your own hands and cultivate them to be better than when you got them
  • you grow your own wheat, to make sure the quality of the cake is irreproachable
  • you grow the sugar canes to make sure the sugar is of impeccable quality

Now let’s say you have studied cake making techniques for months and think you are ready to harvest all of your ingredients. Let’s say your friend, who know nothing about growing plants, nor being a chef comes to your house one day while he’s hungry. You give him some of your hand picked strawberries. Now, remember he’s hungry, so he might be overwhelmed by the strawberries simply based on that fact. You ask him how he likes the strawberries and expect nothing but praise. Instead, he shrugs and says, “they’re just strawberries,” and goes on about his business. Let’s say he returns 20 times and says the same damn thing. After 20 times you turn to him and say, “do you even know what you’re eating? Do you know these are the best strawberries on the planet and I’ve cultivated them myself?” He shrugs and goes on about his business.

Now most people would consider

  1. this is my friend
  2. if he didn’t like it, even when he was hungry, noone else will

And, they stop. They root up all the strawberries, sugar cane, and wheat and go settle for a dishwashing job. Seriously, 90% of the population does this. In fact, when they have children, they make sure the children don’t attempt to make the best strawberry cake.

This defeatist notion is perpetuated generation after generation.

So I say to you, make up your mind and turn your mind to “on”. I don’t even mean it as encouragement. I mean it as a matter of fact. And, if you have to study about the thing you set your mind on, study your heart out. There is nothing wrong with admitting you don’t know a subject you’re interested in.

So many times I hear, “you don’t know nothing about wall street financing.” And? That’s just nothing but time and opportunity and a good book away.

That is how you have to think. I have heard so many big named actors say they just decided that “no” would not be the answer. Oh, they took no, many times, but they never accepted “no” from themselves. If you lay down your sword in a sword fight… more than likely you will be the first to die. I’m not certain about the whole logistics, but my gut feeling says, that would be a very short lived prospect to lay your sword down in a sword fight.

Anyone with a brain wouldn’t lay their sword down in a sword fight right? But, what if you didn’t KNOW you were in a sword fight? “Shakaama, how could someone not know they were in a sword fight?” Easy, their enemy keeps cutting up paper into confetti blinding them to what’s really going on. Distracted by the confetti, they lay down their sword. They are stabbed over and over and over again and don’t even feel it after awhile.

This is 90% of America.

Don’t let this be you. Pick up your sword and fight. Make your mind up and don’t let anyone distract you, or they’ll have you to deal with. Or, if you let your dream die, so will you.

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Traffic Light Cameras Issuing Phoney or Fraudulent Tickets

Caught on Film: Given a Fraudulent Traffic Ticket

It seems the cameras on top of traffic lights aren’t the 3rd miracle we all were told. Nearly all of them are in violation of some U.S. constitutional law or even more unbelievable, state constitutional laws and regulation. As if that weren’t enough, they have been caught sending out fraudulent tickets to people in the mail, directly from the company. People assumed they were from the state and were paying them. I mean come on, who’s that dumb?

Anyway, the cameras on top of traffic lights are all 100% fraudulent. This is a warning. They are not to be paid. You should report any contact you have directly from the Redflex company, to your local authorities or your state attorney general’s office. They have consistantly averted local laws and tries to set themselves up as outside of the laws and regulations.

Some of the cameras have been set up in direct violation of state laws, i.e. they were setup in cities inside a state and had not gone through any of the procedures businesses normally need to go through. They have been prosecuted and removed from several states. In one proceeding the judge didn’t even know there was a violation. [can you believe he’s still a judge] The attorney general had to come in and educate the judge.

How could this happen?

Seriously? You have to ask? Well, money of course. And, they have plenty of it.

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My Wish for Black Relationships

Time Out

malcom xBlack people, we need to call a truce. On one side we have Black women mad. On the other side we have Black men completely leaving Black women alone. And, what’s the end result? The steady decline of the Black home. Why? Because there’s not gonna be a Black home. I’ve written about divorce rates being low in the Black community, but the marriage rate being low. I’ve written about welfare being low in the Black community. I’ve written about unemployment being low overall in the black community, yet Blacks being overly represented amongst those unemployed. The Black community is under siege and we need to stop this bickering. At the heart of this bickering is the Black relationship.

This is my wish list for Black relationships. I’m writing this just off the top of my head and from my heart. I’m going to try to understand every side of the coin… or rubix cube really, because, contrary to popular belief, we Black people are as diverse as white people.

Why are Black Women Mad?

This is one of those questions that begs the question. You see talk shows about it. You read magazines about it. You see it in movies. Best selling books have been written about it.

Black women have fed into this lie so much that they have collected the dvd’s, the books, got the songs on their ipod and save the magazines on their coffee table.

It’s a lie.

Black women are no more mad than I am about unicorns trampling my living carpet down. You mean it ain’t true at all? Nope. It’s just something to sell books, movies and tapes. [lol who listens to tapes still] It’s just a marketing ploy to get you to buy their crap. There has not been a national survey that went around to Black women asking “are you an angry Black woman?” If they did, it would be ridiculous.

So come off it. You’re not angry and neither are your Black girlfriends. Stop feeding into the lie. Stop buying the dvds and cds about some “Angry Black woman.”

huey p newtonHow ridiculous would it be, if there were an “Angry White woman” movie? So why isn’t it ridiculous that there are movies, books and tapes about Black women? If you stop supporting the lie, it will go away.

If Beyonce sings about bills and how her man is a scrub, don’t go buy that CD. If some author writes how her man divorced her and she let him sit in his own poo to get back at him, don’t go buy that book.

They are just perpetrating a stereotype that existed since slavery to sell their crap. We have to rise up above that kind of foolishness.

Black Women are Only Good for One Thing

This is directed at both Black men, and boys, and Black women, and girls. How dare you sit there and let some other man call a Black woman a whore, skeezer, hooker, dyke and even pay for the privilege of hearing it? Don’t get me wrong. I’ve written that such and so is acting whorish, because 10 different semen was found in her junk, that’s different from a rap about “put em on the glass and shake it” cuz you a ho. Come on.

And, why would a Black woman / girl BUY a CD that the guy says B***** every other word, referring to Black women? I mean, how stupid are you? Yall bout to make me go off. And, I mean all the way Ving Rhames off.

If I had a daughter that brought home a Cd and the rapper said “B***** better have my money” or “I got 99 problems but a B**** ain’t one” I would beat her so bad, she’d be cripple for life. Oh hell no. What sane woman would sit up listening to that.

And, what sane Black man would get off to hearing some other Black man calling sisters a B****. WTF! Then you got white boys hollering some mess like “them is some fine Black B****es”. Seriously? WTF?

Do you date whores? Do you date prostitutes? Is the mother of your children a hooker? Then why would you perpetuate some idiot, THAT PROBABLY DIDN’T WRITE THE LYRICS TO BEGIN WITH, and I go into that in several posts on here, calling black women skeezers and whores?

Everybody in the Club Getting Tipsy

paul robesonHere’s a fact. Black people have never, ever manufactured drugs. They were brought in, by the white man to destroy the Black community. What is going on in your life, that you can’t stand up to your problems with a sober mind?

If you got financial problems… CLUE PHONE… STUDY A F****ING BOOK ABOUT SOME MONEY. Seriously, there is nothing you cannot tackle by studying about it. And, I mean study the real scoop. There are idiots that put everything on the internet. You can read all about the inside out of it, right here on the internet.

If you got family problems,… well I say study the Holy Bible. Honestly, for all you people out there pretending God doesn’t exist, who cares, the Bible has more wisdom in it, than any book on the planet. I’m not even trying to preach to you. But I call a spade a spade. I guarantee you, if you got a personal issue going on, go look up that very problem in the Bible. I guaran damn tee you, it’s in there, in black and white. And, it’ll have a better solution than these stupid psychology books.

Black Men Leaving Black Women

Just as I rail against the Black women for chasing Black men away with their mistreatment of Black men, … brothers, come on. No two Black women are the same. You are an idiot if you write off Black women because you went to a sleezy club and picked up a ghettofabulous girlfriend who turned out to be, not the damsel in distress you thought she would be. REALLY? Then you get mad at all Black women. That’s just retarded. Come on.

If you go to the gutter to find diamonds, it’s on you when you end up with poop.

I think the survey where they asked Black men why they were writing off Black women or “why they wouldn’t date nor marry Black women,” was answered by Black men that knew what they were getting into, i.e. picking up Black women at clubs.

I already have written two articles about Black women not being there for Black men. So I won’t go back into how terrible that is. I mean we have to stand together, Black man supporting and caring for Black women and Black women supporting and caring for Black men.

GASP! did you read that right?

Yes, I wrote the same damn thing for women as I did men. Sisters if you don’t realize that white America will fire a Black man at every opportunity they get, then you have your head stuck in the ground and don’t see what is plainly around you.

So while you’re listening to these stupid songs about unemployed Black men, check yourself. You need to be listening to songs about how the white man fired 50% of all Black men in New York City. Oh, noone wrote a song about that one did they?

While you’re listening to a stupid song calling a Black man a scrub ridding in the passenger side of a car, you need to be listening to the song about how the white man increased hiring among Black women, but at menial and low paying jobs, while white, Hispanic and Asian women were being hired into management. Oh, noone wrote a song about that one did they?

Brothers need to find a quality sister. You need to find a Black woman, with some back bone and some sense. There are a whole lot of idiots out there. But, there’s a whole lot of white, yellow, brown, tan idiots too. Why would you dump Black trash, to go whore with some white trash? If anything, uplift the Black trash and be a “real man”.

And, I’ll just say this briefly. Since so many Black women love to call a brother out and say “he ain’t a man.” Let me define FOR YOU, what a REAL man is.

  • takes care of his family
  • defends his family
  • would never hit ANYONE lesser than him [male or female]
  • puts his children ahead of himself

That’s a real man. Now for all of you whores out there calling Black men, not real men, check your “not real man” against my list.

It has nothing to do with him having a large penis [yes I’ve heard this out of a sister’s mouth] If it were that crucial, buy him a penis pump and go on with your whorish ways happily ever after. I’m just being real.

mahalia jacksonIt has nothing to do with him buying YOU nothing. You’re being a mooch. If you are grown, buy your own damn stuff. Buy your own damn food if you’re hungry.

It has nothing to do with him driving a GOOD car, nor a car at all. There are plenty of Asians and white people with no damn car, and no Asian chick nor white chick would ever question their boyfriend’s manhood about it. Also, 50% of all cop interaction with the public with by traffic stops. So while you’re ranting about Black men not having cars and Black men being in jail, how about your kill 2 birds with one stone. Give up the car, and ride the bus in peace. I see plenty of other race couples, happy as all get out, on the bus. And, in Europe, it’s pain to own a car. In New York, parking costs just as much as a mortgage on a house. [we’re not even talking about car not, upkeep, registration fees] You’re a gold digger if your man needs to have a car “to be a real man”.

It has nothing to do with your ex-lover not spending time with you. Here’s the rub. The boyfriend impregnates the girl and then only comes to see the child [study shown Black estranged fathers spend more time with their children than any other racial group, including whites]. The Black girl then claims the Black man doesn’t spend time with their kids [which I just showed you is false], but in reality is mad that he is not spending time with her. Let’s call a spade a spade. First why would you spread your legs when you’re not married. “oh that’s old fashioned.” But, it saves a lot of headache don’t it? “but then you’d have rampant divorce” Black couples divorce less than white couples, so obviously it’s not a problem in the community.

I would like to see Black women demand marriage before they go spreading their legs.

I would like to see Black men offering marriage and being ready for it, more often.

I would like to see Black couples coming together and getting married and growing financially. Just getting married boosts both individuals financially. I am willing to bet, 40% of all “Black issues” would disappear if more Black people got married.

I would like to see more and more and more and MORE Black businesses opened. We cannot survive as a community if we don’t have our own businesses. The basis of any community in this day and age is business.

  • get married
  • have plenty of children
  • open up businesses
  • pay cash for everything [including house and car]

This is what I want to see Black people do.

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April 19th Do You Believe One Guy With No Demolitions Experience Bombed Oklahoma City? [video at bottom]

The Case of the Lone Bomber of Oklahoma City

Now that we know the government has lied about 9/11, we can turn our eyes back on other tops where the official story makes no sense. I have proven the government lied about 9/11 by showing you that all the supposed hijackers are all alive and well, except one that died 1 year BEFORE 9/11. If you would like, I could attain interviews with the alleged hijackers who are supposed to be dead, if you honestly do not believe they are alive. Trust me when I say this. So let’s now look at the Oklahoma City bombing.

The official story is that Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City. Terry Nichols allegedly made the bomb in a neighboring state but did not accompany McVeigh to the site. Timothy McVeigh was arrested, tried and killed by lethal injection and is dead. Terry Nichols is in prison for life.

Now, I ask you. You’re an adult of average intelligence. The official story is that Tim parked the truck with the bomb just in front of the building. Yet the explosion did not devastate the entire block, nor did it leave a crater in the ground. A bomb, sitting in a truck, just on the open road, would have a spherical shape, wouldn’t it? There would be and equally large crater in the ground and and equal devastation to the surrounding area. But, I’m telling you, there wasn’t.

Timothy McVeigh did not park a van with a bomb in front of the building. The building was expertly bombed and made to look like an act of terrorism.

So what’s the real truth? Was Timothy McVeigh involved? Why the federal building? Why April 19th?

For that we have to go back 2 years earlier to Waco Texas. Ah remember that? I don’t quite think Americans understand the devastation that the American government waged on about 100 U.S. citizens, in broad daylight and noone said anything.

Why did the government descend on Waco? What did the compound do to get such a terrible response from the government? Did they kill someone? Were they murdering babies on a daily basis?

I’m sure you know I’m about to say no to all of this. David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were a church in Texas that had different beliefs than most other people. One of these beliefs is that the end times are nigh and its time to stockpile weapons, just in case. So they proceeded to purchase weapons, and get licenses for all of them. The local sheriff was fully aware of this, and knew that all the weapons were legally purchased, and had no problem with it.

So far so good?


Except, Bill Clinton and Janet Reno did not think it acceptable for U.S. citizens to have weapons.

Wait! What?

That’s right! Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno, did not think Americans should HAVE weapons. They then sent in the National Guard to kill the Branch Davidians. This would serve as a warning sign, to everyone, not to have weapons.

So did the Branch Davidians murder babies or rape small kittens? No. They went to the store, waited the 3 days, got their licenses and bought guns. That’s all. No Branch Davidian went on a killing spree. No Branch Davidian sold Oxycoton laced with sugar to small children on playgrounds. They did nothing but buy guns legally.

So what happened from February 28, 1993 to April 19th? The national guard and the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) launched a full scale attack on the compound. David Koresh signed a statement that he would surrender and included his beliefs in the statement, but the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) did not honor it and burned down the building and PREVENTED fire trucks to come put out the fire.

They launched missiels at the buildings. They brought in tank to demolish parts of the buildings to get the fire to raze the building to the ground. They had gunship hellicopters shoot into the buildings. It was a full scale, vietnam, attack on U.S. citizens.

At no point did they offer to arrest anyone. At no point did they try to remove the women and children. They slaughtered 74 men, women and children, many of whome were under the age of 5. They made psychological warfare on the compound by using sleep deprevation tactics. They had a loud recording of rabbits being slaughtered and screaming that they played all night. This is what the “great” Bill Clinton did. 21 children were murdered.

Lisa Martin 13 Sheila Martin, Jr. 15
Rachel Sylvia 12 Hollywood Sylvia 1
Joseph Martinez 8 Abigail Martinez 11
Crystal Martinez 3 Isaiah Martinez 4
Audrey Martinez 13 Melissa Morrison 6
Chanel Andrade 1 Cyrus Koresh 8
Star Koresh 6 Bobbie Lane Koresh 2
Dayland Gent 3 Page Gent 1
Mayanah Schneider 2 Startle Summers 1
Serenity Jones 4 Chica Jones 2
Little One Jones 2

So let’s return to Oklahoma City 2 years later.

There were 3 bombs. Yes count them, 3 bombs. Two were later found in the building. There was no way that 1 lone guy did all of this alone. Also witnesses testify that there were other men in the building days before the bombing.

How is it that Timothy McVeigh was tried, convicted and killed all in 6 years. There are people on death row for 20 years. Did he file no appeals? That average Americans knows that the justice system is slow. How is it that it moved so fast in this one case?

Finally, the official story is completely false. It said the blast was caused by an ammonium nitrate bomb. Ok why? Because anything else, would put McVeigh out of the picture. An ammonium nitrate bomb, for those that don’t know anything about bombs, is your garden variety, go to the plant store and buy fertilizer bomb. It’s the stuff movies are made of. However, it is hogwash, because at the time hundreds of news reporters said the bomb was very very sophisticated and it would take such sophistication to do what it did. Common sense. The governor even said on live T.V. that it was a sophisticated bomb and that there were 2 more of them. Clinton gets in on it and the story changes to an ammonium nitrate bomb. [good old clinton again]

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Sylvan Raynes of R&R Consulting Slams Jim Cramer on CNBC

Sylvan Raynes Calls CNBC Propaganda for Goldman Sachs

It is rare that you ever have a guest on CNBC who isn’t hand picked, cherry picked and willing to get his / her knees dirty for Wallstreet giant Goldman Sachs. On occasion I have blasted Errin Burnett as a useless talking head for Wallstreet in this blog. Sylvan Raynes was the one that got away. In the clip below you can see Errin give time to the talking points of all the Goldman Sachs PR, talking heads. But, as soon as the camera pans to the guest speaker, Sylvan Raynes, he immediately blasts the entire show, calling it public relations officers for Goldman. He then targets Jim Cramer of Mad Money, as the worst of the lot, and with good reason, Jim Cramer worked for Goldman Sachs back in 1984.

As if that were not enough he said he would keep his comments “shallow” in deference to Mister Cramer. Errin feigned insult at this and threatened him. Cramer for his part, feigned indignation. “The very idea that he was speaking on behalf of Goldman Sachs is preposterous.” >.> Really Cramer?

Refreshingly Sylvan Raynes was not just full of eloquent barbs and jabs as Cramer’s $100 million head. He has some very cogent facts and insight into the deal. I believe that the SEC will not dare present their case as precisely and adequately as mister Raynes layed it out on CNBC, but one can hope. In fact I’m sure this is all just a show, since we all know the SEC is captured by the very industry they are regulating. They have the audacity to call other countries corrupt in Washington.

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Is Healthcare a Right?

The Slippery Slope of Orwellian Governance

Recently the states and Republicans [looking only to score points at the ballot box in November] have now come out against the supposed Healthcare Reform Bill, which incidentally is now the healthcare insurance bill. It seems after reading the rather large bill, the states realized that they would bear the brunt of the costs. Also, on the chopping block was Medicare, to the tune of $500 billion. And, finally what is the price tag for all of this do goodery? Yup, the big “T”, one trillion dollars. Here’s the insult to injury, you’re going to start to be taxed immediately, but will not start seeing the actually implementation of the benefits for 4 years. In the end, after the “behind closed doors” opened up, everyone found the healthcare reform did not even address healthcare. I am sad to say there is not one sentence which reforms healthcare. Oh Oh OH! I forgot to mention, this bill ALSO opens the door to privatize college student loans. YIKES! Who knew?

Now all the political pundits are racing to the t.v.sphere to try and establish that HEALTHCARE IS A RIGHT. Really? God gave us an ingrained right to healthcare? Show me the scripture? It is a ridiculous assertion on its face.

Just so you, my audience, are not ignorant, let’s define human RIGHT. A right is something another man can exercise, which technically does not harm YOU. For instance, if Bob wants to stand in a field all day long and wave his arms in a circle, he has a right to do that. If Bob wants to sit on his porch in a rocking chair and rock all day long, he has a right to do that. If Bob wants to go into a field and sing at the top of his lungs, he has a right to do that. It might be inconsiderate after 10pm, but he has a right to do it. If the government throws Bobs son in jail for walking across the street, Bob has the right to go to city hall and protest the unjust treatment of his son. If Bush sends Bob’s son off to somewhere, where he gets killed, and Bob discovers it was all to make his family wealthy and had nothing to do with defending the country, Bob has a right to go tell the media what a scumbag Bush is and what the facts actually are.

Those are rights. We understand that rights seemingly do not impact other people. Rights a founded in justice. The notion of rights, as prescribed by the founding fathers of America were all to thwart the totalitarian rules of a sovereign king that could come to your house, drag you out in the middle of the night, and do whatever he pleased with you.

Is Healthcare a Right?

No, and let’s apply the definition:

Say a person, let’s call him Bob, suffers from diabetes and he has no
means to pay a laboratory for blood work, a doctor for treatment and a
pharmacy for medication. Does Bob have a right
to XYZ lab’s and Dr.
Jones’ services and a prescription from a pharmacist? And, if those
services are not provided without charge, should Bob be able to call
for criminal sanctions against those persons for violating his rights to
health care?

There is no sane person alive that would say Bob has a right to healthcare. There is no sane person alive that would say Bob should be able to have the police arrest the lab, the doctor and pharmacy for infringing on his right to render their services without him paying.

Remember a right is ingrained in you. You can exercise that right, at no expense to you. In a perfect world you wouldn’t need a lawyer to defend your rights, but the cops [the bully] step on your rights and you need a lawyer [your big brother] to beat them up. But, lawyers aren’t your real big brother and they need payment.

People will still argue that healthcare is a right and that the example is ridiculous. No, it’s not. Your right should not come at the expense of another. If you had a right to healthcare, then the hospitals could be forced to render free medical care for all 300 million people in America. How long would it take for them to go out of business? How long would the labs that do the testing take to close down, with no money to pay for their electric bills?

It’s a slippery slope. If you don’t pay the hospital, then the hospital can’t pay the electricity bill, the garbage man bill, the janitor bill, the sewage bill, the cafeteria food bill. Then should those be free too since they are in connection with healthcare? So maybe electricity is a right. Maybe garbage man pickup is a right. Maybe janitor cleaning is a right. Maybe sewage transportation is a right. Maybe food is a right. If that’s the case then supermarket workers shouldn’t be paid either, since the food should be free.

Sound ridiculous? No what’s ridiculous is people are people claiming staying at a hospital and seeing a doctor that is up to his eyeballs in debt and malpractice insurance premiums should be free.

Once you break down the premise, you see that the very basis of this bill is stupid. They sold you on the notion that healthcare is somehow your God given FREE right. And, that EVERYBODY, should have it. They then closed the door and sent out their nephew to tell you they were working on your “healthcare” bill. They then came out and forced everyone to pay for insurance.

All in the name of being benevolent and helping everyone who should have a right to healthcare.

You’ve been had, bamboozled, hoodwinked. Healthcare isn’t a right, and this bill doesn’t even begin to give you healthcare.

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Open Letter to U.S. Congresswoman of Nevada Dina Titus

Dina Titus Tries to Sell Me on the Idea that HCR was a Healthcare Bill Instead of an Insurance Buying Bill

To Congresswoman Titus

Obviously you did not read my objection to the healthcare reform. You acknowledged receiving it at the beginning but, then went on to describe what a wonderful program it is. You further went on to describe how 42 million Americans are without health insurance. Had you read my objection you would have immediately not responded to my objection with this as evidence for support for the bill. Why? Because I am uninsured and wish to remain so. I have no idea who staffs your office, but apparently they misinformed you. Of the 30 million that are uninsured [actual number] 90% of those are wealthy enough to pay for medical care out-of-pocket, as in my case. This statement, “wealthy enough”, is misleading though. Normally people dismiss it to mean that 90% of the 30 million uninsured are rich and therefore not representative of the true population of America. This is untrue. “Wealthy enough” simply means you have the money for the procedure or doctor visit. That visit could be as low as a few hundred dollars or in some cases free. Surprising I know, but some doctors still see you without charging you, just to ask questions.

I have put countless personal hours into researching the topic of healthcare reform. The bill itself is unconstitutional. Even assuming it were constitutional, don’t you think it the just and forthright thing, to go with the private option, i.e. those who do not wish to have health insurance.

When representing thousands of people one should error on the side of caution. The bill should be amended to read that those who wish to partake of the “benefit” of insurance should “OPT IN”. And, not the converse, of those wishing not to have it, should have to “OPT OUT”. The bill infringes on the rights of the private citizen. The private citizen, who wishes to remain private, should not have to have his rights violated, THEN go through the trouble of opting out to recover his privacy.

Those who wish to OPT IN, should also be required to pay the commensurate taxes for the programs. They are benefiting from the insurance and not those who are not. Those who wish to remain private should not be required to pay the tax for the service, since they are already paying the full price for their medical services. Too many times, congress and the federal government assumes everyone wants to pay for everyone else, it is categorically not the case. As a private citizen, single, without children, who is struggling to make ends meet, it is not my wish for you to assume more taxes out of my pocket to help pay for some family of 5 who are already wealthier than I am. That is unconscionable.

Just as you ignored the overwhelming negative response to the proposed bailouts, you have ignored the outcry of the people not wanting this healthcare reform bill to pass. Who exactly are you representing?

You conclude that this bill is healthcare reform somehow. It is not healthcare reform, in the least. There is no way that you, an intelligent human, can sit there and try to convince me, an intelligent human, that this bill somehow begins to reform healthcare. On its face it is readily apparent that it will make matters worse. You are going to tax everyone. You are going to require insurance payments from everyone, which will drive UP the cost of healthcare. You are one of the representatives in the most powerful governing bodies on the face of the planet, there is no way you think this bill is beneficial to your constituents. With all due respect Congresswoman, noone with integrity would force their constituents to reach into their pockets and buy something from another private citizen. That is called extortion. You should hold the relationship you have with your constituents sacrosanct. Agreeing to extorting them should be the last thing on your mind. You should, at all costs, protect us from those who raise our taxes.

I assume you are a smart and ambitious human, otherwise you would not be in your position. There is no way that I accept you think this bill was beneficial to your constituents. There is no way that anyone advising you, would tell you this bill was beneficial, without some ulterior motive. This bill is not beneficial to me, nor my neighbors, nor to America. A bill of this magnitude, which affects every human in America is shameful. I request you have it repealed.


Kevin Cardinale


HCR was nothing more than a heist of the American public to extort them into buying insurance. Personally I think insurance is the largest scam going. The idea is that you open a business and get people in a pool to pay you money. Occassionally one of the people in the pool legally is owed money back, from your guarantee that if certain circumstances occur they’ll be paid. But, for the most part, your entire business rests on people paying you money and you doing absolutely nothing but counting it. It is a ponzi scheme unlike any other ponzi scheme and its nationwide.

There is not a single person that can argue with a straight face that insurance is a benefit to the average American. I don’t mean due to the system we’ve amassed. I mean, in the real world of “let’s be honest.” Let’s be honest. You do not need health insurance. Let’s be honest. You do not need car insurance. Let’s be honest. You do not need fire insurance.

What’s the scam? The scam is the notion that you can sign a dotted line and ALL of your gambles in life will disappear. The scam is that you pay and expect to get paid back, no matter what. That is not the reality of insurance. The reality is that even if you pay, if someone else gets paid out, everyone in the pool has to pay extra to cover that pay out, including that person, unless they were dropped. See you never get ahead with insurance and they will never just take a loss in profits.
That is the reality.
Let’s talk health insurance.

  • year 1 / health costs are all at $x
  • almost everyone buys health insurance / insurance and health officials meet
  • meeting of officials / all officials agree to raise health prices since it’s basically a monopoly
  • your health insurance goes up / you do not notice the price of healthcare going up since you’re paying as a pool of insurance customers
  • your health insurance goes up / you do not notice the price of healthcare going up since you’re paying as a pool of insurance customers
  • your health insurance goes up / you do not notice the price of healthcare going up since you’re paying as a pool of insurance customers

The HCR did nothing but to now make that pool of insurance clients larger, by forcing every American to have to buy insurance. So prices will go up, not down on healthcare. I can only lead the horse to water, I cannot make him drink.

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Sunday: Strangers Among Us guest post Pastor T.W.

You Can’t See the Forest for the Trees and the Angels at Your Door

When you meet a person who appears to be an undesirable, do you shun them, turn your nose up a bit, and walk away. Laugh at them a bit, because them seem different. Then be careful! After you read the following Scripture, you might want to rethink your attitude toward Strangers.

“Hebrews 13:2 reads: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

There are a lot more encounters with angels than one might imagine. Let us look way back at one encounter that Abraham had, which I understand to have been with Angels, and for sure, with representatives of God. Genesis 18: 1 – reads as follows:

1. “And the Lord appeared unto him (Abraham) in the plains of Mamre: and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day;
2. And he lift up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood by him; and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed himself toward the ground,
3. And said, My Lord, if now I have found favour in the sight, pass not away, I pray thee, from thy servant:”

Would you say that Abraham worshiped these creatures. He called them, or the one he was addressing “My Lord”. In the King James Version of the Bible, they capitalized the “My Lord”, implying that it was the Lord God Almighty. These men were obviously, spiritual beings. No doubt Angels, and perhaps, the Lord Himself, in His pre-incarnate state.

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In the New Testament, let me cite two incidents in St. Luke chapter 1.

St. Luke 1:11: “And there appeared unto him (Zacharias the Priest) an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense.
12. And when Zacharias saw him, he was troubled, and fear fell upon him.”
13. But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elizabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John.”

We see a fairly lengthy exchange between Zacharias and the angel. I would say that angels do not appear to people concerning trivial matters. We will notice that when angels are disbursed from heaven, they are on a very important mission.

Here is a second encounter with an angel, in the same chapter, St. Luke chapter 1.

St. Luke 1: 26 “And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,
27. To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David, and the virgin’s name was Mary.
28. And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that are highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.
29. And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be.
30. And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God.
31. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS.”

We see the angel Gabriel several times in the Scriptures. One would begin to think, How old is He? But it is understood, that they were created very early in time.

So we started off by talking about, being careful how we entertain strangers, because some have entertained angels unawares. Either of these people: Abraham, Zacharias, or Mary could have made a fatal mistake, by disrespecting God, by disrespecting the angel(s). In fact, Zacharias got into a little trouble with the Lord, because of unbelief, but he survived the incident.

Who controls Holy Angels?

Answer: God Almighty. So angels are not running around doing things, just because, but they are of course, being sent to do whatever, by God Himself. That is why, I believe, you will see the Saints addressing angels as Lord, because it is as though you are speaking to God.

What about in our day and time; are there still angels on the scene? Do they sometimes appear unto us, and actual speak with us? Many Saints have shared their stories with me, about their encounters with angels. I have had my own encounters as well.

MY GUARDIAN ANGEL: It wasn’t the first time I had met an angel, and neither the last time. This happened shortly after I had made my true, commitment of my life, to the Lord. I was about 23 years old. I am now over 60 years old (in 2010). At that time, myself, and another Saint had had a conversation about angels. She was claiming that angels existed. And I wondered to myself: “Are angels real? Do they really exist?” I was soon to get my answer.

I am estimating that it was about 2:00 a.m. when I awoke. I got out of bed, near the side where I was sleeping (this is important). At that time, I heard the voice of the Lord say very softly: “Devine revelation!” To tell you the truth, I did not know what that meant. I got out of bed only for a few minutes, but soon went back to bed. The words the Lord had spoken to me “Devine Revelation” did not linger in my mind as I lay down again. Just as my head hit the pillow, I was in a Vision, but of course I didn’t know that. I thought I was awake. I saw myself get out of bed on the opposite side of the bed, from where I was lying. I saw my body, still lying on the bed. But soon I was “one” with myself again, as walked around my bed, and headed toward the door to exit the bedroom. As I walked, I saw this creature, sitting down on the floor, with his back up against my door, so that no one could go in or out of the room, without disturbing him. But he was asleep.

He appeared to be a male, versus a female. He seemed to be fashioned out of “light”, about the color of a white cloud. He seemed to be about 6’3″ or so, if I had to guess. He had no distinct features. In order words, where his eyes, and ears where, there was an image of eyes and ears, but no eye balls with a pupil or iris, no ears or ear lobe, no hair, but the image of a head. He had two hands, and two feet, as a man. His feet were also an image, there were not ten distinct toes, but the image of the toes. But his hands were distinct. There were clearly five (5) fingers on each hand, and he was wearing white gloves on each hand. Why distinct hands, and why gloves? I soon got my answer.

As I came around the bed, I saw him. I noticed that he was asleep. Not a deep sleep, but he was sitting up, with his back against the door sleeping, like I would do if I went to sleep in church. I don’t normally snore. When I saw him this is what I thought (I didn’t speak it.): “Hum-m-m, I do have a Guardian angel. Some angel, he’s asleep!” When I completed that thought, he opened his eyes, and shook his head, as though he heard me. He then tugged at the white gloves he was wearing, as if to tighten them up. He then reached me his right, gloved hand, which I took with my right hand. He used my weight to pull himself up off the floor, like one would do for a friend. But when he caught my hand, my right hand felt like it had caught ahold to live electric wire, but it didn’t hurt. I thought about it many times afterward, and wondered what would have happened to me, if he had not been wearing the gloves.

Without speaking an audible word, he opened the door to my bedroom, and in a gentlemanly manner, he motioned for me to go out of the door first, and he followed. After we had entered the hallway, he told me (without speaking) to call my son. I went to my sons bedroom, and called his name. My voice sounded so cold, compared to his. My son woke up immediately, and came to me (not like him at all.) The angel then walked with the two of us in the bathroom, where there was light burning. As the angel stood there between us, he put his arms around my son, and me. When I remembered that I was in the presence of an angel, I looked up at him to try and see his face, but as I looked up at him, I realized that his head, and then his whole body had become part of the heavens, and he was gone.

The burning sensation in my right hand lasted about three days, and then disappeared.

Angels, who may appear as strangers to us, are out there. They are among us to do God’s bidding. So let us be careful how we entertain strangers, for some have entertained angels, unawares. May God bless you.

Guest poster Pastor T.W.

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For Profit Jails: What’s the Bottom Line?

Black Men in Jail

I am about to tell you something that you have no power, even the president, to do anything about. If you think somehow that the numbers of Black men in jail is a reflection on the character of the actual Black men, then either you a) haven’t been paying attention b) do not understand economics c) have little to no understanding of history d) are ignorant of sociological mores in this country e) are white f) cannot comprehend the “bottom line”. That last point, is the only point that you need to erase A through E. For those who don’t understand what the term “bottom line” means, I’ll give you a crash course in economics and monetary policy.

Here’s the statement: Black men being put in jail is nothing more than a profit making scheme that private businesses concocted when the government allowed, or did not forbid, them to open and maintain private prisons. Here’s the crash course in economics. What is true in economics, the intellectual pursuit as taught in colleges, is not the economics as practiced in the United States. We do not adhere to any economic laws. We are in corporatism, not capitalism. So I will teach you corporatism in 3 sentences:

  • if you own a business is behooves you to incorporate as to avoid any legal ramifications, such as law suits
  • if you own a corporation, competition is the worst possible factor that could bring your business down, not labor costs, not overhead
  • if you own a corporation it is in your best interest to get heavily involved in politics, i.e. donate for political favor, to remove your competition, get laws passed to improve only your business, get laws passed that improve your bottom line, i.e. profits, at the expense of all others, including the very population where your business is housed.

There the crash course in economics is over. As a corporatist now, you understand that removing your competition is the first key to your success. The second key to your success is to get laws passed that increase your bottom line, even if it means killing, maiming, stealing or removing the population where your business is housed. This is all done via controlling politicians. Control the politicians and your entire homework is done for you.

Once you control the politicians you can now:

  • pass laws that outlaw certain industry practices that your competition does, which allows them to produce higher quality products for a cheaper price than you do
  • pass laws that add collectivist restrictions that doubles, triples or even quadruples the infraction potential of the population
  • pass laws that allows you to dump toxic waste right into the drinking water of the population where your business is
  • get studies approved which make toxic waste look like a health benefit to the ignorant population and thereby PURCHASE the toxic waste instead of you paying to have it dumped [such as fluoride was done in toothpaste, the most obvious toxin and biggest scam in the history of the world, and people still fall for it]
  • have the governing body which is supposed to regulate you, remove their regulations or fail to enact new regulations when new technology or practices come on board

You get all of this done very cheaply by donating to campaign funds. But, that is not the only way that it is done. Donating to a campaign fund leaves you open to backlash since the campaign laws all state that the people that donate must be open and obvious. A much better way to control a politician or regulator is to promise to hire them at a private sector salary. You are in essence promising money, but it is indirect and virtually secret from the public.

What Does Campaign Financing and Graft Have to Do With Black Men in Jail?

Graft in political speak normally means that a gift was given to a politician. And, when they say gift, they mean a real live, 3 dimensional gift. That was way back when there was no internet, nor t.v. cameras or 24 hour radio when the term was coined. Let’s update it to mean anything a politician personally gains with the expectation of something. Promising a job in a company with a salary of $500,000 / year for doing nothing is definitely graft. It is a cheap investment and done every day, day in and day out.

These corporate private jails have adopted corporatism so well that their hands are all but invisible these days. So many lackeys of lackeys do their bidding that you don’t even know it is the corporation that is speaking. Here is how it goes:

  • buy politician
  • buy activist
  • buy lobbyist
  • tell lobbyist to suggest a law
  • have activist go support the suggestion publicly
  • have politician pass the law while reporting that there was public support for it, regardless of the numbers
  • buy every judge you can
  • have police not only give tickets but then arrest the most disenfranchised of the population on the law
  • have judge incarcerate the arrestee

So you might then ask, how does that increase their bottom line? Easy, you contract with the very government, you just made pass laws, to pay you to house all of their prisoners. Boom! You got even more stupid people to honor the laws that you got passed and you profit from the scam ring you setup to arrest and jail them on it. You make sure that the most disenfranchised segments of the population are targeted, so as to maximize the potential for them to go to jail. It’s pure profit. And, because you have the government on your side, there is no way for anyone to come after you.

  • the only way to attack the prison population is to attack the laws that got them thrown in prison
  • the only way to break the scam ring is to reveal the police and judges that are in collusion with you, and that is nearly impossible to do

It is such a clean getaway that even KNOWING what the scam is, doesn’t even help you. You Americans are all powerless to stop it. Not even 300 million of you could do anything to break this scam. So 1 in 7 Black men are arrested and thrown in jail? So what, noone cares about them anyway. You could locate every police officer and judge and politician involved and it would not help you at all.


Because, who is going to prosecute them? And, at the end of the day, who cares about a bunch of Negros.

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Pokémon Black and Pokémon White: Two New Games Coming Out in Japan, Sorry America

Pokémon Black and Pokémon White

What’s a kid to do in America when he knows there’s a new Pokémon coming out, but it’s in JAPAN. Hop your happy tail over to Japan, learn Japanese and buy it. The next generation of Pokemon games have been revealed, supposedly heading to Nintendo DS this fall in Japan. The Japanese Pokemon teaser website has formally announced a pair of titles, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. As Nintendo of America has not yet responded, it is unconfirmed if these will be the American titles or not. The existence of these games was announced in January. There are virtually no details on the games except for the titles. The only thing we know about any new creatures is a black fox Pokémon known as Zorua, along with its monster evolution Zoroark. They’re to be the focus of the next upcoming movie, titled Phantom Champion Zoroark.

The teaser website suggests that we’ll find out more on April 15. The sad part is you have to buy both games, like always, to get all of the monster. They are divided up in both games. Black and White represent the first brand new core Pokemon game since 2006’s Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. In March of this year, Nintendo released Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver for the DS in America, but these were merely a marketing ploy of 1999 Game Boy games Pokemon Gold and Silver. True fans of the franchise do not consider HeartGold and SoulSilver genuine entries in the series.

Since the first Pokemon game first started in Japan in 1996, new games have always arrived in pairs. This was an idea on Nintendo’s part to encourage interactivity between players of the games, before online play existed. The franchise’s key marketing strategy has always revolved around collecting different types of Pokemon, and a handful of the critters are kept “exclusive” to each version. Players then must trade with owners of the opposite game in order to “catch ’em all.” The Pokemon series is widely credited with single-handedly restoring luster to Nintendo’s waning Game Boy product line in the late ’90s, setting the stage for a rebirth of interest in handheld gaming.

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Suze Orman Says Economy Will not Get Better Until 2016

Suze Orman at Google

I was agreeing with Suze Orman when she had everyone stand up if they had credit card debt, mortgage loans and personal loans. I thought surely she would go into how they should be ashamed of themselves, since they were the brighter swath of the nation, since they work at Google. I thought she would go into how they should not go into debt and get out from under debt as quickly as they possibly could. Then she went into a tirade about investing in a company sponsored 401k. I was a sad panda at that point. I think anyone that would advise someone, in this day and age, after the crash and the wholesale wipe out of 401k’s, to invest in a 401k should automatically be suspect.

A note on The 401k Scam

The government knew that they could get MORE taxes out of our generation than they could any other generation by offering TAX DEFERRED 401k incentives. Here’s the obvious math:

  • at 23 years old, your tax bracket is the lowest it could ever be in your life
  • should you invest diligently in your 401k, you will have a cool $1 million at retirement
  • once you retire, assuming a paid for house, you have NO tax deductions
  • your income would be $80,000 a year
  • your 23 year old tax bracket investment will now be taxed at the highest bracket possible
  • factor in your lovely social security payment, to jack up your tax bracket even more
  • with no tax breaks you’re looking at $55,000 take home
  • after 20 yrs of retirement you would have paid a cool half a million JUST IN TAXES

Welcome idiot, to the club, table for one. And, table for one is exactly what it is. You are left to invest nearly $1 million of your money with NO investment knowledge. People with barely high-school educations are pressured into investing in 401ks that are dog stocks and given the Santa Claus fairy-tale of, you’ll be rich by your retirement and won’t have to pay any taxes.

The 401(k), as the plan is known, is literally a do-it-yourself retirement plan completely dependent on the vagaries of the market. With over $7.7 trillion wiped out in two-and-a-half years by the 44 percent fall of Standard & Poor 500, many face a shrinking pension or none at all. Unlike a high-powered executive, the average worker has no broker who is constantly following investments, giving tips or advising him or her on the wisest allocations. The 401(k) plan places the responsibility and burden entirely on the worker.

There is no way on God’s green earth that a high school grad can know the difference between a mutual fund, options, bonds and commodities, on a massive scale the likes the country has never seen before. Remember, a scant 20 years ago noone had even heard of a 401k. But, with the dot com boom, everyone invited illiterate investors to join in the great fun and open up a 401k, to get in on the dot com action. When that burst and wiped everyone out, Wall Street, the fed and the government colluded to continue to wipe out everyone. The charade of the get rich when you retire myth was forced down our throats even more. And, companies and employees bought it hook, line and sinker. Gone were the pension plans entirely. People were now of the mind that the only retirement plans were from 401k’s and social security.

Meanwhile the government failed to mention that social security was never meant as a retirement plan AT ALL. It was always intended as a supplemental plan IN ADDITION TO your retirement. Literally people stopped saving for retirement and thought social security would be their retirement. Year after year, more taxes were raised and the promise of social security being your retirement was served to you. As the boomers retire and realize just what a poor system it is, it will be too late for them to do anything about it. They failed to invest in retirement and will have to rely on something that was intended to make sure they would not starve, NOT live on.

Briefly on social security, initially it was intended just as a money grab. The age of collection was 65, when the average life expectancy was 61.3 years for whites and 53 years for Blacks. Also the pay out even if a worker did live to reach retirement age, would never pay out what was put in. Some workers would have to live to the ripe old age of 200 years old, to get back what they put in. That means they would have to live 140 or so years past their retirement age to recoup what they paid into the fund. And, SS is not considered your money, it is considered the government’s money because once you die, you cannot bequeath the remainder to your heirs.

So is Suze Orman being honest with the employees of Google? Probably not. I mean, she’s standing in the Google building giving a speech to Google employees. I guarantee you she is bought and paid for, for the hour. And, the lesbians felt great pride to come up and show their support for her on the microphone, during Q & A. But, she does give one good piece of advice at the very end of her speech. She says: ” it is better to do NOTHING than to do something you do not understand.” This is a better way of saying “a fool and his money are soon parted.” So many people think because a salesman is in their face sliming his way into your pocket and telling you how the Smiths down the street are doing it, that you have to do it too. Ignorant workers are investing in 401k plans without even the benefit of understanding the first thing about amortization or compound interest. Many a time have I been given a paid break to go listen to the companies brokerage firm give their spiel about the company 401k. I would look around the room and see 20% of the people asleep, and the rest with eyes glazed over. These people are going to invest $1 million of their cold hard earned cash in a 401k?

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Black People are Going to Follow Obama to Their Grave

Obama Makes Sure He Reminds People He Will Not Support Any Black Issues

In an unprecedented election, more Black people voted for president Barrack Obama than they had ever turned out before in the nation. Motivated by a sense of duty and to set a historical precedent, that Black people could hold the highest office in the land, Black people voted him in. Make no mistake about it, had not Black people overwhelmingly voted for Barrack Obama, he would not be president today.

Remember He’s Half White Too

With such widespread support, there must be an agenda that Black people are expecting him to carry out. But, we got it backwards. You don’t give the money away, THEN ask for the goods. That is stupid. If you voted for him simply because he IS half Black, then it is your stupidity that was played on for receiving such an uncaring president, the likes of which the country hasn’t seen since Reagan.

Time and again Black people vote for Democrats, thinking for some strange reason that maybe THIS TIME, they will get something in return. If they sat down for 10 minutes and reviewed, they would see that Democrats have never done anything for Black people. The Republicans, strange enough, have done more for Black people than even their own Black representatives. This has held true for nearly a century now. The most momentous legislation has always come at the hands of Republicans, and not Democrats. But Black people are convinced that Democrats are somehow “their party.” My aunt was talking to me about my degree in Political Science and how I should run for office and she said “I assume you’re a Democrat.”

Black people do not think beyond the nose on their face. The mos racist things have come from the Democratic party. Back in the 80s it was a very heated debate, when the Republicans referred to the Democrats as the party of “Blacks and gays”, to which the Democrats repudiated the Republicans for saying it. Obviously the Democrats are no more interested in Black people than they are in the dirt under their shoe.

Obama to Not Legislate for Black Issues

Black people are going to support Obama until he turns to the camera and says out of his own mouth, “I don’t care about your vote and I am not going to do anything for you.” And, he has already said just that, and yet Black people still support him. We are in the greatest depression since the 1930s. Oh the news refuses to say it, but the numbers are clear. I know the numbers are cooked, coming out of Washington, but that is not the only source of numbers. Black people have a nearly 25% unemployment rate.


Nationally unemployment may be steady at 9.7 percent but jobs are still hard to come by if you are black, according to the most recent job statistics. Unemployment in the black community increased from February’s 15.8 percent to 16.5 percent in March, according to the Department of Labor.

“The unemployment rate for African Americans, in particular, remains unacceptably high…, ” Congressional Black Caucus Chair Barbara Lee said of the numbers.

Lee, a California Democrat, continued: “These numbers undergird the continued importance for legislation to directly create more jobs for unemployed Americans, particularly the chronically unemployed.”

President Obama, the nation’s first black to hold the office, has said that he will not target jobs to individual races among the nearly 15 million unemployed Americans.

Obama the Snake Oil Salesman

The man does not care if you’re Black and could care less that your unemployment is double that of white people, asian people, latin people. He just doesn’t care. Why would you support a man that could care less about you? There is no defense for supporting him.

You will support him to your grave, to your doom. In your ignorance, you simply supported him, just because he was Black and got absolutely no promises beforehand from him as to how he would uplift the Black race in America. Your so called leaders did nothing but stood by shucking and jiving while he was measuring the draperies.

If the Black leaders are indeed Black leaders, where were they at the negotiating table? Hillary got her negotiation in. She negotiated so much, that Bush signed into executive order to allow her to take Secretary of State, before he left office. Where were you?


Your leaders are a bunch of nobodies that give a bunch of lip service to nothing. While they’re up there moaning in their preacher tones, rocking and shaking like a possessed man, and you stand up clapping, yapping and hollering for them, they haven’t done a God-Damned thing for you. You’re cheering them on for speaking, saying nothing, while they’re accomplishing nothing.

The Negotiation Table

SO WHAT, A BLACK MAN IS PRESIDENT, SO WHAT? Is your life better? Do 25% of Black people still NOT have jobs? What did he get you? Nothing!

Wise up, you bunch of sleepy-heads. You’re being played for a fool and paying for the opportunity. He said he wasn’t going to do anything for Black folks ON THE GOD-DAMNED CAMPAIGN TRAIL. Where were you when he said that? You went ahead and voted for him anyway?

How about next time you find someone that says they’ll do something for Black folks and stop TAKING AWAY FROM BLACK FOLKS. Everyone wants to holler about Black people always having their hand out, in the mean time they have their hand down your back pocket. While you’re saying you’re sorry, they have robbed you out of house, home and freedom. Wake the hell up.

While they are making you feel shameful you for asking for freedom, they are steady having their group ask for a bigger piece of the pie. They are treating you like the idiots you are and you fall for it every time.

  • your Black leaders got no promises out of Barrack Obama before the vote
  • unemployment went up in the Black community
  • you’re being shamed nightly on the news
  • meanwhile your freedom and liberty is being taken away faster than you can blink

Wake the hell up, Black people! That president hasn’t done a God-Damned thing for you, and he told you he wouldn’t, and keeps telling you he won’t. What more do you want the man to say? Do you want him to curse you out and tell you to leave him the hell alone? What does it take?

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Sunday: The Price He Paid guest post T. W.

Easter and You

As Christians, we love to talk about salvation being “free”. And it is free, in that we do not have to pay a financial down payment, and a monthly installment. But was salvation really free? I present to you, NO! Jesus, Himself, paid an enormous price, and the Saints around the world, who are dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Peace, often pay a tremendous price.

This is Easter Week, Passover as it were, the Resurrection weekend, as I like to call it. You will no doubt see thousands of pictures of the person we depict as Jesus Christ hanging on a cross, with His head hung down, and blood coming out of His sides. You may even shed a tear yourself. You may remember the movie “The Passion of Christ”, and realize that Jesus suffered a lot for you and I, but the Price He paid and the price His followers continue to pay, was even greater than what we have seen in the movies.

Have you ever gotten your eyes on a vehicle that you wanted so bad, that you were willing to pay the outrageous sticker price for it. Or have you ever send an outfit, that was so unique that you were willing to pay for it, even if you had to put it on lay-a-way. That is what I believe Jesus was saying to this world when He decided to take on humanity, and come down to earth to redeem man. Whatever it cost, He was willing to pay. One of the things that the Bible records, which caused Jesus a great deal of sorrow and pain, aside from His death, was the REJECTION He experienced from the people He loved so much.

Isaiah 53: 1 – 12 (The entire chapter) is a prophecy which spoke of the coming Lord, and revealed to all who would receive it, that He would actually come to earth and suffer many things for our sake. He would be someone who was hated, and rejected of men. He was evidently someone who was not sought after for His physical beauty. I will quote some of the Scripture from Isaiah 53, here, but I encourage you to read the entire twelve verses, even if you have read them before.

Isaiah 53: 1. “Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?
2. For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground. He hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there in no beauty that we should desire him.
3. He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
4. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
5. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”

These words show a Man/God who came to a people whom He obviously loved, which includes all of us, and we basically rejected Him. That is of course, not each and every person, but that is for the most part. This Scripture shows us that the Lord cared so much for us, that he did carry our grief and sorrows for us. So when we are going through our hurts and pain, we have to remember that the Lord “is acquainted with grief”. He paid that price for us, by becoming a man, and suffering so that He might actually experience some of the things we would experience.

Testimony: We were in the process of remodeling a home, so that we could use it for a church. So we needed a Variance or a Permit from the City, which meant we also needed approval from our neighbors. The project would cost us over $100,000.00. It would add sidewalks, curbs and gutters to the area. It would give the children, in particular, a place to come and play and learn about God. But, to our surprise, the neighbors rose up in number to fight against us. While the area was infested with illegal drugs, murder, rape, and violence, which to my knowledge, they had never protested. Yet, when we proposed to place a church in the neighborhood, they cried out with a loud voice, “We don’t want it!” As I left one of the City meetings one night, I wept! “Lord, why?” It really hurt me to see our neighbors reject us. The Lord graciously answered me: “That is the way they treated me. Though I wanted to do something good for them, and I myself would pay the full price for that act; and though it would cost them nothing, they rose up and fought me, even to the point of taking my life.”

Conclusion: So when you think of salvation being “Free”, keep this in mind, the price Jesus paid was His Death, His Burial, His Resurrection, and His Rejection. Finally, be encouraged, that because of the price the Lord paid, you have a gift available to you, free of charge. That gift is salvation. If you don’t have even one penny, you can still obtain this gift because the price has already been paid. God bless!

Pastor T.W.

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Power Gamer: Vampire Games

Vampire the Masquerade from a Real Power Gamer

For those that do not know, there is a set of games that deal strictly with all the horror mythology. One of the games is called Vampire: The Masquerade. In the game you role-play a vampire. Your enemies are humans, werewolves, mages, fairies, ghosts, oh and other vampires. In the game your powers are called disciplines. The vampire characters are divided up into families of vampires, sort of like the mafia, called clans. Because a vampire is made by infusing a human with blood, that new vampire takes on the genetic imprint from the blood of the vampire that made him. Voila! You have your clans.

In researching something on the net, I ran across some message boards. On one such message board it was discussing the disciplines. On poster was utterly disgusted by another poster that had more than 3 disciplines. Then it dawned on me. A majority of people who call themselves gamers, are in fact card carrying, panty waisted, care bears. They’re the type who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a shot gun. Upon further reflection I remember back to my vampire games and… they were all under-powered.

What’s wrong with under-powered games? It is the same reason Hollywood puts out predictable tripe, complete lack of imagination.

Follow me for a second here. Let’s say you had a sword fighting game. How much imagination does it take to understand the mechanics of stab, swing, parry. Not much eh? Everyone could understand that in about 2 seconds. But, what if you had to understand:

  • basic riposte: which means you parry intentionally, to launch a counter attack
  • riposte to disarm: which means you parry, jar the persons arm, then launch a disarm
  • riposte to stun: which means you feint, jar, parry, then pomel the weapon to stun the person’s arm

Clearly those are far more advanced than a stab. But this is the type of game people settle on playing, or presenting to their players.

Power Gamer’s Games

If everyone understands the rules and mechanics of a game, there should be no reason why they can’t understand advanced disciplines and multiple disciplines.

In the vampire the masquerade world, the oldest vampires knew nearly all the disciplines. The clans don’t even start until you get to the 6th vampires down the line. That means that everyone before them could care less what disciplines they had, because they had access to them all.

So in a power game, you simply could have players gain access to disciplines outside of their normal clan disciplines. So instead of just the 3 disciplines, you spice it up by learning more.

People often mistake depth for power. More often than not, the most powerful person in a game is the one with control over many facets of powers. Think James Bond. He was like a boy scout, always prepared, always had an ace up his sleeve. He didn’t have to be the best sharp shooter in the scene, he simply had to outsmart, outwit and overcompensate with props than anyone else.

If you have ever played an open ended game that allowed you the opportunity to learn different things, the more things you learned the mower powerful you became.

Let’s take Dungeons & Dragons. A Thief / Magic-user / Paladin / Bard, would stomp a Magic-User any day. Think about it, half the magic that would be cast at the multi-class character, would be ignored.

So what would a real power gamer vampire character look like? Easy, some character with about 50 different disciplines in about 10 different areas. Think about it, a vampire can learn 2 beginner disciplines in a week. Some disciplines resist other disciplines, simply by having the same discipline. So even if you were a fledgling vampire, your survival rate would skyrocket if you had the beginning disciplines of 10 different discipline trees.

Think about this, while other players are putting efforts to influence the mortal human world, you would concentrate on your disciplines. Let’s say they wanted to take you out, so they send their humans to find your hide out during the day to kill you. This is a very scary thought for most players. There really is no defense against it, except having your own human gofers protect you right? No. Because you have been concentrating on disciplines, you created an illusion that the building you’re housed in is burned up and fallen to the ground. The humans would utterly believe that there is no point even going through the wreckage. And, because they are just humans, there is no way for them to disbelieve the powerful vampiric illusion.

For every human action, there is always a vampiric discipline that trumps it. Let’s say you have them chasing you in a car. You can:

  • disappear
  • make them forget you
  • beat them to a bloody pulp
  • make them wreck their own car
  • make them flee in terror
  • make them kill each other
  • outrun the car
  • make all of their blood flow out of their ears

So the weapon of choice for a power gamer is disciplines. If you’re not hording the disciplines, you’re doing it wrong.

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Movie Review: The Hurt Locker

What Did I Just Watch: The Hurt Locker

That’s what you’ll be saying after you watch this movie. Yes the acting was good. Yes the scenery had a lot of texture to it and seemed so real as if you could touch it. But, the script was not only not good, but it was amateurish, yes bad. The Hurt Locker is a hurt movie. And, to top it all off, it is so long that half way through you’ll be surprised it isn’t over. To add insult to injury, there is no ending. The fact that there is no ending, should indicate to the intelligent mind, there was no beginning.

The Hurt Locker

This film is ably directed by Kathryn Bigelow. There are no glaring mistakes in how the movie was shot, nor how the actors conveyed what was going on in each scene. However, the blame for the complete failure of the movie soundly rests on the shoulders of its writer Mark Boal. The script is awful. I don’t mean it was bad like the jokes weren’t funny and the sad parts weren’t sad, I mean it is not a script.

I can just picture the writer coming to the producer and pitching the movie: “I have an idea for a movie in Iraq.” And the producer says, “ok, what happens.” The writer then simply gets up and walks away. Obviously someone was convinced of Mark Boal’s brilliance, strictly based on some outside factor other than this movie. At the end of the day you’re left wondering why you wasted your time watching the movie.

You would literally be far more entertained if you stopped a soldier from Iraq and asked him to tell you some experiences he had while there.

Story and Acting

The story starts out very, in your face. There is no introduction, it simply moves into the opening scene of “there’s a bomb that needs to be defused.” While that is great for an opening scene, gets the blood pumping, the adrenalin going, the entire movie is a repeat of the opening scene.

The three main characters are Sergeant JT Sanborn played by Anthony Mackie, Sergeant William James played by Jeremy Renner, Specialist Owen Eldridge played by Brian Geraghty. At first blush you’re overwhelmed by the complete lack of variety of clothing that soldiers wear. At times it is hard to keep track of who you are looking at, which is another downfall of the movie. Luckily, Anthony Mackie is Black, very Black. Thankfully they cast him in one of the leading roles. Had the movie been about 3 white guys, noone would have been able to understand what little there was to understand about the movie. When the other two white actors are on screen it is very hard to keep track of who is who. The viewer is relegated to taking visual queues from the emotional state of the actors. Specialist Owen Eldridge is portrayed as being the emo soldier that is apparently having a hard time adjusting to killing, watching people be killed. Sergeant William James is portrayed as being a reckless bomb diffuser. You literally have to sit and see which one is emo and which one is gung-ho, to understand which white guy is which. They didn’t even do us the favor of having one constantly have maybe a summer uniform and one wear a more formal uniform. To make even more confusing, their voices did not vary from each other either.

Of the script that they were given to work with, all three actors give it their best shot. It is just sad that the script was so awful.

This script introduces a new negative in writing. You know how movies have plot holes? For instance, you’ll watch a movie and in one scene the father gets off the phone with his doctor and he turns and says, ” I have cancer, and they’ve scheduled me for surgery.” In the next scene the father is wheeled off to surgery. And, you never hear about the father ever again in the movie, but they took the time to make two scene centered on this cancer and surgery. That, is a plot hole. In The Hurt Locker you have plot destruction. For instance: in one scene Sergeant James finds a little boy that he has been playing soccer with, in a previous scene, dead and the corpse filled with explosives. He has an emotional break down and sets out to find the killer. In 4 scene later the boy comes up to him asking to play soccer with him. Sergeant James ignores him and continues on with the movie. The viewer is left stunned and wondering how that resolved anything and why were were taken on the wild goose chase for, get this, 5 scenes in the movie. In another scene we see a very dastardly colonel who subtly hints that an Iraqi should be murdered on the spot. This same colonel walks up and compliments, at length, Sergeant James. The audience is left wondering if the colonel is going to do something to Sergeant James. Why? Because the colonel seems to be sarcastic about the compliments, that and the fact that he goes on for 5 minutes doing it.

This movie is a bomb. And, it needs to be diffused. If Hollywood has no editors hired they need to invest in one pronto. The movie was very very long. The camera work was teeeeeerrible. It was shaky throughout the movie. It was so shaky, I am glad I reviewed the movie with my vitamins handy.

This is a Must Not See. I won’t even go into the reality of the soldier portrayal. Apparently there was absolutely nothing realistic about the portrayal. I’ve never been in the Army, nor an enlisted soldier.

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Are You Listening to Satanic Verses Uknowingly?

Jay-Z Lead Us Not Into Temptation

[I recommend you read this, and maybe pass it on to some of your younger church members. Maybe not the whole thing, if you don’t want to. But definitely about the singers. They may or may not listen, but once you tell them, they can’t say they were not warned. This has been going on since the 60’s.]

Nearly every singer, since the 60’s, who sings pop music, has sold their soul to the devil. In their songs they come right out and talk about it. In interviews they talk about it.

99.9999% of rap music is satanic and not written by the person rapping the song. The president of the music companies they sing for tell writers to write about sex, money and violence. They then make the singer sing the song. Then they make music videos of the song. In the videos they have all sorts of Satan worship symbols, that people don’t recognize. Then they have the singer do live tours and concerts. In the concert the singer makes the crowd chant parts of the song and put their hands up in weird symbols. The crowd has no idea that the part of the song and the hand symbols are satanic.

Rap music is nearly all satanic controlled. And now nearly every type of music is including rap in it, even country music *gasp* which when you think about it, has to be the most ridiculous thing ever. Rap music is really easy to put satanic words and symbols in it, because the words never make sense to most people. The music videos are also easy to put satanic symbols in, because they can have a really quick frame of something satanic and you won’t catch it. Also the singer or someone in the video can be wearing something satanic and the viewer won’t pay attention. They also put satanic numbers in the video and noone pays attention.

What are these numbers? 3 a.m. – which is the demonic hour, since it is believed Jesus died at 3 p.m. and 3 a.m. is the opposite. 9 which is a mockery of the holy trinity, father son and holy ghost. 11 which is the opposite of 7 another holy number. Wait, did you notice something? 9 and 11 make 9/11. We’re told that 9/11 was done by terrorists. But, I have personally located each other the so called terrorists and they are all alive except for 1 guy that died a year after 2001. 9/11 is a satanic date along with 2001. Now 11 years after 2001 is of course 2012. They have already made a movie called 2012, in which the world is supposed to end. They are preparing us to expect a huge disaster. What people don’t realize is that they are going to MAKE it happen.

Getting back to singers. In the interviews the singers admit they sold their soul. They’ll also talk about being talked to. Or, they’ll say “the rain man talks to me”. Noone knows who the rain man is, so it goes over everyone’s head. In the videos they’ll show rain: water; money; gold raining down. Rain man of course is A devil.

In 1988 Hollywood made a movie specifically called Rain Man. Before that movie noone had ever referred to retarded people as rain men. But in the movie, two of the most famous movie stars at the time, played in the movie, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Dustin Hoffman played a retarded guy who was a super genius, an “idiot savant.” He had an amazing memory for numbers…. remember numbers above? And he could count in the blink of an eye. Tom Cruise took him to Vegas of course and made lots of money. Now when people say “rain man” they think the singer is talking about the movie. But, the movie was specifically made to confuse people. But, the movie was demonic ANYWAY. So even if they person mentions the movie they are still talking about a demon. The character in the movie was supposed to be A demon. But, we as a movie watcher don’t get it, because we’re not supposed to.

So the singers talk about rain and rain man, and in the video throw thousands of dollars on women, saying “make it rain”. The kids listening or watching think rap is so great. It’s talking about demonic possession and they don’t even understand.

Finally when artists don’t want to play anymore or refuse to ever play, they send people after them. The formula?

  1. destroy the person’s career
  2. destroy the person’s image
  3. and if they still won’t play
  4. murder the person in plain sight

Hello Michael Jackson, 2pac, Biggie Smalls and others. In either case against Michael Jackson there was never any evidence presented that he touched the children. None. Secondly, there is no possible way that a doctor poisoned the most famous man on the whole planet BY HIMSELF. Several years ago there was a study done and they showed a picture of Reagan, the pope, and Michael Jackson. Even in tiny villages in Asia, people recognized Michael Jackson over the president of the united states and the pope. There is no way that a doctor just up and poisoned him, by himself. The doctor had nothing to even gain by killing him. But, for some reason, he is the only one that is taking the blame for it.

Let’s stop for a second and look at the Michael Jackson murder. Oh, doesn’t seem the media wants to say murder. Let’s look at direct quotes from expert testimony and the coroner.

An anesthesiology consultant hired by the coroner to review the findings of the investigation said that “there are NO reports of its use for insomnia relief, to my knowledge,” according to the report.

Calmes, the consultant, concluded that propofol was administered without the recommended equipment being present, including a “continuous pulse oxymeter, EKG and blood pressure cuff.”

Use of the anesthesia requires “full patient monitoring by a person trained in anesthesia,” she wrote. Murray is a cardiologist.

“There was no evidence of an infusion pump for control of an IV infusion. No monitors were found at the scene; a blood pressure cuff and portable pulse oxymeter were recovered from a closet in the next room,” Calmes wrote.

The consultant said supplemental oxygen “should always be delivered” when propofol is being administered.

Michael Jackson was not gonna play ball. He was doing his own thing. And, this is what the media will absolutely NOT tell you, he was a deeply religious man. Not only was he deeply religious but he knew the bible like the back of his hand. Sound familiar? And, DMX is next. I guarantee you MC Hammer would be dead if he continued in the music industry. Go back and check other singers that have turned to Christ after their music career and see if there are any abnormalities with the law or legal allegations. And, this isn’t just for Black singers. It is for all singers.

I mentioned 9/11 above. Why would they do this? To prove to God that they control the planet. To prove they can do one of the most horrible acts, to the most powerful country on the planet and get away with it. There had to be about 10 newspaper cameras flying around in helicopters on 9/11, and not one of them was in HIGH RESOLUTION? That is impossible. Nearly all news is now reported in HIGH DEFINITION. That means you can see the wrinkles on a reporter standing across the street. And this is now in every camera. But every video of the 9/11 crash is terrible quality. I just went to the store yesterday to look at buying a camera. The guy said “you don’t need this camera, unless you want to take a picture of you so clear and blow it up to the size of this entire building, that’s how clear it would be”. And that is a $300 camera. Can you imagine what those news stations are using? It is impossible that cameras on that day were not clear. Yet when you see the “plane” crash into the building you cannot see the plane clearly. People said it wasn’t a plane at all, but a robot plane. Meaning, it wasn’t a 200 passenger plane, it was a dummy plane, but you cannot tell from the video at all.

Why the world trade center? Not because it had lots of people in it. They could blow up a stadium and kill twice as many people. The world trade centers were MADE to represent… hold on to your chair… the number 11. So the Satan worshipers wanted to blow up a symbol of the 3rd largest religion, the other two being Christian and Judaism. Doesn’t matter what you believe, they believe the 3 religions represent God and they will do anything to thumb their nose at Him.

Finally, I am not a rocket scientist, but according to research I found Jet fuel doesn’t burn in the open air. That means, if you throw an airplane into a building the tank is not going to explode. That’s how they made the thing. Next, even if they did burn, jet fuel burns completely off at 1800 degrees. The building it hit was made out of steel. Steel does even lose it’s structure until you hit 2750. That means it is impossible for jet fuel to burn a steel building. But these were not regular steel buildings, they were specifically designed to take… hold on to your hat… 50 AIRPLANE CRASHES. Sounds kind of excessive? No because before the WTC was built, they had weather scares, bomb scares and fire scares. So to get the insurance for the buildings they made the buildings nearly immune. So why were there pools of melted steel at the crash site, for weeks after the crash? There is nothing that we saw that could do that. It wasn’t jet fuel that’s for sure.

They meant for those buildings to come all the way down. 9/11, satanic number.

New movie coming out: title is just “9”. It’s about an “alien”. I can guess what the alien really is though.

They love to get singers, because if they control the singers, they control all of their fans. It’s idol worship. The fans worship the singer and they control the singer. It’s as simple as that. Notice a lot of the pop music talks about sex, violence and money. They talk about being violent mainly to Black women or treating Black women like prostitutes. The most famous female singer today is Beyonce. She acts like a prostitute in most of her videos. She also has many demonic symbols in her videos and she makes her fans raise their hands into demonic hands gestures. Her husband is one of the most richest and famous rappers and producer in the world. He came out and said he sold his soul to the devil and rain man talks to him. Noone even bats an eye.

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Wayne Allyn Root Selfish, Crooked, and Not Libertarian

Wayne Allyn Root is Not Libertarian

Noone, has done a real expose on this con artist named Wayne Allyn Root. OK, maybe one or two, but I digress. This perp has come out of nowhere and weaseled his way into the vice presidential candidacy for the Libertarian party for the 2008 national race. It may simply have been the fact that noone takes a 3rd party vice presidential candidate as newsworthy, however, that wouldn’t excuse the major Libertarian newspapers or e-zines to not do it. I present to you excerpts of one such expose. Understand a couple of things about Libertarians:

  • Libertarians are not Republican wannabes
  • Libertarians are not neocons
  • Libertarians believe in individual freedoms as granted by the U.S. Constitution
  • Libertarians believe in a very limited government as defined by the U.S. Constitution
  • Libertarians do not believe in interventionist warmongering
  • Libertarians do not believe in government intrusion into private individual’s lives

Wayne Allyn Root has expressed and believes in the exact opposite of that list. The Libertarian party refuses to ask him to leave. The Libertarian party refuses to address this completely opposing philosophy to the Libertarian ideal. This is akin to the South Park Episode of Jewbilee where the Elders of the Jewish summer camp refuse to oust Garth the Elder of the Anti-Semetic Jews. [as crazy as that sounds]

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Would the Real Wayne Allyn Root Please Stand Up*

As a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2008 presidential nomination, Wayne Allyn Root has promoted himself as a “business mogul and entrepreneur extraordinaire.” And let’s face it, in the LP, that kind of image sells. Lately, Root has shifted toward a “small business” image, and that plays well with Libertarians, too.

But how accurate are either of these images? And are they based on the kind of record that the LP wants in a presidential candidate? The answer to both questions is a resounding “no.”

Let’s tackle the “mogul” angle first.

At this time, Root’s company (W Technologies, Inc., formerly Winning Edge Technologies, Inc., formerly GWIN, Inc.) is apparently a dead stick. Here are some highlights from the company’s Business Week profile:

– The company sold its operating assets in September of 2007.

– In November of 2007, the company’s auditor reported to the SEC “an unqualified opinion expressing doubt that the company can continue as a going concern.”

– Late last month the company defaulted on a payment due of more than $90,000 against promissory notes of more than $450,000. The profile is pessimistic: “If the Company cannot reach a restructuring of the notes, which have an outstanding balance of approximately $456,522, the Company may have to seek bankruptcy protection.”

– The company’s market cap of about $390k is less than the outstanding debt it’s trying to restructure (is there other debt? Well, the company’s best performance in the last four years has been a $1.2 million net loss, so …). Its 52-week high stock price — which it hit last May — was 3 cents per share, and as of Valentine’s day it stood at eight one hundredths of one cent per share.

I’d say we’re waaaaaaay out of “mogul” territory here. The business is neither huge — its market cap, if liquidated, wouldn’t buy a nice house in the Bay Area — nor successful. It’s a bust.

But, it’s a small bust (if we concentrate only on the profits and ignore the debt and losses), so maybe we should take Root’s new “small businessman” rhetoric to heart. Ah, small business! Main Street USA! Mom and Pop and good old-fashioned American values like honesty, thrift and hard work.

Except, well, it’s not really much like that. The Las Vegas Better Business Bureau lists 14 complaints versus Root’s company over a period of 36 months, with only five of those complaints resolved to the BBB’s satisfaction and none of them resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Among the complaints are one for “deceptive sales practices,” two for “unauthorized credit card charges,” and one for “unauthorized bank debits.”

Scratch the cheap gold paint Root has dipped himself in, and what you find beneath doesn’t look much like a “business mogul” or an “entrepreneur” or a “small businessman.” It looks a lot more like a con artist — specifically the kind known in the sports betting world as a “scamdicapper.”

Unfortunately a considerable percentage of Libertarians seem to be falling for Root’s latest, greatest scam: His presidential campaign. That’s understandable — we’re eager to be seen as successful, and to be represented by candidates with “success” in their image profiles. But it’s important to scrutinize such image profiles. The truth about Root is important — and it’s more, not less, important since he’s used his alleged business success as a selling point for his candidacy.

None of the other candidates for the LP’s presidential nomination make the kind of self-promotional claims that Wayne Root makes. On the other hand, the claims they do make stand up to scrutiny.

George Phillies has plausibly claimed modest wealth based on wise savings and investment decisions over the course of a successful academic career, and he’s invested thousands of dollars of that honestly earned wealth in his campaign.

Steve Kubby plausibly describes his past business successes — and in the last two years he has come out of an unjustified imprisonment with $110 to his name, worked his way through a protracted divorce proceeding, paid off his debts, paid off all fines and costs related to his probation and earned early termination of that probation, secured a residence and built back his life while continuing to fight successfully for freedom.

Those accomplishments may not be “mogul” stuff, but they’re real and true accomplishments, and the candidates who claim them also have long records of dedicated activism in the Libertarian Party. They’re the real thing.

It’s time to wise up, folks. We can’t fool the American people with a candidate like Wayne Allyn Root — and we shouldn’t fool ourselves with him either.*

*[a majority of the post taken from another source. contact me for credit]

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