Sylvan Raynes of R&R Consulting Slams Jim Cramer on CNBC

Sylvan Raynes Calls CNBC Propaganda for Goldman Sachs

It is rare that you ever have a guest on CNBC who isn’t hand picked, cherry picked and willing to get his / her knees dirty for Wallstreet giant Goldman Sachs. On occasion I have blasted Errin Burnett as a useless talking head for Wallstreet in this blog. Sylvan Raynes was the one that got away. In the clip below you can see Errin give time to the talking points of all the Goldman Sachs PR, talking heads. But, as soon as the camera pans to the guest speaker, Sylvan Raynes, he immediately blasts the entire show, calling it public relations officers for Goldman. He then targets Jim Cramer of Mad Money, as the worst of the lot, and with good reason, Jim Cramer worked for Goldman Sachs back in 1984.

As if that were not enough he said he would keep his comments “shallow” in deference to Mister Cramer. Errin feigned insult at this and threatened him. Cramer for his part, feigned indignation. “The very idea that he was speaking on behalf of Goldman Sachs is preposterous.” >.> Really Cramer?

Refreshingly Sylvan Raynes was not just full of eloquent barbs and jabs as Cramer’s $100 million head. He has some very cogent facts and insight into the deal. I believe that the SEC will not dare present their case as precisely and adequately as mister Raynes layed it out on CNBC, but one can hope. In fact I’m sure this is all just a show, since we all know the SEC is captured by the very industry they are regulating. They have the audacity to call other countries corrupt in Washington.

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