African American Manifesto: My Black Agenda for Mellenium 2000

African American Manifesto: My Black Agenda for Millennium 2000

African Slaves[I am touched that you wrote me. I have been planning to start a Black business bureau for some time now. I have not written out the plan, but this seems as good a time as any. This letter will not only go to you, but I am now, because you inspired me, will be sending this out to every Black church, Black politician, Black organization in the entire country. I can dedicate a few thousand to this letter and campaign. I am also an online marketing genius and will be doing a major press release of this letter as well. Thank you for inspiring me. Here’s my response to you.]

When African slaves were sold or stolen from Africa, they were first sent to an island just off the coast of west Africa. On this island, they were mind-wiped and the men were brainwashed against the women. For, 95% of Africans were sent to central and south America. In central and south America Africans could hope to live the ripe old age of 23. However, they actually were treated quite a bit better, since they learned skills. However, because their death rate was so high, they never grew in population.

Well, what about that 5% that was sent to America? Because the US had a constitution that said “all men are created equal”, Americans went overboard to make sure Africans were never seen as humans. They went through TWO different mind-wiping sessions. One off the coast of Louisiana, and a 3rd at the auction blocks. However,they were treated with kid gloves, compared to south America. However, they were kept as dumb as rocks. They learned absolutely nothing and it was forbidden to teach them anything, by law. Americans were deathly afraid they would revolt, which actually happened several time, but was kept to just that city. One town was completely slaughtered by Africans. There is even a famous painting about it, however this is not taught in public education.

When slavery was abolished in the US, Africans had been able to live to a much higher age than in south America and grew to be 30% of the population. However, these Africans had been mind-wiped 3 separate times, stripped of religion, origin, family, and culture. Upon their release they knew nothing, literally nothing.

Africans had to teach themselves how to read and write, make a family, farm for themselves, etc. Two things they could not teach themselves: their religion; their cultural origins. Even with these horrible odds, Africans became 80% literate in 50 years, something unheard of in human history.

While there were Africans that flourished in the new free era, most barely got by. A lot were slaughtered by racist white people who saw African freedmen as an economic threat to their livelihood. Many new laws were passed to keep tools out of the Africans hands; minimum wage laws were passed to keep people from hiring Africans; and anything produced by Africans was not allowed to come to market. Many African farmers went under from not being able to sell their produce.

The answer is not a question of just pouring money into the modern African American community. It requires a COMPLETE overhaul.

  • – branding: African Americans need to be branded as a viable and independent political group with our own identity, culture, religion and origin from Africa
  • – BRANDING: we need to produce new art, media, entertainment that if Pan-African, African centered and African inspired, with Africans as the only people in such media [THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL OTHER POINTS]
  • – we need to denounce any and all other groups that try to co-op our history, culture and art, who systematically claim it as their own and as their origination [like the Egyptian story; jewish story; our music; our culture]
  • – as a political group we need to acquire and send lobbyist to every state legislature and the federal congress, to lobby for African political and economic gains [NOT CIVIL RIGHTS]; we need things like the war on drugs stopped, which was intended and used as a racial profiling thing to send Africans into the prison system, to the tune of 75% of all Africans in prison today are there based on drug charges, to the tune of a $75 BILLION a year price tag; we need to remove all racist legislation; we need to understand, read and hold politicians responsible to the constitution, which is our best and only way to eradicate racist legislation; we need to remove Africans off of all social welfare legislation, this has destroyed the African family
  • black married couple and kids– as an independent political group we need to divorce ourselves from the Democrat party; if we are serious about our independence we need to have the capability to vote as a group; voting for the Democrat party has made the Democrats take our votes and voice for granted
  • – we need to control African finance and African money; we need to open and gather in every city African run, operated and owned credit unions; we need to aggressively educate and finance African business; we need to arrest and stop any 3rd parties that are financing and control African business
  • – we need to control all African disposable income and spending; we need to arrest and stop any 3rd parties that are selling commodities in our communites and to Africans in America
  • – we need to control all African necessary expenditures, this includes food, energy and real property; we need to arrest and stop any 3rd party that controls necessities Africans have to pay for
  • – we need to go into our communities, move back in, fix them up, and open up all forms of business that Africans need and use on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis; we need to target and pick locations that have high concentrations of Africans already in them and do our best to move out 3rd parties; we need to open up convenience stores, credit unions, grocers, transportation and everything else needed, in each community so that Africans do not need to go outside of the community to spend money.
  • – we need to start regional stock markets that trade in African produce, commodities, and equities in African firms; this will get African farmers to produce and transport their produce to African stores as one big giant economic circle
  • – we need to connect these regional stock markets with stock markets in the motherland, which are now booming and coming online; 2 new major stock markets have come online recently in Africa and they need more business
  • – we need to understand that marriage is the most stabilizing social factor in our modern time, and we need to encourage our community to get married at every opportunity; marriage also is very strategic and economically good for both people; we need to launch a national campaign to encourage Africans to marry each other; we need to put African marriage in front of our people, through pictures, art, music, entertainment and as a sound business strategy [since it is more economic to be married]
  • – we need to purchase and take private, all historically Black Colleges; we need to control all African education; we need to arrest and stop 3rd parties from mis-educating our African youth, young adults and young professionals; this is exactly what all other groups do; we need to open and start vocational and skill based education for high school and young African adults; we need to access and encourage our youth to understand what they are good at, what they desire and to realize that college is not the answer for nearly 60% of the population; we need to educate our youth that colleges are a business and that they are putting out propaganda that you “should” go to college, in order to rake in money, at the young African’s expense, which they’ll be paying for, for decades; we need to encourage our young African to develop skills, such as automotive, electrical, plumbing etc, for blue collar paychecks, instead of minimum wage

If we are to survive this next century, we need to take some serious stock of what we are doing. We need to realize that, unless we get organized and think of ourselves as a group, we will be treated as chattel, misused, miseducated, and state dependent victims to a socialist state, with our wealth stolen year after year.

As it stands now, Africans in America cannot do anything to protect, save or help our countries in the motherland. Our people are being raped, murdered and wealth stolen by nearly every western power on the planet, and now Asia is getting in on the taking. We need to clean our house and get it in order.

"Don’t Call Me African-American" says he

“Don’t Call Me African-American” says he

In response to my article and video “I’m not African-Amercan” says he, many people defended themselves saying that they hadn’t been to Africa and denied being from there.

All original people, Nubians (Blacks), came from Africa.

“But I never been to Africa.”

Now apparently they didn’t read the last paragraph. Italian-Americans call themselves Italian, even 3rd and 4th generation. Sweedish-American call themselves Sweedish, again even 4th generation. It is only in the Nubian community that we find a major sector of the group that does everything they can, to distance themselves from both their heritage and their continent of origin.

This country has a history of treating Nubians as second class citizens, and sub-humans. It would behoove us then, to be excellent, better than whites, in all things, and to eggregiously remind them that we are Nubians, and that the motherland and origin of man, is in Africa.

“Most Black folk don’t even know where they came from in Africa.”

Of course 80% of the African-American population that do not know their actual country of origin is in Africa.

  • We were destroyed for 60 years. 
  • Our families were destroyed. 
  • Our names were destroyed. 
  • Our heritage was destroyed. 
  • Our religion was destroyed. 
  • Our culture was destroyed.

It is no mystery 200 years later they cannot trace their root beyond 5 generations. Yes, even Nubians can trace their predecessors 5 generations up.

A lot of people think that Articles like this, speeches like this and debates like this are unnecessary. The problem is, the conversation has never taken place, even between Nubians. The general population reads things like this and bury their heads in the sand, hoping it will go away.

Nubians were rounded up, slaughtered, psychology destroyed, sold into chattel slavery, treated like chattel by society and by the law of the land, “set free”, and are still treated like chattel to this day.

The national opinion of Nubians is that we are still sub-human chattel, unfit for anything other than physical, low-paying labor. It doesn’t matter that one half-Nubian became president. It doesn’t matter than one Nubian is an astrophysicist. It doesn’t matter that one Nubian is a brain surgeon. The national opinion is that Nubians are unfit and not to be trusted.

Until Nubians realize this, comes to terms with this, comes to grip with this and realize that we cannot change opinion, and that we do not need to change opinion about us, then and only then can we proceed to the next logical step.

The jews put out holocaust pictures, movies, television shows, documentaries every month. No one says they are harping on the past. But, if a Nubian says that Nubians are being mistreated in this country presently, they are told, “stop living in the past, stop bring old things up.”

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"I’m Not African-American," says he

“I’m Not African-American,” says he

You have to realize a lot of “Black” people hate being Black. And even worse, being reminded they came from Africa. I’m not going to put labels like “self-hate” on them, but … there you go.

Now, as for me personally, I am OK with being called:

  • negro [which simply means Black]
  • African-American [which is descriptive, and since I’m an artist, I think in color anyway, unlike most people who actually think in black and white]
  • Black [which is short, quick and to the point ]

I for one, am not hating being Black. I lived in Africa. It’s the richest continent on the planet, … uh … natural-resource-wise, but the IMF / World Bank has raped every single country there and colonialism has NOT stopped … but I digress.

Back to the self-haters … so Black folk are now making videos against being called African-American. It is a slap in the face of everyone of those people in the 60s that were shot, mamed, jailed, beaten up, dogs sicked on, abused, just so white people would recognise us as 1. humans and 2. Americans just like everyone else. I’m not some idiot that doesn’t study history, and the 60s is frankly not that far back, i mean … seriously.

For Black people to sit up here in turn of the mellenium and act all high minded, is pathetic. People died so we could be called African-American and not colored or worse. It’s pure ignorance and hubris to put their memory to shame.

One Black guy made a video claiming he had never been to Africa … :/  Nor have half the Italians alive in this country, but will say point blank they are italian … or scottish … or irish … or french … or german …. or japanese … or korean.  Only Black people have a problem with where they’re from.

At the end of the day WE’RE ALL IMMIGRANTS.

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Clubbing While Black

Clubbing While Black

I have never felt more alone than when I’m in a crowded room of 200 white people.   I mean I have nothing against white people, they just have something against me.  Now, when I say that, they act all offended that I speak the truth and tell me how open minded they are and how color blind they are.  Let’s explore all the open minded, color blind white people that live in America.  There is nothing worse, in my mind, than me going somewhere spending my money, in a place where people don’t want me.  In fact, I consider it a high sin, to reach into my pocket and support a place with a bunch of bigots walking around me eying me like I’m an escaped convict.

I happen to have money to live in an area where I am virtually surrounded by white people.  I didn’t ask their permission to move in, so it’s not their fault.  I happen to have money to be able to go and get into clubs that white people frequent.  I did not double check with them to see if that was ok, so it’s not their fault.  I happen to have enough money to be able to pay cover charge, and check my coat in, into some pretty popular clubs around the city.  I did not send in a requisition with the white folks, it’s not their fault.

No matter how crowded the club is, I always receive VIP status.  I mean, I must be a VIP.  I have no less than 5 feet of space, no matter where I stand, in the club.  I have no less than an entire radius of empty tables around me at all times, in the club.

However, I must have magical powers or I must be a daywalking vampire.  Why do i say that?  Because when I go up to the bar to get a drink, I am invisible.  I have literally pasted a one hundred dollar bill to my forehead and wore all white and still did not get served.  In fact, I have stood at the bar, sometimes, for 10 minutes waiting to be served, a white person walks up and the bartender rushes to take their order.  So I am a VIP, daywalking, Black vampire.

Speaking of Black, as much as people want to tell me about their best Black friends, they are not talking about my kind of Black.  I am dark chocolate and a pure blood.  They do not know my pain.  They are talking about a half breed Black person.  These half breed Black people get a pass all day long.  Most whites now consider the half breeds to be nothing more than latino or Indians, from India.

Oh, I’m exaggerating?  I went to a club with one of these famous half breed Black guys.  He was two shades darker than a white man with a tan and had funky weird not Black hair.  You know the kind, I’m talking about.  He was also about 21 going on 16. The guy looked like a kid.  Now mind you I’m a solid 31 year old and I look exactly 31 years old, all day, every day.  They did card him.  Barely looked at his ID and waved him on.  Me, the security eyed my card and called the manager over and said my ID was fake.  What’s the difference?  I’m 6’2, 220lbs of pure muscle and am unmistakeably pure blooded African prince.  They asked me to leave.  They did not have to ask twice.  The irony of the situation was that I was going to treat the kid to some drinks and he had no money.  I had about, you guessed it, one hundred dollars in my pocket.  And, I will never go there again.

You see white people and the half breed Blacks have no idea what it is to be a dark chocolate brother in America.  I’ll repeat that, since most don’t understand it.  A dark chocolate African American is stigmatized by EVERYONE, including by half breed Blacks as well.  With the invasion of Mexicans and other non-white mixes coming into America, the half breed Blacks are written off as simply being non-white.  They have names now for them: Blatino; Mexicoon; Blasian; Puerto Rican; Blussian; Polynegran.  In other words, they’re not Black.  And, they proudly admit they’re Blatino or whatever and will argue with you that they are not Black.  I say more power to them.

But, let’s get back to the club.  I’m sitting in a club the other day and 4 young ladies walk in, all white of course.  They have with them their mother.  And, they are eying me.  No no no no, not eying me to check me out, they are eying me to clutch their purses closer to them and moving as far away from me as they can.  A barfly comes up to me and asks why am I sitting alone and not talking to other people.  I reply, they are not talking to me.  He goes back to his friend / date.  He must have gotten bored with his date or something.

Let’s rewind a bit.  I used to wear designer clothes.  You know the kind, $400 for a shirt, etc.  I go to a club, wearing probably about $2,000 worth of clothes.  I am in the VIP line, because I was in fact on the list.  The doorman stopped me and said I couldn’t come in because my shirt did not have a collar.  Wait, before you get all logical and say, that’s a reasonable request.  I tell him to look at the line of the non-VIP people and how they are letting white guys with shorts and sandals in the club.  He said he didn’t care and I wasn’t getting in.  It just so happened that the person that put me on the list, “the talent” just walked out the door and saw me.  He brushed by the doorman, ignoring him, and grabbed my arm and led me inside personally.  I wasn’t just on the VIP list, I was personally invited.  I was taken to the VIP section, which was quite boring.  I was then asked by all the other VIP people, “why are you up here?”  Yes, they were white people.  I found the lower lesser beings far more interesting than the VIP crowd.  Even when they started having sex on the VIP couches, it was all boring to me.  I left after a long evening and “the talent” came up to see us after his performance.  I never went back.

Normally the “XXX while Black” stories normally end with the police arresting some unsuspecting Black person for no other reason than being Black.  Unfortunately, I have no such stories.  However, after a long time of clubbing, I was told that there used to be several Black clubs in town.  They were very successful, but that each one was shut down by the police for one reason or another.  Hell, any reason will do.  I had gone to one, at one time.  It was very expensive and their dress code was through the roof.  It was no problem for me, because I was used to dressing up to go out.  They not only closed down the club, but they demolished the building.  There is no way that that club did not make untold riches.  Everyone there was Black, from the doorman to the owner.  It had valet parking, the whole nine yards.  Its one mistake?  It was located in a white neighborhood.  I wasn’t there when police came, but I cannot imagine anyone needing to call the police on the place.  It was very high class.  There are a lot of clubs out there that pretend to be high class, simply to scam you out of your money, but this club legitimately had a wine collection and liquor that cost $250 per bottle.  I’m sure you know clubs that will try to charge you $250 for a bottle of liquor or wine, but this club had them.  I just happen to know this because I studied wines and liquors in school.

Everyone talks about Patron as being high end tequila.  Let me clue you in.  Patron is sewage water.  It is literally considered what poor people drink.  However, cross the border into America and slap on a nice ad campaign and any liquor is passed off as high end liquor, tequila or whatever you want sell.  Americans don’t know what’s good quality in liquor or wine.  They want one thing now, go to the club and drink so much liquor they can’t see straight.  Come next weekend, they’ll do it all over again.

Why shouldn’t they go overboard with their drinking?  Everyone tells them that alcohol is terrible and shouldn’t be touched.  So, they are deprived of alcohol and once they have the opportunity, they get wasted out of their mind on liquor and booze.  Let’s through in the puritanical way their raised to feel about how sex is bad and horrible and you have a one two punch of sex and alcohol.

In the mean time, I’ll be in my VIP section observing, sipping on my drink for about an hour, in my land of being completely avoided by everyone in the club, for fear I might … turn into some even Blacker hulk and start raping white women or something crazy, whatever is in their white mind, while they scurry away from me.  It is all so hilarious.

I am running out of clubs to go to, that won’t act like I have leprosy when I’m paying green cash.

Like I said, it is a high sin to pay hard earned money in a place that is more bigoted than George W Bush and David Duke.

[ This entire aritcle is intended as a comedy sketch on race.  Take it with a grain of salt.  I am certainly not even concerned about race in America. The “xxx while Black series is simply a funny look at the ridiculousness of the country.  Normally it ends with the police shooting someone Black or arresting them for no apparent reason other than they are Black doing “xxxx” at the time, be it shopping, driving, golfing or walking.]

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Leon Washington Goes to High School

Washing Your Black Kids Out of School and Life

Leon’s Tale

Leon was always a big kid.  He wasn’t too fast of a runner, but he could move his junk in a hurry.  When a high school coach sent him a letter before he left middle school telling him to try out for the football team, he was happy as a tic on a toad.  He tried out and of course made the team.  For four years he was on the football team.  He never missed a practice, but he also never studied.  He never turned in homework and football became his life.  He went on every trip and every home game.

When his mama asked him about his school work he simply said, it was taken care of or it was done.  When his senior year rolled around noone came to his house to ask him to join their college team.  He got no letters offering full scholarships to a university.  In fact everyone was silent.

Come graduation time, he was off the team, and unfortunately he was called to the counselor’s office.  Leon had flunked every test he took.  While in the counselor’s office he was asked to read this and that.  The counselor quickly realized that Leon couldn’t read on any functional level.  A letter arrived a week later.  Per the counselor’s recommendation, Leon was flunked out of school completely.  The counselor had gone back and audited every class he had taken in high school.  She had retroactively flunked him out of every class that required any reading.  Leon only had a shop class and four years of P.E. class to his credit.  The school district fully backed the counselor, at a hearing called for, by his mama.

When Leon applied to take the GED, he was refused because, by law, he didn’t have sufficient skill to even take the test.  In fact, the application he submitted to take the GED, even with help from his mama, who was no help at all, was illegible and poorly done.

Meanwhile, the coach was filling out more letters to big middle school kids around the district.  His fall roster was nearly filled already.  Twenty fast food stores had opened up since last year, and the while the school district do-gooders were panicking over an increase in child obesity, the coach was happier than a hound on a gut truck.

Tyrone’s Tale

Tyrone had never been a great student.  He was happy to get a D – on his report card.  He never understood school, nor why he was in it.  He was all about “gettin dolla bills” as he put it.  When he was approached about joining the basketball team at college, he didn’t know what to think.  He got a full ride though and so, he didn’t have to worry about student loans, much.  He did have to take out a loan for room and board.  In his sophomore year in college the coach gave him a car.  It wasn’t a big car, but he was happy to ride in it.  The girls at school loved to ride in it too.

One girl decided she had had enough of other girls riding in “her” man’s car, and she made it known that she and Tyrone were serious and he should stop letting the other “hookers” ride in his car.  After that, only she rode around in the car.  She even drove him around.

Tyrone did get game time, on the team, but he never started.  He just mainly went to practice and sat on the bench.  He practiced hard, thinking he could be like Jordan one day.  But, the coach never saw “whatever” in him and he never started.

Four years went by and his eligibility was up, since he had been held back in grade school a few times.  The coach told him he was off the team.  However, he had not graduated.  The coach told him, he might be able to play overseas, but he was not good enough for pro-ball here in the states.  When he went to the student center, the student adviser took one look at his file and shook his head.  The student worker was not very polite about it and was completely unsympathetic.  He felt that Tyrone had gotten special treatment in school and was passed by teachers with C’s and D’s just based on the influence of the coach and not by any actual school-work Tyrone had done.

Tyrone got an agent and landed regular seasonal tournaments around the nation.  He never graduated, nor received a degree.  He never went overseas, nor made any money to speak of.  After a short 5 years, all of his tournament money dried up and he no longer was eligible to pass the physicals to go.  The girl he had met in college dropped him when he was dismissed from the basketball team.

At the end of the day Tyrone was functionally illiterate and could not understand enough to even write a check properly.  His agent took all of his money and he ended up penniless.

Meanwhile the college scout made his rounds to find more guys to fill the bench for the basketball team.  He was told to pick guys good enough to make a couple of points, but not good enough to outshine the stars of the team.  The coach had too much invested in the stars for them to be outshone by some upstart.  The scout had a list of black kids he felt were perfect.  He got in his rented Lincoln Town Car Sedan and headed to his first game.


I interviewed several athletes to come up with these two scenarios.  Also in college I was approached more than once to serve as a surrogate for an athlete in certain classes.  I never did it though.  What’s worse, I know first hand that some athletes never go to class at all.

Of a 100 man team, about 80 of the teammates will never see the light of day, as far as the sport is concerned.  It is a complete waste of time for them to even be on the team.  They are there simply to play backup to the real players.  The smarter ones become coaches, at some point, but they have to get their school work done.  These individuals are about as rare as the star athletes though.

Call it racist or not, a lot of Black kids fall into this.  I read somewhere that around a whopping 70% of all Black students in high schools will be involved in one of the major 3 sports, taking up a majority of their time, to the point where their school work comes in a distant 2nd place.  When it’s all said and done, those 70% will be washed out of school and out of the system of life.  So you have an overwhelming majority of Black kids who are tricked into playing some sport they have no talent for, only to end up with no education and no future.  This is repeated over and over and over every year.

I won’t say it is a conspiracy, but I’m just saying, it sounds like a conspiracy.  The numbers are too large to be a coincidence.  And, you know what the intelligence community says about coincidences, “there is no such thing as coincidence.”  There is even instances where judges sentence students to join a team instead of go to juvenile detention or jail, putting them in a weird sort of custody of the team coach, as an acting probation officer.  This might look great on paper, student staying out of jail, but what if you did research and found that the “crime” was all made up, and that these “made-up crimes” popped up all over the country?  Does that reach the level of conspiracy, in your mind yet?

I heard quite a few sad tales of untalented “athletes” whom I knew were going nowhere, wishing they could go pro.

If you are a parent with a kid in sports, unless he’s a super star, make sure he is getting his home-work and attending his classes.  Do not set your own kid up to be a failure in life.  I beg you.

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Shakaama’s 2010 Sexy Rating by Boy / Girl and Race

Sexy Rating by Race and Sex

This is the annual Sexy Rating by gender and race.  If any one person is offended, then you’re doing it wrong.  If it doesn’t apply to you, then you’re doing it right.  This is done by scientific method.  Many ghetto fabulous pollers hit the pavement in search of people’s attitudes of who people think are sexy, not sexy and just plain a mess.  Buckle up because it is no holds barred.  Most people did not hold back when giving their opinion.  Some had to be beat down to get them to shut up.  Ghetto fabulous pollsters never call the cops, so a beat down, Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-style, was the normal method of getting people to shut up.  Noone was seriously hurt in the process and we got a lot of data.  A lot of answers were almost the same response.  We immediately noticed a trend in most answers.  Here we go:

The question was:

“Of the following list, who would you date or not date, for a serious relationship and why or why not?”

The list of course was men / women and broken down into racial categories, and no LATINO is not a race, idiot people.  For purposes of defining race: central and southern Americans are considered European white mixed with Native American.  Haitians are considered Black.  Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Brazilians are considered Black mixed with European whites and/or Native Americans.  For purposes of the questionnaire then, the break down of the Americans south of Texas were considered Black or white, depending on their dominant racial make-up.


White Chicks

  • not worth dating
  • nice to look at
  • too expensive and demanding
  • gives up the vagina too easily
  • gets fat almost overnight

White Dudes

  • not worth dating
  • looks range from dorky to hill billy
  • money ranges from broke to rich
  • no fun to be around
  • gets fat after 25 years old

Black Chicks

  • not worth dating
  • not nice to look at
  • while they don’t demand a lot of money, their attitude disqualifies them, noone wants to deal with their attitude
  • gives up the vagina too easily
  • gets fat almost overnight

Black Dudes

  • nearly across the board the hands down favorite
  • nice to look at
  • money ranges from broke to rich
  • fun to be around
  • if they’re not fat when you meet them, they hardly ever get fat

Asian Chicks

  • nearly across the board the hands down favorite, except they hardly ever date outside their race. the positive responses then were, in my opinion, people thinking how they were, since hardly anyone ever dated one.
  • nice to look at, except their body parts are usually more petite [ breasts and derriere ]
  • they are not demanding and act out quite the traditional lady / woman role
  • they do not give up the vagina easily, so it is a more traditional circumstance of dating one, they trend towards looking to get married,
  • they hardly ever get fat and nearly none are fat to begin with

Asian Dudes

  • nearly noone ever dated an Asian Dude, except Asian Chicks, there was nearly noone that responded to Asian Dudes [ I have soooo many Asian guy friends.  I found this fact funny. ]
  • no data
  • no data
  • no data

Native American Chicks

  • 2nd favorite across the board to date, while there were a lot of negatives for these chicks, the overall response was that they were dating material and not trash material
  • while they weren’t generally considered nice to look at, they did have larger body parts than Asian Chicks
  • they are not demanding and act out quite the traditional lady / woman role
  • they give up the vagina easily, this was a huge negative for dating, but even still, because of their very nice attitude a lot more men, across races, still wished to date them.  While they weren’t as conservative as Asian Chicks, they also were far more approachable.
  • gets fat almost overnight
  • tend not to speak English

Native American Dudes

  • 2nd favorite dude to date.  they have some flavor [ like Black Dudes ] but they aren’t as snobby as white dudes, and treat their women very nicely
  • nice to look at, ranges from bad skin to a whole lot that look nice, however they are all nearly too short.  fashion became an issue, they all trend towards a non-traditional American look, which is off-putting
  • money is a problem, they nearly all have entry level jobs, which, while they have spending money, it’s never enough to constantly keep a white girl-friend or even a Black girl-friend
  • fun to be around
  • if they’re not fat when you meet them, they hardly ever get fat
  • tend not to speak English


  1. Black Dudes were the hands down favorite dude to date.  And, that is date, not just screw.  Everyone responding to dudes, said they all had had sex with the dudes, except a large minority of white dudes, people had not had sex with. [ I’m assuming these were nerds or maybe they were homosexual ]
  2. Asian Chicks were the hand down favorite chick to date.  And that is date, not just screw.  Everyone responding to chicks did not have sex with the chicks.  [ so i guess, some chicks are still keeping their legs closed.  Good for them. ]


The shock was that white girls and white guys were not the favorite.  In fact a lot of people accused white chicks and white dudes of copying other races’ behaviors.  So, instead of dating a white dude that acts like a Black dude, they’d prefer to just date the Black dude.

A small percentage of people said that white dudes tended to be pervy, and therefore creepy and not dating material. A small percentage of people said that Asian dudes tended to be pervy, and therefore creepy and not dating material.  Therefore, I conclude that being more boring in bed, makes you better material for dating and people aren’t afraid to strike up a relationship with you.

Almost everyone felt very secure and easy about dating all the different racial groups.  Only white respondents, to the questionnaire, said they did not date outside their race, more than any other group.  Other races said they had never dated an Asian chick or Asian dude, but neither Asian chicks or Asian dudes saw any problem with dating outside of their race personally.  Meaning, people who are not Asian, don’t think Asians date outside their race, but Asians personally felt comfortable dating outside their race.  I guess it’s all about perception.

A large minority of Black chicks responded that they would not date other races, but the majority did not say that, they felt comfortable dating outside of their race. 

[ this is all a joke. nothing was intended to harm anyone. ]

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For Blacks: Black Men Like Natural Hair

Real Black Men Like Natural Hair

The Natural Hair Style

Turn on the T.V. and all you see are Black women with permed, blond, weaved hair down to their butt, fake nails longer than their own fingers, and boobs the size of basketballs, standing at attention higher than their own necklace.  They are just fake fake fake.  If we are to ever overcome the stereotypes hoisted on us, we need to first embrace that we are in fact AFRICANS.  I know so many people, I went to school with, at an all Black University, that would go into full pits of hell mode if you called them anything remotely relating to African.  The fact is, we came from Africa.  We are a transplant just like the white people so many of our lost sheep idolize.

By embracing our Blackness, we also need to embrace our hair.  We have curly coiled hair.  And, what is great about our curled coiled hair, is that we can do so much with it, unlike straight lifeless hair that other people have.  I have seen so many beautiful African godesses walking around with natural African hair that I’ve wondered at why any Black woman, worth her salt, would dare perm and damage and prematurely bald her own head.  It is a travesty.  And, for those that say it’s easier to comb, you’re not very good with math, nor finances.  Combing your natural hair takes no time, and no money, versus perming your hair takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

Black by Nature

The Afro

Black men, for the most part, who are self hating, love a Black woman with natural hair and nothing false on her body.  Heck, I’ve seen Black women without makeup that I had love at first site with.  No Black man worth his salt would ever tell a Black woman to perm her hair.  Men in general do not even think like that.  So who are you trying to get with permed hair?  Black men?  Yet, Black women complain they can’t get a good Black man.  Maybe your fake hair is driving the real Black men away and you’re getting the pick up a pie that’s not that tasty to begin with.

Black women complain about their hair not growing.  It’s not true.  First of all most Black women, in general, that I know and just happen to see, have zero nutrition.  They are severely overweight and eat crap, and i literally mean they are shoveling poop into their bodies and expecting miracles.  What Black woman you know that eats 6 helpings of vegetables, 5 helpings of essential fats from natural meats and poultry, protein from grass fed cows, meat free range chickens, and eggs from free range chickens, has bad hair?  None!  You know why?  Because she nourishes her body and consequentially her hair.  If you’re as a big as a house, and eat fast food, or eat out in general, and don’t ever cook your own stuff in a natural fat like butter or pig grease, how else if your hair going to turn out?  And, none of them take a raw food vitamin to supplement their already, crappy, diet.

Afro Curled Coils

A small percent are talking about biotin and other “hair” vitamins.  But, what they don’t get is, if you’re not doing the basics, like in the above paragraph, the biotin and stuff is not going to have any impact.  They murder their hair and kill their roots by perming their hair, then turn around and take biotin while eating fast food.  It’s an exercise in insanity.  Trust me, if you eat real old south, home cooked meals, and take raw vitamins, your hair will have no end of growing out, and fast.

Ok now that they growing excuse is out of the picture and since we’ve established that real Black men prefer natural hair on their Black women, you have no excuses left as to perming and destroying your beautiful African hair.  Beyonce and Rhianna are not the role models you should be looking up to.  Women like Dr. Angela Davis, should be your beauty role models.

Let white women be white women.  Let spanish women be spanish women.  Let asian women be asian women.  You, be a Black woman, because there is only one of you.  It seems, from the outside looking in, that you don’t like your own skin when you have a perm or wear a wig.  I’d prefer you put on a baseball cap, before you perm or wear a wig on your head.  Let the sistahs be sistahs.

And, I’m not the first Black man to say this.  This entire story, has been done by sooooooo many Black men.  And, Black women aren’t listening.  I’m here to tell you, listen damn it.

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