How to Kill Millions of Africans Without A Gun

The Press Reports Millions of Africans Dieing

If you have been paying attention to the news for the past 20 years, Africans are dieing by the millions. These reports invariably say that millions upon millions of Africans have:


Some people even believe that AIDS started in Africa. What you don’t know is that the media is relying on the W.H.O. (World Health Organization). So then the question is how did the W.H.O. come up with these numbers, millions.

What’s the Definition of AIDS in Africa

Well the W.H.O. has a specific definition of AIDS when it comes to Africa. Wait! Did you just read that correctly? Yes! The W.H.O. has a different definition of AIDS in Africa than it does in America, Germany, Australia, or France. Then the question is, “what is the definition of AIDS in Africa?”

Hold on to your seat. This has to be the most retarded thing ever imagined by “medical” professionals.

The Bangui definition of AIDS (in Africa) -is defined as:

1. if a person has 3 of the following 4 symptoms, then that person automatically has AIDS.

  • persistent cough
  • persistent fever
  • weight loss
  • persistent diarrhea

2. if any of the 3 symptoms are found, then you will be classified as having AIDS, without any other AIDS test.

In Africa, tuberculosis, malaria, anemia, malnutrition, tropical diseases, and the remnants of colonialism that raped the land and the people has left millions of people broken and in perpetual ill health. The very loose definition of AIDS then sweeps all the above, real live threats to people’s health in Africa, under the rug. But, what could be motivating the W.H.O. to diagnose millions like this? And, by the way, they haven’t tested anyone in Africa. This number, “millions”, was actually done on a computer “model” of what Africa should look like, if that definition existed. So not only is the definition insane, the supposed number of AIDS cases is even false.

Why Do They Want Millions of Africans to be Diagnosed with AIDS?

The response to a diagnosis of AIDS is that there will be a lot of grant money given by people sympathetic to AIDS, and donations given by European and Western governments in response to a finding of AIDS.

Ok, what is done with all of these millions, no, billions of dollars in grant / donations? It is used to purchase:


The billions of dollars that is given for AIDS is funneled straight through large pharmaceutical companies in the form of purchasing AIDS “medicine.”

As it stands today, there has not been any medical proof that AIDS exists. In fact, HIV is a complete medical farce. No doctor, scientist nor pharmacists has ever found the HIV virus, nor isolated it. Also, the FDA has made it clear that it has never, to this day, approved any HIV “TEST”. OH MY GOD! How come the media doesn’t report this? Yes, the FDA has never approved any HIV test, nor an HIV drug.

The AIDS medicine that is handed out kills the patient. The largest side effects of AZT and Protease inhibitors is liver failure and heart attack / failure. And this occurs in every case, and kills the patient well before any “AIDS” symptoms occurs.

In fact since AIDS was first discovered, it went from being the cause of 2 symptomatic diseases, to now covering 30 different diseases, including cancer. So, clearly the word AIDS is now even use euphemistically. This was done by the CDC (center for disease control).

What does this have to do with Africa? The AIDS drugs makes the patients anemic. Africa is riddled with anemia already. If you then present a drug that makes you anemic as well, then you become, what is known in the medical profession as “transfusion dependent”. This means that an anemic person, presented with a drug that makes them more anemic has to have constant blood transfusions. However, in Africa, blood transfusions are next to non-existent. So, the anemic patient, taking anemic inducing drugs, simply dies.

So these billions of Africans are put onto AIDS drugs and are killed. It is just that simple.

It is very interesting to note, President Thabo Mbeki’s of South Africa, rejected the AIDS science, “there is no such thing as AIDS / HIV,” after hearing all sides of the issue. The world community hushed him up. They brought tremendous pressures to bear on the country. And then said all these “deaths” were from AIDS and that the president was leading his people down a path of ignorance. Of course, no one tested the people that died, nor did they even note what the actual causes of death were. They even put out a statistics that 25% of South Africa had HIV / AIDS. Really? 1 in 4 people in an entire country having HIV / AIDS?

It just plays upon people’s ignorance. We are all so trusting of Doctors and the medical community, that we don’t think they could ever be wrong. They also say that HIV / AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, yet in Africa, men only have a 6% exposure to HIV whereas women have a 25% exposure. Clearly men are more promiscuous than women, but the HIV / AIDS cannot explain why this is. This just also solidifies that HIV / AIDS is a myth. You cannot have a 80% promiscuous group of men only have a 6% exposure to HIV yet it be a sexually transmitted disease.

Understand this, some noble prize winners and members of the Royal Academy of Medicine in England and Europe have been ousted and silenced when they presented proof that there was no such thing as HIV nor AIDS. One doctor in San Francisco has over 200 patients, supposedly diagnosed as having AIDS, that he treated for their real diseases, and all are alive, and take no medicine. But, when he presented his findings he was shut out of the medical community as well. Countless stories exist of journalists, doctors, laboratory scientists, biologists who have questioned the myth of AIDS / HIV have all had their careers end immediately or their funding removed.

Who do you think is behind this? Why, the pharmaceutical companies of course. Not only that, but municipalities get money for every HIV diagnosis in their city each year. The federal government pays our cities cold hard cash, if they report people’s names as being diagnosed with HIV. The city then pressures doctors to “test” for HIV.
Recall above I told you there is no test of HIV. Even the test kit says right in the kit, that you as a patient never sees, “this kit is not to be used to diagnose HIV”. Those are the insert instructions in each HIV kit.

Follow the money

  • HIV test
  • HIV diagnosis
  • doctor
  • city
  • HIV medicine

Every major organization in Africa today is involved in AIDS. They donate their money and time around the myth of AIDS. They no longer give out nutritious meals, or clean water. They prefer to hand out condoms and give AIDS speeches.

This is how and why you can and will kill millions upon millions of Africans. You would think that they would have their own doctors and scientists. Even today, Africa still depends on European powers to tell them what to do. They are no more free now than they were when they were a colony. Their own doctors are bought and paid for by big pharma (the mulsti-national pharmaceutical companies). They will not rest till every African is dead. Then they will return and rape the land of all of its rich natural resources.

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Conan O’brien Injured on the Job, Cancels "Tonight" Show

Conan O’Brien Rushed to Hospital

Friday night the star of the “Tonight” show, Conan O’Brien, hit his head while attempting a stunt during the show’s taping. Mr. O’Brien could not continue with the show and was rushed to the hospital. NBC issued a brief statement saying only that Mr. O’Brien had “hit his head doing a stunt and the show was not finished.” Hopefully this knocked some funny into him. He hasn’t been funny since Reagan took office.

No other details were released. One staff member on the show said Mr. O’Brien was expected to be fine and it was likely he would be back to work on Monday. Conan jokingly said, “Last thing I remember I was enjoying the play with Mrs. Lincoln and the next thing I knew I was in bed being served cookies and juice.” One staffer commented he is fine and would be up and running in no time.

As a result of the incident, Friday evening’s show wasn’t completed, and a “Tonight Show” re-run aired. NBC has yet to announce plans for next week’s shows.

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The Excellent Parent: Part One

Before You are a Parent

[this is a series I’m starting purely based on my own personal opinion. I have strong opinions. If you are offended by my conservative outlook on parenting, then I recommend right now that you do not read any of this series. You have been warned. However, this series come from the heart and is intended only to benefit those who would harken to my message.]

The excellent Parent starts well before you even have a child, even before conception. While I understand the educational system is poor, I must stress that you read that sentence carefully and consider every word. I said the “excellent” parent. Some people are confused by: adequate parents; passing parents; OK parents; mediocre parents. Those parenting skills are not the one’s I am concerned with here. The parenting I am talking about are the excellent parents. The entire series is dedicated to defining what an excellent parent is. The excellent parent starts well before you have a child, or even conceive a child. Let’s start from the very begining.

The Joys of Sex

Absolutely no one, and I fear religion is included in this these days, is talking about conception. Oh, they write books upon books about sex, but they don’t talk about conception. It is so in vogue to talk about sex, good sex, bad sex, sex based relationships. They even talk about “if you are not having good sex you should end the relationship”. Really? Let’s talk about wisdom for one brief instant.

Anyone who tells you that the basis of your criteria for your relationship with another human, a guy for a girl or a girl for a guy, that should be based on the performance of sex, for the sake of sex alone, does not have your best interest at heart.

That is wisdom. You might not recognize it, because wisdom is not in vogue these days. It it not “cool” to speak from a knowledgeable perspective. Everyone wants to sell you their books, but no one wants to tell you what you “ought” to hear. They want to be sensational and gossipy. That sells. Sex sells. Conception doesn’t sell.

I am only going to tell you what your father or mother or grandfather or grandmother should have told you. Everyone is so touchy these days that I bet grandpa and grandma are afraid to open their mouth, for fear they might get yelled at, or worse not be spoken to for the rest of their short lives. Oh yes, people get angry when you tell them sex is not the basis for a relationship, but the basis of conception for a child.

Sex is not the basis for a relationship. Sex is the basis for the conception of a child, the starting of a family, the passing on of your genes.

There, no one can say I did not do my duty to tell you what you ought to hear or ought to have heard. Ok, so the concept of the excellent parent is understanding that the basis of there family begins with sex. Sex ought to lead to children. Sex ought to lead to conception of a child. Sex ought to be planned, to optimally have the best potential for having a baby. So knowing this the excellent parent plans for their family before they have sex.

What Considerations Should the Excellent Parent Look At Before Having Children

Of course, everyone knows that money should be the first consideration before starting a family. I live in the U.S. and money makes the country go around. Other parts of the planet, I’m not concerned with. Money is a reality of the American family. If you do not plan for the monetary impact having a family will have on you, you are a poor, if not, bad parent. The excellent parent then will make sure that money is no object when it comes to being able to provide for:

  • the impact of a child in the home
  • the impact of one of the spouses staying home from work to take care of the child

The second consideration is an immediate concern, and not a long term concern. In a perfect world the mother would never go to work after having children. This is not a perfect world, but you can still be an excellent parent even in this broken system. [for those upset about the sexism in that statement, it is a fact that mothers have a nurturing spirit. embrace that nurturing spirit and do not sell your children short because of your own hangups. a child nurtured by a mother will be far more ahead of the game than otherwise. think about your children and not about your own issues.]

So what can you do to tackle the money issue if you are to be an excellent parent. Let me present several options [this is from a woman’s perspective]:

  • marry a man with a high education [this is by far the easiest to do. you can simply go to college yourself and be on the lookout for the smarter, go-getters in school.]
  • get an education and only date someone of your educational level yourself and marry such a person
  • marry an older man [while I don’t believe in divorce, and this may push you to marry someone who is most likely divorced, it is the case that an older man is more likely to be well established and have money. lately though, men and women are not marrying until later due to the pressures of getting money to stay alive.]
  • absolutely plan for the best possible profession or start a very lucrative business. [such women will usually attract a like minded man, if not one with more money. and, such women will meet men who are not intimidated by a successful woman, since they will likely be as successful.]

Notice, I did not hold anything back. These are things your wise mother or grandmother might tell you, as she pulls you into a quiet room when you’re 17 years old, and whisper in hushed tones. This is definitely something you do not hear. Options for a man? The very last option on the list. An excellent man, will plan for an excellent life and lifestyle. Wife and family should follow naturally with a plan of excellence of good living. A man should meet an excellent wife, if he plans his own life around good living.

Money is not the end, but a means to an end. The quest for money is not supposed to be the be all end all, it is supposed to allow you to have far more leverage with your life than someone with less money. That is just a reality. [do not read into this, to mean that poor people should not have families. poor people however cannot by definition be excellent parents. that is some brutal honesty. notice so far I have not mentioned love, not even for a second. I assume that all parents should have love for their children. If they do not have love for their children, then they do not deserve children.]

Why do you need money to be an excellent parent?

  • if you are going to have a midwife birth or a hospital birth then there are those expenses, and they can be major to someone unaccustomed to such point blank expenses.
  • prenatal care has expenses
  • infant care has expenses
  • preschool has expenses
  • school has expenses
  • college has expenses
  • children’s lifestyle has expenses
  • children’s healthcare has expenses

This is what money takes care of. If you are to be an excellent parent then, you have to plan to be able to cover all of those expenses.

For this part one of the series, we are concerned with planning of the family and conception. Do you have a home that can accommodate an infant/child or a second or third or more child? The home itself has to be able to accommodate them. Are you in an area that is accommodating to children? Are you going to homeschool your child?

In the best of all worlds, the excellent parent has a large house that can accommodate a child or more children. The excellent parent should prepare to homeschool their child. Hands down, homeschooling is the best education a child can get. Homeschooling affords you complete control over what is fed into the brain of the child. So, in this pre-conception stage you can prepare to seek education and certification in your city / state to homeschool your child. This is also and expense that money covers. If you plan on being an excellent parent, then homeschooling should be your goal for the education of your family. Plan for it and build it into your budget.


What have we covered?

  • sex is not the basis of a relationship, it is the basis of conception for having children. this gets rid of the entire complication in a relationship over the matter. your relationship happiness should be based on issues that are cerebral not physical. your relationship with your spouse will be far more fullfilling if you approach it from that perspective.
  • plan for a family before you have a family.
  • plan for the expense of a family from the beginning
  • think about real options of who you marry based on monetary absolute necessities. money is a reality in America. that is not to say that you should seek a spouse based on money, but that you should put yourself in a position to date and marry a spouse where money is not an issue.
  • plan for the education of your family before you even have a family. there are so many people wanting to indoctrinate, instead of educate your child. take control of your family’s education before they are tainted with public education.

This ends part one. I reserve the right to revise this part. Return from time to time to see updates on this part. Leave comments. I am completely open to discussion.

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Why Wall Street Love China

China and Wall Street in Bed

It really perplexed me, who could be benefiting from the huge trade deficit we have with China. The trade deficit with China is so lopsided that anyone could see it, even non-economists. But, what really bugged me was why George Bush did nothing about it. I knew China was buying dollars, but that doesn’t quite answer the question of, why there is such a gross trade deficit. Finally the whole “China buys dollars”, was explained in detail.

China doesn’t buy dollars. China circumvents their own economic growth rate with the purchase of dollars. This way they can have upwards of a 15% productivity rate annually, and still maintain a 6% currency value of the dollar. With the dollar dropping precipitously last year, China made the unprecedented move to purchase $462 billion dollars. Mind you, these aren’t investments, they are hedges for the devaluation of their own currency. China is not doing this out of the goodness of their heart.

Ben Bernanke plays his role by continuously devaluing the dollar. China, in turn, responds by purchasing more “dollars”. China tries to keep a 6% value of the dollar, if the dollar goes down, the Yuan has to go down too, hence the continuous purchase. Now this tit for tat is more of a tango dance than anything else. Ben Bernanke screws over our country, and China buys it up billion by billion.

Why There Was a Crisis

Now this love affair America has with China would be great if only China and America existed. Oh, and throw the Saudis in that mix too. Keep in mind, everything I’m saying about China, goes double for the Saudis. But, the world doesn’t just exist for only China, the Saudis and America. Obviously the Federal Reserve is making money hand over fist off of China. However, China is dumping the dollars back on the stupid consumers, who purchase cheap Chinese goods, who are literally buying back their own dollars. So the true escape goat in all this is the U.S. citizen.

Chinese citizens are completely protected by their government. And, trade with the U.S. is one way street. In China there is a universal 25% tariff on all U.S. imports. There are restrictive quotas on all U.S. goods as well. So Chinese citizens are not even affected by anything the U.S. does.

The U.S. citizen buys all of these Chinese goods, which are all of horrible quality and have to be repurchased. This is by design. All Chinese products are made substandard, so that you have to continuously consume, over and over. The reality is, you are simply buying back your own dollars. The U.S. citizen is screwed both ways.

  • Ben Bernanke devalues the dollar and inflation robs the U.S. citizen of all of their savings and investments.
  • China purchases dollars which you would think would take away the inflation, but …
  • China turns around and sells their substandard goods that U.S. consumers are forced to buy, by the big corporate importers.
  • dollars flow back to China.
  • Ben Bernanke devalues the dollar and inflation robs the U.S. citizen of all of their savings and investments

Now, the title of this story is: Why does Wall Street love China. China makes so much money off of stupid U.S. consumers, that they have to literally park their cash somewhere. They park their cash by:

  • buying U.S. treasuries [in limited quantities]
  • buying U.S. bonds [in limited quantities]
  • buying securities [in massive quantities]

The last part is the icing on the cake. Securities! What securities? What is the return on those securities? Are the securities a sound investment for China? Are the securities from reputable companies? Does the SEC protect China from potential losses and shady sellers?

I’m sure you can tell by the questions what the answers will be. China doesn’t care! Nor, does Saudi Arabia. At $100 / barrel oil, Saudis can’t spend their dollars fast enough. They don’t care where they park their dollars.

Hence the crisis. The name of the game on Wall Street was CDOs and CDSs and the worse the asset, the better. China was buying it in droves and so that’s all the firms were putting together for them. The more the idiot consumers were buying houses with – no money down, no job, no income, the better. Because, Wall Street was selling the securities bundled with bad mortgages like hot cakes. Stupid American consumers were consuming 105% of what was being produced in this country. They were borrowing on their homes to make up the difference. These bad loans were being placed in securities. Moodies was giving triple A rating to trash. And, the SEC was being paid to look the other way. Heck, the SEC was so clueless because they don’t require an economics degree to join them. The SEC does not require any knowledge of trading or trade laws to be on board. China was the game and Wall Street was dreaming of ways to get them dollars. They were literally acting as their surrogates to purchase more dollars.

There was only a crisis when someone wasn’t China or Saudi Arabia. These “other people” actually looked at their returns; they looked at their investments; they looked at the value of the rating and knew something was up. They were getting wiped out left and right. And, while Wall Street was playing the China game, the rest of the world was crumbling around them. Finally, there were a whole lot more “other people” than there was Chinese and Saudis. This is why the crisis happened.

The Jig is Up

Now that everyone knows the jig is up, Ben Bernanke, and Wall Street [Goldman Sachs], are trying all they can to restore the cash cow, that is China. It is very hard to resist Goldman Sachs in congress. Goldman Sachs rules Washington. What Goldman Sachs wants it gets. However, in all of this mess, the one straw that everyone didn’t count on breaking the camel’s back, was the American citizen. They cannot restore the cash cow with unemployment upwards of 25%. [the real unemployment rate] They cannot restore the cash cow when U.S. citizens cannot buy Chinese made cheap crap. They cannot restore the charade when citizens are not buying dollars back from China.

The only hope that we have in this recession is that people will wake up:

  • save their money
  • don’t buy new cars
  • don’t buy new homes
  • don’t buy major appliances
  • don’t go on expensive vacations
  • don’t go shopping every week, month, season

This is the only hope U.S. citizens have to get out of this farce. It will force the hand of Washington. It will force the hand of the Federal Reserve. It will Force the hand of Wall Street.

This is why everyone is rushing to say that the recession is over, the recession is over, like Chicken Little. They want to return to the cash cow. They want you to buy stupid crap and like an idiot not see what’s plainly around you. Luckily unemployment is so high, otherwise I fear we’d be right smack dab in the same boat already. They are really trying to sell you this recession is over business.

The reality is, we are in the midst of a depression, and it’s going to get worse next year and the year after that. I guarantee you no one on Wall Street nor Washington will tell you this. Heck Washington won’t report the correct unemployment rate. Washington won’t report the real GDP. Do you honestly think they would tell you, we’re in a depression?

Now you know. Don’t buy anything but produce and buy a water filter, stop buying water out of bottle for God’s sake.

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Jessica Lange Under the Knife: Plastic Surgery

Jessica Lange for the Win

Well known actress Jessica Lange won her first Emmy Award ever, for outstanding actress in a miniseries or movie, for her performance in the HBO movie “Grey Gardens”. The story is based on a documentary done about the character Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter, played by Drew Barrymore, “Big Edie” and “Little Edie”. However, where the 1975 documentary centered on a riches to rags theme, this movie went back 40 years and explored their life prior to their great downfall. It should be noted that the two were cousins to Jacky O.

The film itself won an Emmy Award for Best Made-for-TV Movie. Also, actor Ken Howard won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a movie or miniseries.

Of course this is all well and good, but the true story here isn’t about the excellence of an actress or a movie, the story here is the gossip surrounding Miss Jessica Lange. At age 60 she took the red carpet and she took the stage and everyone was floored how gorgeous she looked.

Jessica Lange Gets Plastic Surgery?

I personally don’t see what all the buzz is about: did she or didn’t she get plastic surgery. Her manager denies it by the way. Well of course we’re talking about actors. Be honest with yourself for one second. Do you really want to pay money to see some fat, average, wrinkled old broad? No. You can walk out your front door and see someone that doesn’t take care of themselves any day of the week.

The nature of the beast, is that hollywood is selling “the beautiful people”. They are told, with no uncertain terms, “get in shape and look your very best or you don’t get work.” If she had plastic surgery, who cares. If she didn’t have plastic surgery, who cares. That woman has to look her best. I’m not going to marry her nor jump in bed with her, but for a 60 year old woman she looked damn fine.

And that’s the word of the day.

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It’s Booming It’s Skyrocketing: The Unemployment Rate

Clash of the Economy: Rise of the Unemployment

Everyone agrees, the recession is over. We can all breath a sigh of relief. Pop open the champagne and kick off your shoes, because 42 states lost jobs last month, up from 29 in July, with the biggest net payroll cuts coming in Texas, Michigan, Georgia and Ohio. Ease into a comfy chair as the Labor Department reported that 27 states saw their unemployment rates increase in August, and 14 states and Washington D.C., reported unemployment rates of 10 percent or above. As you relax in your easy chair the report shows jobs remain scarce even as most analysts believe the economy is pulling out of the worst recession since the 1930s. And, good old Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke mistakenly said earlier this week that the recovery isn’t likely to be rapid enough to reduce unemployment for some time. As you cheer in the coming year, the jobless rate nationwide is expected to peak above 10 percent next year, from its current 9.7 percent.

We don’t have a care in the world. Every analyst and political pundit has told us the recession is done, over, finished, exeunt, finito, sayonara. So when you read reports that say the United States lost 216,000 jobs in August, the department said earlier this month, down from 276,000 in July, and that employers have eliminated 6.9 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007, you know it’s time to party and go wild.

Who cares: Texas lost 62,200 jobs as its unemployment rate rose to 8 percent in August for the first time in 22 years. The state’s leisure, construction and manufacturing industries were hardest hit, losing 35,500 jobs.

Who cares: Michigan saw 42,900 jobs disappear, including 25,000 in manufacturing, as the state continued to suffer along with its struggling auto industry. Michigan’s unemployment rate rose to 15.2 percent, the highest in the nation. When its jobless rate topped 15 percent in June it was the first time any state surpassed that mark since 1984. Most economists project Michigan’s jobless rate will continue to rise. The University of Michigan estimates it will average 15.8 percent in 2010.

Who cares: Nevada has the second-highest rate at 13.2 percent, followed by Rhode Island at 12.8 percent and California and Oregon at 12.2 percent each. The jobless rates in California, Nevada and Rhode Island were the highest on records dating to 1976. California and Nevada have been slammed by the housing bust, while Rhode Island has lost thousands of manufacturing and government jobs in the past year.

Who cares: Georgia and Ohio reported the third and fourth-highest job losses, respectively, but their unemployment rates both fell as many of the unemployed dropped out of the work force. Once unemployed people stop looking for work — some, for example, may return to school — they are no longer included in the jobless rate. The four states with the largest drops in their unemployment rates — Indiana, Colorado, Kansas and Virginia — experienced similar trends: thousands of jobless workers gave up on their searches and left the work force. None of those states actually added any jobs, according to a survey of employers.

We all know it’s just a matter of time and bad reporting that says people are out of work and that that jobless rate is climbing and people are falling out of being counted. I don’t know about you, but it’s just a sign that we need to celebrate more when we hear people saying that you can’t have a jobless recovery. Of course you can have a jobless recover. So what if people are being foreclosed on in record numbers? So what if credit card companies are raising their rates on good paying customers? So what if no mortgages are being renegotiated? So what if companies that received TARP funds are eliminating jobs and customer accounts? They are reporting record profits, and that we all know, is a good thing.

We know that people are blowing this whole jobless thing out of proportion. They are just trying to rain on wall street’s parade. Because, we all know, wall street is the chief and only indicator of the American economy. We all know that Ben Bernanke would never give out under the table loans and not tell congress, which supposedly oversees him. And, why should he tell congress anyway. If he did that, he’d have to bend to political pressure to divulge which firms are in deep doo doo. Pardon my French.

No, they said the recession is over. They said this is definitely not a depression. Under no circumstances is this a depression. I mean, you can’t get out of a recession, only to fall into a depression right? Pay no attention to the rise of gold. That’s just those nut-case conspiracy theory wackos that think the dollar is going to plunge. I mean really. Haven’t you seen MSNBC and CNBC saying the recession is over? Haven’t you heard good old Ben Bernanke say it’s over?

Honestly, people need to wake up and smell the coffee. This recession is over and anything else anyone has to say about it plunging into a depression couldn’t be further from the truth. So what if people lost their jobs. This is survival of the fitest. We live in a free market economy, where the middle and lower class can win or fail on their own. We are not going to bailout the middle and lower class. That would just be … socialism or communism. And, we wouldn’t want that would we?

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Peter Schiff Announces Candidacy for Senate Seat of Connecticut

Peter Schiff for U.S. Senate in Connecticut

Peter SchiffIf you don’t know who Peter Schiff is then you don’t watch any financial news or log onto YouTube. Peter Schiff is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, an investment firm. He has been the lone voice with Congressman Ron Paul, that warned against the impending financial crisis dating back all the way to 2004. If you log onto YouTube you can see video after video of news anchors and financial guests on the likes of MSNBC laughing at him and calling him wrong on the issue of the impending crisis. All the while those programs were putting forth the propaganda that the “fundamentals of the economy were sound”.

He not only was proselytizing about the impending crash, but he also wrote two books about it:

The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets


“Gold, commodities, foreign companies with little exposure to the USA. That is the gist of Peter Schiff’s investing recommendations. Why? He’s not unpatriotic, but rational in his thinking that the US has lost its way through outsourcing production of goods, and overwhelmingly becoming a country of service oriented personnel. We make nothing, we buy most, and are up to our ears in debt, which will take its toll now and in the future on the dollar. There are several well known “Doctor Dooms” around. Rubini, Jim Rogers, Jim Sinclair, and Peter Schiff. I never thought that I would ever be a bear on the US stock market, until I started reading not only Peter Schiffs books and the others, but books on derivatives and other financial inventions, that could bring markets down entirely, and for a while. Impossible you say? If you think so, you need to read this. The Dow was down again today nearly 700 points. Maria Bartiromo is starting to call this a market crash. I stayed up the whole night reading this book. The writing flows and points are great, except when he recommends that you buy a gun, and learn how to use it- maybe he’s correct there too. He’s half tongue-in-cheek. He makes one recommendation that he says will make the bubble look like “warming up”, during the next decade. Curious? Ans: gold producer stocks. Great book. – Amazon

Crash Proof How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse


“Peter Schiff, son of American patriot Irwin Schiff, has written a very useful book that can not only assist you to take the concrete steps necessary for financial survival, but also change your individual psychology toward the storm on the horizon that is rapidly gathering strength. Today, we have the illusion of prosperity, and the sooner we break through that delusional state, the sooner we can prepare for darker days.

At this point, there are so many possible triggers for the Second Great Depression, it’s striking that it has not already begun. The sub-prime meltdown may just be such a trigger that brings down the house of cards, once it becomes more clear which entities actually hold all the risk created as part of the Housing Bubble. Wall Street, sub-prime lenders, and the large banks have been ingenious in their ability to push risk onto other parties, but it’s not clear if the counter-parties will have the ability to weather the defaults. Thus, the risk may yet reside with the banks, which normally would have been more restricted in the number of loans they could create by more traditional standards. So much debt has been created, and so much risk obfuscated, that it is hard to imagine our present illusion of prosperity can be maintained much longer.

Mr. Schiff breaks through our modern mythology by shattering these illusions, and here is where he shines best. A bear’s bear, Mr. Schiff steps down from the towers of the economic elite to provide analogies that can be readily digested by more casual readers. The analogy of the Asians and the American trapped on an island together is apropos, as it reveals much about the true state of international trade. The Dollar Bubble heavily distorts trade in favor of America, which benefits disproportionately from the inflated value of the dollar.

Mr. Schiff also understands very well the entitlement crisis brewing, and aptly names Social Security a Ponzi Scheme. Most people in Generations X and Y understand that we’re the bag holders scheduled for the Ponzi Scheme, but many Baby Boomers love to be delusional about this tragic farce, thinking it’s a form of savings rather than our government writing worthless IOUs to itself and lying to the American people. They think Gen X “owes” it to them! Ha Ha! The sooner we can end social security, the sooner we can start saving real money with real assets. Until then, we are slaves waiting for generational emancipation.” – Amazon

The Senate Race

chris doddHis Chief opponent in this senate race will be Chris Dodd. Senator Dodd, as Peter puts it, is the poster child for this economic crash. He has been pushing for more entitlements, more bailouts, more printing of money. Senator Dodd is soundly in the pocket of big banking and wall street. Understand that Peter Schiff doesn’t invest in wall street. 90% of his investments are in foreign investments and not in the dollar at all. Except for 2008, when the entire western world crashed, Peter Schiff made his clients money. That means, at least a decade or more of profitable quarters and years.

Like Congressman Ron Paul, Peter Schiff doesn’t buy into the Keynesian economic outlook, of spend spend spend your way out of debt. He is soundly in the Austrian School of Economics, where we take the bitter pill; save our money; allow the private sector to flourish or fail on their own; and let government simply oversea that people’s rights are not stepped on by private entities.

congressman ron paulLike Congressman Ron Paul, Peter Schiff recognizes that the federal reserve bank is the main source of all of these bubbles since 1921. He recognizes that we need to abolish the federal reserve, which has never ever held to its mandate to stop inflation and stabilize the economy. He recognizes that the federal reserve serves only the interest of its private banking consortium and loans money to its sister banks when they get into trouble. He recognizes that due to the federal reserve, the u.s. government is $10 trillion in debt to the federal reserve and that it cannot hope to pay it off. In fact, all income taxes collected today only goes to pay off the interest on the debt owed the federal reserve. The means, none of the social security, welfare, medicare, medicaid programs have any funding for them. The government has to turn around and borrow more money from the federal reserve to pay for these programs and our wars. Under Bush, the U.S. government was borrowing $1 billion a day to fund the war and all the social programs. Under Bush the national debt doubled to $10 trillion in only 8 years.

Peter Schiff has already raised over one million dollars in campaign money from private donations. This means he is a very viable competitor to Senator Dodd. He is running under the Republican party. He hopes to be a beacon to republicans of things to come and assist the libertarian party in finally coming to power.

No longer can we suffer through Ben Bernanke’s devaluing the dollar on a daily basis. Just look at what gold has done lately. People are abandoning ship. Peter Schiff brings hope where run away inflation is on the horizon and unemployment is at 20%.

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