Ann Coulter Speaks Out Against Libertarians and Ron Paul

Ann Coulter Speaks Out Against Libertarians and Ron Paul

Political pundit and conservative author, Ann Coulter spoke out against Ron Paul and continued to rant and rave against Libertarians. He was very taken aback about the entire issue of marriage. Not that the Libertarian view of lessez faire was good enough, but that it was “cowardly” in her opinion. He said she wants to punch Libertarians. He says Libertarians “dodge the tough questions”.

Political Pundit Ann Coulter

I personally just think he is just angry about something. He is always going on about how he wishes he could do something to someone who is against him. He has also been known to walk off of Fox News.

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White House Reveals Fact Fox is Not News

Fox Shill of the GOP

White House advisers said they would go on Fox despite the fact that the inner circle of the Obama administration revealed that the company:

is a GOP mouthpiece
whose programming “is geared toward making money”

The communications director for the White House said Fox operates “almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican party.” Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff said, “it is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.”

In an uncharacteristically immature way, Michael Clemente, executive of Fox accused the White House of continuing to “declare war on a news organization” rather than focus on issues such as jobs and health care.

Meanwhile Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have continuously criticized President Obama. Clearly not news, but pure opinion. Even O’Reilly, who obviously has healthy respect for President Obama, has taken tough approaches on his show.

The fact that Fox has mostly shows on its channel, apparently is beyond Clemente to even acknowledge.

As to issues, a Sunday round of 5 morning news shows visited by President Obama saw the complete snub of the Fox show on Sunday. White House aides made the rounds also, discussing issues such as Afghanistan, health care and the economy. The White House blog even pointed out that Beck lied on the president when he called him a racist.

Karl Rove, former adviser to Bush Jr., now a Fox contributor, go figure, tried to put President Obama in the same league as President Nixon, saying he was treating the “news” as enemies. Obviously the fact that the White House visits all main channel and cable channel news organizations other than Fox is completely missed by Mr. Rove.

Even David Axelrod, White House senior adviser said on ABC’s “This Week,” that the station should not be treated as a news organization, not by the administration, nor by other legitimate news organizations. “And the bigger thing is that the other news organizations, like yours, ought not to treat them that way, and we’re not going to treat them that way,” he said.

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch gloated to shareholders, that since the remarks of criticism by the White House, their ratings have increased. Which simply plays back into the argument that they are an organization out to make money.

Axelrod, “You know, I’m not concerned. Mr. Murdoch has a talent for making money, and I understand hat their programming is geared toward making money,” Axelrod said. “The only argument Anita was making is that they’re not really a news station. … It’s not just their commentators, but a lot of their news programming. It’s really not news. It’s pushing a point of view.”

[portions provided by AP]

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Glenn Beck: Selling Fear to Old White People

Glenn Beck the Quack

glenn beckIn the history of radical talk show hosts, none is more popular and crazy than Glenn Beck. He has the racism of Bill Oreilly, the charisma of Obama, the complete lack of research like Hannity and the insanity of Anne Coulter, the whore of Babylon. However, he’s polished and he sells his racism and fear to white people on a blinding polished silver platter. Where Oreilly is uncouth, and speaks English about as refined as George Bush, Glenn Beck is a Mormon with a pedigree. For those not privvy to Mormons, they are the ones that said Black people are the descendents of Kane, from the Holy Bible, and are cursed with the “mark” of Black skin and therefore unfit to be in their church. Oh they repealed the stance, due to political pressures, but it’s still in their book of mormon. Glenn Beck is a master tactician. Although, a few have seen him for who he is

In this day and age of pitting the left against the right there are those of us who stand aside and take a look and clearly see that:

  • there is no difference between democrats and republican POLITICIANS
  • the two party system is geared for one thing and that is to grow big government
  • both parties spend millions of your donated dollars simply to divide and conquer all of us, giving us the false assumption that we have won or lost, depending on our “side” winning
  • the two party system is laughing all the way to the bank, while funneling your tax dollars to their friends
  • the two party system is well taken care of, after politics by getting out of government and landing in cushy multi-million dollar jobs

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Along came a spider called Glenn Beck. When he was headline news everyone knew he was bat crazy. He was an obvious shill for the neocons and raving, foaming at the mouth, a mad hatter. Then he moved to Fox. Apparently the boys at Fox took him, polished him, put lipstick on him, gave him a $30 million a year salary and slid him into psy-ops covert status, wrapping himself in Libertarian sheep’s clothing. I fell for it, for a long time. In fact, I even posted about some of this “movements”. However I wasn’t privvy to him calling Ron Paul supporters domestic terrorists and directly making the association. CNN even responded to it and corrected it by saying that nowhere was there a connection [thank you CNN] I present a mashup showing sound evidence that he is definately not a libertarian.

For those who were confused, like myself, Glenn Beck is not a libertarian. He simply a neocon and tries to wrap himself in the flag of libertarianism, all while calling Ron Paul supporters fascists.

Fox cable channel is not news. They have no reporters on their shows. In fact in an appellate court decision, where Fox challenged a story one of its own investigative reporters did and reported the opposite findings on the air, the judges decided that the news “in general” has no obligation to report real facts, nor present real facts to the public. Fox news can lie.

Glenn Beck is selling fear just like Bill Oreilly. Let’s take this clip where he suggest that Lou Rockwell is in bed with Islamo Fascists. It is unconscionable that Glenn Beck even suggests it.

Why is this clown on t.v.? And, I did mention he makes $30 million a year? Clearly Fox doesn’t care to report anything of substance. The viewers are all characterized as being of below average intelligence, reactionary and of no moral fiber. I must admit to stomach watching the channel, one must have one foot firmly planted in hell. The astonishing thing about Glenn Beck though, is that he gets a complete pass by Fox bashers. Truly, his whole smoke and mirrors works much better than Oreillys.

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