Whitney Houston is Back: Haters Be Gone

Whitney Houston Gives a Concert on GMA

Well you know I just had to write about the return of Whitney Houston. She appeared on Good Morning America, hugging Diane Sawyer, the journalist that broke the drug addiction news. It’s been seven years since Whitney has appeared on stage. She’s out with a new album and a new resolve to put the drugs and degenerate lifestyle behind her. She’s also going to be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show, in an hour long special. Don’t miss it.

I’ve never been a fan of anyone, but when they announced she would be marrying Bobby Brown my heart almost broke in two. I thought to myself, you’re Whitney friggin Houston. You’re at the top of your game. Any man in the world would want to have you at his bride and you chose Bobby “bad boy” Brown? I can remember it plain as day. And, my feelings were confirmed when all of the ugliness came out: the abuse; the drugs; the loss of voice.

But she’s back now and with a new album. She gives a semi-pop, semi-gospel song called “I Look to You” and has a track written by Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys is quoted as saying Whitney Houston is a woman she idolized.

Now about the performs on GMA, Good Morning America. Frankly, I sing, and it was not good. However, it wasn’t good compared to Whitney Houston’s past. She still blows away live performances of Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Celine Dion.

Let me be brutally honest here. The song by Alicia Keys, may be cute and I’m sure it will sell millions, because it has Alicia’s name on it, but it is not Whitney’s song. I don’t know who’s song it is, but it is not Whitney’s song. I have never been a fan of Alicia keys writing. Her songs, to me, don’t have: melodies, harmonies, musical theory behind them. Oh don’t get me wrong, the piano accompaniment might be great, I play the piano too, but the main melodies are lacking. Everyone blamed Whitney for sounding bad on stage yesterday, but I say the song sucks.

What Whitney Houston Needs

I always felt that Whitney Houston needed more meddlesome mothers and aunts, than a hands off approach. I might be projecting my own family to her, but truth is truth. They sat back and watched her crumble. If I had a daughter, and I don’t care how old she was, and she was going down a dark hole, I would come in guns ablazing and pull her out. I’d be damned if I would let her sink so deep that I couldn’t even recognize her. Everyone wants to just stand back and say “oh she’s a grown woman”. Hell, grown women make mistakes too. Grown women need help too. Grown men need help too. This whole, parenting stops at 18 has got to go. I believe the country is in the dumps right now, because a whole lot of grown folks need to be put over someone’s knee and their butts whooped and to be sat down and taught a lesson.

I never got the feeling that anyone was in Whitney Houston’s corner. I didn’t get a sense that anyone was looking out for her. Bobby Brown was clearly mooching off of her. Sure he sold some albums, but he wasn’t a world wide mega star like Whitney Houston. There was no comparing: talent; lifestyle; fortune. Men and women need to stop and recognize right away when someone is just wrong for them. This whole love thing needs to be put in perspective. In fact, I don’t think you’re in love with someone until you’ve been together twenty years and the kids are grown and out of the house. When you can stand the test of time, that’s love. This whole, “oh honey I love you”, it’s been 15 minutes, has got to stop. We laugh at kids when they say they’re in love, but when an adult does the same exact thing we agree with them? Puhlease! I’m also sad she had kids by him.

But, she said she kept her eyes on “Him” and came through it all. Here’s to hoping that’s true. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t fall back down. Here’s to hoping someone with some sense is in her life. I just don’t get how such a church grounded family could let their baby girl fall so low. But, anyway, I pray God keeps her and wraps her in his arms and protects her. Apparently no one else did.

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