Brother to Brother: How to Handle Racism on a National Level

Don’t Get Mad Get a Lawyer

michael richards kramer[ This message is intended for a Black audience only. ] Today I was so moved to discuss how to handle racism on a national level. I think for too long Black people have been looking and listening to hippies with their touchy feely policies of how to handle racism in America. At no point has anyone with some balls ever stood up and said the policies haven’t worked in over 100 years and will not work.

Let me ask you. Why are Asians not made fun of? Why are Asians for the most part left alone? Why is there a China town in every major city? Because, they could care less what other people say, they don’t want no part of white people and they love their Asian brothers and sisters. They have the attitude of “if I don’t help my brother, he’s not going to get help”. For the most part, Asians keep to themselves and live separately.

We have been constantly told, by white people that it’s not good for Black people to separate themselves. This lie is so widespread that even the Black leaders during the civil rights movement started to repeat it. Let me ask you something. Do you remember the potato famine in Ireland and the millions of poor Irish people that came over here? They were treated, in those days, like the Black people of the white race. Everyone hated them, no one hired them, and if they did it was scrubbing toilets out by hand. Those poor Irish trash, setup shop in their own separate neighborhoods and kept to themselves. Italians, same thing. Jews, same thing. Mormons, same thing. Ok so if white people are segregating themselves and 10 years later coming out rich, why are we separating from out Black brothers and sisters and being just as broke as a church mouse.

So I present to you, how to play the game. Racism is about divide and conquer. That’s all it is. That’s all the lynching of thousands of Black people was about, that’s all the civil rights movement, which is a flop, is about: divide and conquer.

So Michael Richards, the actor that played Kramer in the hit t.v. show Seinfeld, was in the news a couple of years ago. He was doing a comedy show and he got upset and started saying nigger nigger nigger to a group of Black audience members. He received flack for it. He was told to apologize. So on the David Letterman show, he sent in a tape of him apologizing to a chimpanzee [ a monkey ]. At this point, you know he doesn’t care. He received flack for that and then he made a video of him acting a fool and apologizing.

How to Win Against Racists

lynching of Black manSo often, when public figures are caught being racist, people rush to beg them to apologize. Apologize? Why? These people are grown. And, I’m pretty sure their mind is already made up about how they view life. Don’t come groveling to anyone to beg them to apologize. This isn’t the playground at recess. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are quick to come on the scene and demand an apology. Do you understand how pathetic and pitiful that is? Do you understand how ignorant Black people are made to appear for asking for an apology?

Let me put it into what is really going on. The person tells you they don’t like you. The person tells you they don’t think you’re human. The person tells you they think you are substandard. The person tells you that you are unfit to live. Then some idiot Black leader comes and say apologize? Are you friggin kidding me? That is way down on a juvenile level that it is comedy.

OK, how do adults handle that? Let me hip you to how the game is played. So Kramer calls you a nigger 50 times, on stage, on national t.v. The adult doesn’t turn around and call him a cracker or a honkey. This is what an adult does. This is how the game is played.

  1. If he is on a t.v. show, you write down every single commercial that comes on during the show. You then write the advertisers and inform them that you will not only, not watch the show, but you will not buy any products of advertisers who are supporting the show. You get everyone in your family to do the same. You get everyone of your friends to do the same, and their friends and their friend’s friends.
  2. If he is on a t.v. show, you write the stations showing it, you write the broadcasters who broadcast it and say the same thing. And, get your family and friends and friend’s friends to do that same.
  3. If it’s a movie you write the producers or call them and say the same thing. And, get your family and friends to do the same.
  4. Don’t stop now. If it’s a t.v. show call the F.C.C. and do the same thing.

If someone is racist and they are in a position of authority or famous or a politicians, that’s how you play the game. You don’t get mad, you destroy them. Don’t get angry and get a gun, get a lawyer. People don’t see Black people as equal. And, they will continue to think that, if we continue to behave like children. I pull no punches. Don’t threaten to shoot someone, threaten to sue someone. That’s how a man handles it. That’s how an adult handles it. It is time out for that back of the bleachers after school high school stuff. This is the real world. You better get with or you’ll get stomped and left behind.

segregation in americaStop listening to pussies talk about: “awww Black people shouldn’t be separate”. The hell we shouldn’t. Divide and conquer is for chumps that don’ t know any better. Name calling is for kids. A law suit isn’t a right, it’s how you play the game. And I’m in it to win it. That’s how we will get ahead. If someone thinks we are 2nd class citizens, if someone thinks we are monkeys, if someone thinks we are dirty, lazy and dangerous animals, we need to destroy them. Don’t beat them up, destroy them. Again, don’t move out of the hood. You simply stay there and encourage each other to open up your own shops in the hood. That’s one of the biggest problems facing Black businesses and lack of Black support of Black businesses, they aren’t located in Black neighborhoods. We can’t live in fear of our own people. Get rid of the bad element and keep building the hood. Just build it, build it, build it! And, if we all lived together, the dollars would flow amongst ourselves and stay within our community. THAT is how the Jews, the Irish, the Italians all became wealthy. They stuck together, they kept their dollars inside the community and kept building up the community.

Finally, we have to learn the game. Don’t go begging another man for your freedom. Even Benjamin Franklin said the same thing. If we destroy racist after racist after racist [ and i’m just talking about this particular issue ] we are demanding our respect, not begging for it on our hands and knees. Remember the superman show and super heroes in general? They don’t ask for respect, they exibit their power and THAT’S what people are drawn to. I present that example, not to be childish, but to show you an extreme example of what a grown adult should do. Think about any person you honestly just plain admire. I guarantee they never ever asked for respect. We shouldn’t ask for ours either. Flex our might, flex our strength, show our solidarity and build our community.

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