Why Miss Black USA and Miss Black America are Actually White

Miss Black USA / America are White

Let’s take a peak in on the Miss Asian USA pageant right quick.  I’m in a balcony seat at the very back.  Being very dark myself, I blend in perfectly in the unlit auditorium, like a ninja.  Unlike other pageants, every contestant has to know poetry.  The best one was performed by Miss Okinawa, who recited a Haiku.  It said something about a cherry blossom withering in the winter.  While I couldn’t understand the Japanese exactly, I understood that it was talking about the current economy in America.  She nearly received a unanimous standing ovation from the audience.  Another section of the pageant was the traditional fashion.  The Miss Tokyo contestant came out in 12 royal kimonos and had a simple ribbon at the very end of  her waist long hair.  It was elegant and simple.  Not to be outdone by her, Miss Beijing came out in a imperial dress, but her hair was the show-piece.  It was in the ancient imperial head dress of nearly 2,000 years ago.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  Everyone danced in some traditional way and for their modern segments they always tied in their heritage with American history.

Fast forward to the Miss Black USA pageant.  I am simply dumbfounded.  Other than having a slight tan, it looks, feels and acts exactly like the Miss USA pageant.  Where you felt swept away to a different place and time, in the Miss Asian Pageant, the Miss Black USA pageant was nothing more than a watered down copy of the Miss USA Pageant.  Where the speech, dress and hair were firmly rooted in tradition and aboriginal heritage of the Asians, in the Miss Asian USA Pageant, the Miss Black USA Pageant bends over backwards to make sure you forget that the contestants are Black.  In short, there is nothing Black about the Miss Black USA and Miss Black America Pageant.

Now I ask you, dear reader, why would they feel so compelled to make their own Black pageants, only to turn around and make sure you felt like you were looking exactly at the white pageants?  There is no celebration of being Black.  There is no celebration of the history of Blacks in this country.  There is absolutely no ties to being Black in these pageants.  I remember years ago a contestant was booed off stage for daring to quote a “free the slaves” poem.

Also, the contestants do not look Black.  Except for a few Dark women that slip through the cracks, for the most part they are all super super super mixed with white blood.  One would think that going to an all Black pageant, that you MIGHT see a Black lady on stage somewhere.

Also, contestants all have long, straight, fake, weaved hair.  For this to be the epitome of Black beauty, apparently Black hair is not.  The few times I have seen the pageants, there wasn’t an afro in site, except for the janitor mopping up a spill down the hall, and myself [of course].  For all of these magazines, websites, and shows talking about “going natural” the Black pageants certainly are staying the hell away from it.

Also, contestants, are all anorexicly shaped.  Like their white counterparts, the Black beauty contestants are all underweight for their height.  Regardless of the countless calls outside of the industry to stop making that “look” be the standard of beauty, the Miss Black USA and America pageants continue it, just like the white pageants do.  Not that I’ve taken a poll, but Black men, whom I GUESS the pageant is for, do not like thin looking women.  I could be wrong, but from my experience, a “woman with meat on her bones” is considered the epitome of beauty to Black men.  What’s strange is, they DID do such a poll for women, and found that women do not want a skinny NOR 6-pack abs having man.  They found that women prefer men with a bit of gut and meat on his bones.  Also, I am no anthropologist, nor biologist, but I believe Black women tend toward carrying more meat on their bones than white women.  I am not saying they are fat, just that they are not anorexic looking, for the most part.  So it is astounding to me that an all Black pageant goes out of its way to find only anorexic looking Black women.


In my own VERY PERSONAL opinion, these pageants should stop existing.  Until they understand that the entire purpose of having a separate pageant called Miss BLACK USA and Miss BLACK America, due to the fact white people did not consider Black women good looking enough to be on stage with white women, was to edify and elevate the beauty of Black women, they have no purpose.  Why would the founders of these pageants make it their goal to elevate Black female beauty, only to turn around and make sure all the contestants looked white?  It smacks of saying that Black is in fact NOT beautiful.  If the epitome of beauty is:

  • long fake, straight, white hair
  • anorexic build
  • as close to white skin as possible

then you’re saying being Black is not beautiful and being white is.  How many Black girls have watched these pageants and felt bad about themselves because everyone in the pageant was a high-yella, size 0 dress, and had long straight hair?

I say stop the entire pageant system, from the Miss Black high-school, all the way up to Miss Black USA / America.  All you’re doing is confusing people and not elevating Black women.  Until everyone on stage is smutt Black, with a round behind and an afro, you have no business calling it a Miss Black USA pageant.

I bet half of you reading that last sentence winced at it, thinking the description was of an ugly Black woman.  Check it out:

Dark Black Woman with Afro

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There is No More Love in America

The Scam of Love

There is almost no romance on t.v. or in movies any more.  “Falling in Love”, apparently now, is a 4 letter word.  The entire notion of the fantasy love story of a man and woman having a love so strong that it lasts, even beyond death is non-existent.  It has all been replaced with problems and problems, or slutty images and graphic sex.  They portray love stories now as being problematic to get the point across that loving someone is ALWAYS problematic.  They seek to destroy whatever notion of happiness you find in another human.  Why?  So you can look to them for your happiness.

The national entertainment outlets always create love “stories” in the same lame format:

  • boy meets girl
  • boy and girl aren’t perfect
  • they obviously need changing
  • problems
  • problems
  • problems
  • story over

I want you to go sit through any 5 chick flicks in the past 5 years.  I want you to keep track of the outline I just set and see if I am wrong.  If you have been reading my blog for any time, you’ve seen my movie reviews.  I do not want to sound jaded or too cynical, but entertainment is now depressing and not fun.  Even kids’ movies are not fun.

The entertainment now seeks to depress you to such a degree as to make you discontent with your own life.  You’ve been programmed that you must return to the movies to get your entertainment.  Having a dinner party and inviting friends and playing board games is ancient history.  [although I did just that last year, was great fun]  People are now programmed to think that going to dinner, club and the movies are the ONLY ways to have “fun”.  The movies and t.v. for their part depress you to such a degree that it bleeds over into your real life.  Since they try to define what a “relationship” is for you, when you leave the movie depressed you will then seek out the problems in your own relationship.

“AHA, you did squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle, this relationship is over.”

As stupid as that sounds, it is oh so sadly true.  The movies present generalities about problems in relationships and people watching these movies take it to heart thinking it is a universal truth, and break up with their loved one.

“Why did she break up with you man?”
“I don’t know, I guess we grew apart.”

No man, she, like an idiot, watched MTV or some stupid movie and thought that you checking your cell phone every 5 minutes was factual evidence that you were cheating on her.   She didn’t stop to realize that your grandma was in the hospital with cancer, on her death bed.  So now you’ve lost your grandma and your girl friend all in one day.

I can guarantee you this scenario happens daily across the land.

Oh don’t let me leave out the chick magazines.  When they aren’t depressing women with evidence that they are somehow not beautiful for NOT having a heroin induced, malnurished body, they are telling them that:

  1. something is wrong with their man
  2. you can change your man
  3. if your man doesn’t listen to you, he’s obvious broken
  4. if the mail-room boy asks you out on a date that somehow he’s a pervert and needs to be sued

The magazines defining women’s lives is completely over the top and out of hand.  A dress-size zero woman is not good looking to a man.  End of story.  If the bones in her arms and legs are the largest section of that particular appendage, men will stay away from them.  Also malnourished women look like children, and only a man with a tendency towards pedophilia would like that look.  How many men have to come out and say they like big breasts, big hips, big legs, before females GET IT.  How many real life celebs with larger measurements become the idol of millions of men, before females GET IT.  Stop reading these stupid magazines that tell you that the anorexic look is OK.

Then the magazines set you up for disaster in your relationship, by telling you, you can change your man.  Yes, simply go out and grab the nearest man you can find, and change him.  Obviously, putting effort into finding a decent man FOR YOU, is far too much trouble.  Isn’t that the message they are actually trying to say?  And, what human thinks that they can change an adult male?  “An old dogs does not learn new tricks.”  It’s not just a funny saying.  It is true.  If your ulterior motive in a relationship is to get some good looking guy and MOLD him into what you want him to be, then you are setting you and him up for a disastrous relationship.  Get off your lazy anorexic butt and go find a GOOD MAN.  And, if the one you find is not perfect, then you might need to change your notions of what perfect is.  Ask yourself, who taught you what a perfect man is?  I’m not saying go marry an axe murderer, but I am saying if he drinks beer and likes video games, that does not mean he is imperfect.  If you require 24/7 attention, the problem is with you, not him.  You be you, and let him be him.  If you’re doing it right, you will “grow together.”  If you go into a relationship with that open mindedness, then you will never break up / get divorced.

The magazines try to tell you what you want to hear.  Apparently, if your man does not listen to you 100% of the time, then something must be wrong with him.  Get rid of him.  That’s the message right?  Let’s see!   Movies and comics and magazines always say that females are “always right.”  You and me both, know that is a lie.  If you do not know all the facts and details about something, there is no possible way you could always be right.  You need to wake up and smell the coffee.  They are trying to sell you something by flattering your ego.  Females are not always right.  Men are not always right.  Noone is always right.  If these magazines are saying females are always right and their men should always listen to them, they are setting you up for a complete break down in communication.  How?  Because as soon as you get it in your head that “I am always right,” then that means you shut down when your man tries to say something.  You see how horrible that is?  And, you wonder why your relationships are rocky at best.

Finally, these womens’ magazines try to get across that if some random guy invites you to dinner, that obviously there is something wrong with him and he needs to be sued, and the company he works for needs to be sued.  The sexual harassment craze has gotten so far out of hand that it is destroying large segments of the populations.  Groups of  women are living completely single and wonder why, yet should any man approach them, they look for the sexual harassment umbrella.  The UPS guy asks them out to dinner – law suit.  The pizza delivery guy asks them out on a movie – law suit.  The mail-room clerk asks them for their number – law suit.  They look up 20 years later, surrounded by cats and wonder why.  Sexual harassment was intended to protect men / women from some ongoing pervert inside the workplace that holds their career in the palm of their hand.  While your boss asking you out to dinner, one time, might be unethical, it is not sexual harassment.  Sometimes people meet people they are attracted to and want to see if it is going to go somewhere.  You never know who might be the man of your dreams if you open yourself up to possibilities.  Sometimes the most unlikely sources are the best choices.  While everyone laughs at the mail-room clerk for hitting on the vice president, how chagrined are they when he gets a three million dollar inheritance from his dead uncle?  Or, the UPS truck driver that actually owns 20 routes and works one himself, making half a million a year?

These are just examples of how we take national media and let them define our reality, specifically relationship reality.  You should always hear stories from magazines, movies and t.v. as only applying to those particular people.  You should repeat to yourself, “that does not apply to me.”  Even if your mother is trying to give you sage womanly advice and she went through problems, “that does not apply to me.”  One person’s heartaches and mishaps does not mean that everyone is going to have heartache and mishaps in their relationships.

I know of so many women that are man-haters.  When I hear their story, it dawns on me that they are man-haters because they were and are immature and did not understand that the trivial problem they had with one man, does not apply to all men.  Even that one man, normally, did not do something to them, to deserve full on hate.  More than likely, they were listening to another man-hater or saw a stupid movie or read a stupid magazine telling them that if a man does ‘XYZ’ that he deserves hatred.

I met a lovely Black girl, long ago, that I wanted to date.  She stopped me one day and told me that she does not like Black men.  When I asked why, she said because her uncle had molested her.  I was speechless.  I still am.  I can only guess that it was just an excuse to hate all Black men.  Noone gets something done to them by someone and then equates everyone with some aspect of that one person as evidence that they are all completely like that person.  It would be like saying, all men with mustaches are Hitler.  As I think about it, I bet my computer that that Black girl had some ridiculous mother or aunt tell her that all Black men are just like her perverted uncle and all deserve to be hated.  But, as sure as I sit here typing this, I know thousands upon thousands of women have similar messed up stories like that and are so messed up that they write off whole segments of the population due to something someone told them, i.e. movies, magazines and t.v.

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For Blacks: He Wasn’t Man Enough for Me

Black Girl You’re Doing it Wrong

Pay a million dollars for a sick beat, get a catchy hook and then lay down the most F*ed up lyrics talking about how a Black man is a douchebag, and you have a national hit.  You will be sure it will go to the #1 spot in no time.  Is there something to these songs?  Where are these songs coming from?  Are there Black men out there, just breaking Black women’s heart after heart?  Where are these casanovas?  The answer is, there are none.  There is no mass Black man heart-breaking club.  Oh, I’m sure there are some male Black gigolos out there, don’t get me wrong, but there is no lonely-heart club out there for Black men.  So where do these songs come from?

They come from music producers hell-bent on trying to bring the Black man down.  And, you buy it.

But, this article isn’t about retarded folk who make retarded music and the retarded folk that buy it.  This article is about how YOU can assure yourself that you are not going to end up with a scrub.

Lesson One: How Not to Date a Scrub

Yes, this article is directed at women.  Apparently, since I am not a father of a daughter, I always feel the need to be an internet dad to young / or not so young ladies.  All my cousins are married, so I feel the need to protect some other young lady from evil men. HAHAHAHA!!!  Internet dad to the rescue****

So anyway.  Before we get into dating / marrying a good Black man, let’s talk about you first.  A man does not define you.  You should not let a man define you.  You are your own person.  You have your own tastes, likes and dislikes.  You should have your own source of income.  If you go to a club, you should be able to afford the entire night by yourself, i.e. buying your own drinks.  There is nothing more annoying than a woman that comes up to me asking me to buy her a drink.  I’m not a charity fund.  All this talk about being an independent woman goes out the window when you cannot afford your own room and board.

How not to date a scrub.  First of all, if you want to catch a Black man who doesn’t have to worry about can he afford the dollar menu, you need to step up your own game.  Stop going to clubs to pick up the man of your dreams.  Really?  Did ya think that would work?  And, if you just have to go to a club, and you’re hell bent on picking up the man of your dreams, go to a club with a steep cover charge.

Here’s the theory about the club with a cover charge.  The owner gambles that if he charges a cover, it will keep the “riff raff” out of the club.  It makes the club more exclusive.  So if you go to such a club, you hedge your bets that you will not run into “riff raff”. 

The same theory can be applied to landing a good Black man.  If you want to catch a non-riff-raff Black man, then you should go where riff raff do not and cannot go.

Attend Events: Every town / city caters to their upper echelon type of citizens.  You simply then read where these events are held.  Expect to pay money if you’re going to attend these.

Join Clubs: Due paying clubs are everywhere.  You can rest assured that if you go to an even sponsored by a club, that more than likely any Black man there is more than likely not worried around the dollar menu.

Politics: Getting involved in your political party [you’re a libertarian right?] is another great way to meet a non-“riff raff” Black man.  More than likely a Black man that is involved in a political campaign is probably not a street thug.  Now understand that going to a political rally, does not mean you are politically involved.  I am talking about fund raising events or even joining a campaign.  These are the people you want to meet, not the street rally.

Don’t Find a Black Man in Church: 50% of the people in church do not want to be in church.  It’s probably closer to 75%, but I’m wagering conservatively.  That being said, you have an over 50% chance that the guy you run into at church is not going to look out for your best interest or selflessly give of himself, to you.  People find themselves sitting in a church for many strange reasons.  Also, church doesn’t discriminate.  Anyone can walk into a church.  And, the bottom line is, you don’t want to date / marry just anyone.

For those who are saying to themselves that “just because a Black man has money, doesn’t mean he’s a great guy.”  You are delusional.  I am sure there are some great guy, poor, Black men out there.  But, being a great guy, super sexy, and muscular does not pay bills.  So much misery comes from just being poor in America.  And if you do not realize this, you are sticking your head in the sand and pretending otherwise.  At the end of the day, you want a Black man that can provide for himself and for you, if need be.  I personally would have you date / marry someone that can provide for you, not that you absolutely need it, but when you get married and have children, you want to stay home with the kids, for their sake.

A lot of Black folks do not plan their life out.  They don’t sit down and ask themselves what they want out of life and where do they see things going.  At the very least, I would have you plan who you are going to date.  I would have you put yourself in the position to find someone with some get-up-and-go.  I would have you open yourself up to options of a great selection of Black men and not the ones that these fake songs talk about: Scrubs.

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The Marginalization of the Black Community

Blacks Don’t Know How Powerful They Are

The Black community controls 10% of the buying power in America yet bottoms out the lowest income bracket.cite   Until Blacks actual pool their resources and consciously agregate their buying power and political muscle, they will accomplish nothing given the current trend in marginalizing the Black community.  The national and local media constantly bombards the Black community with negative images of itself.cite   National entertainment outlets also applauds the worst in the Black community, leaving the younger generation to aspire to nothing more than rappers with known criminal backgrounds; athletes with questionable ethics and morals; or Black individuals with a complete lack of intellect or financial education.cite   Blacks are portrayed as dumb, going nowhere and fit only to be killed in movies.cite   Until we Blacks make our own movies and t.v. shows dealing with REAL Black issues that we define, we will constantly be marginalized in the media.

The Damage to the Younger Generation

If you repeat a lie long enough, people will tend to believe it as fact.  The Black community is constantly bombarded with images of Black males as being the originators of crime.  Time and again, study after study has shown that Blacks are no more criminal than any other race.cite   However, Blacks are 90% more likely to be portrayed in the media as being criminals and / or being arrested for crimes, regardless of their guilt or innocence.cite   The general population, being law abiding citizens, then think that those portrayed in the media as being primary suspects in a criminal case, deserve nothing less than jail or some form of punishment.  It stands to reason that since they are the chief suspects that they deserve to be suspected.  However, while the media portrays Blacks as being the normal criminal suspect of police, they never retract any of their stories, should the person be proven to be innocent.cite   This constant barrage of Black suspects then, ingrains itself into the brain of those who watch it and people then come to expect Blacks to always be the primary suspects in criminal cases.  After some time, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Young Blacks are bombarded with images of Blacks being criminals.  The next step is to cast Black artists in the images of criminals and have them praise their own fake criminal backgrounds.cite   As sure as the day is long, this recipe comes to fruition and idiot Black youth start acting out the very images they see in video and in movies.

Years ago when the mafia movies first started coming out, there was a minor group that protested the movies, saying that they glorified violence, and the criminal element.cite   They were against white Italians being portrayed as criminals and the movies glorifying crime.cite   Hollywood of course never listened.  So to the various groups chagrin, Italians were permanently cast as being mafioso.  However, the vehement fight the groups put up left an indelible impression on me, that we should always fight when the national media and entertainment outlets seeks to define an entire race or country of origin of a group of people.

In a country where young Black kids are constantly bombarded with images of Black men being IN prison or an idiot rapper glorifying his criminal past, it is no wonder that Black youth first seek to resort to a criminal option to a situation.  In fact, it is now considered a part of a Black manly identity if you dress, act and think like a prison inmate.cite   The Black male group thinks it weak if you do not disrespect women.  The Black male group thinks it weak if you don’t act like a “thug”.  In fact the word “thug” has completely been usurped by the Black male group.  Instead it being a male criminal, normally of Italian origin, it has been recast to mean a Black male individual.  Also being a “thug” is now seen as being both cool and sexy.

The Destruction from Without

From the highest office in the land, Blacks are now the prime target for incarceration. cite According to research, president Nixon conducted a national study and then changed the results to reflect that Blacks were the originators of all of the unrest in the country. Knowing full well that the entire country was against his Vietnam war, he nevertheless targeted Blacks as the chief source of unrest.cite He then started his “war on drugs” with the primary target being Blacks.cite 90% of all Blacks in prison right now are there due to some form of a drug charge.cite Meanwhile drugs were being introduced into the Black community from a mysterious outside source. Before the 60s there was no drug presence to speak of in the Black communities across the land.cite But, after this time drugs in the Black community became rampant and readily available. For a community that was generally isolated, having rare, imported drugs being spread wide and readily available is suspect all by itself.  No Black leader has ever raised the issue of where any of these drugs have come from, nor has any media outlet ever let on that drugs were not a “Black thing” before.  For all intents and purposes, Black history month goes more along the lines of Black fantasy month, because they never show how financially sound, well adjusted and progressive the Black community was before civil rights.  Study after study has shown that the income gap, the educational gap and the buying power was aggressively decreasing before desegregation, while now it is widening at an alarming rate.cite  No Black leader wants to admit that desegregation and civil rights destroyed the Black community, not build it up.cite

The Financial Miseducation of Blacks

Wells Fargo has been the current love child of predatory lending and wiping out Black wealth.  While calling a house an asset is a misnomer, 90% of all Black wealth is derived from their family house.  In other words, of all the assets you can use to judge a Black families financial worth, their house is usually the only “asset” a Black family has.  That being said, if you were to concoct a scheme to swindle a Black family out of their house, you could wipe out nearly all Black wealth in the nation.  Wells Fargo is under investigation for just that very thing.cite  They systematically targeted Blacks, based on the fact that Blacks are completely financially ignorant, for predatory lending.cite

What is predatory lending?  Unscrupulous actions carried out by a lender to entice, induce and/or assist a borrower in taking a mortgage that carries high fees, a high interest rate, strips the borrower of equity, or places the borrower in a lower credit rated loan to the benefit of the lender. As with most things of a dishonest nature, new and different predatory lending schemes frequently arise.cite

The easiest way to completely avoid predatory lending is to SHOP AROUND.  Remember that song?  Even the most financially ignorant person can hedge their bets that they will not be “taken” if they simply shop around.  Normally the loan scam starts by either, the bank coming to the doorstep of the person, or if they’re buying a house, the realtor suggesting the bank. The buyer then signs the loan with that bank without ever looking at another bank or lender for better terms.  It would completely disrupt the scam if the buyer simply went to at least 5 other banks, credit unions, or lenders to compare terms.  However, no Black leader or Black organization, *cough*NAACP*cough*, ever brings a law suit on behalf of a Black community that has been the target of predatory lending.cite   Right off the top of my head, Memphis has born the brunt of Wells Fargo’s predatory lending campaign.cite   It took city leaders to bring a lawsuit against them.  Seems Jesse and friends have been completely silent on the issue.  And, why would I say Blacks were the target?  Because, employees of the company have signed affidavits attesting to the fact that supervisors in the bank specifically said to target Blacks because they are not financially savvy.  They had Blacks sign mortgages with 29% interest when they qualified for 5% interest.cite   They had Blacks strip themselves of all the equity in their home, saying it was a lower interest loan to consolidate ALL of their debt, when in fact it was an interest only with a balloon payment mortgage, or adjustable-rate mortgage.cite 

What is an ARM?  An adjustable-rate mortgage is a type of mortgage in which the interest rate paid on the outstanding balance varies according to a specific benchmark. The initial interest rate is normally fixed for a period of time after which it is reset periodically, often every month. The interest rate paid by the borrower will be based on a benchmark plus an additional spread, called an ARM margin.  For example a 2/28 arm loan would have you pay a very low interest rate for 2 years, however for the next 28 years that interest rate would keep adjusting up and up, even monthly.cite

Black communities like Memphis, were wiped out by predatory lending and the sub-prime mortgage crash.  The Black wealth was completely robbed.  Where white wealth was not wiped out, the biggest losers have been the Black community, across all racial boards.

What Has to Happen

First and foremost, we as a community have to acknowledge what has happened.  Until we can come to terms with the factors that are leading to our downfall, we cannot hope to progress.

  • Blacks are constantly the butt of crime
  • Blacks are portrayed as criminals
  • Black entertainers glorify crime
  • Black males glorify being a criminal
  • Blacks are portrayed in movies as being criminals
  • Blacks are portrayed in movies as being unintelligent
  • Blacks are never portrayed as a bad guy with tremendous intellect, i.e. a nemesis or arch-enemy
  • the Black community before desegregation was on tract to close the income gap between Blacks and whites
  • Blacks are the chief target of predatory lending
  • Blacks are never educated financially
  • Blacks have suffured the most in the sub-prime crash
  • due to complete financial ignorance, Blacks signed sub-prime loans when they qualified for low interest prime loans
  • the current economic crash wiped out nearly 50% of Black wealth in the entire nation
  • due to a general lack of Black owned and operated businesses, Black unemployment is triple the national average, in some sectors it is nearly 50%
  • due to a general lack of Black reinvestment into the community there are less and less Black businesses

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For Blacks: I Am Unapologetic

I Am Unapologetic for Discussing Black Issues

Time and again when I mention the word Black in mixed [read white] company, I immediately get harassed and get the “why does it have to be a Black issue”.  What’s worse is, when I bring up a Black issue in the company of a young Black man and he does the whole Sambo dance in front of me about how “color blind” he is.  For instance last night I was having a conversation with two tourists, both young Black men.  The one was discussing how he was staying at a hotel shaped like a pyramid.  I made the joking comment how all of the fixtures and decorations depicted the Africans as being white.  The Black man that made the comment went into a tirade of how it shouldn’t be a Black issue.  The two Puerto Ricans and his own friend tried to explain what I had said to him.  We all finally gave up when he continued to stand by how I had said something remotely offensive or racist, even after the Puerto Ricans pointed out that it was racist to depict Africans as being white.

I find it offensive when people attack me for mentioning Black issues.  As far as I can tell, noone is talking about Black issues.  Oh, people are talking about “latino” issues.  People are talking about women’s issues.  People are talking about Jewish issues.  Absolutely noone is talking about how the Black community is being defined by the media and being destroyed.  Noone is talking about how Black women are gracing the covers of XXL, King and SSX looking like complete prostitutes, with distended breasts and distended behinds.  Noone is talking about how although the U.S. Black buying power has risen from $318 billion in 1990, to $590 billion in 2000, to $799 billion last year, and will rise to $1.1 trillion in 2011 – a 237 percent increase in 22 years, they still have the lowest median household income of ALL races in America, even if you included Latino as a race [which it is not].  Noone is talking about that Blacks spent a larger percentage of their income on natural gas, electricity, telephone services, and footwear, and a higher proportion of their money on groceries, housing and women’s and girls’ clothing than others.  Noone is talking about that Black consumers account for almost nine cents out of every U.S. dollar spent.

I am unapologetic for discussing the complete lack of Black financial education.  Wells Fargo is under investigation as being the TOP reserve-redlining bank in the entire country.  And how were they capable of single-handedly taking down nearly all of the Black wealth in the country?  By targeting Black folks who were completely financially non-savvy.

You want to harass and complain about me discussing Black issues?  Take down Fox.  Take down Rush Limbaugh.  Take down Michael Reagan.  Take down Michael Savage.  Take down Bill O’Reilly.  Take down Pat Robertson.  Take down Glenn Beck.  Take down Ann Coulter.  I will never apologize while these … people are up and running with their hate mongering, fear mongering and divisionary revision of current history.

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For Blacks: What is a Man?

Are You a Man?

Read any man-hating feminist website and you’ll find 10 definitions of what a man is.  They all circle, like vultures, around the key talking point of the definition of a man being somehow related to the financial responsibility male humans having to their unborn or born children, conceived and delivered out of wedlock.  Contrary to statistical facts to the contrary, these definitions are ultimately aimed at the Black “man”.

The straw that broke the camels back, and why I’m writing this article, is when a facebooked “friend”, a “brother” [you know the type, a stereotypical black guy that MTV loves to put on some stupid reality show they have], parroted that same lame definition that a man is somehow defined by his lack of financial backing of some bastard child he has had.

Let’s set the record straight to all you idiots who read this crap and don’t do your own research:

  • regardless of your specific retarded Black man that doesn’t give you a dime personally, Black MEN spend:
    1. more money, percentagewise, compared to their own income – for their children
    2. more time and more quality time – with their children

    than any other racial category out there.* 

  • there is not a widespread unwed mother epedemic in the Black community – they are a small minority*
  • once married, Black couples tend to stay together for life, moreso than any other racial group – yes Black people have a lower divorce rate*
  • Black people in general are LESS promiscuous than other racial groups – Black people tend to have less premarital sex than other races*

So when you see some Black woman talking about shiftless, trifling, deadbeat Black fathers, you need to correct her and tell her, that that’s just HER man.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d venture to guess that the people trying to say Black men have a tendency to be deadbeat fathers, probably aren’t even Black.  Say it enough times and people will believe it is true.  But, who would want Black men to have a bad reputation with Black women?  *GASP*  who could it be? [sarcasm off]

The Real Definition of a Man

All stupidity aside, the definition of being “a man” has nothing to do with finances.  Quite frankly, if women didn’t open their legs to begin with, we wouldn’t even have an unwed mother issue at all.  Yes, I said it.  And, it needs to be said.  You don’t blame T.V. for your child copying a show and killing itself, you blame the parent for being bad parents.  Just as you don’t blame some lower income class boy for not paying money to some girl who opened her legs several times.  You knew he didn’t have money when you met him.  What’s the big surprise he doesn’t pay you money for you having a bastard child?  Close your legs and none of this would be a problem.  And, quite frankly, in my book, both do not share the responsibility of her being an unwed mother.  A man and a woman are not equal in pregnancy.  Stop trying to put it on the boy that he is somehow equal to a female.  Once you divest yourself of this notion of equality among the sexes you’ll notice that women and men are vastly different when it comes to child bearing and rearing.  This carebear, huggably soft, society we live in today is leading us down a blind path towards a cliff.  Once we fall off, there is no turning back.  Women and men are not equal.  Women and men are not the same.

Do you think for a minute, if I, a man, could get pregnant from having casual sex that I would EVER have casual sex?  Oh, let me answer that for you, in case you didn’t get my drift.  HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would never have casual sex.  I would need ironclad assurances before I had sex with anyone.  I would need legally binding documents.  I would need spiritually binding ceremonies.  I would need cosmic forces that would come to bear upon my female counterpart, to force her to raise the child with me and be financially committed to it, before I had sex with her, if I could get pregnant from having sex.

You think that’s a joke?  I am in no way joking about that.  I already know the consequence is having a baby.  Why on earth, would I risk that?  I am not kidding at all.

Everyone is quick to say 2 things:

  1. kids are just kids and don’t know anything
  2. kids are so grown up these days and know everything

I tend to think the 2nd is true.  I think kids know that by having sex, a baby will pop out.  So I do not think it’s harsh to say that EVERYONE knows the consequences of having sex.  If they know to have sex, they know what’s going to happen at the other end of that.  Even if you never told a child that, instinctively they know that having sex is different from anything else they have EVER done.  That instinct alone tells us that sex is something unique.

[for those saying it’s not kids fault if they have children after having sex, reread the above paragraph]

So I have told you so far that we all know where babies come from; we all know that unwed mothers are a minority within the Black community; so what is the definition of a Black man.  I said all the above to bring you to the frame of mind that, this negative propaganda against the Black man has nothing to do with the core definition of a Black man.  Why in the hell would you define your races strongest sex, by some political mumbo jumbo that’s based on lies?

What Does it Mean to be a Black Man?

A man in general is someone who is capable of putting bread on his own table, putting a roof over his own head and standing by his own word.  Notice I made the definition selfish.  Why is that?  Because it is the reality of the definition.  A man is not defined by what he does for a female, nor is a female defined by what she does for a man?  Somehow our society tries to put man and woman together and try to equate them.

When you, a female, goes out to find yourself a “man” you should not looking for a male that has done tricks for other women, you need to find yourself a male that can do for himself.

This is exactly why we are in this stupid predicament of “he my baby daddy and he don’t pay me”.  If you find yourself a “man” then none of this would happen.

Let’s go over that definition.  It has 3 parts:

  1. capable of putting bread on his own table, 
  2. putting a roof over his own head
  3. standing by his own word.

Immediately, if you have studied any psychology or anthropology, that you see the basic human needs are met, food and shelter.  But, for our modern society I have upgraded it to gainful employment and self sufficiency.  Once you find a brother that is self sufficient, the search for a “man” is nearly over.  The very last part of the definition elevates a man as someone that is trustworthy.  You should never jump in bed with anyone, ever, to begin with.  However, should you find yourself in the predicament of falling to lust, make sure you’re with a trustworthy man.  If your man is trustworthy to begin with, for the most part, he was probably going to marry you anyway.  Even if he wasn’t considering marrying you before you getting pregnant, he would probably go ahead and marry you.

[for those with this foolish notion that marriage isn’t everything or that marriage means nothing, someone needs to knock some sense into you.  marriage is everything and children are everything. family is everything. without family you have nothing. regardless of how much money you make in your life, at the end of the day money is meaningless and the lasting impressions are what life is about.]

It’s the finding the man you can depend on and trust, that’s the hard part.  I know it’s easy, in a time of weakness, to just go find any old Tom, Harry and Dick, but the onus is on you to bear the brunt of the responsibility if you end up in a life changing predicament.  You literally have noone but yourself to blame.  Once you have found a dependable man, it is rather easy to date him and / or marry him.  And, as long as you don’t sweat the small stuff, your marriage will last forever.

So let’s not fall into the trap of letting some bitter man / woman define what a Black man is for us.  With a cool head and mind, we can define what a real Black man, all by ourselves.

Loose Ends

Some people take my definition to mean that they should only date Black men who drives BMWs.  Since I said you should look for a man that can provide for himself.  But, I was being literal when I said he can provide for himself.  Instead of looking for a Black man driving a BMW, you need to look FOR a BMW [Black Man Working].  If you live in gang territory, and the nerd that goes to his Famous Amos job every day and only makes $150.00 / week net take home, isn’t considered to be a “baller” in your hood, then you’ve got your head screwed on wrong.  First of all a “baller” isn’t someone who spends lots of money, but someone who makes lots of money.  If the brother is spending lots of money, it means he’ll quickly end up without that money.  [hello Toni Braxton, is broke, cuz she spends money like a drunken sailor]

Don’t look for the flashy guy, look for the guy that has the mind to be responsible.  If he’s responsible to himself, he’ll be responsible with you.  If a Black man HAPPENS to drive a BMW, he better be making so much that the cost of the car was negligible to him, meaning in relative terms he could more than afford to buy it and is not going broke from it. [hell for that matter find a brother driving a BMW that is paid off, screw a car payment]

Also do not discount a Black man that lives at home with his parents.  I wish I had parents I could live with, I’d be saving so much money it wouldn’t be funny.  If you find a Black man that has a job, or runs a business [even better] and lives at home, then more than likely you have hit the jackpot.

  1. he’s not stupid enough to be paying rent, giving his money away to someone else
  2. he’s probably stashing away money like a squirrel in summer
  3. he’s probably got a lot going on upstairs [as in his brain] since #1 and #2 might be true

So many females disrespect a Black man that lives at home.  More than likely, they don’t have a clue about life themselves.  But, should you be one of those females and you’re reading this understand this: paying rent makes someone else rich.  Sure you have some privacy [not really if it’s an apartment].  Sure you have some security [not really if it’s an apartment].  But, for the most part you are working to pay off someone else’s mortgage.

Sadly Black people pay a much higher percentage of their monthly income in housing than any other race.  This means that Black people tend to go over the financially sound principles of maintaining and gaining wealth.*

If I were you, you being a young female, I would actually LOOK for a Black man with a job or who owns a business that lives at home.  Unless you can find a Black man that runs his own business and has a house that’s already paid for, look for the one that lives at home, the rest are foolish and don’t know the value of a dollar.

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Movie Review: Flipped

Flipped Needs to be Flipped Off

Rob Reiner takes us through a very weird tale of “young love”.  With an all star cast, how could you go wrong with this movie?  But, he does it in style and with aplomb, crashes like a Japanese Kamakazi going down in a blaze of glory.  It is 90 minutes of torture.  I don’t think the Alquaeda could have done a better job.

Cast: Juli Baker by Madeline Carroll; Bryce Loski by Callan McAuliffe; Patsy Loski by Rebecca De Mornay; Steven Loski by Anthony Edwards; Chet Duncan by John Mahoney; Trina Baker by Penelope Ann Miller; Richard Baker by Aidan Quinn; Daniel Baker by Kevin Weisman.

Flipped is a period piece of two very young kids and their changing opinions of each other through the ages from age 4 – 12 years old, and their coming into a mutual affection.  It is an on again, off again affection, on both sides.  The young girl admires the young boy, while the boy dislikes the young girl.  We are made to watch this scenario play out for 8 years of their life.

What was right about the movie?: The movie did have the correct cars and costumes for the period.  There were some wide shots of landscape vistas that were pretty.  That is the only thing the movie did right.

What was wrong with the movie?:

  • first and foremost the movie sexualized children.  It was 90 minutes of cringing.  It was sick, sick, sick.
  • the movie was a period piece and so many things were wrong
    1. none of the dialogue was from the 40s or 50s. The very essence of the period was the very proper and fantastic way Americans spoke at that time. The slang they used in those days was so colorful. All of this was completely gone in the movie and replaced with regular modern vocabulary and 2010 euphemisms. It’s a travesty.
    2. none of the manners that were widely observed in the 40s and 50s were apparent. If this movie is really targeted at baby boomers, as the movie suggests, they will be horrified by how the kids treat the adults.
    3. everyone cursed in the movie. To my knowledge, and I am fairly old, people did not walk around cursing each other out, however in this movie, kids, teens and adults cursed like sailors.
    4. other than people wearing funky clothes, there was nothing that took you back to the 40s and 50s.
  • there was no point to the entire movie. The diaglogue was boring, and the entire screenplay was narrated. To add insult to injury, the narration “flipped” between both lead characters. The only relief of something actually happening was when the kids interacted with the adults in the movie. I don’t hate kids, but come on, they are not fun to watch.
  • Finally, kids acting like kids, but written by hairy old white men, with Harvard Business School vocabularies, removes all semblance of somehow being transported into a “kid’s” world. Someone should have clued Rob Reiner into how kids actually talk, before he sat down to write an entire screenplay about them.

The movie does not fit into any demographic that I could tell. I have no idea who this movie would appeal to. I say that to say, don’t go see it, but if you’re … I have no idea … then go see it, but… I have no idea who would like this trash.  It was agonizing to watch this.

I kept expecting something to happen and … then the movie ended.  It was a very Sopranos ending.  I am sure more than a few people will be angry at having sat through this movie only to have it end without any conclusion to the story whatsoever.

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