The Single Most Important Issue Facing America

The Single Most Important Issue Facing America

I’ve read over all of the comments on facebook, twitter, etc. It saddens me that most widely miss the mark.

Government corruption, and its complete capture, by those that they are supposed to regulate, is the single most prevalent issue. It goes deeper and is far more complex than a stupid sound bite or a one sentence explanation.

Signers of the U.S. Constitution

After the repeal of the Glass Steagall act, financial institutions were allowed to merge cross platform industries. Retail banks could merge with commercial and investment banks. They argued that when the economy was good, the population invested in the market. When the economy was bad, they saved. In order to allow a one stop shop, they wanted to merge the two. Some senators and congressmen immediately saw that this would create monolithic entities that would crash the system, but no one listened.

Let’s go back even further to understand today. The banks put out propaganda saying “the banks don’t want your house, they want your payments.” During the 1800s the banking community was a bit more overt. They passed around a “memo” saying, “if you mess with the banks we will crash the economy and buy all the property up, pennies on the dollar.” Fast forward 100 years, and guess what happened? In fact, they have done this over and over and over.

Also remember, they finance the wars, they finance the crashes, they finance the middle-class slipping into the lower-class, they finance the democrats, they finance the republicans. Only a fool looks at our system and thinks there is someone somewhere who is honest and pure and just isn’t being listened to. No politician is paying attention to you. They are being financed.

The american citizen is under direct assault. They are financing your freedom right out the door.

Anyone saying anything other than the economy is the single-most important issue, is a fool. This is america, the dollar is king. Yes it can buy happiness. It can buy power. And, with enough of it, it can buy freedom.

I’m amazed no citizen groups have pooled their money to finance and float their own candidates. You call yourselves adults? Don’t you realize what’s going on?

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RANT: I Bet You Only Know of Two Ways to Buy a Home

RANT: I Bet You Only Know of Two Ways to Buy a Home

It pisses me off that the american public is so miopic that they have bought into the brainwashing that you cannot buy a house without a bank. I happen to be a real estate investor and my team only buys houses without banks, i.e. cash, direct from sellers. We can buy seller notes, carry notes for people that want to buy from us, or just outright buy houses.

You should NEVER go into debt to buy a house. Some people don’t learn until they are out of money completely.

51% of all transaction of home purchases in Vegas for the past 2 years has been in cash. Way back when, think grandparents, nearly everyone bought their house with cash.

The banks have tried to attract people to take out loans to buy homes and cars on credits for decades now. Even at 0% interest rates, still 30% of the country, before the housing bubble collapse, bought houses in cash. And, we’re not talking rich people. People saved their money and bought houses, as it should be, and should have always been.

As far as ponzi schemes, you’re talking about fractional banking, where a bank has only $1,000 in reserves, but can lend out $10,000 in “loans” based on money they do not have. To keep this working, the lendee is afraid that if he doesn’t pay up he’ll ruin his credit. However, the interest rate he pays BACK to the bank has to come from thin air. So the bank writes a bad check to you, on money that comes out of thin air, and you pay back the bank on money that comes out of thin air. So as you pay back the bank $15,000 dollars, he then turns around and lends out $150,000. And so on.

What really makes it a ponzi scheme is that the people paying back the interest have to take money OUT of the system to pay back the loan.

Let’s pretend that we could actually have a stopping point in time, to this game:

  1. you go to work and make a table
  2. your employer sells the table to john
  3. your employer gets money from john
  4. your employer pays you a salary
  5. you put your money in the bank $1,000
  6. john takes out a loan for $10,000 for a home improvement
  7. John pays back $15,000 from money he gets from work
  8. the extra $5,000 isn’t even in the system and before john can pay it back he runs out of money
  9. the bank did not have $10,000 to lend out in the first place so
  10. the wood john bought doesn’t get paid for
  11. the nails john bought doesn’t get paid for
  12. the paint john bought doesn’t get paid for

So after about a  year the system collapses from fraud. The only real money in the system was the $1,000. And, that is a ponzi scheme BY DEFINITION.

Madoff did the same thing, just with fewer steps and with less cooperation from banks.

  • He got the first round of investors to invest.
  • Here comes the second round and he pays off the first
  • the first reinvest
  • here comes the 3rd round and he pays off 1 and 2
  • by the 50th round, he cannot pay off 30% more than 1-49 have invested and runs away with millions, because it’s paper money and fake returns that they all keep reinvesting.

This is exactly what the banking system does. They keep making loans every hour and people pay off the loans every hour.

The government is in on it, because they have to pump money into the pool every hour, by the millions. By them pumping millions back into the pool of money, it means your 2 dollars is now only worth 50 cent, because it takes 4 dollars now, to buy what 2 dollars could buy before.

Madoff = ponzi
bank = ponzi
government = ponzi
social security = ponzi
income tax = ponzi

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Lies About Home Prices

Your House is Not Worth More

Read any newspaper, magazine or watch on TV and you will hear it over and over again, home prices are climbing.  Now, pay attention here.  This is exactly what they said all the way up to 2009.  The crash had already started in 2008, but for some reason the media kept saying how prices were rising.  In fact, they quickly kept saying that we were out of the “recession”, although it was and still is a full fledged depression, already in 2009, although it had not even begun to get to the ugly part.

How the Government Sees Your Home

The truth of the matter is real estate is a gamble just like everything else in the world, that involves money.  Also, the real estate market has had major crashes every 10-15 years.  It is covered up quickly to keep people in the dark and somehow not aware of the empty houses next to them.  This depression was no different, only that it bled over onto wall street due to the high end banks twisting it up so much into their bottom line that they couldn’t recover, that is without steal tax payer money.

The federal reserve bank has crashed the system over and over since 1913, and this time is no different.  When several banks were about to go under, on the high end, they simply crashed the system and forced the bank to steal tax payer money and blame it on home buyers.  Yet, they told the media to keep spreading the lie that real estate only goes up.

The truth is, real estate is not an investment at all, i.e. generates money for you, unless you rent it out to someone.  Owning real estate has never made money outside of rental revenue.  Owning your own house does not make you money.  People are amazed at how much money they get when they sell their house they have had for 30 years.  They are completely ignorant of the fact that the dollar has fallen 5000% over the past 30 years.  So if the dollar fell 5000% over 30 years, they are actually coming out behind.  They marvel that they can get half a million for their house, but forget that butter is 50 times what it was just 15 years ago.  They ignore that gas has increased every 3 months.

You are not and will not make money on your house.  The only way to make money on a house, is if you touch it for 1 week and sell it at a hefty profit after that week.  But then, that’s not an asset anyway.  Everyone wants you to think that your home is an asset.  An asset generates money.  Unless you are renting out your house to other people who pay you monthly, your house is not an asset.  Paying your mortgage and upkeep does not make your house an asset, it makes it an expense, just like your car or your kid.

How People See Their Home

You literally have to have rental property to consider real estate an asset. People do not understand nor consider that the government allows you to take a deduction on your home every year, from your taxes.  The government understands that your home is going down in value, not up.  However, this hasn’t been shown to the public and they do not understand it.  That is because the media insists on posting fake reports showing how home prices are going up and new home sales are going up.

The real sinister plot is, in those averages are included such bizarre things as million dollar purchases, which can so skew an average as to throw it off for years. Imagine if trump came to your city and bought 3 commercial buildings and 3 home which he converted to commercial property.  The local news would report that as average home prices going up and commercial real estate purchases going up.  There maybe thousands of real estate deals changing hands back and forth and foreclosures everywhere, but those 6 deals wiped them all out and skewed the numbers.  Would the newspaper point that out? No.  Because the local realtors and insurance companies want people to buy buy buy.  The banks want you to take out a loan for your home.

Do you know that 40% of all homes are still paid for with cash?  In fact that number is inching up to 50%.  This means the banks are being ignored nearly 50% of the time when the largest purchase, most people will ever see in their life, is made.  Do banks influence the news?  Of course it does.  Is it cheaper to build a house today, than it was 30 year ago?  Of course it is.  A brand new home built today, costs 30% less today than it did 30 years ago.  Why aren’t you seeing home prices dropping on new homes?  Because it is the best scam going.

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Don’t Complain About Being Broke When You’re 100% in Debt

Being 100% in Debt

Fact: you can save money, and purchase a house with cash.  Fact: you can save money, and purchase a car with cash.  Fact: you can save money, and furnish your entire house with cash.  Fact: you do not need to move out of your parents house… EVER.  Fact: you do not need to buy a car every 3 years.  Fact: you do not need the latest iphone.  Fact: you do not need a credit card.  Fact: you do not need to go into debt or take out a loan… EVER.

I bet you never hear that.  I bet you only see or hear people say what the “American Dream”™ is.  The truth is the “American Dream”™ has been overtaken and redefined by corporate america. I bet you only hear, that living in a house and taking out a mortgage is “normal”.

Imagine if noone had a mortgage?  We wouldn’t have had a housing bubble to burst.  Imagine if all notes on homes were carried by the owner of the house, without any bank interruption.  Instead of being upside down in a house with outrageous interest rates, you’d be in a much better house, that you’d take legal possession of from day one, with a very low interest rate, if any.

But, people buy into the lie that is the current Consumer Economy™ and think that they have to put their neck on the chopping block and live the Lifestyle.  What’s worse, is that people buy into this lie and then complain when they figure out that they cannot afford it.

You have only yourself to blame:

  • when you buy a car every 3 years. 
  • when you take out a loan to buy a house
  • when you take out loans to purchase major appliances
  • when you take out a loan to furnish your house
  • when you buy the latest iPhone
  • when you buy the latest video game
  • when you buy the latest laptop
  • when you buy the latest fashion
  • when you eat out daily
  • when you buy ready made food
  • when you waste water and electricity
  • when you do not help less fortunate than yourself
The US is not in a recovery.  The government is feeding you a line to make sure you stay in line, purchasing.  The government is  feeding you a line, to make sure you vote them back into office.  The government is feeding you a line, to make sure you vote republican / democrat.  The government is feeding you a line, to make sure you don’t revolt at them unconstitutionally sending troops into a country’s civil war.  The government is controlled by wallstreet and you are being fed line after line to believe in the government.
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For Blacks: Be Your Own Boss

Starting Your Own Business

( Pictured below are all African Kings, most are very much alive. Wonder why you don’t see them in the news? )

You will never get ahead being the employee of someone else.  Well, unless that is of course you work directly for Bill Gates or some situation like that.  However, I am fairly positive, noone who works for Bill Gates reads Shakaama Live.  I could be wrong, but being a perfect being, I know I am not wrong.  It stands to repeat in another way, en employee is someone that a person hires so that they do not have to work as hard to make THEIR money.  Let’s put it another way.  You are making someone else wealthy by getting hired on to do a “job”.  Understanding the dynamics of what a job is, is the beginning of understanding how the rich get richer.  Once you understand it, then you can turn around and do it yourself.

What is Trade?

The entire concept of the market place is based upon trade.  It is a simple concept, really.  I make cakes and you buy them from me.  You make shoes and I buy them from you.  It used to be that everyone used precious metals to trade with, once we did away with the bartering system.  But, gold and silver are in short supply in the world and the big greedy bankers came up with a fake money system [but that’s a story for another time]  Long, corruption, story short, we now deal in currency and not precious metals.  So you give me money for my cakes and I give you money for your shoes.  We all come out fairly equal.

See what happun was…

Someone got the bright idea that instead of them physically standing there selling cakes, they could hire some lackey to stand there for them.  Then they went a step further.  They came up with the bright idea that instead of them baking the cake AND standing there selling them, they could hire one person to bake the cakes, and another person to sell the cakes.

Well with all this free time, they could then go open up a pie shop.  After the success of the cake shop, the pie shop was a breeze.  They didn’t have to make a whole bunch of money off of each cake, because now they could buy all the ingredients from someone else and have their employees make them money.

Along came a thing called a revolution.  After the dust was settled and people didn’t want to listen to kings and queens any more they wanted to own their own land.  See, before they didn’t own their own land.  The duke or lord owned all the land.  Yeah so after that was over, people were supposed to own their own land.  Well, as luck would have it, the dukes and lords didn’t take kindly to that and thought that perhaps they could just keep the land and charge people rent or sell them land.  People went for it, for some reason.  I don’t know why.  I mean they did fight a revolution to get from under the very people they now agreed to give their money to.  Thus the landlord was born.  Instead of him being a duke or lord, he was now called a landlord.

The landlord gig is quite an impressive way to make money.  You basically have nearly nothing to do but collect money.  It’s a fantastic way to sit back and make money.  I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it.

Not to be outdone, the banks [yeah the corrupt ones] did not want to be put out of the game.  So they plotted to be the middle man between the landlord and the tenant / buyer.  They got the bright idea that they could ask the landlords to jack up land prices and then offer credit to the tenant / buyer.  The landlords, of course, loved the idea.  So they tripled land prices overnight and banks then advertised that they would offer credit to … wealthy people.

Wait!  What?

Yeah, credit wasn’t such a big hit for EVERYONE.  I mean, who in their right mind would lend money to a poor person.  It just doesn’t make sense right?  So they gave credit out to all the wealthy people.  The whole idea of jacking up the price of land sort of backfired.  You see what they had wanted to do was get in between all the landlords and the buyers.  But, poor people were never offered credit like rich people.  Poor people still bought their land directly from the landowner.  For a couple of centuries then, poor people were immune from banks.  Banks didn’t give credit to poor people and poor people were not at the mercy of horrible stories of banks coming for poor people.

See wha happun was…

Someone got the bright idea of giving poor people credit.  Why? Because poor people do not understand credit.  Credit, as it goes, is a fairly new concept anyway.  And, poor people were never historically given credit.  So, if you offer credit to a poor person, you can explain it however you want him to understand it.  The basics of the idea is that money is lent to a person just for having a good reputation.  That money lent is done so at interest.  The payback is the money lent plus the interest.  Well, there are a million ways to go about those 3 steps.

What’s ridiculous is, being a landlord does not require a bank.  Yet, people think that it is the only way to be a landlord these days.  The old way of buying land directly from a landlord never “went away”.  You simply have to remember that banks wanted to be included inside of that “trade”.

His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, king of the Asante people of Ghana

Now, what’s a real tragedy is that landlords offered to rent properties to people.  So everyone fought in these revolutions to not be under dukes and lords and yet they turned right around and started renting the very land they fought for.  Selling off parcels of land is not such a bad idea.  You fight the revolution, and the land has to be distributed somehow right?  Buying it from the duke or lord is as good a system as any to distribute that land.  Renting land is just … well it’s just stupid really.

Let’s fast forward to 2008 in the U.S..  Prices of homes fall to such a degree that people are going crazy.  But, wait, this is what the home values SHOULD have been.  So now you can buy a home directly from a landowner for about $500.00 / month.  Yeah the landowner carries the note and you PURCHASE the land, like everyone used to do.

Now, if you’re smart, you’ll buy a few homes yourself and rent out to people more stupid than you.

So, we got you hiring folks for a pie shop; hiring folk for a cake shop; and renting to idiots that don’t know they can buy land from people directly.  If you’re working for someone else, you are trading your time and energy for a fraction of the money you could be making.

Going to college and business school is simply making yourself a bigger target for getting a job to make someone else richer.  I am not advocating not getting an education, but I AM advocating not wasting your or your parents hard earned money and 4 years of your life JUST to make someone else richer for the rest of your life.  If you’re going to spend money on college, it should be to get a business degree on how to START your own business.  It is time out for Black people to tell their OWN children to go to college to get a degree to get A JOB!!!  No other race tells their children this.  None.  Only Black people say this to their children.  It is a shame and a tragedy.

Think for one second.  You tell your kid to pay for college and then spend time there just so he can get a damn job working for someone else, for the rest of their life.  Are you really that stupid?  That is not how to GET AHEAD.  You want your children to get ahead of you don’t you?  If you don’t you shouldn’t be a parent.  You should shoot yourself in the head before you have kids and bring the rest of us down.

I’m just sayin *laugh*  [ I do not condone suicide ]

This is how you can be your own boss.

Any questions?

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New Jersey State Supreme Court Orders Mortgage Lenders to Answer for Fraudulent Foreclosures

Mortgage Lenders Ordered to Appear in NJ Court

By DAVID PORTER, Associated Press NEWARK, N.J. – Six lenders who have combined to file nearly 30,000 foreclosure actions in New Jersey this year face the possible suspension of their operations next month under a court order announced Monday by state Supreme Court Chief Justice Stuart Rabner.

The action follows a report submitted to the Supreme Court that, citing depositions and court filings in other states, paints a picture of systemic abuses in the filing of foreclosures that include so-called “robo-signing,” in which employees signed hundreds of documents without checking them for accuracy.

In one instance cited in an administrative order, an employee of OneWest Bank, formerly IndyMac Federal Bank, said in a deposition that she signed 750 documents a week, taking no more than 30 seconds per document and relying on others to check the documents’ accuracy prior to signing.

Employees testifying in other depositions said they were authorized to sign documents despite having no background in the mortgage industry and little or no understanding of what they were signing.

OneWest and five other lenders were ordered to appear in state Superior Court in Trenton on Jan. 19 to demonstrate why the state shouldn’t suspend their foreclosure actions. The others are Ally Financial, formerly GMAC; BAC Home Loan Servicing, a subsidiary of Bank of America; JP Morgan Chase’s Chase Home Finance; Wells Fargo Financial New Jersey and CitiResidential Living, a subsidiary of Citibank.

“It’s important that the judiciary ensures judges are not rubber-stamping documents that may not be reliable,” Rabner said in a conference call Monday.

He said he believes New Jersey is the first state to take such action against mortgage lenders, a view echoed by Ira Rheingold, an attorney and executive director of the Washington-based National Association of Consumer Advocates, which has tracked the foreclosure crisis.

“To have a state Supreme Court haul in these lenders, it’s something I have not seen reach this level,” Rheingold said.

Spokespeople for Bank of America and Ally Financial said the companies wouldn’t comment on the order. Wells Fargo spokesman Jason Menke said the company “intends to comply with the New Jersey court’s order and demonstrate why the foreclosures scheduled in New Jersey should move forward.” The other companies didn’t immediately respond to e-mail or phone messages seeking comment.

Rabner announced that 24 other lenders will be required to submit documentation to a special master, retired state Superior Court Judge Walter R. Barisonek, to demonstrate that there are no irregularities in their handling of foreclosure proceedings. Rabner stressed that that group of lenders has not been accused of wrongdoing and was selected because each had processed at least 200 foreclosures this year.

The six lenders scheduled to appear in court next month have processed more than 29,000 foreclosures in New Jersey this year, Rabner said. The other 24 have filed about 16,000. The total represents nearly three-quarters of the 65,000 foreclosures filed in New Jersey, a number that has tripled since 2006, Rabner said.

More problematic, he said, is that 94 percent of the foreclosures have been uncontested, often due to homeowners’ inability to afford legal counsel.

“That means there’s no meaningful adversary process to protect them,” Rabner said.

The Supreme Court on Monday also issued an order requiring attorneys in all residential foreclosures to certify that lenders have reviewed documents for accuracy and confirmed the accuracy of all court filings.

Homeowners in several states have filed lawsuits recently alleging their homes were foreclosed on even though they were up to date on mortgage payments. In some cases, banks carted away belongings and changed the locks on the wrong homes.

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