You’re Not Playing Hard to Get You’re playing Hard to Notice

Playing Hard to Get … Noticed

So many girls are simply not taught by their mothers correctly of what the situation is in the dating scene.  Even worse, the father doesn’t even mention dating to his little girl.  Sure some fathers go the opposite side of the road and try and scare the bejeezus out of the girl, telling her all sorts of horrific tales of how evil men are, but those aren’t as common as those fathers who simply shut up and never mention anything.  In their efforts to keep their little girl from being hurt, battered, bruised or left alone, they end up leaving them to fend for themselves.  I mean, we’re here to populate the planet.  We cannot do that by burying our heads in the sand and pretending the opposite sex doesn’t exist.  So, we end up with a daughter that sits in a bar scared to death of some inevitable horror that will play out in her love life.  The end result is that she is miserable and whoever she “dates” is equally miserable.  Don’t even get me started on those who got absolutely no heads up by their parents on dating, and thus went to MTV for their advice on how dating should be done.  Hello, Tila Tequila. [I followed her on twitter for about a month.  I just couldn’t take how vile she is, and unfollowed her like a bad habit. But, you didn’t hear that from me, cuz I ain’t one to gossip.]

She’s Playing Hard to Get

Speaking of pathetic, and the entire reason for this article, I see this tragedy play out all the time.  Girl sits at the bar, blending in with the upholstery, sighing.  Noone talks to her all night, and proceeds to go home and tell her pillow how there are “no good men left in the world.”  She has a sense that she shouldn’t be a total skank, so she tries to play “hard to get”.  The problem is, she’s not playing hard to get, she’s playing hard to notice.

Let’s be honest for a second.  For all the women out there that only attract loser boyfriends, look in the mirror honey, you’re a loser.  Like attracts like.  With that said, being afraid of attracting some horrible guy is not something that just happens by chance.  Sitting at a bar, hoping not to attract the “wrong” guy should not be your focus.  You should doll yourself up, lose the weight and be confident that the “right” guy will be attracted to you.

You have no idea how many friend girls I hear complain about how they never meet anyone.  I don’t have the heart to tell them, it’s them and not the guys.  I have no idea who would be attracted to hair that has never seen conditioner, a roller nor a highlight.  I have had grown women tell me there is no need for them to look attractive.  Really?  [Sigh]

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to push the beauty industry down your throat but christ almighty, ashy legs and broken straps are not something people need to see.  No, don’t go buy the entire stock of the make-up counter at Neiman Marcus, but don’t look like a homeless bum either.

Some girls and women need to stop being delusional that they are playing hard to get and realize they are playing hard to notice.

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10 Things That Proves She’s Not Into You

She’s Just Not That Into You

While researching this topic, I perused many cute and anecdotal quips about modern relationships with women.  None of them had anything to do with the modern woman and how, through bad parenting, a complete lack of social skills, no finishing schools to speak of, women have degraded to the point where you have to weed out the scrubs.  If you’re chasing some woman and find it hard to get a date with her, you might want to step back and review who exactly you’re trying to chase.  I have come up with 10 things to prove she’s not into you.  But, my list also prove she might actually be on the down low to begin with and is just trying to play a role to the public so noone gets suspicious.  Let’s face it, being a lesbian is not accepted by everyone, regardless of what you see on MTV or t.v. in general.  The reality is, homosexuality is not a universally accepted way of life, in the real world.  Yes, I know it must hurt some people’s feelings for someone to say that out loud, but we’re all adults here, or should be.  I write some pretty boring crap.  I hope no child would read this material.  In other words, you could be barking up the wrong tree altogether and don’t even know it.  Then, when you fail to get the girl, you beat yourself up, thinking you did something wrong.

This is the general consensus of the “… is just not into you,” lists that are floating around.  They all say, somehow it is your fault the other person isn’t into you.  Trust me when I say, anyone, can get anyone, given the right time and opportunity.  You could be smelly, old, young, fat, ugly and speak bad English, and still land a super model.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve arranged it.  Nuff said!

She’s Just Not That Into You List

She’s Just Not That Into You

10. When introduced, she failed to mention her name – this should be a huge warning sign.  Also this should prove to you that, this person has a lot to hide.  It is not enough that fake women give fake names and fake numbers, but if a woman doesn’t mention her name at all, that’s a whole other ball of wax.  Unless she’s working for the CIA and is deep deep deep undercover, she should give you her name when you are politely shaking her hand and telling her yours.

9.  She leaves without saying goodbye or nice to meet you – this is classic douchebag mentality.  Having no home training isn’t cute, but it could be a warning sign that she is ducking out, and not simply forgetting to be polite.  It would be one thing to be in a long term relationship and be overbearing and need to know where she is all the time.  But, if you just met her and she’s ducking out, that’s a sign to forget all about her.  At best she has no manners.  At worst, she intentionally did it.  For every douchebag female you meet, there are two sweet and polite ones just wishing to meet you.

8. She refuses any and all drink offers from you – this shows that she is most likely paranoid, and you don’t need that sort of baggage.  If any girl refuses a drink from you, in general, you should just move on at that point, regardless of how long you’ve been talking to her.  At the very least she’s telling you that she is not interested in a relationship with you and at the worst, she’s a paranoid schizophrenic and might be an axe murderer.  Run!  If you are sitting with friends and buying them drinks and she refuses, you might want to ask her to leave, or get your friends to move to another spot with you.

7. She accepts drinks from you, but says nothing to you – really?  Are you that dumb?  GTFO.  If you buy even one drink for her, or even give her a piece of gum and she doesn’t at least pretend to laugh at your corny jokes, it’s time for you to get away from her.

6. You just met her and she asks you for something – really?  In this day and age of women’s “lib”, no woman should ask a man for anything she cannot get by her self.  If you just meet her and she’s asking for something, she’s a moocher.  If she asks, even for a drink, at a bar, run don’t walk, away from her.  She’s a user.  Or worse, she thinks she can use you.

5. She always shows up with a friend – it doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or a girl, a permanent friend, means she needs a chaperon when she’s around you.  This does not send off warning signs, per se, but it could mean something a bit deeper.  If she shows up with the same friend all the time, it could mean that “friend” is hers and not just a friend.  You have to read the warning signs carefully.  Stop listening to what people say, “oh she’s just a girl friend.”  See what is going on in front of you.  She is a “girlfriend”.

4. Noone ever knows where she is – it might not just be you she doesn’t call or hang out with, her own friends might not have a clue what is going on with her.  This happens a lot.  The friends could be a warning sign that she’s unwelcome.  She might not ever be around because her own “friends” do not want her to be.  They might simply be pretending that they don’t know where she is, when the truth is that, they never call her.  Or, they could know she hangs out with her “friend” and know not to call her, nor speak about it.  Again, this is one of those, pay attention to what is going on around you.

3.  She looks like a 13 year old boy – this might be just too obvious, but I think some guys do not know.  You cannot know what you don’t know.  If the girl has a high and tight, wears plaid, and boots are all steel toes, this should be a huge warning sign to you.  She seriously, not into to you… Hell, she’s not into you nor your “kind”, and, never will be.  My only regret is that my lesbian friends cannot refurbish an engine.  I really got the short end of the stick.  No benefit anywhere 😦  [yup i got jokes]

2. She tells you, that she’s a lesbian – again this might seem obvious to most people, but there are guys out there that think this is an actual pickup line.  Let’s explore where this confusion comes from.  My lesbian representative informed me that girl on girl “movies” are not actual “women’s” “movies”, but the sick and twisted fantasies of some poor schlep who had the good fortune to be able to produce his own fantasy on-screen.  So let’s fast forward to #2.  The girl tells the guy she’s a lesbian and he reverts back to this “movie” that he saw with girl on girl action.  He then interprets it to mean his new found lesbian is in fact a fantasy girl and girl representative, in the flesh, come to show him a wild night out.  Now #2 doesn’t seem so far fetched anymore, when I explain it.  Some people are just that confused.

1. She threatens you with bodily harm – this should be the number 1 sign that a girl is just not that into you.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold.  Yes some girls play hard to get.  Some girls play games with guys, just to test them.  To that, I say leave them in the dust.  If a girl feels she has to test you, then you should ditch her as soon as possible.  Why?  Because she’s drama.  You do not need drama.  There is someone better looking, richer, can cook and drama free and is just waiting for you to come along.  Drop the elementary school chick and get with a real lady.

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For Blacks: He Wasn’t Man Enough for Me

Black Girl You’re Doing it Wrong

Pay a million dollars for a sick beat, get a catchy hook and then lay down the most F*ed up lyrics talking about how a Black man is a douchebag, and you have a national hit.  You will be sure it will go to the #1 spot in no time.  Is there something to these songs?  Where are these songs coming from?  Are there Black men out there, just breaking Black women’s heart after heart?  Where are these casanovas?  The answer is, there are none.  There is no mass Black man heart-breaking club.  Oh, I’m sure there are some male Black gigolos out there, don’t get me wrong, but there is no lonely-heart club out there for Black men.  So where do these songs come from?

They come from music producers hell-bent on trying to bring the Black man down.  And, you buy it.

But, this article isn’t about retarded folk who make retarded music and the retarded folk that buy it.  This article is about how YOU can assure yourself that you are not going to end up with a scrub.

Lesson One: How Not to Date a Scrub

Yes, this article is directed at women.  Apparently, since I am not a father of a daughter, I always feel the need to be an internet dad to young / or not so young ladies.  All my cousins are married, so I feel the need to protect some other young lady from evil men. HAHAHAHA!!!  Internet dad to the rescue****

So anyway.  Before we get into dating / marrying a good Black man, let’s talk about you first.  A man does not define you.  You should not let a man define you.  You are your own person.  You have your own tastes, likes and dislikes.  You should have your own source of income.  If you go to a club, you should be able to afford the entire night by yourself, i.e. buying your own drinks.  There is nothing more annoying than a woman that comes up to me asking me to buy her a drink.  I’m not a charity fund.  All this talk about being an independent woman goes out the window when you cannot afford your own room and board.

How not to date a scrub.  First of all, if you want to catch a Black man who doesn’t have to worry about can he afford the dollar menu, you need to step up your own game.  Stop going to clubs to pick up the man of your dreams.  Really?  Did ya think that would work?  And, if you just have to go to a club, and you’re hell bent on picking up the man of your dreams, go to a club with a steep cover charge.

Here’s the theory about the club with a cover charge.  The owner gambles that if he charges a cover, it will keep the “riff raff” out of the club.  It makes the club more exclusive.  So if you go to such a club, you hedge your bets that you will not run into “riff raff”. 

The same theory can be applied to landing a good Black man.  If you want to catch a non-riff-raff Black man, then you should go where riff raff do not and cannot go.

Attend Events: Every town / city caters to their upper echelon type of citizens.  You simply then read where these events are held.  Expect to pay money if you’re going to attend these.

Join Clubs: Due paying clubs are everywhere.  You can rest assured that if you go to an even sponsored by a club, that more than likely any Black man there is more than likely not worried around the dollar menu.

Politics: Getting involved in your political party [you’re a libertarian right?] is another great way to meet a non-“riff raff” Black man.  More than likely a Black man that is involved in a political campaign is probably not a street thug.  Now understand that going to a political rally, does not mean you are politically involved.  I am talking about fund raising events or even joining a campaign.  These are the people you want to meet, not the street rally.

Don’t Find a Black Man in Church: 50% of the people in church do not want to be in church.  It’s probably closer to 75%, but I’m wagering conservatively.  That being said, you have an over 50% chance that the guy you run into at church is not going to look out for your best interest or selflessly give of himself, to you.  People find themselves sitting in a church for many strange reasons.  Also, church doesn’t discriminate.  Anyone can walk into a church.  And, the bottom line is, you don’t want to date / marry just anyone.

For those who are saying to themselves that “just because a Black man has money, doesn’t mean he’s a great guy.”  You are delusional.  I am sure there are some great guy, poor, Black men out there.  But, being a great guy, super sexy, and muscular does not pay bills.  So much misery comes from just being poor in America.  And if you do not realize this, you are sticking your head in the sand and pretending otherwise.  At the end of the day, you want a Black man that can provide for himself and for you, if need be.  I personally would have you date / marry someone that can provide for you, not that you absolutely need it, but when you get married and have children, you want to stay home with the kids, for their sake.

A lot of Black folks do not plan their life out.  They don’t sit down and ask themselves what they want out of life and where do they see things going.  At the very least, I would have you plan who you are going to date.  I would have you put yourself in the position to find someone with some get-up-and-go.  I would have you open yourself up to options of a great selection of Black men and not the ones that these fake songs talk about: Scrubs.

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Online and Getting Older

The Pathetic, the Lost, the Online

Online Dating Loser

There has literally been an explosion in upstart companies with online dating as their business.  They are all of the same business plan: get people to make profiles; charge per profile; setup website to peruse and have limited interaction with other profiles.  Now, that’s not the amazing thing in this article.  What is truly amazing about this boom in the online dating business is the “why” of it.  Why are there so many online dating businesses now?

Why There are so Many Online Dating Services

Yes I’m 6’2″ with a 6 pack

Let’s approach my conclusion together.  First of all what are the key components to have a successful online dating business: plenty of members; so many members that nearly every gender and racial type are all included; member with money enough to pay large entry fees and continuing fees.

Once you get into talking about fees, you are talking about people with enough money that they can waste it on your website and not miss it.  With that said, the demographic of people with expendable cash, starts at around 30 years old.

But wait, the average 30 year old is still going to clubs, going to bars, picking up chicks / guys as they want.  So catering to 30 year olds might not be the best thing.  Your viewership of an online dating website would be sorely lacking if you catered to 30 year olds.  So you have to kick it to the next age group.  The 40 year olds.

The demographic of online dating websites shows you, in fact, that a majority of the people who are members on these sites are indeed in their 40s.  Now why is this?

Online and 40 Years Old

Too Easy

For most people, when they think of online, they think of some teenage kid who is playing a game or chatting with high school friends.  This is a fallacy.  A majority of the online internet users, use the internet strictly for pornography.  All the other users combined do not equal the massive number of people who strictly use the internet for pornography.  And, invariably, these users are vastly middle aged.  They are not kids, nor are they young adults.

So why are there so many middle aged people on the internet searching for “love”?  Because America is going to hell in a handbasket.

  • Educational reading levels have dropped in the past 50 years.  Political participation and understanding has dropped in the past 50 years.  There are less people, in America today, who are aware of any of the last 100 pieces of legislation passed in congress, than there was 50 years ago.
  • We work more, today, for less pay than we did 50 years ago.  That’s across the board, whites and Black people included.  Even with a second income in the home, each family makes less today than they did 50 years ago.
  • As money shortens, so does time.  We are constantly bombarded with the notion that “YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME”.  It is a message that is repeated over and over and over.  Instructional videos now add “quickly” as their motto.  We purchase ready made food that is supposed to be faster than food made by hand, from scratch.  However, noone ever takes the time to measure the time it takes to make the prepared food, over the by hand food.  The prepared food takes just as long and is nearly deadly to you.  But, the marketing continues unabated, making sure you think that you do not have time.

This last point is the genie in the bottle.  Since we are told “YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME” then we apply it to all aspects of life, including our dating relationships.  Instead of us going out in public and meeting someone of the opposite sex, exchanging numbers and setting up a date to have ice cream together, instead we pay someone else for the privelege of meeting someone, exchanging numbers and setting up a date to have ice cream.  Wait!  What?

Wait Till You See Him in Person

Also, obviously 40 year olds don’t have time to be wasting going out to bars and trying to meet some woman at happy hour, instead with a few click of the buttons you can meet her online, in the comfort of your poop stained underwear.

We grow more and more pathetic as we age.  More and more middle agers flock to the internet to meet singles.  More and more middle agers are engaging in risky behavior like one-night-stands.  Middle aged people are now catching venereal diseases that were once thought of as young diseases.

We are also constantly bombared with false claims that divorce rates are outstripping the marriage rate.  We are constantly bombarded with propaganda that marriage “doesn’t matter”.  You’ve heard it.  “Marriage is just a piece of paper.”  I have heard it from girls, young girls.  They think that by saying that, that they are somehow cosmopolitan, which is probably where they got that saying from.  The truth is, divorce is nowhere near the marriage rate, not among whites and even less among Blacks.  I am happy to say that divorce among Blacks is much lower, per capita, than that of whites.

With that in mind though, singles become afraid to get married to someone.  With that in mind, middle aged people are now single / never married, moreso than ever before in the history of the entire world.  So, they flock to the internet to engage in activities, reserved for young people seeking to discover what sex is about, finding the right spouse.  However, they already know what sex is about, and they are not interested in finding a spouse.

So many have resolved themselves to being alone for the rest of their lives, also, than ever before in the history of the planet.  Men are resolving themselves to never marrying.  Women are resolving to dedicating themselves to their careers, not having children, and never marrying.  So this pathetic cadre of people are going to the internet to get an instant fix on their need to procreate and have meaningful human contact.  However, in their delusional state, they are not understanding that, that’s what they are seeking.

A man needs to procreate.  A woman needs to procreate.  Humans need meaningful human contact, i.e. contact with someone of the opposite sex that is not just a friend.

With the data that I looked at, to write this article, I see every indication that this is all an elaborate hoax to get everyone in America to buy into the notions of :

  • you have no time
  • marriage is outdated
  • someone else can help you find a date
  • you will always be alone for the rest of your life
  • divorce is inevitable

It is readily apparently, in my eyes, that these were hoisted upon American society, on purpose.  When a woman / man has not had sex in years, he/she does not perform at their optimum.  When a human is deprived of meaningful human contact, they do not perform at their optimum.  When a human is beaten into submission that they are not worthy of marriage, they will never perform at their optimum.

Why would we want humans to not perform at their optimum in America?  So that they can be completely controlled.  If you are not performing at your optimum, you are not going to pay attention to legislation passed by a huge pharmaceutical company.  If you are not performing at your optimum, you are not going to realize that your job has been removed and shipped overseas, and you could have done something about it.  If you are not performing at your optimum, you are incapable of standing up for your human rights.

So we have degenerate, middle aged people, flocking to the internet, who have bought into all of the media propaganda that they are not worthy of finding someone on their own.

What is amazing, is that they do not realize that they run into viable mates all damn day long: at the grocery store; at the book store; at the library; at the park; at the gas station; at the mall; on the running trail; at the ball game; at the fireworks show; at the plant nursery; at a restaurant; at church [the best possible place].

What is equally amazing is that the pathetic middle agers don’t realize that they are doing all the work for the dating companies.  They are bringing themselves to the website [bingo new customer].  They are uploading pictures and a profile [bingo new material].  They are paying subscription fee [bingo more dollars].  They are perusing the other’s profiles and making the effort to meet them.  They are still paying for the date.  They are still setting the date up.

After all this, and we are talking about sane reasoning adults, they don’t understand that they can do all this in the line at Vitamin World’s Buy One Get One Free.  I mean there you are being all healthy, and there he is, being all healthy, and you ignore him.  Really!?!?!?!?!?  You could just as easily say excuse me and ask what he’s buying and how often he uses it.   I don’t know anything better than striking up a conversation in a place where both of your obviously have an interest.  And, it’s free.

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Date Like a Devil: Dominating Females

How to Get Women to do Whatever You Want

Date Like a Devil

[ this series is a joke series, taken from a first person perspective of a devil giving love advice from would be male suitors to women.  No offense is intended and the jokes are all in good fun.  Have fun reading. ]  Hello boys.  Yes, I call you boys because I have been watching you and your clumsy attempts to win over females are both shameful and infantile.  I am the devil, small D, little V.  You don’t know the origins of the name devil and I won’t go into detail, or your tiny heads might explode.  I’m going to tell you how to date like a devil.  If you can imagine, a devil can get, literally, anyone [ yes male or female, since we don’t actually have sex organs of our own] we want.  [ for purposes of these lessons we are going to assume I am a “male” devil and leave it at that]  Unlike most of you, devils always present their best face.  That means were are good looking creatures.  Hello!  Devilishly good looking, devilish looks, devilishly handsome, you get the picture?  Right, you however are dealing with the cards God gave you and the thing you pass off as a face isn’t so fortunate.  That aside, my techniques will land you any woman you want, regardless of your unfortunate face.

Our first lesson here deal with a power we devils like to call domination.  For us it is a power, but quite frankly you don’t need supernatural powers to actually practice it.  It helps, in extreme cases, but why go through that hassle?  Domination is the ability to get a female to do exactly what you want.  Outside of the actual “magical” power of domination itself, you should get it into your thick brain that no female will ever do anything against her nature, i.e. jump off a cliff.  And, if you’re the sort that wishes  females would jump off cliffs, this series can’t help you at all.  So are we clear on that point?  Domination is not intended to nefarious gains.  It’s funny a devil has to warn you against your nefarious ways, but… there you have it.

A brief word of caution!  Domination has a stacking effect upon the brain.  The more you dominate a single target, i.e. a lady, the more susceptible she is to more domination.  What’s wrong with that you ask?  At the end of the day, you would much rather have a female that willingly gives herself to you, than you dominating your way into her … life.  I’m sure you thought I was going to say something else there.  Shame on you!  No, trust me, having a relationship built upon free will and trust, is tons more easy than having to constantly lord over some female.  Besides, after you’re 12 levels deep within her brain, it isn’t a pretty site ordering her around in public.  The locals tend to get antsy and might riot against you.  No my friend, keep it a safe 2 or 3, the “honey I’m thirsty” level.  Oh wait, that’s the power of suggestion, we’ll get into that later.

OK, so let’s briefly list how to define and recognize domination.

  • assume an order, don’t ask for permission

Actually, that’s that only rule.  It’s quite simple isn’t it?  Unlike suggestion or love, there’s not 20 different rules to it.  Domination is domination.  Ok so what does the rule mean?  To dominate a female, you simply go up to her and demand something from her.  At level 1, these demands better be pretty damn simple and insignificant or her defenses will come roaring to the front to stop you.

The Devilish Poke

One of the best ways, I like to start off dominating a female is an exercise, I like to call, “The Poke”.  It’s exactly what it says.  I poke the female.  How is that dominating the female?  Ah, here is the rub.  I don’t just walk up and poke her.  After talking to her and complimenting her for 15.4 seconds.  I announce that I am about the poke her.  That’s not the dominating part though.  I then tell her to choose the spot where I poke.  By her choosing the spot where I poke, I have defeated her defenses to not accepting the poke at all.

The poke can be done all night, if you want to be a bore.  Or, you can learn from this and apply it to a wide variety of simple and innocent commands.  Remember, your point is not to do the action, but to lower her defenses.  If you couple dominate with suggestion, and your suggestion powers are actually good, you can walk out of a bar with a wife on your arm, and not just a one-night-stand.  And, trust me, dominating one-night-stands is a very dangerous affair.  Your pile of thralls can cause nothing but headaches in the end.

If you just want a one-night-stand, then I whole-heartedly do not recommend dominating a female.  Throw out some compliments and have a pleasant conversation and move into … “what if we had sex” part of the conversation.  There’s your remedial crash course in how to “hook up”, as you mortals like to say.  Although why you use that term is beyond me.  We devil use the term hook, to mean a very different meaning.  See, to a devil, hooking someone… is talking about their soul.  Hooking someone’s soul is quite permanent, I assure you.  We’ll go into more detail on hooking up later on.  FYI, one-night-stands actually hooks your souls together.  You lose a bit of your soul each time.  I’m just saying.

Level 2 Domination

You Don’t Have to Be a Handsome Devil

So you’ve got your poke level domination out the way, the conversation is livening up and you want to take it to the next level.  For the next level, you are going to need the supplemental power of suggestion.  We will not go over suggestion here, but just bear this in mind.  In fact, from here on out, domination cannot go it alone.  If you are stupid enough to assume your force of personality is great enough, alone, to simply sit around and dominate a female all night, you better be Michael Jackson, Mother Theresa or Ghandi.  Otherwise, learn the other powers and don’t be dense.

Ok so you’ve poked her, and you’ve made several suggestions, she’s ripe for level 2 domination.  After level 2 domination you can literally propose and she’d say yes.  Keep in mind, you can go for domination immediately upon the first meeting, or wait for days, weeks, months.  Luckily for you, you have no deadlines for souls, like we devils do.  Lucky bastards indeed!  I tell you, there’s nothing like crunch time to get the old noodle running.  I have to skip the first 3 levels of dominate and go straight to level 4.  It’s crude, I tell you, but it gets the job done.  In case your’e wondering, mephisto only uses a level 3 dominate.  You know mephisto don’t you?  Yes, that’s Mephisto of Dante’s Inferno.  Ever heard of it?  No?  This generation of non-readers.  Anyway, just to let you know… not that I’m this crude, but a pimp uses a level 3 dominate to get women to have sex and bring him all the money.  That being said, a level 2 dominate is pretty hefty.

Right, so what is a level 2 dominate.  It can be as simple as “come with me.”  While the command seems simple, you have to realize what is going on in the statement.  You are ordering the female to get up; move; carry her entire body; remove herself from the relative safety of where she already is; and to trust you that you will do no harm to her.  [see why level  3 is so much more powerful?  the female no longer trusts that you will do her no harm, but at that level she doesn’t care anymore ]  So how can you pull off a level 2 dominate?  Remember I said, you have to use suggestion a few times before popping level 2 dominate on her.

Do not mistake suggestion for dominate.  Let’s take a look at two totally different statements:

  1. we should retire to somewhere… more comfortable
  2. Come with me

The  first statement is not a command at all.  It is alluring, mysterious, and leaves everything to the imagination.  The second statement, however, is very direct and quite unappealing.  However, you can use dominate at level 2 to do many things.

  • separate a female from her distracting friends
  • seclude a female so you two can share a brief first kiss
  • single her out to buy her a drink
  • take her to a movie

Domination isn’t always about doing something unrewarding or unfulfilling for the female.  How susceptible would a female be to your dominations, if you said “come with me” and led her to a brand new car you’re giving her?  However, domination, unlike suggestion, does not accept reward for its actions.  So if you said “step outside”, and led her to her new car, you would follow up with five more dominations in a row:

  • throw her the keys and say “drive”
  • “turn here”
  • “get out the car”
  • “stand right here”
  • “close your eyes”

 followed by the final level 2 domination “open your eyes, you’re looking at your new house.  Marry me.”

That’s how you dominate a lady.  There’s no beating, no insults, no slapping her around.  Dominating is quite fun.  And, more often than not, it wins her heart instantly, where suggestion takes years.  Where suggestion is subtle, dominate is blunt and direct.

Careful though, because dominate can enthrall a lady.  Instead of a loving wife, you’ll end up with a mindless slave.  Trust the devil on this one, you do not want a mindless slave.  A slave is, has been and will always be, dead weight.

Also, it’s good to dominate a female.  Why?  Because you wear the pants.  99.99999999% of females will enjoy being dominated, and prefer it.  If, however, you run into one of those 0.00000001% females, then simply turn around and talk to the next one right beside her.  Make sure she pays attention to what she just lost.  Perhaps you can “fix” her.  Because she’s obviously broken.  This is coming from a devil.  What’s sad is, when one of those females do fall to domination by a man, he’s a demon, and nowhere near a devil.  But, it’s karma I guess.  Why fall for a demon when you could have had a devil, right?  Forget about them and move on, is the point.  But, most other ladies love a “take charge”, read dominating, kind of guy.

Eye Contact

Look Her in the Eye

When dominating a female, you always, always look them squarely in the eye.  You cannot dominate a lady by looking the other way.  The mere suggestion that you are unsure about your dominate is enough to break it.  Decide that you are going to dominate her, and look right into her eyes and do it.

Humans tend to weaken when you look them in the eyes.  I am sorry to reveal these secrets, but if I am going to Teach you, you need to know the whole story.  Looking a female in her eyes, weakens her.  By looking a lady in the eye, you immediately engage in a battle of wills.  Working on your willpower is another story altogether.  Hopefully you always win those battles.  Even at level 1 you are engaged in a willpower struggle.

Now, go dominate females and read the next lesson in how to date like a devil.

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Top 10 Reasons Black Men Won’t Date / Marry a Black Woman

Black Women the Most Alone

I Look Just Like This Guy

So many Black women are alone. The Black American woman is the single most, unpartnered person on the planet. [this is not unwed mothers, this is single women] Is there a rift between black women and black men? At first blush you would think that there would be no reason why a black man would not want to date a black woman. But, as in business, since we are in modern times and for the most part black people are not considered 2nd class citizens any more, the dating pool for black men is wide open. Black women now have to compete with all races to date black men. It might seem strange to the average reader that I would couch those words in that way, i.e. women competing for a man. However, that is exactly how the sexes work. It is not the man that primps and preens himself, it is the woman. The woman primps and preens herself to attract the best possible man, not the other way around. If I were concerned about people’s feelings, I’d try to beat around the bush, but seriously, there’s a multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Do you really want me to kid around with you?

[UPDATE: I am taking applications for dating, Dark Black educated women to the front of the line, the rest, I’ll get to you, if I don’t find my love at first site first. ] [yes I got jokes]

No human on the planet has been more sexually objectified than the black man. He has been regarded as the essence of sex by most races. When tiny Europeans encountered the large Africans, they were at a loss when they saw their private parts. Many diaries and documentation either praised or demonized the black man’s privates. However, be they god or demon, they instantly became an object of desire. Fast forward some 1,000 years to the present and we now have the freedom for all the races to partake of the black man, at their leisure. It is this open season for Black men, that Black women have to compete with.

Instead of realizing what is going on, the black woman erroneously thinks she has cornered the market on black men and can thus act any way she wants.

photo by

In fairness modern society has not helped out the relationship situation at all. With modern financial times as they are, the black woman, as well as other races, has had to put on her pants suit, and throw away the dress, just to make ends meet.

Also there is a complete lack of understanding on the black woman’s part, as to the struggle of the black man. Now you would think, of all the people on the planet that should understand a black man, it would be a black woman. Not so! In fact there is a complete anti-compasionnate mindset that black women develop, when it comes to black men. In essence they shoot themselves in the foot, for no apparent reason.

More often than not, other females, from other races understand the plight of the black man, and are compassionate towards him, more so than the Black women. Understand that other races are accustomed to nurturing, mentoring and guiding their own men as well.  With that sort of mindset, Black women have absolutely no grounds to even claim a Black man. In essence, in this situation, black women have nothing to offer black men. And, black men won’t tolerate it. There has been a complete paradigm shift with the relation attitude of black women, towards black men, and visa versa. But, it has been to the detriment of the black woman.

Top 10 Reasons Black Men Won’t Date or Marry a Black Woman

  1. 1. black women make black men feel under-appreciated, unwarranted, irresponsible, and regressive. Black women tend to emasculate Black men. – Black women answer this by saying they have to be strong and can’t help emasculating her Black man.
  2. Black women are too aggressive and no longer patient in the waiting on the pursuit of Black men.
  3. Black women are strong headed, too independent, present great challenges in relationships.
  4. Black women are masculine, in that they are controlling, and like to run the relationship,
  5. Black women expect too much, they are gold diggers who will not look twice at a blue collar worker,
  6. Black women are hot headed and have bad attitudes,
  7. Black women stop caring about their appearance after a certain age, [around 40]
  8. Black women are not sexually open as other races, especially in regards to oral sex
  9. Black women’s tolerance is far too low, they are no longer empathetic to the black man’s struggle in white America
  10. Black women do not cater to their man

To understand this list, you have understand something first. That is, the historical relationship white men have had with Black women. I’m sure noone wants me to talk about that. To hide this relationship and lust for Black women, white men have come up with some very crude caricatures of Black women, so as to appease or cloud the judgment of white women.

If you now compare the list with the stereotypes, you can clearly see, that black women have themselves fallen victim to the caricatures hoisted on them and have thus shunned, driven off or scared off black men.

Historical Stereotypes of the Black Woman

The mammy

A) Mammy – this is the middle aged, fat, skinning and grinning, loves to take care of the white kids, asexual, nannyish, disregarded black woman. This image was developed and cultivated to cloud the judgment of white women into thinking that black women were wholey unattractive. Remember this image was cultivated during slavery. For the most part Black slaves didn’t live that long. Secondly, they worked all day and every one of them had shapely muscular bodies, men and women. I’m sure many of you remember the scene in roots where the slave owner goes down to the slave quarters and has his way with the vivacious slave girl. This mammy image was cultivated so that when a white woman thought of a female slave, the image came to mind, making her feel safe, since no one would want to be with a mammy.

A lot of mature black women see themselves in this light and dress accordingly. They lose all sense of self, and think that since they are over 30, they no longer need to primp and preen to attract a man. And, it works, no man is attracted to them, and it feeds into their self-deprecation.

No one wants to date a mammy. She is of no sexual attractiveness whatsoever. And this stereotype doesn’t have be measured in terms of age. Picture this, a Black “girl”, 20 something year old, with long fake hair, long fake nails and dresses sloppy and doesn’t take care of her figure. This is the mammy figure, only in a modern, younger version of it. However, you can’t tell the black girl she is unattractive to Black men, because she won’t accept, nor believe it.

The Jezebel

B)Jezebel – this is the hypersexual Black woman image that lusts after white men. They are portrayed as a man stealer. They are also portrayed as slutty, unwomanly, unlady-like and complete tramps, nothing a real man would want to date, nor marry. Perhaps this image was developed for white women to fear black women, not as a direct threat, someone beneath the white woman, someone she can scorn with abandon. The Jezebel stereotype depicted black women as seductive temptresses with an animal-like appetite for sex. The Jezebel trope depicts black women as seductive temptresses with an
insatiable and animalistic appetite for sex. Beguiling, voluptuous, lewd and lustful; the
Jezebel’s greatest wish is to be ****ed to death. During slavery the Jezebel image served
several functions for oppressors. However, it was primarily used to justify the sexual
exploitation of Black women. Because the Jezebel maintains a ravenous desire for sex;
forced sex between master and slave was not viewed with disdain (by the oppressive
class). The notion that Jezebels were immoral and desired sex, in general, and with white
men specifically, served to justify the rape and subjugation of Black women.

No one wants to marry a Jezebel. I’m sure there are men who wouldn’t mind spending a night with a Jezebel, or two, but no man wants to marry, bring him to mom, have children by [that he cares about] a Jezebel. If you are dressing like a whore, you are going to attract a whore or someone not decent. No decent Black man would want to be seen with a Jezebel, because that would reflect on him, as having poor taste. And, a Jezebel would never be seen as having a brain nor a decent conversation. After the sex, the other 23 hours in the day has to be spent talking to your mate. If you aren’t seen as being good enough to talk to, noone is going to hang around for those 23 hours.  The jezebel image has taken off in recent years.  Many Black oriented magazines have completely revamped and repackaged the jezebel look.  Many Jezebels grace the covers of Black men’s magazines.  It is disgraceful.  The more these images are seen the less and less Black men will even want to date or even less, talk to a Black woman who dresses like that.  Don’t mistake “let’s have sex” with talking to you.

The Sapphire

C) Sapphire – this image is the angry Black woman. It was developed by the white man, to portray the black woman as some irrational animal, monster, sub-human. The Sapphire (or angry sister) is another very popular stereotype promulgated by today’s mass media. Sapphire originated “as a live television image in the person of the Amos and Andy character Sapphire Stevens” The Sapphire has no specific physical features. Typically, her complexion is brown or dark brown. She is a mature adult whose build is moderate to stout. The Sapphire is loud, overbearing, shrewd and aggressive. She is ambitious, educated and seems to relish conflict; especially with (in her opinion) the “good for nothing” Black man.

“The most notable characteristic of Sapphire is her sassiness which is exceeded only by her verbosity. She is also noted for telling people off and spouting her opinion in an animated loud manner. Because of her intense expressiveness and hands-on-hip, finger-pointing style, Sapphire is viewed as comedic and is never taken seriously” 

Ultimately, she represents the domineering emasculator. The Sapphire image of Black womanhood, unlike other images that symbolize Black women, necessitates the presence of a (black) man. When the Sapphire is depicted it is the man who represents the point of contention. Her sheer existence is predicated on the trickery and lack of integrity of her male counterparts. This allows her to project her superior moral compass onto the amoral (black) man.

Noone wants to date a sapphire. No Black man needs to go to work, be eyed all day as a robber, thug, murderer, rapist, thief, mongoloid, animal and then come home to a Black woman that emasculates him. It’s just not going to happen. You drive away a black man by the millions. And while you might be angry, you have just ruined it with 1,000 other sisters who think life is great and having a Black man would be great.

The tragedy here is, every sapphire has their own unique thought about what a “man” is. And, while they might think they are all saying the same thing “my man is no good”, they mean totally different things. Their definition of a man does not agree, not in any objective type of way. While one might be angry that her and her man never goes anywhere, another might be angry that he does not bring her flowers or candy. And, when they compare notes, each could care less about what the other sapphire is angry about, because to them that’s not important. However, in the mean time, their loud boisterous nature has driven both men off into the arms of a white / asian / latin girl that could care less about all of those things.

The Tragic Mulatto

D) tragic mulatto – this is the image of the biracial Black woman that doesn’t fit in either race. She is not welcomed by the white race. She is not welcomed by the Black race. She then commits suicide in despair. The tragic mulatto emphasized her personal pathologies: self-hatred, depression, alcoholism, sexual perversion, and suicide attempts being the most common. If light enough to “pass” as White, she did, but passing led to deeper self-loathing. She pitied or despised Blacks and the “blackness” in herself; she hated or feared Whites yet desperately sought their approval. In a race-based society, the tragic mulatto found peace only in death. She evoked pity or scorn, not sympathy.

Black men can’t date a tragic mulatto. Simply because she won’t have him. I’ve personally met a couple of black women who said they would never, ever date a Black man. [ secretly between you and me, they weren’t all that pretty, nor all that bright, so it’s no loss to the gene pool anyway ] But, the tragic mulatto today is so convinced of her superiority over Black men, She could never see herself with a Black man. She joins the white side in castigating the Black man. While she may not be loud and boisterous like the sapphire, she may be caught saying the same things under her breath. The tragedy of course is she runs to the arms of some white man, who then wakes up and realizes he’s with a filthy Black woman, and dumps her. Although stereotypical, it’s all too true.

Do not get me wrong, Black men make these mistakes too, but nowhere near the numbers that Black women do.  Remember my earlier quote that the Black American female is the most single and  unmarried person on the planet]

Although these stereotypes were hand-crafted and cultivated by white men to objectify and dehumanize Black women, so many Black women actully fall into these stereotypes by themselves.

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