Japan Comes Out With the First Mass Produced Electric Car

Japan Comes Out With the First Mass Produced Electric Car

Nissan Leaf All Electric Car

nissan leaf exteriorThe Nissan Leaf is a medium-size hatchback that comfortably seats five adults. It has a top speed of 90 mph and a range of over 100 miles.

The zero-emission car is powered by Lithium Ion batteries – such as used by cellphones and laptops. Using a direct-current quick charger, the battery pack can be recharged up to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. Charging at home with 220-volt AC will take less than 8 hours.

Deliveries to retail customers began in the United States and Japan in December 2010, followed by various European countries and Canada in 2011, and as of February 2013, is available in 17 European countries, Australia and other international markets. The Leaf is the world’s best selling highway-capable all-electric car ever, and reached the 50,000 global sales milestone in February 2013.

As of December 2012, the top-selling markets are Japan, with about 21,000 units; the United States, with 19,512 units; and the European market, with almost 7,000 units delivered. Sales in Europe are led by Norway with 2,841 units and the UK with 1,334 Leafs sold through December 2012.

The Leaf uses an 80 kW (110 hp) and 280 N·m (210 ft·lb) front-mounted synchronous electric motor driving the front axle, powered by a 24 kilowatt-hours (86 MJ) lithium ion battery pack rated to deliver up to 90 kilowatts (120 hp) power.

nissan leaf dashboardThe pack contains air-cooled, stacked laminated battery cells with lithium manganate cathodes.The battery and control module together weigh 300 kilograms (660 lb) and the specific energy of the cells is 140 W·h/kg. Each battery pack costs Nissan an estimated US$18,000 (as of May 2010).The 2011/12 model Leaf has a top speed of over 150 km/h (93 mph) Unofficially, 0 to 60 mph(0 to 97 km/h) performance has been tested at 9.9 seconds.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency official range is 117 kilometres (73 mi), much less than the 160 kilometres (100 mi) promised by Nissan. The Federal Trade Commission, which is supposed to label all alternative-fuel vehicles, disagrees with the EPA rating, and considers that the correct range is between 96 to 110 miles (154 to 180 km). Although the FTC does not conduct its own tests as EPA does, it relies on a standard set by SAE International and the results reported by automakers. The Leaf has a range of 175 km (109 mi) on the New European Driving Cycle.

Based on third-party test drives carried out in the US, reviewers have found that the range available from a single charge can vary up to 40% in real-world situations; reports vary from about 100 kilometres (62 mi) to almost 222 kilometres (138 mi) depending on driving style, load, traffic conditions, weather (i.e. wind, atmospheric density), and accessory use. Nissan tested the Leaf under several scenarios to estimate real-world range figures, and obtained a worst case scenario of 76 kilometres (47 mi) and a best case scenario of 222 kilometres (138 mi). The following table summarizes the results under each scenario tested using EPA’s L4 test cycle and presents EPA rating as a reference

nissan leaf energy panelIn the last 12 months Europe registered significant growth of the CHAdeMO quick charging infrastructure. The number of these chargers which allow batteries to be recharged from empty to 80% battery capacity in around 30 minutes has rocketed from 158 to 601 in the last 12 months. The plans already in place are to more than double by the end of this year the number of installed quick charging installations. These units are being installed at strategic locations such as shopping center car parks or highway service stations, allowing the 50,000 Nissan LEAF owners to push the electric vehicle revolution even further.

The Nissan LEAF was the first mass produced EV winning the European, World and Japanese car of the year 2011. More than 50,000 units have been sold globally since its introduction in December 2010, making Nissan LEAF the world’s most selling electric vehicle. The AC motor develops 80 kW of power and 280 Nm of torque, enough for a maximum speed of 145 km/h. The electric motor is powered by a Nissan-developed laminated lithium-ion battery with an output of more than 90 kW. Recharging from empty to 100% takes eight hours with a normal charger and just 30 minutes from empty to 80% using a quick charger in optimal conditions. Nissan LEAF has been awarded five stars in the tough Euro NCAP tests, making it one of the safest cars on the road. Nissan LEAF comes fully equipped with air conditioning, satellite navigation, rear-view parking camera. European production of the Nissan LEAF will start at Sunderland in 2013.

December 11, 2010, the absolute first consumer-ready example of the world’s first mass-market, globally distributed, and relatively affordable 100% electric car was delivered into the hands of its first customer at a Nissan dealership outside of San Francisco, California. Given the relative obscurity, misunderstanding, and, sometimes, outright hostility that electric vehicles have lived under for much of the last 100 years, there are a great many who never thought this day would come.

first nissan leaf ownerIn what Nissan representatives call a “democratic” process—one which they seem to be altogether proud of—the gentleman to whom the absolute first Nissan LEAF was delivered is not an A-List celebrity (or even a B-, C- or D-Lister). Rather he is a quite normal tech industry employee from Redwood City, California, who just by the luck of the draw, happened to be the first person to get his LEAF order in when the opportunity opened up in August 2010.

And so, just by the luck of the draw, there are several things about the first LEAF customer, Olivier Chalouhi, that break some of the common misconceptions electric cars have often been associated with. Saying, “I think that there’s too much attention on me” and that Nissan deserves most of the credit for this day, Chalouhi showed quite a bit of modesty on a day when he was the center of attention of much of the automotive world media.

As for whether or not Chalouhi considered buying a Chevy Volt as well, he was quick to say it wasn’t even on his radar. He specifically chose to buy a Nissan LEAF over a Chevy Volt for several reasons: one, he was put off by the fact that Chevy dealers were given the ability to charge whatever price they wanted for the Volt, raising the price of an already expensive vehicle by as much as $20,000 or more; two, he felt the Volt was “really expensive” to begin with and out of the reach of the average customer that wanted to outright own the vehicle and not lease it; and, three, the Volt is not a “pure” electric model.

I knew japan would be the first to come out with the mass market EV. The have no oil in their country and loads of technology. It was only a matter of time. Even their government assists them with R&D.

  • 160 kilometers [100 miles]
  • seats 5 adults
  • 140 kilometers [90 mph]
  • lithium ion batteries
  • 8 hour recharge on high voltage
  • connected to nissan IT center for entertainment and data
  • mobile phone remote control of car features
nissan leaf in black nissan leaf in white nissan leaf in red

Is the Buy Black Movement Racist

Is Buying Black Racist

buy black movement
Buy Black Movement

A movement is going on right now that is sweeping across the United States. It is the Buy Black movement. With real numbers of 25% unemployment, the Black community is in a crisis position right now that will render them out for the count. Some major cities are showing 50% unemployment rates among Black men. The community constantly looks to the half-Black president leftist Barack Obama for support, which is not forthcoming and has not been during his entire presidency.

In steps a movement that has the potential to revolutionize the Black community and put it back on its feet. It is the Buy Black movement.

Economically speaking, we understand that the major employer in the nation are not the big corporations, but small businesses. This Buy Black movement is the right answer. By supporting Black owned and operated businesses, Blacks will take back their communities, boost economic growth, expand Black business and trade, which will open up jobs. It is a one two punch to both poverty and unemployment in the Black community.

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Black Middle-Class: The Black People You Don’t See

The Black People You Don’t See

Black Middle-Class
Black Middle-Class

There is a huge section of the Black population that is never heard from, never consulted, nor never acknowledged. But, first, let us take a look at who we do see and hear from. On one end we hear from the poor, uneducated and criminal minded Blacks by the dozens on a daily basis. They are everywhere. They give their unsolicited and uneducated opinions on TV, radio and any other medium they can get their hands on. On the other end of the spectrum we have the entertainers, who happen to be rich and mostly uneducated. They too give their unsolicited opinions on subject they have no business discussing now have any intimate knowledge about.

It would not be bad if this group, which I will group into one subgroup, were seen in the light that they are – not the typical Black person. But, they are not. They are put forth and in front of everyone as the typical Black person.

So the image of a Black American is that they are uneducated, criminal or low moral standards. This is true of the poor we see on TV and the rich entertainers we see on TV.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a huge silent majority of Blacks in America that never get on TV or in movies. These are the Black middle-class. These are the well spoken Blacks. These are the educated Blacks. These are the high moral standards Blacks. These are the conservative Blacks.

In growing numbers they are realizing that their way of life is being attacked by the main stream media: news, TV, movies and magazines. It is everywhere. The Black middle-class have absolutely no voice.

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The "N" Word

The “N” Word

Oprah had a series of shows where she was trying to get Black “artists” [ yes the word is used rather weakly ] to stop using the “N” word.  Mind you, the only Black “artists” that would even use the “N” word, would be those who aren’t artists at all, if you get my meaning, yes rappers.  So she called on several artists to stop using the word and made them promise on national TV to stop doing so.  Well for a few weeks, her rating were up for that.  Then she moved on.

There was no stopping using the word.  The stupid “artists” are not the ones who are even promoting using the word.   Most, nearly 99%, rap songs are written by white or jewish “lyricists” who work for big huge music industry corporations.  They have entire departments dedicated to making sure the “N” word stays in fashion.  They have already figured out that the market loves using the “N” word.

It might shock you to know that 75% of all rap music is bought by suburban, white, male, teens.  That right, little white kids are the largest audience for Black rap.  So the target market is a group that is outside of the actual genre, looking in.  Black rappers are not speaking to a Black audience.  They are speaking to a white audience.

That being said, the prolific use of the “N” word in rap and music and on TV in general, is for a white audience.  Everyone, the average unintelligent American, thinks Black rappers are saying the “N” word amongst themselves.  I happen to be Black.  I don’t use the “N” word and have plenty of Black friends who never use the “N” word.  The only time the “N” word is used, is to insult someone.

Yes, the “N” word, is, was, and will always be, an insult to BLACK people.  Anyone saying it’s for anything other than a Black person, is an idiot, and unfit to live.  [ but that’s just my opinion ] [ I’m almost kidding ] [ no I’m not ] [ ok maybe I am, but you’ll never know ]

How Does the “N” Word Survive

Of course, everyone knows that the “N” word dates back to slavery.  It was used to describe and denigrate a race of people and keep them subjugated.  It was normally coupled with: filthy; no-good; heathen; disgusting etc.  So, no it was never a descriptive word talking about someone’s work ethic or their lack of motivation.  [ I have had people try and describe the word to mean those things *sigh* ]

Now, slavery only lasted a few decades, actual slavery.  It was over in one generation.  The aftermath of course, is another story.  And, that’s where the word really comes into play.  To keep the Black population subjugated, the “N” word was prolifically used.  The white population in America wanted to make sure that the Black population never gained any wealth, nor power and “stay in their place”. 

The only way that the “N” word survives today, is through media.  Media promotes the word at every opportunity it gets.  If the word is coming out of a Black face, noone can say that it is a white man subjugating a Black man.  His own people are using it, right?  The truth is, that for the word to survive, ONE GENERATION HAS TO TEACH IT TO THE NEXT GENERATION.

Now, only an idiot would keep alive something that is such a scar on your life and the lives of your ancestors.  Only a brazen imbecile would promote that which harkens to the days when you were not considered human, nor worth the full worth of a white man.  Am I right?  Why would you keep the word alive?

The word needs to die.  For the most part, I never hear racial slurs about other races.  Or, shall I say, I never hear racial slurs to anywhere near the frequency that I hear the “N” word.

Stop being idiots and lets put that word to the grave, buried with the slaves that were whipped with it during their lifetime.  It needs to die along with our ancestors.

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Shopping While Black (video)

The Aweful Truth of Who Steals in Stores

Shopping While Black

1. “May I help you?” she said as I looked through the top-of-the-line, non-stick pots and pans. I had been there 20 minutes looking and deciding If I should get the whole set, which would replace some pieces I bought only recently from other name-brands. Of course it would be a waste, but buying the set seemed more economical than buying the missing pieces from my kitchen set. I turned to her and observed she wasn’t looking to be useful, but said it as a warning to get out. “No I’m just looking,” I said nonchalantly. She stood there blocking my view now. She said nothing else and simply stood there like a Catholic nun shooing me off with her look.

    Racial profiling in stores is so prevalent that researchers have even given it a name — Shopping While Black. When it happens, black shoppers are made to feel both unwelcome and under suspicion

2. I walked into the electronics store. I had just received a bonus at work out of the blue and felt I should treat myself to some new gadget. I wasn’t prepared for the astonishing amount of new gadgets on display. The labels with the price tags did not help either since they were written in store codes only the clerks could understand. I stood looking puzzled for 10 minutes. The clerks were gathered around the desk talking to each other about what they did last night. I noticed they would occasionally look over and sigh in my direction. A Black customer was walking out and said over his shoulder, “maybe someone should help this man, he has several expensive suits in his hand, obviously he wants to spend money.” Finally a clerk comes over and says, “yes!” But, just then a white customer walks in and she greets them and asks can she help. All the other clerks also greet the customer. Then another white customer walks in and they all greet him too. I am paralyzed with disgust. I simply leave and go to a shop that doesn’t treat me like a pariah.

    “Most retail inventory loss statistics have show that [sic] the majority of shoplifters to be of the Caucasian race. To concentrate surveillance on minority customers is not only improper, but is an ineffective method of controlling shoplifting losses at most locations.”

3. I’m looking at the underwear section digging through the sizes and not having a good time. For every time I find my size, it’s not the color I want. And, there are so many that my digging is tedious and time consuming. Suddenly, I feel eyes on my back. In my peripheral vision, I see a husky man to one side and a husky unattractive woman to another side. They are painfully pretending to shop. As I move to the shirts section, they mirror me. I’m not one given to being stalked though and so I leave, putting back everything I had picked up to buy. This would seem like a rare incident, but it happens immediately when I enter stores and very very often. As soon as I open the door it seems the stalkers are there. I haven’t done anything suspicious except walk in the store and I’m immediately being shadowed and followed.

    “Statistically, the most likely person to steal from a store is a store employee. The next most likely to steal is a college educated white male. Hmm — could it be that the real reason that store employees and white managers make such a point of targeting black shoppers is that it creates a perfect smokescreen for their own dishonesty and greed — not only can they rob the stores blind, they can then point the finger of blame at a visually conspicuous victim.”

One more note: if the media weren’t so racist, racism would die out — the media is the single most culpable institution when it comes to racial stereotyping. Turn on the news, open a newspaper and SHOW me the stories where blacks (or latinos for that matter) are portrayed in an accurate, positive light. There’s a lot of money at stake in maintaining this racist atmosphere — prisons, for instance, are huge sources of revenue; and ensuring a perpetual underclass of minorities means less competition in the job market for white people.

The country is clearly ready for change — witness the election of President Obama — but until and unless the media starts serving the population as a whole, rather than an entitled and greedy subsection of it — we won’t see any real change in this country. The frightening thing about this is that not content with corrupting this country with racism, we also sell our racist television shows to other countries in order to spread the poison further. Anytime you do come across a rare show that features inter-racial couples whose primary focus is the actual relationship and not their race, you can pretty much count on that show being canceled. Think “Wonderfalls” or “Firefly” or any one of a dozen more amazing shows. What planet are the people in charge of programming living on? They are so far out of touch with reality, they might as well be living on Saturn. Look around you. The color of this country is not just changing. It has already changed. Ratings are falling for a reason. 

Race still sells in the news.  And, telling republicans that Blacks are crooks and thieves, still gets viewership.   Telling democrats that the Blacks they have hated for nearly a century now, since the beginning of the KKK, which was started by southern DEMOCRATS, still sows fear into nice white democrat homes.

Meanwhile Black entrepreneurs are suffering mega-setbacks by not being able to open Black owned stores.  Couple that with a staggering 25% unemployment amongst the Americanized Africans in this country and you continually see the widening of the economic gap between whites and Black, and yet you do NOT see a spike in theft among Blacks in this country.

The larger firms that know security and research loss prevention all point to whites as the largest purveyor of store shrinkage.  Yet, the news and media continues to fuel the fires of thinking Blacks have somehow cornered the market on theft.  Peruse and court papers for any length of time and you’ll see it is not even remotely true.

Sisters, Close Your Legs

MTV Ain’t All That

[This article is not for the faint of heart, religious nutcase, purity driven fruit basket or those who don’t have the sense God gave a chigger. If you would rather just look the other way and pretend this doesn’t exist, stop reading now and you can be happier than a dead pig in sunshine.]

Turn on the T.V. today, open up a colorful magazine, read a best selling book, and they all say one thing.


Oh snap. Yeah, I said it. South park even did an episode on it. One of the few episodes where their preachy messages were actually on point. People would rather see you dead if you’re a dumb whore. Now, some of you out there might get offended.

MTV has had a slew of whores on display, from Tila Tequila on down. Now, I’m not saying Tila sleeps around, but to young impressionable kids, the editing comes across on the show as be a whore and you can be rich and famous.

Not to be outdone VH1 came up with their whore of choice: New York from the Flavor Flav – “Flavor of Love”. Now, I’m not saying New York is a whore, but to young impressionable kids, the editing comes across on the show as be a whore and you can be rich and famous.

Now let’s get down to brass tacks. All these shows, showing 1 person “imaginably” having sex with about 30 people in 3 weeks is saying one thing: be a whore, it’s cool.

You don’t see a show that says “Close your legs”, you’ll get a real man that way. Woah! Ask your grandma. Apparently your mama didn’t teach you nothing. Ask your gramgram. She’ll tell you right. “Close your legs” Being a whore, never got a woman anywhere.

People might look down on Christians, but if you follow the bible and it says “close your legs” and get married, they might just be on to something.

How are you going to land a husband, a strong Black brother, with your legs gapped open. That’s an invitation for disaster. Any Tom, Harry or DICK will “come” along and do what they please. And Leave! Woah! Did you read that? Yes, and leave!

If you’re walking along and find a penny on the ground, just as soon as you get good and ready you’ll throw that penny away. Now logically, that penny is worth something right? But, you didn’t risk anything getting that penny. And, it had very little value to you.

The same goes for you gapping your legs open. If your legs are gapped open, they are just as cheap as that free penny you picked up off the ground. No one would even think about sticking around for anything else. And, with so many gapped open legs, you can go from gap to gap to gap to gap. Tell me that ain’t true.

“My baby daddy left me”

First of all, you gapped open your legs. If your mama didn’t teach you nothing, let me end the confusion right here. You gapping your legs open, not only leads to diseases, possible death and other nasty things, but it also leads to having babies. If you are a cheap whore, who gives a care about you. Who gives a care if you’re pregnant or not. That’s on you.

Harsh? No no, sister girl, them’s the facts. If you’re a cheap whore and you get pregnant, expect nothing but pain and misery.

“oh if my daughter came home pregnant, I’d still love her”

Seriously, what the hell? If my daughter came home pregnant… wait. My daughter ain’t’ gonna come home pregnant. She’d know I’d kill her on the spot. And, no daughter of mine would be a cheap whore.

It’s a bunch of hogwash to say you’d still love your pregnant whore of a daughter. A father would be so ashamed.

Expect misery, if you’re a cheap whore. Expect not to get a real man, if you’re a cheap whore. I am not pulling any punches.

“black men are dead beat fathers”

No, no they aren’t. A study was done that shows Black fathers are THE most likely to spend time and quality time with their children. In fact, a Black man is more apt to take the child away from the cheap whore.

  • if you have sex with someone other than your husband, you’re a cheap whore
  • if you’re not married and you have sex, you’re a cheap whore
  • if you think sex is for fun, you’re a cheap whore

I’m sure plenty of you reading this will reject this. Just because the news parades cheap whores in from of you day and night, doesn’t make it right. Right is as right does. It is right to wait to get married to have sex. It is right to save yourself before marriage. It is right to be a virgin before marriage. It is right to be chaste before marriage.

That is what’s right. Being a cheap whore is not right.

Wanna solve half the Black community problems? Live right. Live and upright life. Live a righteous life.

Let me ask you: how many problems would you have if you did not have sex before marriage. Imagine you didn’t change anything else about yourself?

Now don’t say “if I don’t have sex before marriage, I’ll be alone.” CLUE PHONE! 70% of all Black women are ALREADY alone. So obviously the sex isn’t the problem.

If you completely wiped out of your mind having sex before marriage, you’d be concentrating on things that have nothing to do with sex. Am I right or am I right?

  • you’d concentrate on school
  • you’d concentrate on cooking
  • you’d concentrate on cleaning
  • you’d concentrate on exercising
  • you’d concentrate on learning new things
  • you’d concentrate on being a better person

If you had no fear of having a child out of wedlock, you’d be so free that you would go do all sorts of things.

The reality is, the girl has to protect herself. The reality is, the woman has to protect herself. If the woman protects herself, who cares what a man does. You’re protected. If you protected yourself, I bet half your relationship arguments and angers and frustrations would disappear overnight. The reality is, you have to look out for yourself.

This whole debate about Black woman / Black man would also nearly be over. If the Black woman protected herself and did not have sex before marriage, she could work on herself, her self esteem. Sisters could concentrate on finding a good Black man. Sisters could demand ALL Black men, to be better. Sisters could demand Black boys to stop their pants from sagging, shape up and fly right. Sisters could build up their Black men.


It doesn’t get much clearer than that. Even God leaves you alone to do for yourself. Oh he stops Satan from throwing flaming spears through your heart, but for the most part he leaves you all by yourself.

And, if God leaves you by yourself, that should tell you, you gotta do for yourself.


I write this and other articles out of love. I write this from the depths of my heart. I would not see you in pain, suffering and misery. I think sex is a tiny, unimportant and small thing you could correct.

I also hold the media responsible from changing America from a basically nice, friendly country, to one where the things we shunned are now celebrated: unwed mothers; divorcees; homosexuals. You cannot move humanity forward with these. You can argue all you want about those 3 things, but let’s look at this: if everyone were those 3 things, the human race would die off. Everyone knows that children born without 2 parents aren’t “normal”. Some children cope with it better than others, while some don’t cope at all and have problems. Would you take a chance with your child being one of the ones that couldn’t’ cope? Divorcees automatically means a broken up home. That goes right back to the single moms or dads. Back to the children that can’t cope. Finally, homosexuality! If everyone were homosexual we could not keep the race alive. Trust me on this one. Even if everyone had artificially insemination, humans die fast as hell. It literally would take every possible person who could get pregnant to be artificially inseminated to keep the human race alive. Today’s medicine can’t keep up with the death rate. I’m not talking about hating on homosexuals, I’m talking logistics. Even the spartans, who were all trained to be homosexual, forced their soldiers to come have sex with the women, because they were dying off. And, that’s not fantasy, that’s real humans dying off due to homosexuality.

I write this as if I were your father, and this is what I would want you to know. I would want you to protect yourself as a young Black woman. I would want you to be a lady above all else. I would want you to marry a nice Black man who would want to have a family with you. I would want to send you down the isle to be married.

The media does not want you to see that. They want to sell you papers and t.v., so they show the most bazaar things imaginable. They had shows, showing prostitutes having sex. Why would you watch a channel that did that? We all know what prostitutes do, but do we need to watch that? Is that something worth watching on any normal level?

And, although it’s a double standard, a loose woman is always looked down upon. It might not be fair, but it doesn’t make it right to be a loose woman. Even the very word “loose” means you don’t have your stuff together, means you can’t control yourself, means are not proper. And, it means you’re something “good” men automatically stay away from. Now that’s the part that should concern you. A good man would automatically count you out, if you’re a loose woman. A loose woman has NO value to a good man.

You might cry about not having a good man, but you are creating your own problem.

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I Did It for the “lulz”: Wal-Mart Gang Initiation Hoax

Wal-Mart Gang

Lately there’s been a disconnect between younger users of the internet and other communication technology and reality. Everyone hollers about freedom of speech, but no one uses it to say anything worth saying. These young people are now teaching us the error of our ways i.e. that freedom of speech has consequences. Every time you read a story about something seemingly serious, it comes from some kid that says “I did it for the lulz”, meaning it was all just a joke, regardless of how demented, vile, horrific, life threatening it was. Also, you never hear of that same juvenile getting any penalization for it, nor their parents going to jail for it.

I draw your attention to the latest “lulz”. An internet
hoax dating back to 2005 has caused drama in Thomasville, Georgia including media coverage and public warnings. Apparently several people received text messages that spoke about a gang initiation. The “Walmart gang initiation” hoax takes several forms, but usually involves gang members planning to kill black women at a local Walmart as an initiation for new gang members. These text messages were actually received across the country. One t.v. station however, not researching what it was about, not only ran with the story as true, but contacted local police, who responded in kind, without checking any sources.

The News Media Rarely Checks Their Sources

They all figured out that it was a hoax later, however there is no mention of anyone being punished for a real public threat. Also, the fact that the potential victim were Black women and no retribution was had, speaks volumes as well.

No action is ever taken. No action is taken against the kids [or even adults who do this also]. No action is taken against the parents.

What if, one of these “lulz” were so horrific that people were dying of heart attacks from the sheer terror of the hoax? What then? Oh it was just a joke? Meanwhile Black kids are thrown in adult prisons for even less than these horrible practical jokes and no one bats an eyelash. In fact, black kids, as young as 13, are being sentenced to life in prison without possibility for parole. I’m sure there are some horrible kids out there, but i’m sure at 13, life imprisonment is not the answer. I am willing to bet all I own on that fact.

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Throw the “lulz” in adult prison along with their parents.

Freedom of speech has consequences. We need to teach that to our children and…. apparently our citizens.

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