Barry Minko and Goldline: Who Benefits if Goldline Beats the Fraud Allegations

Is Barry Minkow Throwing His Hat into the Goldline Fraud Case for Free?

Glenn Beck It’ll Be Alright

OK, I actually put my conjecture as to the true purpose behind Minkow’s rush to put his own name into the Goldline Fraud Case, coming out of left field is as follows:

  • to prove to the government that he is not still a sheister conman, and that now he’s just a sheister with a heart of gold.
  • to prove to Wallstreet and Goldman Sachs that he can side with them at times, instead of only investigating them for fraud training federal agents how to spot it, showing federal agents where the fraud is and writing reports against them.
  • could it be that the best person to benefit from a former conman saying that Goldline is on the up and up is Goldline itself.  The Main Stream Media [MSM] media starts out their pieces with “It takes one to know one.  The former businessman Minko who was convicted on fraud charges for 25 years, who’s now turned [nark] says Goldline is doing everything above board and no fraud is going on.”

If that doesn’t say Goldline is benefitting from this, I don’t know what else does.  However, Wallstreet is against Goldline on this.  And, Minko is doing a juggling act.  And, you ask yourself, how does Minko benefit from this if Goldline comes out ahead of these charges?

People laugh at my conjecture.  But, the MSM does not even venture to ask real questions of any of the players.  They put spin on Congressman Weiner’s accusation as a Left Wing vs Right Wing squabble instead of even looking at the facts behind his report.  They have done little to no investigation themselves.

You know the source of my information?  Hedge funds, traders and businessmen who have done their own investigation into it.  I’ve yet to see a report that said anything from the MSM other than “left wing blah blah blah”.

I can’t expect much from financial reporters.  I’m in the know, that if they so much as raise their hand, to ask a real question, they will be shown the door and have their picture posted on the “black board” as persona-non-grata.

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