Congressman Anthony Weiner, Glenn Beck, Goldline and Suck Up Barry Minkow: The Gang’s All Here

Glenn Beck, Goldline and Fraud

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If you were just the average Joe and watched Glenn Beck … uh weekly(?) nightly(?) [sorry don’t know, don’t watch him, don’t care] his constant claim that these are troubling times and you should buy gold, would seem like innocent and sound advice. Right? Uh, well you see it is NEVER that simple. Glenn Beck is not innocent. Glenn Beck does not care if little Johny goes to college comfortably, when he grows up. Glenn Beck is on T.V. to make money, and don’t you ever forget it. So if we dig just beyond the surface… yes just barely nick the itch, we find that Glenn Beck then endorses *gasp* Goldline. [sorry I just can’t take this seriously, nor people that watch fox… nor mainstream t.v. in general ]

So what is so wrong about a host endorsing  product?  Yes, we know he gets paid to do it. ; That is not the issue. The issue is the company. Goldline is one of the chief sponsors on Fox t.v.. Enter Congressman Anthony Weiner.  Congressman Anthony Weiner alleges that Goldline is perpetrating a fraud.

*unsurprised*oh no, stop, another corporation being fraudulent and bilking millions out of people, whoda thunk it *unsurprised*  

Yes, Congressman Anthony Weiner issued an 8 [stayed up all night typing on both fingers he did] page report lining out point by point how Goldline is bilking millions out of its own ‘investor’ clients.

*unsurprised* oh no, stop, a bunch of people with so much money and very little sense being taken to the cleaners by wise guys,  oh the horror *unsurprised*

Not to be outdone, and definitely encouraged by their own self motivation, wall street firms lined up in the SEC office to put their “me too” in on the fraud allegations against Goldline.  What a bunch of douchebags …. nice people.  They sure are using this to once again put their boot to the neck of the little man interesting people.

In steps Barry Minkow of “Fraud Discovery Institute” to clear things up.  You know FDI don’t you, founder was one of the top Berny Madoff proteges in U.S. history.  He’s cleaned up his act and now investigates wall street firms for fraud and shorts them.  A real class act. Yes so Minkow claims that everything the Congressman is saying is all just politcal mumbo jumbo to shut Glenn Beck up.  Ok, let me get this straight:

  • the congressman attacks Goldline
  • alledges Goldline is potentially committing fraud
  • makes a full 8 page report about the fraud
  • just to shut Glenn Beck up?

Uh, hey Minkow, Fox can get another sponsor.  I’m pretty sure Beck and friends are not losing sleep if Goldline goes bye bye.  Just sayin.

Here’s Minkow.  Notice how he panders to the SEC and Wall Street.  I’m sure Goldman Sachs has him by the short hairs somewhere.  How dare he play the Wall Street game without GS.

Now if I were the average dumb Fox News or worse, *gasp* Fox Business News watcher, this would all seem reasonable right?  Surely this man can’t lie?  RIGHT?

But, a good friend of mine lays the ball right smack dab back into the court of Goldline.  Yes, buying precious metals as a hedge against the utlimate collapse of a fiat currency is a wise thing.  A company that knowingly makes it living selling said precious metals to clientele who specially are buying the product to make a profit and protect their wealth, who jacks up the price by 75% is pretty clearly not a reputable company.  It quite simply is fraud.

Also, to completely thwart what Minkow is saying, the competitors were not also jacking up their prices by 75%.  Their markup was 2%, which is the industry standard.  So then it comes back to Minkow.  Why did he make this video and get involved in this?  To defend Beck?  Hardly.  To defend Goldline?

Here’s an educated guess:

Congressman Anthony Weiner discovered the fraudulent practices of Goldline.  Minkow had already disocvered the practices of the company.  When Congressman Weiner made his allegations public Minkow and company had to rush to do damage control because they were going to short them.  Minkow gets a warning that if he is caught shorting Wall Street again, the big boys are going to be angry.  The publicity is killing Minkow and so he’s rushing to put out the fire.

I bet I am not too far off.

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2 thoughts on “Congressman Anthony Weiner, Glenn Beck, Goldline and Suck Up Barry Minkow: The Gang’s All Here”

  1. Goldline is not only marking up their gold by 75%… they have been caught jacking up the price anywhere from 94% to 215%, which is ridiculous. I do not understand how Glenn Beck or the reps at Goldline can sleep at night, knowing they have taken someone entire life’s savings. The article mentioned purchasing gold to hedge your portfolio against fiat currency collapse, which is a great idea. I have invested about 18 percent of my portfolio in gold and silver and I am doing well. I like the fact that I know I have a pretty sure thing with gold and silver… especially given the history of worth. It is very important to do a lot of research on companies to use and more importantly what type of gold to invest. Currently, I am working with and they have been very helpful in the process of making me understand the history, current market, and precious metals. They also have really good prices. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

  2. Goldline has been in business for 50 years and has an outstanding reputation(A+ Rating BBB) Weiner should mind his own business and let individuals do their own due diligence. If he wants to go after someone committing FRAUD…………what about the government (which includes himself) and their overpaid employees!!

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