Herman Cain and the Federal Reserve Bank

Herman Cain and the Federal Reserve Bank

Most of the awakened beings that are paying attention to the GOP campaign have realized that a new Black candidate is getting a lot of attention: Herman Cain.  He is 3rd in the national polls for the Republican Party.  He is steadily gaining ground from debate to debate.  The thing is, he is not a politician and has never held an elected political position, until you realize he served as Director for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  The awakened beings stop short when they hear / read that, because for all intents and purposes the Federal Reserve Bank is the enemy.  But, Thomas Hoenig clears everything up in a statement he has made.

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain

From 1992 to 1996, Herman served as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in the capacities of deputy chairman and then chairman of the Board. Fed directors are dedicated representatives of Main Street business, community development, organized labor and financial services sectors who agree to give their time to help the Federal Reserve understand the economy and to oversee our operations. It was my privilege to work with Herman very closely during his five years on the Kansas City board.
I appreciate the opportunity to provide greater understanding of the role of Federal Reserve Bank directors because they provide a tremendous service to our country.
” ~ Thomas Hoenig, the president of the Kansas City Fed.

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Smackdown Part Deux: Peter Schiff vs LInda McMahon Connecticut Senate

Peter Schiff Gains Ballot for Senate Seat in Connecticut

I have been following the Libertarian minded Republican candidate for the Connecticut senate seat Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, author, businessman, financial commentator, video blogger, and a 2010 candidate for the United States Senate, clinched the Republican senate spot opposite Linda McMahon, WWE promoter and wife of Vince McMahon, when he got the requisite signatures to be placed on the ballot today.

For some reason he did not secure the ballot during the Republican primaries.  That might be due to the fact the Linda McMahon put $50 million of her OWN money into her campaign.  This is the same Linda McMahon that Anne Coulter, Rich Lowry say have no chance of beating out Democrat nominee Richard “Dick” Blumenthal.

“Connecticut Republicans now have a alternative: a wrestling promoter or a businessman and economist,” said Schiff, in announcing the success of his petition drive. “Given the state of our economy, I think the choice is clear.”

Obviously with the economy in the state that it is in, a show business woman like Lina McMahon would be nearly worse than the career politicians that got us into this mess to begin with.  Schiff on the other hand presents sound market knowledge, an economist, a savvy investor and someone not beholden to cronyism.

MILFORD, CT – U.S. Senate candidate and economy expert Peter Schiff today announced he earned a spot on the August 10th Republican primary ballot. Schiff exceeded the 8,268 signatures required by state law and received confirmation from Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz.

“We are thrilled to hear the news that our efforts have proved successful,” said Peter Schiff. “Connecticut Republicans now have a alternative: a wrestling promoter or a businessman and economist. Given the state of our economy, I think the choice is clear.”

“I look forward to waging a competitive campaign and defeating Linda McMahon August 10th,” Schiff added. “I am confident as voters learn more about me, they will like what they see and hear. From fighting to remove the government roadblocks preventing employers from creating jobs to keeping taxes low, I am the only one in the race with the skill-set necessary to help get our economy back on track.

A staunch believer that America can no longer borrow to live beyond its means, Schiff pledges to use expertise garnered from building a successful investment company to stop growing the government and start growing our economy.

Peter Schiff Ballot Announcement Vlog

Here is Peter Schiff announcing his ballot acceptance.

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