The Gay Agenda: We Don’t Need Rainbow Libertarians

The Gay Agenda: We Don’t Need Rainbow Libertarians

Don’t be fooled by the gay agenda

Knowing that…

I am unapologetic in my view, but coming from an upper class family, we do not discuss personal matters in public. Why is America now infatuated with what people do in their bedroom? Why do people willingly publicly tell about their fetishes to the world?

Gov. Gary Johnson

For a nacent political party, trying to win over the masses of people, albeit correctly based upon the tenets of the foundation of the country, to put themselves on a weak political foot by identifying itself with an unpopular label such as gay, bi, lesbian is political suicide.

There is no honor in labeling yourself and identifying yourself. Nor is it even remotely in the best interest of the Libertarian party.

I have constantly, this agenda aside, made speeches and videos and written articles talking about the complete lack of understanding of politics in the Libertarian party. We shoot ourselves in the foot constantly and wonder why we aren’t as successful, as we think we should be.

While everyone rushes to put their business in the street, it would be wiser to not discuss it at all. It is a political party, not a cause. The two are very much different.

I would hope and think that all LP members would seek to further the party, and put aside their own personal causes. But this entire forced openess will make the very people we are trying to gather into the fold, to run for cover. And, if you think “we don’t need them”, you are very much wrong.

We need to be wiser than the wise in this party. We need to run congressmen and senators galor. Having a Libertarian president, standing alone in the white house, would nearly serve no purpose. Not that it wouldn’t be great, but without congressional support or a solid base, he’d probably get nothing done, and would be blamed for all failures of congress and only be there one term.

A political party is not a cause. It’s just politics.

I AM BLACK. But, I am not a Black Libertarian. I am just a Libertarian.

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Why Libertarians Should Shut-Up

Why Libertarians Should Shut-Up

Libertarians are you aware that all these children are students of the almighty media?  They learn at its feet and worship the words of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN.  To them every word spoken is gospel and none can besmirch its holy rhetoric.

You dare challenge their menial mental tasks that believe that SS, medicare, etc is somehow laudable   You dare challenge their concept of Americanism by bringing up the US constitution and its promise that if we keep the government small that we can enjoy a tax free society?  You dare challenge the almighty Obama, upon who’s hopes and yes we cansians have placed their halo?

So what is the dollar is set to be completely annihilated as soon as Germany gets tired of the shenanigans or the Chinese buy that last bit of gold to make them the only asset backed currency on the planet?  So what if the UN is poised to initiate the final stages of global governance, in whom hands Obama is placing America.

No, it will not be until the very end that these mewling sheep will wake up and realize that the very messiah, in whom they placed much favor, was the very instrument that delivered them into the belly of the beast.

These, have no idea how close we are to destruction.  They think it is just a case of choosing a good versus an evil or a better of the same.  That day is long past.  We have played into the hands of the globalist and put a fox in charge of the hen house.

I fear, if we actually chose a real president it would mean a real world war, because the rest of the world will not want a purely sovereign and independent United States.  The globalist will not stand for it.  And they will not give up without a real live fight.

Our options now are total doom or total war.

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What Governor Runs the Federal Reserve Bank?

What Governor Runs the Federal Reserve Bank?

A guy asks, “what state governor runs the Federal Reserve Bank”?  The question is like asking “what rifle does the pope use when he goes hunting?”  I think we can all safely agree the pope doesn’t go hunting, and probably is forbidden from hunting.

President Jackson Made it His Life’s Work to Kill the Central Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank is not a federal entity, nor is it publicly funded “in theory”.  It is a private bank, just like Bank of America, Chase Bank and Wells Fargo.

No politician has anything to do with it, nor can they even be present in their private meetings.  In fact the government has about as much to do with the Fed as they do with my local credit union, which has far more privacy than Wells Fargo.

In 1798, Thomas Jefferson said the following….

“I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution – taking from the federal government their power of borrowing.”

So your question is completely wrong.  Sorry to say.  No state governor is over any part of the Federal Reserve bank, nor its regional banks.  The entire system is completely privately owned banks.  They have tried their best to acquire banks into their system.  If your bank uses them to verify funds before cashing checks, they are hooked into the system.  If your bank sends checks for them to verify the check itself, they are hooked in the system.  If you can imagine, banks get hundreds of checks each day, directly and indirectly.

Gouverneur Morris, one of the authors of the U.S. Constitution, solemnly warned us in 1787 that we must not allow the bankers to enslave us….

“The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. They always did. They always will… They will have the same effect here as elsewhere, if we do not, by (the power of) government, keep them in their proper spheres.”

The only way local banks can avoid being under the Fed is by not using any of their programs or by not selling to a larger bank that is already under the Fed.

Rich Bankers Drafted the Federal Reserve Act in Secret

The Fed runs as any corporation.  They have a board and a chairman.  The current chairman is Ben Bernanke. By statute the president is allowed to pick the chairman.  However, this is merely ceremonial, as everyone on the board and the chairman are picked for him.  You can see this clearly, by the fact that Bernanke, who was chosen by a Republican president, was also kept by a Democrat president.  Normally, in politics, any political candidate for a position is always picked based upon the political party of the politician in question, i.e. liberal judges are picked by Democrat presidents and legislature and visa versa for conservative judges.

Clearly the Fed is outside of that political system, altogether.

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Samuel Jackson says the Tea Party Racist?

Samuel Jackson says the Tea Party Racist?

The word is thrown around by people who want to get attention all the time.  They claim this and that person is racist or this and that organization is racist.  Normally it is thrown about the media by some uneducated buffoon who doesn’t even know what the term racism even means or where it started.  Case in point, Samuel Jackson.  In this case he called the entire Tea Party movement racist.  What he and probably most of you doesn’t know, the Tea Party is now composed of both Libertarians, and Democrats and Republicans.  That’s right, the Tea Party movement, is just that, a movement of the people.

Libertarian Originated the Tea Party

Well hell, I’m Black and Libertarian.  We, Libertarians, actually started the movement.  Fox and other corporate shills co-opted the movement to shut out the Libertarian party once again, and we let them, somehow.  Now instead of it being a freedom, grassroots movement, it is considered a Republican movement, with some of the worst crooks from the Bush administration, who ought to be tried for treason, being leaders of various splinter groups.

Jackson is just terribly misinformed.  Oh, I’m sure there are racist in the tea party.  It doesn’t hand out social edumacation classes to the members.  But, equally, I’m sure there are entire tea party groups filled with effete classists.

Just like Uncle Remus of Boondocks doesn’t represent Black Americans, nor does a few racists going to a tea party rally.  I think we’re all adults capable of complicated thought, and can see that not everything is “black and white”.

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Ann Coulter Speaks Out Against Libertarians and Ron Paul

Ann Coulter Speaks Out Against Libertarians and Ron Paul

Political pundit and conservative author, Ann Coulter spoke out against Ron Paul and continued to rant and rave against Libertarians. He was very taken aback about the entire issue of marriage. Not that the Libertarian view of lessez faire was good enough, but that it was “cowardly” in her opinion. He said she wants to punch Libertarians. He says Libertarians “dodge the tough questions”.

Political Pundit Ann Coulter

I personally just think he is just angry about something. He is always going on about how he wishes he could do something to someone who is against him. He has also been known to walk off of Fox News.

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Mitt Romney on The Corporate People

Mitt Romney on The Corporate People

In an unscripted move that resembles that of Ronald Reagan’s dramatic “I paid for this microphone” moment in a 1980 New Hampshire debate, Romney declared he would refuse to raise taxes. This led to the following quick exchange:

    Liberal Protestor: “Tax corporations!”
    Romney: “Corporations are people, my friend.”

The governor then turned to the audience and asked if they wanted taxes raised, which was greeted with a loud chorus of boos.

Mitt Romney

Before the afternoon was out, NPR was jumping on Romney, running this story from reporter Frank James headlined:

    Romney’s ‘Corporations Are People’ A Gift To Political Foes

The story said that Romney, whom all the world knows made his success in the business world:

gave his Democratic opponents an early Christmas gift by uttering those words. He just made their goal of pushing the narrative that he is a tool of corporate America much easier by providing them with that handy piece of video…. Liz Halloran of NPR was in the crowd at the state fair for Romney’s “corporations are people” line. “Not his best moment,” she tells us.

The story also said:

These words could haunt him all the way to Election Day if he becomes the nominee. They could follow him the way President Obama’s line about rural folks clinging to their guns and religion tagged along behind the Democrat.

NPR’s Corporate Funding

On November 6, 2003, NPR accepted a grant of over $225 million from the estate of the late Joan Kroc. Kroc, of course, was famous as the wife of Ray Kroc — the founder of McDonald’s. Joan Kroc had no independent wealth of her own. History records that she met her future (and already married) husband when he walked into a bar where she was the piano player. They hit it off and the rest, as they might say, was history.

The point, of course, is that Joan Kroc’s ability to leave behind over $235 million for NPR is precisely because of the corporation formally known as McDonald’s Corporation. And sure enough, just as Mitt Romney said, McDonald’s turns out to be filled with people. Specifically:

  • McDonald’s employs 1.7 million people with private sector jobs
  • McDonald’s has 33,000 outlets in 118 countries where those 1.7 million people have those jobs
  • McDonald’s, as described here by the company, provides health care for its employees.
NPR Funding

What does this illustrate?  That quite aside from the issue of government funding, NPR itself exists as the result of corporate funding. Says NPR of how it gets its money:

NPR’s revenue comes primarily from fees paid by

  • our member stations, 
  • contributions from corporate sponsors
  • institutional foundation grants, 
  • gifts from major donors, 
  • and fees paid by users of The Public Radio Satellite System.

And sources like foundations — the Ford Foundation, for example — got their money from the success of corporations. Not Ford Motor Company — no money for Edsel Ford to set up the Ford Foundation.

With 25 million now unemployed precisely as Romney said, NPR, literally on the air by its own admission because it takes corporate money, is now insisting corporations and the jobs they create will be an issue in this campaign.  Giving Romney and any other conservative out there a priceless opportunity to make Obamanomics the central issue of 2012.

If NPR has such a dim view of corporations, will they stop taking corporate money?

Libertarian Response

As an outsider looking in, on the duopoly that is the democrat / republican trick, I have clarity that most do not have, i.e. the ability to see the plans within plans and the motives of the lesser men that make them.  Not to call the author out or anything, but apparently he is trying to bring Mitt Romney back into the spotlight, given Gov. Perry’s usurping of the supposed republican lead, contrary to what the Ron Paul campaign would suggest.

I think everyone is in agreement that a Ron Paul administration would be a bad thing, FOR BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS. And, it would definitely spell the end of federal funding of NPR to begin with.

However, given that the media and the duopoly butter each others’ bread, it is no wonder they ignore the people, i.e. tea party, Ron Paul supporters, libertarian supporters.  This “minority” is now a majority of the actual voters.

Mitt Romney of course would be a 3rd generation GW Bush administration, right behind GW and Obama himself.  I know the duopoly tries to make GW and Obama look like different people, what with him being half black and all, but all 3 are corporatist and not card carrying members of neither the democrat nor republican party.

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Meet Your Local Libertarian Candidates

Meet Your Local Libertarian Candidates

The two party system throws a lot of dust into the air and tries to make sure you are missing 3rd parties.  The reality is between democrat and republican, there is no real option or choice between the two.  They might say one is liberal and one is conservative, but the reality is that YOU the followers of these parties are the liberal or conservatives.  The truth of the matter is that, once in office, the candidates do absolutely nothing different.  A republican or democrat spends spends spends and makes sure they get re-elected.  A democrat is for big government and a republican is for big government.  Where is your choice exactly?

The Old Boy’s Club of Democrats and Republicans

Well, there are far more choices now than say 20 years ago.  We have a true choice in the Libertarian party.  Let me clarify something before you automatically assume you understand the Libertarian platform.  Notice any derogatory comments made about the Libertarian party all come from republican / democrat shills.  They are never going to tell you fairly and squarely that the Libertarian party is what every candidate and politician should be after.  Government is supposed to be there simply to protect us from outside invaders and to smooth things out between parties, through judges, and criminals, through the police.  But in their zeal to make a bigger grander government, the democrats and republicans are trying to keep and control you form cradle to grave.  You don’t like an issue, take it to the government.  It is the ultimate in mind control.

The reality is that the current parties wish nothing more than to control you and make sure you hand over your money to their nice wall street buddies that got them elected.  It is the ultimate class warfare, with us on the other side.  There cannot be now said that our government is not corrupt.  They cannot deny that they handed over trillions of our dollars, and debt, over to wall street, with the nice name of bail out attached to it.

But, the Libertarian party is here and is strong.  We stand for the constitution.  Imagine a world where you had no taxes whatsoever.  Imagine that you could open up a little shop of your own without having to pay exorbitant licenses and other secret taxes to keep your out of the market.  Our country to return to producing things instead of consuming what other people produced.  We were one of the best manufacturer of goods on the planet, but through the 2 party system America has been gutted.

Every election period we scream throw the bums out.  But the only thing everyone does is ends up electing the same damn person.  Who cares that it’s a republican “woman”.  She is the same thing as the democrat male.  There is no difference.  But the propaganda machine works over-time to make sure you don’t see it.

Here are you local Libertarian candidates.  Contact them and get to know them.  America does not have to go down in a ball of flames.  America does not have to default on our own dollars.  It is a new day and we can see the sun behind these very very gloomy clouds that the democrats and republicans paint.

Met your Libertarians candidates, greet them, love them.  For, they are your best hope for a real future in America.

Local Libertarian Candidates

Thane Eichenauer
Phoenix Mayor, Arizona
Bill Barker
Phoenix City Council, Arizona
Maclyn Stringer
Centennial City Council, District 4, Colorado
Rich Lion
Manchester City Council, Connecticut
Brent Hatley
Saint Petersburg City Council, District 3, Florida
Lance Lamberton
Austell City Council, Ward 4, Georgia
Richard Segal
Douglasville City Council, Ward 5, Georgia
Amanda Swafford
Flowery Branch City Council, Georgia
Daniel de Gracia
Honolulu County Neighborhood Board, Hawaii
Karen Green
Bloomington City Council Ward 2, Illinois
Jeff Ready
Bloomington City Council Ward 6, Illinois
Doug Marks
Carpentersville Village Trustee, Illinois
J.D. Horton
Grayville Mayor, Illinois
Don Stover
Greenville City Council, Illinois
Brian Sasso
Lincoln-Way High School Board, Illinois
Karin Vermillion
Mahomet Library Board, Illinois
Steve Hellin
O’Fallon District 90 School Board, Illinois
Edwin Everly
Rantoul Township High School Board, Illinois
Rob Jozwiak
Anderson Mayor, Indiana
Oscar Gibson
Elkhart Mayor, Indiana
Phil Miller
Greenfield Mayor, Indiana
Jeff Spoonamore
Greenwood Mayor, Indiana
Chris Bowen
Indianapolis Mayor, Indiana
Ed Coleman
Indianapolis City-County Council, Indiana
Bob Isgrigg
Jeffersonville Mayor, Indiana
Thomas Keister
New Albany Mayor, Indiana
Debbie O’Neal
Rushville Mayor, Indiana
Pat Farrell
South Bend Mayor, Indiana
Mike Waite
Westfield Mayor, Indiana
Ken Moellman
State Treasurer, Kentucky
Robert Walsh
Lynn City Council, At-large, Massachusetts
Brian Runne
Lynn City Council, Ward 4, Massachusetts
Lorenzo Gaztanaga
Baltimore City Council President, Maryland
Doug McNeil
Baltimore City Council, District 11, Maryland
Scott Spencer
Baltimore City Council, District 12, Maryland
Ron Owens-Bey
Baltimore City Council, District 13, Maryland
Calvin Kattola
Royal Oak City Commissioner, Michigan
Tylor Slinger
Saint Paul City Council, Minnesota
Jeff Foli
Chillicothe City Council, Missouri
Doug Burlison
Springfield City Council, Missouri
Donna Knezevich
State Representative, Mississippi
Harold M. Taylor
State Representative, Mississippi
Jan “Jay” Butler
State Representative, Mississippi
Sean Holmes
State Representative, Mississippi
Brendan Kelly
State Representative, Rockingham District 14, New Hampshire
Darren Young
State Assembly, District 21, New Jersey
Dave Schneck
State Assembly, District 30, New Jersey
Julian Heicklen
State Assembly, District 37, New Jersey
Vinko Grskovic
State Assembly, District 38, New Jersey
Chris Edes
Monroe County Legislature, District 24, New York
Drew Beeman
Monroe County Legislature, District 25, New York
Max Kessler
Monroe County Legislature, District 27, New York
John Cain
Suffolk County Executive, New York
Peter Nichols
Huntington Town Councilmember, New York
Vivinne Wong
Huntington Town Councilmember, New York
Stephen Mayo
New Rochelle City Councilmember, New York
Howard Arden
North Castle Town Supervisor, New York
Kerry Lutz
North Castle Town Councilmember, New York
Matthew Rice
North Castle Town Councilmember, New York
Greg Fischer
Riverhead Town Supervisor, New York
Bob Bridges
Columbus City Council, Ohio
Mark Noble
Columbus City Council, Ohio
Ken Sharp
Toledo City Council, District 1, Ohio
Mike Burkholder
Troy City Auditor, Ohio
Tim Mullen
Luzerne County Council, Pennsylvania
Erik Viker
Selinsgrove Borough Council, Pennsylvania
Brenda Fabian
Selinsgrove School Board, Pennsylvania
David Moser
York School Board, Pennsylvania
Stan Smith
State Senator, District 16, South Carolina
Kris Bailey
Austin City Council, Texas
Kooper Caraway
Mount Pleasant Mayor, Texas
Courtney White
Ogden City Council, Ward 2, Utah

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