Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Want a Nice Guy

Girls Don’t Want a Nice Guy

Through extensive interviews and research, (no, not just my cousins this time) I have compiled a list of the top 10 reason why girls don’t like nice guys. Oh they say they want a nice guy, but at the end of the day, they don’t date nice guys. I know it’s a double standard, that girls need to appear to be respectable, i.e. not a sleezy slut, so they try and be seen with a decent guy, but they crave bad boys. All those guys in jail prove it. They all have or had girl friends. So the message is clear, broken English; high-school drop out; police record; getting into fights, is a sure way to get in bed with 99.999999% of the girls on the planet.

Bad Boy and Bad Girl

What’s worse is, the very thing that women crave, they look for in a man with the opposite qualities. And, what are these qualities that women want? Oh that’s easy:

  • strength
  • protection
  • freedom

They are under the assumption that they cannot get these qualities in a nice guy, so they go looking for it in a bad boy.

Top 10 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

  1. Nice guys have no adventure or are not wild and crazy: women are constantly thinking that good guys are boring and have absolutely no fun.  Apparently good guys stay home and read books (or write blogs, wait a minute, that’s me *gasp*).  Girls don’t think good guys have any “fun”, like getting arrested?
  2. Nice guys have no sense of humor: turn on any t.v. show and you’ll find some idiot guy punching, kicking, tripping or falling, and laughing about it.  Even videos online have guys getting into fights and laughing about it.  If you’re a guy in a public computer place, your best bet to get a chick is to watch one of those videos and laugh at it and ask a cute girl to come watch it with you.  9 out of 10 of those girls will give you their number on the spot.
  3. Nice guys cry.  Girls think that being sensitive in a man is a sign of complete weakness.  It’s an extremely unfair double standard.  They want a guy to ask them what’s wrong with them when they’re sad, but God forbid he ever has a bad day.  You can’t have a guy that is sensitive enough to see when you’re sad, yet not feel sad himself.  He either is sensitive or he’s not.  He either knows when you’re crying, because he cries too, or he doesn’t give a rat’s patoot at all.
  4. Nice guys run away from fights.  However dumb that even sounds, girls think that bad boys will stick up for them [the girl] and for themselves.  What women have no understanding is that intimidation is how most fights are actually won.  Guys don’t lift weights to be better fighters, we lift weights so we can be physically menacing.  How many men in the U.S. are actually on a professional football team?  That would be about 0.00000001% of the male population.  Yet the fitness industry has exploded.  There are more physically fit and bodybuilder level men now that ever in the history of mankind.  And, it’s not because men need to be that big.
  5. Nice guys don’t drink / smoke.  This may vary around the country.  Around here there is a huge section of the population that is from a cult, and they don’t drink or smoke.  No girl wants to date them, except the other cult girls, but … anywho.  Girls feel they cannot go “out” with nice guys and have a little night on the town.  Trust me, going to the library, as a date, is no fun.  I’ve done it.  LOL  She asked me to meet her there so, don’t blame me.
  6. Nice guys are not confident.  This is one of the biggest complaints girls have about nice guys.  While noone wants to be physically abused, a lot of women want to be manhandled.  They want to physically feel the strength of the guy on their body.  This is why so many women are attracted to big body builder guys.  Even fat guys are more successful than skinny guys.  Being physically imposing, goes a long way with women.  Although the good guy would say he’s being polite, most women have absolutely no concept of manners.  At least, in this day and age they do not.  Girls have no idea that saying “excuse me” is actually polite.  Therefore they are attracted to a guy that simply brushes by them, more than a guy that waits until you get out of the way, or says excuse me as he walks by.
  7. Nice guys don’t make “moves”.  While this is a huge oxymoron, it made the list.  This is just to show you how stupid [no offense] these girls are.  You see, they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.  On the one hand they say that good guys don’t make moves on them, but at the end of the day, neither do bad boys.  In both cases the girl makes the first move and makes all the moves thereafter.  You see the bad boy ignores the girl, which turns her on.  So either they want to be ignored or they don’t want to be ignored.  They complain that the good guy is too shy and doesn’t make a move, but then the bad boy doesn’t make a move either.
  8. Nice guys don’t have money.  This right here … sigh.  So the story is that bad boys, who probably just got through mugging someone, give the girls money occasionally and nice guys don’t.  Oh the nice guy pays for a meal, but he doesn’t hand over wads of cash.  Even if they girl knows where the bad boy got the money, they don’t care.  As long as they hand them the money, they don’t care.  They also think that bad boys have more potential to be rich some day, probably from watching how evil bastards do get rich in business.
  9. Nice  guys are creepy or stalk you.  Although, this is by definition, not a good guy, this made the list.  Girls think that being nice is so strange that it is creepy.  A guy that smiles at you, laughs at your jokes, buys you a drink, is somehow interpreted as creepy.  I chalk this up to girls just be schizo and not knowing what they want.
  10. Nice guys don’t know how to have sex.  I didn’t go into details, but, apparently being a good guy automatically means that you do missionary and immediately fall asleep.  Many, many girls said they want a bad boy in bed.  They tended to shy away from good guys on this very fact.  Even if they truly wanted a nice guy, they turned him down because at the back of their mind, nice guys cannot handle the bedroom.  [buncha whores if you ask me, JUST KIDDING]

Solution for Nice Guys

Don’t Stop Being a Nice Guy

Well after that list, what can a nice guy do?  It is my learned opinion, after viewing this entire list and going through all of the copious information I gathered for this scholarly article, that only one conclusion can be drawn from it:


And, there you have it.  It is a peculiar type of woman that craves for a bad boy.  I observed that only bad girls, in some form, want bad boys.  They spoke of how they wanted some guy to be “open minded”.  This means to me that they themselves are lacking and therefore, they need someone who can deal with their lack.  People say that women are emotional.  Well, after asking this question and looking hundreds of girls right in the eye, I can safely say that, girls a schizoid freaks.  I don’t think emotional quite captures it. [totally being sarcastic]

This was fun to do.

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Repressing Emotions and Feelings in America

Denying Your Feelings

In America people raise their children to deny emotions. Mothers discourage children from crying, being sad, being angry or even being happy. These children then grow up to deny themselves these same emotions. Today doctors diagnose happy children as having Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and prescribing Ritalin for them. Teachers, who are ill trained and probably have no business being in the classroom, describe these children as “uncontrollable”, and hence there must be a problem with them. All of this amounts to, people who are not raised properly, have no psychological training, and are so out of tune with a healthy mind that they don’t understand one when they see one.

You and your children need to feel all emotions. Let me repeat this.

  • You need to feel happy on a consistent basis
  • you need to feel sad on a consistent basis
  • you need to feel angry on a consistent basis
  • you need to feel aggressive on a consistent basis
  • you need to feel meek on a consistent basis

Notice fear is not on the list. Sadness, is not akin to fear. And, understand sadness and happiness can be linked together. There can be things that are so beautiful that they not only make you happy to see, but they make you cry and ache with how beautiful they are. The emotionally sound mind can run the gamut of emotions all in one breath. You can laugh until you cry. You have heard, “tears of joy”. This is from an emotionally sound mind. They are so overcome by their emotions that it brings tears to their eyes in a joyful situation.

Stifling Emotions can be Dangerous

“Big boys don’t cry Billy.” Have you heard this? Have you said this to your own child? Have you been told this as a child yourself? The pervasive notion that men or males should no cry set a very dangerous precedent. You are teaching male children to repress all emotions which lead to crying. This repression of course has to come out some way. So if it doesn’t come out by crying, it comes out by beating his wife, murdering his children, opening fire with a machine gun on a crowded room.

Of course men should cry. Of course boys should cry. Are they any less human? Are women the only human on the planet privileged to show their emotions? Our society is so screwed up that we welcome the sick mind, instead of the healthy mind. If something is “wrong” you should cry about it. If something is sad you should cry about it. Feel the emotion. Does God not cry over us? Does he not weep? I have no idea who started this notion that men shouldn’t cry, but it is a very dangerous act.

“A real man sucks it up.” No no, a real man keeps going in spite of a sad situation. That is a totally different notion than a real man not feeling emotions.

Who here, reading this, would expect a father to NOT cry at the death of their child? Cry, I would expect them to be inconsolable, for at least a week if not a month. Who here would expect a husband to NOT cry over a wife leaving him? Again, I would expect him to be nigh comatose for a good half month. But you see, in each of these instances, the unhealthy mind represses the feelings. And, what do you have with that? You have a disaster waiting to happen.

What should you do in that situation, if it were a friend / relative going through that situation? You should:

  • put on a ragedy shirt
  • buy some cleenex
  • go over to his house
  • sit him down next to you
  • put the cleenex on his lap
  • pull his head right on your shoulder
  • order, command, demand him to cry

Yes, you should make him cry, right on your shoulder. And, what happens after a good cry? We all feel better don’t we?

Have you ever just got the urge to cry? This is your body telling you, you need this release. You need to be angry and sad, just like you need to be happy. Your body needs to feel all of those emotions, and quit frequently.

But Isn’t Being Angry a Bad Thing?

We need to be angry, just like we need to be happy. Have you ever see a baby, infant, cry and then growl while they’re crying? Obviously they are feeling the anger emotion. It just naturally comes out. There could be no change in the environment, they just wanted to growl a little. And, you can be “angry” over many situations. In fact the word – anger – is the child version of the word. You can be:

  • frustrated
  • disconcerted
  • embarrassed
  • hurt / sad
  • jealous
  • perplexed

Those are more specific emotions. We go through those daily. But most of us were raise to think it was bad to actually feel or worse, admit to those emotions. How many of you reading this would admit to being jealous? How many of you would admit to being frustrated.

Most times, these emotions are embarrassing to admit to, because we feel it is a reflection on an inadequacy that we, ourselves have. Why would I admit to being jealous. That means that I feel beneath that person that made me feel that way. Why would I admit to being frustrated? That means that I am too stupid to understand the problem. Why would I admit to being embarrassed? That means I am a virgin / fat and don’t want people to know.

Anger is an emotion people are not only taught to avoid, but they themselves try to repress. We have so many social stigmas that people are often made to feel they must repress anger and the subcategories under it, in order to fit in. It has to be the most unhealthy emotion to repress. The person that represses anger, blows up eventually.

The nagging wife, the busy body mom, the nosy neighbor – these all make people repress their anger emotions. Then one day … They blow up, and the person doesn’t understand why they blew up. That’s what is truly ironic about the situation.

“Behave billy”, says the overbearing mother. Anger is a behavior, mom. Be a better mother and understand how to be a mother and allow your child to be angry. You as a parent need to simply ask questions in those situations. Don’t try to repress the anger. I repeat, do not say “calm down”. If someone is ranting and raving, simply stand back, let them rant and rave. They need the ranting and raving, as much as they need laughter. When you can get a word in edgewise, assist them in feeling the emotion by asking them “why”. A parent is a “guide”. You’re not there to beat them over the head. A good behaved child, is not a sheep that follows you around with a silent smile. You’ll raise a doorknob of a kid, if that is what you think the ideal child is.

You need to feel anger, just as much as you need to feel overjoyed the 49ers won the superbowl. Think for a second. Who’s the best friend you ever had? Did he / she just let you vent about whatever and just nod and let you keep venting? That’s a good friend. That’s a good parent. That’s a person that lets you be emotionally healthy. Why do we talk to psychiatrists, bartenders, priests? We need to let it all out. We need to tell it. We need to get it off our chest.

You as a wife / husband / father / mother need to be the bartender / psychiatrist / priest. Hear the confessions. Hear the emotions. Hear the sob stories. And you need to nod and say “mm hmm”. And take turns with your wife / husband.

Wfie: “How was your day hunny?”
Husband: “Oh let me tell you, first I dropped the honey bun in my lap on the way to work.”
Wife: “oh I bet you got frustrated at that. Did you stain your pants?”
Husband: “yes and I had to hide under my desk all morning long till it evaporated and went away.”
Wfie: “oh I bet that was embarrassing. Did anyone see you?”
Husband: “no, and I just casually walked around with files if I had to get up”
Wife: “did you make it home ok?”
Husband: “yes, on the way home Timothy saw this pretty woman who came to the car and asked us directions. He was so smitten, he started stuttering. I couldn’t stop laughing.”
Wife: “oh, poor thing, and you laughed right there as they were talking, or trying to?”
Husband: “I couldn’t help it. It was funny.”
Wife: “Well besides the honey bunn sounds like you had a good day.”
Husband: “how was yours?”
Wife: “oh the teacher called and said Billy peed his pants. Come to find out another kid had spilled a drink on him. At first I was so shocked, but then when they found out what happened, I didn’t know if I should laugh or what..”
Husband: “I hope Billy didn’t punch the kid or anything.”
Wife: “oh no, I think it was a friend of his. He would never punch one of his friends.”
Husband: “lucky for his friends. He’s a real fireball when he gets angry.”
Wife: “Yes, it’s pretty funny when he gets so angry. But honey, that wasn’t the main reason his teacher called.”
Husband: “don’t tell me something serious happened.”
Wife: “yes, one of the kids at school died of a rare disease. They called all the parents to tell them. They want the parents to be the one to tell the kids. It was little Susan, the neighbors daughter.”
Husband: “well, I’ll be. I just can’t believe that. Instead of just telling Billy, let’s bake a pie, get some Kleenex and all three of us go over there and give them all a big hug. Speaking of hugs, where’s Billy now. I think he’s going to be needing quite a few hugs before this is all over.”


Feel all of your emotions. Don’t repress them. Don’t teach your children to repress them. You can see people who are emotionally stressed out, break out on their skin. They are holding and bottling up their emotions and their bodies are trying to let it out. If you need to have cry sessions with your mother or husband, do it. Tell them, it’s a new thing you want to start up. Invite friends over and watch sad movies and everyone cry. Afterwards, hug each other or talk about it. Go around and ask how it made you feel.

You might want to start a pillow fight night. At least once a week. Get some anger out. It is a good thing. Can you imagine how much you can get your family to let out, if you did this on a consistent basis? Wrestle with your kids. Keep it clean and fun. You can laugh and let out anger at the same time. These emotions you want to let out. If you or your children are feeling an emotion, go through the entire emotion. Don’t just cry for a second and then repress it. That’s just as dangerous as not doing it in the first place. If it takes you an hour to cry, so be it. You work at your job for 8 hours, why not cry for an hou? Keep everything in perspective. If your boss makes you angry for 8 hours, you might need to pillow fight for a whole hour to let it out.

No one said you couldn’t mix fun, with feeling emotions. If you kid is angry, give him a notebook to rip up, sit him in the bathroom and tell him to rip it up. Simply have him clean it up afterwards. These are ideas to let you feel your emotions.

Bottling emotions in, can lead to a shorter life span. I am being completely serious about that. Can you imagine, high blood pressure so high that you lose your hair and other outrageous symptoms? No, let the emotions out and do it on a consistent basis. Encourage your family to do it. Encourage your friends to do it. If society looks at you strange, keep in mind, this is your health you have in your hands. Think to yourself, “I’m not going to repress this and kill myself at an early age, just to make them not feel awkward.”

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