Fundamental Analysis:Watch List Healthcare August 2012

Watch List Healthcare August 2012

This is an exercise that I created to learn and embrace fundamental analysis. I am no expert in technical analysis, but I have made gains via technical analysis. In the end, making money is a clear demonstration of one’s ability and a show of expertise given certain input, i.e. money is proof of my ability with technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis

Instead of the stodgy skill-set that requires endless ratio analysis, my fundamental analysis is very streamlined. What does that mean?

Some, … firms that wish to hire analysts require:

  • 13 different ratios to be measured before making a trade
  • a projection of earnings 10 years out, broken down by year, to project short term gains before trading
The list goes on. It just seems ridiculous. I am not being lazy, I am simply far more involved with real world, accounting, input-output calculations.
Here are my methods:

Fundamental Analysis

ROE: return on equity

net income / owners equity

NI / Net Assets
net income / net assets

dupont ratio
roe = ni / sales * sales / assets * assets / equity
ROE = +10% – +40% than industry

Criteria of Companies to Watch
– must have income
– eliminates highs and lows
– eliminates volatility

The criteria would, at first glance, seem to be a no-brainer. I have one word to say to that:

dot com.

So you have my method and criteria. Here is my watch list for healthcare.

3. NVO
5. ELN
8. PMD
10. CBP

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