45% of Black Women Have Never Been Married: I’m Available If You’re Rich

45% of Black Women Have Never Been Married

We know that “45% of Black women have never been married,” the top position for females for all races. [U.S. Census 2010, other races come in at 30%] But, could this shocking stat not mean what you think it means?

Percentages can really mislead you. NUMBERS are the real masters. Let me show you an example of what I mean. Here’s something funny that white controlled media likes to throw out:

“Black women make up a much higher percentage per capita of receiving welfare”

That sounds like a really horrible thing doesn’t it? No the problem is, the way in which they are limiting the statistic. They are saying that of the Black population, Black women take up a larger percentage of the people that receive welfare than other racial groups. But, this doesn’t mean anything.

Let’s break it down. Let’s represent this in small numbers for ease.

Whites: population of 17000
Blacks: population 1300
Latino: population 900

Now that quote above is saying that 200 black women on welfare means they are 15% of the Black population on welfare. White women on welfare only make up 11% of their population. BUT WAIT!!! In our example 11% of the white population means that 2,000 white women are on welfare. This means, there are more white women on welfare than there are Blacks in the U.S.

And, that’s how stats can be twisted to completely mislead you.

So there are 45% of Black women that have never been married. That means that 55% have.

I don’t think those numbers are correct though. My research shows it’s actually 42% unwed to 58% wed. I know it is only a few percentage points but it makes a difference in my eyes.

Let’s look at the Black men stats: 30% of Black men have never been married; 70% of Black men have been married.

The biggest difference it seems from the data I have looked over is that Black women do not marry outside of their race, as much as Black men do.

HOWEVER…. the numbers are so small that it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Married To White Spouse Black Spouse Asian Spouse Other Spouse
Black Man 390,000 4,072,000 39,000 66,000
Black Woman 168,000 4,072,000 9,000 18,000
It is also believed that a large percentage of Black men marry White women. This is cited as the cause of low marriage rates among Black women. This however is only partially true. While Black men marry white women at twice the rate of Black women only 8.5% of married Black men had White spouses in 2010 up from 6.6% in 2005. 10.8 percent of African American men married outside their race in 2010 also up from 8.4% in 2005. It is Asian women who have the highest rates of intermarriage which is twice that of Black men. Black women were the least likely to marry outside their race at only 4.6% in 2010 up from 3.6%, and only 3.9/% married to White men up from 2.8 in 2005.


Without numbers to back you up, you have no way of knowing how bad or good the Black community is really doing.

We are a long way off from 70% marriage rate in the 50s, but it is not impossible. The beauty of this internet is that I can give you cold hard facts. So when people say Black men are dating outside of their race or that Black women are horribly unwed, you can point to this article and say “that’s not true and here’s why”.

Unmarried Black women only represents about 8 million Black women. Spread out across the U.S. that’s a drop in the bucket.

I have already given you my philosophy in another article:

There cannot be god without goddess. There cannot be king without queen. There cannot be man without woman.

This is the traditional African belief. We need to return to it. Set your  mind that you not only should get married, but that you will get married. Once you convince yourself, the rest is easy.

Yes I have said that you should not have sex before marriage, rather harshly.  I apologize for the harshness, but I stand behind the statement. Going around and having sex is not ok, it’s not cool, it’s not the “adult thing to do”, it’s not the “modern relationship.”

Surprisingly enough there are Black men web sites. Not a few said they are professional, with money and do not WANT sex before marriage. The news does not want you to know that we exist. The media doesn’t want you to know that there is an alternative to being openly sexual.

If you, as a woman, would approach men and openly say that you are not looking for a sexual partner, but for a husband, and that doesn’t include having sex before marriage, eventually you will find Black men like me.

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