The Lie of Affirmative Action Being for Blacks

The Lie of Affirmative Action Being for Blacks

help wanted white onlyTurn on the TV, read a magazine or hear the radio talking about affirmative action and you will 100% of the time, hear something about race, and in particular, Blacks being involved in affirmative action. It is a complete fabrication, lie, falsehood, mock up, wool being pulled over your eyes. Nothing could be further than the truth, than Blacks being the recipients of affirmative action. The vast majority of individuals that are given and take advantage of affirmative action, are white women.

Blacks, again, suffer the brunt of hatred and stereotyping in the political category, like every other category that lies about Black people, namely, crime, economics, education etc. Blacks are a favorite for scapegoating in affirmative action, like everything else. Again, do the math, look at the numbers. If every Black person applied for college or a job and got in on affirmative action, there would still be 85% of the jobs and college spots left. It doesn’t even make mathematical sense to target Black people, as being recipients of affirmative action. There isn’t enough Black people to go around.

It is understood that Americans are lazy, stupid and gullible, but this is a non-argument. You cannot even make a point about affirmative action being for Black people. It is utter nonsense.

So then, when a white man brings a lawsuit about affirmative action being the reason he was denied entrance to a college, he targets the Black people going to the college as the reason he did not get admitted. If you look into the claim, you’ll find every Black person at the school is a super-genius and gained entrance, both by intellect, and by being very wealthy. What he did not do was target white women that were admitted to the college. If you look into that demographic, you’ll find that over 30% of those admitted, were admitted based on affirmative action, as a “minority”.

However, the feminist movement doesn’t want you to pay too much attention to these facts.

“All economic indicators, higher education admissions’ practices, and corporate and law firm figures show that when it comes to leveling the playing field in the past 30 years, white women—not black men, black women or other persons of color—have gained the most ground.” – The Root

Not only do white women win, with affirmative action, they are at 5% unemployment, better than even white men. Black men are at an astounding 35% unemployment, worse in some cities, up to 50%. The biggest pushers of affirmative action are not Black groups, but white women groups. In fact, categorically, Black people, being well aware that the issue doesn’t even benefit Black people, have systematically voted an astounding 76% – 85% against affirmative action, where ever possible.

There are still Black people ignorant of the issue, who think their support is doing Black people some good, but most Blacks understand the issue. However, it doesn’t stop the mainstream media, from trying to get viewers, by stirring up the pot, from presenting it as a racist issue. The minority group that nearly unanimously votes against the affirmative action are Asians. They realize no parts of affirmative action applies to them, nor benefits them in any shape, form or fashion, so they vote against it at a 97% rate.

Here’s to hoping it ends.


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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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