The Lie of Affirmative Action Being for Blacks

The Lie of Affirmative Action Being for Blacks

help wanted white onlyTurn on the TV, read a magazine or hear the radio talking about affirmative action and you will 100% of the time, hear something about race, and in particular, Blacks being involved in affirmative action. It is a complete fabrication, lie, falsehood, mock up, wool being pulled over your eyes. Nothing could be further than the truth, than Blacks being the recipients of affirmative action. The vast majority of individuals that are given and take advantage of affirmative action, are white women.

Blacks, again, suffer the brunt of hatred and stereotyping in the political category, like every other category that lies about Black people, namely, crime, economics, education etc. Blacks are a favorite for scapegoating in affirmative action, like everything else. Again, do the math, look at the numbers. If every Black person applied for college or a job and got in on affirmative action, there would still be 85% of the jobs and college spots left. It doesn’t even make mathematical sense to target Black people, as being recipients of affirmative action. There isn’t enough Black people to go around.

It is understood that Americans are lazy, stupid and gullible, but this is a non-argument. You cannot even make a point about affirmative action being for Black people. It is utter nonsense.

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  • housewifebeing married means you’re a slave to a man
  • being married means you can’t have a career
  • you can do it without a man [and somehow be happy]
  • working in a stereotypical female job makes you a lesser woman
  • men should take care of the kids equally
  • you should control your man
  • women are smarter than men
  • women are better than men
  • lesbianism is the ultimate in “girl power”
  • any woman that is conservative is stupid
  • atheism is the ultimate in “girl power”
  • any woman that believes in a male god is stupid and not a woman

Over the past several years, while doing research for various articles, I have come across the exact words by various feminist leaders.

The more I hear and add to this list, the more I suspect that feminism has nothing to do with empowering women who feel disenfranchised or in abusive relationship, and more about some sick personal vendetta against men.

They are more concerned with destruction and not about hoping to see humanity progress. Meaning, they would rather take an abused woman and put her on top of the relationship, instead of helping her find a helpmate.

When one of the chief female analysts revealed that:
– women cheat more than men
– women are the majority of child abusers

she was cast out of the inner circle of feminism. She too, came to the conclusion that the movement wasn’t about healing what is aching in the sexes, but creating an even larger schism and destroying men.

Entertainment and media is now rife with MYSANDRY and there doesn’t even seem any slowing. New programing show women in charge, in virtually all male dominated areas. This wouldn’t be a problem if it were one show, one movie or even one woman. But, they’ll show several women being in key positions, in positions of authority in fields, virtually, no women are even in. It’s as if every woman in that field all pooled together to be in this one building. It’s not done because women are pretty, but that they are trying to cast women in a dominant position. Invariably the women are portrayed as being ultra smart and handly are surrounded by stupid, and idiotic men. Mind you, they are in quantum physics labs to begin with, but this is the state of entertainment today.

Entertainment and media is now a captured medium for feminism. Instead of authors being allowed to tell stories, they are threatened with being black balled if they do not cater to the feminist agenda. And, that agenda shows the above list over and over and over.

Married women are portrayed as being subjugated or being the man in the relationship. Women in general are portrayed as barely tolerating incompetent men. Single women vs married women are portrayed as being liberated, smart, gorgeous and full of ideas and innovations.

This isn’t entertainment, it is the feminist agenda running rampant in media.

They never tell the other side of the coin. American men going overseas to find real women. American men searching for a helpmate. American men not wanting to marry a woman that wants to look, act and be a man in a relationship.

Anytime you do show American men searching for more ladylike women, they blame the men and call the men misogynists. Somehow a man is supposed to date and marry a man. He can’t actively seek out a real woman and lady.

It’s like the fat woman that blames the men for not finding her attractive. Once you buy into this last movement of feminism, and you find yourself alone and unhappy, you turn around and blame the men, not the very women that led you down this path.