Black Middle-Class: You Talk White?

Black Middle-Class: You Talk White?

Black All Boys SchoolWash ashore any African country and the citizens of that country will speak at least 5 different languages. Yet, in the U.S. Black lower-class think it is the height of cool to murder English, and insult any Black person that speaks real English. In fact, they will attempt to insult the Black person by saying, “you talk white.”

Let us explain something to the lower-class Blacks. You are not the epitome of what is Black. In fact, you are on the fringe of the fringe of what it is to be Black. nearly 85% of Blacks speak perfect English. Yet, Hollywood and the liberal media portrays only the lowest of the low-class Blacks as being the example of what it is to be Black. In fact, they raise the dregs of the Black community to stardom and wealth and then present them as examples of Blackdom, people like Jay-Z or other ill-conceived beings.

Someone like a Jay-Z is an embarrassment to the Black community. They are the people that are good for nothing more than to be laughed at. But, in this day and age of rampant consumerism, they couple uneducated and ignorant Black stars with entertainment. Consume one and you must consumer the other. Buy his music and you have to also buy that Black people can barely speak English.

It is the oldest hustle in the world. It is brainwashing extraordinaire. Buy the harlot with the dress. Buy the nimrod with the coat. It is the two for one deal. The attack on the Black middle-class is relentless. As the masses consume entertainment, they have to consume the added benefit of ignorant, low-class Black people.

But, the bad English Black speaker consumption doesn’t just end there. They blanket all of entertainment and news with it. You want to consume news about Black people, you have to also consume uneducated Black people with it. You want to consume commercials, get the degenerate Black person with it.

At no point, in any media do you see a middle-class Black person. In fact, if you ever did, you would be convinced that the middle-class Black person was an anomaly, an aberration, a radical fringe element. So then, the ignorant Black person calls the middle-class Black person, speaking white. No! It is you, lower-class Black person, that is speaking dumb, shaming your culture, shaming your ancestors, shaming even today’s Africans. They speak 5 or more languages, and you cannot speak even one.

The vast majority of Blacks, in the real world, not TV, speak proper English, are respectful, and are a joy to be around. Poor urban areas are not the majority of what it is to be Black. In fact, again, being poor is not the majority of the Black community. But, you would never be able to tell this from any public media. That a Black person, would tell another Black person, that they talk “white”, is a disgrace.


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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

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