The Lie of Affirmative Action Being for Blacks

The Lie of Affirmative Action Being for Blacks

help wanted white onlyTurn on the TV, read a magazine or hear the radio talking about affirmative action and you will 100% of the time, hear something about race, and in particular, Blacks being involved in affirmative action. It is a complete fabrication, lie, falsehood, mock up, wool being pulled over your eyes. Nothing could be further than the truth, than Blacks being the recipients of affirmative action. The vast majority of individuals that are given and take advantage of affirmative action, are white women.

Blacks, again, suffer the brunt of hatred and stereotyping in the political category, like every other category that lies about Black people, namely, crime, economics, education etc. Blacks are a favorite for scapegoating in affirmative action, like everything else. Again, do the math, look at the numbers. If every Black person applied for college or a job and got in on affirmative action, there would still be 85% of the jobs and college spots left. It doesn’t even make mathematical sense to target Black people, as being recipients of affirmative action. There isn’t enough Black people to go around.

It is understood that Americans are lazy, stupid and gullible, but this is a non-argument. You cannot even make a point about affirmative action being for Black people. It is utter nonsense.

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Why Gambia is Right About Being Anti-Homosexual in Their Country

Why Gambia is Right About Anti-Homosexual in Their Country

Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh
Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh

We in America can’t wrap our heads around a country being extremely anti-homosexual. We try to apply all of our freedoms and thoughts to these countries. But, we never stop and think why these countries are anti-homosexual. So, I did some investigating. It turns out, homosexuality would be the death of the country. Literally! The country would cease to exist if even 3% of the population turned homosexual.

Those are pretty strong words right? They are until you look at the country and its population. Gambia has about one million people, living in the entire country. They need children, and they need them now, better yet, yesterday. If only 3% of their population were homosexual, it would mean the death of the tiny country within 10 years. In 50 years, the country would cease to exist.

They cannot afford anyone to not produce children. If they are going to be a rich country some day, they need at least a population of, at least,  50 million.

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“It’s Not OK With Me” Says Black CEO About Gay Magazine Cover

“It’s Not OK With Me” Says Black CEO About Gay Magazine Cover

derpIn this day and age, people often forget that people can still have their own views and opinions about what is right and wrong. Imagine the horror a Black magazine faced when they received a phone call from a lawyer, who issued the message that the magazine was being sued by his client.

The lawsuit stemmed from a cover the magazine had on its September issue. On the cover was a great picture of a Black CEO, with the title on the left saying he gives his success secrets. However, on the right in big bold letters is the title of a story inside the issue, Black & Gay.

Imagine the CEOs complete anger when he was handed the magazine, hot off the presses. His butler said he could literally feel the heat coming off of his boss when he handed him the magazine.

The magazine called the CEO that same day to congratulate him on a great story and cover. The CEO was having none of it. He requested the magazine be pulled immediately. The magazine couldn’t understand why the CEO was angry and informed him the magazine could not be pulled, because they were already in retail stores, on shelves.

The editor said to the CEO, “it’s OK, it was just a simple mistake of  using the wrong font, and no one will think anything of it.” The CEO replied, “it’s not OK with me.”

And, with that, the next phone call they received was from his lawyer.

It is often that people forget that it is not OK with most of America, with the issue of homosexuality. In nearly every religion homosexuality is both a sin and spells the end of human existence. America being a very Christian nation is no stranger to being completely against homosexuality. While hollywood and the news might be trying to push the gay agenda to make homosexuality OK, for the rest of America it still is not “OK”. And, any attempt to try and force people to be OK with it, of course is going against their religion, which is not going to go over well.

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Totally Off Topic: Why the Walking Dead is Horrible

Totally Off Topic: Why the Walking Dead is Horrible

t-dogThe show is so poorly written.

There is not a single character that has continuity from one scene to the next. At times, I think the writers are suffering from a lack of extra actors to say certain lines. For the most part it comes off as a bunch of feminist crap, because they have a female character say something evil to a male character.

The writing is just really poor. Instead of developing a scene they are just throwing paint on the wall and seeing what sticks. add on top of that, bad directing and bad acting. it is the director’s job to time lines and time scenes. this show has awkward scene after awkward scene with a character pausing between lines. there’s not an actor I even like the show.

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The Catch 22 of Women Working Outside the Home

The Catch 22 of Women Working Outside the Home

sad working Black ladySo my landlord shared with me a bit about herself. She’s divorced. This is the big manager of several properties. She said she just grew apart. Her work became more important than her marriage. She said she is really happy with her work.

The entire time she was talking about her marriage and work, I got a feeling of tremendous sadness. So, regardless of what she was saying, the reality of what was coming off of her, like a giant tidal wave of emotion, was that she was not happy.

I think women today are in a catch 22. They don’t trust that the person they marry will be there, because the news and movies tell them that men will divorce you, although all proof points to women, being the overwhelming  majority of filers for divorce. So they throw themselves into their work, to FALL BACK ON. Then, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You’re afraid of being left alone without money. So you work, so you don’t end up broke. And, the work causes your marriage to fall apart.

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Let’s Not Talk About the Unemployment Rate Let’s Talk Participation Rate

Participation Rate Scam

participation rate
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The main stream media is fond of quoting the white house and other federal agencies when talking about the unemployment rate. It is the biggest lie since women said they were equal to men. Sure, if you only count the people that are on unemployment, it will look like unemployment is going down. However, it has been said over and over again that in order to get to pre 2006 employment rates, we would have to add 250,000 jobs every month for 3 years. Wait, let me rephrase that. We would have to add an additional 250,000 jobs every month for 3 years, by the private sector, over and ABOVE filling the jobs that we lose from people being retired or otherwise leaving the labor force altogether, like death.

Many say, the jobs that we had pre 2006 will not come back. With the subsidies that congress and Obama gives corporations to ship jobs overseas, I tend to believe the “experts”. Manufacturing is a joke. Food is a joke. Industrial mining is a joke. In fact it is almost as if we were once again a colony of some European power. We don’t produce any sizable finished products ourselves. We ship in our food on a massive scale. We buy raw materials from overseas, have them shipped to plants overseas, and import the finished products that we have to then pay for. India at least go paid for picking and exporting cotton. Gandhi would have revolted if he were American and alive today.

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Financial News: Cyprus In Layman’s Terms

Cyprus In Layman’s Terms

cyprus bank runIn case you’ve heard it and didn’t understand or have been living under a rock, in terms of financial news, not that everyone pays attention to financial news, the tiny nation of Cyprus is doing something unprecedented. They are stealing depositors money.

The news is reporting it and the most casual way possible. If they told you exactly what was going on, and what other options were available, a widespread panic would ensue.

So here’s the basics of this report. The tiny nation of Cyprus, basically serves as the offshore banking for much of Europe. They are the Cayman Islands of Europe. People deposit their huge sums there, and pay very little taxes. Because the island’s banks gets huge sums of money, they thought to make even more money by investing it themselves. Who did they invest in? Greece. Wait, are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s right, Greece is insolvent and can’t pay its creditors, including Cyprus.

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