People Who Say Protectionism is Bad Are Idiots and Here’s Why

People Who Say Protectionism is Bad Are Idiots

chinese protectionismI find it interesting that people who call themselves Libertarian, Democrat, and Republican all jump on the “protectionism is bad” bandwagon. They wail and moan how it harms the american “consumer” with rising prices, if they are not allowed free trade.

BUT HOLD ON A SECOND, you can’t start a company in China without 51% ownership by a Chinese firm. You can’t sell goods in china without huge 40%-60% tariffs on all imported goods.

This notion of protectionism is a complete and utter lie. China has been doing this for 60 years. In fact, they are so bad, they even subsidize exports. That means, the cheap Chinese crap you buy, isn’t actually cheap, they use Chinese tax payer money to lower the prices. Then, when you see it on the shelf, it is twice as cheap as a US made piece of plastic trash, because the US doesn’t put tariffs on it. So instead of an American made plastic cup, you now can only find a Chinese made plastic cup. And, some idiot on the news says, OH ITS A MIRACLE, CHINESE PLASTIC CUPS ARE CHEAPER THAN AMERICAN PLASTIC CUPS, THE AMERICAN CONSUMER WINS.

No no no no no! Stop! Their government is lowering the prices of all Chinese exports to make sure the local plastic crap is more expensive.

The Chinese economy is not THAT far off of the American economy. They are not a 3rd world nation.

You’ve been had, bamboozled, hoodwinked, RUN AMUCK. These idiots crying about protectionism have no clue what they are talking about. We don’t need “free trade”, we need equal trade. Any country that has economic policies in place for American goods, the US should have an exact mirror of those policies. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Is the Buy Black Movement Racist

Is Buying Black Racist

buy black movement
Buy Black Movement

A movement is going on right now that is sweeping across the United States. It is the Buy Black movement. With real numbers of 25% unemployment, the Black community is in a crisis position right now that will render them out for the count. Some major cities are showing 50% unemployment rates among Black men. The community constantly looks to the half-Black president leftist Barack Obama for support, which is not forthcoming and has not been during his entire presidency.

In steps a movement that has the potential to revolutionize the Black community and put it back on its feet. It is the Buy Black movement.

Economically speaking, we understand that the major employer in the nation are not the big corporations, but small businesses. This Buy Black movement is the right answer. By supporting Black owned and operated businesses, Blacks will take back their communities, boost economic growth, expand Black business and trade, which will open up jobs. It is a one two punch to both poverty and unemployment in the Black community.

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The Election is Over: How is that Fair Share Scam Working for You Mr President

How is that Fair Share Scam Working for You Mr President

fair share scamThrough all of the 2008 and 2012 campaign Mr. Obama continuously chanted about how the rich need to pay their “fair share.” Back at the ranch the proof came in that not only did the rich pay their fair share, but that they paid your fair share as well, to the tune of 30% by the one percenters and 60% by the top 10% wealthiest in the nation. In fact the top 53% of US taxpayers pay 100% of the tax revenue. There is no 99%. it doesn’t exist.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only did an Obama report show how the rich pay all the taxes, but the report showed conclusively since Kennedy, that lowering tax rates increases federal revenue. That bears repeating. A Whitehouse report showed that lower taxes brings in more money to the government.

Before you jump to conclusions that Mr. Obama did not see the report, he did. He signed every page of the report, and read it, and went over it with Timmy Geithner.

The Coming Obama Created Economic Depression

No one likes to say it, but the 2008 economic situation was an actual depression. The federal reserve pumped so much money into the economy, that it created a top heavy situation that stopped the very large firms from crashing. That does not mean though, that the rest of the nation was not in a depression. We were and probably still are, if you can find honest numbers on unemployment and business closure.

But, fast forward to 2013. Obamacare and his raising of taxes, even for the 99%, is setting the stage for a knock out punch. A real depression is coming. Thousands of jobs, in a market that has already lost millions of jobs, are prepped to be lost. Some top firms have already pledged to lay off thousands this year.

Couple Obamacare with higher payroll taxes and small firms will be lost. The end result is that, while large firms will feel the pinch on their bottom line and get rid of thousands of jobs, they’ll gobble up smaller firms that flounder. They’ll find themselves in a position¬† to be able to get into markets that they were never in before, and at a very cheap price, since small firms will be worth pennies on the dollar.

Conspiracies aside, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, regardless of intent, Obamacare and his pro-higher-taxes stance will destroy this country.