Don’t Be Scammed by Obama’s Health Care Plan

The Obama Health Care Plan

faith healer obamacareThe core of Obama’s Health Care “Reform” Act is based on whether or not you’re covered by insurance for health care. In fact today, people consider it a forgone conclusion that health care = insurance. You ever get into a dick waving contest with a bunch of your yuppie friends over health care, as a sign of how well your company treats your or negotiates? “What kinda health care does your company offer?” “What deductions do you have to pay out of your paycheck?” “Does your company insurance cover everything?” “My company’s health care insurance is so good, my daughter got a boob job from it.”

In fact the media, using it’s normal scare tactic, has completely couched all of its coverage of the bill in terms of health care = insurance. There’s not even a logical argument that goes before it. They completely make us assume that, that’s the only way to get health care in America.

What does that mean? It means, they assume you’re too stupid to realize insurance isn’t necessary for good health care. In fact they assume it so much, that they make it a forgone conclusion. They print stories like:

“For the staggering 46 million Americans lacking health care coverage, the uninsured will have the opportunity to select a plan from a menu of private and public options –similar to the way members of Congress choose their coverage.”

Wait, you mean to tell me that 46 million people don’t have health INSURANCE, not, health care. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Obviously the person winning in this entire debate is: INSURANCE COMPANIES. They bought “the Clintons”. Obviously, since they repeatedly tried to push it through congress. Now they have Obama in their back pocket.

You don’t need insurance to have health care. The only thing you need for health care is money. I’m sure many of you are shaking your head right about now.

“millions of Americans go bankrupt due to health care costs”

More media scare tactics. Let’s go over the history of insurance briefly so everyone isn’t rattling in the dark.

The History of Insurance in America

The first insurance to arrive in America was for housing. It was fire insurance, seeing as houses were built entirely of wood. Let me point out a little point of business and government commingling, at this early stage, 1752 to be exact. The insurance company, in order to maximize profits, wouldn’t insure houses that were too close to each other. Building contractors built houses as close to each other as possible, so they could put as many houses as they could on their properties. So really this is a head to head battle between the insurer and the builders. Who won? The insurers. They got Ben Franklin to back them. So much so, that the states adopted “building codes”, to avoid “fire hazards.

During the industrial revolution, you saw an explosion in insurance products: life and business insurance. Many ponzi schemes popped up. Companies, couldn’t even cover premiums were taking from new policy holders to pay off old ones.

risky business obamacareThe scandals were so GREAT that finally the government put its foot down, in 1935. It created social security. Awww you thought social security was to help the poor starving citizens didn’t you, all this time. You fool. They saw an easy way to grow government almost times 20 with one piece of legislation and everyone rushed at the idea. And, by grow government, I mean taxes skyrocketing 20 times worth.

“oh but they didn’t raise taxes during the great depression.” Idiot, they went off the gold standard and inflated the dollar beyond belief. Inflation is a tax. Repeat after me: INFLATION IS A TAX. You have no say so in inflation do you? No you don’t.

By creating social security, the government essentially robbed a major portion of insurance products right out from under insurance companies.

What is Insurance?

Insurance comes in 2 forms: catastrophic unforeseeable event or a foreseeable event that must occur. The first type is like your fire insurance. It is unlikely to happen, but in the event that it does, you’re covered. The second type is like your life insurance, because you will definitely die.

Do you see health insurance fitting either of those two? I mean the modern version of health insurance. Let me take you back one year to the “financial crisis.” What did everyone say the cause was? Cheap money, readily available, that everyone spent like a drunken sailor.

Ok if you have an air of cheap money, that’s readily available, that everyone spends like a drunken sailor, that must = bubble. Right? Of course. That by definition is a bubble.

Take a look at health care insurance right now. Your company gives you the “opportunity” to buy into the policy, and what’s the first thing you and your doctor do? You and your entire family go get check ups, dental cleanings, glasses refitted. Any little thing you rush to the doctor and put it on your insurance bill. The insurance company is happy to serve you.

“What could be wrong with that?”

By creating health insurance that is geared towards every day use, the insurance companies and the medical industry got together in a room and agreed upon how much to charge YOU, or “on your behalf”. Fog clearing yet? So instead of a check up being $5, the check up is now $100.00. OMG WHY? Because now the insurance company can charge you, or your company, through the nose. The medical community doesn’t raise the price one cent without first consulting the insurance companies. So now the people without insurance have to pay $100 for a check up, because that’s how much the rate is.

What does that have to do with Obama? Social Security… guess what, sat in a room with the medical community and agreed upon how much to charge YOU, or “on your behalf.” By so doing, the politician gets kudos from voters thinking he’s so great. When in fact he just jacked up the price 20 times. And, now he doesn’t raise taxes he… say it with me… raises inflation, which is… a tax.

Fog clearing yet?

Now instead of just social security, Obama wants an state sponsored program to bring insurance to everyone. Awww, that Obama is such a nice guy. But, wait, if there are 46 million Americans who don’t have insurance, could it be that 46 million Americans die every year? BINGO! No, they don’t. They do their own thing and negotiate prices with their doctor / dentists. And, their dentist / doctor negotiates prices with them. HOW DARE THEY?

Ve haf to put a shtop to zis, zis instant.

Welcome to the Obama health care plan. Under the Obama plan, these rogue doctors and dentists would be forced to stop this negotiating. All the lost sheep would be brought into the fold.

Oh did a light bulb go off just now?

“You mean to tell me doctors / dentists can negotiate prices?” Yes, if the government were not involved in any form of health care, the market would dictate prices for every procedure. If you only purchased health care for catastrophic events, your insurance premiums would be drastically reduced and heal care would be affordable for everyone. The so called expensive procedures wouldn’t be out of reach for everyone.

This bill is an insurance scam. It is the greatest ponzi scheme ever invented by mankind. Please go ask your doctor if there was a time, long ago, that patients could come into the office and negotiate medical prices. If he’s honest with you, he’ll tell you it is true.


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