Real Life Economics: Do You Need to Keep Upgrading Your Computer

Do You Need to Keep Upgrading Your Computer

black man shoppingI got into a rather heated 5 vs 1 debate about the issue of are console [gaming systems] better than the PC. The chief argument proposed against me, the PC champion, was that in order to play brand new games you have to constantly upgrade your PC, vs a console you do not.

A couple of things hit me immediately when confronted by this argument:

1. the person assumed that anyone that plays video games, always has to buy new video games

2. the person consumed PC equipment constantly, i.e. once a new system came in, they threw out the old PC system

This struck me as not only wasteful, but rather consumeristic.

I stopped arguing with the people but, I write this hear to show you a proof against consoles and against constant PC consumption.

What is a video game for? A video game is one source of entertainment. It is like music, movies, tv shows, books, etc. It is just a source of entertainment. The generation coming up now, and the one that grew up in the first decade of this century are indoctrinated with rampant consumerism, that you must constantly buy new things.

The short story is that once you buy a game, you play it once and then throw it away. Once a new game comes along, you upgrade your PC to a new PC and play the new game, throwing out the old PC.

Because the new generation doesn’t understand that video games are entertainment, and see them as products to be consumed, i.e. used once, they fall into this trap.

The Parable of the Car Buyer

I compared PC buying to buying a car. You don’t have to continuously buy a car. In fact, there are 30 year old cars on the roads today. However, there are people that buy a brand new car every 2 years, and turn in their old car. It is clear, to these people, that they are constantly losing money in the deal, but they like the prospect of always having a brand new car.

This directly relates to those that would consume PCs in the same way. If a person constantly buys a new PC every 2 years, they would be able to play all the new games, but they would be constantly losing money.

What the young men did not understand, was that consuming PCs or cars in that manner was a luxury NOT a necessity. Consumerism is a luxury lifestyle, not a necessity.

The idiocy of this nation is not realizing that some behaviors are for a luxury lifestyle. There are people that buy new homes every 3 years. They lose money. It is not a sound investment. Our recent economic crash has proven this.

The ignorance of this generation coming after me is astounding. I understand that they are probably not paying for all of this themselves, but surely their parents are warning them about the consumerist behavior.


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