Two Working Parents Are Not Necessary: The Epiphany of Women

The Epiphany of Women

black husband and wife with childrenA lot of women are finally waking up to the idea that they do not have to work. It was assumed that if a man can go out and win bread for the family, that if the wife also went out and got a job, the family would be twice as wealthy and successful. However, women are finally waking up to the reality that, that is not only not the case, but it is not even necessary.

Doing the Math

Thirty years ago, couples sat down and wives came up with the bright idea that, in order for the young couple to get ahead and not be stuck living in a shoebox for 15 years, that the wife could go get a job and bring in twice the paycheck to the family, than just the husband working. Without any other influences, this makes mathematical perfect sense.

However, this goes to complete shreds when the young couple becomes pregnant. Not just the expense of hiring a midwife to give birth to a child, but the wife immediately stops working. That stops her paycheck for however long that lasts. But then, other expenses pile on and the wife has to sit down with the husband and rethink the math of her getting a job.

  • a second car
  • second car upkeep
  • second car gas
  • second car loan payments
  • second car insurance
  • day care
  • baby sitters
  • child expenses
  • wife’s work clothes
  • wife’s work expenses – trips, hotels, certifications

After sitting down and really thinking about all of the expenses, a lot of women found that having that 2nd income was actually costing the couple more than if the wife did not work. These women found that even if they made rather high incomes, that all of the expenses took most if not all of said income.

The final straw came when women finally realized that they were letting their kids grow up without either parent. It is not enough that they saw the children when they got home, for the children, they did not see anyone until the parent came home. A child’s dayly activities at school are much shorter than a parent’s. So the day care or baby sitter has to be a surrogate for the parents until the parents come home. And, this is just intolerable to a caring parent. Many women came to this realization and are now quitting their jobs, stopping their careers.

The truth is that, for these women, the priority is, ultimately, the family. The 2nd income is not the goal. The family is the goal. There are lots of influences in the media and entertainment industry clamoring to tell women about how working is such a great thing. While this might be perfectly true for a single woman, or man for that matter, it is not true, in general, for a married woman and even further from the truth for married woman with children.

At the end of the day, the traditional gender roles of your mother and grandmother actually is logical and works. The marriage is a partnership to create and build a family. Getting a job is, ultimately, not only not logical, but it is impractical, for a young family. So many women, who have had this epiphany, now face ridicule by staunch feminist advocates. These feminists feel it is their duty to inslut and put down these young married women and tell them how they are somehow slaves or even worse.

However, when very prominent women take to the stage and tell their story of how they gave up very high ranking careers and seats of power, because they just could not take leaving their children home alone and letting their family cohesiveness go to shreds, these feminists are finally facing real opposition and are having to back off.


If you are a married woman with children and you have come to this epiphany that it is not only econoically silly for you to have a job and that your children and family come first and have quit your job, I salute you. You are the bread and butter of this country. We need more of you.

I have personally never ever thought that I woman could not do anything a man could do, but it doesn’t mean a woman has to. Sure a woman could operate a jack-hammer, but so could a very heavy child. In my eyes, women have no need to prove anything. They are human too. But, a family is a precious thing that not everyone has. We, who don’t have families, are counting on you who do, to do it right and continue to do it right.

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Ex law school student. I was kicked out for revealing I had a heart actually beating inside. I used to be in a modern dance company. I'm working on my 7 miracles to be proclaimed a saint by the pope. #1 is really hard, but once i get over that hump the other 6 will be a cinch.

One thought on “Two Working Parents Are Not Necessary: The Epiphany of Women”

  1. Good write-up, you’re completely right. I suspect this obsession with “playing man” is even worse in the white community than what you will have experienced. It’s silly how people think gender roles and patriarchy have no legitimate role despite their natural presence in every successful society.

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