GM Chevy Volt: Too LIttle Too Late Tuesday

GM Chevy Volt

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you know that I have a passion for America completely renouncing gas powered cars. Not because I’m a strong environmentalist, although it doesn’t hurt, but so that we are completely separated from the tyranny of the oil tycoons. As such, I do tend to pay attention to the stats on these cars that are entering the market.

I Declare Shenanigans on GM

They have attempted to make a showing by having a prototype in each and every auto show out there. But really, they are simply trying to pull publicity stunts to make the “joe six pack” forget they have received nearly 1 trillion in bail outs thus far. I mean who are they kidding?

The latest stunt is the: GM nabs 230 MPG rating from the EPA. However, the EPA has released “a new methodology for determining a draft fuel economy standard for extended-range EVs like the Volt,” and it’s that murky measurement system that has blessed Chevy’s wonder child with a triple digit MPG rating.

For those completely ignorant of EV stats, you don’t measure the car in MPG anyway. That just goes to show you what underhanded shenanigans these guys are playing. An EV is measured in: range; speed; charge speed. The volt isn’t an EV at all. It’s a plug in hybrid. And for that, it’s 2 steps backwards in the race for oil independence.

Now for the stats:

  • The Volt can travel up to 40 miles on a single electricity charge;
  • Its overall range will be 300 miles with its fuel engine;
  • GM recommends that you plug in the Volt at least once a day;
  • Gas free mileage will depend on cargo, distance, air conditioning use and number of people in the car.

Let’s go over these stats.

1. The Volt can travel up to 40 miles on a single electricity charge – I don’t care who tells you what, 40 miles isn’t enough for every day use. Heck there are golf carts that are “all electric” that get 60 miles between charges. But read #4 for the kicker.

2. Its overall range will be 300 miles with its fuel engine – then what’s the point of buying the car if you still have to go to the gas station. If everyone in America bought plug in hybrids tomorrow, gas would be $20 / gallon and you’re back to square 1. This is also a red herring. You don’t measure an EV by it’s e xtended fuel engine.

3. GM recommends that you plug in the Volt at least once a day – this sounds as if their batteries will explode if you don’t. And, that leads to safety questions.

4. Gas free mileage will depend on cargo, distance, air conditioning use and number of people in the car – this literally means that #1 is nearly pointless. If your cousin bubba and your other cousin bubba, both very big boys, who can barely fit in the car, climb in with you and you turn on the A/C, because they both sweat at the drop of a hat, that means you’re going to go 20 miles and run out of a charge.

GM Chevy Volt Sticker Shock

As if those shenanigans weren’t enough to deter you, they unveiled that the GM Chevy Volt will have a starting market price tag of around $40,000.00 That means that half of America will not even be able to buy it.

Let’s go over the facts: GM gets bailed out; GM gets alternative fuel grant from Goldman Sachs, ooops I mean the government; no car year after year; still gets government grants; prices the car out of the mass market. So we are footing the bill for them to sell this to upper middle class or higher, families or fleet sales.

Range Spange

As if everything else weren’t enough to disuade you from buying this, the range on this monstrously expensive hunk of junk should put the last shock into place. In the race for the EV market, GM is not even on the map at a range of 40miles. It’s not even in the top 20 EV cars out on the market today.

Real All Electric Vehicles

Ok here’s a list of EV’s you should really buy –

– The Nemesis Wind Electric Car

– The Aptera Electric Car

– Phoenix Motorcars SUV/Pickups

– Lightning Car Company

The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

There’s also the NEV or neighborhood vehicle market. These cars go between 25-35mph and have a range of 30-60 miles. However, they are in fact fully electric. The reason I believe these are even a part of car manufacturing is because the government is bought and sold by big banks and big oil. These same NEV’s can have their governor taken off and they can go 100mph, but because big oil is threatened by that, they require massive restrictions unless it comes under the NEV standards.

I’m not implying our government is corrupt and bought and sold, I’M TELLING YOU IT IS.

The reality is that car manufacturers are NOT going to give up their golden goose. A regular car not only uses gasoline, but since it has a ton of moving parts, quite literally, the aftermarket sales in parts puts the company in the black. For all its crying over poor sales, it rakes in the cash with parts. They are not going to stop making these cash cows, to make the electric vehicles, which require no parts, no oil changes, nearly no maintenance to speak of.

As such, it is projected that the EV market will still only cover about 25% of auto-sales all the way to 2060.

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